Top 49 Games Similar to Juice Farm – Idle Harvest

Foodpia Tycoon - Idle Clicker
Grow your restaurants!
Idle Foodie: Empire Tycoon
Create your idle business from scratch, build your empire and beafood tycoon
Fish Inc - Idle Tycoon Games
Aquarists across USA love it! Tap, Get Idle Profits & Becomeanaquarium manager
Idle Coffee Corp
Barista approved 3rd wave coffee game!
Sushi Bar Idle
Japanese sushi restaurant idle
Idle Fish Aquarium
Build a factory with cute fishes and become next Fish Emperor!
My Egg Tycoon - Idle Game 1.8.0
Welcome to the most exciting idle game! Are you ready to manageyourown egg farm and become the richest man alive? - Unlock 100funchickens - Upgrade your chickens - Earn millions whileyou'reoffline - Tap to increase your chickens productivity - Becomeabillionaire!!!
Idle City Tycoon-Build Game
Wondoo Games
Simulation offline games city building.Be a town builder invirtualcasual game.
Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon - Idle Game 1.4.3
Stone Park Tycoon is a free theme park building simulator thatwillshow you a whole new angle of the prehistoric life. Startyouradventure as a prehistoric park manager now! ⭐️GROW YOUR STONEAGEPARK Turn a boring caveman’s life into a wonderfulnever-endingholiday filled with idle amusement park management!Start with asmall stone age park and take important businessdecisions to growyour tycoon. Build the biggest and craziestprehistoric theme parkever! Invest your hard-earned money smart,and make sure you earneven more so you can become the park tycoon.Classic tap & idleearning features enable you to enjoy the gameeven more. ⭐️IDLEPARK BUILDER QUEST If you like park tycoonmanagement and stone ageidle games, you’ll enjoy Stone Park Tycoon.Understanding yourneeds for simplicity & exquisite challenges,we made this parktycoon quest an easy-to-play game but with avariety of funchallenges. ⭐️WHY YOU’LL LOVE THIS TYCOON STONE AGEPARK GAME: -Easy-to-play park builder sim idle game for everyplayer -Different challenges to complete - Amazing animations andgreat 3Dgraphics - Take important decisions to grow a highyieldingprehistoric park Show great management & builderabilities, andmake wisest investment decisions ✅PLAY THE STONE PARKTYCOON GAMENOW FOR FREE!
Egg, Inc.
Auxbrain Inc
Build an enormous egg farm!
Idle Aqua Park 2.7.6
It's getting hot in here !!! Let's cool off by managing yourownwater park. In Idle Aqua Park you will enjoy : - CRAZYattractions- FUNNY customers - Super POWER-UPS to multiply yourearnings ! -Earning TRILLIONS !!! Are you ready to spend the summerin the pool???!!!
Idle Courier 1.31.7
Want to get rich? Enter the express delivery industry, startabusiness from scratch and become the richest expressentrepreneur!Start as a small courier and become an express giant.Build thepacking machine to work on fragile, fresh goods, etc. andsatisfycustomers’ demands, steadily expand your business and buildacareer. Purchase more vans to improve transport capacity andtrainemployees, optimizing all your departments. More packages andmorebusiness means you'll be rolling in money! Develop yourinvestmentstrategy and focus on technology, reducing costs andincreasingrevenue. Idle Courier is a casual game with strategywhere yourmanagement decisions decide the success of your businessempire.Features: - Casual and easy gameplay - Keep earning outsidethegame - Diverse machines provide a rich experience -Fantasticanimations and 3D graphics
Idle Roller Coaster
Own the funniest amusement park in the world!
Idle Shopping Mall 4.0.7
Start with a little coffee shop and develop it into ashoppingmallempire. Earn money to open new bakeries, mini-marts,shoestores,fancy restaurants etc. There are nearly 400 kinds ofshopsyou canunlock and upgrade. In Shopping Mall you’ll find avarietyof shopsand goods. Think about how to expand your businessandattract moreconsumers, like provide some chairs andcomfortabletoilets foryour customers. If you like idle andmanagement games,you willenjoy this shopping mall game. In thisgame you can easilyrun yourown business with different stores andrestaurants. Makeimportantmanagement decisions to build your mallempire and growyour smallshop into a huge shopping mall! KEYFEATURES: •Casual andeasygameplay. • Nearly 400 kinds of shops youcan manage. •ServeyourVIP customers and extra tour groups to get anunexpectedincome.•Provide some chairs and comfortable toilets foryourcustomers,they will have a better shopping experience. •Get alotof incomeby running your shopping mall. •Become a ShoppingMallTycoon andappear on all magazines covers! Want to become aShoppingMallTycoon? This idle tapping game is made for you.Download itnow!Build and expand your shop immediately!
Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop
Become a Supermarket manager, and create an empire. A greatcasualidle game.
Car Wash Empire
Car Wash Idle Strategy
Milk Factory 1.3.6
Always wanted to manage your own milk business?? Now it'spossibleinthe most exciting Milk Idle game! - Upgrade and managedyourFactory- Unlock CRAZY cow ! - Super POWER-UPS to multiplyyourearnings! -Become TRILLIONAIRE !!! MILK IT RAINS !!!
Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure
Cat Lab
Collect recipes from around the world and create the ultimatefoodtruck!
Idle Island: Build and Survive 1.7.7
Ready for a camp adventure with countless cute animals to crossthedense and mysterious forest, find your ideal sites, and buildacamp? In this game, you will explore, build and collectthroughidling and merging. Oh and, I believe you should also feelexcitedabout building small bass, lakes, bridges, etc. andconstantlyupgrading your camp!😉 HOW TO PLAY -Drag, release, andstart yourconstruction process -Drag the items to thesynthesispositions/area -Click on the shadow synthesis positions torecallthe animals FEATURE -3D: enjoy the nature beauty fromvariousangles -SYNTHESIS: synthesize animals to increase theconstructionspeed -AUTOMATED WORKFLOW: animals automatically burnbricks, movewood and transport water -BOOST EFFICIENCY: organizeand dispatchanimal teams to speed up construction -COLLECTION:collectdifferent workers and builders. And chickens, turtles,rabbits,mice, foxes, crocodiles... what other cute animals? Waitingfor youto explore!😝 -MAP: browse the map and build dozens ofdifferentbuildings -OFFLINE MODE: enjoy without internet -RANKING:playtournaments and compete with your friends This is a relaxingidlegame, DIY beautiful and vibrant world, you will immediatelyimmersein it. contact us [email protected]:————————————————————————————————The following is a more detailedintroduction: Welcome to IdleIsland: Build and Survive!Accompanied by the sound of birdssinging, you will build and enjoythe beauty of the forest. This isan incremental simulation andmanagement game. Are you ready to getrich through construction?Start to build a small house, add luxuryand eye-catchingdecoration, enhance all facilities and beauty.Synthesize allanimals strategically, expand your animal team,continuouslyupgrade and speed up the construction, and make moremoney. All arebuilt automatically and no design is required, theanimals willtake the initiative to work, and the number of peopleworking is upto you. Collect all kinds of cute animals, add moredecorations,and invite special guests to join your camp to make itmoreattractive! Expand the land and earn as much cash as possibletobecome an idle construction tycoon and succeed in thisfantasticworld! If you like construction games, you will enjoy IdleIsland:Build and Survive! A casual and easy-to-play game, come andbuildthe best camp.
Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef
Cooking Crepes with Shiba Inu
Idle Eco Clicker: Green World
It's time to save our planet from pollution. Clean theenvironmentby click
Idle Decoration Inc - Idle, Tycoon & Simulation 1.1.27
Dovi Games
Idle Decoration Inc is an idle decoration company simulationgame!Join the Dovi decoration company, there has a group ofdecoratorswho are eager to get their job done, and their mission istorenovate a large number of diverse houses. ▸ Work hard: Paintthewalls, tiling, move furniture, your purpose is to helpcustomersdecorate every room! ▸ Recruiting employees: Earn moremoney torecruit employees and develop your decoration company! ▸Surprise:The level environment is rich in elements, and each levelis a newtheme. Have you renovated an office building? ▸ Minimaloperation:Leave everything to the employees! You just need todevelop theskills of your employees, and just sit and collectmoney. Features● Idle game ● Fun animations and excellent 3Dgraphics ● Real 3Dperspective, you can even observe the room frommultiple angles ●Manage your own decoration company and train yourstaff. Get moremoney ● More excellent click game mechanics
Idle Factory Tycoon: Business!
Kolibri Games
Automate your factory empire, manage idle cash and becomeanindustrial tycoon.
Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games
Pixel Keep
Idle Tower Miner: Mine & Build Play in mini world for miningtocraft & building
Factory Inc. 2.3.58
You became a boss of the factory that can make anything.Upgradeyourmachines, and make various products. Hire the manager,andautomatethe factory. Earn money easily. Expand your business,andmake moremoney. Features of the Factory Inc.: • Be a bosstomanage themanagement simulation. • 20 more kinds of machinesthathaveabilities from general class to legend class. •Variousmanagers havetheir own ability. • More than 90producibleproducts, likefurniture, smartphones and cars. • EarnMoney evenin offline. •Selling a Company system that maximizesprofit. •Available Offlineplay! • Masterpiece of idle simulationgame canautomatically earnmoney. • More rapid production by tap.•Challenge Mode "Tap TheGold, Get The Money!"
Idle Fishing Story 1.96.51
Tap🎣, Catch🐟, Profit💵! What are you waiting for, Captain?Sailorsare gearing up for the World Championship Fishing league!Make gooduse of Captain Raymond's salmon boat and navigate your wayto aprosperous Fish Empire. Click and enjoy this addictive idleclickergame! FEATURES 🐠 Sail to rare and unique fishing spots toexpandyour Fishing Empire. 🐡 Recruit captains to man the deckwhileyou're away, you can even hire the amazing Captain Raymond.🦈Unlock epic boats like "The Slammin' Salmon," "The Codfather,"andmany more! 🐋 Upgrade your ships and hire your captains, thensitand watch your profits rise with the tides. 🐳 Travel the seasinlegendary weekly events to catch fish in Rome, Egypt, theCaribbeanSea, and more! STORY Captain Raymond and his daughterPoppy areseeing their family business destroyed under the threat ofa big,professional fishing brand. If they lose this pro fishingevent,they will have to sell their Rock Bottom Fishing Company!Itdoesn't matter if you are a fishing beginner or an expert, youcanclick as much as you like to help them win the competition andkeeptheir most valuable asset! Let's Sail, Cap’n!<�·)))><< --------------- Follow us on your preferredsocialplatforms: Instagram: @idlefishingstory Twitter:@idlefishstoryFacebook:
Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game
Create a business empire from scratch, and become a Hotel Tycoon
Merge Farm!
Welcome to the world of Merge Farm!, Gram Games' new farmingandmerging game!
Crush Castle : Idle Tycoon Game 1.0.4
Crush Castle.... it’s similar to an idle clicker game,butit’sunlike any idle clicker game that you’ve ever seen. Thegamehasresource management / strategy elements, but theinnovativedesignis unlike any other resource management /strategygames onthemarket. Last but definitely not least, you can buildyour owndeckvia winning unique cards and weapons; then again, thisgamehasabsolutely nothing to do with the traditional “ card”games.Instead, it’s a mesh of all three categories of games. Ifyouhadto label it, you would call it a “clicker,resourcemanagement,card” game. (Say that 5 times fast!) I mean,this iswhat we’ve allbeen clamoring for since our childhood, isn’tit?FEATURES • 10concealed Valleys to discover, 10 Bosses to fight,andan infinitesupply of Minions to pummel! • 30+ different waystodestruct!Build your deck and creatively demolish towers! •10factories tomanage and 90 resources to craft! • 300+Physics-basedTowers todestroy! • Unique gameplay controls thatfeature a blendof clickerand resource management elements! •Beautiful aestheticdesign withamazing high-res visuals! ALSOINCLUDES • One-handedgameplay! Useyour free hand for more importantthings (like eatingpizza)! •Craft the right resources, build theperfect deck usingyourstrategy skills! • Available in 14 languages(English,French,German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,ChineseSimplified,Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean,Indonesian, Thai,andTurkish). Please note! Crush Castle is Free ToPlay, thoughsomein-game items can be purchased for real money!Questions?Contactus at [email protected] for answers! FOLLOWUS ONFacebook–
Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Workout Simulator Game 1.6.0
Run your gym and become a fitness tycoon! Are you ready tomanageyour gym empire? Start in a modest place and work hard tomake yourbusiness grow. Add new gym equipment and expand yourpremises toinclude more fitness activities. Improve your weightroom, makeyour Aerobic class more attractive, hire and promotecoaches, orinvite celebrities to your gym. Take the lead inPilates, Spinning,Yoga, or Zumba lessons. Offer the best trainingin Karate, Boxing,Judo, and Crossfit. Create spaces forbodybuilding and weightlifting and install multiple treadmills andelliptical trainers.You could even train your rowing technique,control your stamina,or plan your next championships. Build newspaces to do new sports,manage your empire wisely, and become afitness tycoon. Upgradeyour facilities to make your customershappy. Their feedback willhelp you grow! Take different growthstrategies to run the best gymin the world! Renovate your gym, hirefamous athletes to giveprestige to your business, or attract famouspeople to workout inyour fitness center. Invest your moneystrategically! Improve yourpremises! Offer new fitness services!Hire elite sportspeople andget sponsorships to make your fitnessempire even bigger! Be thebest gym tycoon and make your customersenjoy different sports andfitness activities., Make theirexperience comfortable reducingwaiting times, enhance yourequipment, promote your coaches,improve sports rooms, and bringcelebrities to increase your gym’sreputation by winningchampionships and competitions. Grow thanksto your wise management:either improve your locker room forclients who come from work andneed to change clothes or enlargeyour bike parking, so sportyclients would arrive cycling insportswear. If you like managementand idle games, you will enjoyIdle Gym Tycoon! A casualeasy-to-play game where strategicdecisions have to be taken to growa fitness business withprofitable results. Improve your gym empirestarting from a smalland modest place and unlock visible progressin your premises.Transform your small business into the best gym inthe world andbecome attractive to sports celebrities!
Idle Train Station Tycoon : Money Clicker Inc. 1.2.7
Start from zero and build the biggest railway company andbecometycoon! 🚂 Own a railway company , get better trains andtravel theworld to have tons of cash..This is your chance to maketons ofmoney for your company by carrying thousands of passengersaroundthe world. 💰💰Here the adventure begins!💰💰 In Idle TrainStationTycoon, you are the boss that controls all the trainsandstations.Idle train station tycoon is an easy to play butaddictivegame. You will find yourself in a railway world full ofcolorfuland high-tech trains. You will make lots of cash and growyourbusiness as the Boss. Keep growing your business to travelandinvest in your dream countries.This is the idle clicker gameyou'vebeen looking for for a long time. In the beginning, you onlyhaveone station and train.You will carry passengers to trainstation bythe bus you control. You can a hire driver to control thebusautomatically when you have enough money. In Idle TrainStationTycoon, there are lots of manager who are ready to work foryou.You will assign managers to auto-execute jobs when you haveenoughcash. As a boss, it is your job to decide in which steps youwilldevelop your business. You will become a multi-billionaire andatycoon of the idle world of bosses.You have so many things totakecare of. You need to upgrade your stations, trains andcompletequests.Every new station you build by investing anothercountrywill increase the number of passengers you carry and helpyouthrough your journey to be a tycoon. Keep upgrading your trainstobe able to move to a completely new world. Earn tokensbycompleting tasks in your railway company and make permanentupgradeby using them. You will start your business in westerncountries inold times and then move to industrial age and moredevelopedcountries. You will make much more money in moredevelopedcountries. Soon, you will have the biggest railway companyin theworld. Improve the comfort of your train and sell moreexpensivetickets to passengers.There are lots of trains that youcan have byreaching higher levels.Every new and upgraded item willincreasethe money you make. This is also a clicker game, byclicking thescreen faster, accelerate the trains and make much moremoney in ashort time. Let's start now, tons of cash andinvestmentopportunities are waiting for you. Hey Boss! Hurry up,start yourbusiness and make tons of cash by transportingpassengers. Thisidle clicker game is still in beta process. We willkeep adding newfeatures in each update.. 💰Here are some of upcomingfeatures:💰 💺New train models. 💺 New quests. 💺 New worlds to invest.💺 Newlanguage options. Note: You don't need the internet connectiontoplay!
Mining Inc.
Become a mining tycoon
Idle Farming Empire 1.42.0
Grow and automate the most profitable farming empire ofalltime!Make smart investments into a wide variety of whackycropsandanimals and you'll earn millions in no time. Can you buildthemostprofitable farming business in the universe? 💰 🐷 🐔 🍒 💰FEATURES✓AUTOMATE your farm and earn continuously while you’re awaytogetrich ✓ COLLECT hundreds of cool crops and animals, eachwiththeirown style ✓ WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production bypoweringupthe sun and making it rain on your farm ✓ PRESTIGE bytakingyourcrops to market in return for magical seeds ✓ INVESTWISELYwithsmart decisions on when to upgrade, harvest or earnidleprofits ✓PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online or offline,noconnectionrequired. 💸 💸 Become the greatest, richest andmosthumble farmerin the universe! 💸 💸 Got questions? Check outourcommunity: Gotfeedback?We're alwayshappy to hear it: [email protected]: ofService:🐣 😻 Lovefromthe Idle Farming Empire Team, Helsinki 😻 🐣
My Factory Tycoon - Idle Game
You are the factory boss. From now on!
Idle Casino Manager - Tycoon
Create and manage your own casino! Become a rich tycoon inthisbusiness game!
Merge Chicken - Idle Tycoon
Chicken + Chicken = ?
Assembly Line
Build and manage your Assembly Line to make the mostprofitpossible!
Fishing Food
Content Warning: Contains food cannibalism.
Idle Lumberjack 3D
It’s not you against one, it’s you against the block
Doorman Story: hotel simulator
Become a grand hotel empire tycoon at this time managementidlehotel game!
Idle Concert
Play The Best Idle Game Right Now! Create Your Music Festival&Make Money!
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Have fun excavating fossils and create yourownmuseum!
Idle Antique Gym Tycoon: Incremental Odyssey
Create an antique fitness empire! Perfect combo of gym simulatorandgym games!
Hype City - Idle Tycoon 0.54
Have you always wondered what kind of a city you could build?Wonderno more! Become the most famous city ruler - build, upgradeandexpand your city. Once you earn enough cash, move on to thenextcity and explore its unique style ⛩🕍🏛 Hype City - Idle TycoonMoneyManagement Simulator is a free idle city builder simulationgame,where you are the ultimate creator. Each building has itsuniquequalities - the way you invest affects what happens in yourcity.You can build a balanced city with restaurants, hotels andhouses,or you can create a city full of hotels. See what happens!🤣 Willyou create the richest city💰 or the most fun city🍭? Earnmoney,upgrade, automate and discover your way of playing thegame!FEATURES: ✔️BUILD your city from scratch ✔️UNLOCK new buildingbycompleting puzzles ✔️CHOOSE what constructions and upgrades youdo✔️DISCOVER uniqueness of each building ✔️IDLE PROFIT even whenyouare not playing ✔️AUTOMATE profit collection ✔️HIRE smartcitymanagers to help you ✔️NEW CITIES with unique styles after youearnenough money ✔️EARN loads of cash and become the richestarchitect🏆 Become the greatest, the richest, the most creativearchitect ofall times 🏆 Discord 💯 💯 Facebook 💯 💯 Reddit💯 Hypemasters, Inc. Findyourselfthrough games ©
Sky Tower Tycoon – Idle Game
Want to get rich? Be a mayor, stack up skyscraper and becomeaMillionaire.
Idle Supermarket Empire Tycoon
Build your Shopping Mall. Manage your supermarket, idle money&become a tycoon!