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Umigo: The Umighost Game
In this fun companion game totheappisode“Umighost!” Bean, Bit and Dizzy are the GhostSubtractors!Theyneed your help to subtract all the prankster ghostsfrom ahauntedhotel. Practice your subtraction skills as you clearthehotel ofits spooky guests and progress through all 12 levels!UMIGO—You Make It Go—is a fun, vibrant world ofadventurethatuses the building blocks of math to engage earlyelementaryagekids in narrative-driven interactive appisodes.Usingstories,music videos and games starring best friends Bean, BitandDizzy,UMIGO helps children become active learners and developthemathskills they need for effective reasoning andproblemsolving.UMIGO’s educational content is aligned with theCommonCoreStandards for Mathematics for first and secondgrades.Keep learning online with more appisodes, music videosandgamesat and off-screen with UMIGO’sfreedownloadableat-home activities!Features:• Help Bean, Bit and Dizzy capture all the ghosts andmegaghostsinthe haunted hotel!• Practice subtraction to help the Ghost Subtractorssubtractghostsfrom every room!• 12 levels of increasing difficulty, including 6 timedlevels• Children learn to apply their math skills through afunandengaging interactive experience• Pedagogically correct teaching of subtraction• Makes learning outside the classroom excitingwithactivities,ghosts, megaghosts, and the super cool GhostSubtractorgear! Whoknew subtraction could be so fun!