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UEFA EURO 2016 FAN Guide App 1.6.5
Enrich your on-site experience at UEFAEURO2016 with the official UEFA EURO 2016 Fan Guide – acomprehensiveresource for fans attending the tournament in France.Get to know the ten host cities, their landmarks andculturalactivitiesUse our travel tool to find the most convenient means oftransportfor each venueOrganize your stay in France via our accommodation platformGet all the practical information on tickets,hospitality,sustainability, the online store and moreStay up to date with the latest football news, including thematchcalendar, line-ups and results 4.5.5
The officialUEFA.comappbringscomprehensivecoverage of European football directtoyourhand-helddevice.Simply install the application toaccessextensivecontentfrom thebiggest competitions inEuropeanfootball,including:– UEFA Champions League - wherethecontinent'smostpresitgiousclubs vie for glory inEuropeanfootball’spremierclubcompetition– UEFA Europa League - recently revampedbyUEFAandmorecompetitive than ever before– UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying - wherenationalteamscompetetoreach the final tournament in France– UEFA European Under-21 Championship- wherethenextgenerationof top footballersgaininvaluableinternationaltournament experienceWith live coverage of all UEFA’scompetitions,theofficialUEFA.comapp is theplace to find allthelatestinformation whenyou're onthe in detail:NEWS: provides up-to-the-minute European footballnewsaswellasexclusive reviews,reportsandanalysis fromUEFAcompetitions and events.VIDEO: for exclusive videos, includingallthelatestviews,reviews and interviews direct to yourdevice.LIVE SCORES: all the latestscores frommatchesaroundthecontinent
EURO 2016 1.0.3
With this application you have easy accesstofull calendar of meetings on EURO 2016.Set your favorite team, predict results of the matches,selectthe winner of EURO 2016.Quick check: teams, statistics, results and the latest news-live on your phone.
UEFA Europa Official
Live football scores, news, stats and highlights from across Europe
Results for EC 2016 France 1.0.16
Euro 2016 France - Your app for the Euro2016European Soccer Championships in FranceStay up to date: Regular App Updates make sure you always getthelatest results.Content for UEFA EC 2016 France:- All qualifiers- All group matches- All finals- Clear playing Schedule- Including detailed line-ups with substitutions, cards and,ofcourse, goalsOverview over all group games:Group A:Switzerland, Romania, Albania, FranceGroup B:Wales, Slovakia, Russia, EnglandGroup C:Ukraine, Northern Irland, Poland, GermanyGroup D:Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, CroatiaGroup E:Sweden, Italy, Ireland, BelgiumGroup F:Hungary, Austria, Portugal, IcelandOf course the Playoff games will be updated as soon as thedatais available
UEFA EURO 2016 Hospitality 1.4.9
Official mobile application for theUEFAEURO2016 Hospitality guests.This mobile app allows you to:• Get access to many practical and usefulinformation(accesstips, wifi code, dress code, etc…)• Have your personal match program always in your pocket andshareitwith friends• View the lineups and be notified as soon astheyaredisclosed• View the stadium maps and zoom in to locate the hospitalityroominwhich you will be hosted at the Stadium• Filter the matches by team, day, group, venue• See the match schedules as well as hospitalityfacilitiesopeningand closing times• Submit your feedback to get a chance to win prizes• Share your profile with other hospitality guests andincreaseyourbusiness network• Receive exclusive offers for hospitality packages• Read the latest news relating to your Rendez-Vous atUEFAEURO2016TM
UEFA Magic Pic 1.0.10
Photobooth for the official UEFA EURO 2016TMHospitality guests:This mobile app based on augmented reality technology and3Delements, allows you to:Trigger the appearance of 3D elements, move them and scalethemto feature a unique souvenir picture from yourhospitalityexperience at UEFA EURO 2016TM.Take pictures of your friends together with Super Victor,theUEFA EURO 2016 TM mascotCreate unique selfies with the EURO TrophyPicture yourself or your friends and guests as if you were inanyof the 10 host cities of the UEFA EURO 2016 TM (featureonlyavailable in the Hospitality lounges of UEFA EURO 2016 TM)Tell your friends that you are in any of the 10 Stadiums ofUEFAEURO 2016 TM and take another picture as if you wereinstantlytransported to a different stadium (feature only availablein theHospitality lounges of UEFA EURO 2016 TM)Save your unique souvenir pictures in your photo library orshareit with the rest of the world on any of the availablesocialnetwork.Please note that the tracker images, needed to triggertheappearance of the 3D elements, will be available in everySkyboxacross all matches of the TournamentIf you cannot wait until you are onsite to test this app, youcantry the feature to trigger the appearance of 3D models withthemagic image which is available here.
World Cup Soccer App 2022
Fixtures, live scores, push notifications, results for thesoccerWorld Cup 2022
Euro 2016 France Jalvasco 1.07
Jalvasco Apps
This application lets you follow games of football at theEuro2016in France.
SporTV Euro 1.0.5
Tudo, absolutamente tudo, que você queriasobrea UEFA EURO França 2016!No app UEFA Euro SporTV, você pode:- Ler todas as notícias relacionadas à UEFA EURO 2016;- Ver todos os vídeos (gols; melhores momentos; entrevistas);- Consultar estatísticas das partidas;- Acompanhar tabela e classificação;- Navegar pelos placares dos jogos em tempo real.O app UEFA EURO do SporTV é a melhor forma de não perder nadadamaior competição continental do mundo!Everything,absolutelyeverything you wanted on the UEFA EURO 2016 France!In app UEFA Euro SporTV, you can:- Read all news related to the UEFA EURO 2016;- See all videos (goals, highlights, interviews);- Consult statistics matches;- Monitor table and classification;- Browse by scores of games in real time.The UEFA EURO app SporTV is the best way not to miss anythingofthe largest continental competition in the world!
Euro 2016 2.67
With this app you can follow, step by step,oneof Soccer’s most important competition: TheEuropeanChampionship!Here you can access data from all teams and players regardingthe2016 European Soccer Championship, since its kickoff.This app allows you to keep up with:- Euro’s 2016 calendar, featuring kickoff hour, and results;- Euro’s 2016 group detailed information;- Team’s detailed data and its usual main formation;- Player’s detailed data and the matches he participated;- Euro’s 2016 best scorer;- Livescore;- Match notification;DON´T GET CAUGHT OFFSIDE! INSTALL NOW!This app is still a work in progress. Data and operations maybeupgraded throughout the championshipAll images under Creative Commons License
Table for Euro 2016 1.0.4
Calendar and table for Euro 2016 for people who loveandareinterested in football. The application will helpyouquicklydetermine the tournament position of your favorite team.Youneedonly to enter your own scores, and application will bebuildingallresults and will calculate which teams will come intheplayoffs.Also in application you can find all schedule ofmatches(time andplace). Keep track of matches and fill your owntable ofEC 2016.Great soccer tournament begins June 10, 2016 inFrance.
EURO 2020 (2021)
Live standings table, Live score, Fixtures, and Groups. Goalalert..Live score notifications. Goals, yellow cards,redcards,substitutions, team line-up, and assist on goalscorer.Settingslets you turn on and off notifications. Support forAndroidWearwith live score notifications.
Euro Football App 2020 in 2021 - Live Scores
TorAlarm GmbH
Fixtures and results for the European Championship in 2021
UEFA Europa League Fantasy 2.1.15
UEFA Europa League Fantasy Football has cometoyour mobile: create, manage, transfer and get live updates onthemove with the game’s official app.Create a team from scratch, browsing through all the players–from Lloris to Higuaín – to select the best possible15-mansquad.Already have a team? Use the app to make transfers,mid-matchweeksubstitutions and captain changes and formationtweaks.See how you are getting on against the rest: check where youarein your personal leagues, and the overall standings, and joinnewleagues as well.Watch your points roll in as the games happen with liveupdateson the app.Forgot to change your team at work or at home? No problem –theapp has push notifications to remind you to make yourchangesbefore the deadline.
Футбол - новости, результаты
Football broadcasts and statistics RPL, Premier League, Serie A,LaLiga, Bundesliga
UEFA Champions League Fantasy 2.1.19
UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football hascometo your mobile: create, manage, transfer and get live updateson themove with the game’s official app.Create a team from scratch, browsing through all the players–from Neuer to Messi – to select the best possible 15-man squad,andalso play Top Five, the new game based on fantasymatchdayscoring.Already have a team? Use the app to make transfers,mid-matchweeksubstitutions and captain changes, formation tweaksand even changeyour team name.See how you are getting on against the rest: check where youarein your personal leagues, the overall standings, againsttheTipsters and join new leagues as well. Share new leaguesandteams.Watch your points roll in as the games happen with liveupdateson the app.Forgot to change your team at work or at home? No problem –theapp has manageable push notifications to remind you to makeyourchanges before the deadline.
UEFA Integrity
UEFA Integrity allows you to inform UEFA of potentialmatch-fixingactivities.
Euro 2016
Euro 2016 with all the details, statistics, and shining stars ofthecountries.
Lịch thi đấu Euro 2016 1.0.2
Lịch thi đấu Euro 2016Tất cả mọi trận đấu của Euro 2016 sẽ được cập nhậpthườngxuyên,nhanhnhất, chính xác nhất.Bảng xếp hạng, kết quả trận đấu.Các kênh phát sóng các trận đấu trên đài truyền hình việtnam.Euro 2016 ScheduleAll matches of Euro 2016 will be updated regularly, thefastest,mostaccurate.Standings, game results.The channel broadcast the matches on television Vietnam.