Top 50 Games Similar to Defender Heroes Premium

Defender Heroes 4.7
Defend your castle from zombies and monsters.
Heroes Infinity Premium 1.36.29
Premium version gives you Super Daily Check-in reward. Gameoflegendary heroes.
Lords Watch: Tower Defense RPG 1.3.1
Lords Watch is a fabulous Tower Defense game with RPGandSLGelements that allows players to become a commanderandsummonlegendary heroes to save their lords. Lords Watch adoptsthebrandnew open route mode. Players can choose their ownattackroute!Over hundreds of stages, and ten alliances of heroes.AttackorDefense all on your mark. Command and control,strategyandmaneuver, experience great battle experiencewithdifferentline-ups of heroes. Game Feature: -50+ heroes arewaitingfor yourcommand! -300+ levels with various game play mode!-100+uniquemultistage direction-based skills! -150+ achievementsfor youtoplay and challenge! -Challenge worldwide players in thespecialPVPmode! -Reverse the TD rules: make yourself into amonstertodestroy the enemies' kingdom. ==CONTACT== If youencounteranydifficulties or require support, please reach usat:Email:[email protected]:
Castle Defense 2 3.2.2
DH Games
Castle Defense 2: best strategy/arcade castle defense ever !
Defense Heroes 0.5.2
Zala Games
Defend your kingdom
Galaxy Defense 1.2.3
DH Games
Galaxy Defense - The best strategy/arcade tower defense ever!
Thing TD - Epic tower defense game 1.0.54
Booblyc TD
With over 50,000,000 plays over the Internet, the towerdefensegameseries has enthralled and challenged many players overtheyears.Now you can save your world from darkness while onyourcouch withthe Android version of the game! Join TargaWrathbringerand KelHawkbow on their journey to save Danalor fromhordes ofmonsters,undead and demons. Find powerful runes, constructarmies,upgradeyour heroes abilities and battle against epic bossesinthis TowerDefense RPG hybrid. Survival Mode description andrules:A SurvivalChallenge is unlocked on very few levels onceplayershave beatencertain levels in the campaign. The player startswith10 lives, andhas to withstand an endless number of waves ofeverincreasingnumbers of enemies. Warrior available in your orderthatwere openedduring the game progress. Separate highscoresleaderboard for eachsurvival challenge. Highlights: - 50+enemies,each with uniqueabilities and weaknesses. - Terrifyingbosses thatwill put you tothe test. - 8 different heroes to enhanceyourplay, with specialattacks! - 25+ game stages and 16 specialarmyupgrades - 60+achievements. Can you get them all?
Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG 1.9.231260
Meet the Defenders 2 - new TD strategy gameinthe legendary Prime World series with unique combination ofthetower defense and collectible card game!Enter a mysterious and magic land stricken by a cataclysm andnowthriving with powerful artifacts and immense treasure guardedbyfurious monster hordes. Build up your defense and fight againstthewaves of evil with magic and tower power! Let the world knowswhois the real TD master here!Key features:- Collect all 40 unique towers and 20 deadly magic spells -theultimate TD arsenal;- Customize your tower and spell collection withpowerfulRunes;- Use your defenses to crush Underground, Intelligent,Swarming,Exploding, Phantom and 20 other monster types and 29uniquebosses!- Play the game the way you like - find the unique combinationoftower and magic arsenal to build the superior defense!- Fight with other players to pump up your tower collectionintomonster-slaughtering war ma-chines!- Used to good weather? Test your defense with survival nightlevelsfilled with tornado and storm power challenges!- Different TD game modes - Hunt, Raid and Assault levels andtherule-them-all Hard mode for truly tower defense fans!Awesome 3D graphics, immersive environment, powerful towers,deadlyspells, Totems, Anomalies and many more! Try the game now andjointhe struggle for Prime!Note: A network connection is required to playJoin us on Facebookat
Heroes Defender 1.1
Zala Games
Unique Tower Defense strategy game with epic heroeswieldingpowerful skills
Castle Defender Premium 2.0.0
Kill waves of monsters. Defend your Castle.
King Rivals Premium 1.2.2
Conquer rivals in the realm war and battle for victory! ༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง
Final Castle : Grow Castle 2.3.9
The Action Defense Game! Let's keep the castle
Mazebert TD 2.6.1
Mazebert TD is a mix of tower defense, role playing and cardtradinggame!
Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy 1.8.3
Assemble Your Monsters & Join the Epic Battle!
Castle Defender 2.0.3
Kill waves of monsters. Defend your Castle.
Adventurers War 1.14.0
DH Games
Unique Strategy Role Playing Game! Form your heroes and battleforvictory!
Tower Defense: Magic Quest 2.0.288
Tower Defense Game. Play offline - No Internet Required
Booblyc TD survival - Realm Tower Defense Strategy 1.0.662
Booblyc TD
🛡 One of the best tower defense offline game in 2020 🕹 BestMobileGame - Indie Cup Awards ⚔️ Unusual engine category winner-GameGathering Conference The game is filled with war strategyandtactics of castle defense! Explore the world, fightmonsters,conquer all missions, beat bosses and win tournaments! Doyou likefantasy RPG defense games where you need to defend thecastle? Areyou fond of tactical games that make you thinkthoroughly aboutevery step of the battle? Download NOW Booblyc TDoffline — theclassic example of epic tower defense game, but moreinteresting,hilarious, and crazy than any other TD games you knewbefore! 🎮 Putyour towers into action and defend the castle fromnever-endingwaves of enemies! Get an armor and start playingBooblyc TD Battles- Realm Tower Defense offline Game now. Rush torealm battles ofthe kingdom enemies, join a legend crusade andtower defenders! 💬 Aguy fell asleep at the table, playing hisfavorite game on asmartphone. He dreams of a crazy dream that hegets just in theheart of td battles with orc kingdom masters. Thelocal empirewarriors greet him, telling him that it would be niceif such amage helped them in the castle siege. 🃏 Defense heroesmust takepart in kingdom siege, tower defending battles, andtournaments,rush quests completing, mine resources, collect andimprove ccgcards, and train alongside the empire warriors under theking'scommand. All to join an epic empire defense in this amazingfantasyworld of kingdoms, new lands, tower wars and castles! Useyourstrategy and war tactics to win all td battles! Make sure yournameis well known in realm legends. Each level has special towerlandsto hire the warrior. You may move any unit in a specialsectoraround the base point. 🗡 Apart from challenges on the levels,wecreated a unique map of this fantasy world that is interestingtoexplore, and through which you should play individually: •Uniqueempire world! Explore castles and build the kingdom of yourdreams• Rush to win resources! • Kingdom under siege! Lead yourtroops onthe battlefields and manage tower crush • Chests!Customization andupgrades of defenders and towers • Over 300levels! Endless towerdefense with levels to apply all your tacticalskills • CrazyTournaments! Participate in survival kingdom landsand challengeyour rivals at war • Interesting quests about therealm, not onlywall defense! • Ccg cards! Over 80 unique ccg cardsto collect(weapons, upgrades for towers, magic, kings, pets) •Unique bosses,each with their attributes — fantasy tower defenseoffline game atits best! Train your skills in strategy, tactics anddefense • 16+humor! 💣 Explore the best defensive game! Do your bestto defendthe castle and crush the forces of the enemy kingdoms!Command themightiest warriors and lead the greatest defense army tovictory inunique TD battles offline! Booblyc is your chance to getin themiddle of the epic realm war and take part in excitingkingdomtower defense. Protect your castle tower no matter what!Play thiscrazy tower defense game offline for free — enjoy hours ofgameplayanytime and anywhere! It’s my defense and my kingdom! ✉️Contactus: - E-mail: [email protected] - OfficialFanpage: - OfficialWebsite:
Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD 2.8.0
Babeltime US
Battle mighty enemies and guard the castle in this epicstrategytower defense!
Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium
Win the war and free the realm for all eternity!
Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warr 1.4.1
⚔️ Collect heroes, upgrade tower defense and defend yourkingdomright now! ⚔️
Epic Heroes War - Premium
Epic RPG real-time strategy action game. PvP realtime. Chat,makefriends.
King of Defense Premium 1.8.94
Join the adventure in the fantasy world to protect thebeautifulkingdom.
Epic War TD 2
AMT Games
Works fine on low-performance devices!Prepare yourself to be thrown into the heat of pure towerdefensebattle. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY, no paywalls - juststrategy,mass destruction and epic battles.Here's what we've got for you:- 9 high-power towers;- 2 mega towers;- 44 distinct enemies;- 50 brain-puzzling missions;- 100+ hours of enjoyment;
Cursed Treasure Tower Defense 1.0.3
Strategy TD game. Don't touch my gems!
Tower Defense Kingdom Realm 3.4.0
Daedalus Game
Calling all strategic tower defenders! Explore and destroyinoffline td game!
Tower Defense: Infinite War 1.2.5
A revolutionary classic defense game packed with actionandstrategy!
Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD 5.8.02
Fight epic battles in this TD strategy game: conquer KingdomRushFrontiers!
Idle Mania 1.0.224
Please contact FB fan page for black screenissues 【Game Introduction】 Thefirst3D Poly RPG Idle mobile game! More than 150 heroes from 6differentfactions with unique skills are waiting for your call torestorethe order to the world. Let’s start a crazy adventure in thenew 3Dlow-poly world —— Idle Mania! ★24H auto-fighting and levelup! No.1AFK RPG! No more time-wasting! Say NO to complicatedcontrollingand gestures. 24H auto-treasure-hunting when AFK.Release stressand claim great rewards after whole day work! ★150amazing heroes,worthy of your collection. Low-poly is the new trendin the 3D RPGworld. Experience the first 3D RPG poly idle mobilegame! Discoverthe fantastic heroes, including Pumpkin Archer, GhostWarrior,Goblin Bomber, and Angel Guard. Surprises are in gameeverywhere!★Strategic thinking, use your wisdom to get victory. 6factions,including Lawful, Chaotic, Harmonic, Savage, Civilized,and Undead.Each faction has a distinct set of battle skill. Idlingdoes notmean playing without strategy, combat ability is always thekey tosuccess. Summon SSR heroes, arrange hero’s lineup place, tobeatdown the strong opponent! ★Global Rank, challenge topworldwideplayers. The game opens up a variety of Rank points modesforchallenging, including 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Join theworldwidetournament to win the honor! ## SUMMARY ## Faced withimminentchaotic invasion, the order is about to collapse. As asavior,player is tasked to summon the epic heroes from six factionsandunite a clan team with other players around the world. Thisworldneeds you to create a new balance between order and chaos!Theadventure begins at this moment! Enjoy infinite fun of AFKRPGtogether! Let’s fight to evil power and challenge top playersfromall over the world in Idle Mania! ##About Subscriptions andGooglePlay Website Subscriptions 1. Pricing & Billing CycleEnable“Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week,whichwill be billed every natural week (every 7 days). (Price mayvaryby location) 2. Subscription Content Subscribers will beeligiblefor certain perks during the subscription period,including:●Exclusive “Honor“ Player Portrait ●Resource collectionincrease(Gold+100%, Soul Fire+100%) during AFK time ●1 extra chanceforrefreshing castle mission every day ●$0.99 per week ●Price mayvaryby location 3. Automatic Subscription Renewal ●Payment willbecharged to Google Play Account at confirmation ofpurchase.●Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offat least 24-hours before the end of the currentperiod.●Subscription is not compulsory. User can managesubscription andauto-renewal can be turned off by going to theuser's AccountSettings after purchase. ●Please Notice: Only 3 daystrial forfree. Players need to pay for continuously usingprivilege. 4.Subscription Cancellation On your Android phone ortablet,go to theGoogle Play Store. Step1.Check to see if you havesigned in to thecorrect Google account. Step2.Click the [≡] menuand choose[Subscribe]. Step3.Select the【Idle Mania】to cancel.Step4.Click[Unsubscribe]. Follow the instructions.
Castle Creeps - Tower Defense 1.50.1
*** ‘BEST STRATEGY GAME OF 2017’ - TIGA Games Industry Awards! ***
Orcs Warriors: Offline Tower Defense 1.0.28
stereo7 games
One of the best 2019 strategy games. Offline Tower Defense gameinafantasy world with magic, spells, castles and kings! Youwillneedto defend your country from the hordes of orcs in a greatwar.Craftyour skills and magic to protect a world from hordes oforcsanddragons. The game contains both tower defense games'elementsalongwith the collectable cards. If you are a fan of towerdefenseandreal-time strategy game genre you will love it.Features:Offlinemode without Wi-Fi. Towers and turrets arerepresented aswarriors,archers to defend your throne. 30 levels ina fantasyworld. Orcs,mages and 20+ creeps Bosses at the end oflevels.Survival mode.Leaderboards. Quests for experienced usersGreatnumber of cards.Awesome locations including graveyards,mountains,forests Offlinestrategy game that does not requireInternet.Struggle for thronesin the war with orcs in the towerdefensestrategic game! Be thebest in 2019.
Tower Defense: Galaxy TD 1.4.2
Free tower defense game with unforgettable td weapons&missions!
Idle Defense: Dark Forest 1.3.0
Indie Magic Tower Defense Game, Use Magic and Summon DemonstoDefense Forest.
Kingdom Defense: The War of E 1.5.7
Rush the enemy to defend your Kingdom now ⚔️ Best strategytowerdefense games!
Leturn - RPG Idle Defense 2.88
Niji Games
Offline Idle defense game with rpg elements and fantasy story
Eternity Legends Premium 1.11.7L
Premium Reward is only for new account, and have to pass level5incampaign. An action strategy RPG with futuristic fightsofGodsagainst Thanatos and his army. Start your journey fromhotdesertsthrough many famous places in the world toThanatosCastle.Collect, train and form legendary team toparticipate inbattles,daily challenges, epic boss conquests andcompete in theArena.STUNNING 3D ETERNAL WAR OF GODS - Non-stopcombats withdynamiceffects and diverse skill animations. - Numerousheroesfromdifferent cultures to collect and form the mostpowerfulteam.STRATEGIST GAMEPLAY - Level Up, Tier Up and Rank Upyourgodlyheroes, craft and collect rare weapons, increasecombatpower,equip gear for proper tactics. - Call for the help ofalliesinbattlefield to overturn the battle and win againsttheopponents.NUMEROUS GAME MODES - Adventure Mode: fight andcapturecitiesaround the world, collect gear and level up your gods.-SkyScraper: challenge your limits by conquering manylevelsofincreasing difficulty. - Star Gates: new challengeseveryday,collecting materials to get mysterious gods. - SuperBoss:becareful when fighting with this gigantic creature if youdon’twantto be slaughtered. - Global Boss: oppose against bossattackswithother players around the world. WORLDWIDE ARENA-ParticipateArena, experience PvP battles with players aroundtheworld. - Makeyour way to the top of the battleground andgainglorious trophies.GUILDS & COMMUNICATION - Join andconnectwith other players toform a Guild. - Team up with your guildmatesto become the bestones together and earn legendaryrewards.Facebookfanpage: The game needs read external storagepermissiontodownload the expansion file.
Horde Defense
Horde TD: The best strategy/arcade castle/tower hero defense ever!
Defender Battle Premium 1.3
Defend epic kingdom against devil in the most addictingcastledefense game
Kontakt - Client for VK (VKont 1.5.1
Convenient, fast and alternative client for VKontakte withenhancedfunctions!
Epic Heroes: Hero Wars
an unique game on the store! A RTS, online side-scrollerdefensecombines RPG
Knight War: Idle Defense Pro 1.1.9
Knight War: Idle Defense is fantastic roleplaying game
Defense Legend: myth TD 1.1.7
is the most anticipated Tower Defense game in the theme of myth TD
Myth Defense LF
Smartpix Games
"Myth Defense: Light Forces" has thebestelements of tower defense games and also includes suchoriginalfeatures as alchemy, random maps, campaign and more. Thegamesupports all screen resolutions, and it is recommended forHDdevices.Full version features in brief:- Battle mode: 4 basic maps + 3 special maps + random map- Achievements and ranks- Campaign: 18 maps; replay campaign many times to obtain prizeanda higher rank- 2 independent profiles: Advanced and Casual- Various skills enhancements- 22 tower types + 3 special traps- Special characteristics of towers and enemies- Alchemy: create various runes to enhance your towers- Terrain features: use swamps, puddles, etc. to employ thebesttactics- 33 levels of hardness- Multilingual interface- Panoramic sound on the battleground; original soundsandmusic- Online worldwide leaderboards- Interactive help items for beginnersThe game has two independent profiles, for advanced(challenging)and casual (easy) play.Casual profile is active by default but you can switch toanotherand both profiles will be saved.Older versions had only one profile now called "advanced".Player's progress of the free limited version isautomaticallymigrated to the full version (SD card required).To enjoy playing the game even more read our How-To'shere: ISSUES:------------If game runs improperly on your device, try to switch to"Software"instead of "OpenGL" in Settings. In some cases you shouldcheck"Simple animation" or uncheck "Sound On".***Press about the game***"Combining solid tower defense strategy, beautiful graphics, tonsofupgrades and different game modes, Myth Defense: Light Forcesmustbe the best TD game available on the Google Play.""Helicopters will constantly undermine you and you'll oftenfindyourself overwhelmed by mace swinging orcs. But if you getbeyondthat, you'll find a rich, engaging and highlyrewardingexperience.""With the earning of GPs and artifacts, players can create ahugenumber of variations in their game(s), making Myth DefenseLightForces an extremely fun, entertaining, and engaging game. Soif youlike tower defense games, head over to the GooglePlay.""Myth Defense offers lovely visuals that are among the best sinceonAndroid to date. It's very well presented and there is nonoticeableslowdown, even when the screen is bursting with towers,fireballs,arrows and goblins.""Just watch this video and tell me this doesn’t look amazing.Thedeveloping company, Smartpix Games, has made youraddictionextremely easy.""The art and visuals are crisp and detailed, and the soundeffectsand music definitely make the game seem like an epicfantasy. Thereis a lot of content here. If you like tower defensegames, this isprobably going to satisfy your TD itch.""Challenging without having to be irrationally complicatedorimpossible to progress hanging around. More Options than anotherTDI have come across."
Treasure Defense
DH Games
Treasure TD: A brand new take on strategic tower defense games,andendless fun
Age of warriors: dragon battle & auto chess - RPG 1.3.8
Hour Games
Looking for an RPG game that the weak is able to overcomethestrongby reasonable strategy? With diverse races,professions,richelements, powerful visual equipment, and variouscoolbattlespirits, you’re going to experience a perfect strategyRPGgame.Play now, and lead your heroes towardsnewadventures!***Customized formation and position Do you alwaysputwarriors inthe front during battles? Are you tired oftraditionalheroposition? Now, it’s time to change! Here in thisgame, youwillhave a totally different battle experience bycustomizingheroformation. By enhancing hero stats, the damage theydealindifferent position could be lethal. ***Equipment +Skills+Heroes=Customized hero strategy In Storm wind, wehavewell-trainedhuman warriors and human mages. You’ll see wildandpowerful bearwarriors and bear mages with force of nature intheNorthMountains. What’s more, swift archers and mysteriouselfarcherscan be found on the vast grassland. In the gamethatadvocatesdiversity and personality, each hero has its uniqueskillsand canlearn different skills to make it even more unique.Besides,everypiece of equipment that players obtained will betimelyequippedand displayed on the hero, and you will win stunningandcoolfashions in free events. ***Elements + Battlespirits=themostcharacteristic RPG features There are hundreds ofelements inthegame, players need to choose it wisely on the basisofdifferentheroes and different battles. With right andpowerfulelements,heroes’ stats can be greatly increased. And dozensofbattlespirits like Dragon, Lion King and Predator are readytofightalongside you. By upgrading battle spirits, you’re goingtounlockmore skills and stats and enjoy more distinctappearances.You maytriumph over superior forces with properbattlespirits!***Cross-server League + Lottery=Glory and luck TheLeagueis openfor all servers which means players are able tocompetewithplayers from different country and different servers,withthecommon goal-the champion. The champion wins both gloryandrarerewards that are not for sale. Luck is a part ofthestrength.During the League, there is a prize pool for playerstobet and wingems. This will be your best chance to getrichovernight!***Detailed game guides + Background story=thebestofflineexperience A full list of tips are available onFacebookpage andDiscord to help players grow faster and developtheirheroes. Morebackground stories will be updated as well to giveyoua betterpicture of Elantra world! 【Contact Us】 Yoursuggestionsarevaluable to us! Joinusnow!Facebook:
Wild Sky: Tower Defense TD 1.100.13
Build towers to defend the kingdom from a rush of creeps inthistower defense.
Fantasy Realm Tower Defense
A challenging tower defense strategy game. Manage castle defense
Galaxy Heroes: Space Wars 0.27.2
Ragcat Games
Command a powerful army in action-packed intergalactic battles!
Tiny Guardians 1.1.13
Summon guardians and embark on an epic journey in this TD gamewitha twist!
Tower Defense Zone
Tower Defense Zone: Strategy Game - One ofthebest attractive game and breakthroughs in Tower Defense –Strategycategory.Tower Defense is set in the Cyamic species, an aliencreaturesuddenly invaded Crolla. They eat meat and reproducedrapidly,become incalculable threats to humankind, compulsoryhumanity toparticipate in the most intense Tower Defense.Every Military Power was mobilized to kill the creatures,TheWarrior – Tower Defense starters, players must use TacticalandStrategy in each screen to win.Tower Defense Zone – Strategy game with breakthroughs fromgameplayto graphics and sounds, bring different experiencestoplayers.#### Powerful Warrior, advanced Weapons:The Tower Defense with the most Powerful Warrior and equippedwithmodern weapons, each weapon has various function andexplosivepower to the player choose#### The War solidly:Tower Defense system solidly with defensive powerful Towerwithdifferent levels#### Defense Zone and gameplay:Tower Defense with plentiful Defense Zone and manydifferentterrain, from desert, mountain forest to the city, thereare thestrategic Defense Zone. The enemy with both road and airmonsterwill make player excited#### Great Graphics and Sound in this kind of Tower Defensegamescurrently:Tower Defense Zone - with graphics is raised to new heights,photosand crisp sound to honesty will please the mostdiscerningplayersHow to play this Tower Defense game?+ Choose the map, slots to play, the difficulty+ Arranging the Weapons with strategic defense system+ Players can choose the speed to play+ Upgrade weapons, killing the enemy and reclaimtheirterritory.Applications should be granted the following permissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission tosavenecessary game data externally+[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkage andnotificationbetween your game account and google accountinformation.+[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync yourAddressBook and access device status for Friend Invites.Let’s play Tower Defense – Strategy Game, Applying the Strategytodestroy all the enemies, to bring peace to the worldDownload Tower Defense Zone and do not forget to rate 5 starsforthis game!