Top 12 Games Similar to The Walking Dead: Season One

Charlie Charlie Challenge 1.2
Enjoy the original Charlie Charlie Challenge game. Let'splaycharliecharlie challenge this christmas Now you can playwithSpinners andmore look and explore the place while you playwiththe pencils orspinners And merry christmas!
Ninja Arashi 1.4
Black Panther
Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements.Inthis game, you play as arashi, a former legendary ninja whofightshis way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped sonfromthe hand of the devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic anddeadlyweapons, arashi is ready to face menacing traps and enemieswhohave sworn to protect Orochi. Ninja Arashi features simpleyetaddicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and anunexpectedexperience. You can upgrade abilities using gold anddiamondcollected from enemies and the environment in order to keeptrackswith the difficulty of the game. Manuever through traps, laywasteon enemies who try to stop you and rescue your son. FEATURES:- 3different maps with 45 levels to play - Easy to control movement-Discover the beauty of high quality graphics - Upgradeyourcharacter's skills - Purchase costumes - Challenge yourselfwithtough battles - Become a master ninja !
School - the horror game 1.4
Scary game with great graphics. Search an old school, and findtheway to escape. If you are found by ghosts, tap the screenquicklyand repeatedly, then you will be able to escape.
Jungle Adventures 2 412.0
The Fruity forest is in trouble, a mighty Magician has stolenallthe fruits of the jungle to become Immortal. Addu, ourfearlessadventurer along with his loyal pet Bullion set out tobring allthe fruits back to breathe new life into his homeland.Winner of 24FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award !!!Features: +Classic adventure game + Simple yet incredible graphics+ Easy andintuitive controls + Ability to double jump + More than60 uniquelevels + Ton of boss battles + Suitable for all agesExplore thejungle like Tarzan in Jungle Adventures 2 where you canchoosewhich character you want to play while having many powerfulpowerups. In this adventure game, you can also use your two petsaBullian and Coco who have very useful traits to help you inbattle.Discover Addu’s amazing new abilities. • Addu could jump,swim andthrow stones. • Now he can pick up, throw and glide. • Hecan ridehis pets to assist him in his journey. • Run, jump andexplore theArcades. Face an army of enemies which are spawned byotherdangerous monsters which you will have to face to rescuethejungle. With beautiful graphics and incredible gameplayexperience,you are to going to have an amazing adventure! Use yourpower upsand with some help from your Genie friends Bobo and Evawho havedifferent powers like turning enemies into fruits andmaking youinvincible. Be the king and crush your foes to save thejungle inbattle! Are you ready for this incredible adventure game?Be theJungle boy or Tarzan and jump on various platforms in thisgame!Enjoy the adventurous journey of this incredible world.Explore anIce age world and explore the mysteries in JungleAdventures 2!Escape from dangerous monsters while you get chased bytheirminions. While on a super adventure for you to explore thefreedomof the beautiful game world! If you like Adventure games,thenJungle Adventures 2 will suit you best. As it comes among thetopAdventure games on Android! Download this Adventure game andbecomethe Tarzan of the jungle! Contact us [email protected] you need any help! Follow Us to getnews andupdates:
Paranormal Asylum 2.0
Grabs your camera and get into the paranormal seekers Youmustcollect eight dolls ghosts, to escape the asylum. With yourcamerayou can see the spirits and dolls beware of the evil spiritof awoman who was killed in the asylum
Charlie Charlie challenge 3d 1.2
Charlie Charlie challenge es un juego de terror 3D inspiradoenlatabla Ouija Presiona y suelta el botón para hacerlapregunta,luego haga clic en el botón y espera que CharlierespondaUsteddebe preguntar de esta manera, "Charlie, CHARLIEestásaquí?"Disfruta y compartelo con tus amigos
Super Adventure Games World 2.0
Super Adventure Games World the bestsupermaker game. It contains many difficult levels to play. Run andgainlots of coins as you can. Download to play and discover.Features:- Many worlds to play- Beautiful graphics and really nice control- Difficult and challenged levels- Try to get highscore
Aladdin's Adventures World 1.3.2
Story of Aladdin's Adventures Worldgame:-The story talk about a poor boy, whose name was AdinNext day,Mutafar Witch went his home town and lies Adin to gettheLamp magic for him.Mutafa is Sinister Witch.He stolen the Lamp magic from Adin andtakeLuna Princess.Adin is very sad.But He is hero.He went Mutafa's castle torescueLuna princess.He fight with Mutafar witch.Finally,Mutafar was killed byAdin.Aladdin with his lovely wife Luna, they lived long and happylivesafterwards enjoying their good fortune.Aladdin's Adventures is interesting platform game.You will havetheextremely experience that only have in Adin's Adventures.Play now!Game features:-3 Beautiful World: Desert,Castle and Cave World-Many many Monsters-3 Bosses in 3 World-Nice graphics and good ConceptsHow to play Adin's Adventure:-4 buttons go along with 4 directions, up, down, leftandright-Press the buttons to control-Double tap to jump higher
Assassin’s Creed® IV Companion 2.2
Elevate your Assassin’s Creed 4 BlackFlagexperience with this unique companion app. Turn your tabletdeviceinto a second screen that provides you with features thatfurtherimmerse you into this Caribbean world.PLEASE NOTE: To get the most out of your app, you will need tosyncwith your copy of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on yourgamingplatform.*** Assassin's Creed IV's companion app is pretty rad–DestructoidAssassin’s Creed Black Flag’s Companion is an indispensable toolforall would-be pirate captains. It acts like your veryownquartermaster, so that you will never need to break theimmersionand flow of gameplay by pausing the game to navigatethroughcertain menus. You are now free to fully concentrate on thejob athand - to gain wealth and infamy on the high seas and inexoticcities.Login with Uplay to fully enjoy the following features:INTERACTIVE WORLD MAPMore exhaustive than your in-game map; see your missionobjectivesin real-time, set waypoints, zoom in and out, and searchforlocations with the tip of your finger. It’s also a great waytoinvolve someone else in your single player experience, yourfriendcan be your quartermaster.KENWAY’S FLEETYou can now interact with the main game 24/7, wherever you maybe.Use the ships that you have captured to send on missions,secureroutes and collect cargo and currency. The Atlantic Oceanisthriving with opportunities and you’ll need many ships to takefulladvantage. You can even help secure your Uplay friends’ routesandget rewarded.PROGRESS TRACKERAll your game data is stored here, including main missionprogress,crafting completion, and your current game status.TREASURE MAPSFind treasure maps in-game and see them on your second screenwhileyou cross-reference the real-world location on your TV.INITIATES FEEDDisplay received messages, notifications from your friends andfindcommunity challenges.ANIMUS DATABASEEasily view, at your leisure, all the Animus Databaseentriesunlocked in the main game.Note:• Kenway’s Fleet, the Animus Database and real timeupdatedinformation require an internet connection tofunctioncorrectly.• The application requires a Uplay account to synchronize yourgamedata.Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Companion is compatible withPS4,Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.
Zombie Watch - Free 3D Survival 2.3.7
Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival from an Indie developer. - 3Dlowpoly design - Crafting - Building - Survival - Exploration -Co-opLocal Multiplayer ------------------------------ Premiumnowavailable HERE. ------------------------------- Build yourbasearound the artifact and defend it from zombies that willbeattacking you everywhere you go and will try to destroy yourbasein waves. Gather food, destroy the enemies and become thechampionof survival in the world of zombieinvasion.------------------------------- Chop down trees, minestones, andcrystals to gather logs, sticks, leaves, and berries.Craft variousitems and build the best defense for your home base.Build a bedwhere you can save your progress. Grow your own gardenand create aself-sufficient home. Explore nearby worlds to collectnewresources. Go fishing on the Island. Brew potions for specialpowerand bandages to help you heal faster from wounds inflictedbyzombies. When you kill a zombie, he will drop items beneficialforyour survival. You can even summon a pet lizard to followyouaround. All of your items are available in your inventory. Havefuntrying to rule the zombie invadedworld.------------------------------- At the time Zombie Watch -ZombieSurvival has 7 different biomes to explore and Safe Haven.Each ofthem offers different resources for crafting and building.But beaware of your surroundings - zombies are out here to getyou!------------------------------- Zombie Watch - Zombie Survivaliscompletely free to play! ------------------------------- WatchtheTUTORIAL. We THANK all of you brave players and fans ofZombieWatch!
Jungle Adventures 33.20.8
On a beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly an evil monsterappearedfrom the deep jungle out of nowhere. That evil monstercapturedAddu's girlfriend and ran away into the deep jungle. Adduis on anadventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating the monsterandteach him a lesson. To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needsyourhelp. Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid traps andclearall enemies in your way and defeat all the bosses. Features :+Classic gameplay + Simple yet beautiful graphics + Easyandintuitive controls + Ability to double jump + More than 80uniquelevels + Ton of incredible boss battles + Suitable for allagesExplore a magical world of mysteries with different typesofcharacters you meet on the way, some are friendly while othersstopat nothing to hunt you down. Try to survive the hoard ofcreaturesthat you will face to complete your mission in thisincredibleadventure game. As you complete levels and collect fruitsyou canget even more powerful with the power ups which areavailable whichcan be upgraded or purchased in the in-game shopsuch as a Jinnie,triple jump, and more! In this adventure game,choose from fivedifferent characters to play from. Face uniquebosses which havepowerful attacks to destroy you so be carefulwhile you face themas they provide an incredible and challengingexperience. Downloadthis legendary free to play platformer gamethat takes you on aunique and fun filled adventure. JungleAdventures comes among thetop adventure games and it is very easyfor everyone to pick up andstart playing. Explore an Ice age worldand explore the mysteriesin Jungle Adventures! Escape fromdangerous monsters while you getchased by their minions. While on asuper adventure for you toexplore the freedom of the beautiful gameworld! Go on an AdventureEscape to have a fun filled experience! Inan Adventure town filledwith many friends and scary foes. Jump onvarious jungle platformand become the Tarzan in this incredibleworld! Start yourincredible Jungle Adventures journey and becomethe Tarzan of thisjungle! Contact us on [email protected] you need anyhelp! Follow Us to get news andupdates:
3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts 3.5
★★★ 3D Maze 2 is finally here! ★★★ 3D Maze 2: Diamonds &Ghostsit's a new free version of 3D Maze family adventure andpuzzlegames. First edition of 3D Maze was downloaded 10 milliontimes!Thank you! This time you have 8 big levels designed indifferentways with new features. Are you ready for exploration?Collectgems, avoid ghosts and check how fast you can reach the end!Ourgame is totally free. There are no in-app payments as inothergames. Each item in game you can buy by collecting diamondsduringlevel exploration. If you want to earn diamonds faster Youcansimply watch a video ad for 10 points! ★★★★★ New features ★★★★★★Jump! Now you can jump and see what's happening far away! Justtapthe button on the left-bottom corner. ★ Maps! New levels arenoteasy. To avoid you frustration now you can check where you areinthe 2D map... Prepare your memory :) You can move and zoommapusing swipe and pinch gesture. ★ Collect gems to unlocknewcharacters and features! Yellow Gem - gives you 5 points eachgem.Collect them to unlock features or to save you from theghosts.Violet Gem - gives you shield for 20 seconds which protectsyoufrom the ghosts. Red Diamond - unlocks Super Speed for 8seconds.You will run with fire! Remember - gems are counting toyour endscore only if you reach the end of the level. ★ Newcharacters!Collect proper amount of gems and buy new sweetcharacters. Youhave six new characters to choose: Mazer, Soldier,African,Mazecraft, Doogie and Devil. Characters have differentspeeds. Ifyou run faster you will achieve better times. UnlockSoldier byliking our fanpage! ★ Shield and Super Speed If you earnenoughpoints from gems you can unlock Shield which protects youfrom theghost in entire gameplay. Super Speed gives you unlimitedincreaseof speed to achieve better times! All you need is to earn1000points for Shield or 1200 for Super Speed, press Unlock andturn itON! ★ Ghosts! Be careful, now ghost are wandering in thelabyrinth.Some kids says they are scary! You have three options tohandlewith them: - avoid or jump over them :) - use shield (youneed tofind Violet Gem) - if you bump into ghost use "SaveMe"functionality which you can use if you have at least 20 points(4Yellow Gems). Short cartoon battle will begin and ghost willbedefeated. ★ Achievements Unlock all 7 achievements bybuyingcharacters and features. ★ Gold Stars When you reach the endyouwill see how many gold stars did you get. 3 gold stars? Yourock!In level 4 you will get to the blocky labyrinth. Survivearound theghost in pixelated labyrinth with great 8 bit music.However inthis level you cannot craft anything. Sorry :) ★ BannerAds areannoying you? Thanks to ads you're playing for free with noin-apppayments. But you can simply remove banner ads when you earn100points. Rest of the features: ★ Leaderboards Login to Google+byclicking on Google Play Games icon and challenge the peoplearoundthe world! Become a king of labyrinths! ★ Enjoy excellentHDgraphics and music -------------------------------------- Areyoufan of 3D Maze 2? Like us on facebook or follow us onTwitter: