Top 11 Games Similar to Traffic Cop 3D

SHPlay GmbH
Experience the excitement of an emergency call dispatcheratyourfinger tips! Create your own dispatch center and choosewhereinthe world your emergency bases and calls are placed,usingthemapping system. Build up your resources fromfiretrucks,ambulances and police vehicles; with specialistvehiclesalsoavailable such as armed police and advanced rescue. Thegameallowsfor vast customisation of how your units are named,wherethey areplaced. Some resources also require specialisttrainingthat youwill need to manage by setting up training courses.If youenjoyteamwork then help friends by joining or creating analliance.Youcan share jobs to help each other out as well as allowfriendstotake patients to your hospital or prison. The more unitsyouhavewill see your call demand increase too, increasingthechallengesyou face. Remember, some calls will requiredifferenttypes ofunits to be sent so ensure your fleet isup-to-date!
SRM, Space Flight Simulator 6.1.3
👨‍🚀👽 Players Support [email protected] (Avg. Response:1h)🚀 NEW GAME If you are into free and fun rocket games andlooking fordelightful sci fi spaceship simulator or spacecraftgames, then thisspace flight simulator will make you really happy.Enjoy excitingrocketship games with this rocket launch game whereyou upgrade yourfleet. Space Rocket Master (SRM) comes with anamazing gameplay andgreat environments that will delight anyhardcore rocket ship orspace ship games fan! Delight yourself withfantastic rocket launchand flight in one of the newest rocketshipgames which offer amazinganimations and sound effects. Manage yourspace agency and fleetlike a space tycoon and initiate successfulSpatial rocket launch towin and unlock levels. But wait, you arealso a great rocket Pilot !Overcome challenging obstacles indifferent levels to feel the totalexcitement of a great spacecraftgame. This Space Rocket gameprovides fun and exciting at the sametime. You can enjoy this funspace flight simulator anytime,anywhere on your device to refreshyourself from boredom andstress. 😎WHAT MAKES IT COOL 🌌100 missions🚀14 rockets/Shuttle ✔️280upgrades. 🏢13 space agency levels 🏆Greatrewards ⚙️30 specialtechnologies to boost your Spatial fleet🍿Amazing story with 99episodes to unlock 🌑20 different space agencyambiant scene(Africa, Europe, Usa, Sea, Iland, Secret Base, SouthAmerica,Russia, China, Antarctica, Moon &+) This spaceshipsimulator isone of those delightful rocket games packs that anyonecan enjoy ifthey have interest in spatial asteroids and rocketshipgames. ThisSpatial rocket launch or spaceship simulator will takeyou to astate of real pleasure with fun space flight simulatorwhere youcan cross the limit of the sky and have some spaceexploration. 🚀 AFUN GAME plenty of action The core game (missions)is fun andsimple as other addicting games. You need to launch thespace shipat the best engine regime, which is near 85%. If yousucceed tolaunch the spaceship saving enough fuel, you get a chanceto win.Dodge asteroids with your space shuttle to accomplish themissionin one of the most fun space dodging games. 🏁VICTORYCONDITION Inorder to win in this spacecraft game, you'd have toarrive to thevictory altitude. You must avoid certain dangersduring thespaceship flight. The spacecraft game features threebuttons: left,right, and shield. Use these buttons to avoidasteroids andobstacles. You'll get to see UI alarms to warn youabout upcomingmeteor, asteroids or dangers. Avoid those outer spaceobjects toarrive to the targeted altitude and win. 🚀 3 TYPES OFMISSIONS Thisspace flight simulator or spacecraft game features 3types ofmissions: Regular, Xtrem, and Secret. Each type featuresdifferentambient, difficulty, and challenges that will delight andexciteyou! 🚀 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHALLENGES ✈️Regular obstacles :dodge⛈️Storm: thunderbolt stop your engine if it hits the spaceship🌪️Strong Wind: push your rocket ship out of the trajectory🚀RivalShuttle: they come from above 🛩️Aircraft will chase theShuttle andtry to shoot it down 💣Bomber will chase the spaceshipand launchmissiles to blow it 🛩️🛩️Multi Aircraft or bomber ambush :dodgebullets and missiles 🛰️Killer satellite, use shield ! 💥Therocketship is targeted by AAG. ☄️Asteroids Collision fields:Variouscolliding objects - Meteor/asteroids: use shield -Radiation: useshield - Space rocket debris : push the space ship -Ice blocs:Stop space ship engine - EMP Mine: stop spaceship engine- RegularMine: use shield You will enjoy the Space Rocket Master -spaceshipsimulator game. In the space inc adventure become theastronaut youalways wanted to be. From earth to the moon and beyondMars, a funnew game 2021 await you. If you like addicting games anddodginggames you'll love Space Rocket Master. Happy Flightastronaut! 👨‍🚀
Mobster Players Revenge
Mob Up! Join one of the many mob families or create your own.WehaveSLOTS, LOTTOS, personal stat page, SPECIAL HOLIDAYDROPSreturnenergy feed, fight log, GALA, theres too much tolist!Customize amale and female avatar endlessly with newitemsreleased every week.Unique missions with item drops getnewplayers started and helpseasoned players advance further.Collectyour daily bonus forknuckles and points and more. Classicgameplayand an "all playersand platforms" social broadcast chatmakes foran easy start. Askplayers or administrators in chat aboutgameplayand simply click"add" next to names to add mobsters toyour mob.Top mob them to getand send energy and collect their cashbonusdaily. Easily make themobile Made Men list with the newlyreleasedapp for android. So takeback an old mobs name and dust offtheflasher, our great originalmobsters community is here!Gameplaynotes: In the android platform,flashers are turned on. Toturnthem off, go to settings. To play onthe pc, go into settingsandclick "change password". It will giveyou your random usernameandpassword to log in from anywhere, on anydevice. Chat is onthemain tab. DONT FORGET TO LOG IN ON HOLIDAYSFOR A SPECIAL FREEITEMDROP!
Ice Fishing Derby 1.35
Pishtech LLC
It's a five day fishing derby with a twist. The forecast forthefirst day is pretty nice, but it's going to get much, muchcolderas the days go by. Start each day at the bait shop to getthetackle you need. Catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleyesandnorthern pike. At the end of each day you'll collect cash attheweigh-in for the fish you've caught. Be sure to earn enough topayfor a portable shelter and heater or you're not likely tosurvive.Start with some basic gear and catch some panfish, thenwork yourway up to catching the bigger fish. Once you have thenecessitiesyou might get yourself a sonar flasher or even anunderwater camerasystem so you can see what's happening under theice. Your goal issimple: Survive the tournament, and earn as muchmoney as possible.Other fishermen may offer you some interestingtrades out on thelake, but be careful what deals you accept! Thefree version isad-free but some of the equipment in the bait shoprequires anin-app purchase to access. Pishtech's privacy policy forthis appis available at:
Carpcraft: Carp Fishing 1.1.72
ZXDigital Ltd
Carpcraft is a real-time carp fishing game that allows youtoexperience the thrill of carp fishing wherever you are at anytimeof the day or night. Use your skill and knowledge to catchCarp.Learn our virtual carp lakes, find out the best tackle, rigandbait to catch yourself a monster carp. Carp craft isn’tyourtraditional 3D Carp Fishing Simulator, it’s far more strategicthanthat. Landing a double figure carp isn’t easy, have you gotthepatience and skill to land a named fish like Pecks or BigLin?"Great game! Spoke to the team about a couple of tweaks andtheytook my views onboard! Best fishing game on the market guys!Loveit!" "Epic, Brilliant game best on the market just like beingonthe lake. Top work guys" "Fisherman or not you should lovethisgame!! Everyone I've told about this game can't stop playingit!!Simple to play but loads of real detail to make this gamesoaddictive :)" "Very good game, pretty addictive I love the wayyourphone will send you notifications so you don't have tobeconstantly playing!" There are 14 species of fish for you totryand catch in our carp fishing game including Leather carp,Commoncarp, Crucian Carp, Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp, Linear Carp, KoiCarp,Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Bream, Eel, Catfish Fish with up to4rods and wait for a bite, will it be a screamer? Will you get arunat 2am? Everything is possible with the most realisticfishingsimulator on Android a true mobile fishing game. CarpCraftis thefirst free to play carp fishing game, so tackle up, cast outandget yourself hooked. Carp fishing 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek.Real-time carp fishing for the serious carp angler. Features:• 14Species of freshwater fish. • Realistic fishing. • DynamicWeather.• 24 hour fishing with full day-night cycle in real time. •Floator Ledger fishing with up to 4 rods. • Upgrade your tackle -rods,reels, weights, floats, line, hooks & bait. • Free toplaygame. • Bite push notifications, never miss a run. • Neverbeenfishing? Learn how to fish with Carpcraft. *** Please Note: Ifthegame crashes you need to update your version of Android to play.Wewill update the listing from 4.1 at the next release whichiscoming soon ***
River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure 4.9
Dantat Studio
River Legends is an indie fly fishing simulation adventure inthegreat outdoors. Explore the wonders of Pine Canyon whilesearchingfor trophy fish amidst serene, retro landscapes. RiverLegends FlyFishing Game Features: ■ Explore the far reaches of awild canyonin glorious pixel art ■ Pursue multiple species ofchallenging fishwith realistic AI, each with their own fly andweather preferences■ Choose the best tackle based on waterconditions​ - wet, dry, andstreamer flies ■ Cast your fly fishingline with real-time controls■ Adventure into an array of fishingenvironments includingforgotten canyons, dark forests, ruggedalpine lakes, sylvan ponds,and more. ■ No In-App-Purchases (IAP) orpaid downloadable content(DLC) - everything is included, unlikemany fishing games
Bootleggers: Illegal Farm - Moonshine Mafia Game
Say Hello to Illegal farming, Real-time battles, Police andMafiaGangsters 💣
Dirt Trackin
The first full 3d Dirt Track oval game.
Fly Fishing Simulator HD
Pishtech LLC
High Definition Fly Fishing on your phone and tablet!
Terminal Control
A realistic TRACON ATC simulation game based on real-lifeairports& procedures.
Bad Traffic
Made Of Bits
Awesome Traffic Control Game with Save and Crash Modes.