Top 50 Games Similar to Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter 1.12.10
SayGames Ltd
Johnny Trigger – International Man of Mayhem! Stylish,deadlyandsmooth as a billiard ball, Johnny Trigger is a man on amissioninthis non-stop platform shooter game where the action neverends.Doyou have what it takes to bring down the underground worldofthemafia? “Less talk, more bullets” – that’s Johnny’s mottoasheruns, jumps, spins, slides and keeps on shooting tilleverybadguy’s bitten the dust. 🔥 Trigger warning – Johnny’s on hisway!🔥 ⚈Thousands of levels of murderous mayhem to fightthrough,eachdemanding a unique tactical solution and speedytriggerfingers!Johnny never stops moving, so when the bad guys lineup inyoursights, you’ve got just once chance to get shooting. ⚈Becarefulnot to hit hostages, though. After all you’re the heroofthisgame, not some crazed killer! Should you accidentally endthelifeof an innocent civilian, it’s back to square one. ⚈Hitthosehard-to-reach scumbags with the power of physics!Trickshots,ricochets, explosions and gravity are all partofJohnny’scrime-fighting arsenal… ⚈ ...along with guns galore!Causeserioushavoc with 57 unique weapons to collect – 11 pistols,12SMGs, 9automatic rifles, 10 superguns 🔫 and 4 Ultimate gunswithfearsomecapabilities guaranteed to give the bad guys a nastyshock.For thecompletist, there’s also 5 base guns, 3 bundle gunsand 3VIP guns.Basically, a shedload of guns to collect, cherishandslaughtergangsters with. ⚈ On the subject of sheds, collect keystounlockJohnny’s 10 awesome base rooms and get hammering to turnthemintoluxurious hideaways. Turns out our action hero’s quitethehandymanin his free time. ⚈ Sweet graphics and a bangingsoundtrack–Johnny’s world would be a great place to chill if itweren’tforall those pesky gangsters lurking round every corner.Justthinkhow nice it’ll be once you’ve massacred every last oneofthem! ⚈More than 20 different stylish skins to help Johnnygoundercoverin the murky underworld of organized crime, andthenblast theliving hell out of it! ⚈ Boss battles demand allofJohnny’s witsand sharp shooting as you take down the lords oftheunderworld ina leaping, spinning storm of bullets. 💣 Lookingforaction? Here’sJohnny! 💣 Dive straight in and get shooting!JohnnyTrigger’s shortbut immensely satisfying levels make it theperfectaction game tofill a short break between meetings, lecturesorlessons. And ifyou’ve got a little more time, there’s so muchtocollect and a newchallenge round every corner. So what areyouwaiting for? Thosebad guys aren’t going to beat themselves,youknow.
Hitmasters 1.15.12
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a spy? Start with simplepuzzlesand then advance to some challenging levels! Tons of weaponsawaityou in the game arsenal. Try them all! Make decisions wisely.Onemistake and your enemies catch you! Don't leave them achance.Or... just start over again.
Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 7.2
Sharpen your blade, sword master! It’s time to embark on therealshinobi adventure! Welcome to Sword Play! – a fun arcade gamewhereall you have to do is dash, slash & slice! Dash throughthehundreds of challenging levels and cut all your targets inpieceswho dare to stop you! Could you prove you're a true hitmaster?Slow the time and chop flying bullets, slice explosivebarrels inhalf and beat giant suricens back to your stickmanenemies! Thegameplay is super simple. All you need is swipingthrough the phonescreen to cut the dummies into halves. HORDES OFENEMIES Facetricky stickman shinobi, gun masters and powerfulbosses! You mustfloat like a butterfly unless you want to be cutyourself. Don’tlet any samurai make a scratch! DEADLY SWORDSComplete samuraimissions to unlock the most dangerous swords in theworld! Yourarsenal includes Infinity Blade, Lusting Katana, Sabreof Darkness,Beat Blade, Arthur’s Excalibur, and other epic bladedweapons.Crush them all with the superpower of your swords! SUPERPERKS Asmart shadow ninja takes every chance to defeat theirenemies!Don’t hesitate to use poisons, tomahawks and even lasers tobringdown all the stickman opponents in a slicing level. Neithermoneynor lineage can make a slicing hero! Grab a sword and showyourragdoll enemies who is the real blade master! Download one ofthemost stylish 3d blade sword games now and slice themall!===================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:=====================Facebook:
Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles 5.16
Lion Studios
Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solvepuzzlingchallenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim attheenemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon. Use your braininthis unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laserfocusto take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys youwillencounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages, anduseunique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes.Startyour adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is:canyou do it in one shot? Game Features: 1. Destroy them all andsavethe world! Mister Bullet is on a secret mission. Use yourdeadlyaccuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is aspy,agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take overtheworld and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world.2.Unlock Epic Missions So many enemies and levels for you totakedown, each with their own unique twist! How smart are you? Canyousolve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce,orsimply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objectsfalland explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes togetyour target! 3. New Challenges Await Rescue hostages,throwgrenades at people and go on secret missions. No matterthesituation, just remember to make every shot count! 4.EngagingPhysics Puzzler Only the smartest and quickest can solveall thepuzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make itthrough.Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need tobecomethe zennest shooting master. Can you get three stars oneverylevel? 5. Spy vs Spy Are you the best and most accurate?Battleagainst other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios. 6.NewFeatures Weekly Mr Bullet is constantly updating with newuniquelevels, weapons and other skins. You will NOT want to missout onthe action. Whether you're a shooter or a puzzler, Mr. Bulletis achallenge ready for you. This is the best physics shootergamethere is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn andeasyto play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Battlenotoriousvillains. Become a legend agent. Start your mission andnever stopshooting! Bullseye! Visit ifhave any feedback, need helpon beating a level or have any awesomeideas you would like to seein the game! From the Studio thatbrought you Happy Glass, FlipTrickster, and Love Balls! Follow usto get news and updates on MrBullet and our other Award Winningtitles;
Hit Master 3D - Knife Assassin 1.7.7
It's time to get the knives out! Do you like action spy movies?Doyou like to silently defeat rivals? Then challenge yourself inanepic Hit Master 3D game! Here you must prove that you are thebestand most accurate spy of all! Once you’re ambushed, youareattacked by a huge crowd of enemies, and all you have is a lotofknives! Throw knives at your aims, eliminate them one by oneandbeat ‘em all to survive! The game has a lot of interactiveitems.If you don’t like to defeat enemies one by one silently andslowly,you can throw a knife into an exploding barrel, and defeat acrowdof enemies in one blow! Also, there are various boxesscatteredeverywhere – break them to slow down your enemies! What ismore,you will save hostages on your way to win! Save everyone andget tothe helicopter – become the ultimate hero! Remember, thereare manyenemies, all of different sizes, and they won't attackalone in apolite manner – they attack at once! Each of them isarmed withbaseball bats or huge spanners! But it's not a problemfor you,right? It will hardly scare the best secret agent! GAMEFEATURES: -Action-packed game - Beautiful 3D graphics - Manydifficult tasksrequiring accuracy & quick reflexes - Intuitivecontrols -Simple interface Hit Master 3D is a completely free game!So whatare you waiting for? The world needs you, agent! Downloadnow andstart your adventure! ===================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:=====================Facebook:
I, The One - Fun Fighting Game 3.09.24
Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in theonlinefighting simulator! You’re on the top of the roof. What willyoudo? Kick, punch, knockout — fight for the survival ofcourse!There's only room for one boxer in this ring. So take it! I,TheOne is an accurate fighting simulator, where you choose yourminicity fighter and enter the battle arena. Defeat enemies withepicboxing moves, use karate skills and give deadly MMA punches!Thegoal is to push rivals out of the battlefield. For eachpunch,you’ll get points that will make the next one more powerful!🥊 Topfeatures 🥊 • Join online PvP fights against players from allacrossthe globe • Kick harder & get points for more powerfulpunches• Choose from a variety of battle arenas and modes with realaction• Use boxing and MMA moves to defeat other players in thefightingring • Unlock new skins, boxing gloves, boosts and otherfeaturesto upgrade your street fighter • Play in both portraitandlandscape modes 🥊 How to play 🥊 • In landscape mode use ajoystickand attack button • In portrait mode move by turning avirtualjoystick in the required direction and release it to performanattack Ready to be the champion of this boxing arena? Unleashyourfighting rage and beat ‘em up! ========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY ========================Facebook:
Bowmasters 2.14.10
A hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game, Bowmasters has lots instoreforyou: • 41 INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensionsabsolutelyforfree! • 41 DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem,awesomefatalitieswith rag-doll physics! • EPIC DUELS WITH YOURFRIENDS.Grab yourmates and show them what you’re worth! • MULTIPLEGAMEMODES. Shoоtbirds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duelsandget money forthat! • ENDLESS REWARDS FOR YOUR SKILLS! Don’tmissout on the fun!Be the first to grab it!
Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game 1.0.20
SayGames Ltd
The next generation of sniper games. Traditionally suchpopulargamesforce us to run after the target and hide around thecornerto staysafe. As the result, you usually get stressed andnervousbecause ofconstant risk to the life of your hero. However,notthis timebecause sniper games have been modified and advanced.Forsure badguys still could shoot you, but not as easy as it usedtobe in theearly days. Now you a highly experienced assassinwhoknows the mostsuitable location for an excellent shot. What isit?You are going tostay onto the roof of nearby building andwatchthe next target tokill. Look, the target is right behind thatoldtree! Be quite andfocused, nothing should distract you fromthemission. Great! Now youare a professional shooter, ourwarmestcongratulations! Three tipsto become the best assassinever. 1)Pay attention to the number ofbullets you have! On theaveragefour bullets are available for youduring one level. Notthat bad,yep? However, keep in mind thatsometimes you are requiredto killup to four targets 🎯. The last,fourth target, is the bossand hecannot be killed by one singlebullet. An insight for you –the 3dshot is likely to end with thisguy. 2) The single shot isthe onlyway to fulfill the missionsuccessfully. It seems to be abitcomplicated to aim from the roofand that is why the gameprovidesyou with gun sight. 3) Hurry up!Bad guys are also not thatstupidand they are not waiting for yourshot…It means your targetarealive and can run fast, hide in thebuilding and even take acarand drive away. Oh! One more thing isnecessary to know –theseguys do have guns too and even can killyou. Do not be aslowpoke!The breakthrough in sniper games is proudof fewdistinctivefeatures.💣 ⚈ Variety of locations: from bakery togasstation. Thenew locations appears at the next level, whichconsistsof fifteensublevels. ⚈ Wide range of guns you can buy withearnedmoney. Yourbudget is increasing after every successfulmission. Yousee, thereis still plenty of scope for improvement inyour power. ⚈There areinnocent people who are under the risk ofbeing killed. Donot beconfused! ⚈ The real evil or the main targetis a person withsmallsuitcase. He will always try to escape, but donot let him doit!Otherwise, you will fail the mission and need torestart again.⚈As an incredible shooter, you will get golden keysin ordertoexchange them for extra money or details of the supergun. 🔥 Nowitis time for you to choose: whether to stick to theancientsnipergames or download «JT Sniper» and experiencesomethingextremelydifferent from all stuff you know before! One,two,three…shoot!
Mr Ninja - Slicey Puzzles 2.25
Lion Studios
Sequel to the 2019 smash hit, Mr Bullet, Mr Ninja will be yournextgreat puzzle obsession! Replace your gun toting ways and equipasword in this slash'em and dash’em puzzle experience! Swipeawayand slice down the enemy spies, pirates, and zombies. Thisuniquepuzzle experience will test your creative thinking. Enemieshavegotten smarter and will block your attacks. Do you have whatittakes to solve them all? Use your brain in this unique puzzlegame.You will need to outwit the enemies in order to make thekillingblow! Travel to new levels, save hostages, and new uniqueweaponsto battle your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thingyouhave to ask yourself is: can you do it in one slice? GameFeatures:1. Destroy them all and save the world, again! MisterNinja is on astealth mission. Use your quick wit and cut throughthe bad guys!Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alienthey are allhere to get in your way and only a MASTER can take themdown. 2.Endless amount of Missions So many enemies and levels foryou totake down, each with their own unique twist! How smart areyou? Canyou solve all the puzzles? Slice through enemies to cutthem down.Use your sword skills to make objects fall and explode.Createchain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target!3. NewChallenges Await Rescue hostages, throw shurikens at peopleand goon secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember tomakemotion count! 4. Engaging Physics Puzzler Only the smartestandquickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more thanjustaccuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience areallthings you will need to become the zennist ninja master. Canyouget three stars on every level? 5. New Features ConstantlyAddedNever get bored! Mr Ninja is constantly updating with newuniquelevels, weapons and other skins. You will NOT want to missout onthe action. If you liked Mr Bullet, you will love Mr Ninja!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet,HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news andupdates onour other Award Winning titles;
HellCopter 1.8.11
SayGames Ltd
Hellcopter is a new shooting 3D game. Jump in a helicopter and goona deadly mission! Lock and load your machine gun, aim and pullthetrigger. Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all thecriminalswho occupied the building. Blast them with explosives andmakecinematic shots! Endless bullets provided. Are you ready forsomegunplay?
FRAG - Arena game 2.20.0
Oh BiBi
FRAG is a free PvP hero game. Choose your hero, create yourteam,enter the arena and start the combat. Discover FRAG, the FPSandTPS battle game by Oh BiBi! Play explosive 1v1 duelsagainstplayers worldwide in this FPS and TPS game designed for yourphone.If you prefer social games, don’t worry; we have a 2vs2online teamgame option. PvP mode filled with epic battles: - Joinplayers fromall over the world who love battle games - Meet otherplayers forshort and crazy online PvP battles - Control yourcharacter infirst person (FPS) or third person (TPS) games views -Discover thenew 2v2 team mode! Cooperate with one of your friendsor a randomplayer to defeat the opponent team - 100+ uniqueweapons: try themall Personalize your gameplay for 1v1 matches: -Switch betweenyour 5 characters and gain the advantage - Chooseyour strategy andlead your team to the victory - Being dead isn'tthat bad: reviveinstantly with another character and start over -Your battle team,your style: attack, defense, etc. - Adapt theweapon to the map andto your gameplay Create your own FRAG team: -100+ heroes for yourdream team - Customize the skins and the powerto make your herothe absolute champion - Play offline or online inthe combat games- Multiplayer is not a dream anymore, if you canplay online, youcan play with others - 5 heroes means 5 weapons,find the rightbalance between all Tips - Every character has itsstrengths andweaknesses: try them all to see which ones are bestfor you! - Bothoffline and online the heroes have the same powers!- Attack theenemy target to get lots of points, but beware ofambushes! - Checkyour missions for unique rewards! New month, newhero, new meta: -Same team can’t win forever - Nerf and buff customdesigned monthlyto ensure an exciting meta In case you want to fireoffline, don’tworry, Frag lets you fire offline as well! FRAG haseverything agame needs: FPS and TPS options, auto fire, and all thecontrolsare adjustable to fit over your playing style! Follow us togetnews and updates: policy: Terms ofService:
Heroes Inc! 1.1.6
Lion Studios
Craft the greatest Heroes in history and save the world! Createnewsuper powers and build your alliance of heroes to facetheattacking army of evil robots. The battles will be epic,theenemies are endless, and your heroes are greatest in the world!Anarmy of alien robots has attacked earth, the people need yourhelp!The invaders are numerous, they demolish buildings withtheirmighty fighting mechs and wield an vast arsenal of laserweapons.Unleashed on the world, humanity stands no chance againstthisevil… can you save them from this doom? Build yourlaboratory,experiment and create new powers! unlock advancedtechnology anddevelop new abilities to use in the war against evil.There arehundreds of powers to discover, will you collect them all?Even themost powerful super hero can be overwhelmed, outmaneuvered, anddefeated… You must train your heroes, teach them touse their newpowers! Unlock their unique skills and watch themdecimate theirfoes! Game Features Craft super heroes - there arehundreds todiscover! Fight as your new heroes - unleash theirpowers upon thebattlefield. The enemy comes in many different forms- can youdefeat their army? Destroy the enemies leadership - Dukeit out inepic Boss fights! Collect new elements to unlock new superpowers.Build the best hero lab in the world - forge the greatestallianceof heroes ever seen! Visit ifhave any feedback, need helpon beating a level or have any awesomeideas you would like to seein the game! From the Studio thatbrought you Mr. Bullet, HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Followus to get news and updates onour other Award Winning titles;
NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets 1.9.7
The NERF battle is ON! Can you tag and blast everyone withoutbeingcaught? Your quest is simple...Grab your Nerf Blaster andPrank 'emall! NERF Epic Pranks! is a cool real-time strategy gameforeveryone. The main goal of the game is to shoot and tag alltheenemies by shooting them with the epic NERF guns. The enemiesarevery reactive, so it will not be easy. React and thinkquickly.Hide behind objects and shoot at the right moment. Useyourstrategy and tactics to not get caught and move to the nextlevel.BECOME THE BEST PRANKSTER! Tag everyone in sight, don't getcaughtand, above all, have fun! UNLOCK ALL THE NERF BLASTERS!CollectNerf Blasters to become the ultimate prankster! Unlock themall asyou progress in the battle. PERSONALIZE YOUR CHARACTER Unlockallthe fun Characters and Skins. Play as a Ninja, a Clown or evenaRobot! BATTLE IN AWESOME ENVIRONMENTS Make your way through alltheWorlds and Arenas! Apply your strategy in real-time, and spottheright target to shoot. Unlock new guns and characters! Only 1%ofplayers unlock all the characters and guns ⏩ Will you be oneofthem? Use your finger to tap and shoot your bullets. Remember,ifyou don't shoot and hide fast enough, your enemies will catchyou.Are you fast enough to do not let them catch you? Play forfree.Challenge yourself to become the best NERF shooter ever...This isnot one of those classic and boring shooting games. This isa new,free, and cool game for boys and girls. List of the featuresofyour new free casual game: 🔫 Beautiful 3D graphics 🎯 Thefunniestshooter challenge 🔫 100% free game 🎯 Fun and addictivegameplay 🔫Easy controls 🎯 For kids and adults 🔫 Game for girls andboys 🎯Many characters and guns How to become a Z Escape: ZombieMachineGun master? 🏖️ Blast them all to avoid their bullets! ✌️Hide andshoot fast 🏖️ Don't let the enemies catch you ✌️ Have funand dancewhen you win About Homa: NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets isproducedby Homa Games. Homa is a top publisher of Hyper CasualGames,Puzzle Games, and Casual Games. Homa published games likeSkyRoller, Z Escape, Voodoo Pranks, Farm Land, and manyothers.Relieve stress, anger, and bad thoughts, or train your brainwith arelaxing, satisfying, yet challenging game anywhere, anytime!Ifyou believe that pranking and blasting enemies is not just amatterof luck, show your abilities and become the best blasterever. Bestof luck! Do you have questions regarding our game or needsupport?😎 Privacy Policy 🏳️‍🌈 Terms of Service 💌 Contact Us Followus onour social: 🤟 Facebook 🤟🏽 Twitter 🤟🏼 Linkedin 🤟🏿 Tiktok
Anger of stick 5 : zombie 1.1.65
Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie [Scenario]Astrangegroup of enemies appeared in the city and have beenusinginnocentpeople as experimental tools. Lots of people haveturnedinto Zombieso that Hero and his friends should save thepeople andremove theenemies. [RPG's growth elements] • The levelup systemthroughexperiences (EXP). • Please Invite 6 kinds ofreliablefellows. • Youcan request help up to 3 players. • Buyweapons andupgrade them tostrong weapons. [Game Features] • Youcan enjoyboth Single mode andJombie mode. • A variety of movementsandrealistic actions have beenadapted • Use helicopters andmachineguns strategically. • Buypowerful robots and unleashpowerfulfirepower. • Realistic effectson characters’ movement andobjectsare updated. • It only occupies30MB to install in yourmobile. •Enjoy its marvelous effects on yourold mobile. ※ Datawill beinitialized when you replace the phone'sterminal ordeletethegame.Homepage: Foradditional support, please contact: E-mail:[email protected]====================================
Run n Gun - AIM Shooting 1.0.28
SayGames Ltd
🔥 Run & Gun – Run ‘em down and shoot ‘em up 🔥 There’s no endtothe action 😎 in this frantic, fast-paced casual shooterthatplunges you straight into a world of breakneck speed,non-stopsharpshooting, aerial stunts, and massive explosions 🧨.Likeparkour, tactical shooting, and classic action movies? Enjoyasynthesis of them all as you run and gun your way to victoryaftervictory in this all-action, edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster ofashooting game that’s definitely firing on all cylinders. 💣 Runtillyou drop – all the bad guys, that is :) 💣 ★ Quick on thedraw?You’ll need to have all your wits about you and pistols attheready to keep on running 🏃 and keep on gunning. Enemies appearonall sides, and you have to take them down before they open fireonyou to survive. Use explosives, extinguishers, and utility pipestodeal extra damage and take out multiple enemies with a singleshot.Just make sure you don’t hit the innocent civilians you weresenthere to save! ★ Going up the wall? Then you’ve got the rightideafor this game. Play all the angles by sliding up and aroundthescenery to avoid enemy bullets and reach the best position toget abead on multiple targets as you slip into a slow-motionshootingfrenzy. Go down or up with all guns blazing! ★Level-minded?Progress through the game to reach epic boss battles🦹🏻‍♂️ and earncash you can spend on new outfits, an awesome arsenalof weapons,and other impressive improvements. The more you win, themore greatrewards you’ll have access to. Start with simple pistolsand moveon to SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and a host ofhighlydestructive guns with ever-more-epic shooting effects. ★Loveaction? You’ll feel right at home in Run & Gun’s worldofglass-fronted skyscrapers, rooftops, and industrial zonesthatrecall the settings of a thousand classic action movies, nottomention a voiceover that mimics the gruff, epic tones ofgreattrailers. As you leap to the safety of your chopper,you’reguaranteed to feel like a real action hero! ★ Love the soundofbreaking glass? There’s plenty of that in Run & Gun, as wellascolossal explosions, 🛢️ shattering walls, and all types ofgunshotsfrom cracking pistols to booming RPGs, all accompaniedbysatisfyingly crunchy sound effects, as well as a pumpingupbeatsoundtrack to keep you pushing to the line. 🚁 Like biathlon,butcooler 🚁 You run and you shoot. That’s all you do, butthisdeceptively simple game mixes up the action and racks uptheadrenalin with surprises round every corner to ensure you nevergetbored. Trigger finger itchy? Feel the need for speed? Onyourmarks, get set, and go now to download Run & Gun for ashootergame with action that’s faster than bullets, big guns, andevenbigger shooting fun.
Supreme Duelist Stickman 2.9.0
Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny and crazy Stickman mobilegame-A lot of map (NEW MAP EDITOR) - With Simple control -Playandunlock new skin -1 player, 2 player and survival mode-Realisticstickman ragdoll -2d physic stick fight battle -createyour ownstickman wariors Different modes -Gravity (ON/OFF) -InstantKO (ifdisable, the water, lava, etc will deal damages on contact)-EnergyShield (if disable, the stickman can bend down) You canchoose yourcharacter and play with a friend in the 2 Player Mode.RHG stickfighting game This game is totally free. casual game andfunstickfight This is an addictive game!!! give me your feedback
Hide 'N Seek! 1.7.8
The good old classic hide & seek. Play either as a seeker orasa hider and build your shelters from cars or office desks, hideinthe water, in the hay pile, in the cornfield, in the boss'officeand most importantly, push others in the seeker's visionfield. Tryto be kind though. Features: ∙ Beautiful and unique 3Dvisuals ∙Play either as seeker or hider ∙ Complete freedom to playhoweveryou like ∙ High performance ∙ Fun, relaxing and addictive
Tank Stars 1.5.5
Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon – a simple missile toanatomic bomb – and find the right shooting angle and destroyyouropponents. Make the right shot quickly or you’ll die. — Loadsofdeadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation —Onlinemultiplayer game. Play with friends — Cool weapon upgrades tomakeyou really powerful and break-back — Epic graphic effects WeLoveYou. Enjoy.
Death Incoming! 1.9.3
Lion Studios
Are you a fan of watching people die in horrificallyentertainingways? Do you enjoy watching folks get exactly what theydeserve? Oris it just another day, another death for you? It’s timeto grabyour cloak and scythe and get ready to harvest some soulswhilesolving these deadly brain puzzles. Did someone get the brightideato hop on a trampoline next to an open construction site? Ormaybesomeone decided to get a little too close to the tiger pit atthelocal zoo. Each new chapter of Death Coming introduces you toallkinds of fun scenarios where you; The Grim Reaper, A.K.A.DeathHimself, must test your smarts and bring these wretched soulsto adeserving end! Game Features: 1. Fun and unique scenariosEachchapter brings you to hilarious and interactive scenes whereyoumust figure out how to take your victims out of theirwrecklessmisery! 2. Test you brain power Use the items available toyou ineach episode to craft the fun and unique deaths of yourvictims 3.Customize your reaper Tons of fun skins and customizationoptions.Decorate your Grim Reaper in your own unique way. 4. Relaxandenjoy They say not to fear the reaper and that’s never beenmoretrue because this time, you ARE the reaper!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet,HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news andupdates onour other Award Winning titles;
Turbo Stars - Rival Racing 1.8.12
SayGames Ltd
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Turbo Star? Then hoponyour skateboard 🏄 and speed down the track in this wildandfast-paced racing game! 🏁 HEART-POUNDING HIGH-SPEED RACING 🏁Zoomthrough a wide variety of exhilarating tracks and defeatyouropponents in a competitive 🛹 skateboarding game that puts afreshspin on the karting genre 🏎️. The short tracks and rapid pacemeansthat every move you make counts! Will you be the first racertocross the finish line 🥇, or will you crash into a revolvingwalland allow your rivals to get ahead of you? Watch out: you’llneedmore than just high velocity to succeed! While you’reracing,you’ll have to think fast to pick up items that will helpyou gainan advantage — or even pick up and throw your competitorsif theyget too close to you! Just make sure to dodge quickly enoughtoavoid any obstacles that will slow you down. Don’t forget tosnatch💰 coins and keys to unlock a whole bunch of awesomeitems,including power-ups, new objects to ride on, and gear foryourcharacter. You can even perform impressive tricks during jumpstoscore some extra coins! Or take it to the next level anddefygravity in tunnels by doing loop-the-loops or ridingupside-down onthe ceiling! 🔥 GAME FEATURES 🔥 ★ Win first place tounlock the nexttrack, earn rubies, and wear the crown. Competeagainst up to 11opponents. ★ While racing, collect coins and keysto get access tonew stuff. You can launch yourself into the air onthe edges ofpipes or over ramps to perform wild tricks for an extraboost ofcoins — not to mention speed! ★ Grab helpful items that cangiveyou the upper hand over your rivals like in traditionalkartinggames. Snatch a protective ring of spinning swords, a magnetthatattracts coins, or a bolt of lightning that strikes thetrack.Plus, toss your opponents in the air to get ahead! ★ Asyoulevel-up, you can increase your overall speed, coin bonuses,andstarting boost to maintain the edge over your rivals. Don’tmissopportunities to play the bonus mini-game, where you canopentreasure chests to find the best reward! ★ Save up coins andrubiesand earn rewards. Get new skateboards and other objects toride on,like hoverboards, rocket packs, scooters, unicycles, 🛼rollerskates, beach balls, and more. ★ Customize your characterwithplenty of cool skins, emotes, and tricks! Choose looksandaccessories to match your skate style. ★ Enjoy fun soundeffectsand wacky graphics with colorful race tracks andbeautifulbackgrounds. Are you feeling bored? 😬 Then jump on aboard!Download Turbo Stars and start racing right now! 😃
Kick the Buddy
Kick buddy arrives on Google Play Explode, destroy, fire,shoot,smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don'teventhink about stopping. You now have a virtually limitlessarsenal tobeat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even anuclear bomb!We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than justa relaxinggame it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactiveactiongame. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxinggamewhere you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's afungame to play when bored. Do you want to beat the boss, ormaybeslap and bash the ragdoll? Want to smash all around you inthisdestroying game? Want more kicks? Even if you're arelativelystress-free person you need to chill out at some point instressgames like ours.
Samurai Flash 2.0.57
You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ? Join usandbecome a Samurai Flash ! -Dodge and slice your enemies to reachthenext level -Defeat bosses and show your skills -Make the mostofyour speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemiesNewfeatures are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories)
Drawmaster 1.11.1
Let's try to draw the perfect trajectory and shoot. Master itandfind the best arrow path to solve the puzzle in our archerygame.Don't forget to avoid the collisions and make sure yourarrowreaches the target.
Agent Action - Spy Shooter 1.6.1
SayGames Ltd
Who’s that suave handsome stranger in the suit? 🕵️‍♂️ Action’shismiddle name. Actually, it’s his only name, and he’s theall-actionstar of this all-action shooter. Landing right in theheat of theaction on his heli-umbrella, Agent Action’s a sharplydressedsharp-shooting spy with a license to do some absolutecarnage andan awesome 🔥 range of ballistic weapons. Race throughexoticlocations, chase down the bad guys on land and water, andbringdown colorful supervillains in epic boss battles, all withdash ofold Hollywood style. 🚡 A fast-paced shooter with smoothretrostylings! 🚡 ★ Ready, aim, fire! Agent Action offersbite-sizechunks of adrenaline in multiple action-packed levels ofshootingmayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target andlet ripagainst an endless stream of bad guys. ★ Hold to shoot! Neatgamemechanics make Agent Action easy to play butendlesslyentertaining, with enough tactical challenges in weaponselection,targeting and fire-rate to keep more experienced playersengaged.Between levels, you’ll have the choice between healthboosters,armor or more awesome firepower, and your choice could bethedifference between victory and death. ★ Classic spy-caperstyle!The game’s slick graphics and funky soundtrack recall a hostofclassic spy movies, as you blast your way across deserts andthedecks of cargo ships, along railway platforms, throughtraincarriages, and into the high-tech lairs of supervillains, allwhileretaining the ineffable cool of an international man ofmystery. ★Follow that boat! Car chases, boat chases, and a seriesofheavily-armed bosses keep Agent Action on his toes andensureplenty of variation in the game. ★ Nice arsenal! Completelevels togain dozens of perks in the form of shotguns, sniperrifles, SMGs,RPGs and all the other deadly initials, as well as ahost ofpyrotechnical explosives that open up a variety of newgameplayoptions. You can also customize them to your own personalplayingstyle. ★ Make friends on your travels! Every action heroneedssidekicks, and Agent Action has an address book full ofusefulcontacts. Get cash for completing levels and use it to unlockthesecolorful playable characters, all paying tribute toclassicHollywood heroes and heroines. A world of action atyourfingertips! Easy to play but as gripping as any classic spymovie,Agent Action’s a game that brings big-screen thrills right toyourphone. Indulge your inner international man of mystery,downloadAgent Action now and start saving the world one deadvillain at atime.
Join & Strike 2.0.04
Grab your gun and enter the shooting arena! Add new stickmen toyourarmy to repel enemy attacks. Run with the crowd and shoot alltherival gang teams. Survive this epic adventure to clash againsttheultimate boss. Ready! Set! Strike! FEATURES: ● Addictivegameplay ofstickman games ● Simple and smooth one-finger control ●Realisticragdoll 3D stickman ● Crisp hyper-casual graphics ● Lotsofaddictive fighting games ● Upgrade your stickmen and grow anarmy ●Fight epic bosses and become the boss yourself ● Build yourdefensebase into an unbeatable fortress ● Many abilities andweapons tomerge ● Amazing rewards and gifts. BECOME A HERO Startrunning aloneand collect warriors on your way. Become a strongleader followed bythe biggest crowd in this city. Only the stronggang can clash withthe beasts, so gather the massive squad. Mergeweapons and unlocknew gear to level up in battles. Combine yourassassins to face thefinal stickman fight well prepared. SHOOT 'EMUP Fight your waythrough a vast number of enemies to survive therun. Throw grenades,fire shotguns, shoot enemies with unbreakableturrets or kill thestickmen with assault rifles. Choose the mostdeadly weapon wiselyto defeat your opponents. Unlock your fullpotential to beat themall. Shooting games have never been morefun! Run fast! Shoot sharp!CLASH WITH THE BOSS When you’re donedefeating assassin warriors ineasy levels, the final boss of thisgangster squad will challengeyou to the ultimate battle. Transforminto a brave hero gunfighterwith a strong combat strategy. Dare tofight this bloody monster.Dodge and counterattack enemy shootingsof the giant. Learn hisattacks and tactics to better confrontthem. Keep track of theboss’s life meter and shoot him until thebeast runs out of life.This city racing adventure will keep you onyour toes till the veryend! UPGRADE YOUR STICKMAN Create yourninja army and upgrade troopsto become invincible. Recruit newwarriors using the coins you win.Unlike in multiplayer games, youneed to gather as huge a crowd asyou can all by yourself. Adjustthe squad power, increase theirdamage level and enhance health.Merge weapons to get epicammunition. Send your stickman warriorsto the battlefield and tap“Fight” when your gangsters are ready.Be skillful to complete allincreasingly difficult levels anddestroy all opponents. PLAY ON THEGO Like other 3D stickman games,Join & Strike can be playedwith just one finger! Due to theauto-aim shooting mechanism, it hasa super simple control and isfast paced. Get your nonstop dose ofintense bullet shooting, enemykilling and loot collection. Pickyour phone, launch the game, runand shoot ninja enemies at your ownpace. ENJOY THE GAME The armyof your opponents is growing nonstop.You have to build a strongbase for your stickman! The stronger yourheadquarters, the greaterchances of repelling enemy attacks. Andthis is just the beginning!New levels, artful traps and obstaclesare coming soon! Join &Strike is an endless runner with atwist. Once make it to thefinish line, unlock the bonus level withfun mechanics and specialrewards. GET REWARDS It’s not enough tosurvive in shooting games.You must win this epic clash gang fight!These are crowd gun games,and the more warriors reach the finish,the higher the score in thefinal match. Collect point bonuses bykilling multiple enemies inone shot. Gather coins to upgrade yourwarriors, level up guns, andpass the levels nonstop. WIN THE RACEPowerful enemies are swarmingall over the city. Become the supremeninja gangster or stickmanwarrior and beat bad guys in Join &Strike. It’s an epic actionadventure where you save the world byplaying fun gun games! Createyour fighter gang, lead a 3D army ofrunners and clash againstrival teams. Crush your opponents andbecome the last superhero inthe ultimate stickman fight.
War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle 0.27.101
Do you love io games? Then War of Rafts is just for you! WarofRafts: Crazy Sea Battle is an epic battle royale in theseasetting! Battles with other players around the world awaityou!Sail the sea searching for your raft parts, expand yourterritoryand team to defeat ‘em all! Choose a color, fortify yourraft withother pieces floating in the ocean and face your opponentshead-on!You can make your team bigger by picking up a stickman fromthelifebuoys, and they’ll become a part of your army! The biggeryourcrew, the better your chances to survive in the sea battle!Ifyou're lucky enough, you can even collect a defensive tower!Thenit’ll also become your raft part! You can also pick upanadditional engine and many other elements to increaseyourdefensive and attacking power! Any sea adventure can't dowithouttreasure chests! Collect chests and coins to get variouscoolskins! Game features: - Interesting gameplay in the .io genre!-Epic sea battles! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! -Intuitiveinterface! - Easy controls! So, what are you waiting for?DownloadWar of Rafts for free now and let the fight begin!
Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race 1.8.7
SayGames Ltd
Тry to name one or two parkour games – can you? Not likely! Butnow,come find out why not this time – check on your own why SwingLoopswill become your favorite… and a game you’ll never forget!Your mindkeeps spinning in an endless loop. Literally! Just closeyour eyesand imagine…A huge megalopolis, thousands of skyscrapers,eventraffic jams (yeah, the game design is really that realistic,don’tlook so surprised!), with you running around 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃right atthecenter of it. WOW! What do you think? Not bad! And what if wetellyou that at some point in this race 🏁 you’ll be swinging inthe air,then flying like a wild bird… What a crazy parkour game!Then yousuddenly notice some strange people around you. What arethey doinghere? Are they running towards the finish line? No way!Top 10standout features of Swing Loops 1. Gaming hierarchy: eachlevel has11 sublevels. You can’t be sneaky and skip any of them toreach thenext destination. Come on, be an honest gamer. 2. Each ofthesublevels is unique within the level, with a different routeanddifferent features you can use on your way. No place forboredom. 3.The game has competitive elements: there will be otherrunnersalongside you. That’s why it’s called a race. 4. Tons ofpossibleactions to take: jump, fly, run, go, even stop – dowhatever youwant to come in the first! 🔝 5. New stylish outfits.Come on,they’re stylish in our opinion! Tastes differ. 6. Endlesschances tostart over. This is crucial when you fall off a 12-storybuilding. 🏢7. Respect for classic stuff: golden keys, diamonds,money and other“must-collect“ things. Not old school, just a bitof good oldtradition, you know… 8. Highly realistic locationdesigns: you canturn left or right and still see the city aroundyou. It makes youfeel totally inside the process. 9. The uniqueopportunity to doubleor triple the treasures you gather, andsometimes the multipliersare even higher. It’s an easy way tobecome a greedy person, though,so watch yourself! 10. While we’reon the subject of treasures, weshould mention colorful 💎 crystals.They’ll come in handy forpurchasing things like clothes, tools forclimbing, skateboards,wings, and boats. Shopping is availablebased on level. Someone wiseand ancient once said that our life isa rope swing. ❗ We are notGreek philosophers and so we are notgoing to agree or disagree withthis famous statement. However, onething we do know for sure isthis: the more you play Swing Loops,the less mood swings you’llhave! So download and stay happy allthe time, because this gamewon’t give you a single chance to besad!
Join Clash 3D 2.34.2
Epic survival run! Racing adventure that will keep you on yourtoestill the very end! Race, Clash, and Win! Get your gangtogether,run with the crowd, and clash against the rival team!GATHER THEBIGGEST CROWD Start running alone and gather people onyour way tocollect a massive crowd. Lead your team through allsorts ofmoving, rotating, and expanding obstacles. Calculate yourmoves onthe run and save as many members of the crowd as possible.RACETHROUGH THE OBSTACLES Let’s see how far you can get in thiscrazysurvival race! Dodge swinging axes and colossal crushingspheres!Avoid monstrous circular saws, deadly red buttons, and athornyabyss to make it to the finish line. WIN FINAL CLASH Run thecrowduntil you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crushyourrivals in the final battle and capture thefortress!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO PLAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - GATHERas hugea crowd as you can - DODGE obstacles - COLLECT keys -CLASHwall-on-wall - FIGHT against bosses - CAPTUREcastles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GAME FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Survival citygame - Lots of unique levels - Deadly traps andimpossibleobstacles - Crisp bright graphics - Super smooth swipecontrol -Satisfying color explosions - Rewards and gifts And thisis justthe beginning… More levels and artful traps and obstaclesarecoming soon! Do you think you have the guts to take yourcrowdthrough this insane obstacle course? Download the game and tryyourluck today! We are looking forward to getting feedback from allofyou! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the gameevenbetter.
Zombie Catchers 1.30.24
Deca Games
Catching zombies has never been so much fun! The Best ZombieCasualGame *** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! *** *** TOP 5actiongame in over 100 countries! *** Zombie Catchers is a casualactionadventure game in a futuristic world riddled by a zombieinvasion!Planet Earth is infested with the undead. But we’re inluck! A.J.and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, have decided tobuild abusiness empire! They plan to hunt all the zombies and makeEarthsafe once more - while also making a handsome profit sellingZombieJuice. Walk through the undead wasteland where not evenplants cansurvive, sipping on delicious Zombie shakes between onehunt andthe next. So what are you waiting for? Don't idle around.Chooseyour weapons and traps & upgrade your character to huntandcapture juicy zombies, take them to your secret undergroundlab,and... profit! FEATURES - Hunt down zombies with yourtrustyharpoon gun and sneaky traps! - Unlock exciting new huntinggadgetssuch as nets, weapons, guns, traps, and jetpacks to help youonyour quest to catch zombies! - Create tasty juices, candies,andawesome snacks from your zombies and sell them to hungrycustomersin your drive-through cafe! - Build a food business empirebydeveloping delicious new recipes and upgrading yourproductionlines to deliver maximum profit! - Discover newterritories on themap and find unique zombies to collect andsqueeze into lucrativefood products! - Dispatch your army of dronesaround the world tofind awesome zombies to catch! - Lure outspecial boss zombies andcapture them with your harpoon from yourflying ship! - Developyour skill and do perfect catches to climbthe hunting ranks to getmore plutonium and exclusive costumes foryour character! - Manageand grow your very own underground lab! -Complete fun dailychallenges to get awesome rewards! - Play offline- no internetconnection necessary! REVIEWS Read what people aresaying about ourfun and casual Zombie Catchers game! “ZombieCatchers is a reallygood game. The game is entertaining, and thequality of the designand production are top notch.” - Droid Gamers“It's incrediblycharming and accessible, but hunting all thedifferent zombies canmake for a worthwhile challenge as well.” -Pocket Gamer Did youlike this casual zombie game? Did you enjoyhunting them? We wouldlove to hear your feedback! JOIN THECOMMUNITY Share your zombiecatching stories with other fans and bethe first to hear about newgame updates! Check out our Like us Follow us Follow us GET SUPPORT If you need helpwith youraccount or have feedback for us, pleasevisit and send us amessage!Notice: Zombie Catchers is completely free to play, but thegamealso allows you to purchase some items for real money. If youdonot wish to use this feature, change your device's settingsanddisable in-app purchases. Zombie Catchers is allowed fordownloadand play only for persons 13 years of age or over. Pleaserefer toour Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for moreinformation.Download now and start building your zombie catchingempire!
Dude Theft Wars Offline & Online Multiplayer Games
Funny Offline Open World Games Dude Theft wars: Open worldSandboxSimulator BETA is a funny physics based action sandbox openworldgame with funny ragdoll physics, offline games mode &OnlineMultiplayer Games mode full of action games, cool games&relaxing games. It is one of the best open world games &funnygames with physics based games, cool games & ragdollgames. Itsoffline story mode has a big open world map with coolgraphics& relaxing games with cool games, fun & actionpackedmissions including cool online multiplayer games mode. BestOnlineMultiplayer Games & Gun Games In Online multiplayer gamesyoucan play with friends online action games. Play TwoOnlinemultiplayer games modes, Free For All & Team Deathmatchonlinegames for cool action games. Enjoy funny dances & emotes&best gun games. The Online multiplayer games mode also has thebestcool games & funny ragdoll games. Team DeathMatchoffersintense action games & exciting finishes. There are manymapsin online multiplayer games mode. NoobTown map providesquickaction games fun & JackStreet gives cool open world wargamesfun. In online multiplayer games, you can unlock characteritems& weapons to use in online multiplayer games mode &offlinegames mode. It’s one of the best online games & offlinegames.Drive Physics based Cars & Fly Planes You can drive cars&fly planes & the city is full of funny action games inthisopen world game. Drive on a bike in the funny open world gamesorrelax in a helicopter ride in the cool open world games. If youhitany dude, they will fly in the air like ragdoll games &policewill chase you. Drive fast in police chase action games inthe coolbig map like open world games. Eject from car to earn cashinragdoll games. Offline Action Games Dude Theft Wars is one ofthebest funny action games & best cool games. The offlinegamesmode is cool with many action games like cool police escapegames,offline shooting games & ragdoll games providing you fullfunof cool games. Police chase in open world games gives coolactiongames fun. In the 5 star wanted level, there are high actiongameswhere you try to escape the police in an cool open world gamesmap.Offline games mode has so many action games like fast taxidrivinggames & bowling games, ragdoll games & basketballgames.You can explore these sports action games in the cool openworldmap. Dude Theft Wars is one of the best ragdoll games. If youloveaction games, Dude Theft Wars provides you with the best openworldgames & online multiplayer games. Action Packed PoliceChasePeople love action games no matter if it's open world gamesoronline multiplayer games. The wanted level increases if theplayerdoes crime. Do crimes & watch armed forces come withsnipersmaking game play like action games, ragdoll games & coolgameswhen a police car hits you. Ragdoll games make the gameplaycoolgames. Got arrested? Just pay the fine & enjoy the actioninthe open world games mode. New FPS Online Multiplayer MapsOnlinemultiplayer games in Jackstreet, Noobtown & Parkourplaygroundare the best games in ragdoll games. Enjoy fps onlinemultiplayergames fun. In online multiplayer games you can doanything likeshooting others to see their ragdoll like in ragdollgames bykilling & many more things that funny action gamesoffer, allthat exciting experience is here with new onlinemultiplayer games.FEATURES ☑One of free open world games &ragdoll games☑Exciting online multiplayer games mode ☑One of freeragdoll games& funny action games ☑Open world games online fpsshooting game☑Online multiplayer & ragdoll games mode with upto 16 players☑Challenging shooting games with ragdoll games physics☑Funnysandbox driving simulator ☑Play mini games in this open worldgames☑Find secrets & cheats in sandbox simulator One of thebestragdoll games, funny action games, open world games &onlinemultiplayer games
Parkour Race - FreeRun Game 1.9.6
"Take your running game to the next level as you race againstthecrowd in this clash to earn first place! Become the first tocrossthe finish line among all! Dash from rooftop to rooftop.Flip,jump, fall and vault over obstacles to set all new records.Joinother guys and compete to win the daily race for specialrewards!Scale buildings around the city and land tricks to gainextraspeed. Leave your opponents to rage as you take home thewin!🏃‍♂️Test your ultimate skills as your race in famous citieslikeNew York, Paris, Tokyo and more! But don't Fall Guys!🤸‍♀️Customizeyour guys by earning epic outfits, unique back blingand specialeffects by winning races! 🤾‍♀️Perform tricks to escapethe crowdand set records. Become the best among us!" We make casualmomentsturn into mad adventures! We’re a gaming studio composedof‘Casually Mad’ game makers. We produce all of our gamesinternally.We live to tell unique stories and express those in thegames wecreate for players around the world. This passion is echoedbymillions that enjoy playing our games like Stickman Hook,ParkourRace and Sausage Flip. Play with us and see what’s next!Let’s hearfrom you! Join the official Madbox Discord server andshare yourthoughts. Looking for the latestfun andmore? Check us out on Instagram -
Stickman Battle: Fighting game 1.0.46
Game Stickman Battle is an extremely good fighting game -engagingand funny. Players will play the role of stickmansuperhero,fighting against the legions of darkness. Stickman Battlewillreturn with a new look, new Stickman character, newStickmanskills, new stickman pets. Get ready to wipe out yourenemies -evil monsters and their obstacles with unprecedentedfeatures.Stickman Battle deserves to be one of the most rewardingstickmangames ever. ⚔️⚔️⚔️The visuals have been updated to a newlevel inthis Stickman game, the new version of Stickman Battle willimpressyou with sheer contrast, impressive colors and engagingplayerswith each type Stickman warriors, pet system and each typeof stickwar. The maps in Stickman are constantly updated, thegraphics ondifferent maps are only available in Stickman Battle.⚔️⚔️⚔️ Thehero system is upgraded, diversified and engaging asnever beforeHero system in different styles. Each Stickman warriorhas its owncombat feature and uses different weapons to bring awhole newexperience to the player. ▼ HOW TO PLAY: + How to play isextremelysimple + The player controls Hero with Joystick to moveand attackthe enemy with extremely realistic physics. + The systemwillrandomly drop weapons, quickly control the hero to get thatweaponand fight the enemy to become the champion. + When the enemyhas aweapon, drop their weapon before they attack you. + When theenemyhas a weapon, control the hero skillfully drop the weaponbeforethey attack you. + Avoid enemy attacks and attack themproperlywill lead you to victory. + Hit enemies in the head to dealfataldamage. In addition, the player can hit the body parts thatwereattacked previously to deal more damage. + You can upgrade andbuynew heroes to increase power to have ultimate power becomethechampion. ▼ FEATURES: + Game free and completely free. +Offlinegame, no network, no mobile data required. + You can playallcontinents anywhere. + The combat system is completelydifferentfrom other fighting games. + Experience countless familiarsupremesuperheroes + 2 player stick player hero fighting gamecombinedwith extremely realistic physics. + Thousands of powerfulandunique weapons. + Get rewarded every day when entering the game.+Vertical screen easy to operate. Why not download StickmanBattlenow and become the best League of Stickman player to continuethejourney of revenge for Stickman and his family,destroyingbloodthirsty monsters in the dark world. This is one ofthe Ninjafighting action games that you cannot ignore. DOWNLOADSTICKMANBATTLE GAME FOR FREE - FIGHT STICKMAN GAMES NOW FOR FUNWITHFAMILIES AND FRIENDS. Our products are constantly improvingforusers We would like to have more comments from you ormakemistakes, please contact us: Email: [email protected]
Dan The Man 1.1.0
With over 7.5 MILLION installs and growingeachday, it’s easy to see why Dan the Man has been awarded as oneof the“Best of Games for 2016” across the major mobile platforms!This legendary game dials back to gaming’s retro roots tobringyou an action platformer brawler that you’d swear you’ve seenonthe Genesis or N64! So download now and take control ofthelegendary (and often inappropriate hero) … Dan the Man!With a cracking funny story, awesome upgradeable fightingskillsand an epic arsenal of weapons that will make even Sonic andMariojelly, Dan The Man's arcade slug fest has enough enemies andbossfights to satisfy every hardcore gamer.Are you READY for this?- Robo-bosses that will test their metal against your mettle!- Upgradable weapons and abilities that will help you putthe*smack* in smackdown!- Customise your own character, or play as Dan, super girl JosieorBarry Steakfries! (IAP)- Story Modes, Endless Survival and Battle Mode. Choose your modeofchallenge!- Secret Areas, unlockable costumes and Daily events to keep youonyour toes!- Retro style controls in the palm of your hands, with supportforgamepads!What are you waiting for? Join the epicness! Be legendary!PLAYNOW!***Catch up on the story before you play the game! Watch eachstageof the webseries:***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You candisablethis feature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at
Chicken Gun 2.9.01
Armed chickens🐓 shoot and fight with each other🐓. Shooting onthenetwork with two modes, 5🐓 vs 5🐓 and against all. You can coolyourrooster, weapon, beak, sneakers and caps. Throw explosive eggsandarrange a slaughter. Join to chickens firefight.
Slap Kings 1.4.1
Lion Studios
Slap or be slapped: that’s the name of the game! This amusingandrelaxing game will test your strength and timing skills soyoursmack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch.Watchyour opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockoutblow.How far do you think you can get in this face slapping goodtimetournament? Can you unlock your special power… the GoldenFireFist? Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide youwithhours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking togetslapped in the face. Time to knockout the competition and showthemwho the true Slap King is! Game Features: 1. Simple butaddictingmechanics The meter will go back and forth - time it rightformaximum power! 2. Fun Characters So many amusingcharacterschallenging you to see who is the best slapper out there3. Powerboosts Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts!Defensehelmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimateweapon...4. Chill and have fun Nice casual, relaxing, smacking goodfun.Show them who is the king. Whether you want to smack, hit,slap, orfight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the trueslappingchampion game. Visit ifhave anyfeedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesomeideasyou would like to see in the game! From the Studio thatbrought youMr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Followus to getnews and updates on our other Award Winningtitles;
Squad Alpha - Action Shooting 1.4.13
SayGames Ltd
💣 Squad Alpha – are you up to the challenge? Looking for anengagingcasual shooter that’s easy to get the hang of but offersengrossingaction 🪖and real tactical challenges? Squad Alpha is atop-downshooting game with intelligent mechanics, loads of coolupgradeableguns, and addictive gameplay that’ll have your triggerfingeritching and tickle your strategic brain. Duck, dodge, runand takecover, then pick off multiple targets to complete endlesslevels ofthrilling action and get awesome rewards 🎖️ so you canupgrade yourgear and prove your agents worthy of the elite SquadAlpha! 🔥 Thealpha and omega of mobile shooters 🔥 ★ Think beforeyou shoot –Squad Alpha is a blast and a half, with intuitivetop-down gameplaythat’s easy to get into. But you can’t just goout with all gunsblazing. The clever mechanics and carefullydesigned levels meanyou’ll need to pause your trigger finger, planyour moves and playthe angles to take out all your enemies andreach the end of theprogressively more challenging levels. ★ Theaction never ends –over 200 unique levels, each requiring its owntactical approach andever more ingenious strategy to master, aswell as nearly 20different bosses providing extra challenges andawesome rewards foryour 🕵️‍♂️ elite agents. ★ Get the squad backtogether – progressthrough the game to gather all the elite agentsof Squad Alpha, eachwith their own unique style, skills, and 4different skins tocollect and wear. ★ Bullet points – over 30different guns tocollect, cherish and upgrade, including pistols,shotguns, SMGs, andmuch more. Earn cash in levels and reach gamebenchmarks to build upyour arsenal and find the gun that suitsyour shooting style, thenfine-tune it in the workshop to create atruly awesome weapon thatwill strike fear into the heart of yourfoes. And that’s not tomention grenades… ★ Banging sounds – SquadAlpha boasts simple butstylish graphics that are light enough toplay on any device whilealso looking sleek and cool, as well as afantastic and atmosphericsoundtrack to enhance the action andadventure. Guns, grenades, andgumption… 💡 Plan your moves and letthe bullets fly in thisedge-of-your-seat action game that’s fun toplay for 5 minutes orhours on end. Looking for a new take on atop-down shooter thatcombines tactical challenges with reallyengaging gameplay, stylishlooks, and super-cool sounds, and a hugeamount of collectible toensure there’s always something newthat’ll keep you coming back formore and more fast-paced shooteraction? Download Squad Alpha nowfor thrills, adventure, andguaranteed trigger happiness.
Hunter Assassin 1.56.1
Control the assassin and hunt down your targets one by one. Useyoursurroundings and shadows to stay hidden from flashlights.Targetswith automatic machine guns can be lurking around eachcorner.Attack them swiftly and escape without being spotted.Eacheliminated target drops valuable gems. Use gems to unlockfasterassassins. Can you unlock the fastest assassin? SubscriptionTermsVIP Membership offers a weekly subscription, you will have a3-daysFREE trial period, after this period you will be charged$7.99.After buying the subscription, you will unlock thefollowingfeatures: Ninja Assassin character, all ads removing, 5000gems andpermanent +100% level gem earning. This is anAuto-renewablesubscription. The subscription is renewed unless youturn it off 24hours before the period ends. Your account will becharged forrenewal as well. Payment will be charged to iTunesAccount atconfirmation of purchase. The account will be charged forrenewalwithin 24-hours prior to the end of the current period,andidentify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managedbythe user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to theuser'sAccount Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a freetrialperiod, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchasesasubscription to that publication, where applicable. Formoreinformation, check the links below: Policy- Subscription Terms- Use: The pricesare setfor United States customers. Pricing in other countries mayvary andactual charges may be converted to your local currency. Tocancelyour Subscription Pleasevisit: UsIf there are any questions regarding these terms, youmay contactus using the information below. Ruby [email protected]
Flying Stickman Rope Hero Game 2.8
Welcome to the open-world flying stickman rope hero grand citycrimegame with an astonishing idea of stickman as spider rope herotofight against all the gangster thug mafia in the crime city.This isa vegas gangstar city where criminal mafia involved inrobbing thebank, snatching bags, kidnapping schoolboys, terroristactivities,and killing civilians. Police are not adequate forfighting againstthis increasing city crime & bad mafia. So inthis flyingstickman rope game, you are appointed as a spiderstickman rope herowho can use stickman superpowers as rope hero,special stickmanmoves, stickman gunfighter, and flying stickmanhero. This amazingflying stickman rope hero grand city crime gameis an action-packedgame with thrilling stickman action fighting.Spider rope stickmanhero gangster crime city is designed anddeveloped for the openworld crime simulator game lovers. So areyou ready to enter intothe spider rope stickman hero gangstercrime game to turn the grandcrime city into a crime-free city?Dare yourself to accomplish thechallenging & thrillingmissions to win the title of stickmanhero. In flying stickman ropehero game, unlock a variety ofstickman superheroes to kill thewanted criminals. Your duty is tochase grand city criminalswalking in the streets to vanish theirevil plans. Use stickmanspider rope skills, find gangster snipersat the building's top andkill them with stickman superhero powersbefore they shoot theirtarget. City kidnappers kidnapped aschoolboy, they are leaving ina van, so chase the gangsters van todestroy with rope attack. Drugcity mafia held a meeting in the townstreet, your duty is to useyour rope hero skills to catch thembefore they leave. Crime citygangsters are robbing the city bank,go fast and kill them beforethey robbed the bank and escaped.Become a super stickman spiderrope hero in this flying stickmanvegas gangster city to vanish allcity mafia. In this flyingstickman rope hero grand city crime gamebecome a stickman survivalhero to experience the adventure of thestickman. Destroy evilclones in the dangerous city of the stickmansuperhero game. Playand enjoy amazing spider stickman games andcollect the winningcoins by killing all the grand crime city mafiagangsters. FlyingStickman Rope Hero Grand City Crime Features -High-Quality GangsterCity & Environment - Variety of StickmanSpider Rope Superheroes- Amazing Stickman Rope Hero Skills -Realistic Sounds &Gameplay - Rope, Punch, Kick, and Fighting
Stick War: Legacy 2022.1.15
One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all timenowcomes to mobile! Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest,mostfun, challenging and addicting stick figure games. Controlyourarmy in formations or play each unit, you have total controlofevery stickman. Build units, mine gold, learn the way of theSword,Spear, Archer, Mage, and even Giant. Destroy the enemystatue, andcapture all Territories! New Features: ● Missions Mode:New levelsreleased every Friday! - Keeping Order won’t be easy. ●Saga stylemap with multiple rewards. ● Unlock Crowns for eachdifficultylevel, Normal, Hard, and Insane! ● A multitude of newgame typesawait - Win before sunset, Triple barricaded gold,Deathmatch,Forward Statue, vs Mini Bosses and many more! ● Arrowsnow stickinto all units, plus new improved blood effects and takingdamageanimations. ● Improved unit formations and Archidon bow aim.MainFeatures: ● Classic Campaign - The Order Empire is Born. Nowwith 6bonus levels. ● Endless Deads zombie survival mode! How manynightscan you last? ● Tournament mode! Battle your way throughdozens ofAi challengers to win the "Crown of Inamorta!" ● Skins arenowavailable for all characters! Unlock powerful weapons andarmor,each with their own unique perks! In a world calledInamorta,you're surrounded by discriminate nations devoted totheirindividual nations technology and struggle for dominance.Eachnation has developed its own unique way to defend and attack.Proudof their unique craft they have become obsessed to the pointofworship, turning weapons to religion. Each believes that theirwayof life is the only way, and are dedicated to teachingtheirpolicies to all other nations through what their leaders claimasdivine intervention, or as you will know it... war. The othersareknown as: "Archidons", "Swordwrath", "Magikill" , and"Speartons".You are the leader of the nation called "Order", yourway is ofpeace and knowledge, your people do not worship theirweapons asgods. This makes you a mark for infiltration by thesurroundingnations. Your only chance to defend is to attack first,and obtainthe technologies from each nation along the way.
Bouncemasters 1.4.6
Bounce the penguin sky high! Get launch upgrades, hone yourskillsand reach the top of the global leaderboards! Show the worldthatpenguins CAN fly! Features: - Lots of weapons and boosterstochoose from! - Competitive leadeboards. Show the world yourtrueskill! - Beautiful animations and funny characters! - Awonderfulexperience for everyone!
Art of War: Legions 5.9.3
A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. You willbethe commander who leads legions of tiny armies. Acceptthechallenges of various levels and don’t forget to get extrarewardsfrom bounty tasks! It’s your army, you‘re in charge. *ExcitingBattles The battle is more like a real dance of war. Hopeyou canbecome a glorious commander and have a lot of fun. * ExtraBountyTasks Those cool bounty tasks will be unlocked once you reachlevel14. You can get precious gems by finishing those tasks. Butbeaware that some of them are really tricky. * Regular Updates Wearea young team, but we always strive to improve your gameexperienceand make the game incredible time-killer. We are reallyhappy toreceive any feedback from you. If you have problem orquestionsabout the game you can find answer in our FAQ. You canfind our FAQin the help section of the in-game settings or by thislink: Follow us: 1) Discord- 2) Facebook- 3) Twitter- 4) Instagram- Wish you a goodtime,Commander!
Giant Rush! 1.5.9
Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant toafabulous color ride!
Punch Bob 1.0.54
In the blue corner, weighing in at staggering 500 pounds -PunchBoooob! Maybe he doesn’t look like a hero, maybe he’s a coupleofpounds overweight, maybe he’s out of breath just standing inhiscorner... But deep inside of his big-boned body there’s a heartofa true warrior! And what’s his weapon you may ask? Forgetaboutbullets and triggers! Bob doesn’t need weapons. He is themostmighty one on this planet... Just toss him at his enemies andenjoytheir screams of fear. Once Bob crashes at them, they willknow thefight is over. Punch Bob is a mix of brain teasers andwrestlinggames. Your goal is to smash all the enemies on the screenwithyour fighter’s body. Watch out for the traps and put up agoodfight! Why you’ll love this WWE puzzle game: - Funnyphysicsgameplay - Hundreds of challenging logic games - Originalfightingmechanics - Cool outfits for your wrestler - Amazing bonuslevelsCan you solve every tricky puzzle at the first attempt? Turnyourbrain on and join the epic adventure with Bob now! DownloadPuchBob and enjoy one of the craziest puzzle games. Tons of newlogicchallenges are coming soon. =====================COMPANYCOMMUNITY: =====================Facebook:
Staff! - Job Game | Real Life Simulator 1.2.7
SayGames Ltd
Could we live more than one real life? We only get one chancetolivethis wonderful but tricky life. Should we be less carefulandtakemore risks, or, on the contrary, should we think througheachandevery step? That's a hard question to answer, isn’t it?Butlet'simagine we do have a golden opportunity to experienceourlifeseveral different times - in other words, to try asmanythings aspossible so we get the best possible result. Soundslikea good idea!Are you ready to take a chance and changeyourpersonal reality rightnow? Life simulator Staff can help you.Itgives you an interestingand unusual way to create your ownvirtualversion of real life: eatwell, sleep well, work hard, buy ahouse,and, sure get a cat…Oh! Anddon't forget to fix the outlet inthebedroom! So you see, everythingin our life simulator dependsonyou and you alone! Grab a pen andwrite down your to-do listfortoday! Welcome to your new house, timeto turn it into acozyhome!🏠 Starting now, you'll be responsibleforhouseholdresponsibilities like putting up wallpaper, putting innewfloors,fixing all the outlets, and many other cruciallyimportantthings!Wait a second! Maintaining a house costs a lotnowadays! Doyouhave the money to spend on it? This is where ourlifesimulatorturns into a job simulator! You'll be offered a widerangeof jobopportunities. Every day you will have to work hard andearnmoneyto make your home warm and comfortable. Honestly,itbasicallyfollows the same logic as real life: gotta work hardforthe money.Song lyrics aside, here goes the game description.Everysingleday, you will face different problems that will all havetobesolved as soon as possible. You'll have to work hardandcompletediverse tasks: wait tables in a restaurant, put outfiresand savepeople, feed pets and clean apartments, and more. Thejobsimulatorwill definitely help you learn about dozensofprofessional fieldsand prepare you to join any team.Also,household chores will popup on a regular basis. This housedesigngame is aimed at improvingall aspects of your livingconditionsevery day. There's never adull moment! Remember thatbeing ahardworking person and earningmoney is the only way you'llbe ableto 🔨 fix up your new house andmake your romantic partnerhappy.Features of the app: ⚈ Inspiringlevel structure: each oneunlocksunique new opportunities. It'sone of those popular housedesigngames where you can build yourdream house. ⚈Breathtakingstorytelling: the game motivates you toget busy! Eachaction has adetailed backstory and possibleconsequences. ⚈ Costaccountingguide: you will learn how to manage💰 money. You'll bebalancing thehigh cost of different additionsagainst therestrictions of yoursalary. ⚈ Goal-oriented tasks: towork or not towork, that is thequestion! Every single action is apart of anoverall strategy thatwill get you the results you want.Rise to thechallenge and testyourself: could you live more thanone real life?
Archero 3.10.2
Archer Heroes! Enter a world where existence itself iseliminateyou! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able toresist anddefeat the oncoming waves of evil. Step up, stack upawesome skillsand fight like your life depends on it, for thenever-ending wavesof enemies will never give up. And remember, onceyou die... theonly way is to start all again! So be careful! Enjoycreatingcountless combinations of unique skills all designed tohelp yousurvive. Crawl your way through different worlds facingrelentlessmonsters and obstacles. Key Features: • Random and uniqueskills tohelp you crawl these dungeons. • Explore beautiful worldsandhundreds of maps in this new universe. • Thousandsofnever-seen-before monsters and mind-boggling obstacles to defeat•Level-up and equip yourself with powerful equipment toincreaseyour stats. If you have any questions, feel free to ask usanytimeat: [email protected]:
Magic Finger 3D 1.3.2
Use your magic touch and surroundings to take out your foes!Defeatyour enemies by throwing other enemies! Use explosive barrelstomake a big impact! Sent your adversaries off the platform intothedeep! In this action you choose how you control the environmentandcan freely pick up anything you see. Use your finger to becometheultimate magic user!
Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game 3.27.0
The animals are loose in Zooba! Can you be the last one standingina hilariously fun battle royale game? Battle with the guards andupto 45 other players across fun game modes, and take your placeasking of the zoo! DISCOVER YOUR INNER BEAST Play over 20 funandunique characters, each with distinct strengths, weaknessesandspecial abilities. EVOLVE AND CUSTOMIZE Upgrade yourcharacters,unlock dozens of items to fit your play style, andimpress yourcompetition with dozens of fun skins and hundreds offun emotes.Game on! BE THE STRONGEST, TOGETHER! Invite your friendsto playwith you in multiplayer game modes. The more the merrier!KING OFTHE ZOO Battle to the top of the food chain byclimbingleaderboards, completing fun missions and collectingawesomerewards each season. Jump right in and play this fun battleroyalegame!! DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making ofthisgame. TOP FEATURES - Choose from over 20 fun characters, fromNixthe crafty fox to Pepper the doubtful giraffe, with morebeingadded to the game all the time! - Battle against 45 otherplayersacross multiple game modes - Upgrade your character anditems -Climb through the ranks to earn amazing free prizes - ZooVIPfilled with rewards - And much more! FOLLOW US FacebookPage: FacebookGroup: PrivacyPolicy: ofService:
Thief Puzzle - Can you steal it ? 1.4.0
Use your brain and steal the items and treasures you want,playingfor fun. A smile will appear on your lips every time youpass alevel. Each level is a different puzzle, your task is to gettheitem you want to steal. Various puzzles and difficult testswillchallenge your mind. Train your logic, memory,intelligence,problem-solving skills, and creativity. Think you’resmart enoughto solve all these tricky puzzles? GAME FEATURES: -Easy and simplebut humorous game process - Fun for All Ages: Thebest trivia gamefor family & friends’ gatherings! - Enjoy thisimpossible quiz.- Download this funny game for free. - Endless funandbrain-pushing games. - Great exercise for the brain. - Simpleandhighly addictive game play. - Great time pass with riddle games.-Play without the internet. - Funny sound and witty game effectsCanyou go faster? Let's go!! 2.7.15
⚔ is a mobile battle royale where you toss axeslikeyourlife depends on it to be the last player standing.Winnertakesall! - Play online and offline - Battleagainstrealplayers - Super easy controls - 2-minute battles - 40+weapontypes- 20+ unique heroes - Different game modes - Lots ofmapswithunique gameplay You’ll love if you already loveotherioand battle royale games. io online games aresimplemultiplayergames where you battle other players on andoffline totry andsurvive as long as possible. It’s super fun!Battle royaleis a fungame mode where players fight to survive in alimited spaceand bethe last man standing. Our battle royale gamesare especiallyfastand fun to play! Check it out! io games offlineare alsoavailableif you don’t have an internetconnection.========================COMPANY COMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Western Sniper: Wild West FPS 2.3.2
Do you like atmospheric Western-style gun shooter games?Likeshootouts, chases, wars with criminal gangs and theirdangerousbosses? Then our survival sniper action game is for you.Take gunsand fight for justice! Slay all ragdoll bandits in an epicWildWest shooting game! Try Western Sniper to feel like acowboyfighting for justice on this godforsaken land. Explorevariouslocations & be ready to shoot down the invaders!Shamelessgangs of thugs have decided to capture new lands and getaway withit. But there is a defender in the area - a tough sniper –someone,who can declare war to the troublemakers, fight back, andrestorepeace and order in the region. It's all about you! Feel likeabrave cowboy, a sharp sniper, fighting for justice. The clashisgoing to be tough! Will you be able to survive against dozens,evenhundreds, of enemies? Your gun is your best friend in thisgravebattle. Aim, shoot, and repeat - here are three simple butvitalrules on the way to success in this dangerous adventure! Youare tostay face to face with deadly danger and you have to surviveby allmeans. Shoot back from cover with either one or two hands,usingdifferent weapons - rifles, pistols - and defeat your enemiesinexciting duels. This sniper western game will definitelycaptivateyou with the spirit of the Wild West and let you feel notjust likea brave cowboy and a gunslinger, but like a true hero –one, who isable to clear the local land from the gangs of robbersand protectcivilians. An incredible survival action with chases andgunfightsis waiting for you. Be the best sniper to the very end,find atarget and destroy all the stickman bandits to stay alive andsavethe region. Top features of Western Sniper: - One of themostaction-packed FPS shooting games - Genuine atmosphere of theWildWest - Gun and revolver shooting modes: aim and see theragdollbandits in the scope - Various challenging locations. Try toshootthem down in a train or boat. Saloons and old towns are tooeasy! -Game store with lots of rifles to choose from - Genuinemusic &sound effects to recreate the western atmosphere Testyourmarksmanship, gunslinger! Start playing our exciting onlineoroffline sniper warfare game and get the most out of it byimprovingyour results. Let's go! It's time to take out all theragdolls inthe area. A dangerous battle is waiting for you. Shootdown all thewanted bandits in this FPS game, bang bang!_____________________COMPANY COMMUNITY:Facebook: