Top 50 Apps Similar to Octane icon pack

Astrix - Icon Pack 1.0.8
Edzon DM
Light up your screen with these colorful icons andsoftshadows.Features: ★ 1700+ beautiful icons ★ 42 wallpapers★DynamicCalendar ★ Support for many launchers ★ RegularupdatesImportantinformation We are constantly working to giveupdatesmorefrequently, please be patient and considerate with theratings.Itis recommended to use dark wallpapers to have abettervisualexperience with these icons. ▸ [email protected] ▸Twitter How toapply these icons? 1.Install acompatible Launcher 2. Open Astrix,go to the Applysection andselect the Launcher. Supported Launchers:ActionLauncher ▸ ADWLauncher ▸ Apex Launcher ▸ Arrow Launcher ▸ASAPLauncher ▸ AtomLauncher ▸ Aviate Launcher ▸ CM Theme Engine ▸EvieLauncher ▸Flick Launcher ▸ GO Launcher ▸ Holo Launcher▸Lawnchair ▸LG Home ▸Lucid Launcher ▸ Microsoft Launcher ▸ MiniLauncher ▸NextLauncher▸ Nougat Launcher ▸ Nova Launcher ▸ PeekLauncher ▸ PocoLauncher ▸Smart Launcher ▸ Solo Launcher ▸ ZLauncher ▸ ZenUILauncher ▸ ZeroLauncher These Launchers are fullysupported, but itcan probablywork with others not mentioned.
RADIATE - Icon Pack
Bask in the glow of fun stylized icon designs and wallpaperwithRadiate!
Verticons Icon Pack
Vertically oriented rectangular icons
Gruvy Iconpack
A colorful icon pack app with ios style
*This is not standalone app! You need a compatible launcher(readbellow) to use this app! If your launcher is not mentioned inthisdescription don't even think to purchase! Or simplyinstallcompatible launcher eg. Nova, Apex to apply FUNKONG* *If youare abig fans of large number iconpack, please take good carethatFunkong is quite different with other iconpack in wholePlaystore.Although it consists of only 900s icons, this isequivalent withthousands work hours regular iconpack. Please don'tgive me badrating due to this reason." Compatible stock launchers:LG Home(Marshmallow and earlier), Sony Xperia, Asus Zen UI. Notsupportedstock launchers: Samsung Touchwiz, LG Home Nougat, HTC,Google Now,and most of Chinese/Mediatek About Icon Masking (morelist willcome): 1. Work perfect on: Nova, Apex, Solo, Zen UI, ADW.2.Limited, only applied 1 kind, instead (originally) 9 ones:Evie,Lucid, Aviate, Nougat, Smart. 3. Doesn't work at all: GO,Zero,ABC, Mini, M, V, Next launcher--> disable "Icon Base" toeasilyfix it on launcher setting. About icon request: 1. It's hardworkedicons. Update or icon addition might be a bit longer or fewertomaintain quality of the goods. 2. Join my G+ community forfasterrequest (read community description before requesting),better youwrite down the best reason why is your request deserve tobe done.3. I recommend you to request app with at least 5M (free)or 1 M(paid) download. Because for now I give priority to draw appwiththose numbers. Features: 1. 1050+ icons. If you're fans of bigsizenumber, please don't make bad review, however it's similartothousands 'regular' icons work hours. 2. 40+ HD wallpapers3.Support 29++ launchers 4. Hand made vector graphic 5. See&Search all icons 6. Smart Icon Request 7. Support Muzei 8.Weatherset for ZOOPER and KWGT, you can download here Downloadweather setfor ZOOPER and KWGT using funkong style here Note: 1.GO, Zero,Next, etc launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so gotopreferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2.NextLauncher supports icon upon but only system apps but manualapplywill change the rest 3. TSF Shell support may remain unstable.Ifyou're not sure please DO NOT PURCHASE! 3. Downloadedwallpaper.Find them on /Pictures/FunKong/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Homemayworking unstable for some device. If you're not sureDON'TPURCHASE! No refund for this reason! 5. Smart Launcher, applytheicons via Funkong dashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHERPREFERENCE!6. THERE SO A LOT LOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOURREQUESTGET PRIORITIZED ALSO WRITE THEM TO MY COMMUNITY WALL, JOINHERE,otherwise I'll pick randomly for next themed icons.*Supportlaunchers: Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, ActionPro,Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue forthislauncher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom,Nemus,S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM ThemeEngineApply via launcher/theme setting: Xperia Home, EverythingMe,ArrowLauncher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, andmaybe more that have icon pack support Thanks to 1. Dani Mahardikatothe awesome dashboard, find his work here 2. Yoga Perdana sincehisworks is the main source of the idea, find him here 3.Screenshotof homescreen by Rifqi Al-Fariz
Super Icon Pack
The Ultimate Superellipse shaped icon pack!
Lineon Icon Pack : LineX
Neon Version of LineX IconPack
Iconix - Icon Pack 3.7
Cue Studio
Create a minimalistic experience with these elegantlydesignedminimalist icons, complimented with beautifully craftedwallpapers.Features • 1600+ high quality icons • Minimal WallpaperCollection• Universal Launcher support • Dynamic Calendars •Folders and Miscicons • Quick Icon Search • Smart Icon Requests* •Muzei LiveWallpaper support • Frequently updated SupportedLaunchers • Action• ADW • Apex • Atom • Aviate • CM Theme Engine •CPL • Evie • Go •Holo • Hyperion • Iconix • Lawnchair • LG Home •Lucid • M Launcher• Microsoft Launcher • Mini • Next • Nine • NovaLauncher •#Nova.Theme • OnePlus Launcher • Poco Launcher • SmartLauncher •Solo Launcher • Themer • TSF • ZenUI Launcher • + Manymorelaunchers are supported. Not seeing your launcher listed?Tryapplying within your launcher settings. Icon Requests* Missinganicon? You can request for missing icons in app (premiumfeature)Support Feel free to contact us if you have any issues,beforeleaving negative feedback. • Frequently asked questions, canbefound in app • Twitter:
Griddle Icon Pack
Stark Designs
Welcome to Griddle Icon Pack, A Set of Texture Based Icons!
SuperBlack Icon Pack
Ultimate blacked-out superellipse icon pack, with wallpapersandmore!
Simplit - Icon Pack
Edzon Diaz
Minimalist icons with own shape and tonalities sweet
Crispy Dark : Icon Pack
Unicorn Dark - Icon Pack
The darker side of Unicorn Icon Pack. Includes wallpapersandwidgets!
Azulox Icon Pack - Dark mode
Don't miss out on this icon pack!
Iggy-Icon Pack
Iggy Icon Pack (Theme)
Black Magic Icon Pack
Dark style round circle icons with a mix of deep purples, pink,blueand teal.
Linebit - Icon Pack
Edzon Diaz
Linear icons filled in gradient colors
Nadeon - A Neon Icon Pack
A colorful glowing neon icons. Made for your AMOLED. In288*288pixels.
Minty Icons Pro 0.9.2
Patryk Goworowski
Minty Icons were designed to look fresh, vivid and bold.ATTENTIONinorder to use this icon pack you need to have installedone ofthesupported launchers on your device. Full list ofsupportedlauncherscan be found at the bottom of description.Features: •4200+Handcrafted Vector Icons • 4900+ Themed Activities• 50Cloudwallpapers • Dynamic Calendar icons • Cloud basedrequestsystem •Blueprint dashboard app by Jahir FiquitivaSupportedlaunchers •Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex Launcher• AviateLauncher •Go Launcher • Holo Launcher • LawnchairLauncher(requires manualapply) • Lean Launcher (requires manualapply) • LLauncher • LucidLauncher • Mini Launcher • Next Launcher• NovaLauncher • SmartLauncher • Solo Launcher • TSF Launcher •UniconPro
Stony Icon Pack
Solid as a stone
Blackdrop Icon Pack
DrumDestroyer Themes
Blackdrop completes teardrop shape icons with perfectlydesignedminimalist Pixel style. Support for all popular launcherswithhundreds of wallpapers included. Blackdrop Icon Pack • Over5500Dark Pixel inspired icons in custom teardrop shape •Expertlydesigned with utmost attention to detail • Dynamic calendarsupport(icon changes each day) • Multiple alternate colors and iconstylesavailable • Alternate system icon designs: OnePlus, Pixel,Samsung,Moto, HTC, Asus, LG and many more to choose from! • Sendanymissing icon requests to complete your look! Easy-to-useBlackdropDashboard App: • Auto-apply icons to most popularlaunchers • Iconshowcase with categories • Quickly switch betweenicon designs withbuilt-in icon search • Tap to send missing iconrequests directlyto request server • Over 400 matching wallpapersincluded • Apply(or save) the assortment of exclusive customwallpapers • Easilycopy color swatches from wallpaper collection!Even more! •Includes built-in matching Kustom widgets • Donateoptionsavailable to support future releases! Over 20+ launcherssupported:- Nova, Pixel (via Awesome Shortcuts), ADW / ADW EX,Action, Apex,GO, Google Now, Holo, LG Home, Lawnchair, LineageOS,Lucid,Niagara, OnePlus, Posidon, Smart, Solo, Square Home, and TSF3D -Most other launchers can apply icon pack from yourlaunchersettings - You can use Blackdropicons or similar app toapply iconsto launchers without icon support ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Thank youfor yoursupport! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tips: - Auto apply to supportedlaunchers, openBlackdrop App - Apply - Choose launcher - Send anicon request,open Blackdrop App - Request - Select Apps - TapRequest Icons -For wallpaper, open Blackdrop App - Wallpapers -Choose - Save orApply. New wallpapers added frequently! - Search orfind analternate icon: 1. Long press icon to replace on homescreen-Edit/Icon options - Tap icon - Select theme Blackdrop App -Pressarrow at top right to open Icons 2. Tap to accessdifferentcategories or use search bar to find alternate icon, taptoreplace, done Email any issues or questions you may have orcontactme on: - DDT Discord Channel -DrumDestroyer Twitter
ULTRA - 80s Icon Pack
Unique and refreshingly vibrant pastel style with a lightblureffect
UX Led - Icon Pack
SLJ Designs
UX Led Icon Pack With Colorful Outline Icons With A DarkBackground.
Project X Icon Pack
Black material evolved icon pack, wallpaper, and more!
Omoro - Icon Pack
Step into mysterious and dark material world! OMORO
Galaxy UI Ultra - Icon Pack
Beautifully crafted icons in squircle shape. Galaxy UI is yourfirstchoice!
Ombre - Icon Pack
Futuristic gradient-enhanced icon pack with premium accents
Postamp - Icon Pack 1.0.013
Rangeen Studio
Icon Pack/Icon Changer: Postamp is a icon changer withsimilariconmasking to theme your unthemed icons: NOTE Some ofthefewlaunchers doesn't support icon masking such as GOLAUNCHER,thereis nothing our icon changer or icon pack can dounless thelauncheritself includes the masking so please stop ratingus 1. Howtoapply this Icon Pack/Icon Changer ? This icon packsupportsanumber of popular launcher such as nova launcher, evielauncherandmany more. So applying this icon pack is too easy.Followthesesteps to apply 1. Open Icon Pack App 2. Navigate toApply IconPackScreen 3. The app shows a list of launcher that aresupportedsuchas nova launcher, evie launcher etc. Select thenovalauncherinstalled on your phone to apply icons from this iconpack.4. Theapp will automatically applies the icons from this iconpackfornova launcher. Note: If launcher doesn't show whileapplyingfromthe icon pack. Please try applying from thelauncheritself.Supported Launcher: Icon Pack for Nova Launcher IconPackfor ApexLauncher Icon Pack for ADW Launcher Icon Pack forABCLauncher IconPack for Evie Launcher Icon Pack for SoloLauncherIcon Pack forNext Launcher Icon Pack for Holo Launcher IconPackfor LucidLauncher Icon Pack for M Launcher Icon Pack for NLauncherIconPack for Arrow Launcher Icon Pack for Action LauncherIcon PackforSolo Launcher Icon Pack for Xperia Home Launcher IconPackforAviate Launcher Icon Pack for KK Launcher Icon PackforNineLauncher Icon Pack for Blur Launcher Icon PackforTrebuchetLauncher Icon Pack for Unicon Launcher Icon Pack forSmartLauncherSupported Launcher(Does not Support Icon Masking)GoLauncher ZeroLauncher DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd partylauncherto apply theicon pack. If your stock launcher doesn'tsupport iconpack, youcan use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon tochange youriconswithout using a 3rd party launcher. FEATURES OFPOSTAGE STAMPICONPACK - 3500+ icons and counting - Icon masking tothemeyourunthemed icons - 40+ HD Wallpapers - Dynamic Calendars-Alternateicons - Premium Icon Request - Icon resolution192x192pxAll thebest!
Moonrise Icon Pack Pro
Moonrise Pro is a unique icon set crafted with a mixture of moonandnight.
Squirclx - Icon Pack
A squircle icon pack that does not distort the original styleofapplications
CAVION Icon Pack
Circle and Vivid
Smoon UI - Squircle Icon Pack 1.5
Göktuğ ULAŞ
Square Cirlce Version of Smoon Icon Pack. FEATURES OF THISICONPACK• 4.100+ Hand Crafted Icons • Compatible with MultiLauncher•UltraHD Icons • Long Time Support Guarantee(May notBeFrequentyUpdates, Keep in Mind) • 300 Cloud BasedWallpapersDASHBOARD APPFEATURES • Vector Graphics, Every Icons madeManuallybased onVector Made with Adobe Illustrator • Apply, 22LauncherCards, 13Direct Apply, 6 Manual • See & Search AllIconsIncluded withIcon Name • Smart Icon Request • Cloud BasedWallpaperPicker •Help, Contains FAQs and Others RECOMMENDED ICONSIZES BELOW• NovaLauncher (Prime): 120% • Apex Launcher: 120% • GoLauncher:BigIMPORTANT NOTES; •Go Launcher users! Icon Maskingisn'tsupportedby Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them.•ToFix them: Going to Preferences > Visual Settings >UnderIcons,uncheck 'Show Icon Base •LG Lacunher May Not BeFullySupport, KeepIn Mind While Purchasing, No Execuse For ThisAboutPermissions?•These Permissions for Cloud Wallpapers, MuzeiSupport,IconReqeust, Applying Icons, Applying Wallpapers etc.RememberThat, ITIS OPENSOURCE DASHBOARD CODES. So You Can Check onGithub.Note;I'm not expert on English. I've learnt myself. If somewordsoranything wrong in descrpition, please ignore it or letmeknow.Thank you!
Velur - Icon Pack 19.6.0
★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousandsoficonswith regular weekly updates for very symbolic price!CIRCLE,LONGSHADOW AND RING-AROUND ICON PACK! EACH AND EVERY ICONAND ITSCOLORIS DESIGNED CAREFULLY TO ACHIEVE INCREDIBLE FEEL ANDMODERNSTYLE!Icons look incredibly crisp, with high definitiondetails onbothphone and tablets! ★ 5000+ HD icons ready for futuredevices★Hundreds of alternative icons to choose ★ Manyfoldercategoryicons to sort your apps ★ Over 1000 QHD wallpapers★Launcherssupport: Nova, Action, ADW, ADWex, Apex, Atom,ABC,Aviate,, Go, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Holo, Holo HD,Next,Nougat,Nine, M, Mini, Smart, Solo, Themer, TSF, V, ABC, ZenUI,Zero,Evie, L, Lawnchair and many more ★ Works with BubbleCloudWidgets,CM Theme engine, UNICON and XGELS ★ Icon masking willthemeallyour unthemed icons ★ Full MUZEI live wallpaper support★Dynamiccalendar icon support ★ Minimalistic analog clock widget★Iconssorted in several categories with search and preview feature★Helpsection for starters ★ Regular weekly updates ★ App designinverymodern and minimal flat style If you like the icons,pleaseratethem ;) ★Some widgets used on screenshots are ZooperWidgetsbyBeard★ Please, if you have any issues with the app, sendmeanemail before writing a negative review. I wouldhelpyouimmediately android.permission.INTERNET is neededforwallpapers,since they are cloud based. This is done in ordertoreduce appsize! FOR GO LAUNCHER USERS Currently does notsupporticonmasking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF"showiconbase" FOR TSF LAUNCHER USERS Currently does notsupporticonmasking!!! FOR CM THEME ENGINE USERS If app disappearedfromthelist, do this: go to settings of your device > apps>Velur> delete cache and data > uninstall Velur > gobacktoPlay Store and install it again *You can also applyiconsfromlauncher settings, if there is no apply button insidetheapp*SUPPORT You do not see your desired icons in the pack?Pleasesendme your icons requests through icon request feature inthe appIfyou notice any bugs or you have any suggestions, feelfreetocontact me anytime and ill help as soon as possible!Creditsandmany thanks to Dani Mahardika for his amazing appdashboard!Checkit out ANDSTAY UPDATED Instagram - Official XDAForum- -MemoriaPhotoGallery Discord - - Thank you all for thesupport!
Atran - Icon Pack
Retro, texture icon pack, with inner shadow and circleshape!UNIQUE!
Flat Squircle - Icon Pack
FL Design
3500+ high quality icons inspired by Flat and Material Design.
Chroma - Icon Pack
A colorful theme with simplicity in mind. Wallpapers andwidgetsincluded.
GLIF Icon Pack 3.0.0
Joshua M.
Introducing Glif. A play on the word 'glyph', Glifpromisestotransform the look of your homescreen, bringing iconswith aboldoutline, subdued colours and a glistening white stripeovereachicon for that authentic comic-book feel. NOTE: Thisisnotstandalone app. You must have a compatiblelauncherinstalled.Please view the supported launchers list below.FEATURES- 1170+Uniquely designed icons (Quad HD compatible). -10Cloud,High-Definition Wallpapers included. - FullyfeaturedMaterialDashboard. - Quick-apply for your default launcher.-Dynamiccalendar support. - Smart icon request tool. - Iconsearchandpreview. - Muzei live wallpaper compatibility.SUPPORTEDLAUNCHERSThis icon pack has been tested, and is known towork withtheselaunchers. It may also work with others too. You canalsoapply theicons from within the launcher settings if there isnoapply buttonin the dashboard! - ABC, ADW, Action, Apex,Arrow,Aviate, Blur,Evie, Go, Holo, KK, Lucid, M Launcher, Mini,Next,Nine, Nougat,Nova, Smart, Solo, Trebuchet, Unicon, VLauncher,ZenUI, Zero - CMTheme Engine FYI: Google Now Launcher doesNOTsupport any iconpacks. Keep this in mind before purchasing!NOTES -If you have anyissues, simply email me and I will try torespond assoon aspossible. - Are you on social media? Feel free tocontact meonGoogle Plus or Twitter! Links are in the 'About'section ofthedashboard.' - Missing an icon? Instead of ratingpoorly, feelfreeto send me an icon request and I will try to updatethis packwithyour requests. (Bear in mind, there is already a hugequeue oficonrequest emails, so I cannot guarantee your request willmake itinthe next update, but I will try my best!) - Somewallpapersshownin screenshots are from the 'Backdrops' app! Feelfree todonate!Always adds to my motivation :) EXTRA CREDITS -Credits toDaniMarhardhika for the dashboard application.
Bliss - Icon Pack
A Blissful Experience! Try Something New with this Beautiful&Unique Icon pack!
Killa Icons - Adaptive Icon Pack
1800+ Adaptive icons, presented by ThemesOnFire
Bubblegum: Glyphs
Dream On
Bubblegum - Glyph Icon Pack bu @itsCrx
Diligent : Icon Pack
Moxy Icons
myAP Devs
unique, shapeless, colorful!
Bilfy Icon Pack
Subham Saha
Give your Homescreen a Fresh Look with new & BeautifulBilfyIcons Pack.
SkyLine Icon Pack : LineX Blue
SkyLine LineX IconPack in Blue and White Colors. Lineal style Icons
STAX - Tab Style Icons 3.7
DrumDestroyer Themes
STAX takes adaptive icon design to new heights! Featuringslender,tab shaped icons with multi-level dimension enhancedlayeringeffects to really pop! Easy-to-use STAX app: • Auto-applyicon packto most popular launchers • Apply (or save) a hugeassortment ofexclusive wallpapers • Easily replace icons withbuilt-in iconsearch including category support • One-tap to requestanynon-themed icons to be themed • Option to Donate/tip :) STAXICONPACK • Pixel perfect, ultra crisp adaptive icon style design•Uniform stock color palette with layering effects • Systemicondesigns unique to your own device: Moto, Pixel, Samsung, HTC,Asus,LG and more! Switch to whatever you like • Use with yourfavoritelauncher, built-in support for all popular launcherspossible •Dynamic calendar support (icon changes each day) •Android Piesettings shortcut styles • Alternate icon styles andcolors • Sendany icon requests to complete your look • Premium iconrequestsavailable soon, follow me for schedule and info Even more!•Includes over 150+ wallpapers to choose from! • Includesadditionalmatching HD clock widget • Built-in Muzei Live Wallpapersupport •Constant updates with lots of new highest quality iconrequests Protips: - Auto apply to supported launchers, open STAXapp - Menu -Apply - Choose launcher - Send an icon request, openSTAX app -Menu - Icon Request - Tap to Send request - Forwallpaper, openSTAX app - Menu - Wallpapers - Apply. New wallpapersaddedfrequently. - Search or find an alternate icon: 1. Long pressiconto replace on homescreen - Icon options - Edit - Tap icon -SelectSTAX - Press arrow on top right to open icons 2. Swipe toaccessdifferent categories or use search bar to find alternateicon, tapto replace, done! Over 30+ launchers supported: - Nova,GO, Sony,Mini, Holo, L, Apex, Action Launcher 3, Arrow, Atom,Aviate,Cyanogen, Epic, EverythingMe, Hola, Inspire, KK, Lucid,Nemus,Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, TSF, Themer, LG Home, CM ThemeEngine, ZenUI, Evie Unicon and XGELS - Other launchers can simplyapply fromyour launcher settings Contact DrumDestroyer Themes JoinourDiscord server to leave suggestions, help or sayhello: Twitter: @drumdestroyer Thank youforyour support!
FEATURES •3100+ Icons •30 Wallpaper qHD(cloud-basedwallpaper)•Wallpapers compatible with Muzei LiveWallpapers •Sorticons forcategories •Tool to request missing icons•Support forDynamicCalendars -Google Calenda -Stock Calendar -TodayCalendar-Other•Search function and Icon Preview WARNING This isnotanapplication. In order to function you need aCustomLauncherCOMPATIBILITYNova,ADW,Apex,Aviate,ASAP,KK,Lucid,Smart,Yandex,Total,Atom,Nine,NextLauncher3D...Many others LG Stock,Sony Xperia Stock and Asus(only modelsthatsupport icon pack) WARNING Google Now Launcherdoes NOT supporticonpacks MIUI Launcher does NOT support iconpacks PLEASE NOTEBeforeleaving a negative rating please send usan e-mailCREATIVE:Wallpapers, RingtonesandHomescreen SUPPORT!!!
CandyCons Unwrapped - Icon Pack
Taste a new flavor of sweetness.
Supreme Icon Pack
Blacked-out icon pack designed to be your every day iconpackreplacement.
*WHY BELUK ?* Because there is too much similar icon packoutthere!Your phone need something fresh! *This is notstandaloneapp! Youneed a compatible launcher (read bellow) to usethis app!If yourlauncher is not mentioned in this description don'teventhink topurchase! Or simply install compatible launcher eg.Nova,Apex toapply BELUK* Compatible stock launchers: LGHome(Marshmallow andearlier), Sony Xperia, Asus Zen UI,morecompatible launchers pleaseread below. Not supportedstocklaunchers: Samsung Touchwiz, LG HomeNougat, HTC, Google Now,andmost of Chinese/Mediatek Features: 1.4200+ icons inspiredbymaterial design 2. 126+ HD 3000x2675 pxcloud-based wallpaper3.XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px 4. Support 29++launchers 5. Fullmanuallyvector graphic processing icons 6. See& Search allicons 7.Smart Icon Request 8. Support Muzei 9.Image picker, attachas animage to email, hangouts, Etc or even useit to createZooperwidget 10. Support main dinamic calendar (eg.Google, Today,Touch,Sunrise, Biz, Business Calendar, pre-installedcalendar andmanymore) 11. Smart icon request 12. Help section,contains FAQswithsearch function 13. Report bugs 14. Show/Hidelauncher iconfromapp drawer 15. etc Support 29 or more majorLaunchers:DirectApply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova,ADW, Holo,HoloHD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcherbelow), Mini,KK,Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home(read issueforthis launcher below), CM Theme Engine Applyvialauncher/themesetting: Xperia Home, EverythingMe, ArrowLauncher,Themer, Hola,Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may bemorethat have iconpack support Note: 1. GO Launcher doesn'tsupportIcon Masking, sogo to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF"showicon base". 2.Next Launcher supports icon upon but only systemappsbut manualapply will change the rest 3. Downloaded wallpaper.Findthem on/Pictures/Beluk/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Home mayworkingunstable forsome device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE!Norefund for thisreason! 5. Smart Launcher, apply the iconsviamaterialistikdashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHER PREFERENCE!6.THERE SO A LOTLOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOUR REQUESTGETPRIORITIZED ALSOWRITE THEM TO MY G+ COMMUNITY WALL, JOINHERE,otherwise I'll pickrandomly for next themed icons. If you'renotsatisfied with theicons, or your favorite apps aren't wellthemedjust email me!, orcurse me in myG+community rest to me FOR ICON REQUESTERS: Thanks for yourrequest,if youhaven't get your icon requested come with recentupdate, I'dlike tosay my apologize but all requests are on going.I work iteveryday tomake up the icons, but they are too much. Iexpect yourpatience asyour request icons are already in the queuelist.Please follow mefor fresh news what recent icons push toupdateon or join ourcommunityon CandyBar, it is available as open source and freetouse thankstoDaniMahardika for this. Find him here go to 1.YoonHan 3.LeeDawson L