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Call Recorder - ACR 33.4
Another Call Recorder is a free callrecorderapplication. It is one of the best call recorders in thePlay Storeand offers tons of features such as:- Search- Grouping recordings by date- Auto email (Pro)- Auto delete old recordings- Marking recordings as important so they don't getautodeleted- Multi select, delete, send- Displaying contact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording- Password protection of recordings- Lots of recording formats- Ability start delayed recording- Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact orjustselected contacts- Dropbox integration (Pro)- Google Drive integration (Pro)- WebDAV integration (Pro)- FTP integration (Pro)- And many more...Do not use ACR in conjunction with other call recorders andtrydifferent recording formats (ogg,3gp,mp4,wav) to find best oneforyour phoneSome phones do not support call recording properly. This is duetocapabilities of different chipset/CPU or Android versioneachbrand/model have.Legal:Please check with local laws related to call recording inyourcountry
Automatic Call Recorder for Me
Apalon Apps
Call recorder is a simple no-frills appthatallows recording all phone conversations directly toyourAndroid.Hearing is believing!Don’t hesitate to receive important calls in traffic jams. Noneedto memorize phone numbers and street addresses. Forget aboutpilesof papers while making notes or preparing your shopping list.Useauto call recorder to capture tender words from yourlovedones.How to record a phone call on your Android? The easiest way istochoose Automatic Call Recorder for Me - smart callrecorderapp with a nice sleek design!KEY FEATURES:- Manual and auto recording options- Share option to send your records wherever you want as quick asawink- PIN code protection for your recorded calls- Automatic call recorder for incoming/outgoing and for callswithunknown numbers not included in your Contacts- Playback through speaker or earpiece on your phone- Auto sorting by date or by contactSome extra goodies for you:- Tab Favorites for high-priority calls and convenient Search bartosave you time finding the contact you need at the moment.- Bookmarks to mark key points within a call and addyournotes.More impressive features are coming soon...The simple setup, easy-to-use interface, and basic pluscustomchoices to record phone calls will make the call recorderyourindispensable go-to app.If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could makeourproduct better, feel free to contact [email protected]:
Automatic Call Recorder
The best way to record your phone calls.
Call Recorder Auto - ACR 2022 26.0
***A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.*** Call Recorderisan application that allows you to record your outgoingtelephonecalls. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phoneand yourphone only. Unlike other call recording apps yourrecordings areprivate and are not saved on a third party server.You can use CallRecorder to make and record national orinternational calls fromany Android device including tablets. CallRecorder is very easy touse: just like your phone dialer, you justmake a call from the appand it will be recorded. Your recordedcalls can be: - Played onthe phone. - Sent via email. - Transferredto your phone (.wavformat). - Deleted. You can also set a title foreach recording.Features of this app : - Record your all callsautomatically whilecalling or ask every-time to record new call. -Search call by nameor phone number. - Organize your call records.You can see calls asall calls records, only incoming, onlyoutgoing, date and timeeasily. - Share recording to Bluetooth,Message etc. - Play, saveand delete, call recordings - Ignorerecording for specific contactor phone number - Add caller phonenumber to contacts - See callerhistory - Record your call or callsin MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or 3GPPencoding / format. - You can playback, or save your files on yourSD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or3gpp format. - Audio Sourceoptions for both incoming calls andoutgoing calls are alsoavailable. Try to change audio source onlywhen default audiosource does not work or does not records calls. -Different optionsof audio quality are available. You can choose44.1kHz (It mightnot work on some devices) for high quality orselect lower samplerate for low quality audio recording. 8kHz isrecommended for callrecording. - Notification with caller image. -Vibrate device onstart of call recording. - Notification on deviceon start of callrecording with blinking light (if your devicesupports it). - Youcan listen your communication or callsrecordings in your on devicedefault audio player. - Automaticallyon device speaker to recordbetter quality voice. - It’s FREE! HowCall Recorder works : - Openthe Call Recorder Android app it willnow run in the background toincrease productivity by enabling easyaccess. - Make or receive acall and it will begin recording oncethe call connects - Selectthe app to access the list of previouslyrecorded calls and playthem. Notes: (Instructions + Troubleshootingtips) 1. Please notethat some devices are not compatible or notallow to record calls.2. Please confirm that your device should nothave more than onecall recording application, otherwise it cancreate issues. 3. Ifcall recorder does not record calls, pleaserestart your device totry again. If it does not record again thenyour device might notsupport call recording. 4. Some devices recordlow voice of otherparty, in this problem, please enable automaticspeaker, on startof call recording by going application and thenmore settings. 5.This app might not be working when you are usingother apps torecord something, such as wechat, LINE: Free Calls& Messages,voice recorder or other call recorder. 6. You canselect WAV, 3GPP,MP4 or AMR audio encoding format, if MP3 recordingnot workingproperly on some devices. 7. If you geterror"msg_create_file_error", then please test, Have your devicebeenwith sdcard or memory card? If not, please changerecordingsdestination path to any other path by going into moresettings andrecording path and change it correctly. 8. If you get"Sorryrecording starting failed", please try other recordingoptions likechange Audio source or sample rate.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - ACR 1.96
Our latest Call Recording app for Android has high-techsmartfeatures in it which makes it different from all other apps.TheAutomatic Call Recorder App is an easy to use automaticcallrecorder app that records all daily calls in high quality.Itrecords all your incoming & outgoing calls in high qualityandstores it on your phone as .amr files. This call recorder appcanbe used without limits to record calls and is totally free touse.The Automatic Call Recorder app lets you record calls andmanagethe recorded calls beautifully with features like share,play,delete and rename. With our call recording app, never worryaboutlosing an important detail anymore. Our latest Call Recordingappfor Android has high-tech smart features in it which makesitdifferent from all other apps. Smart Caller ID & phonenumberlookup lets you see who is calling before you answer a call.Whyyou should choose the Automatic Call Recorder App👑 GlobalCall Recording App with over 10+ Milliondownloads.📌 Works Automatically on all major AndroidPhones.⏺️ Audio Recorder The smart voice recorder recordsaudioin high-quality. 🔎 Real-Time Caller ID to always know who'scallingbefore you receive. 🛑Recording Limits Set a max callrecordingduration or go for limitless recording. 👉 Backup& Restorecalls from Google Drive. 🎙 Best AudioQuality Recordcalls in clear sound quality from both sides.🌟 PasswordProtection Security to keep your recorded phonecalls private.🔥Advanced Settings Manage your app preferences as peryour need. 🈲Select Language The app is localized in 10 differentlanguages fromaround the world.  REAL-TIME CALLER ID ☞ Knowwho is callingbefore you pick unknown calls. ☞ See names of unknownnumbersbefore you receive any call. ☞ Identify spam callerlocation. ☞Mobile number tracker allows you to enter any number andget itsdetails. 【LIKE us and STAYCONNECTED】 Feel free to provideyourfeedback and suggestion to our support [email protected]
All Call Recorder Automatic 1.0
Call Recorder is a must have utility! Being swiftly able toopenCallRecorder and record your conversation with one person oragroup ofpeople is very valuable. If a conversation starts togetinterestingsimply record it. Never forget the details ofaconversation again.Being able to file conversations away is averyvaluable asset. CallRecorder allows you to create a libraryofconversations that arestored in a list and calendar format.CallRecorder is simple to useand is hidden behind a cleverintuitiveuser interface. We built callRecorder to be a ruggedutility theis versatile and dead simple touse. No fumbling orquestioning howto start recording. Call Recordereffectivelyrecords every detailof the conversation of both thesides and keepsyour "recordedaudio " files in your desired locationin .cafformat. You can sendrecorded calls via e-mail, any cloudstorage,messengers,bluetooth, etc Transfer important recorded filesto anyof yourdevice which supports .caf format files and carry itwithyouwherever you go. The Mini view allows you to controlandmonitoryour live recordings without taking up real-estate onyouropenscreen.
Call Recorder
Recording your calls automatically.
Simple Call Recorder Android 1.0.1
BC Amani LLC
Simple and efficient call recorder solutionforyour Android phone.Simple Call Recorder Android records incoming and outgoing callsonyour Android phone.* Some device may not work with this app this is out ofourcontrol so please don't review us on restrictions from yourdevicemanufacturer.Simple Call Recorder Android is easy to use and implement.Features of Simple Call Recorder Android:• Simple Call Recorder Android has a Simple install.• Simple Call Recorder Android is easy to use.• Simple Call Recorder Android stores calls recorded.• Simple Call Recorder Android records both inbound andoutboundcalls.How To Use Simple Call Recorder Android• Open the Simple Call Recorder Android app it will now run inthebackground to increase productivity by enabling easyaccess.• Make or receive a call and it will begin recording once thecallconnects• Select the app to access the list of previously recorded callsandplay them.- Thank you for your download!- We are always happy to hear from you about your experience.- Please post your valuable suggestion to make thisappbetter.SO PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THIS APP.We appreciate the continued help to identify and detail bugs.Pleaseemail [email protected] anyquestions.5d946a1332
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - callX
automatic call recorder - the complete phone call recorder&call ID for android
Automatic Call Recorder Pro
The best way to record your phone calls.
Call Recorder
C Mobile
Simple Call Recorder application
ACR Full version Unlocker
Access to premium features of ACR
Call Recorder Automatic 1.1.308
Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone.This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recordingapp forandroid, Record any phone call you want, Choose which usersorincoming\outgoing phone calls to record and choose which callsyouwant to save or share. Key Features: * Call Recorder automatic-record all your calls on auto-pilot. * Easily manage allyourrecordings. * Play back, or Share your phone recordings *Sortrecordings by names or group by dates. * Reveal ID's ofunknowncallers automatically Try it Now!
Phone Call Recorder - Free 1.9
The "Phone Call Recorder" is a free automaticcallrecordingapplication. It records any call from alandline,telephone, mobilephone. There is no limit in therecording. It isan unlimitedtelephone call recorder. This callrecording app hasmany featuresand all are completely free like,records incomingcalls, recordsoutgoing calls, block recording forany specificnumbers or to allnumbers, add recorded call intofavorites, andshare them anywhereRecord phone conversation is amust-haveapplication for everymobile device, which helps tomaintain theimportant calls torecord. Like a conversation withfriends orfamily, interviews,meeting over the mobile phone, etc..."PhoneCall Recorder" won'tput any restrictions in save recording aslongas the user devicehas space, the application will keeprecording.The best way torecords a phone call, use the defaultsetting of theapplication.But, recordings in all mobile devicesdon't work on thedefaultsetting. If there is any problem, tryvarious recordingoptionsfrom the application setting. "Phone CallRecorder"application hasan easy user interface. it'sself-explanatory.Incoming recordingsstore in the incoming box andoutgoing store inthe outgoing box.You can play, delete, favorites,call, and manymore options with asingle tap. Sometimes the recordedvoice is notclear on defaultaudio sources, this application hasoptions in MP3recording withvolume increase and decrease. Simplyturn onrecording in MP3 fromthe application's settings. Thefeatures ofthe great mobile phonecall recording app are: 1. RecordIncomingand Outgoing calls 2.Record unlimited calls, norestrictions, andcompletely free 3.Playback recorded calls in theapplication orwith external players4. Block recording whichever youdon't want 5.Delete un-wantedrecorded calls 6. Record calls in MP37. Add callsto favorites 8.Support multiple file types. Like 3GP,AMR, MP3 andMPEG_4 9. Sharerecorded calls 10. Add recorded contactto yourphone contact listif it's not available in your contactsWith thesegreat featuresand options in this complete free phonerecorder app,why not giveit a try!!! tmsapps team always eager toknow thefeedback fromtheir users. Share your valuable feedbackabout theapp. Feel freeto provide your feedback and suggestion tooursupport mail id [email protected]
All Call Recorder
Darez Hiko
Call Recorder, HD Call Recorder, Secret Calls Recorder, AutoCallRecordings
Call Recorder - Auto Recording
Call Recording Works Well For Any Android Phone.
All Call Recorder
Android Labs
Simple and efficient call recorder solution for your Android phone.
HD Auto Call Recorder 2022
VDG Soft
Free Call Record, Auto record your call conversations.
Super Call Recorder
Record phone calls for you
Automatic Call Recorder
Recorder: Easy phone call recording
Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder is your everyday companion to recordimportantmoments.
Call recorder: CallRec
Automatic call recording. Support Android 11, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Cube Apps Ltd
Call recorder, Record phone calls, Signal, WhatsApp, Viber,Callrecording app
AndroRec Free Call Recorder 1.18
Now download previous versions of Androrecfrom is a very light weight yet powerful call recorderforandroid phones that records all your incoming and out goingcallsautomatically and saves to your phone.Features :• Absolutely free and ad free• Records all incoming and outgoing calls• Option to enable/disable call recording• No time limit for recording• Log of all the recorded calls can be viewed from theapplicationfiltered by direction (In/Out) or by date.• You can play or delete, archive or share the recordings fromtheapplication itself• Log shows the contact number/name, exact date time as wellasduration of your call making it easy to track all your callsfromthe applicationLimitations :• Can't record calls from Bluetooth• May not record the opposite side voice in some phones duetohardware limitations---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Please do not keep other call recorders active when Androrecisenabled. Otherwise Androrec will fail to record your calls.• For Galaxy S2 users - It has been reported that onceupgradedto android 4.0.3, Androrec no more works in mode 3, it willrecordin mode 1 from Mic only. Please don't rate badly. It is notthefault of Androrec.• Please test the different recording modes to see whichmodeworks best for you. Mode 3 is recommended for Samsung GalaxyS2users having android version less than 4.0.• For Motorola users - I request you kindly don't givebadratings as the problem is with Motorola hardware not withAndroReccall Recorder.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note : In Some phones the tone from the other side of the callmightbe a little low. If so, please enable speaker phone to get aclearerrecording. This is a limitation from Android OS and thedevicemanufacturers and has nothing to do with AndroRec callrecorder. Therecorded audio files can be found in your SD card inandrorecfolder.Please leave a comment or drop a mail [email protected] you find any problem with the application.Remember to includeyour device model, android version and theproblem you arefacing.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Auto call recorder is the complete phone call recorder forandroidwith call ID
Call recorder 4.7.2
AM Company
Call Recorders Is a simple application that allows you to recordallyour phone conversations directly on your Android device, youcanconfigure it in your way, TRY IT. With this Call Recorder youwillno longer have to take notes of telephone conversations, youwillnot need to memorize addresses or phone numbers. You just haveto goto the inbox and listen to the recordings of your phonecalls. ThisCall Recorder features an easy-to-use, simple-to-useinterface, youroptions for recording phone calls will turn thiscall recorder intoyour favorite application. Just download thisrecorder andautomatically record all calls, incoming and outgoing.
Call Recorder
Killer Mobile
Call Recorder is the #1 Automatic Call Recorder App on the Planet
All Call Recorder Automatic Lite 2.2.1
Call Recorder Lite is one of the best call recorderandroidapplications .. Call Recorder, automatic call recorder,phone callrecorder is a must have utility! Being swiftly able toopen CallRecorder and record your conversation with one person or agroup ofpeople is very valuable. If a conversation starts togetinteresting simply record it. For using Call recorderAutomatic,You can auto call recording and save any phone call youwant. Youcan set which calls are recorded to white list and whichareignored. Call Recorder you can Listen to the recording, addnotesand share it. Synchronized to the cloud as well. By using"CallRecorder" Never forget the details of a conversation again.Beingable to file conversations away is a very valuable asset.CallRecorder allows you to create a library of conversations thatarestored in a list and calendar format. Call Recorder is simpletouse and is hidden behind a clever intuitive user interface.Webuilt call Recorder to be a rugged utility the is versatileanddead simple to use. No fumbling or questioning how tostartrecording. Call Recorder effectively records every detail oftheconversation of both the sides and keeps your "recorded audio"files in your desired location in .caf format. You cansendrecorded calls via e-mail, any cloud storage,messengers,bluetooth, etc Transfer important recorded files to anyof yourdevice which supports .caf format files and carry it withyouwherever you go. The Mini view allows you to control andmonitoryour live recordings without taking up real-estate on youropenscreen. Call Recorder Automatic Features Below: - CallRecorderSave only the recordings that are important - Extra finequality ofrecordings - Fully customizable Call recordingfunctionality -Shake and call record functionality How CallRecorder works : -Open the Call Recorder Android app it will nowrun in thebackground to increase productivity by enabling easyaccess. - Makeor receive a call and it will begin recording oncethe callconnects - Select the app to access the list of previouslyrecordedcalls and play them. Notes: (Instructions + Troubleshootingtips)1. Please note that some devices are not compatible or notallow torecord calls. 2. Please confirm that your device should nothavemore than one call recording application, otherwise it cancreateissues. 3. If call recorder does not record calls, pleaserestartyour device to try again. If it does not record again thenyourdevice might not support call recording. 4. Some devices recordlowvoice of other party, in this problem, please enableautomaticspeaker, on start of call recording by going applicationand thenmore settings. 5. This app might not be working when youare usingother apps to record something, such as wechat, LINE: FreeCalls& Messages, voice recorder or other call recorder. 6. Youcanselect WAV, 3GPP, MP4 or AMR audio encoding format, ifMP3recording not working properly on some devices. 7. If you geterror"msg_create_file_error", then please test, Have your devicebeenwith sdcard or memory card? If not, please changerecordingsdestination path to any other path by going into moresettings andrecording path and change it correctly. 8. If you get"Sorryrecording starting failed", please try other recordingoptions likechange Audio source or sample rate. Call RecorderAutomatic issimple to use and is hidden behind a clever intuitiveuserinterface.
Call Recorder Key
C Mobile
License activator for Call Recorder.
Call Recorder (No Ads)
The real business level call recorder, recording is clear andloudin two sides.
Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit
Download the most easy to use screenrecorderMobizen now and create your first, amazing video!Mobizen is the most easy-to-use, convenient screen recorderthatallows you to record, capture and edit.Everyone can use the 100% free features to make thebestvideos!How to Make the Perfect First Video?ㆍClear Screen Recording in FULL HD!※ Highest Quality supplied ▷ 1080P Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality,60FPSㆍCapture your reactions freely while recording game sound andyourvoice with Facecam!ㆍYou can record long videos without worrying whilesavingonExternal Memory (SD Card)!ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images, etc.) Raise the quality of your video withaVariety of Video Editing Features!ㆍPut in your favorite BGM and an Intro &OutroVideo to make a personalized video!ㆍRecord a clean screen Without a Watermark withCleanRecording Mode!Available Only with MobizenㆍAnyone can use it with No rooting starting fromOS4.4!ㆍUse Screen Recording, Capture, and Editing allforFREE!ㆍYou can Remove the Watermark for FREE!Have Any Question while Using Mobizen?You can keep up-to-date with Mobizen Features, News, andthecontinually growing Mobizen Community through thefollowingsites!ㆍHelp Center: support.mobizen.comㆍYouTube:ㆍCommunity: Us Better the AppHave you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguage Volunteer☞'t hesitate and download Mobizen now!※ To experience all the features of Mobizen Screen Recorder,youmust agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, and Draw overAppsPermissions.
ASR Voice Recorder
ASR is one of the best sound and voice recording app on thePlayStore. Record meetings, notes, lessons, songs. It is freeandwithout any limitations on the recording time. Here are some ofthefeatures of ASR: - Lots of recording formats such as MP3, WAV,OGG,FLAC, M4A, AMR - Cloud upload integration (Pro) support forGoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, FTP, WebDav, Autoemail- Grouping recordings by tag/label - Adding notes whilelisteningor recording - Audio converter to cut and save parts fromrecording- Playback speed controller - Sample and bit rate optionsforbetter control of recording quality - Dedicated pauserecordingbutton - Dedicated discard recording button -Customizablerecording folder - Skip silence mode - Gain to increaseor decreasevolume of recording - Delete and share multiplerecordings - Recordand play recordings while app is in thebackground - Listen whilerecording with headphones - Record fromBluetooth headsetmicrophone - Auto start recording - Recordingwidget and shortcutfor quick and easy access - Multiple languages
Super Automatic Call Recorder 2.1
✔ Do you really want to keep record ofyourloveable boyfriend or girlfriend voice calls?If yes, then use super smart automatic call recorder.✔ Do you really want to keep record of promises made oneveryphone call by anyone?If yes, then use extra ordinary call recorder.Super automatic call recorder can record automatically youreveryincoming and outgoing voice phone calls in real-time. Callrecorderfor Samsung, Micromax call recorder, Sony call recorder,Motorolacall recorder, HTC call recorder ,MI call recorder, Oppocallrecorder. Automatic Voice Recorder lets you recordimportantconversations, lectures, short voice reminders andanything you canthink of.Every incoming call or outgoing call recorded in followingaudioformats:*_ Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)*_ AMR - Audio format that uses less storage, optimizedforrecording voice.*_ WAV - Uncompressed lossless high quality formatSuper automatic voice call recorder containsfollowingfeature:✔ Enable/disable automatically recording during calls.✔ You can set any audio format for recording.✔ Show notifications for every recording during calls.✔ Save every recording file automatically.✔ You can play, share and delete every recording file.✔ Simple and easy to use voice recorder during phone calls.✔ Free call recorder and no need internet connection.Use it when you cannot remember what was said on a phonecall;when you want to know exactly what was said; or when you wanttohear the voice of a loved one. Your life will get smarter bysmartandroid call recorder.Super automatic call recorder is avaiable for everyandroiddevice and working for every android version too. Althoughthis issimple but really useful recording tool for making fun.Please giveyour precious comments and feedback for making smartcall recordermore useful and powerful recording tool for everysmartphoneusers..!! Thanks..!!
call recorder 4.0.3
***A Top 10 app in over 220 countries worldwide.*** The entirecallis recorded and saved on your phone and your phone only.Unlikeother call recording apps your recordings are private and arenotsaved on a third party server. You can use Call Recorder tomakeand record national or international calls from any Androiddeviceincluding tablets. call recorder is very easy to use: justlikeyour phone dialer, you just make a call from the app and itwill berecorded. call recorder is a free call recorder application.It isone of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offerstons ofamazing features such as: - Record your all callsautomaticallywhile calling or ask every-time to record new call. -Search callby name or phone number. - Organize your call records.You can seecalls as all calls records, only incoming, onlyoutgoing, date andtime easily. - Share recording to Bluetooth,Message etc. - Play,save and delete, call recordings - Ignorerecording for specificcontact or phone number - Add caller phonenumber to contacts - Seecaller history - Record your call or callsin MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or3GPP encoding / format. - Multi select,delete, send - Favorite -Search - White list - Black list -Displaying contact name andphoto - Excluded numbers - Passwordprotection of recordings -Different recording modes by number,contact, non-contact or justselected contacts - Automatically ondevice speaker to recordbetter quality voice. - It’s FREE! - Andmuch more ... Auto callrecorder is a the best free call recorderapplication with thesefeatures: - Record incoming call - RecordOutgoing call - Favorite- Search - Marking recordings as important- Multi select, delete,send - Displaying contact name and photo -Excluded numbers - Setpassword to protect privacy - Lots ofrecording formats - easy touse - Ability start delayed recording -Different recording modesby number, contact, non-contact or justselected contacts -Enable/Disable call recording - Records all yourphone calls - Playrecorded audio - Delete recorded items - Whitelist - Blacklist -And many more... Some phones do not support callrecordingproperly. This is due to capabilities of differentchipset/CPU orAndroid version each brand/model have. Legal: We arenot lawyers.Recording calls without letting your caller know maynot be legalin some countries, or states. Enjoy our Call Recorderapp, andshare the app with your friends on Facebook or Instagram.If youlike our app, please take a minute to rate us 5 stars onGooglePlay market.
Call Recorder 1.2
FREE Call RecorderCall Recorder ( Enregistreur d'appel ) smart app for yourphoneandroid automatically record your phone calls with HD qualitywhenyou cannot remember what was said on a call before install thisapp.. disable other software for recordingtelephoneconversations.Automatic call recorder it Free app and IT IS IMPORTANT to havethiswonderful app in you phone it's free 100% for a moment do notmissthis Opportunityand you need to know this app is a Top 10 app in over 120countriesin the world.In this version you amending the colors for your comfort This version is available on the characteristics ofautomticcall recorder 2016 and call recorder automatic 2015 don'tworrythis is the best app for you you need to try it Now itsFREE.Record any incoming and outgoing phone call you want andchoosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls arerecordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording.Call Recorder works :- Open the Call Recorder Android app.- click in the button " ON " and congratulation the APPworking.- Go to seting and click in the get notification To see thehighestit has been in the recording calls when you are doneNotes: ( the app run in the background to increase productivitybyenabling easy access. )App Feature:✔ Records both incoming and outgoing calls.✔ Unlimited Call Recording✔ Record all your phone calls whether it is incomingoroutgoing.✔ User can Enable/Disable call recording✔ Play or Stop the recorded calls by single touch.✔ Delete recorded call audios.✔ Configure automatic cleaning – Can also set the Auto Cleaningtimefor recording.✔ Completely free no hidden charges.✔ Record phone calls from your phone✔ Save your recordings on your SD card✔ Use it on the road to capture important calls*Downlod it Now It's Free in Play Store