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Lysn is an interest based community.
Mubeat for kpop Lovers
The ultimate platform for kpop fans
Making your Idol Champion!
PICKIT : Kpop Idol Trading Cards
Exclusive Photo Cards, Everyday
Hanteo Chart, Album Authentication, Voting, Events, K-POP News
Pocketdols - 포켓돌스
1:1 Messages with K-POP idols
CHOEAEDOL – Kpop idol ranks 8.6.1
💗Ultimate K-Pop Idol app 'CHOEAEDOL'💗 - Vote for your biasbythrowing hearts and rank your bias on the top. NORANKMANIPULATION. Here, you can also communicate with the fandombysharing photos or videos. Come and enjoy 'CHOEAEDOL'! ⏰Realtimevote for K-Pop Idols. - You can vote your hearts directly totheidol or to the picture/video of that idol. The real-time ranksarereflected accordingly. - Every night (KST), when the votingends,the rankings are settled. And the rankings are renewed everyday.📅Don't miss out your idol's schedule! - You can write in andshareyour idol's schedule. - Share the schedule of your idol withyourfandom, get a push alarm! 💎Support Fundraising Event! - Joinforceswith the other fans, and hang a Subway ad, in-app banner, etcforyour idol! - Complete the fundraising of the support event.☝MyPick? CHOEAEDOL Pick! - Participate in the various pollschangingevery week! ex) A face genius idol?! 👥Idol face match: whoare yousimilar to? - Who’s the look-alike idol of yours? Share theresultto your friends. 📚Wiki! Everything about my idol. - Show offyourknowledge about the idol here! - Write down & share alltheinfo you have with other fans. 💬Real-time Open Chatting! -Chatwith fans around the world in open chat rooms inreal-time.🖼CHOEAEDOL exclusive Banner Image! - When the pictureuploaded inthe community gets a lot of heart, it becomes youridol's profilepicture shown on the app. - You can make your own'Banner image(1:3 ratio laterally long image/gif)’ on our app. -Promote yourown idol by making the most beautiful image people canappreciate.🏆Hall of Fame - The daily ranks will be reflected to thecumulativeranks in the Hall of fame. - Make your idol rank higherevery dayand participate in the donation as well! 👼Donate withCHOEAEDOL! -[Charity Angel] Donation made by the name of the idolwhoseaccumulated daily rank is the highest during the month! -[CharityFairy] Donation made AGAIN in the name of the idol whoreceivedmore than 55,555,555 votes on the anniversary days likebirthdays!- [Miracle of the month] Hang a billboard ad in the SeoulSubwayfor Idol whom gets the most votes among the idols who hadabirthday on the same month. [Inquiry and Info]Inquiry:[email protected] Blog:
Easy to understand the star social dynamic information, stardynamicmaster
** Free JTBC On Air! You can watch without login **
K-POP Starpic 2.3.5
K-POP Starpic - A photo sharing stitch app for fans aroundtheworld. K-POP Starpic uploads information, such as celebrityphotos,to ‘ member or member company ’ and provides ‘ K-POP Starpic’service. ★BTS, EXO, WANNAONE, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR,GIRL'SGENERATION, TWICE, INFINITE, B1A4, BTOB, NU`EST W, GOT7,SEVENTEEN,MONSTAX, GFRIEND, RED VELVET, MOMOLAND, OH! MY GIRL, NCT,ASTRO,HIGHLIGHT, GUGUDAN, WJSN, MAMAMOO, LOVELYZ, WEKIMEKI, DIA,VIXX,BLACKPINK, EXID, SHINee, BIGBANG, BIG HIT★ You can meet theK-POPstars in the app. ▶ Import >>> K-POP pictures if youlike! ▶ Can't miss all of my star even 1 pixel Have to check yourstarfrom head to toe Complete to do cross stitch of K-POPstar'spicture. K-pop Starpic will help you finish your day full oflovefor the star. ▶ Global Fandom Community on your K-POP STARK-popStarpic is a space where global fandoms share and sharetheirstar-related images. Share your artist image or informationwithglobal friends ▶ Special ranking system Be sure to completethecross stitch of your best members The photo of a star with themostcross stitch will be updated additionally every week. Show meyourpower of love for star. You can draw wherever andwhenever.kpopstarpic ~~ *Enjoy it through different devices. K-POPStarpicis available for different devices such as smartphone andtablets.* All ages are available. Accordingly, all ' postings 'posted by a' member ' within the ' service ' are subject to itsrights andresponsibilities of such ' member ', such as violation oflaws,infringement of third party rights and objection to sucharticles ;If occurring, and if requested by the authorized, K-POPStarpicimmediately notifies the member and displays the notice tothetreatment by ' Services ' immediately excludes exposure andenablesaction according to applicable laws. Please check the TermsandConditions and the operation policies for details. ※ K-POPStarpicrequests access permission for the following reasons anddoes notcollect information without consent. -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ofREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : You can save mypictures in Photo Gallery.Request access to that permission to savethe picture. Terms ofuse: :※ Youcan get faster response by writing to [email protected]
Global Fandom Platform
bubble for JYPnation 1.1.2
bubble for JYPnation; Private messages between me and myfavoriteidol Make your day more special with a message like a giftfromyour favorite idol! Start bubble right now and don't miss outonspecial private messages between you and your favoriteidol!-------------- [Service Overview] 01. Favorite Idol'sEverydayStory Receive a special everyday message from the artistwho callsyour name. 02. Favorite Idol's Dedicated Content Seededicatedcontent sent directly from artists. 03. Your favorite idoliswaiting for your reply Reply to the artist with a messagefilledwith encouragement and love. 04. Anniversary with YourFavoriteIdol Today is Day 1! See the special anniversary datebetween youand your artist. 05. Chatting in my language Read theartist'smessage and send a reply in your language. 06. Open Chat inYourStyle Meet friends with similar interests in openchatrooms.[Optional Access Authority] * You may still use the appeven if youdo not allow optional access authority. 01. PhotoGallery Used tosend and store photos and videos and to set profilepictures andchatroom background images 02. Camera Used to film andsend photosand videos and to set profile pictures and chatroombackgroundimages 03. Mic Used to record and send voice messages andvideos[Terms] 01. Terms ofUse[Information]- Questions/Suggestions: [email protected]
Soompi - Awards, K-Pop & K-Drama News
Viki, Inc
Keep up with everything happening in the world of K-pop andK-drama!
theQoos: K-Pop News, Friends, Music & Community 1.0.0
theQoos delivers Kpop news, photos, memes and music yourway.Selectyour favorite kpop groups and idols to follow andtheQooswillcreate a personalized feed of content to keep youconnected.We caneven recommend trending artists and content justfor you!theQoos isyour gateway to the Kpop universe. Interact withotherfans and seewhat content is the most popular with thecommunity!We are your*NEW* favorite Kpop app! ◆ Choose YourFavorite Groupsand Idols toFollow - View content from over 89 ofyour favoriteselected kpopgroups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE,GOT7, EXO,ITZY, MONSTA X,CHUNGHA, NCT, MAMAMOO, STRAY KIDS,(G)I-DLE,BIGBANG, iKON, JAY PARK& ALL your favorite KIdols - aswell ashave access to theiralbums and music videos ◆ Find All yourkpopneeds in one place onall your kpop artists Content aggregatedfromYouTube, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, newssites,official artist accountsand fan-made Stay up-to-date on thelatestkpop news and contentfrom trending news, fan-made posts,artistsschedules and albums aswell theQoos’ own original andcuratedcontent ◆ Chat and makefriends with other kpop fans likeyourselfCheck out other fanprofiles: “Follow” them, DM and creategroupchats ◆ Drama-freeCommunity in an enjoyable kpop universe -Create& share allkinds of entertaining K-Pop content withtheQooscommunity todiscuss with other fans. Discover all kinds ofcontentbased on funinterest categories from all of our users. ◆Createshort videoscalled “Flicks” and communicate with idols - Usethe“Flicks”feature to share short, fun videos including yourfavoriteK-Popmoments. Use the Q&A Flicks feature and submitquestionsto yourfavorite idols and get a video message from LOONA,KARD’sBM &more! ◆ Enjoy kpop Quizzes & Polls - Participateinquizzes& polls and test other fans’ kpop knowledge orhavethem vote onyour favorite topics - You can create your ownpollsand quizzesaround topics that can include popular kpopringtone,wallpaper,memes, etc. ◆ Join all of our weekly contestsand winprizes - Fromsigned albums, merch and gift cards, join allof ourweekly contestsand win prizes every day! ◆ Archive all ofyourfavorite kpopcontent into your own personal library - Save allofyour favoritecontent and community posts and have access toitfrom your profile.Share your favorite content with yourfriendsanywhere. ※ If youhave any feedback or questions, [email protected] Wewill continue to grow with yourfeedbackand will try our best toprovide you with the best service
Korean Star Ranks! Vote for your star. Wonderland for KoreanCeleblovers!
BTS Official Lightstick 2.1.6
This app supports both ARMY BOMB V3 and ARMY BOMB SE versions.1.CONCERT MODE Enter your concert ticket information and pairyourlight stick. You can enjoy various stage effects during theconcertThis menu will be enabled several days prior to a concert.2.CONNECTING WITH BLUETOOTH ON YOUR SMARTPHONE Move the switchdownon the light stick to set it to “BLUETOOTH MODE”.. Turn ontheBluetooth function on your smartphone and hold yoursmartphoneclose to connect them. Some smartphones require you toturn on GPSto enable Bluetooth connectivity. If you can not connecttoBluetooth, please turn on the GPS function. 3. SELF MODEAfterconnecting with your smartphone with Bluetooth, touch a coloryouwant on the screen. The light stick color will changeaccordingly.4. BATTERY CHECK While in “SELF MODE”, select thebutton on thebottom of the screen to check the battery level ofyour lightstick. Check if you need to replace the battery. [NOTICE]- Checkyour seat information on your ticket before the concert andenterit on the light stick in advance. - If the light stick doesnotwork properly, the cause may be due to not pairing your lightstickor not completing the pairing process. Please complete thepairingof the light stick and the seat through the app. - Please beseatedin the same seat where you registered for the light stick.Movingto a different seat may cause different stage appearance. -Checkthe light stick battery in advance to prevent turning offduringthe concert. - To take part in the light stick production, besureto register your light stick via the mobile App and set thelightstick switch to “CONCERT MODE”. - There will be ParingBoothslocated in the concert venue. If you need help registeringyourseat information, please visit a Paring Booth. - Stageproductionintegrating the BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK will be featuredin showsthroughout the world, including the United States andEurope.[Required access permission] To use the app and the lightstick,the following permissions are required: - Device Storage:save QRcode/ seat info etc. - Phone: read phone status and identity-Camera: take pictures of QR/barcode - BLE: connect light stick-GPS: connect BLE ※ Bluetooth connection for Galaxy S10e | S10|S10+ models may not stable. Please visit a Pairing Booth topairthe light stick with your seat.
bubble for FNC
Private messages between me and my favorite idol
Team Fan
Kpop idol vote, ranking, photo card, fanfic for worldwide fans
Exciting new music game with your favorite artists fromSTARSHIPEntertainment!
Exciting new music game with your favorite artists fromWOOLLIMEntertainment!
SuperStar SMTOWN
Exciting new k-pop music game with your favorite artists fromSMTOWN
SuperStar GFRIEND 2.12.3
GFRIEND Official Rhythm Game, SuperStar GFRIEND! #FeaturingGFRIENDofficial soundtracks♬ GFRIEND hits from debut tothelatest! Enjoy arhythm game with various songs! #FeaturingGFRIEND! A gameplayalways with GFRIEND☞ Select yourfavoriteGFRIEND member! Meet themembers everywhere in game! #CollectGFRIEND cards♣ Collectmembers’ cards and upgrade them toprettier,stronger cards! Get allthe GFRIEND cards with variousthemes! #Exciting Weekly League forevery week♨ Additional rewardsfrom yourWeekly League ranking!Match your theme, upgrade the cardsfor thehigher scores! # Variousmissions for each day♥ Level upfromclearing missions! Clear moremissions and achievements formanyrewards! [Application PermissionUsage Notice] We arerequestingfor access permissions to provideservices as below.RequiredAccess Permissions Camera/Storage: Forsaving the game datain yourstorage Read, write on externalstorage: For saving settingsandmusic data cache Device ID andphone calls: For trackingandanalyzing advertisement records andcreating tokens forpushnotifications Wi-Fi connection information:For sendingguidemessages upon downloading additional data ID: Forcreatingandconfirming user accounts [Access Permission Revoke]Settings>SUPERSTAR GFRIEND > Access Agree or Access Revoke※VisualSetting If you experience lags in the game you canchangeyourvisual setting to low resolution for better performance.※ Ifyouhave any inquiries or require any furtherinformation,pleasecontact us at.E-MAIL:[email protected]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SuperStarGFRIENDDalcomsoft ContactInformationEmail:[email protected]
THEKKING - kpop idol, fandom, kdrama, vote
EZWIN Company
K-pop fandom service platform for fans of all idol and actors.
bubble for JELLYFISH 1.1.2
bubble for JELLYFISH; Private messages between me and myfavoriteidol Make your day more special with a message like a giftfromyour favorite idol! Start bubble right now and don't miss outonspecial private messages between you and your favoriteidol!-------------- [Service Overview] 01. Favorite Idol'sEverydayStory Receive a special everyday message from the artistwho callsyour name. 02. Favorite Idol's Dedicated Content Seededicatedcontent sent directly from artists. 03. Your favorite idoliswaiting for your reply Reply to the artist with a messagefilledwith encouragement and love. 04. Anniversary with YourFavoriteIdol Today is Day 1! See the special anniversary datebetween youand your artist. 05. Chatting in my language Read theartist'smessage and send a reply in your language. 06. Open Chat inYourStyle Meet friends with similar interests in openchatrooms.[Optional Access Authority] * You may still use the appeven if youdo not allow optional access authority. 01. PhotoGallery Used tosend and store photos and videos and to set profilepictures andchatroom background images 02. Camera Used to film andsend photosand videos and to set profile pictures and chatroombackgroundimages 03. Mic Used to record and send voice messages andvideos[Terms] 01. Terms ofUse[Information]- Questions/Suggestions: [email protected]
Weverse Shop
Weverse Shop, the official e-commerce for the fans around the world
Sina Weibo International Edition, Discover! Hot new stuff atyourfingertips.
amazer - KPOP FAN APP
amazer inc.
Enter if you love KPOP
SuperStar YG 3.6.1
YG official rhythm game SuperStar YG! ◐ Features world-classYGartist songs All the latest hits by YG artists! Play varioussongsin SuperStar YG :) ◐ Collect YG artist cards Collect variousartistcards and upgrade to more beautiful and powerful ones!Collectfabulous cards in various themes! ◐ Weekly LeaguecompetitionRewards to rain according to your Weekly League ranking!Reachhigher score with matching theme and high-grade cards! ◐WorldRecord competition with global fans Be the best player intheworld, among YG fans worldwide! Go for the top 100 for eachsong. ◐Various daily missions Clear missions to level up! Clearvariousmissions and get manyrewards.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ApplicationPermission Usage Notice] We are requesting for accesspermissions toprovide services as below. Required AccessPermissionsCamera/Storage: For saving the game data in yourstorage Read, writeon external storage: For saving settings andmusic data cache DeviceID and phone calls: For tracking andanalyzing advertisement recordsand creating tokens for pushnotifications Wi-Fi connectioninformation: For sending guidemessages upon downloading additionaldata ID: For creating andconfirming user accounts [AccessPermission Revoke] Settings >SUPERSTAR YG > Access Agree orAccess Revoke ※ Visual Setting Ifyou experience lags in the gameyou can change your visual settingto low resolution for betterperformance. ※ While SuperStar YG isavailable for free, you willget charged upon purchases of certainpaid items. ※ If you have anyinquiries or require any furtherinformation, please contact us at.E-MAIL:[email protected]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------SuperStarYG Dalcomsoft Contact InformationEmail:[email protected]
維納斯 3.34.0
Venus Live
維納斯直播是一個以分享內容爲核心的直播社交應用擁有時下最多的帥哥、正妹、多才多藝素人的平台,任何人都可以秀出自己的生活點滴、興趣、才藝,維納斯將成爲你唯一最好用的生活實錄平台,今天就讓50萬人愛上妳/你吧!讓網紅與喜歡拍照的妳,透過維納斯分享您的動態能得到最多人的評價與留言,讓更多人看見!全新的社交直播平台能帶來更多的人潮與知名度。維納斯的特色★ 一鍵全屏即時直播 ★ 輕鬆上傳照片與錄影 ★ 天天獲得金幣(不要懷疑!這是真的) ★訂閱正妹/帥哥主播,隨時關注主播最新的消息 ★快來嘗試送獨特禮物給主播 ★ 虛擬禮物送出越多,就能與主播會面 ★內建美肌拍照與直播功能(自然拍的美美) ★ 獨家優質專屬VVIP直播服務 ★ 點讚、留言、對話互動的生活實錄通通都可以 ★使用後容易上癮、天天都要直播(戒不掉請跟我們說XD) ★新手主播也能快速上手 ★ 隨意分享照片提升照片的價值 ★社交直播讓你結交更多新朋友 社交直播平台 ★ 把每張照片與文章的價值發揮極致★ 認識更多新朋友 直播內容 ★聽素人歌手唱歌,唱到你心坎處(感動中) ★ 跟著帥哥/正妹一起直播去旅遊 ★“保證不寂寞”每天都有認識不完的新朋友 ★美食主播直播教你如何吃遍各地小吃 ★ 一起跟正妹做體操健身,保持美好體態綠色直播,網警24小時巡邏把關暴力、色情,一起嚴格說NO
1. CONCERT MODE Select CONCERT MODE after completingregistrationofyour ticket information on the App. You can enjoyvariousstageproductions through light sticks. 2. CONNECTING WITHBLUETOOTHONYOUR SMARTPHONE Turn the switch down on the light stickto setitto Bluetooth mode. Turn on the Bluetooth on yoursmartphoneandplace your smartphone close to connect them. 3.SELF-MODEAfterconnecting with your smartphone with Bluetooth, toucha coloryouwant on the screen. The light stick color willchangeaccordingly.4. BATTERY CHECK While on “SELF MODE”, select“SETTING”on the topright of the screen to check the batterycondition ofyour lightstick. Check if you need to replace thebattery.[CONCERTGUIDELINES] - Check your seat information on yourticketbefore theconcert and enter it on the light stick in advance.-Please beseated in the same seat where you registered for thelightstick.Moving to a different seat may cause differentstageappearance. -Check the light stick battery in advance topreventturning offduring the concert. - For light stick stageproduction,be sure tohave the light stick that is registered viamobile Appand set thelight stick switch on “CONCERT MODE”.
James Ashe
KORLINK is the FREE unofficial app for people that want tofollowtheKorean lessons found on on theirAndroidphone.Not sure how this will work on tablets. *********MAKE SUREYOU AREON AT LEAST VERSION 3.8 ************** *******Youneed tohave a dataplan or access to WIFI in order to use KORLINKwithyour phone.********* ******Due to the overwhelming diversityofphysical Androiddevices on the market, I can only test somany.Your mileage mayvary.****** If you guys find any bugspleaseplease please email meat [email protected] so I can getthemfixed ASAP. Thanks Talk tome in Korean, TTMIK , KORLINK
Stan World: Fandom Party World 1.4.2
Stan World
Are you also a Stan of Kpop, Ppop, Jpop, Vpop and more? Whatifthere’s a world built just for Stans, filled with other Stanslikeus? Welcome to Stan World, the competitive Stan socialnetworkingworld! Unite with your fandom to dominate the world,whilesocializing & interacting with other fans in ways youcan’tanywhere else! - Rank up your ultimate star on the STAN chart- winMAJOR prizes like subway & bus ads, digital ads, you nameit! -Customize your avatar with trending outfits, hairstyles,makeup,and lenses - plus PREMIUM options to go above & beyond!- Makefriends while sharing stories/theories/opinions with fellowfans -it’s time to get social! NEW FEATURES: - Enjoy various typesofStan activities in your fandom’s very own Party Room. -StreamingParties will increase the views of your Star's YouTubevideos, sowhy not stream while watching together in Stan World?It's alwaysmore fun together! - Or simply join a Chat Party andtalk withStanners from all over the world! - Stan together in theParty Roomto earn points - in Stan World, we reward your PASSION!There neverreally was a place that was made just for us, until now.A placefor our community - a space for acceptance, inclusive toALLfandoms from all around the world! Our ultimate goal is todelivera platform that eliminates barriers between fans from acrosstheglobe, meeting & enjoying virtual fan gatherings andeventstogether. Join us & download Stan World. Share with yourfellow(Kpop, Ppop, Jpop, Vpop and more!) fans in your fandom! Ifyou likeStan World, don’t forget to rate this app with 5 stars andleave acomment on your favorite stars. Let’s celebrate passiontogether inStan World, now!
开眼 7.4.6
「开眼 Eyepetizer」是一款汇聚全球优质短视频APP,每日精挑细选优质高清短视频,为你奉上惊艳的视觉盛宴,让你大开眼界。应用内汇聚了旅行运动、创意广告、生活集锦、科普干货等新鲜有趣的视频,给你视觉上的惊艳和了解世界的新方式。「每日精选推荐」每日人工精选出有趣高清短视频和社区用户图片视频创作,看到这个世界此时此刻精彩的瞬间记录和奇思妙想的创意内容。「分享美好瞬间」人人都是创作者,无论是摄影创作、旅行记录、生活集锦、美食探店,向世界展示你眼中理想的生活「发现潮流文化」寻找运动、美食、游戏、旅行、创意等各个领域的新鲜达人和创作,发现志同道合的朋友与明星作者---------------------开眼社区定期还会组织各种新奇有趣的特别活动「开眼周末计划」开眼每周会提供线下精致生活指南专题,帮助对生活、审美有追求的年轻人丰富周末时光。从衣食住行到吃喝玩乐,全方位的玩法等你来探索。「开眼观影团」定期组织用户免费观看电影,目前观影团已经组织「未择之路」、「蚁人2」、「碟中谍6」、「无双」、「影」、「毒液」等线下观影活动,参与社区热门话题,更多机会免费领取「IMAX」电影票看大片。「开眼探险团」开眼会不定期组织一些高品质的户外探险活动,带领大家走出去,大开眼界,目前已经策划组织过「开眼带你去北极」、「开眼带你去南极」等高品质的活动---------------------如果你在使用「开眼 Eyepetizer」时,有任何意见或建议,欢迎通过以下方式联系我们:1. 开眼 Eyepetizer客户端:打开「我的」进入「意见反馈」,填写并提交您的意见 2.关注微信公众号并留言:开眼Eyepetizer 3.关注新浪微博并发送私信:开眼视频官微 如果其他事务的想法和需求,也欢迎联系我们:- 商务合作:[email protected] -加入开眼:[email protected]
SuperStar FNC
Exciting new music game with your favorite artists fromFNCEntertainment!
Exciting new music game with your favorite artists fromJYPENTERTAINMENT!
Kpopway - Kpop Music Radio
Kpopway Radio
Kpopway is a kpop music radio station, broadcasting worldwide 24/7.
KDOL(kpop ranking, Idol ads)
Vote for my idols and gift them subway ads and news articles.
Artists’Card: Live & Concert 2.0.8
What if you are a listener who wants to communicate directlywithartists and listen to their live? You can now enjoy livemusiconline and communicate with artists without going to thevenue.Artists’Card is a live music platform where you can enjoyliveperformances anytime, anywhere. We invite you withArtists’Card! ▶Live music online concert Perform your own liveperformance online.▶ Application song & gift function Requestyour favorite songsfrom artists and give them a virtual gift. ▶Communication withartists Create close relationships with artistsand make friends. ▶Chart Upload your channel and music to the topchart to receivecoins. ▶ Studio for artists Manage live and contentthrough thestudio and exchange gifted gifts. ▶ Cast & ConcertWatch thelive you want to hear again anytime through casts &concerts. ▶Shared album Create and share playlists. Also, enjoyother people'splaylists. [Customer inquiry] If a problem or erroroccurs whileusing the app, please contact us through the [email protected] * 'CoverLala' has been renamedto'Artists’Card'.
Radio Korea: K-POP Radio FM 2.13.4
Radios Color
The best radio app to listen to FM radio and online radio fromSouthKorea! The Korea Radio app allows you to listen to music,KPOP, allKorean FM radios and online radios for free. Theergonomics of RadioKorea have been studied to be the simplest andfastest radioapplication. Features: - Listen to over 500 Koreanradios online -Search for FM radio and internet radio - Filter bythemes, music,KPOP .. - Save your favorite radios - Share a liveradio with yourfriends - Receive a call while using theapplication - Countdownfunction to automatically close theapplication - Chromecastcompatible - Android Auto compatible Donot wait any longer ! Listennow to all online FM radios andinternet radios with the Radio Koreaapp! Please note: The RadioKorea application requires an internetconnection :)
Boy Group Inc : Kpop Star Idol
In the game you will be a company CEO
Vidol - The Best Asia Series
Vidol - Watch this season of your favorite SET shows and thehottestnew dramas.
Cappuccino 1.2.12
Cappuccino is a fun way to share audio stories, life updates,andjokes with close friends and family. Record a short voicememo("bean"). Listen to your Cappuccino (mix of your friends'beans)every morning at 8 am. RECORD A BEAN: tap the microphone andstartrecording. Talk about your day, tell a joke or share a thoughtandsend it to your close friends and family. LISTEN TOYOURCAPPUCCINO: (mix of your friends’ beans) every morning at 8am.SMILE: From the Cappuccino community “Laughing aloud in thestreet”- Melody “The highlight of my day. I smiled the entire time”-Allison “It put a giant smile on my face” - Bryan “Couldn’tstopsmiling” - John “I smiled all along” - Derek
KPOP Story: Idol Manager
Cucumber Co.
Recruit talented idols, form star-studded groups, and top themusiccharts!
7CPLAY (傾心陪玩) 2.0.9
Enjoy various video contents of NaverinHD.Just install once and you can experience Naver’s variety ofvideoson its media player without installing additionalplayers.You will surely experience more optimized and stable servicethanAndroid’s built-in player.※ If you don’t want to install the app, select ‘RegularResolution’on web page to view the videos with built-inplayer.[Key Feature]★Provide various HD videos1) Live sports broadcast : pro-baseball/ major league/EPL,LOL/Starcraft and etc.2) TV Cast Video: provide popular videos including music video&highlights replay3) Variety of special LIVE : music live, news live, TVcastlive4) View video uploaded to Ndrive on a real-timewithoutdownloading!5) Expected to support HD view for Juniver, movies, Naver Castandnews.★Gesture functionSupport volume control, display brightness, expand/minimizevideo& seeking gestures.[Things to note during use]1) Browser exceptions: It might not function normally on DolphinandNinesky.2) It does not support a function for playing video files inmobiledevices.[Customer Support]Please contact the NAVER Customer Center ( answers to questions you may have about the app or toresolveany problems experienced during app use.Thank you for your support on Naver services and we will makeourbest efforts to come back to you with better services.
95Live Worldwide Chinese Live Stream Community 22.04.011
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KQ Quiz: Korean Vocab Quiz 2.0
KQ Quiz is a quiz app to learn Korean vocabulary/ words.It’sforelementary and intermediate Korean learners all over theworld.Ourapp focuses on ONE thing and keeps it simple. Wecreatehighquality vocabulary quizzes to assist your learning. ❖General•Currently, we offer 2 categories of quizzes. Oneisvocabularyabout food and another is vocabulary about culture.•Each week anew quiz set consisting of 7 quizzes will be uploadedtotheapp.(You need to make 1 time purchase to access all newquizzes)•All quizzes are made my Native Korean. ❖ Solving a quiz•Pickcorrect answer out of 3 options • Each quizprovidescorrectanswer, meaning, pronunciation. • We show fun imageandusefulinformation. • We picked similar words as optionstochallenge yourlearning. ❖ Reviewing your progress • The appwillanalyze yourperformance and show your correct %. • You canreviewquizzes yougot wrong separately. • You can save yourfavoritequizzes andreview them later. If you like this app, pleaserate andreview.Your feedback will help us improve our app. ​Pleasesendyourcomments to Email: [email protected] or reach outoninstagram