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Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Auto call recorder is the complete phone call recorder forandroidwith call ID
Call Recorder - Auto Recording
Call Recording Works Well For Any Android Phone.
Call Recorder - CallsBox 5.2
Call Recorder is the best automatic call recording app thatenablesyou to record calls to your Android device automatically.The appalso feature caller ID which will help you identify phonecalls andavoid spam. Take control of your phone calls and chooseCallsBOX,the best phone call recorder app in 2021 with beautifuland moderndesign in latest version. New version for 2021 isavailable.Callrecording key features - phone call recording -caller ididentifies unknown phone numbers - Manual and auto callrecordingboth side voice - Choose between high quality hd MP3 andWAV audioformats - Play audio recorded conversations - Recordingfilteroption enables you to record all calls, contacts or onlyunknownnumbers - Playback through speaker or earpiece on yourdevice -Record incoming and outgoing call EXTRA FEATURES: - Playrecordedaudio Thank you for using Call Recorder - CallsBOX
Automatic Call Recorder
The best way to record your phone calls.
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Cube Apps Ltd
Call recorder, Record phone calls, Signal, WhatsApp, Viber,Callrecording app
Call Recorder Automatic 1.1.308
Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone.This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recordingapp forandroid, Record any phone call you want, Choose which usersorincoming\outgoing phone calls to record and choose which callsyouwant to save or share. Key Features: * Call Recorder automatic-record all your calls on auto-pilot. * Easily manage allyourrecordings. * Play back, or Share your phone recordings *Sortrecordings by names or group by dates. * Reveal ID's ofunknowncallers automatically Try it Now!
Call Recorder
Recording your calls automatically.
Call Recorder
Perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3 files. Blockunwantedcalls!
Automatic Call Recorder Pro
The best way to record your phone calls.
Call Recorder - IntCall ACR
Records phone calls and VoIP, track an active calls &anonymousvoice recorder
CallApp: Caller ID & Recording
Caller ID, spam call blocker & phone call recordings.Alwaysknow who calls🇺🇸
Call Blocker & Call Recorder - CallMaster 5.8
Phone Call Recorder, Spam Call Blocker, Call Filter and Caller idina single app free app - CallMaster. CallMaster blocks spam callsandthe following types of flagged calls from our database: blockspamcalls, block robocalls, spam likely, scam call blocker,andpotential fraud calls. CallMaster also includes a CallRecorderthat enables you to record all your calls easily. KeyFeatures: ★Spam Call Blocker ★ Easy to use call recorder -recording ofincoming and outgoing calls ★ Call Filter ★ Blockunknown callers ★Telemarketing, spam and robocall blocker ★ CallFilter fromblacklist on your device. ★ Block calls from ourextensive spamdatabase. ★ Caller ID With CallMaster you can recordall your callseasily, block spam calls, phone numbers and contactsfrom yourphone book or dialer. Thank you for using Caller ID, CallBlocker& Call Recorder - CallMaster * Please note that the userof theapp is responsible to adhere to local laws andregulationsregarding the consent for recording calls.
True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder
Hamster Beat
The best T9 phone and extremely powerful contact manager withdualSIM support!
Caller ID & Dialer by Simpler 10.5
Simpler Dialer is the fastest dialer foryourandroid phone, powered with: Caller ID, spam block, smartcontactssearch, call log history, T9 and beautiful themes.MAIN FEATURES○ Always see who’s calling - Identify unknown callersinreal-time○ Block spam calls - identify spam callers and telemarketers○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ Quickly call to your frequently used contacts○ Clean & intuitive design○ Over 40 beautiful themes availableCALLER ID + BLOCK SPAM○ Identify unknown incoming calls even if it’s notyourcontact○ Block unwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers,fraud,etc.○ Identify unknown callers also in your call history○ Copy a number anywhere and Simpler will tell you who it isSMART DIALER○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers○ Quickly find the contacts you needFAVORITES + CALL LOG○ One tap to call your favorite contacts○ Quickly call to your frequently used contactsAVAILABLE IN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGESEnglish, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.),中文(Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands,Русский,Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT US○ We would love to hear your feedback○ Let us know what do you think about
Voice Recorder - Dictaphone 2.9
Dictaphone (Automatic Voice Recorder) is an easy to use andfreeappthat helps you to record, organize and store your audiofilesin abeautiful and intuitive user interface. Automaticsilencedetectionhelps you to skip silence intervals and to reducethesize of audiofiles. Automatic Dropbox or GoogleDrivesynchronization ensuresthat once recorded, you files areuploadedto the cloudautomatically. Always be prepared to record alongmeeting, speech,personal note, night snoring or yourfriend’skaraoke solo :) Note:this is not a Call Recorder app. Forcallrecording function youmight take a look at our other appcalled:“Automatic CallRecorder”- features include: ★ Automatic Dictaphone Recorder★AutomaticSilence detection and skipping. ★ Manualsilencesensitivity control.★ Manual and AutomaticDropboxSynchronization. ★ Manual andAutomatic GoogleDriveSynchronization. ★ Adjustable audio quality(8kHz – 44kHz)★Save/Pause/Resume/Cancel recording control. ★Backgroundrecordingwith recording and playback controls in thenotificationbar. ★Favorite recordings list. ★ Share a recording viaemailandWhatsApp. We want to hear from you! Please emailcommentsandsuggestions to [email protected] Privacy: SMSROBOTLIMITEDwillnever rent or sell Your PERSONAL INFORMATION. Weappreciateyourenthusiasm for our products and services, and wepromise nottoabuse that trust. We make this promise because weunderstandjusthow much you value your privacy. You can check ourprivacypolicyhere:
Phone + Contacts & Calls
Caller id and contact manager with support for 2 SIM cards.
Call Blocker - Blacklist app
Block unwanted calls and calls from unknown numbers.
ACR Phone
Privacy respecting phone dialer app with SIP and callrecordingsupport
Showcaller: Caller ID & Block
Caller id & call recorder help to identify true id callernameand record calls
Caller ID, Phone Number Lookup
Reverse phone lookup, call blocker, know who called me andblockspam calls.
Voice Recorder
Introducing our long-awaited new Voice Recorder application.
Voice Recorder Pro
Splend Apps
Easy to use Voice Recorder with high audio quality.
Simple Dialer: Phone Calls
Manage phone calls with this simple phone dialer app with phonebook
Voice Recorder: Audio Recorder
Professional voice recording with noise cancellation and cutaudiorecording.
TapeACall: Phone Call Recorder 4.0
TapeACall is a leading phone call recorder for those whovaluetheirtime and want to stay on top of all situations. Recordanytype ofincoming and outgoing phone calls in a tap! Whether it isabusinesscall, interview, client’s call, bullies, or adailyconversation -all the information from a voice call can nowberecorded in audioformat and stored securely on your mobiledevice.TapeACall is lovedby on-the-go professionals who make manyphonecalls, journalistswho are on a deadline, content creators whoarelooking for theirnext piece, consumers who holdbusinessesaccountable, friends whoare documenting memories, andmany more!"Whether you'reinterviewing someone for an upcoming storyortaking minutes for abig conference call, you may findyourselfhaving to record aconversation. In three easy steps,TapeACallallows you to securelyrecord any phone call." - BusinessInsider"... a solid callrecording program that gives you just abouteveryfeature you couldwant and then some, from saveable MP3stostraightforward setup anduse." - Gizmodo TapeACall'scrystal-clearaudio quality and fastprocessing speeds will ensureyou never letany detail fall throughthe cracks. With TapeACall, youcan skiptaking call notes and focuson your phone call! Protectyourself ina world where access tonecessary information is the keyto successand safety. Record phonecalls with this handy callrecorder, anddon’t miss a word! 📞UNLIMITED CALL RECORDING - Recordincoming andoutgoing calls inhigh quality - Make as many recordingswithTapeACall recorder asyou wish - Record conversation of anylength📝 EXCLUSIVETRANSCRIPTION TOOL - Transcribe recorded callsintotext - Copy andshare your transcriptions *transcription fromthelanguage of yourdevice only 📼 RECORDING OF SCHEDULED CALLS-Record zoom meetingautomatically - Synchronization withGoogleCalendar 📤 EASY TRANSFER- Automatic transfer of yourcallrecordings to your new devices -Easily download the recordingtoyour computer - Ability to uploadaudio files to Dropbox,Evernote,Google Drive - Email recordingstaken during a phone calltoyourself as MP3 files - Sharerecordings via SMS, Facebook&Twitter directly from your callrecorder 📲 COMFORTABLE STORAGE-Label new call recordings so youcan easily find them - Accessthedesired recording as soon as youhang up - Play any recordinginthe background ⭐️ ADDITIONALSERVICES - Information aboutcallrecording laws - Automatic pushnotifications take you totherecording - Customer service with realhumans always readytohandle a conversation about the telephonerecorder and it'sissues- Developers that care about theircustomers and do their besttomake the recorder as qualitative aspossible - New callrecorderfeatures added on an ongoing basis ☝️NOTE: TapeACallrecorderrequires your carrier to support 3-waycalling. SimpleTalkand H2oWireless do NOT offer this in the US.Subscribe to Premiumtoaccess all the features of the callrecorder. OurstandardSubscription Plans are: * 1-Year Subscriptionwith a 7-dayfreetrial * 1-Month Subscription with a 7-day freetrial *Asubscription with a free trial will automatically renew toapaidsubscription unless you cancel the subscription before theendofthe free trial period. * Cancel a free trialorsubscriptionanytime through your account settings on theGooglePlay Store andcontinue to enjoy the premium content until theendof thefree-trial period or paid subscription!PrivacyPolicy: TermsofService:
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe 3.2.3
Forget about traditional phonebook apps!Webring your contacts & apps together to one place,that’saccessible from all your screens. Wish to contact a friend?Dial ortext anyone? record calls?" Swipe the contact to the app& getin touch! Simple.New: a built-in call recorder, caller ID to track & blockSPAMcalls & a Theme Gallery!drupe app supports: Deutsch, English, Español, Français,Italiano,Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Pусский,Türkçe, norsk,український, עברית , العربية, हिन्दी, 日本語, 한국어.Dial, text, record calls or reach anyone on your contact list,usingany app!★ Smart dialer - Cross app dialing made fast &easy★ A built-in call recorder - NEW ACR! Record incomingoroutgoing calls!★ A smart caller ID tracker & blocker to find outunknownnumbers - drupe ID identifier will help you with thesearch& the tracking of call spammers + with adding them toyourblacklist: Show the details of telemarketers or unknown&private mobile numbers who called you. Stop the blindness-Know"who is calling me" at any given time, see the details ofmissedunknown calls. Uncover the names of people or businesses whocallyou, and avoid unwanted calls.★ Organize your address book / Phonebook - solvetheduplicate Google contacts issues. No more phone bookmess...★ All from one place -Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, walkietalkie,Facebook Messenger, Skype, telephone… are all in, and therearemore.★ Unified “recent” feed –Track your recent communicationlog- call log, SMS, Walkie -talkie audio messages, WhatsApp,FacebookMessenger and more. Reverse lookup those unknown numbers inyourcall history★ Contact based reminders – Set reminders, time orcontextrelated.★ Missed calls manager – Get back to your missed callsviacall, SMS, whatsapp or else. Snooze for later orsetreminders★ An integrated call blocker – Trace, discover and blockanycaller or number whether unknown, spam, scams, robocallsortelemarketers, expose their name and details & immediatelymoveon to blocking them!★ A built in call recorder – Record both sides of thevoiceconversation (caller and receiver), Choose if to record allcalls,or turn on the call recorder only when needed.________❄ A true cross app dialer with T9 & dual SIM❄ A CallerID ( identification ) finder & anti-spam add on,toalways identify the traces and identity of each true callernamebehind unknown or private calls. Always know who's callingandcontrol your callers!❄ Contact based reminders❄ A built-in auto call recorder for incoming & outgoing callsinyour cell (ACR)❄ Missed calls manager - Answer missed calls or set reminders. +acaller-ID locator.❄ A unified recent communications log – calls, SMS, messagingandmore❄ An automatic favorites view❄ A semi-transparent trigger icon is always with you –activatedwith one swipe to access your dialer or contacts❄ Works Seamlessly with your native Android functions: Call,SMS,Calendar, Email & More.❄ Integrated with: WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Tango &manymore❄ Choose from a bunch of amazing free themes and customizeyourdrupe and cell phone look❄ Easy search - Reach all your contacts from the main screen.Searchalso through typing numbers in the dialer.❄ Customize your favorites and communication appsbypreference❄ Get help with updating relevant contact info – smart searchforyour friends in Skype, Facebook and moreFollow us for updates and news:Facebook - -
Caller ID, Phone Dialer, Block
Ayamote Team
Caller ID app helps find the true caller id name and blockspamcalls & SMS
CRM, Caller ID, Sales & Leads Tracker by Calls.AI 1.12.4
Calls.AI is a free sales CRM app & Caller ID from thecreatorsofSync.Me, trusted by millions to block spam phone callsandorganizecalls. Grow your business and get full insightsaboutcallers,customers & contacts. Add reminders, tasks,notes,tags, andfollow-ups to any call and easily handle yourentirepersonal CRMpipeline on the go. Turn leads into customerswithCalls.AI - A freeCRM app & Caller ID that will help youblockspam phone calls,identify phone calls, track and manageclients,customers, leads, andyour entire business sales processwith ease.Calls.AI sales CRM app& Caller ID is A must-have CRMapp forevery salesperson,self-employed, freelancer, small andmediumbusiness owners includingrealtors, real estatebrokers,consultants, agents, sales managers,marketing associates,etc.PERSONAL CRM & SALES APP Turn yourmobile phone into asmartCRM software to close more deals, increasecustomersatisfactionand client engagement, manage your contacts,and muchmore. WithCalls.AI CRM app, you can arrange callers andcontacts bygroupsand tags to enable you to track leads and theentire salesCRMpipeline of your business. Send leads and customersinstantpriceproposals through multiple messaging channels directlyfromthemobile CRM app. Customizable Digital Business CardsPCreateyourown personalized and fully customizable digitalbusinesscardinstantly with the Calls.AI CRM app. Upload yourcompanylogo,contact information, and any other relevant informationtocreate adigital business card. Insert a call-back link soyourleads andcustomers can let you know when is the best time toreachthem.CALLER ID & CALL BLOCKER Identify & blockunknowncallers,spam phone calls, or robocalls and never misspotentialcustomersand sales opportunities. Block annoying robocallsand spamcallsfrom telemarketers by using the world’s best Caller IDserviceonAndroid. Discover rich insights from your phonecalls,includingtheir work history, education, job titles,companydetails, andsocial media profiles. Use this knowledge tounderstandyourcustomers to create more successful relationships andclosemoredeals. REMINDERS, TASKS, FOLLOW-UPS & NOTES Don't missasalesopportunity with Calls.AI. Create tasks, notes,reminders,andfollow-ups directly from any phone call and manageyour salesCRM.Use smart tags to turn phone calls into tasks, leads,orcustomers,and stay in touch with prospects. Always stay on topofyour salespipeline - Access your contacts, create reminders&tasks, andtake meeting notes wherever you are. Sync.AI. willhelpyou focuson the right contacts and give you more control overyoursalesresults. You can also add customized notes or summariesduringorafter each call, and then add your notes toourCalendar.AIbusiness calendar app. Calls.AI is the perfect salesCRMapp formedium and small business owners who areconstantlyhandlingunknown phone calls and then must instantlycreate notesand tasksdirectly on their mobile phones. Turn yourmobile into apowerfulCRM now! Head out to sales meetings with alltheinformation youneed about clients and customers stored directlyinCall.AI’s salesCRM app. More info about your contacts meansmoresales, so whatare you waiting for? Download Calls.AI -YourPersonal Sales CRM& Caller ID app! Use our advanceddataenriched to help younavigate your customer and sales pipeline.Jointhe thousands ofother business owners who trust their CRM andsalesto Calls.AI!Start using our free sales CRM app to improve yourleadmanagement,lead tracking, sales pipeline, follow-ups, and growyourbusiness.If you have any questions or feedback, [email protected]
iCallScreen - iOS Phone Dialer
iCallScreen - Enjoy the iPhone Dialer / Dialpad on yourAndroiddevice.
Caller ID & Call Blocker
Find the true caller, block spam calls & call blocker.
Eyecon Caller ID & Spam Block
Caller ID App! Add names & photos to unknown calls &CallRecording
Call Control - SMS/Call Blocker. Block Spam Calls!
Block Spam, Robocalls & Telemarketers with this SMS /CallBlocker & Caller ID
Call Log Analytics, History Manager, Tags & Notes
Phone Dialer. Call log analysis, statistics & reports.Unlimitedcall log backup
Wear Audio Recorder
Handy and functional voice recorder for the smartphones andAndroidWear watches! Record your conversations, lectures, meetingsandanything you want with very simple and intuitive interface. Theappis designed both for watches and smartphones. Features: ·Theall-new Material design; · Sound quality customisation (choiceofthe optimal modes); · Dropbox & Google drive · Add photostoyour recordings. · Echo suppression and noise filtering,silenceskipping; · Work in the background (when the display isoff); ·Autostart when you start; · Invisible Recording (replaces aniconin the notification bar, so nobody can see that the recordingislaunched) · Synchronise the watch (if any); · Manageaudiorecordings (share, delete, rename) · Tags If the app can'tstart dorecording on the watch it is because the app hasn'tpermissions.You should enable permissions on the watch. Settings->Permissions -> Audio Recorder. But you can see that youcan'tenable permissions. It is because different app openedtransparentwindow at fullscreen. Some users sent me descriptionsthat canhelp: It comes from the Wear App: "Wear minilauncher" or"Feel TheWear - Notifications" Steps: 1 I temporarily disabled it 2I gaveyou app file writing and microphon permissions (fromwatch>Parameters>Authorizations>Audio recorder 3 The"screenoverlay detected" does not show anymore, (with or withoutWearminilauncher activation) for obviously it does not need toaskanymore permissions already given Important! A moto 360 has abug.At the time when a watch activated an opportunity to say"okgoogle" mic stops working in other applications, despite thefactthat the recording is already underway. If you turn offthedisplay, go to the Settings menu, or open any other application(itis important that there were no available "ok google")soundrecording is restored. For normal operation, you should keeptheapp open. Help make a bettertranslation: positively noted in publications followingeditions: The10 Coolest Smartwatch Apps of 2015 (SoFar) Android Wear smartwatch apps2015 New Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 7/22/14 -8/1/14 apps for AndroidWear best Android Wear apps for the LG G Watch and SamsungGearLive 'Android Wear'Apps Appofthe day: Wear Audio Recorder forAndroid the Best Android WearApps
Voice Recorder
Splend Apps
Easy to use Voice Recorder with high audio quality.
Hiya - Caller ID & Block 10.0.1-8147
Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) CallBlockSecurity identifies the calls you want to take and blocksthenumbers and texts you want to avoid. Hiya is free (no ads!), andisincredibly easy to use.Block calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers and SMS textmessages,reverse phone search incoming call information andreceive spamalerts.Hiya is powered by a database of hundreds of millions ofphonenumbers and millions of happy Hiya users who depend on theappdaily.KEY FEATURES• Caller ID: Take calls from people you want to talk to andfromfriends not in your phone book.• Call Block / Spam Blocker: Blacklist robocalls and spam, andblocktelemarketers or scammers by sending them straight tovoicemail.Control your privacy with an automatic call blocker thatlets youblacklist unwanted numbers.• Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call isspam.Easily report fraudulent numbers to help warn others.• Unknown Callers: Identify unknown callers in real-time.• SMS Caller ID: Identify unknown SMS text messages, even iftheyare not from someone in your contacts.• Reverse phone lookup: Perform a reverse phone search on anunknownnumber to find out if it is spam, fraudulent, or alegitimatecaller.COMMUNITYFacebook: https://instagram/hiyaincThe SMS text blocker feature is currently not supported fordeviceswith Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher.Hiya Caller ID & Call Block (formerly Whitepages Caller ID&Security Call Blocker) is brought to you by Hiya Inc.Utilizing thepower of the Hiya database that has hundreds ofmillions of phonenumbers, you’ll know the true caller behind morecalls and SMStexts. Hiya is a Google Play Top Developer that iscommitted todelivering best in class free security, caller ID,call block, spam& virus protection.
Smart Sound Recorder
Dreams Room
Easy to record sound anytime and anywhere. Convenient both forlifeand work
Caller ID | Clever Dialer 1.30.2
Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest way to identify andblockunknown callers. Actively protect yourself from spam andunwantedcalls. We are sorry, but we cannot resolve suppressedphonenumbers! We care about your privacy and that of yourfriends.Unlike some other apps, we DO NOT upload your address bookcontactsto our servers! Features: ★ handy caller ID with lots offunctions★ automatic identification of unknown phone numbers ★real-timeidentification of unknown callers ★ caller ID / phonenumberidentification via internet search and telephone directory★automatically adds all calls to call history ★ identifyspamcallers: warns against cost traps and other annoying spam calls★Identify spam caller even if you have no internet connection(offline spam identification ) ★ block spam callers: simplyaddannoying callers to your Blocked list ( call blocker ) ★blocksnumber ranges ★ Clever Dialer’s basic functions are free andalwayswill be ★ secure information: we protect your privacyOnlineBooking (*) Clever Dialer can use telephone numbers ofcontacts todetermine whether a restaurant offers onlinereservations orwhether you can book an appointment online with adoctor orhairdresser. These numbers are not stored outside themobile phone.(*) Currently, only available in selected countries.In addition,we display contacts in the speed dial and contacts listof the app.With Clever Dialer spam callers don't stand a chance.Incomingcalls are being checked against our extensive spam callerdatabase.The Clever Dialer community helps us staying on top ofthings.Every user can report spam calls, so even numbers that spamonlyvery recently are included. Want to block your boss or exspouse?With Clever Dialer you can block any number you want and getyourprivacy back. Unknown numbers can mean trouble. That’s whyspamrecognition is Clever Dialer’s most important feature. Becauseifan unknown caller wants to annoy you, we’ll find out who it is.Byworking with various partners, Clever Dialer can identifytelephonenumbers as spam and block them – making it the ideal adblocker.Someone ringing from a call center can be identified forexample,and the app can block the associated phone numbers. Thisworks,even if you have no internet connection because all spamnumbersare stored in your app and updated as soon as you areonline. Thisway you are protected even if you are offline. With thecallblocker, you don’t have to bother with unknown numbers fromcallcenters – identify spam and simply block the numbers – itmakeslife so much easier :) It’s also possible to review thecallerstraight after the call. If you feel harassed, you can givethecaller a bad review and also leave a comment directly.Everybodyelse benefits too because this means that the app warnseven moreeffectively against annoying spam callers. Naturally, youcan givea positive review and comments after a call, too.Numberrecognition not only shows you unknown spam numbers but alsoallowsyou to block unknown callers. Identify calls and add thenumbers tothe Blocked list – then there’s no chance that thosenumbers canever reach you again. Your telephone won’t ring if youreceive acall from someone on the Blocked list – because the apprecognizesthe caller and instantly blocks the call. Your telephonewon’t ringif you receive a call from someone on the Blocked list –becausethe app recognizes the caller and instantly blocks the call.Weguarantee you that we treat your contact details responsibly.Wewill never upload your data or disclose them in any other way.Ifyou have questions, problems or ideas, please visit ourwebsite or contact [email protected]
voice recorder - pro recorder
voice recorder, record audio easily
Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker
Vlad Lee
"Calls Blacklist" is both a call blocker andanSMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages fromunwanted,private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.If you are tired of annoying calls or messages: telemarketing,spamand robocalls, then "Calls Blacklist" is your solution. It isveryeasy and lightweight, yet powerful call blocker.✔️ Block calls and SMS using blacklist.✔️ Block unknown numbers.✔️ Block private/hidden numbers.✔️ Block a range of numbers using the "Begins with" option.✔️ Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers.✔️ Block all numbers.✔️ Use "Whitelist" to prevent block of certain people.✔️ Icon in the status bar can be turned off.✔️ Get notifications of blocking or turn them off.✔️ "Schedule": specify time to block calls or messages.✔️ "Log" of blocking.✔️ Save/load blacklist.✔️ Turn on/off blacklist.✔️ Robust call blocker and SMS blocker.If you have any questions about the app, please let us knowbye-mail: [email protected]
Nize - Caller ID, Call Blocker 1.0.50
Cube Apps Ltd
Nize is an easy-to-use caller ID reader and free spam callblockerfor Android, which enables you to get contact info on who’scallingyou, block robocalls, screen calls from blocklistednumbers,customize the app UI based on your preferences by switchingbetweenthe Light & Dark theme, and more. Features: - Utilize“Whocalled me” functionality - Trap call spam using the smartspamshield & robocall blocker - Benefit from using theeasy-to-usecall screener - Get offline access to a global calldetectordatabase - Switch between the light and dark app themesLeveragingrobust reverse lookup features, Nize enables you toidentify anunknown caller ID and determine a real caller name fast& easy,even if you missed the call itself. Using the app, youcan getinstant alerts, identify and easily block spam, robocalls,pingcalls, aggressive advertising, annoying survey requests,harassmentcalls, etc. It’s also possible to create custom callblock listsbased on your call log history. In such a way, you won’teven needto bother with getting unwanted calls, since the in-appscreenerwill block numbers from the created list automatically.Moreimportantly, Nize enables you to identify unknown phonenumberseven if you're offline - in a massive database, availablefor yourreverse phone lookup free. And last but not least, you canget yourspam call blocker free with Nize, hence accessing itsadvanced callprotect features without paying a dime. Nize requiresthe followingapp permissions: * Call log - enables app access toyour call logand a caller's phone number. * Phone - allowsidentifying incomingand outgoing calls. * Contacts - enables theapp to determine, ifyou already know a caller. Note! Nize does NOTcollect, store, ordisclose your Phone contact list to any thirdparties! * Overlay(run over other apps) - enables the display of anincoming callerID on the call screen. How to get started? Nizeenables you toconfigure a wide array of settings the first timeyou’re using theapp. Let’s see how it works. 1. Open Nize. 2. Signup using yourphone number.* *An SMS with a 6-digit verificationwill be sent onyour device. 3. Enter the code you received toverify your phonenumber. 4. Grant the required permissions to theapp. 5. Downloadthe up-to-date offline database for easier phonenumber lookup,whenever you like, even with no Internet connection.6. Configurestability and usability features: * Disable batteryoptimization -switch on the feature to prevent Nize to ensure theproper calleridentification. * Block calls from low-rated numbers -switch onthis feature to stop spam calls from phone numbers with atwo-starrating or less. 7. Personalize app settings (e.g. switch totheDark theme), if needed. Get yourself the free spam blockerforAndroid with Nize!
CallerID: Phone Call Blocker
Caller ID, Phone Dialer, Spam Call Blocker, Contacts Merge&Backup.
Yolla: International Calling
International calling app. Save on international calls. Callmobile& landline.
Easy Voice Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder is your everyday companion to recordimportantmoments.
Full Screen Caller ID
Full Screen Caller ID shows a full screen image of the person whoiscalling you
Voice Recorder Pro
Voice recorder - Audio recorder. Best recorder for recording.Proversion no ads
Flash on Call and SMS 1.33
Flash Alert allows you to blink the device's flashlight whenyoureceive phone call or SMS text or app notifications. A veryusefulapp for those who are not always allowed to play on the phonein ameeting or in a quiet area. Features : ★ You can on/offFlashlight. ★ You can set Flash on/off duration to be slow orfastfor incoming Call or SMS text or app notifications. ★ You cansetto work in different phone modes ( Ring, Vibrate, Silent ) ★Youcan schedule DND when to start, when to end. ★ Turn offflashalerts when battery low, help you save battery. ★ Set flashalertsfor any other installed app notifications. Feedback If youlikeflash on call and SMS, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the loveinreviews
voice recorder 44.3
best recorder for voice recording with high qualityvoicerecorderapplication is simple and easy to use. You canreliablyrecord yourmeetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures,songs withhighquality. There is no time limits just depend onyourremainingspace of internal storage or SD card. Features: -recordyourmeetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs-beautifuluser interface, easy to understand. - support highqualityformatfile: mp3 - store file on internal storage or SD card- havelistof files with basic functions: search, arrange -havedeletefunction, share function (via email, sms, mms,facebook,whatsapp,dropbox, etc.), view detail information - mp3encodingwithadjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz) - recording inbackground(evenwhen display is off) - microphone tool to adjust thesensitive-save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control -functiontoedit recording files by cutting some parts not needed-showremaining space of internal storage or SD card - notsupportcallrecorder