Top 19 Games Similar to Touch Math

Jadi Pintar 3.1
Permainan ini adalah jenis menyamakan duabuahgambar atau huruf.Terdapat 5 mode permainan yang dapat kamu pilih.Selain menyamakan gambar, permainan ini juga dapat dimainkandenganmendengarkan suaranya.Dibuat di Yogyakarta,20 Oktober 2013SiswaMediaThis game is kindofequate the two pictures or letters.There are 5 game modes you can choose from.In addition to equalize images, this game can also be playedbylistening to his voice.Created in Yogyakarta,October 20, 2013SiswaMedia
Cerdas Matematika 1.6
Game ini merupakan kuismatematikauntukanakusia12 tahun ke atas dan orang dewasa.Dengan game ini kamu akan mudah dancepatmengertitentangoperasipenjumlahan, pengurangan, perkaliandanpembagian.Terdapat 3 jenis game yang dapat kamu mainkan.Dibuat di Yogyakarta,19 Desember 2013,SiswaMediaThis game isamathquizforchildren aged 12 years and over and adults.With this game you will easily and quicklyunderstandtheoperationsofaddition, subtraction, multiplication anddivision.There are three types of games that you can play.Created in Yogyakarta,December 19, 2013,SiswaMedia
Multiplication Table Kids Math
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 12,easyand fun. Math game for your kids.Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solvemultiplytest and pass school exam.It's a cool math game which helps learningmultiplicationtables.Improve your grades at school and master that kids math test!Test your brain and solve mathematics quiz.✔ With this math app your maths homework won’t be aproblemanymore!Kids learn multiplication table away from school. Multiplyyourgrades!♥ 4 Times Tables modes: adventure, study, math challengeandduel.Play a cool kids math quiz duel with your friend(splitscreen)★ Easy and hard math puzzles. Easy children schoolmultiplicationtables and hard math equations (addition,subtraction)It's a cool educational math game which helps kids inlearningmultiplication tables. Test your brain, raise your IQ andsolvemathematics quiz.This app will help you to graduate!In story mode you have limited time for each multiplicationtable,try to pass a mathematics quiz with no mistakes and you’llget a 3star score!Don’t worry, along the test you’ll find many helpful boosts.In challenge mode you can test your skills!Try to get the highest possible score and then improveyourgrade!Compete with friends who’s the best math kid in class!Times tables can be easy and cool. Take your best guessandmultiply.Learn maths tables while playing!Help your child make progress in school math.Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember themathmultiplication tables!We give you an app about math kids will love!You won’t be able to stop playing times tables.In kids school mathematics, a multiplication table (a timestable)is a mathematical table used to define a multiplicationoperationfor an algebraic system. Math quiz is an educational gameforeveryone!
Math: Mental Math Games
Do you want to know math tricks andforgetabout calculator in your daily live? This math trainer appwillhelp you to get math skills and learn mental math. Learn andtrainmath in cool math games!Unique functionality: listen 🔈 math problems and answer byvoice!🎤The app has collected the most effective mental calculationmathtricks. It’s designed as an interactive tutorial with mathgamesfor your brain, where you get acquainted with each method, andthenpractice it having different types of brain workouts. Studyofmental arithmetic tricks will be an exciting brain trainingmathgames for your: solve tasks, get degrees, win starsandtrophiesThe application will be useful for all ages:- students and kids - to master the basics of mathematicsandarithmetic, learn multiplication table, prepare for math testsandexams, learn how to fold, subtract, multiply, divide,squarecalculate percentages- adults - to keep their mind and brain in good shape,improveresults in iq test, quickly solve logic games🎓 Learning:- Study mental calculation tricks for addition,subtraction,multiplication, division, square root, percentage ofsingle digitsand double digits (support for triple digits will beadded infuture releases)🏁 Training:- train quality by passing an exam to get bachelor's, master'sorprofessor’s degree- train speed by solving 10 tasks as fast as you can to getcopper,silver or gold cup- train complexity by solving as much tasks as you wantwithconfigurable complexity- train result by solving as much tasks as you can in 60seconds(brainstorm)- train endurance by solving as much tasks as you want withouttimelimits- work on mistakes🎮 Online multiplayer:- invite friends to play- play with your friends and random players🍭 Other:- Achievements and leaderboards (supported by devices withGooglePlay Games)- Statistics of all achievements (degrees, cups, stars)- Invite friends using your personal invite code that can besharedvia social networking websites, email or using any convenientforyou way- free upgrade 🎁 to Pro version without Ads after invite of3friends⌚️ Smartwatch:- solve as much random tasks as you can in 60 seconds- current and best score- best score synchronization between wear and handhelddevices- rating between all users with wearable devices- open the app on handheld from smartwatchMath can be cool and fun. Check it!
Math Games for kids: addition 09.01.003
Perfect for Preschool & Elementary school: countinggames,numbers, addition ...
First Grade Math Learning Game 6.3
Play to learn math combining activities with funny pictures.1stGrade Math Game
Battleship - Math Game (Free) 2.3.3
The Battleship is a cool math game thatbringstogether the environment and rules of naval battle game withthemultiplication tables system. After locating enemy ships,youshould destroy them responding correctly multiplicationequationsthat is generated through the point of intersectionbetween thehorizontal and vertical coordinates. A fun andinteresting way tolearn multiplication tables.*** If you like Battleship - Multiplication Tables Game,pleasesupport us with a 5-Star Review! Thank you in advance!***
Math Games 42
Train your brain with this math app
Mental Arithmetic 9.3
Calculations that will lead you to the highest level ofmentalarithmetic.
Math Search Puzzle 1.00.11
"Math Search" for kids reach out from other math gamesbyit'soriginality. It is a math puzzle game to help kids andallthefamily memorizing addition table and multiplication tableinafunny brain challenging game. Like a traditional wordsearchgame,you must find the hidden math expression in a grid. Asyoucollectall the stars, you keep repeating the math in yourheadandmemorizing it effectively. This is the bestadditionandmultiplication table brain challenging puzzle game forallthefamily. A must in your math games library. Memory lovestolearnbut continually reading and learning additionandmultiplicationtable can be boring over time. This is what thisgameis about:Read addition and multiplication table expressions asmanytime aspossible without even knowing you're doing it. Best, youarehavingfun doing it. - Develop kids brain skillslikeconcentration,observation and logic - Math search in achallengingbut funny mathgames - The best method for kids to learnandmemorize additiontables and multiplication tables - 3 levelsforeach expression,starting with a small easy grid to a hardergridwith moreexpressions to search for - Easy progression to keepkidsand allthe family playing and learning for hours - Classicmodemakes yousearch for mixed addition and multiplication in thegrid -Can bemuch more challenging than you think ! - A differentand coolwayof learning compared to other math games for kidsVisitourFacebook page to get more details and giveyoursuggestions:
Racing Addition Kids Math Lite 1.0.8
Race across the world while working onyouraddition skills! Racing Addition Lite is a fun math game forkids.Choose one of two racing cars (more available in the fullversion)and then start the game! The object is to correctly answeradditionproblems as fast as you can, and every correct answer movesyourcar one step closer to the finish line. Each level you will goheadto head against one of the other vehicles. As the levelsincrease,so does the difficulty of the opponent and the problems.In addition to the racing game, there is also a flash cardmodeand a practice mode.Flash card mode is like having a deck of addition flash cardsonyour phone or tablet. You can move through the deck byeitherhitting the next button or by flicking the flash card itselfwith afinger. To show the answer, just tap the flash card. Theoptionsallow you to choose between easy, medium, and hard problemlevelsthat coincide with the progressive difficulty levels in theracinggame.Practice mode is the rated version of flashcard mode - youhaveto enter the answer for each problem using the provided numberpad.It also keeps track of how many math problems you've gottenrightand wrong.Upgrade to the full version of Racing Addition where you willgetmore options for cars, difficulty levels, and no ads!So what are you waiting for? This app is great forstudentslearning elementary mathematics! Students can casually gothroughflashcard and practice mode, or they can race through over25levels of educational fun! Last but not least, this is thefreeversion, so give it a try!
Learn Algebra Bubble Bath Game 56
Learn Algebra quickly. Play a game and study Math at the same time.
Math Workout - The Challenge 2.0
HyperDimBrain: lots of math exercises to train your brain!
cool math fun kids Game puzzle 4.7.2
james mimad
The cool math games is the best maths gamesfunfor primary math fun kids Game puzzle and Math game is a gameverysimple and Humicah, help children learn addition andsubtractionoperations at high speed and high accuracyThe game is very simple and has several features are:Easy, saluting understood by young and old and uncomplicatedContain multiple levels, it starts out simple start has beenmoreand more difficultContaining assorted colorsIt works on all types of devices that operate Android systemYou can share the results with your friendsThe list of online LeaderboardAnd many more featuresIf you like the game do not forget to vote for uswithfive-starA cool math fun kids Game puzzle is a multiplayer game whoserules,strategies, and outcomes are defined by clearmathematicalparameters. Often, such games have simple rules andmatchprocedures, such as Tic-tac-toe and Dots and Boxes. Generally,coolmath fun kids Game puzzle need not be conceptually intricatetoinvolve deeper computational underpinnings. For example,eventhough the rules of Mancala are relatively basic, the game canberigorously analyzed through the lens of combinatorialgametheory.Mathematical games differ sharply from mathematical puzzlesinthat mathematical puzzles require specific mathematicalexpertiseto complete, whereas mathematical games do not require adeepknowledge of mathematics to play. Often, the arithmetic coreofmathematical games is not readily apparent to players untrainedtonote the statistical or mathematical aspects.Some mathematical games are of deep interest in the fieldofrecreational mathematics.
sums Kids 15.0.0
educational game for children of sums
Game Algebra for class 8 1.3
You have the formula of algebra for thisgameand pieces of an equation. The equation uses your formula. Youmustguess values of a,b and c. You must use Drag and Drop for therightanswer. You can use tips. Sometimes the tip is the rightanswer.The tip has a red background. Use the black button near thefacefor the tip. When you use the tip, you spend the face. You cangetthe face when you have right answer without the tips.
Math Workout - Game (free)
Math games are cool and addictive. This gameisfor smart ones -)Improve your math skills!Do you think that you are really good at mathematics?Check it out with this amazing programm.This is the best math trainer.All exercises are absolutely random. You can't predict theanswerwithout solving a math problem. Difficulty grows slowly. Butevenvery clever adult will find his weaknesses after playing thisgamefor an hour. Everyone need to train mathematical skills. Keepyourbrain sharp and do it in a fun way!Game has 4 modes EASY, MEDIUM, HARD & SURVIVAL.Survival mode is timed mode. But every right answer gives youmoretime to live.
Super Kids Games Pack 1.48
A great collection of games for kids
Fifth Grade Learning Games 6.5
RosiMosi LLC
Teach important 5th Grade subjects with 21 fun andinteractivegames!