Top 9 Apps Similar to Camera with Gun 3D

Force Saber of Light
Ecler Studios
Force Saber - The Ultimate Android Lightsaber app!
GUNSTRUCTION is a 3D weapon builderandcustomization tool that allows the user to prototype firearmbuildsusing real world parts! This is not a toy gun builder, but arobusttool to help gun enthusiasts and newcomers plan out theirdreambuild. With over 90 licensed manufacturers, and over 1,600parts,we are the most extensive 3d builder, with new parts beingaddedconstantly!GUNSTRUCTION HD features the AR15 rifle only, but otherweaponplatforms are available for in app purchase withinGUNSTRUCTION HD.GUNSTRUCTION HD is optimized for larger morepowerful Androidphones and tablets.Features:·Over 20 points of customization per weapon platform·Hundreds of accessories from bipods, vertical grips, andrailcovers to red dots, night vision, and QD suppressors·Accessory support for picatinny, keymod, M-lok and othermountingsystems·Save and share your builds with friends·Paint and Camo your weapon with over 300 choicesfromDuraCoat·Select from off the rack rifles, or build your ownfromscratch·New parts constantly added·Keep track of cost, weight, overall length, and other keyelementsto help plan your build·Photo Booth mode allows you to snap shots of your virtual buildinvarious environments·Real time conflict system helps take some of the guess work outofbuilding a weapon·Multiple caliber support for the AR15 Platform: .223 rem, .22LR,9mm luger, .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 grendel·Additional Photo Booth settings and filters·Other weapons platforms available for purchasePresented by AR15.com GUNSTRUCTION on Facebook and Instagram for updates,patchnotes, and contests: HD is a graphically intensive application. Youmayexperience reduced performance or App termination onolderdevices.Recommended Device Specs:Android 4.4 or newer1 gig of ram960x540 screen or betterDual Core processor required, Quad core highly recommendedFor addition information please contact our support page:[email protected]
Armed Cam Gun Pack Second 1.0
Unofficial fan-made guns pack based on CS Online gamehe list of available guns includes:White weapons:-Army knife-Sledgehammer-Katana-Skull AxeExplosives:-M79-Grenade M67-RPG7Pistols:-Glock-USP-Desert Eagle-SIG Sauer-Dual Berettas 92-Colt AnacondaSubmachineguns:-Heckler & Koch MP5-FN P90-MAC 10-HK UMP 45Shotguns:-Benelli M3-Remington Spartan-Benelli M4-Winchester Model 1887Assault rifles:-AK47-M4A1-SIG SG 552-Famas Galil-Steyr AUG-Famas F1Machineguns:-FN Minimi-PKM-Gatling GunSniper rifles:-Accuracy International AW-Steyr Scout-Crossbow-SVDUsage:When app start just tap on icon above a textview of statustoconnect all guns to Armed Cam. Then if you want to excludesomeweapon tap on it otherwise tap to connect. When Gun Packisconnected it not appear in applications menu of device. Toaccessapp you can start it directly from Armed Cam in "weaponmap"menu.NOTE: This app is NOT official, we are not associatedoraffiliated with developer of the game or any of theirpartners
गोली Gun Camera Prank 1.0
गोली Gun Camera Prank lets you shootphotosthrough a sniper gun scope.Take live targets and aim at your friends and fool them. Shareyourpictures.This is a prank app and also kind of photo frame app.
Gun sounds 1.1
One of the most realistic simulatorforweapons/guns shots. This gun simulator app has a largecollectionshots sounds from different types of weapons.This application contains many types of weapons, such asmachineguns, pistols, as well as sniper rifles andshotguns. This collection of sounds of guns will suit everyonewhois interested in using different types of weapons. Each weaponusedin this app has a brief description and anunlimited amount of ammo for shots checking. So if you want toplaywar with your friends or just want to scare someone thenthiscollection of gun sounds is best one for your need!For the gun to fire you just need to click on the gun.Chooseyour favorite gun and struck terror in the neighborhood, allthepeople andanimals will be wary of you.
Gun Sound 3.6
You can make 26 different gun sound with only one click.
Augmented Reality UFO Hunter 1.6
Find UFO . Throw a cow on the UFO ! Crazy realistic CompassShoot'emup game! Augmented Realty UFO Hunter. Use camera gunagainstUFO realtarget :) Use camera as a weapon and gps tolocalizetarget. Find UFOand kill it using cow,chicken, gun ornuke. 1.Rotate your device tocalibrate compass first! 2. SELECTYOURWEAPON. 3. TOUCH THE SCREENTO SHOOT. 4. Use frying-pan asshield.Beware of UFO plasma ball :)You can also take a picture ofUFO asa prank. You need: Magneticfield detector, Accelerometer ,GPS -must be enabled before start!Camera - this is a sight.
Guns Masters 3D: Battlefield 1.9.1
Guns Masters 3D: Battlefield Edition is anGunsSimulator with awesome visuals and True HD Weapon Soundswithvarious types of weapons like: Snipers, Shotguns, RocketLaunchers,Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, Carbines and more!.The 3D mode brings perfect models of some most powerfulweaponsof the world. The Guns have properly animations, likereload,bullet physics and smoke effect.Guns Masters 3D: Battlefield Edition provides informationneverbefore seen in other such apps: as nationality ofarms,manufacturer and year of manufacture! All this displayed in amenuwith visual effects of the latest generation, such asadvancedshaders that simulate water behavior in real time,explosions andmore!Guns Masters 3D: Battlefield Edition also features twomodesselectable shots from the menus of weapons that support suchafunction.You can still use slide your finger to shoot or reloadweapons,and can hold your mobile device just like a real gun anduse thecharacteristic movement of trigger press. The camera flashis alsoused along with each shot, making it even more real!In Guns Masters 3D: Battlefield Edition you will have anexcitingsoundtrack while discovering some of the best weapons oftheworld!HighlightsRealistic 3D models of weaponsWeapons 3D with properly animationsBullet physics• Sounds in high definition with maximum immersion• Flash Flashlight for simulation of shots• Visual amazing, with cutting-edge graphics• All weapons unlocked!• 55 of the best weapons in the world• Soundtrack High Quality Music• Two shooting modes• Weapons can be recharged as often as desired• Advanced Gun Simulator with dynamic sounds changes
Swag Face
Swag Face
Add Swag and Thug Life to your photo with Swag Face!