Top 13 Apps Similar to Flamingo for Twitter

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.
Save, read & listen to your favorite news, stories &videosfrom across the web.
Screener - Better Screenshots 2.5.4
Screener lets you stick screenshots into device framesandaddbackgrounds and effects in a snap. Promote your app,wallpaperorsimply your homescreen - easier than ever before,without theneedof any PC software. Features • More than 100handcrafteddeviceframes, and more to come! • Smartwatch frames •Download newdeviceframes as they become available, no updateneeded. •MaterialDesign • Glare and shadow effects • Custombackgroundcolors •Custom wallpaper background • Blurred background• Liverendering •Easily save and share your screens Become SocialShareyour resultswith the Community: onGoogle+: ToastcodeonTwitter: Our device frames /mockupsarelicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution4.0InternationalLicense. That means that you can use imagescreatedwith Screenerwherever and however you like, for commercialandnon-commercialpurposes. However, we don’t permit modificationofthe deviceframes themselves. This does not apply to thebackgroundand yourscreenshot. You need help or have [email protected] -we're happy to help!
Resplash - Wallpapers 3.4.1
Brandon Lam
Unsplash on Android | Beautiful Wallpapers from Unsplash
Google Keep
Google LLC
Quickly capture what’s on your mind and getareminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memoonthe go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo ofaposter, receipt or document and easily organize or find it laterinsearch. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or listforyourself, and share it with friends and family.Capture what’s on your mind• Add notes, lists and photos to Google Keep. Pressed fortime?Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you canfind itlater.Share ideas with friends and family• Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep noteswithothers and collaborating on them in real time.Find what you need, fast• Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and getonwith your life. If you need to find something you saved, asimplesearch will turn it up.Always within reach• Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer and Androidwearables.Everything you add syncs across all of your devices soyourthoughts are always with you.The right note at the right time• Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set alocation-basedreminder to pull up your grocery list right when youget to thestore.Available everywhere• Try Google Keep on the web at and finditin the Chrome Web Store at NoticeCamera: This is used to attach images to notes in Keep.Contacts: This is used to share notes to contacts.Microphone: This is used to attach audio to notes.Location: This is used to set and firelocation-basedreminders.Storage: This is used to add attachments from storage totheirnotes.
Stay connected to the latest weatherconditionswith AccuWeather. Now supporting Android Wear™, thisfree appfeatures the new AccuWeather MinuteCast®, theleadingminute-by-minute precipitation forecast, hyper-localized toyourexact street address. AccuWeather offers the weather withsameSuperior Accuracy™ and great experience across allAndroidsmartphones and tablets, and Android Wear.Weatherproof your day for free with these features:• AccuWeather MinuteCast® – minute-by-minute precipitationforecastsfor the next two hours hyper-localized to your exactstreet addressor GPS location. Includes precipitation type andintensity, andstart and end times for precipitation. Available forthe contiguousUnited States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, UnitedKingdom, Ireland,Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Andorra,Norway, Finland,Estonia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg,Gibraltar,Liechtenstein and a growing list of globallocations.• For worldwide locations, when AccuWeather forecasts snow,ice,rain, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms, you’ll seeanorange card with an exclamation point displayed withinthelocation’s current conditions with a brief summary of thealert(s)in effect.• Push notifications for severe weather alerts in theUnitedStates.• Radar for all of North America and Europe, and worldwidesatelliteoverlaying interactive Google Maps™ with a snapshot viewof the mapsfor your saved locations.• Current news and weather videos, with many available inbothEnglish and Spanish.You also get the accurate, local weather forecasts andcustomizationyou expect from AccuWeather:• Accurate and local forecasts for every latitude/longitudeonEarth. Forecasts update every 15 minutes with information forthenext 15 days – all in 33 languages and dialects.• Current weather conditions update every 15 minutes with theverylatest temperature, humidity and precipitation percentages,dewpoint, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction,timesfor sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel® – AccuWeather’sexclusiveweather forecasting system that analyzes multiple weatherfactorsto determine how the local temperature actually feels.• Local weather forecast summaries that provide an overview ofthenext five days’ weather forecast along with a description ofthemost dramatic weather event expected during the five days.• Status bar on the homescreen displaying the currenttemperaturefor your current or home location.• Ability to store an unlimited amount of locations.• Choice between metric or imperial units, 12-hour or 24-hourtimedisplay, and portrait or landscape view.• Now get more from the weather radar with added future radar inthelatest version.• Analyzing weather trends is now easier with graphs on dailyandhourly screens.Please note: Sunrise and sunset times are found in DailyDetailswhich can be viewed by tapping on daily forecast.Download AccuWeather for free and experience the SuperiorAccuracy™that comes from high-quality weather forecasting.
Lynket Browser (previously Chr 2.1.3
A mobile-first browser using the Custom Tab protocol.
FX File Explorer
NextApp, Inc.
No ads. No annoyances. No tracking. Manage your files. Retainyourprivacy.
CandyCons - Icon Pack 2.5
Ooh! A candy! 🍬 And another one! 🍬 There could be more inthedescription...
Pulsar Music Player 1.12.1
Full featured mp3 and audio player with Chromecast and AndroidAutosupport.
LastPass Password Manager
LogMeIn, Inc.
LastPass is a password manager and password generator thatlocksyourpasswords and personal information in a secure vault.FromyourLastPass vault, you can store passwords and logins,createonlineshopping profiles, generate strong passwords,trackpersonalinformation in notes, and more. All you have to doisremember yourLastPass master password, and LastPass willautofillweb browserand app logins for you.  Stop getting locked outof youronlineaccounts or struggling with frustrating passwordresets.LetLastPass remember your passwords for you, and keep yousafeonline.NEW TO LASTPASS? Download LastPass now and gettheprotection youneed for your online information. You canuseLastPass on onedevice type (Computer or Mobile) for free.Unlimiteddevice typeaccess is available with LastPass Premium orFamilies. -Storeusernames and passwords for all of your onlineaccountssecurely inyour LastPass encrypted vault. - For AndroidOreo andfuture OSreleases, LastPass will automatically saveusernames andpasswordsto the vault as you visit each site and app.- Passwordswillautomatically fill in for you as you visit sites andapps, soyounever need to remember them again. Only rememberyourLastPassmaster password and forget the rest. - Withautomaticdevice sync,anything you save on one device is instantlyavailableon otherdevices. - Securely store information like creditcardnumbers andhealth insurance cards in the encrypted vault. - Loginwith yourfingerprint for simple, secure access to everythinginLastPass. -Safely and conveniently share passwords withothers,such as thecable login or WiFi password. - Create securepasswordsin oneclick with the built-in password generator.-Multi-factorauthentication secures your password vault to addasecond layer ofprotection on your account. LastPass never hasthekey to yourencrypted data, so your information is available toyou,and onlyyou. Your vault is encrypted with bank-level,AES256-bitencryption. Get more with LastPass Premium: -Unlimiteddevice typeaccess - Unlimited sharing of passwords, itemsand notes- 1GBencrypted file storage - Premium multi-factorauthenticationlikeYubiKey - Personal support - DesktopfingerprintauthenticationDownload LastPass today for simple, secureaccess toyourpasswords!
LogMeIn 4.0.1921
LogMeIn, Inc.
LogMeIn by LogMeIn, Inc. Get secure anytime, anywhere access toyourcomputers from your Android device. Remotely access your PCsandMacs with LogMeIn for Android. Works with an accountsubscription ofLogMeIn Pro on your computer, which also includesaccess from yourdesktop and web browser, so everything you need isalways at yourfingertips. Access your files, data and applicationsand get stuffdone: • Access your home and work computers on the go• Control yourMac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it• Get to yourcomputer files and edit then from your Android device• Remotely runany application on your computer from your Androiddevice To getstarted: 1. Download the free LogMeIn app 2. Createyour LogMeIn IDto start your free 14 day trial of LogMeIn Pro 3.Go to a PC or Macyou want to access and log in at 4.Install the LogMeInsoftware on that computer Now you’re ready toaccess your computersfrom anywhere with LogMeIn. Includes thesepremium features thathelp you stay productive: • File Manager letsyou save filesdirectly on your Android device so you can work onthem offline,plus move and copy files between your computers anddevices. •Remote Application Access allows you to use PC/Macapplications fromyour Android device wherever you go, evenproprietary businessapplications. • Remote Sound lets you hearremote alerts andnotifications during remote control sessions.Optimized for Androidtablets and phones (e.g. Galaxy Tab)*Important* You need to createan account at, whichincludes a free 14-day trial ofLogMeIn Pro. At the end of yourfree trial, you’ll need to purchasean account subscription tocontinue accessing your remote computers.Visit to findthe subscription package that works bestfor you. We love yourfeedback! Twitter: @LogMeIn
Messages 3.0.74
Gather Media
The Messaging application makes it easy to communicate withthepeople you want.
Night Screen 2.2.0
「Night Screen」is a Material Design Application which canprotectyour eyes from being hurt by screen, creating a mask at thetop ofscreen in order to make screen darker. We can solve theproblemthat the lowest brightness is not low enough in somedevices. (PS:Even though you are using our application to makescreen darker,you should reduce the time watching screen in a darkenvironment.)( Enable permission in Android 6.0: "Settings" app -"Apps" - Thegear icon - "Draw over other apps" - "Night Screen" -Then enableit ) Otherwise, this application is open source underGNU GPL v3License. Github Repo: