Top 3 Apps Similar to Charlie Charlie Challenge

Smiling-X 2 Counterattack! 1.8.7
The time has come to defeat the evil corporation and helpthecorporation to organize and to defeat them. Go throughdifferentareas and reestablish control of the supplies by defeatingtheterrifying threat in each of them Fear cannot defeat you, faceitwithout fear and solve each of the mysteries that you willface.Each area that you must explore will be totally different,withwonderful landscapes and excellent graphics where you will havetocontrol a different type of resource. Download the new fun ofourfamous scary game now and enjoy the following features:.-Different enemies in each location .- Personalized jumpscaresatall times .- Fun puzzles to solve to reset each station .-Hiddenareas to discover and funny creepy moments .- Hide anywhereandavoid being caught You are recommended to play with headphonesandenjoy our immersive atmosphere. If you like horror games,Smilingwill be your next favourite game!
Ghost Detector Radar Simulator
The ultimate ghost detector with communicator &paranormalactivity radar!
Alexandra Scary Stories Chat 3
Do scary stories, horror games, mystical creepypasta textingstoryabout Halloween not scare you? Horrible thriller withcreepyspecial effects will cause real fears, addicted and grippedyou.Read "Alexandra 3" - scary chat stories without Internetoffline inEnglish. Creepypasta chatting game! A mystical creepytext storywill be worse than the horror book after dark. Do youwant to scareyour friends on Halloween? Tell them about this scarytextingstories chat and watch the fear and horror in their eyes! Doyouwant to feel gripped and addicted of reading app? Tired ofstoryabout momo, llorona, annabelle, vampires, ghosts and otherscarygames for kids? Read "Alexandra - Scary Chat Stories 3" - ahorrorgame with an unpredictable plot and unique spooky specialeffectswhich will addicted you! Do you like texting stories aboutlove andromance? In honor of the upcoming Halloween, we haveprepared asurprise. Read and you will understand everything.Creepypasta canaddicted and gripped you :-) Scary stories in thesuper popularchatting games format are taking to the next level.Thanks to eeriespecial effects, the player can not only read, butalso see, hearand feel the mystical horror of this frighteningstory. A horrorbook for the night in English without Internetoffline on yourphone with an unpredictable plot in the genre of apsychologicalthriller. Translated into 15 languages! The author ofthe story isthe winner of international literary awards, writerSasha Selyakov Enjoy reading :-)Starring dancestar from Russia Alisa Dotsenko! ATTENTION! Photostaken during thegame are only visible to you. They are removedautomatically. Thestory is fiction. Any coincidences with realityare accidental.