Top 50 Apps Similar to Sea Traders Empire

Viking Saga 1: The Cursed Ring 1.54
The story of the game starts in the kingdom of old Viking kingArnar
Northern Tale 3 1.1.0
See the power of the elemental magic!
Adelantado Trilogy. Book Three 1.1.2
The story of Adelantado continues in Book Three – get readyforanepic conclusion of this amazing trilogy! The sequelstartswherethe previous part left off. Don Diego finds himself ontop ofthehigh cliff. There he comes across a stone that tells thestoryofthese ancient and mysterious lands and its beautifulbutdangerousinhabitants. Despite the risks that lay ahead thebraveexplorerhas to push forward and finish his quest to findthelostexpedition. On his way to a gigantic volcano visible afarourbravehero will be accompanied by his fellow crew members.Togethertheywill build forts, discover ancient ruinsandnever-before-seencreatures of the forest, defend againsttheNeanderthals and helpthe locals. Awesome new features,mesmerizinglocations and quests,improved graphics and the lastchapter of DonDiego's epic travelawait you in Adelantado Trilogy:Book Three!Game Features: - Newstory about noble Adelantado; - 10challenginglevels; - Improvedgraphics; - Mesmerizing locations andquests; -Proven formula ofits predecessors.____________________________Game available in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________ VISITUS:
Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 1.1.9
We are glad to present you with the next season of ourmostpopular(more than 5 million downloads across all platforms)andmostfavored by users game series - ""Roads of Rome: NewGeneration2"".For many years, Rome prospered in peace and serenity.Butdarkshadows of the past ascended on distant borders. Theyoungleaderof the Vikings invaded the lands of the Empire toavengehisfather. Now mature son of General Victorius, Markus, isleadingthetroops toward danger, and despite all the admonishmentsofhislover, leaves her back in Rome. Disappointed by not beingabletoparticipate in the battle, Valeria strives to prove that shetooiscapable of making the lives of the people of the Empirebetter.Sheseeks a new appointment for herself and together withhersquad,she sets off in the rear guard with goal torestoredestroyedcommunities and build roads on the distantfrontiers ofthe Empire.Game features: - 40 levels and one bonuslevel; -Familiar butimproved gameplay; - A new system of bonusesandaltars; -Possibility of selecting options of constructionanddemolition ofbuildings; - 3 difficultymodes.____________________________ VISITUS:
Island Tribe 3 1.5.1
Help the future leader of the tribe open the doors of theancienttemple!
Island Tribe 2 1.6.9
Get ready for adventures in the second part of the IslandTribeseries!
Island Tribe 4 1.4.0
The islanders are back! Participate in the fun adventures oftheisland tribe
Kingdom Chronicles 2022.2.254
Journey to a land of royalty and adventure!
Roman Adventures: Britons 1 1.0.2
Caesar sent General Flavius to the British Isles to conquer them
Roads of Rome 2 1.1.44
Shatter the peace and quiet of the Roman Empire!
Adelantado Trilogy. Book Two 1.0
Get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists! Thesequelstartswhere the previous part left off. Don Diego has founda newpath andnow he continues his mission. There are stillsurvivorsfrom theprevious expedition to save, glory to achieve andgold fortheSpanish Crown to find. His crew, however, is tired.Some peoplestartto rebel and abandon Don Diego. Some stay loyal.Togethertheyadvance through wild jungles and endless swamps.Theatmosphere ismoody and grim but Don Diego tries to keepeverybodycheerful. Andever-present rival Commander Rodriguez ismore evilthan ever. - thesearch for riches and glory continues inthisentertaining strategysimulation game - follow Don Diego deLeon onhis mission as itescalates in danger - befriend the nativesandtake on all new quests- help them as you restorebuildings,harvest foods, and create asettlement *Attention! Theapplicationdoes not support Android 5 orhigher and may crash ondevices thatutilize this platform. JOIN US!Follow us onFacebook: Follow usonTwitter:
Viking Saga 2: Northern World 1.23
Help the viking king find a cure!
Rise of the Roman Empire 2.9.3
Rise of Empire. Build an Empire! Grow Empire! Cultures rising.Citybuilding.
Northern Tale 4
In Northern Tale 4, Ragnar's kingdom is in danger onceagain.Afterdefeating the evil witch Gesta and the Dragon of Ether,theVikinglands are on the verge of a new invasion. Collect, repairandbuildto defend against a vast army of Giants, Witches andBlackKnights.Travel to your favourite Viking Kingdom and stop thevilesorceryin Northern Tale 4! Play Northern Tale 4 for free -noobligationto buy! Northern Tale 4 features: - let your innerVikingout andprotect Ragnar's kingdom from an evil invasion; - stepintotherole of 3 different characters to save your royal realm;-facenumerous trials and earn Awards for your bravery; -fix,construct,grow and collect in thisepicdiscovery.____________________________ VISITUS: WATCHUS:
Village Life Farm Family 2023 1.9.3
CrioGames Ltd
Explore Islands & grow your village. Adventures ahead!
Adelantado. 4 Aztec Skulls 1.1.2
New game in familiar universe from developers of RoadsofRomeseries! The Queen once again calls upon Don Diego de Leóntofulfilan important mission. He must organize an expedition totheNewLand and appoint its leader to expand thediscoveredterritoriesand replenish the treasury with gold. DonFelipe deSilva becomesthe Governor. Upon arrival, the expeditionmeetsfriendly-mindedlocals who tell them about their troubles.Evilpriests are tryingto summon a demon to subdue allknownterritories. Spaniards decideto help the Indians. To do this,theyneed to find 4 skulls thatcan cast a protective spell.MasterMiguel Sanchez is chosen forthis serious mission. Play“Adelantado.4 Aztec Skulls” to help himexplore new territories,collect gold,and protect the locals. -Four colorful episodes, plusa bonus levelfor experts. -Captivating storyline. - Search forsecrets. -Dynamic gameplay.____________________________ Gameavailable in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________VISIT US:
Farm Mania 3: Hot Vacation 1.5
Set out on a world tour together with Anna and her familyinFarmMania: Hot Vacation! This time you’re given auniqueopportunity totake part in challenging farming contests heldindifferent partsof the world. Spend the greatest vacationevertraveling aroundAustralia, Egypt and China, look after rareanimalsand take careof exotic plants! Help Anna grow pineapples andcacaobeans, breedcamels and ostriches, make tequila and sushi towin thefirstprizes in the upcoming farming competitions! Learn newskills,buyadvanced equipment and keep upgrading your farm inthischallengingtime management game. Dive into hours ofunforgettablefarming funin Farm Mania: Hot Vacation! • 59challenging levels •11 hiddenobject mini-games • 3 episodes inAustralia, Egypt andChina •variety of upgrades and bonuses • takepart in farmingcontests! •2 modes – casual and arcade____________________________VISIT US: WATCHUS:
Roads of Rome (Freemium) 1.04
Discover Roads of Rome - both fans and critics favoritegame.Advanceinto the unknown territories full of secrets anddangers.Expand thefamous road system to the far corners of mightyRomanEmpire in thisblend of casual strategy, sim and timemanagementgenres! Follow theromantic love story, take upchallenging tasksset by the wiseCaesar, explore barbarian lands,win recognitionand achieve victory.Victorius, a brave Romangeneral, falls inlove with Caesar'sdaughter and wants to marryher. However, sinceCaesar has quite adifferent vision of hisdaughter's future, hesends Victorius milesaway to build a wide netof roads across thebarbarian lands, findnew towns and expand Romaninfluence andpower. Victorius has nochoice, but to do his best andsucceed, sothat Caesar lets him marryhis daughter. FEATURES: -intuitivecontrols - beautiful graphics andanimations - realisticsoundeffects - 4 unlockable mini-games -romantic love story!BringRoman spirit and culture to barbarians,build the roads ofRome andprove that you are the best Romanlegionary in the wholeempire!Get ready and set out on your journeyfull ofadventures!*Attention! The application does not supportAndroid 5or higherand may crash on devices that utilize thisplatform. JOINUS!Follow us on Facebook: on Twitter:
Ancient Village 14.7.1
Settle a lost island and build the village of your dreams
Roman Adventures: Britons 2 1.0.0
Flavius rid the Britons’ land from the Filth. Its source must nowbedestroyed.
Viking Saga 3: Epic Adventure 1.22
Travel to unknown far lands to find the legendary Stone of Destiny
Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Where's the King? – a fun fantasy strategy game inagnome world.
Roads of Rome: Next Generation 1.8.0
Build settlements, roads and future for the residents of theRomanEmpire
Island Village 1.1.5
City building has never been as simple and exciting as it isinIsland Village.
Gnomes Garden 1.4
Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.
Farm Clan Farm Life Adventure 1.12.34
Enjoy village life with the country story in this fun game!
Janes Farm: Farming games 9.15.5
Love farming games? Let's farm together! Family farm adventureinfarming games.
Roads Of Rome 3 1.17
Rewrite history - save Rome from the invasion
Golden Farm Canyon
Take your hat and start your expedition to west frontier insearchof gold!
Lost Artifacts 2:Golden island 1.0
8Floor Games
Restore Atlantis and defeat the villain!
Polynesia Adventure 2.11.3
Lens Studio
A fun game with farming, city building and adventures onwildparadise island
Homesteads: Dream Farm 30001021
Enjoy a big farming & harvest story! Build a beautiful cityinthe Wild West.
Pirate Chronicles 1.0.0
Pirate Chronicles is a time-management game for adventure lovers!
Empire: Age of Knights 2.7.8979
Become lord in a Fantasy MMO Strategy game. Build your army,battle,and conquer
Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game 1.1.3
Manalot Games
Get fun with exciting simulation farming game! Harvest cropsandfruits to keep your barn plentiful! Buy and construct variousfarmbuildings to start new production and provide a huge varietyofmanufactured goods. Do not forget to invite friendsbecauseneighbors’ help makes farming more pleasant. Trade withyourfriends in co-ops and compete with other neighborships to bethebest farmer! Expand your farm and improve the beautiful gardentomake your village prosperous! Regular events and challengeswillmake your farm story really exciting! Create your niceluckyvillage story with a great family atmosphere! Build yourownparadise household. Enjoy your excellent sunny and happy haydayson your township. Explore the mine to get resources toimproveproduction! Сomplete exciting ship orders in a paradise bay,tradeitems and earn coins to make your farm bigger and morebeautiful!Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game features: -Various cropsand fruits to harvest - Cute animals to get niceproducts -Different farm buildings to make great recipes - Marketstand, shipand order board to trade and earn coins to expand yourfarm - Manyinteresting farming quests and challenging orders -Regular in-gameevents - Fishing to get fish and make delicious fishrecipes - Nicedecorations to make the farm more beautiful Notes: -Sunny Farm:Adventure and Farming game is free to download and freeto play,however some in-game items can be purchased for real money.- Thegame requires an active internet connection to play. - SunnyFarm:Adventure and Farming game is a standalone game and willnotsynchronize or connect to the Facebook version of the game.
Superfarmers: Superhero Farm 1.24.2
Most unusual farm you’ve seen! Manage and develop it togetherwithsuperheroes!
Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story – exciting adventures await!
Totem Story Farm
Dive into time thrilling adventures with Martin and Jane, inTotemStory
Crown of the Empire 2 1.0
Crown of the Empire: the queen needs your help!
Ancient Village 2
Get ready for a trip to the Stone Age!
Caveman Dash - time management
Feel like a real caveman in this time management game aboutatribe’s adventures
Hobby Farm HD (Full) 2022.3.350
Harvest exotic fruits, manage roaming animals and operatehandmademachines
Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas sto 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story – exciting adventures await!
Goodville: Farm Game Adventure 6.3.902
Stork Limited
Goodville is original mix of a farm game with anemotionalwell-being care app
Gnomes Garden 2: The Queen of 1.2
Gnomes Garden: The Queen of Trolls – the gnome princess’sjourneycontinues!
Royal Roads 1 1.0
An exciting journey through a fairytale kingdom.
California Escapades
Lens Studio
Build farms, explore villages, uncover adventurous story in thewildwest game
Fantasy Garden
Fluffy Bears await hero to save dreams and restore the beautyofgardens
Pioneer Lands Lite 1.0
Welcome to America's Old West! Unbelievable adventures are abouttobegin!