Top 21 Apps Similar to Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics T 2.1.1
Principles of Macroeconomics Textbook & MCQ & Key TermsbyOpenStax
Chemistry Interactive Textbook 2.1.0
Chemistry TextBook TextBook by OpenStax plus MCQ, EssayQuestions& Key Terms
Principles of Economics Textbo 2.1.1
Principles of Economics Textbook by OpenStax MCQ, EssayQuestions& Key Terms
University Physics Volume 3 2.1.1
University Physics Volume 3 Textbook & MCQ & Key TermsbyOpenStax
Introduction to Sociology Book 2.1.1
Introduction to Sociology 2e by OpenStax plus MCQ, EssayQuestions& Key Terms
College Physics Textbook, MCQ 2.1.1
College Physics Interactive Textbook, MCQ & Test BankbyOpenStax
Microbiology Textbook, MCQ 2.1.1
Microbiology Textbook, MCQ, Essay Questions, Flash Cards, KeyTermsby OpenStax
Concepts of Biology Textbook 2.1.1
Concepts of Biology Textbook by OpenStax plus MCQ, EssayQuestions& Key Terms
Financial Accounting Free Course 2018
This app contains thousands of real exam questions for selflearning& exam preparation on the topic of FinancialAccounting, IFRS& GAAP. With our Advanced Smart LearningTechnology, you canmaster the learning materials quickly bystudying, practicing andplaying at lunch, between classes or whilewaiting in line.Financial Accounting Exam prep uses proven studyand test-takingstrategies so that you’ll feel confident and readyto go when youhave to take the Financial Accounting Exam. MainFeatures: +)Learning materials are prepared by EXPERTS in thisfield for themost current exam. +) Experience the real examenvironment by theEXAM SIMULATOR. +) Automatically FILTER yourmost difficultquestions. +) Learn more efficiently by PLAYINGgames with timeconstraint. +) TRACK your progress on every smallset you'vestudied. Financial accounting (or financial accountancy)is thefield of accounting concerned with the summary, analysisandreporting of financial transactions pertaining to a business.Thisinvolves the preparation of financial statements availableforpublic consumption. Stockholders, suppliers, banks,employees,government agencies, business owners, and otherstakeholders areexamples of people interested in receiving suchinformation fordecision making purposes. Financial accountancy isgoverned by bothlocal and international accounting standards.Generally AcceptedAccounting Principles (GAAP) is the standardframework ofguidelines for financial accounting used in any givenjurisdiction.It includes the standards, conventions and rules thataccountantsfollow in recording and summarizing and in thepreparation offinancial statements. On the other hand,International FinancialReporting Standards (IFRS) is a set ofinternational accountingstandards stating how particular types oftransactions and otherevents should be reported in financialstatements. IFRS are issuedby the International AccountingStandards Board (IASB). With IFRSbecoming more widespread on theinternational scene, consistency infinancial reporting has becomemore prevalent between globalorganizations. While financialaccounting is used to prepareaccounting information for peopleoutside the organization or notinvolved in the day-to-day runningof the company, managementaccounting provides accountinginformation to help managers makedecisions to manage the business.International Financial ReportingStandards (IFRS) are designed as acommon global language forbusiness affairs so that company accountsare understandable andcomparable across international boundaries.InternationalAccounting Standards (IAS), while standards issued byIASB arecalled IFRS. IAS were issued between 1973 and 2001 by theBoard ofthe International Accounting Standards Committee(IASC).Disclaimer: The publisher of this app is not affiliated withorendorsed by any testing organization. All organizational andtestnames are trademarks of their respective owners.
Biology Textbook MCQ & Tests 2.1.1
Biology Interactive Textbook plus MCQ, Essay Questions &KeyTerms by OpenStax
The Economy by CORE Econ 1.14.1
A complete introduction to economics and the economyforundergraduates
Grade 12 Physical Science Book 2.1.1
Grade 12 Physical Science Interactive Textbook, Test BankbyOpenStax
WASSCE Syllabus 1.1.3
This is the official West African Senior SchoolCertificateExamination Syllabus
Learn Accounting Flashcards 1.46
Financial Accounting Equation Learning with Flashcards, Video,andCPA lessons
Elementary Algebra Textbook 2.1.1
Elementary Algebra Interactive Textbook, Test Bank by OpenStax
لو نفسك تخس 7.1
Health programs and important information for weight loss hasbeendeveloped by specialists on yourself if badgers
Anatomy & Physiology Textbook 2.1.1
Anatomy & Physiology Textbook by OpenStax plus MCQ,EssayQuestions & Key Terms
A Level Mathematics 1.0.1
A* Academy
Revise for A Level Maths using short videos and practice questions.
The Trading Economics app provides its users withaneconomiccalendar, exchange rates, stock market indexes,governmentbondyields and commodity prices. Users can also receivealertsforeconomic indicators the instant they get released. Setuppricetargets, price change, record high/low alertsforfinancialmarkets. With more than 380 million page views frommorethan 200countries is a worldwidereference.Our datais based on official sources, not third partydataproviders, andour facts are regularly checked forinconsistencies.
AP Environmental Science 1.8.7
AP Environmental Science practice tests, diagnostic exams,andflashcards