Top 50 Apps Similar to Pokémon TV

Pokémon TCG Card Dex
Pokémon TCG Card Dex is the official app to manage your Pokémoncardcollection.
Pokémon HOME 1.5.3
Pokémon HOME is a cloud-based service, designed as a place whereallof your Pokémon can gather. ▼ Manage your Pokémon! You canbring anyPokémon that has appeared in a Pokémon core series gameto PokémonHOME. You’ll also be able to bring certain Pokémon fromPokémon HOMEfor your Nintendo Switch system to your Pokémon Swordor PokémonShield game. ▼ Trade Pokémon with players around theworld! If youhave a smart device, you’ll be able to trade Pokémonwith playersaround the world anytime you want, anywhere you are.Enjoy differentways of trading, too, like the Wonder Box and GTS!▼ Complete theNational Pokédex! You’ll be able to complete yourNational Pokédexby bringing lots of Pokémon to Pokémon HOME.You’ll also be able tocheck out all the moves and Abilities yourPokémon have. ▼ ReceiveMystery Gifts! You’ll be able to quicklyand conveniently receiveMystery Gifts using your smart device! ■Terms of Use Please readthe Terms of Use before using thisservice. ■ Compatible SystemsPokémon HOME can be used on deviceswith the following OSes. Android6 and above NOTE: Please be awarethat Pokémon HOME may not work oncertain devices. ■ QuestionsShould you have any questions, pleaseuse the contact form found inPokémon HOME. Questions submittedwithout using the contact formmay take longer to be addressed.
Pokémon TCG Online
Play, trade, and challenge other players around the world!
dataDex - Pokédex for Pokémon
A beautifully designed Pokédex. Detailed data on all 905 Pokémon.
Catch them all dex
Help track your dex progress
Stream and download your favorite movies, TV shows &Originalson Disney+
Official Pokécardex application. Pokémon Trading CardGamecollection manager.
Bulbapedia - Wiki for Pokémon
The official app for Bulbapedia, the community drivenPokemonencyclopedia.
Pluto TV - It’s Free TV
Pluto, Inc.
Watch Free TV on Android!Download now to stream Pluto TV’s 100+ channels of news, sports,andthe Internet’s best, completely free on your Android device.Also,on Android TV, get access to our free VOD library of over1000entire movies and full TV episodes.Pluto TV is revolutionizing the streaming TV experience, with overahundred channels of amazing programming.If you’re a news junkie, we’ve got NBC News & MSNBC, as wellasSky News, Bloomberg, and more. For the fight fan, get theworld’sbest MMA, boxing and more on Fight. For otherbinge-worthyinterests, we’ve got the Crime Network, Funny AF, IGN,ProWrestling and All Day Anime. Enjoy these, and over 100 moreamazingchannels on Pluto TV!Looking for free on-demand? With Pluto TV, you have access toourlibrary of over 1000 full movies and entire episodes ofyourfavorite TV shows. VOD is available for US Android TVusers.Free yourself from traditional TV. With Pluto TV, all yourgreatentertainment is free. Join us, Citizen, and download todaytostart watching all the amazing stuff on Pluto TV!
Pokémon: Magikarp Jump 1.3.9
What is this world coming to?! It's a Pokémon game all abouttheweakest Pokémon ever—Magikarp! Anyone can play this simple gameintheir spare time to create the most majestic Magikarp ever inthisofficial Pokémon app! What kind of Pokémon is Magikarp? ・It'sfamous—for being pathetically weak, unreliable, andgenerallyuseless. ・ It can't learn any powerful moves—all it doesis floparound and splash! ・ When it flops its way too high in thesky,it's sometimes snagged by the Bird Pokémon Pidgeotto—never tobeseen again! Many surprising events lie in store for thispatheticPokémon. But don't worry—it'll just keep on jumping untilit canjump no more! What kind of game is this? ● Simple controlsletanyone easily raise many generations of Magikarp Tap the foodthatappears on the screen to feed your Magikarp, or have itcompletetraining to increase its Jump Power! It's easy to do, andwith eachgeneration you raise, the next generation grows evenfaster! ●Discover all kinds of Magikarp to show your friends Inthis app,you can fish up all kinds of Magikarp with unusualpatterns likecalico and polka dots! When you encounter a rareMagikarp, show itoff to your friends on your social media networks!● Pokémon likePikachu and Piplup are here to help A number ofpopular Pokémon canappear to help your Magikarp grow. Keep playingto find out whichPokémon you'll befriend! ● Spruce up your pondwith Decorations!Spruce up the pond where you raise your Magikarp.You can make thepond of your dreams, and help your Magikarp growfaster, too! ■Notes ・ Terms of Use Please read the Terms of Usebefore using thisapplication. ・ Saved data Your play data for thisgame will only besaved on your local device. Only by using thebackup functionwithin the application can you create a backup ofyour saved dataat that moment to be stored on the server. Werecommend thatplayers back up their data often. ・ Device settingsYou may not beable to launch this application, depending on yourdevice’ssettings and/or how it is used. In order to maintainfairness amongplayers, some functions may become inaccessible ifcertainoperations (such as rooting) have been performed. Thefollowingdevices are also not supported for this game, so you won'tbe ableto download the application on any of these devices: ・Connectionenvironment A poor Internet connection when communicatingwith theserver from within the game, such as when you're buyingitems fromthe Shop, can lead to your data becoming corrupted orlost. Pleasemake sure you are in a location with good receptionwhen usingfeatures that rely on an Internet connection. Ifcommunication islost momentarily, you may be able to resume play insome cases bytrying again a short time later. Please note thatwe're unable toassist you if you experience problems due tocommunication errors.・ Before making purchases Android OS 4.1 orhigher is required forthis application. Available features maydepend on your device’s OSversion. Please make sure that you canuse the free-of-chargefeatures of this product with no issues onyour device before youmake purchases. Certain devices and/orconfigurations may alsocause the application to fail to work. ・ Forinquiries Please to report issues aboutPokémon: Magikarp Jump.You may be unable to play this gamedepending on your device and OSversion.
Pokémon Playhouse
Discover the fun activities throughout Pokémon Playhouse.
Crunchyroll - Everything Anime
Crunchyroll is your destination to streamover25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and greatestanimeseries. Watch the latest episodes and binge previous seasonsofyour favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super,OnePiece, and Attack on Titan.Start watching your favorite anime immediately for free, orsign-upfor a 14-day free trial of the Premium membership to enjoythefollowing features:Stream new episodes immediately after TV broadcast in JapanWatch all shows ad-free in HD quality on all availabledevices(including Chromecast!)Purchase, download, and read manga in our brand new MangaShop,including favorites like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, TheSevenDeadly Sins, and more!Join other anime fans in the Crunchyroll licenses all its content directly and legally tobringyou the best and most recent shows from Asia and supportthecontent creators of hit series including Hunter X Hunter,JoJo’sBizarre Adventure, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop,FullmetalAlchemist, Sailor Moon, Yuri!!! On ICE, Samurai Champloo,and manymore!
PokeInfo is a helpful application that provide full details forall890
DexPro - Gen 1 to 8
Dex and Team Builder
Goldex Pokédex
Full Dex and Team Builder with over 900 mons, including Gen 9.
Stream Anime. Anytime. Anywhere. Funimation
Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixelart.Coromonbrings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combatandchallenging puzzles to a classic genre. Features: • Acompellingstory with an interesting plot. • Difficulty levels foran extrachallenge. • Epic boss battles to test your skills. •Challengingpuzzles to solve. • Stat customisation: customise yourCoromon tomatch your playstyle. • Character customisation tocreate theperfect look for your character. • 120+ animatedCoromon. • Uniqueregions to explore, each in its own theme. •Beautiful pixelartvisuals. • Original soundtrack with 50+ tracks.• Multiple saveslotsand autosave functionality. • Full controllersupport.
Pokémon UNITE
5-on-5 Strategic Team Pokémon Battles!
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile 1.10.0
■ Introduction------------------A whole new puzzle game where you solve puzzles tobattlePokémon------------------Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a puzzle game where you line up threeormore Pokémon vertically or horizontally to battle againstwildPokémon.You can play it casually—but battling, collecting, and levelingupPokémon can also provide hours of fun.------------------Lots of stages and lots of Pokémon------------------On top of the Pokémon available at the initial release ofPokémonShuffle Mobile, additional stages and Pokémon areplanned—but thisgame already has a lot to offer!Both puzzle beginners and experts will have fun with PokémonShuffleMobile’s various levels of challenges.------------------Intuitive and easy game play------------------All you have to do in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is select a Pokémonandits destination in the puzzle area to causecombosautomatically—anyone can play it!Its simple gameplay blends with challenging strategic aspectstoappeal to a full spectrum of players from beginnerstoexperts.■ Notes- Terms of UsePlease read the Terms of Use before using this application.- Device settingsYou may not be able to launch this application, depending onyourdevice’s settings and/or how it’s used. In order tomaintainfairness among players, some functions may becomeinaccessible ifcertain operations (such as rooting) have beenperformed.The devices listed below are not compatible with this app, soyouwill not be able to download this app on these devices.MediaPad Youth (hws7701w)MEDIAS W (N-05E)Yota Phone 2 (YD201)The device listed below has issues playing the game, includingnotplaying the game sound correctly. We’ve concluded that theseissuescannot be resolved. Thank you for your understanding.DIGNO-T(302KC)Note that you can still download Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.- Connection environmentIf you use this application in locations where reception ispoor,your game data may become corrupted or lost.Please make sure to play this game in locations where receptionisgood.If communication is lost momentarily, you may be able to resumeplayin some cases by pressing the Retry button.Please note that we are unable to assist you if youexperienceproblems due to communication errors.- Before making purchasesAndroid OSversion 4.1 or higher is required for thisapplication.Available features may depend on your device’s OSversion.Please make sure that you can use the free-of-charge featuresofthis product with no issues on your device before youmakepurchases.Certain devices and/or configurations may also cause theapplicationto fail to work.- For inquiriesPlease visit to report issues aboutPokémonShuffle Mobile.- Privacy Policy
Pokémon Café ReMix
Pokémon Café ReMix is a unique puzzle game
Nintendo Switch Online
Enhance your online experience on Nintendo Switch™! 4.7.1 is the largest encyclopedia in Spanish built byPokémonfans. Features: • Search and explore more than 22,000articles,including guides, with information about videogames,anime, mangaand TCG. • Save favorite articles for reading offline.• Readinghistory (visited articles) • Random Page • Night Mode --*Disclaimer * WikiDex is NOT affiliated with Nintendo,CreaturesInc., Game Freak Inc., or the Pokémon Company. Some imagesused inthis app are copyrighted and are supported under fair use.Nocopyright infringement intended. Pokémon and Pokémoncharacternames are trademarks and copyrights of Nintendo, CreaturesInc.,Game Freak Inc, The Pokémon Company, and their licensors.Allrights reserved.
HBO NOW: Series, movies & more
With HBO NOW you can watch big premieresasthey air—plus every episode of HBO's addictive series such asGameof Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and so much more.In addition to getting new movies every week, you also getnews,comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provokingdocumentaries,and the special events everyone's talkingabout.Getting started is easy. Just download the app to sign up foryourfree 1-month trial (then just $14.99/month. Free trial is fornewcustomers only.). Watch on your favorite screen—phone,tablet,connected TV or gaming device—and on your computer anytime.After you subscribe, watch your inbox for an HBO NOWregistrationemail. You'll need to open the email and complete yourregistrationbefore you can sign in to HBO NOW on otherdevices.HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certainU.S.territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2017 Home Box Office,Inc.All rights reserved. HBO NOW® and related channels andservicemarks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.For help, please visit Policy: of Service:
TCG Hub - Card Collection Tool
Store, organise and view your entire card collection in oneplacewith TCG Hub.
Pokémon Masters EX
Pokémon Masters EX All-Star Battles With Trainers & Pokémon!
PokeRaid - Worldwide Remote Raids
Find and join Worldwide Remote Pokémon GO Raids instantly!
Pokellector: Pokemon Card Collection Management
Pokellector modernizes your Pokemon TCG card collection,bringingitall to your fingertips! You will be able to manage cardswithone ofthe best Pokemon card collector apps, and enjoy inusinggreatfeatures - For all fans of trading card games! We'rebuildingadatabase of all the Pokemon Cards in the English andJapanesesetsto date. With the Pokemon Card Scanner feature, youwill beable toscan cards from different sets and expansions such asSwordandShield, Sun & Moon, Black & White, Legend, PPPpromos,DPEra and many others. ⏩Features of this Pokemon TCGcardcollector:⏪⭐ Search Poke Cards - Look up cards from varioussetssuch as Swordand Shield, and many others. ⭐ English andJapanesesets - Searchthrough all sets and check which cards youown, andwhich of themyou miss. ⭐ PTCGO card info - Check pricesandhistory from aroundthe web at a glance. Get detailedinformationabout each card! ⭐Pokemon TCG Online card manager -Manage yourTCG collection withour Poke card manager. ⭐ Pokemon cardscanner -Quickly scan andemail PTCGO QR Codes. ⭐ My collection -With thisfeature, you areable to check all sets and cards in oneplace.Manage your PTCGOcards easily. This card collector andscanner appis a valuableresource for collectors and players alikewho eitherwant to keeptrack of the cards in their collection orlook up acard to add totheir deck! Sword and Shield, Sun &Moon, XY,Black & White,Black & White Promos, Call ofLegends...Those are just some ofthe sets that you will be able tomanage!Check the newest Englishand Japanese sets - be informedabout allreleases! All players oftrading card games will love thisapp -Enlarge your collection!Download this app and start usingallamazing features to manage andmodernize your Poke cards!Cardscanner and search features willmake it easy and enjoyable!---More about Pokellector:E-mail:[email protected]:
Pokepix Color By Number 1.5.8
A game for you to release stress, relax, and feel positiveemotions.Pokepix - Color By Number, a free coloring book, withtons of freecoloring pages including mandala coloring, animecoloring book,adults coloring book, coloring pages color bynumber, pokezzzcoloring book , art book paint by number free, andso many more, isa powerful tool for you to go if you’d like tofind the inner calm,feel relaxed and develop a devil-may-careattitude about life. Paintand color by number now to experiencepeace and balance. ⭐ Pokepix -Color By Number is awesome color bynumber and coloring book forkids, teens and adults! ⭐ Pokepix -Color By Number & Art PixelColoring includes 10000+ cutecategory coloring pages for color:beautiful anime coloring pages,cartoon coloring book for adults,cute anime coloring book, unicorncoloring book,for color by numberand paint by number! ⭐ Pokepix -Color By Number & Art Pixel isvery easy to use and absolutelyFREE! ⭐ Pokepix - Color By Number& Art Pixel is perfectcoloring game for kids, teens and adultsand all, who love coloringgames, color by number games! ⭐ Pokepix -Color By Number & ArtPixel is best way to relax, enjoy anddevelop creativity! HighlightFeatures: ⭐️Easy to color - paint bynumber for free now. Nodrawing skills, pen, pencil and paper areneeded. Just choose andtap a color to start coloring by number now.⭐️Color Art - Choosefrom a variety of coloring pages in differentcategories: nature,florals, anime color by number, mandalascoloring pages, peoplecoloring book, girls, animals and manyothers. Start your coloringbooks and coloring pages journey withvarious stunning pics atPokepix - Color By Number. ⭐️ color bynumber Tons of picturetextures: oil, sky, glitter, diamond and moretextures have beenfully prepared. Select one texture that meetsyour taste and colorby number now. Coloring books or Coloring pageswith happy numbersand color will never fail you. ⭐️ color by number- coloring bookfree & color number Receive daily new pictures:New and freshcoloring books and coloring pages will be updatedevery day! Getyour own coloring books and enjoy coloring by numberfree! ⭐️Beautiful, cool and cute unicorn, anime, cartoon,superhero, animalcoloring pages in Pokepix - Color By Number &Art Pixel! ⭐️Cute animal coloring book & color by number inPokepix - ColorBy Number & Art Pixel! ⭐️ pokezzz unicorn paintby number inPokepix - Color By Number & Art Pixel! ⭐️ Cuteanime color bynumber for adults in Pokepix - Color By Number &Art Pixel! ⭐️10000+ coloring pages for adults coloring book Pokepix- Color ByNumber & Art Pixel! Engage in coloring at Pokepix -Color ByNumber to create what your thoughts and emotions crave forand whatyou want to be. Find out your inner peace while killingtime withthe trending coloring pages and coloring books free. Youcan alsoshare your masterpieces with your family and friends viasocialmedia! Download now!
Card Maker for PKM
Card Maker for PKM helps PKM’s fans make their own fantastic card
Bakugan Champion Brawler 2.0.6
Welcome to the one and only official Bakugan Fan Hubapp,yourprimary destination for all things BAKUGAN! Stay up todatewiththe latest news and information about upcoming toyreleases,the TVshow, videos & events. Be the first to knowaboutupcomingpromotions and tournaments. Build your team and ascendtheranks inthe Bakubrawl mini game! Earn achievements and testyourknowledgeof the Bakugan universe. Join us on a journeyandexperience theexcitement of the all-new Bakugan! FEATURES -TheBakulog:Collection Tracker of your favorite Bakugan plus stats!-BakubrawlMini Game: Mini-game with a whole lot of Baku-fun!-Bakugan News:Updates regularly, keep coming back! - TV Showsection- QuizSection: Impress the community with yourBaku-knowledge-Achievements: Rewards for your allegiance Visit ourofficialsiteat: ADVICE TO PARENTS This is aFREE toPlayGame. NO Additional in game purchases arerequired.SUPPORTEDDEVICES This app supports devices running Android4.4 andabove.Updates may affect compatibility.
Poke Genie - Remote Raid, IV, PvP Guide
Poke Genie
Ultimate tool for Pokemon Go: Remote Raid, IV, PvP, NameGen,Pokedex & more.
Disney Collect! by Topps
Discover a world of collecting & trading Topps Disneydigitalcollectibles!
Pokémon Smile 1.1.1
Pokémon Smile helps make toothbrushing a fun habit withPokémon!Turn toothbrushing into a fun and exciting adventure withPokémonSmile! Players can partner up with some of their favoritePokémonto defeat the cavity-causing bacteria and save capturedPokémon.Only by consistently brushing their teeth can they save allthePokémon, earning the chance to catch them. Features: ■Thoroughtoothbrushing is the key to catching Pokémon! Some unluckyPokémonhave been captured by the cavity-causing bacteria insideyourmouth! By brushing your teeth, you can defeat these bacteriaandsave the Pokémon. If you do a great job brushing, you’ll be abletocatch the Pokémon you save, too! ■ Completing yourPokédex,collecting Pokémon Caps—there are lots of ways to enjoyPokémonSmile! • Pokédex: More than 100 adorable Pokémon appear inPokémonSmile. Build up a habit of brushing your teeth daily tocatch themall and complete your Pokédex! • Pokémon Caps: As youplay, you’llalso unlock all kinds of Pokémon Caps—fun and uniquehats you can“wear” while brushing! ■ Keep it up to become aBrushing Master!Regularly brushing your teeth will earn youBrushing Awards.Collect all the Brushing Awards, and become aBrushing Master! ■Decorate your favorite photos for fun! While youbrush, you can letthe game snap a few photos of your great brushingin action. Chooseyour favorite shot, and then have some fundecorating it with avariety of stickers! Keep brushing your teethdaily, and you’llcontinue to collect more stickers you can use todecorate yourphotos. ■ And more useful features! • Toothbrushingguidance:Players will be guided through the toothbrushing process,helpingthem to brush all areas of their mouth. • Notifications:Create upto three reminders a day to notify players when it’s timeto brush!• Duration: Choose how long each toothbrushing sessionshould last:one, two, or three minutes. That way, the needs ofusers of allages can be accommodated. • Support for up to threeuser profiles,allowing multiple players to save their progress. ■Toothbrushingtips After each brushing session, you’ll also be ableto pick upsome helpful tips for how to brush the best you can,based onadvice from dental professionals. ■ Important notes • Besure toread the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before using thisapp. •Internet connection required. Data-usage fees may apply. •This appis not intended to prevent or treat cavities, nor does itguaranteethat players will gain a liking for toothbrushing or makeit ahabit. • When Pokémon Smile is being played by a child, aparent orguardian should always be present and support the child intheirtoothbrushing to avoid accidents. ■ Supported platformsPokémonSmile can be played on devices using a supported OS.OSrequirements: Android 6.0 or later • Please be aware that theappmay not run properly on certain devices. ©2020 Pokémon.©1995–2020Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. Pokémon is aregisteredtrademark of Nintendo.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
KC GT 2022 Celebration! Get new UR "Ultimate Leo Utopia Ray"and1000 Gems!
Red Bull TV: Live Sports, Music & Entertainment
Red Bull
Welcome to the world of Red Bull TV, givingyoufront row access to live events, the very best in actionsports, thehottest new music and entertainment and thrillingvideos from worldadventurers.Red Bull TV takes you beyond the ordinary with highqualityon-demand and live streams so you can discover music fromtrendsetting artists, watch live events with top athletes fromaroundthe world and follow globetrotting adventurers to the mostexcitingcorners of the planet.Download the Red Bull TV app now and explore unrivaled accesstosports events, Esports, music festivals, films,videos,documentaries, GoPro clips and TV shows.Features:*Browse channels at your leisure such as Music, Snow, GoPro,Bike,Water, Esports and many more.*Watch hundreds of streams of festivals and music likePrimaveraSound, Lollapalooza, EDC, Bonnaroo, Roskilde, ACL. Allthefestivals you want to see, all at your fingertips.*Keep up to date with the latest sports competitions, F1 andWRCracing and many other events through live streamsandcatch-ups.See just a few of our top picks below:Bike Events: Watch the latest bike events, BMX, stunt eventsanddownhill racing.- Red Bull Rampage- Considered the greatest mountain bike showonearth.- UCI DH MTB championships- downhill Mountain bike racing.- Iditarod- One of the most brutal bike races in the world.- UCI XCO MTB Championships- downhill and crosscountryevents.- Red Bull Joyride- the world’s best, slopestyle, up anddownhillfreeride competition.Motor Events: Watch F1, WRC, Motocross, Hard Enduro.- FIA World Rally Championships 2017- See the WRC full seasonofrally racing across the world.- Dakar Rally- The most prestigious off-road rally ontheplanet.- F1 On The Beach- See the first ever clip of a F1 beach run.- F1 Show In The Snow- See an F1 car drive on an icy ski hillinAustria.Snow Events: Watch ski, snowboard and ice cross eventsplusfreestyle stunts!- Riders Cup 2017- Follow the Ice Cross downhill mountainskiingseason.- Men’s ski winning runs- Enjoy clips of the best ski runs ateachstop on the tour.- Red Bull Playstreets- Watch new and exciting stunts and tricksonextraordinary slopestyle courses.Water Events: See the best of the world’s water sportsincludingdiving, surfing and kiteboarders.- Red Bull Cliff diving series- The world’s greatest diversiniconic diving locations.- Mavericks 2017- The most prestigious competition in bigwavesurfing.GoPro: Welcome to a new perspective. Experience the extreme,firsthand through GoPro!- Climbing Iceland (GoPro clip)- Climbers explore Iceland’smostunique and beautiful ice structures.- How a Champion rides (GoPro clip)- Experience an immaculateworldchampionship run. Think you could do better?- Over an active Volcano (GoPro clip)- Embark on a mission toflythrough the smoke of an active Volcano!- Fiji Double barrels (GoPro clip)- See how a double overheadbarrelstunt is pulled off at Fiji’s Cloudbreak, a beautifulsurfspot.Films: Watch films, videos and documentaries about peoplepushingthe boundaries and changing the world as we know it!- Mission to the Edge of Space- This film is about the teambehindthe historical Red Bull Stratos mission.- Kaleidoscope- BMX riding combined with cutting edgefilmmaking.- Waves for Water- How do we bring clean water to the millionsofpeople who need it most?- Learning the Curve- Top BMX rider learns slopestylemountainbiking to compete in the Red Bull Joyridecompetition.Follow Red Bull around the world and experience the best,mostexciting and most ground-breaking all in one place! Whetheritssports, Esports, F1, WRC, TV, music, festivals, films orvideos,Red Bull TV has it all!Download the app now and lean back and experience the best ofRedBull TV.For more information visit us on:,
Monster Masters 12.0.7996
Are you ready to become the best master? Monster Masters isamultiplayer game in real time where you can collect, trainandevolve dozens of monsters. Create your strategy and get readyforbattle! PLEASE NOTE! Monster Masters is free to download andplay,however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. A network connection is required. FEATURES ● Duelplayers fromaround the world in real-time ● Earn Boxes to unlockrewards,collect powerful new monsters and summon them to the arena!●Defeat opponent’s monsters to win Fame and become a legend●Collect and evolve dozens of monsters, make them learn newmovesand summon them to the arena! ● Create your ultimate monsterteamto defeat your opponents ● Progress through multiple Leaguesandbecome a hero! ● Challenge your friends to a private duel-->TWITTER: -->INSTAGRAM: -->FACEBOOK: -->DISCORD: --> -->SUPPORT: [email protected]
*** ARTE: Discover a selection ofARTEprogrammes available in your language ***Compatible with ChromecastAll of ARTE in a single appCheck out your favourite categories to stream:- History- Discovery- ARTE Concert- Culture- Cinema- Politics and societyPLAYLISTSThe best of ARTE programming sorted into handy themedplaylists.Watch what you want, when you want, on the device ofyourchoice.LANGUAGESChoose the language of the video directly from within theplayer.Your options are: French, German, English, Spanish andPolish. Youcan change the language of the app within the settingmenu.MY ARTEBecome a member of My ARTE to create your favourites listandreceive our newsletterOTHER ARTE APPSExperience ARTE 360 us to improve! If you have any suggestions, write tous:"All of ARTE's apps: legal reasons, this video is geoblocked. Some of our contentinEnglish is not available to view outside of Europe.
Tubi - Movies & TV Shows
Tubi TV
Stream Movies & TV Shows in Holiday, Anime, Horror,Reality& More!
GO Field Guide (Events, Raid Counters, Checklists)
Shiny Checklist, Pokedex, Events, Research Task, XP CalculatorforPokemon GO
Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem
Battle Your Favorite Cartoon Characters! Collect & FightBugsBunny & Friends.
Monster Storm2
An adventure, puzzle, battle game.Capture andtrainmonsters,challenge trainers.
Pokémon Quest
Pokémon Quest—a rambunctious expedition RPG featuringcube-shapedPokémon!
Netflix, Inc.
Netflix is the world’s leadingsubscriptionservice for watching TV episodes and movies on yourphone. ThisNetflix mobile application delivers the best experienceanywhere,anytime.Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and youcaninstantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies onyourphone.If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix andstartenjoying immediately on your phone with our one-monthfreetrial.How does Netflix work?• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV showsandmovies for one low monthly price.• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TVepisodes& movies as you want, as often as you want, anytimeyouwant.• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, andnewepisodes that are added regularly.• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or onanever expanding list of supported devices.• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you likesoNetflix can help suggest the best titles for you.• Start watching on one device, and resume watching onanother.Check out for all the TVs, game consoles,tablets,phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you canwatchNetflix.By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of theNetflixapplication and any updates or upgrades thereto.───────────────────────────────── License Agreement By downloading this application you agree to the Netflix Terms of Use and Privacy Statement,locatedat 1-month free Netflix membership offer is available to first timeandcertain former members and cannot be combined with any otheroffer.Internet access and valid payment method are required toredeemoffer.  Netflix will begin to bill your paymentmethod forthe Netflix membership fee at the end of the free monthunless youcancel prior to the end of the first month. YourNetflixmembership is a month-to-month subscription that you cancancel atany time. Go to "Your Account" on the Netflix websiteforcancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partialmonthlysubscription periods. A device that streams fromNetflix(manufactured and sold separately) and broadbandInternetconnection are required to watch instantly.For complete terms and conditions, pleasevisit privacy statement, pleasevisit
DAZN is an exciting new live and ondemandsports streaming service.You can watch the sport you love, live and on demand at a timethatsuits you. Anytime. Anywhere.• Watch online or on your mobile, tablet, Smart TV andgamesconsoles via the DAZN app• Sports available on DAZN includes football, motorsport,combatsports, American football, baseball, tennis, basketball,rugby,darts and much more• DAZN features some of the best live sportingrightsavailable• Watch your favourite teams, tournaments and competitorsonmultiple devices.• Enjoy all live events, highlights, extras & much more• Video plays at the best quality available on your device - uptofull HD 1080p. You can watch on up to two devices at thesametime• Subscribe on a monthly basis and you can watch all the sportthatis available on DAZN as part of your membership, there’snocontract, cancel monthlyIf you’re new to DAZN, sign up at and start yourmonth’sfree trialJoin us on social media for sport updates and news:• Like us on Facebook - and tournaments included:• Football• Motorsport• Combat sports• American football• Baseball• Tennis• Basketball• Rugby• Darts• and much more
Join a community of 100 million players in epic card battle action!
Cartoon Network App
Whether you want to catch up on the latestfullepisodes (available the day after they air!) or take a quickpeek atsome hilarious clips, you can watch tons of awesome videosin theEmmy® award winning Cartoon Network App!ALL YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS IN ONE PLACEWatch videos from hit Cartoon Network shows like Teen TitansGo!,The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Clarence,AdventureTime, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Ninjago, PowerpuffGirls, MightyMagiswords, and many more.WATCH YOUR OWN CUSTOM MIXTell us which shows you like, and we'll build a personalizedvideomix just for you. As you rate the videos you watch, we'lllearnwhat you like and don't like, and your mix will get betterandbetter!SEE UNLOCKED EPISODES—NO LOGIN REQUIREDEnjoy a selection of full-length episodes from your favoriteCartoonNetwork shows without any login or authentication. Downloadthe freeapp and start watching! Just look for the episodes withouta key.(Episodes with a key still require your TV providerinfo.)APP EXCLUSIVE PREMIERESGet ahead of the game by watching exclusive premiere episodesbeforethey even hit the air. See it first on the app!Participating TV providers include AT&T U-verse,BendBroadband,Blueridge, Cable One, Cablevision Optimum, Charter,Comcast, Cox,Dish, DirecTV, EPB Fiber Optics, GrandeCommunications, MassillonCable TV, Mediacom, MidcontinentCommunications, Suddenlink,Verizon, WOW and Xfinity.********************If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contactusat [email protected] Tell us about the issuesyou'rerunning into as well as what device and OS versionyou'reusing.********************IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:* This app may contain ads that feature other products,services,shows or offers from Cartoon Network and ourpartners.* Adults must authenticate with their cable or satellite TVproviderinfo to view locked episodes.PRIVACY INFORMATION:Your privacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a divisionofTurner Broadcasting System, Inc. This game collects andusesinformation as described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policylinkedbelow. This information may be used, for example, to respondtouser requests; enable users to take advantage of certainfeaturesand services; personalize content; serve advertising;performnetwork communications; manage and improve our productsandservices; and perform other internal operations of CartoonNetworkweb sites or online services. Our privacy practices areguided bydata privacy laws in the United States. For users residingin theEU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that thisappmay use persistent identifiers for game management purposes.Bydownloading this application, you accept our Privacy Policy andEndUser License Agreement, and you give permission for such usesforall users of your device. The Privacy Policy and End UserLicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.Terms ofUse:
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