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My Taxi Ride System 4.80.90
The Ultimate NEMT Dispatch Solution: Best rated applicationtohandleNon Emergency Medical Transportation in NYC. MTRDispatchSystem willconnect via API to any Broker or Insurancecompany.Summary of ENMTFeatures: Electronic Vouchers ElectronicSignatureReal-Time GPS withlocation stamps API access audits withtimestamps and GPS location.Real-Time driver's routes replay.MedicaidBilling MTRnet: Networkaccess to over 10k drivers withthingUnited States. This applicationis base on New York CityLiveryCabs & Yellow Taxis experience.The system is the mostcompletesystem in the world. MTR Group Inc.would provided you acompleteinstallation of the dispatching system.Please email MiguelPieterat [email protected] for a completeinstallation packagetoyour office and all your drivers. 1-Application wouldreceivedispatched call from the dispatching systemand will be abletoassign a job automatically to the nearest driver.Software canbealso customised to your needs. 2- Clients candownloadtheapplication for all Android, Apple and iOS devisesandrequestdriver directly through the dispatching system. Yes!thesystemwill receive the secured request from your businessclientsorindividuals and automatically submit the job toallavailabledrivers. This system is in complete compliance withNewYork CityTaxi & Limousine Commission. The system hasAutoDispatcher andAuto Pilot for drivers not to touch the tables oranyother mobiledevice while driving, that can help yourcompany'sfinancialsecurity, help all your drivers avoid accidentswhileoperating athe equipment, and keep them putting attention totheroad.Accepting a trip is a one touch button if driverdecidestomanually accept jobs, this is a legal way for drivers toacceptajob as mentioned by the New York City Taxi&LimousineCommission Commissioner. Business clients andindividualcanrequest Livery Cabs or Yellow Taxis using our website.Pleasevisitout page for more detail: 3- Systemwillverifydriver status every 24 hours with DMV and The New YorkCityTaxi& Limousine Commission's public database: a)TLCDriver'slicense Status b) Urine Test Expiration c)SuspensionsandRevocations d) Violations e) Pending Hearings andMore... 4-Systemwould verify vehicle status: a)Diamond/PermitNumberExpiration/Status b) Inspection Status Thisfeatures wereadded asper request of our clients and friends in themarket toprotect thebusiness from law suits against unlicenseddrivers.There is muchmore information about our system. Please callus fordetails212-920-7641 and 646-353-5746 or User Data Collection: We collectuserdata toauthenticate users and provide better experience forourusers.Please check our privacy policylocatedat: