Top 50 Games Similar to Bitcoin Billionaire - Fake Bitcoins, Real Fun

Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game
MeeWow Games
Get rich, level up, upgrade & automate in thisincrementaltycoon auto clicker!
Crypto Idle Miner: Bitcoin mining game
Hora Games
Crypto mining and crypto trading themed idle simulation game.
The Crypto Game bitcoin mining
Black Bears
Mine bitcoin with one tap! Upgrade your crypto currency businessandget rich!
Bitcoin mining: idle simulator
AlexPlay LLC
Become a bitcoin tycoon in our crypto mine sim. Earn money and btc.
Idle Miner Simulator - Tap Tap Bitcoin Tycoon 0.8.10
AlexPlay LLC
Economic strategy game about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.Doyou know such terms as trading or exchange? Downloadourclickerand you will become a real tycoon, and your empire willbenumberone in the world! Our game is not a typicalbusinesssimulation; itcombines elements of strategy with someclickerelements, whichmakes it funner and more exciting. If youhavealways wanted to tryto earn a crypto currency or participate intheauction, but havebeen afraid to pour your money into thisriskybusiness, then thisgame will definitely suit you. You willhaveseveral ways todevelop and build your empire. You can minecryptocurrency, aswell as participate in trading on a cryptoexchange andearn on thegrowth of courses, or even resell farms. Thegamefeatures 5crypto-currencies: bitcoin, etherium, lightcoin,dash,and monero.Just go into the game and start building yourbusiness.There aremore than 10 types of farms to get any cryptocurrency.And this isnot just a simulator of miner or bitcoinmining. This isa fulllife simulator. You will have to arrange farmsat yourapartment,go shopping, be out on the town, visit thewarehouse,work in theoffice, and of course trade on the stockexchange − andeven payelectricity bills! If the farm is connectedto the network,thecrypto currency will fall directly to your bankaccount. Forlazyminers there is a computer in the apartment so thatyou can domostof the procedures online − withdrawing money orreplenishing abankaccount, online shopping and selling farms on aflea market.Comein and learn mining from all sides.
Bitcoin Blocks - Get Bitcoin!
Earn Bitcoin and have fun playing this addicting match-two game!
Tap Tycoon
Make money and win the next world war for your country!
Free Bitcoin Cash
Claim your first Bitcoin Cash, we send BCH directly to your wallet.
CryptoClickers: Crypto Idle Game 1.5.2
Disclaimer: THIS IS JUST A GAME! YOU DO NOT EARNREALCRYPTOCURRENCIES FROM THIS GAME! Cryptocurrencies are one themosttrending technologies in the online world, so why not put itall inan idle game? That's CryptoClickers. Make numbers go up whilebeinga part of the cryptocurrency history by playingCryptoClickers!What to expect CryptoClickers is a complex andgrindy Idle/ClickerGame revolved around Cryptocurrencies that'sfull of unique gamemodes, upgrades, challenges, events, and adouble layer prestigesystem! There are lots of fun ways of gettingtons of massivenumbers, up to e10000s is guaranteed! There are twomajor prestigelayers, the first one being Hardfork in Ethereum andthe second onebeing Grand Hardfork in Bitcoin. There are 21Challenges inEthereum that reward you in Server Parts, and thereare 10 SpeedrunChallenges in Bitcoin! There are two big upgradetrees in the game.The first one "Server," which is where you spendyour server parts!This one is located in Ethereum. The second one"BIT Upgrades" islocated in Bitcoin! There are a lot of gamemodesand ways to makenumbers grow! Some gamemodes and features are:Generators, Drones,Node, 51% Attack, Hacking, GPU, and more! As abonus, players areable to play events that change daily. There are7 different eventsand they get reset every new week. Thesechallenges can be donehourly!
CryptoRize - Earn BTC & SHIB
B Programmers
Very fun game of combination
Litecoin Giveaway
Easy Litecoin Faucet
AdVenture Capitalist 8.8.0
Welcome, eager young investor, toAdVentureCapitalist! Arguably the world's greatestCapitalismsimulator! Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Beingthemaster of your own destiny?  Forming your ownmulti-nationalconglomerate to create a world-wide, monopolisticeconomy? ThenAdVenture Capitalist is the game for YOU!Begin your quest for world domination by clicking on theLemonadeStand progress bar. Keep clicking until you can afford topay formore squeezers! Now you’ve got the hang of it. Hire employees, purchase cutting edge upgrades, dominate themarket,and attract eager Angel Investors to boost your profits!The onlyway to go is UP UP UP!AdVenture Capitalist - a strangely addicting idle game.
Bitcoin Food Fight - Get REAL Bitcoin!
Earn Bitcoin (digital money) Knife Throwing Game!
Idle Planet Miner
Build your space mining empire in this relaxing and satisfyingidlegame
Taps to Riches
Build your city, make money, collect advisors, tap and clickyourway to riches!
Bitcoin Solitaire - Get Real Bitcoin!
Play the addicting classic Solitaire and get bitcoin!
Illuminati Adventure - Idle Incremental Capitalist
Clicker adventure of becoming Illuminati Magnate in theincrementalidle realm!
CryptoPop - Earn Free ETH 1.4.3
Earn Ethereum and Popcoin from our faucet by playing thisgame!Group Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple and Neo coins together topopthem. Blast your way through to the moon. One day we willpopstartoo. The more coins you manage to group together, the morepointsyou get. You will earn "Pump It", "Lambo" and "To the Moon"badgesdepending on how many coins you blast. The fewer the coinsyou endup having when you reach the end of each stage, the higherthebonus we give you. --- HOW TO CLAIM --- ETH : Enter yourCoinbaseemail address in the wallet section and then start playingandstart earning. After playing, head back to the wallet sectionandtap that CLAIM button to get your payment. POPCOIN: RegisteryourERC-20 compatible wallet address and we will airdrop realcryptotoken (PopCoin) to your address from our faucet. The amountwill beproportional to your highest score on the leaderboard.SupportedWallets: ERC-20 Compatible. E.g. Metamask, MEW(MyEtherWallet),Coinomi . -- Token info -- Supply : 500,000,000Symbol : POPCOINTokenaddress: be added in the next update Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,Stellar,Cardano, Tron, Dash, VeChain, OmiseGo, Binance Coin, Qtum,Datum,NEM, IDEX, IOTA. Stay tuned.
Bitcoin Blast - Earn Bitcoin!
Earn Bitcoin and have fun playing this addicting puzzle game!
Crypto Planet
Travel to space and land on a special planet - have fun andearnCryptocurrency
Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game
Ruoto Games
An In-Depth Retro Style Idle Game
Aviator - idle clicker game
Tap to become an airport tycoon in the clicker game withupgrades& recognition
Crypto Treasures
The largest Crypto community with treasure chests awaitsyourdiscovery!
Burger Clicker - Idle Business
Make money, become billionaire with your burger restaurant inthisIdle Clicker!
Bitcoin Pop - Get Bitcoin!
Get Bitcoin Bubble Shooter Game!
Idle Miner Clicker Games
Clicker Games
Idle clicker game: Tap to mine the treasure & collect cashinminer idle games
Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idleclickertapping game!
Tap Tap Trillionaire
Click to grow your cash and be a rich business capitalist onalleras!!
Coin Hunt World!
Play Coin Hunt World and earn cryptocurrency whileexploringtheworld around you. Discover keys and unlock rewards whenyoustepoutside and explore real-world locations. Play individuallyorwitha team! Coin Hunt World is a free-to-play gamedevelopedbyindustry veterans that brought you Bittrex.
Make It Rain: The Love of Money - Fun & Addicting!
Addicting Cash Clicker! Swipe your Way to Riches in a Fun &FreeCapitalist Game
Rat Race 2: Real Life Monopoly
kid apps
Financial strategy board game to increase cashflow and becomeanEntrepreneur !
Upland - Property Trading Game
Uplandme, inc
NFT Metaverse: Play, Build, Sell. Start a Virtual Business ontheBlockchain
Clicker Heroes
Play the highly acclaimed idle adventure and tap your waytovictory!
Clicker Racing
Unleash the power of your fingers to become the greatest racerever!
Cointiply - Earn Real Bitcoin
Earn Real Bitcoin on Cointiply - Chat, Surveys, Promos, PTCAds& More!
LANDLORD GO Gps Based Tycoon
Game Based On Real United States Map
Idle Well: Dig a Mine
Mine and dig your way down the well in Idle Well: Dig a Mine!Crafttools and resources to construct the tallest Tower! The betteryourtower is, the deeper you can dig. Dig the deepest to win inthismining adventure RPG. This isn't your Mom's mine/dig/craftgame(she didn't make it)! Set auto dig to mine automatically andgettons of resources while idle. Find and recruit NPCs to helpyoudig! Get a huge team of NPC miners in this RPG. Idle Well: DigaMine Features: Idle Gameplay ● Tap to dig deeper! ● Tap to buildacivilization! ● Mine to earn ore! Dig Up Upgrades ● TonsofDifferent Buildings w/ Upgrades! ● Hire Generations of MinersIdleWell: Dig a Mine, hit the motherload today!
AdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker
Hyper Hippo
Idle through civilizations!
Crypto Cats - Play to Earn
Complete daily quests to get crypto rewards!
Space Colonizers Idle Clicker
Planet Travel Simulator
Money Clicker – Business simulator and idle game
Great Cash Simulation! Click yourself to big wealth and watchyourmoney grow!
Crypto Cards Collect and Earn 3.3.3
Welcome to the world of Crypto Cards: Fone digital tradingcardcollectibles game. Fone (FONE) is a mobile-only Solana (SOL)basedtoken. Similar to Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies,FONE isa Blockchain cryptocurrency that supportspeer-to-peertransactions. It is mainly used in the Fone ecosystemto play gamesas well as to offset carbon emissions and contributeto variousother environmental causes. The idea to create aFONE-based digitalcollectible game was inspired by the huge successand popularity ofvarious collectible games on the Ethereum (ETH)Blockchain. Top theleaderboards and utilize your FONE by depositingit to open boosterpacks containing common, rare, epic, andlegendary types of cardsto complete your Album. You can acquireadditional FONE fromLATOKEN Exchange. Make sure to only depositfrom a Solana walletand not an exchange. We recommend using TrustWallet. Completemissions, play the daily minigame and spin thewheel along the wayto filling your Album for additional rewards.Have duplicate cards,but missing some to finish a collection? Tradewith other playersto get the ones you need! You can also sell yourmore valuablecards for the price you see fit on the Market or swapthem forFONE. Use your cards to create a powerful deck and competeagainstother players in the Battle Stage (COMING SOON) Track yourprogressusing Google Play Games Leaderboard and Achievements. GetCollectorStatus and access numerous perks such as a special,one-timeBooster pack containing four legendary cards, more dailyminigames,free trades, DOUBLED level-up, mission, and referralrewards, alongwith the removal of all ads. MORE INFO: Visit tostay up-to-date on the latest releases and appupdates!
Let's Journey-idle games RPG
Tap to play app Let's Journey - idle clicker hero game aboutheroesand dragons
Idle Miner Tycoon Mining Games 1.2.9
In a wonderland faraway from the city there exists an idleclickerworld of Dwarves and Dragons in clicker games. One day thedwarfdiscovers a minefield filled with a lot of gems, crystals&diamonds in tycoon games. Little Dwarf, with help of hisdragonfriend hero clicking games, summons his clan to show them anewdiscovery which will give them money games. Dwarves areenergeticand ready to discover more mines and gems to become idletycoon.All you have to do is TAP TAP TAP games and you will becomeabillionaire with help of dragons of business games. Let’s growrichby tapping games as fast as you want to in new idle mafia gamesnowifi games of 2022. Idle tycoon games Summon dwarfs by tapping onascreen which will mine gems so that you will transport intothecity to earn idle gold mine profit from stone miner games,idlegames and become mine tycoon of idle tycoon games. Researchmore tobe an industry tycoon and build your gems empire by playingtheidle Miner games Empire idle building games. crafting andbuildingmining games systems and investing into resources to gainprofitfrom business games and become a gold mining games idletycoonsimulator your world in mining tycoon games. Hey Idle builderofmines, the perfect clicking games here are filled withwonderfulstories of little elf and dragons within simulation gamesofflineidle games. crafting and building idle empire in tap city&money games and expanding your mines in stone miner idle quickandno wifi games of tap tap games dig. Perfect simulation gamesinwhich you will collect clicker cash by transporting gems intothecity via train within offline idle games. Improve your workbyresearch, faster the tapping games, the more dwarves aresummoned.The idle mafia games of dragons & dwarves are waitingfor yourorders in new game idle miner idle tycoons & clickergames.Hurry up and take control of your mines so that you become arichbusiness games idle tycoons at gold and goblins gems idlemarketgames. Become a digging games master of simulation games withhelpof dwarf and dragons in idle mines clicking games FeaturesofClicker Tycoon Games Idle Miner • Super Casual cartoony game&Idle clicker • TAP & BUILD Build your dwarf town of empireidletycoon • Click & Collect clicker Cash by selling gems •Planyour cash investments and level up with multiple story upgradesofbusiness games • Amazing 3D environment and graphics of taptapgames • Realistic Sound effects Build your empire of clickergameswith idle tycoon profits. Tap like a business games idletycoon inmoney games at a gold mine games and clone as many tinyidle minerdwarves as you could to grow and upgrade your dwarf cityto pocketmoney tycoon these awesome 3D clicker games! Hatch yourown dragonswith an exciting idle fun simulator game of 2022 whichyou can playoffline as well. Idle clicker world of gold mininggames filledwith magical little dragons & dwarves is here.Become a tycoongames expert by generating idle clicker profit andbecome a heroclicker. Business games will transform you into anempire tycoon inan idle town. Manage your mine rescue to becomeempire miningtycoon idle games. Accept the challenge to discovermine games byplaying idle miner tycoon games. Empire miningsimulator of an idlefactory will give you control of your minerescue to generate moremoney tycoon games. Idle Miner tycoon iswaiting to be controlledby your idle management games so that youcan start earning idleclicker profit from the mining tycoon factory& money games. 3SIMPLE STEPS TO GROW YOUR IDLE MINES in goldminer Empire IdleClicker Games 1. Tap to mine in money simulator 2.Research to winto earn idle profit 3. Upgrade your idle mine shaftsto be the idlefarm tycoon story all your friends are talking aboutin clickergames!
Tiny Miner
qube 3D
Get ready to explore an awesome world of mining!Translatorsneeded!!!
AdVenture Communist
Hyper Hippo
Become a potato tycoon in the idle clicker sequel toAdVentureCapitalist!
Extreme Job Knight's Assistant
Bigshot Games
An irresistible stand-alone idle game!
Turbo 84 - Earn Real Bitcoin
Free Bitcoin in racing game. Cash out BTC in F2W, THNDRBitcoinGames.