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ALSong - Music Player & Lyrics
ESTsoft Corp.
[Overview]ALSong is a free music player that displays the lyrics of themusicplaying. Free lyrics that are uploaded by the users are shownalongwith the music. Not only local music files like MP3 and FLAC,youcan login to the Bugs Music then listen to the streaming musicordownload music files to play it.* ALSong Android TV Version *Listen to your music in Google Drive on your Android TV usingthenewly added Cloud Music function with ALSongsynchronizedlyrics.[Features]1. Free Live Lyrics- ALSong Music Player automatically finds the lyrics of themusicfile playing (such as MP3) then show it along with the music.Thelyrics are cashed so data connection is not needed to seethelyrics the next time the same song is played.2. Display Auto Tagged Lyrics- If ALSong cannot show the lyrics in server or IRC lyrics,ALSongautomatically displays the song’s lyrics tag if it exists inthemusic file. Only works when Auto Tag Lyrics is ONinPreferences.3. Playlists- Add your favorite songs to ALSong Playlist. You can createmorethan one playlists. Both local files like MP3 and Bugsstreamingmusic can be added.4. Share via Twitter- You can post what song you are listening and your commenttotwitter from ALSong.5. Widget Supported- You can create a widget of ALSong music player on thehomescreen.6. Timer- You can set the time for ALSong to be terminated. The optionisunder Preferences.7. Section Repeat- You can set a starting point and an end point then repeatthesection.8. Lyric Finder- If you want to search a lyric, you can search it then apply ittothe music playing. It is useful if your local MP3 file cannotfindthe lyric automatically.9. Bugs Streaming Music- ALSong Music Player embeds Bugs Music service. By logging in,youcan listen to the online streaming music. If you don’t havethemusic file in MP3, connect to this service then listen tothemusic!10. Equalizer (EQ)- Equalizer (EQ) function to customize the sound quality.11. Android TV Support- Listen to your music in Google Drive using the CloudMusicfunction in Android TV.- Synchronized lyrics of ALSong Mobile can also be used inALSongAndroid TV.[FAQ]1. Control on Notifications is too big.- You can resize it by dragging with two fingers (Supported onlyinAndroid 4.1 or higher)2. I cannot see my music files added.- Press the “Scan Music Files” option in Preferences then thenewlyadded music files will be added to ALSong. The more files youhavein your phone, the more time will be spent to be scanned.3. Lyrics and music does not match.- Try finding a different music using the Lyric Finder.4. I cannot find Random playing and Repeat All function.- Tap on the button on the bottom left of the player screen.Eachtap will change the mode to 1) repeating this song, 2) repeateverysong one more time and 3) repeat every song. Tap on the buttononthe right to change the mode to sequential playing andrandomplaying. The mode is on if the button turns blue.[System Requirements]Android 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
Musico - Free Music 1.3.4
Jun-Young Lee
# Chart #We can support chart list that are decorated by us.Chart will be update continuously.# Playlist #You can set your playlist by your own.Make your characterful playlist.# Search #You can search music very easily on search menu.After searching it, Just listen music what you want.# Alarm, Timer #You can set your alarm & timer by your music at playlist.Good morning with Musico!# Awesome Interface ## For free #Musico is for free all of our features.# Continuous update #We are ready to update our's app by developing new featureandfixing bugs.# Permission details #read phone status and identity :For auto stopping when you receive callhave full network access, receive data from internet, readnetworkstatus :For all of services we serve in our application like playingmusic,searching music and etcrun at startup :In android policy, the alarm you registered will be deleted whenyourestart device.# If you have any questions or suggestions, you can e-mailme.## Musico is free and awesome third-party app powered bySoundCloud®API. #
Google Play Music
Google LLC
Google Play Music provides free,ad-supportedradio for what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, orwhat you wantto hear. Instantly start radio stations based onsongs, artists, oralbums, or browse by genre, mood, activity,decade, and more. Bringyour own music collection with you byuploading 50,000 of your ownsongs; then listen to them acrossAndroid, iOS, and the web, forfree.Subscribe to get on-demand access to millions of songs anddownloadanything to listen even when you’re not connected - or signup forthe family plan on Android to provide access for up to sixfamilymembers for one low price. Plus, subscriptions come withmembershipto YouTube Red, so you can enjoy YouTube ad-free, inthebackground, and offline.Free features:*Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear*Store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection*Discover and subscribe to podcasts*Smart recommendations based on your taste*Listen on Android, iOS, and the webSubscription-only features:*New! The family plan, where up to six family members canenjoyGoogle Play Music for one low price.*On-demand access to over 35 million songs*YouTube Red membership (see for details)*Download music to your device and listen when you’renotconnected*Ad-free, uninterrupted listeningLearn where Google Play Music is availableat more about Google Play Musicat
Samsung Music
- Music player for Samsung Galaxy series- Supports for Android
YouTube Music
Google Inc.
YouTube Music lets you watch and listen toanearly endless catalog in an app designed formusicdiscovery.Enjoy music for free with ads, or get YouTube Red.A YouTube built just for music• Every video starts a non-­stop station• Personalized stations learn your tastes• See concert footage and live recordingsA nearly endless catalog• New artists, classic favorites, and everything in between• Classic live recordings that span decades• Official music videos, playlists, remixes, covers, and moreAmplify your experience with YouTube Red• Enjoy your music without ads• The music keeps playing even when your screen is off• Take your music on-the-go with offline mixtapeGet 1 month of YouTube Red for free. Existing YouTube Red orGooglePlay Music members and users of either service who havealreadyreceived this free trial are not eligible. Monthly chargesapplyfor YouTube Red membership outside of trial periods.
Music Player
Leopard V7
Music player is a gorgeous audio player, with powerfulequalizer& sound changer
멜론 쇼윙 - 모바일에서 만나는 진짜 무료 노래방 ! 2.0.0
멜론 쇼윙은 스마트폰으로 반주에 맞추어 노래 부르고, 업로드한 음성/영상을친구들과함께 즐길 수 있는 무료 노래방 서비스입니다.[멜론 쇼윙에서 이렇게 즐겨보아요!]■ 모바일 환경에 최적화 된 스마트폰 무료 노래방에서 편하게 노래 하세요!■ 최신 인기곡을 국내 최고의 스튜디오급 음질의 반주로 부를 수 있어요.■ 다른 회원과 파트를 나누어서 부르거나 화음을 맞추어서 듀엣으로 노래할 수 있어요.■ 음성 녹음은 물론 멋진 영상 녹화까지 만들 수 있어 내가 부른 노래를 친구들과 재미있게 공유할 수 있어요.■ 내가 좋아하는 아티스트와 함께 듀엣으로 노래부를 수 있어요.■ 주제별 노래 모임인 '노래방'에서 같은 노래를 좋아하는 친구들을 만나서 함께 놀 수 있어요.※ 멜론 쇼윙 사용을 위해 필요한 접근 권한 (OS 6.0 이상)- 카메라 (필수) : 화면 녹화에 필요한 기능이에요.- 사진첩 (필수) : 사진 선택에 필요한 기능이에요.- 마이크 (필수) : 목소리 녹음에 필요한 기능이에요.위 기능들을 사용할 때에 권한 요청합니다.※ 멜론 쇼윙 사용을 위해 필요한 접근 권한 (OS 6.0 미만)- 카메라 (필수) : 화면 녹화에 필요한 기능이에요.- 사진첩 (필수) : 사진 선택에 필요한 기능이에요.- 마이크 (필수) : 목소리 녹음에 필요한 기능이에요.- 전화 (6.0 미만 버전만 필수) : 쇼윙 사용 중 전화가 걸려온 경우, 쇼윙 음악을 중지하기 위해필요한기능이에요.위 기능들을 앱 설치 시 권한 요청합니다.※ 안드로이드 버전이 6.0 미만일 경우, 앱의 접근권한을 개별적으로 제어할 수 없습니다.불필요한 접근권한을 제어하기 위해서는 디바이스의 운영체제 업그레이드가 필요합니다.[English ver.]Melon Showwing - offered by Melon, The best of Music AppinKorea■ Sing your favorite songs for FREE!■ Sing with high-quality audio!■ You can record VIDEO when you sing a song!■ Duet with K-POP STARS!■ Share video or audio with your friends, and duet withyourfriends!----개발자 연락처 :문의전화(평일 09:00~18:00) : 1566-7727 (유료)서울시 강남구 테헤란로 103길 17 정석빌딩Melon syowing is calledasmart phone according to the song accompaniment, a freekaraokeservice that you can enjoy with friends, upload an audio/video.[Spy favorites so syowing melons!]■ Please sing karaoke for free from the comfort of yoursmartphoneoptimized for mobile!■ I can sing popular songs to the accompaniment of thelatestdomestic leading studio-grade sound quality.■'m called by dividing the other members or parts can sing aduetconformity chords.■ Voice Recording, as well as I can make up a nice video recordingIcan share the fun with friends song I sang.■ Can I sing a duet with artists that I like.Friends who like the same song on the topics ■ "karaoke" singingthemeeting I can play nice together.※ approaches need to use a melon syowing rights (OS 6.0orlater)- Camera (required): What's functions required forscreenrecording.- Photo albums (required): I'm functions necessary forphotoselection.- Mike (required): What's functions required forvoicerecording.The permission requests when using these features.※ approaches need to use a melon syowing rights (OS below6.0)- Camera (required): What's functions required forscreenrecording.- Photo albums (required): I'm functions necessary forphotoselection.- Mike (required): What's functions required forvoicerecording.- Telephone (6.0 million less than the version required): Ifthecall is dialed while using syowing, it's a necessary capabilitytostop syowing music.The app requests permission during installation of theabovefunctions.※ If Android versions below 6.0, you can not control theapp'spermissions individually.In order to control unnecessary access rights required toupgradethe operating system of the device.[English ver.]Melon Showwing - offered by Melon, The best of Music AppinKorea■ Sing your favorite songs for FREE!■ Sing with high-quality audio!■ You can record VIDEO when you sing a song!■ Duet with K-POP STARS!■ Share video or audio with your friends, and duet withyourfriends!
New! 알송 베타 - 가사 지원 1위 뮤직 플레이어 1.5.1
ESTsoft Corp.
★★★ 새 기능 추가 ★★★내앨범 기능이 추가되었습니다.자유롭게 앨범을 추가하고 편집할 수 있으며,최근 추가한 곡, 많이 들은 곡이 자동으로 정리되어 더욱 다양한 재생목록으로 음악을 감상할 수 있습니다.이외에도 파일토스, 싱크가사 편집기, 위젯, 타이머 등의 기능들이 제공되고있으니 많이 이용해주시기 바랍니다!-------------------------------------------------------------------더욱 더 새로워지고, 예뻐진 알송 모바일 베타 버전이 출시되었습니다.알송 모바일 베타 버전은 다양한 음악 파일 재생과 실시간 싱크가사를 제공하는 뮤직 플레이어입니다.앞으로도 좋은 기능으로 발빠르게 업데이트 할 예정이니많은 기대와 관심 부탁드립니다.♥[알송 모바일 베타 주요 기능 소개]1. 강력한 싱크가사 기능■ 국내 최다 700만 곡의 싱크가사 제공인터넷 연결 상태에서 곡을 재생했을 곡 경우 싱크가사가 자동저장 되어, 다음 재생할 때는 인터넷 연결 없이도 싱크가사를볼수 있습니다.※ 싱크가사는 현재 들리는 음악에 맞춰 가사를 표시해주는 기능입니다. (ex. 노래방)■ 싱크가사 검색연결된 싱크가사가 마음에 들지 않는다면, 다른 싱크가사를 검색하여 적용할 수 있습니다.■ 재생화면에서 두 줄 싱크가사 지원재생화면에서 앨범아트를 보면서 두줄 싱크가사도 함께 보실 수 있습니다.■ 플로팅 가사 기능다른 앱을 사용할 때도 플로팅 가사창을 띄워서 싱크가사를 볼 수 있습니다.■ 싱크가사 편집기등록된 싱크가사가 없을 경우 싱크가사를 등록할 수도 있고, 이미 등록된 싱크가사를 수정할 수도 있습니다.2. 쉽고 간편한 재생 곡 관리 기능■ 재생목록 관리현재 재생중인 곡 목록을 확인할 수 있습니다.■ 재생목록 히스토리 관리이전에 재생했던 곡 리스트를 히스토리로 남겨 손쉽게 기록들을 찾아볼 수 있습니다.■ 내앨범 기능내가만든 앨범에 곡을 추가하고 편집하여 재생목록으로 감상할 수 있습니다.■ 좋아요 기능좋아요 버튼 터치 시, 좋아요한 곡을 손쉽게 모아서 들을 수 있습니다.■ 최근/많이 들은 곡 기능최근 추가한 곡 과 많이 들은 곡이 자동으로 정리되어 재생목록으로 감상할 수 있습니다.3. 다중 선택을 통한 편리한 기능■ 선택모드 기능롱터치한 후 여러 곡을 선택해서 곡 재생, 재생목록에 추가, 삭제할 수 있습니다.4. 빠르게 곡을 찾아서 들을 수 있는 기능■ 정렬 기능이름 순, 최근 추가한순, 최근 들은순, 많이 들은 순과 같이 다양한 정렬기능으로 빠르게 원하는 곡을 찾아 재생시킬수있습니다.■ 곡 검색최근 검색어, 자동 완성 기능으로 빠르고 편리한 곡 검색을 할 수 있습니다.5. 다양한 방법으로 재생 가능한 컨트롤 제공■ 알림창 컨트롤 지원앱을 실행하지 않아도 폰 알림창에서 음악 재생 및 종료를 할 수 있습니다.■ 잠금화면 지원폰을 켜지 않아도 잠금화면 컨트롤을 이용해 음악 재생 및 종료를 할 수 있습니다.■ 위젯 지원다양한 사이즈의 위젯 지원으로 어떤 화면에서도 알송에서 음악을 감상하실 수 있습니다.6. 파일을 쉽게 주고 받을 수 있는 기능■ 파일토스 기능6자리 키를 이용해서 쉽게 사용자가 보유한 파일을 보내고, 다른 기기에서 받을 수 있습니다.7. 부가기능■ 타이머 기능설정해 둔 시간이 지나면 알송이 자동 종료됩니다.[지원 음악파일]mp3, wav, ogg, flac, m4a, aac 파일 재생 지원[사용 환경]안드로이드 OS 4.0이상 지원[문의]알송 모바일의 버그/오류 제보 및 질문/제안은아래 메일로 보내주시면 신속히 확인 후 안내해 드리겠습니다.*제품 사용 관련 문의 : [email protected][알툴즈 모바일 시리즈]알송 모바일, 알약 모바일, 알집 모바일, 알키보드----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------개발자 연락처 :02-583-4620서울특별시서초구 반포대로 3 이스트빌딩06711Additional newfeatures★★★ ★★★My Album feature has been added.You can freely add and edit albums,Recently added are listed one, a lot of the songs areautomaticallyYou can listen to music in a more diverseplaylist.In addition to the files toss sink lyrics editor, widgetsandfunctions of timers are provided, so please use a lot!  -------------------------------------------------------------------Becoming more and more renewed, yeppeojin alsong Mobile betaversionwas released.Alsong Mobile beta is a music player that offer a variety ofmusicfile playback with real-time sync lyrics.There will continue to be updated quickly with good featuresI appreciate your interest and expectations. ♥[Alsong About Mobile Beta Features]1. Strong Lyrics Sync function■ Providing sink lyrics of the largest domestic 7 millionIf the songs you play back the song lyrics on theInternetconnection and a sync is automatically saved, and then whenyouplay, you can view the lyrics sink without anInternetconnection.※ sync the lyrics is a feature that displays the lyrics tothecurrent sounding music. (Ex. Karaoke)■ Sink LyricsIf you do not like the lyrics are connected to the sink, youcanapply to search other words sink.■ two line sync lyrics from the playback screen supportLooking at the album art on the playback screen, you can viewlyricssink with two lines.■ Floating lyrics featureEven when you use other apps by launching a floating window, youcanview the lyrics Sink lyrics.■ Sync Lyrics EditorIf you think the lyrics are not registered You can registersinklyrics, you can also modify an already registeredsynclyrics.2. Play music features simple, easy-to-use management■ Manage PlaylistYou can find a list of the currently playing song.■ Managing history playlistYou can easily view song list Leave a previously played inthehistory to find the records.My Album function ■Add and edit the songs on the album that I made, you can listentothe playlist.■ Good featuresI love it when the touch of a button, all right, you caneasilycollect them one.■ Recent / songs are a lot of featuresRecently they have added a lot of songs and music isautomaticallyorganized you can listen to the playlist.3. Convenient functions through a multiple-choice■ Function selection modeAfter a long touch to select multiple songs added to theSongplayback, playlist, you can delete it.4. The ability to quickly find the songs■ Sorting functionName Net, net recently added recently are able to quickly findandplay your favorite songs in a variety of functions, such assortorder, it is the order of plenty.■ Search songsRecent searches can be quick and easy song searchauto-completefeature.5. provide reproducible control in a variety of ways■ Control dialogue box supportYou do not need to run the app, you can play music and end phoneinthe notification window.■ Lock screen supportTurn on the phone without using the lock screen, you can controlthemusic playback and exit.■ Support WidgetIn any screen widget support of various sizes can listen tomusicfrom alsong.6. The ability to exchange files easily■ File toss feature6 using the digit keys easily send the file you have, you cangetfrom your other devices.7. Add-ons■ Timer functionAfter alsong have set the time automatically shut down.[Supported music file]mp3, wav, ogg, flac, m4a, aac files playback support[Environment]Android OS 4.0 or higher Support[question]Alsong of mobile bug / error tip and questions / suggestionsWe will quickly guide you to send us e-mail below andclickOK.* Product Use Questions: [email protected][Altuljeu Mobile Series]Alsong mobile, mobile tablets, alzip Mobile, Al keyboard------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PlaYo - Free Music & Radio
Play music, choose songs and build playlists withoutpaying,syncingor downloading. We have a huge music library. Nowit’syours. PlaYostreams all your favorite artists for free andwithoutad breaks.Install and you'll have access to millions ofsongs atMP3 quality.With agreements with major rights holdersandimplementation of theSoundCloud API, we have artists foreverytaste, from rap to rockand from Bruce Springsteen toJustinBieber. You’ll be able tochoose music to match your mood,find thegenres you love and enjoyyour playlists on every device.WithPlaYo, you keep your music withyou - always. KEY FEATURES:***Unlimited free music. PlaYo has allthe music you want. ***Streamsongs online or listen to your owncollection in onebeautifulmusic app. *** Tune into thousands ofonline radiostations. ***Free Music Player for Android. *** Buildplaylists andcreate yourown radio station from all your favoriteartists. ***Open anaccount to keep your playlists on phones andtablets. ***Enjoyplaylists based on genre, mood and your ownpreferences. ***Smoothstreaming to keep your storage space clearand massive amountsofmusic always available. *** PlaYo willcontinue to play musicwhenminimized. Keep working and it willcontinue playing inthebackground. ***COPYRIGHT INFORMATION*** Allmusic and anyothercontent accessible through PlaYo are supplied bySoundCloud.Bycomplying with the API Terms of Use, we do notprovide cachinganddownloading any tracks (not a music downloader).We have nocontrolover the content shared on SoundCloud. We simplyprovidelinks thatallow users to access that content using theprovider’sAPI. Alltrademarks and copyrights related to the contentaccessibleonPlaYo belong to their respective owners and are usedhere undertheterms of Fair Use and the Digital MillenniumCopyrights Act(DMCA).If you believe that any content availablethrough PlaYobreachescopyright, please ask for the content to beremovedat If you haveanyquestions,do write to us at: [email protected] Install PlaYonowfor FREE.
Music Player - Mp3 Player
Free Music Player in fashion design with Mp3 Player Equalizer,supermany songs.
Spotify Music
Spotify Ltd.
Spotify is now free on mobile andtablet.Listen to the right music, wherever you are.With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listentoartists and albums, or create your own playlist of yourfavoritesongs. Want to discover new music? Choose a ready-madeplaylistthat suits your mood or get personalizedrecommendations.Listen for free on mobile• Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle modeListen for free on tablet• Play any song, any timeSpotify Premium features• Play any song, any time on any device--mobile, tablet, oryourcomputer• Download music for offline listening.• Enjoy amazing sound quality.• No ads – just uninterrupted music.• No commitment - cancel any time you like.Love Spotify?Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: note: This app features Nielsen’s audiencemeasurementsoftware which will allow you to contribute to marketresearch,such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't wanttoparticipate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learnmoreabout our digital audience measurement products and yourchoices inregard to them, please visit more information.
Music Player - Mp3 Player
Music Player & Audio player for all songs format, havevolumeboost, equalizer.
SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
Discover songs & build playlists on the world’s largestmusicstreaming platform
Music Player
Free Music Player Pro. More powerful but lighter & faster.
Music Player - Audio Player
Fast download music player - audio player, equalizer, bassboost,sound changer
GOM Audio - Music, Sync lyrics, Podcast, Streaming
GOM & Company
GOM Audio is a high-quality music player which supports synclyricswhile playing music files. The users may listen to musicwhileviewing lyrics. Also, they can play & download popularpodcastprograms, and Cloud music on GOM Audio. [Key Feature(s)] ●SmartLock Screen offers Screen Stay On, Sync lyrics, Quick PlayandCurrent Playlist. ● GOM Audio provides various types ofwidgetsallowing the users to create their own set-up regardingsize,feature (Sync Lyrics/Quick Play), colour and others. ● SmartLockScreen offers various features including Keep Screen function,SyncLyrics, Quick Play and Current Playlist ● Sync Lyrics Viewerallowsthe users to view or search sync lyrics of the currentlyplayingmusic. ● It offers Sound quality which is optimized forplayenvironment, and a variety of sound effects including thestrongsound of 10 BAND equalizer, the reverb, and musicpitch/speedchanger, etc. ● Podcast allows users to live-stream anddownloadpopular channels. ● My Music allows the users to managetheirplaylist by preference, artist, album and folder. ● GOMAudioallows the users to manage various basic playlists. Also, theuserscan create their own playlist through Add My Playlist. ● GOMAudiosupports DropBox, Google Drive cloud storage system. GOM Audioalsosupports WebDAV and FTP. ● Quick Play allows the users to playorchange the music on the widget or on the lock screenwithoutrunning the application. ● Auto Repeat is useful for bothstreamingand academic purpose. ● Timer allows the users to adjusttheAuto-Shutdown function in an hour/minute/second units. ● MyRingTone allows the users to convert a certain song into his orherringtone. ● Supports various kinds of music files(such as MP3,WMAetc). [Gesture Feature] ● Able to turn on/off sync lyrics usingalong tap on it. ● Able to change the screen to the synclyricsviewers using a tap on the sync lyrics or album art. ● Ableplaythe previous/next music swiping left or right. ● Able to movethelocation using a double tap on a specific lyrics. ------[Notice] ※Please contact GOM’s customer centre if you have anytrouble whenusing GOM Audio. -[email protected]
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The original Android Music Player with beautiful design andgreatfeatures.
Musixmatch Lyrics 7.8.4
Musixmatch is the world’s largest collectionofsong lyrics used by millions of people to get instantsynchronisedlyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more.You can also now use it to get song translations on the go.KEY FEATURES:Musixmatch lets you:• Enjoy song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora,AppleMusic, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your otherfavouritestreaming services• Tap on the real- time notification to display the FloatingLyricswidget and get the current track’s lyrics• Easily learn new languages by displaying the translation ofthelyrics, in time with music.• Identify and get the lyrics to any song that’s playing aroundyouwith one tap• Search for your favourite song by title, artist and evenjustusing a single line of the lyricsADDITIONAL FEATURESWith Musixmatch you can also:• Use the smart seek to find your favourite lyrics byeasilyskipping through a song using the the progress bar• Share your favourite song lyrics on amazing backgrounds withtheLyricsCard feature• Play Youtube videos in full screen, on landscape mode, toenjoythe FloatingLyrics fully integrated with the video• Play, pause, skip track from your lock screen• Get notified instantly when new lyrics from your favouriteartistsare available• Quickly and easily find all your favorites on your profile• Preview songs or watch their Youtube videos• Collect your identified songs in a Spotify playlist• Join our Community so you can submit all your favouritelyrics,put them in time with music and even have funtranslatingthem• Fetch song info and cover art for your songs.LOCK SCREENFor listeners on the go, you can fire up a song from yourfavoritemusic app and automatically get the lyrics on theLockScreen.Try the Musixmatch Lock Screen with Spotify, Play Music or anyothermusic app.By enabling it, you can even control the music and havetheidentifying lyrics button just one tap away.WEARABLES & TV STREAMING• Musixmatch is available on your Android Wear devices• Enjoy Musixmatch at home casting local music and lyrics to yourTVwith ChromecastMUSIXMATCH PREMIUM FEATURESOffline lyrics - enjoy all the lyrics you have viewed withoutaconnection.No ads - get all the lyrics with no ads.No commitment - cancel any time you like.GET STARTEDNot sure where to start?Be sure to have enabled the FloatingLyrics and let Musixmatchfindlyrics for your songs on Spotify, Pandora, Play music,Youtube,SoundCloud and more.COMMUNITYLove Musixmatch? Don’t miss our updates:Musixmatch Blog: FEEDBACK?We love receiving your feedback, they help us toimproveMusixmatch.Reach us: on Twitter: @musixmatch or via emailVisit our Support: https://support.musixmatch.comREVIEWS AND HONORSThe best Music Player as for AndroidPolice, Android AuthorityandThe Next Web."Best Apps 2014 and 2015" selection on Google Play Store.+50,000,000 people enjoying their Music with the powerofLyricsGoogle Play Editor Choice with +1,2 mln 5 stars reviewsPERMISSIONS*We only ask for the permissions we need for the app to be atitsbest.Musixmatch requests the "Notification access" permission onlytolisten for music.
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Free Music !
* Free Music Player for YouTube® is a freeandpowerful third-party client powered by YouTube® API.Greatmusic discovery is effortless and free with Free Music PlayerforYouTube®* Your best music client and player for finding andlisteningtrending music. Since millions of people listen tomusic andaudio for free from YouTube®, your can find online anysong of yourlikes.* Great music discovery is effortless and free. Just start withthename of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres orcomposersand we'll do the rest. It's easy to create personalizedstationsthat play only music you'll love.* Watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an appdesignedfor music discovery. Just tap a track you love, and seewhere yourmusic takes you.* You can listen to artists and albums, or create your ownplaylistof your favorite songs. All are free on mobile and tablet.Listento the right music, wherever you are.* Popular Music, Hip hop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz,folk,R&B, and more.* Free Music for YouTube may use large amounts of data andcarrierdata charges. For best results, we recommend you connectyourdevice to trusted WiFi networks when available.* Enjoy music now!Key features:+ YouTube music player: watch your videos in full screen or usethefloating popup for multitasking+ Move the floating popup player wherever you want onthescreen+ Search and find free music and song tracks+ Explore free music online by preset genres+ Manage your favorite music and songs+ Manage your local playlists+ Shuffle and Repeat mode+ Play music with mini window+ Music player widget+ Share music track and song url to social networkNote:- By complying with the API Terms of Use, we do not providecachingand downloading any tracks (not a music downloader), and donotprovide playing background- All the content is provided by YouTube services, pleasefollowthese:
Apple Music
Experience music like never before. Apple Music gets you closertothe songs, albums and artists you love. Get unlimited accesstomillions of songs and your entire music library. All ad-freeandavailable across all your devices. Try 3 months free today.There’sno commitment - cancel anytime. Stream over 75 millionssongs, allad-free. Follow along to your favorite songs withtime-syncedlyrics. Stream your favorite music via Chromecast toyour favoritedevice. Download your favorite tracks and playoffline. Create yourown playlists or get personalized mixes and toppicks based on themusic you love in Listen Now. Explore all-newstations, featuringdozens of exclusive shows created by the mosticonic names inmusic. Available live or on demand. Watch exclusiveinterviews,live performances, and more from your favorite artists.Search formusic by lyrics right in the app. Enjoy our Musiceditors’ pickswith curated playlists. • Create a profile and followfriends tosee music they’re listening to and playlists they’veshared. Newmembers get three months free. • Availability andfeatures may varyby country or region. Subscription renewsautomatically aftertrial.
MP3 Player
MP3 player is a multi purpose music player for Smartphones.Enjoythe best music experience in your smart phone . Browseandplaysongs on your device faster with this application . Youcanalsocut mp3 songs using mp3 cutter tool .Create or editplaylistmoreeasily with this ultimate mp3 player . Key Features : -5bandgraphic equalizer - Built in mp3 cutter - Lockscreen play-Homescreen widgets - Bass and treble equalizer adjustment -PlaysMP3,MIDI, WAV, Raw AAC files - Create and edit playlist
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All your favorite music in an unique sound cloudsystem.Discovertrendy music and hits songs 100 % FREE You will makeyourbodyburst when dancing on our amazing songs. Here you willfindthebest av music and even use its for ringtones by download!Withoursmart music player, you won't have ads during yourlisteningtime.Enjoy music & remix with our " Music Free " app!
Enjoy Music! Millions of songs from SoundCloud!
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Floating pop-up music Player app: nonstop music listening
Free Unlimited Music 8
Free Unlimited Music Player is a freeandpowerful third-party client powered by SoundCloud® API. Greatmusicdiscovery is effortless and free with Free UnlimitedMusicPlayerYour best music client and player for finding and listeningtrendingmusic. Since millions of people listen to music and audiofor freefrom SoundCloud®, your can find online any song of yourlikes.Popular Music, Hip hop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz,folk,R&B, and more.Free Unlimited Music Player may use large amounts of dataandcarrier data charges. For best results, we recommend youconnectyour device to trusted WiFi networks when available.Key features:+ Search and find free music and song tracks+ Explore free music online by preset genres+ Manage audio files : rename, delete, share+ Bookmark any folder, album, artist, genre+ Manage your local favorites / playlists+ Play your local songs+ Information about audio file+ Easy navigation bar, full player window, widgets+ Multi-selection+ Available section: all song, artist, album, genre,ringtone,alarm, recorded, music folders, search, favorite,bookmarks+ Filter and sorting+ Shuffle and Repeat mode+ Play music on background+ Music player widget+ Custom layout (list/grid)+ Share music track and song url to social networkNote:This NOT an official app from the various media services, andthisis only an unofficial 3rd-party client that complies with their3rdparty API terms of service. This app is NOT an affiliatednorrelated product of those services.- By complying with the API Terms of Use, we do not providecachingand downloading any tracks (this is not a musicdownloader)- If you don't know what SoundCloud® is,readhere: If you like SoundCloud®, you can find more in it's greatnativeclient:
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Shazam is one of the world’s most popularapps,used by hundreds of millions of people each month toinstantlyidentify music that’s playing and see what others arediscovering.All for free.And that’s just the beginning: One-tap access to video clips,songlyrics, related tracks and streaming services, where you canlistento your Shazams in full or buy them.Top artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, areusingShazam to find new music, and you can follow them to share inthethrill of discovery.MUSIC DISCOVERY• Identify music with one tap• Sing along to songs with music lyrics, or watch theirvideos• Preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists**• Shazam Offline: Identify music even when you’renotconnected!*• Check out recommended tracks to find new music• Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real-time charts• Simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices• Launch Pandora radio based on artists you Shazam**• Buy your Shazamed songs in Google Play Music with justonetapCONNECT & SHARE• See what your friends are Shazaming when you connect yourFacebookaccount• Follow your favorite artists to see what they’re Shazaming• Share your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp,Pinterest, Google+ and more…MORE THAN MEETS THE EAR• Shazam visual recognition: Tap the camera icon to Shazamposters,magazines, books and so much more! Use it anywhere whereyou seethe Shazam camera logo• Visual recognition also works as a QR code reader• Launch Shazam on your Android Wear smartwatch to see theartistand song appearOTHER INFO• Previewing and buying music requires the Google Play musicstorein your country• MIPS devices are not supported• Why does Shazam need these apppermissions?• Shazam may share collected location data for interestbasedadvertising, allowing advertisersto infer interests and serve ads to users based on theiractivityand location over time• For more information on Shazam’s privacy practices, pleasereadthe Privacy Policy, availableat• Don’t want the advertising? Upgrade to ShazamEncore:*Song names will appear in your My Shazam tab once connectionisrestored**Some features are dependent on location, device andappversionAny questions or feedback? Checkout:
Music Player - Musicat
Musicat is a music player (Sync Lyrics, A-B repeat, controltempoand pitch)