Top 50 Games Similar to Jungle Clash

Jungle Heat: War of Clans 2.1.6 B.V.
Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you canplayonany device or social network. The tropics full of oil andgoldarelanguishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your taskistofree the native riches, to rip them out of the handsofthebloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself!Thetreasuresof the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages.Soonward -fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward tobattle!Brutalbattles, military bases, wild jungles, and all thisdisplayedwithbeautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings,whichwilldelight even the most ardent fans of battle games.Downloadtodayand join the battle for the treasures of the jungle.If youwant tocontinue the game on another device or social network,go tothesettings section of the game, select "OTHER DEVICE", andfollowtheinstructions. Continue to play on other platformswithoutlosingany progress. In Jungle Heat, you can develop yourmilitarybaseinto an unassailable fortress, battle with otherplayers,razetheir bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans,andparticipatein regular tournaments. Play on any Androidsmartphoneor tablet.★★★ Game features: ★★★ ✔ Simplicity and fun:battles areas simpleas one, two, three, and what is more, eachbattle isunique! ✔Freedom of maneuver: plan out your base, upgradebuildingsandtroops, set up an ideal defense, and think up aneffectiveattack!✔ Battles with other players: attack blindly, ortakerevenge onyour oppressors! ✔ Assemble an army of uniqueheroes,whosedifferent capabilities can change the course of battle!Eachbattlethey fight is saturated with an atmosphere of oldschoolwarmovies. ✔ Regular tournaments: Participate in individualandclantournaments, show the entire world that you and your clanarethebest! ✔ Cross-platform capability: Play on social networksoronany mobile device; ✔ Bright, colorful graphics: anexplosionofcolor in the jungle! ✔ Dynamic music: an atmosphereofendlesstropical fun! If you like Jungle Heat, don't forget togiveit fivestars. Do you have questions or need help? Check the FAQorwriteto us, we will help you:★★★Join our communities: ★★★✔Facebook:✔Twitter:✔G+:!Areliable internet connection is required for JungleHeat.Attention!The game requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission inorder tosave yourgame's progress. In the event that the game isdeleted orlost in anyway, you will always be able to restart thegame andrestore yoursaved progress. We use a device identifieronly to savethe progressof the game, and not for anything else.PRIVACYPOLICY: TERMSOFUSE:
Warhands: Clash in chaos league・Real time PvP War 1.23.0
Epic clash PvP strategy game. This strategy game allows youtomakeyour own strategy and tactics and lead your war alliance towinthebattle in the real-time PvP clash game! Emphasize yourabilityandplan to achieve victory! Plan your actions to win thewar!Commandyour army and lead the soldiers to win the battle ontheOnlineBattle Arena! Focus on your own strategy and clashagainstotherplayers! Win the chaos league in the jungle PvP arena!Thesmashingarena is waiting for its hero! Feel the heat of thejunglewar andclash in chaos league. Take part in the smashing PVPinreal-time,destroy the opponent's war alliance and win inthegreatest rushwar! Do tower defense, and don't let your enemycrashyour base inthe jungle! Defend your base with a collection ofcardsthat willcreate your unique army deck of soldiers, war doh’stanks,andother military vehicles. Use your tactic tricks anddesignyourstrategy to defeat your battle opponents with thechampionstrikeand war heroes. Are you ready to complete clashquests andfind thebest Generals and war heroes? That’ll give yourtroopsspecialbonuses and help your soldiers in the chaos battleleague!In thisonline strategy you can: Fight with players from alloverthe worldin real-time PvP strategy battles and towerdefense!Complete clashquests, collect cards, and choose your waralliance!Unlock,collect, and upgrade cards and build a deck tocreate youruniquestrategy by combining infantry, military machines,andtacticcards. Capture strategic flags, get a Breakthroughtank,anddestroy your enemy's base! Are you ready for theclashtowerdefense game? Then, prepare your strategic plan to crushthemall!Support: [email protected]
War Alliance - Realtime Multiplayer PVP 1.84.78
WHICH HERO WILL YOU CHOOSE? Standing upon the field ofbattlewithyour Hero by your side and troops at the ready, will youwiltlikeso many dead flowers or seize.. that... VICTORY?!Throughsoundtactics, fast gameplay, and smart planning, triumphwill beyoursfor the taking in the free-to-play mobile game, WarAlliance!Takeon other combatants in real-time battles, commandingone ofthemany unique Heroes, while deploying cards fromyourcustomizedbattle deck. Victories provide you with the spoils ofwaryou’llneed to upgrade your troops, acquire new cards, andincreaseinpower! Fancy yourself a lone wolf? Perhaps you findstrengthinnumbers? With the option to create or join a Clan, eitheroptionisyours. But Clans provide more than just a place to shootthebreezewith fellow soldiers, giving players exclusiverewards,timedevents, friendly duels, and more. With missionstocomplete,leaderboard to climb, and leagues to dominate,WarAllianceprovides players an explosive mobile experience thatsimplycan’tbe matched. - Battle it out in REAL-TIME PVPmatchesagainstplayers from around the world - CONTROL YOUR HEROaroundthebattlefield, attacking your opponent’s forces,whiledefendingagainst theirs - Each UNIQUE HERO providesnewtacticalopportunities that fit various PLAYSTYLES - UNLOCKNEWCARDS andUPGRADE them - Join a CLAN and team up with FRIENDS-Prove yourmettle in combat and CLIMB THE LEADERBOARD - Adjustyourtacticsfor each of 8 DIFFERENT ARENAS - Complete MISSIONStogainadditional rewards - COMING SOON: Events, Game Modes,Emotes,andmuch more! Share your feedback and stay on top of thelatestnewsand community content over at ourFacebookpage( or ourDiscordserver(
Might and Glory: Kingdom War 1.1.9 B.V.
Might and Glory: Kingdom War is a new online strategygameforeveryone who loves classic fantasy and epic battles. Buildyourownmagnificent castle, assemble an army of mightyheroes,participatein guild raids and smite other players withswords andmagic! Abeautiful kingdom flourishing under your reignwill turninto thecentre of a rigorous struggle for the magicalresources ofthecontinent. Your task is to master the unruly magicof theseancientplaces, surpass the rest of the contenders for poweranddefeat thedreadful Dark Knight who terrorizes theselands!Magnificentcastles, mysterious nature filled with the magicof thisworld, andbrutal fast-paced battles – these and many moreamazingfeaturesare presented in high-quality HD graphics and willrousetheemotions of every fan of mobile strategy games andfiercebattles.The war has begun, so it’s time to put on yourshiningarmor andset out on the path to might and glory! Fortifyyourcastle bysurrounding it with impenetrable walls andinvincibleprotectivestructures supported by your best warlocks’magic, fightwith otherplayers, bring down their castles and grabtheirresources, unitein unstoppable guilds and participate inregulartournaments.Evolve, attack, destroy, conquer and become theone andonlyoverlord of this world! Play on any Android smartphoneortablet.Game features: ✔ Embrace the simplicity: all battlesaresimple,and yet each battle is unique. Wow! ✔ Imaginethepossibilities:upgrade your buildings and armies, set up anidealdefense and comeup with an effective attack! ✔ Smite otherplayers:crush yourenemies or take revenge on your oppressors! ✔Epicheroes: trainyour own Warlock and Warrior who will help youconquerthe worldwith powerful spells and deadly swords. They arethe oneswho willlead your army into bloody battle and be the key tovictoryoverthe most vicious invaders. ✔ Guild wars: createalliancesofplayers united under common flags. Make cooperativeplanstooverwhelm your enemies, take part in tournaments,buildguilddefensive buildings together and participate in guildraids.Earnrewards for your guild’s joint operations, help othersandreceivesupport from players from all over the world! ✔ Eyecandy:enjoybright and colorful high-quality HD graphics! If youlikeMight andGlory, don't forget to give it five stars. Do youhavequestions orneed help? Check the FAQ or write to us, we willhelpyou: Joinourcommunities:!A reliable internetconnection is required for Might andGlory.Attention! The gamerequires READ_PHONE_STATE permission inorder tosave your game'sprogress. In the event that the game isdeleted orlost in any way,you will always be able to restart thegame andrestore your savedprogress. We use the device identifieronly tosave the progress ofthe game, and not for anything else.
Chaos Battle League - PvP Action Game 3.0.1
It’s time to create some Chaos! Command the most iconiccharactersthat span the ages to introduce your opponents to a worldof hurtin Chaos Battle League! In this fast paced, real-time,multiplayersmackdown, you’ll collect and upgrade tons ofCharacters, Defensesand Abilities from across history and legend.Defeat youradversaries to climb the leaderboard, and earn amazingrewards.Join a Guild to trade cards and complete quests together toadvanceyour Guild and unlock perks that benefit everyone! FEATURES•Battle opponents from across the globe in real-time matches torulethe leaderboards • Advance through Leagues, unlock awesomenewCards, enhance your team and strategy • Customize your teamandDefensive Towers to emerge victorious against opponents •Usepowerful Special abilities to gain the advantage, or hold offyouropponents • Create or join a Guild to level up your cards andsharestrategies • Complete quests to level up your Guild andunlockbeneficial perks Who would win in a battle? A horde ofangryMummies versus a swarm of drunk Pirates? A Gunslinger versusaCyclops? A UFO versus a Werewolf? A Minotaur versus a packofNinjas? It’s time to find out! Chaos Battle League can beplayedfor free, but some optional in-game items are availableforpurchase using real money. Players have the ability to turnoffthis payment feature, by disabling their device’s in-apppurchasesvia the settings screen. A network connection is requiredto playthis game. More Great Games byRogue: Terms ofService:
World War Doh: Real Time PvP 1.7.75
Build your army and dominate the competition in WorldWarDoh—anintense, chaotic, and hilarious new Real-TimeStrategygame!Control your Commander to defeat opponents inchallenging PvPcardcombat battles. Your only goal: to crush someoneelse’s hopes.😈Collect and upgrade dozens of unique cards to createtheultimatedeck, then take your troops to battle! Do you have whatittakes tobe the best? With tons of strategies to explore, WorldWarDoh willchallenge you at every turn! Conquer the world, putyourenemies toshame, and assert dominance with your Commander’sepicarmy!Network connection is required. A love for chaosisoptional.FEATURES: ⚔️ Clash with players from across the worldinreal-time1v1 strategy battles! ⚔️ Unlock, collect, and upgraderarecards tocreate the ultimate card combat deck! ⚔️ Deploy yourarmy,raid theenemy base, and crush everyone and everything in thisalloutbrawl! ⚔️ Upgrade and control your Commander during RTSbattlestocounter your opponent’s tactics! ⚔️ Switch up yourstrategyinreal-time to catch your opponents off-guard! Unleashepiccombosand wreak havoc on the enemy base! ⚔️ Rise uptheleaderboards bydominating the PvP competition! Gain statusandbecome a legendaryDespot! ⚔️ Clash with strong opponents toproveyour worth! ⚔️Humiliate your opponents with funny,customizabledance moves! ⚔️Prevent enemy raids and come out on topof each PvPbrawl! ⚔️ Buildthe ultimate card collection, earn epicrewards, andachieve worlddomination in this absurdly fun RTS game!EXTRAVAGANTPASSSUBSCRIPTION: 🎁 Air Chest opens 25% Faster! 🔥 Enterthe TowerofLoot for 40 Gems (Down from 60)! 🎁 VIP chest withsubscription,and1st of every month! 🔥One FREE extra spin in EVERYPiggy! 🎁ExtraVIP cards in every container! 🔥 New Units: Passholders get 2weeksearly access! Follow: @WorldWarDoh#ControlYourChaosPrivacyPolicy:
Rush Royale - Tower Defense game TD 7.1.19630 B.V.
Time for a Tower Defense like no other! In Rush Royaletowersarereplaced by mighty warriors and wizards! Base defensegamesgotserious... but are still are a lot of fun! Your heroesarethecastle defense, last and best hope against a rush ofenemies.Watchthem rain arrows and magic missiles in a valiantstruggle athordedefense! It's a unique combination of a turretdefense andacollective card game! Just like random dice rollsdecide thefateof battling armies, here you must depend on Lady Luckto winandprevail! Assemble a deck of powerful tower defenseheroes!It'sTD... but with a competitive twist! Rush against yourbestfriends(or worst foes) - the first one to complete thecastledefensewins! In a way, it is a real time PvP defense - whatfew TDgameshave! Protect your kingdom! Clash with mighty enemiesandfearsomebosses, unleash magic and steel upon your foes inbattle!Use yourturret defense resources wisely - like in good basedefensegames,the smartest general wins! Collect, defend anddominate!RushRoyale - Tower Defense is here! Follow usonFacebook: JoinourDiscord: Published undertheglobalgaming brand MY.GAMES, the leading developer andoperatorofunforgettable gaming experiences on PC, mobile, andconsoles.
Mega War - Clash of Legions 1.415
"Mega War - Clash of legions is a special real-timestrategygamewith epic human battles against Orcs. You can buildyourlegendaryarmy with unique units, items and lead humanity totheultimatevictory. In addition, you can also compete withpowerfularmiesfrom all over the world in pvp battles. This is anopenworld,where you can unleash finding species that seem to beonlyinlegends such as Dragons, Orc ,Dawrf, Elf, Taurent,Troll,Undead,... etc. Conquer and use them for strategies that onlyyouknow toachieve your armies ultimate goal of victory onthebattlefield.Collect and upgrade dozens of cards like Human,Orc,Dwarf, Elf,Taurent, Troll, Undead, Valkyrie, Trent, Demon,Dragons,Naga,spells and defenses that you know and love. FEATURES●Massive200v200 Unit Battles ● Easy to learn but difficult tomasteron thebattlefield, thousands of strategies must be used inbattleto leadyour armies to victory. ● Attractive Campaign withaninterestingstory behind and extra rewards ● Duel playersfromaround the worldin battle arena with pvp war. ● Hunting forDragonsand capturethem for your purpose. ● Lead your Kingdomagainst theDemons fromHell in Endless war. ● Co-op with otherplayer in NagaClan ●Quenching rebellions with thousands of enemiesto reassurethepeople in bandit war. ● Challenge yourself withplenty gameeventsand collect amazing prizes. ● Form a Clan to sharecards andbuildyour very own battle community (Coming soon) ●Joinmillionsplayers in clan raid and war (coming soon) ●Collecttreasurechests to unlock rewards, collect powerful newcards, andupgradeexisting cards. ● Custom your armies with plentyofdifferentitems. ● Create your own custom PVP experiencesthroughFriendlyChallenges, Friendly War (Coming soon) We would lovetohear anyfeedback from you. If you have problems orquestions,please leavea comment or email us at:[email protected] you agood time!Fanpage:
Wartide 1.15.03
Outact Inc
Wartide introduces the unique and highly strategicdeploymentbattlesystem. Arrange your armies to out-maneuver youropponentsand thentake control of your heroes in order to unleashpowerfulabilitiesto finish them off. Summon your heroes, fromlegendarywarriors tomystical sorcerers, assemble your armies, andreclaimthe long-lostkingdom of Atlantis. Defend your Citadelfromattacks, do battleonline against leaders from around theworld,and forge powerfulAlliances to destroy your commonenemies.FEATURES ● Enter theunique fantasy setting of New Atlantis●Harness powerful heroes andsorcery to crush your opponents ●Formarmies from a roster ofpowerful heroes and troops ●Devisebrilliant deployment strategiesfrom countless combinationsofteams ● Win battles to promote yourheroes and unlock fantasticnewabilities ● Battle with playersworldwide and improveyourreputation ● Join together with otherplayers to form theultimatealliance Please Note: Wartide is afree-to-play game, butsomeextra game items can be purchased forreal money. You candisablein-app purchases in your device'ssettings.
Heroes Brawl: Monster Clash - Defense Zombies 1.0.0
Heroes Brawl is a MMORTS game that combines elementsoftowerdefense, hero cultivation, PVE and league war. As asummoner,youwill join the ranks of millions of players aroundtheworld,develop bases, cultivate heroes, take risks, formalliances,andparticipate in epic alliance battles! Lead yourlegendaryheroes,use powerful magic, capture the enemy fortress,derivecrystalenergy, build a grand empire and open a new era!#GameFeatures# •JOIN LEAGUE WAR WITH ALLIES! Gather globalfriendsonline. Form aleague and discuss attack and defensestrategytogether. Arrangetroops and deploy array to start LeagueWar.Defeat enemy league,reap rich rewards and win supreme glory!•RAISE LEAGUE MONSTER TODEFEND WAR! Summon league monster. Feedit,evolve it and upgradeits skills. The powerful league monstercanhelp you resist theinvasion of the enemies. Challenge anddefeatthe League Bosstogether with the allies. Unlock the leaguechest,and obtain rareresources. • UPGRADE YOUR BASE AND RESIST THEENEMY!Upgrade thebase to unlock the defense building, set theherolineup, andarrange the defense formation freely to buildanindestructiblecastle. How many waves can you hold on when alargenumber ofzombies are attacking your castle? • LEGENDARY HEROESAREWAITINGFOR YOU! A large number of heroes with unique abilitiesarewaitingfor you to summon. Tanks, warriors, mages,archers,supports,different career positions are suitable fordifferentbattlefields.Use your brains and match your strategies! •INSTANTMATCH ANDGLOBAL BATTLE! Cultivate heroes, unlock talents,mix andmatch,create the strongest hero team, participate in thepeakarena, andcompete with millions of summoners from all overtheworld!
Mighty Battles 1.6.7
Hothead Games
Who's the Mightiest? Shoot, Deploy & Destroy inReal-time1v1Card Battles! Clash with millions of players around theworldinfun, fast-paced epic duels. More than 4 million playersjoinedinon the action. Are you Mighty enough to reach the topoftheleaderboard? Mighty Battles is a world-class free-to-playpvpgame.Your goal is to DESTROY the enemy bases by SHOOTdowntheopposition units AND tower base. Deploy your squadofARMYSOLDIERS, TANKS, VEHICLES, WEAPONS AND BASE DEFENSES toattackandcounter. More than 40 units to COLLECT and UPGRADE. EarnMEDALSandCRATES by defeating your opponents and advance inthegloballeaderboard for the mightiest honor. Form a clan withyourFacebookfriends or battlers around the globe; share cards,discussbattlestrategy and build the mightiest clan in the game.FEATURES*Engage in REAL-TIME multiplayer epic duels with playersfromaroundthe globe * Defeat opponents and earn awesome Craterewards *Opencrate reward to UNLOCK new exciting units and UPGRADEyourfavoriteunits * Advance through divisions to the top oftheleaderboard,unlock new battlefields and units * COMPETEinfun-filled EVENTSand EARN awesome rewards * FUN, FAST andINTENSEgameplay that willtest your strategic and shooting skill *Form aclan with yourFacebook friends or other players in the game *Testdrive newunits and battle deck in stress free TRAINING MODEPlaythe #1 LaneBased PVP Card Collecting Strategy Shooting Game!Bydownloadingthis app you are agreeing to be bound by the termsandconditionsof Hothead's Terms ofUse( and aresubject toHothead'sPrivacy Policy( ©2019HotheadGames Inc.,Hothead, and Mighty Battles are trademarks orregisteredtrademarksof Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.
Clash of Lords: Guild Castle 1.0.478
4.6 stars! A top-rated game! Special winter update andsecondlaunch!Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone?YourfavoriteClash of Lords Heroes are fighting in afree-for-allfrenzy against aforce of frightening fiends! Controlthe actionand become thegreatest warlord in all the land. Tosurvive you’llneed wit, will,and we couldn't think of a word forstrength butyou get the picture.It's time to Clash! Clash of Lordsis astrategy game with fun andinnovative twists on the genre.Recruitover 50 Heroes and theirmercenaries, build and defend abase, andfight alongside yourfriends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes!Getready to Clash! GameFeatures: ✔ You control the action!ActivateHeroes’ skills in realtime! ✔ Pair Heroes and Troops withourunique Mercenary system! ✔Play it Your Way! With over 10 PvEandPvP modes, there's alwayssomething fun and different to do!✔Fight alongside your friends!Join a Guild, and clash withplayersfrom all over the world! You caneven battle against playersfromdifferent countries! ✔ Free to Play!Log in every day to winfreeHeroes and Jewels! Note: This gamerequires an internetconnectionto play. Visit us onFacebookat: Need [email protected] with your IGG ID, we'll replytoyouimmediately.
Monster Castle
Lemix game
** Featured globally on the Google Play Store – Best NewGame**Monster Lord's castle is well-designed and full oftraps.Greedybats hiding in the dark and grim pumpkins runningaround.Alongwith the death of howling, the door of alchemicalroomslowlyopened. Orcs and Goblins are standing by. Armor up! It’stimetofight the humans! Take advantage of MonsterCastle’suniquevertical tower defense gameplay to strategicallyfight yourway tovictory alongside millions of other players! Enterasurprising newworld of original characters, and have the timeofyour life as youmake it to the top of the leaderboards! FEATURES●Arrange yourcastle defenses to dispatch of anyone who daresinvadeyour base!Battle is easy to learn, but hard to master! ●PvPstrategy: testout different strategies and discover a hiddensystemof cleverbattle tactics. ● Train your dragon to burn enemycastlesto theground and defend your own castle from attack! ●Fightopponentsworldwide: join an alliance and wage war againstplayersfromaround the world. ● Exciting daily missions: makeyourcastlestronger every day by collecting Gold, filling yourWineBarrel,and much more! ●IDLE System,The gold mine will continuetoproducegold whenyou’reaway.---------------------------------------------------------------MonsterCastleon the web: Find usonFacebook:[email protected]--------------------Madebythe Empire Defense Team NOTE: Monster Castle is free todownloadandplay, however some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney.If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Storeapp.
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Join arms with your friends to fightinspectacular guild wars against players from all aroundtheworld!Customize your favorite Hero and dive into endless battlesbycommanding your own unique combination of Troops andHeroes!Build your village into an impenetrable fortress and claimsupremacyover the Sky World!FEATURES● FREE TO PLAY!● Command 100+ different time-and-space transcending Heroeswithamazing skills!● From the almighty Zeus with his thunderbolt to Cleopatra thequeenof beauty and intrigue, choose and deploy your favoriteHeroes forattack & defense!● Speed up your play by immediately reviving your armyafterbattles!● Power up your favorite Hero through Level Up and Evolution!● Enjoy PvP battles with Mighty Heroes customized for yourbattlestrategy.● Discover hundreds of attack & defense strategies bycombiningnot just Troops, but also Heroes and their variousskills!● 200 unique weapons for enhancing the attack & defenseskillsof your army!● Unleash the Trojan Horse to deploy troops at the heart ofenemy’sstronghold and speed up your way to victory!● Command your army in defense mode to actively protect yourvillageagainst waves of evil minions pouring in through theHell’sGates!● Watch your army become even more powerful as you enter FeverModeafter three continuous victories!● Join a Guild and share the thrill of combat with yourbestfriends!● Together you can build a powerful Guild Town, share & buffupTroops, and strengthen your army to rise to the top of SkyWorldrankings!Now, command your Hero for attack & defense over theSkyWorld!PLEASE NOTE! Hero Sky is completely free to play, however somegameitems can also be purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature, please disablein-apppurchases in your device's settingsAlso, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Hero Skyisallowed for download and play at least 13 years of age.SUPPORTIf you have any problem,visit:
Boom Beach 44.193
Welcome to Boom Beach: come with a plan or leave in defeat!Fighttheevil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epiccombatstrategygame. Attack enemy bases to free enslaved islandersandunlock thesecrets of this tropical paradise. Create a TaskForcewith playersaround the world to take on the enemy together.Scout,plan, thenBOOM THE BEACH! PLEASE NOTE! Boom Beach is freetodownload and play.However, some game items can also bepurchasedfor real money. If youdo not want to use this feature,please setup password protectionfor purchases in the settings ofyour GooglePlay Store app. FEATURES- Play with millions of otherplayers,raid hundreds of enemy basesfor loot - Battle for controlofprecious resources to upgrade yourbase against enemy attacks-Explore a huge tropical archipelago anddiscover themysteriouspower of the Life Crystals - Face fearsomeBlackguardBosses anduncover their evil plans - Join other playersto formanunstoppable Task Force to take on co-op missions Under ourTermsofServices and Privacy Policy, Boom Beach is allowed fordownloadandplay only for persons 13 years or over of agewithoutparentalconsent. Note: A network connection is required toplayParent'sguide: TermsofService:
Merge War: Army Draft Battler
Draft to forge your best army to defeat the enemy! In this 3Dautochess war game, pick carefully from knights, footmen,archers,wizards and even dragons and merge them into epic Heroes tocastultimate spells to destroy your opponent! Outsmart youropponentsLike a general on the battlefield, set up your formation,upgradeyour armies and get ultimate heroes! Hone your armiesCollect tensof unique armies, each with 3 different forms and anuniqueultimate spell that unlocks at level 3! Employ uniquestrategiesStrategize! Combine heroes, skills and formations tooutplay yourenemies! Enjoy a variety of adventures Collect variousrewards andclimb on the leaderboard!
Clash of Wizards - Battle Royale 0.55.4
Discover a world filled with magic. A world whereOrcs,Goblins,Undead, and Humans are immersed in an endless Battletotakecontrol of the Wizard Royale Arena, the source of allmagic.Themain Wizard tower, two crystals towers and some battletroopsarethe only defenses you have to clash with your enemiesandestablishcontrol over the Arena Royale. Deploy your battletroopsand castyour spells to defeat enemy battle forces! In ClashofWizards,each battle gives you rewards, gather all type of cardsandupgradethem to make them stronger! Get them all andcompleteyourcollection! Find the perfect strategy, win battles,getexperience,win new cards, earn trophies, glory and much moreinClash ofWizards! Features: - Great troops and spells tocollectandupgrade! - Real-time multiplayer duels! Duel yourfriends!-Challenge your Clanmates in a Friendly Battle - Learn toadapttonew strategies and defeat your enemies -Excellentgraphics.Support andCommunity
Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder 7.2.0
Lead your Kingdom to victory with RTS war strategy andbybecomingthe most powerful King or Queen in the RPG action worldofROYALREVOLT 2. The key to success is your offensive battleskillsandRTS conquest strategy. Adjust them to your RTS warstrategytacticsand troops regularly! Create an epic tower defensewhichresiststhe toughest clash with ease. Choose your armies,towerdefense RTSstrategy and obstacles wisely for your Kingdomdependson them Raidyour foes Kingdoms and destroy their castledefensethrough RTS, asthey try to withstand your powerful army ofArchers,Paladins oreven Werewolves and Dragons. Partnered with aloyal PetPal and aRoyal Guardian you are ready for any epic questand enemytowerdefenses that lie ahead of you! The Blacksmith willhelp youtocreate even better items in a true RPG game style! Meltdownitemsyou don’t need and collect Pearls. Later on, this RPGgamefriendlyblacksmith can apply magical Runes to your offenseanddefenseFeatures: ☆ Tower Defense RPG ☆ Build a strong towercastledefensethat can withstand any attack. Choose the Troops,Obstacles,andTowers defenses you want to build your path with inRTS. Levelupyour Kingdom, and choose the best items and spellsforyourKing/Queen to match your individual play-style. ☆ForgeAlliances ☆Play together with your friends or join playersfromaround theglobe to improve your castle defense an to createapowerfulAlliance that can battle together for epic boostsandtreasures.☆Regular Seasonal Events ☆ Fight in AllianceWars,Conquests, andNinja Events to see who really has the besttacticsand to receivepowerful Chests and Boosts. ☆Discover thedepths ofyour CastleDefense Town ☆ Forge your weapons at theBlacksmith.Visit theGranny for a chat (and loot). Discover themysticalDungeon beneathyour Castle and unlock powerful Troops! ☆Andmuchmore☆ Are youready to lead your Kingdom to victory? Do you havethebest castledefense strategy? The world of Royal Revolt 2awaitsyou.Community: Follow Royal Revolt 2onFacebook: Join in-depthdiscussionsandinsights on our forums: Needhelp?Contact our friendlysupport team: of Service: RoyalRevolt 2 isfree to download and play,however, some game items canalso bepurchased for real money. Ifyou don’t want to use thesefeatures,please disable in-apppurchases in your device settings.Accordingto our Terms ofService, Royal Revolt 2 is allowed fordownload andplay only forpersons 16 years or more of age, or withexplicitparental consent.You can read morehere: Byaccessing or usingaFlaregames product, you're agreeing to ourTerms ofService(
Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D 1.53.5320
Sky Clash is an epic MMO RTS with stunning 3D visuals. Build upyourempire on floating island and defend sky towers in an onlinePvPstrategy game! Game features: ✔ Take a journey into auniquesteampunk world ✔ Discover an incredible world of an epiccombat ✔Develop your little base into an unbeatable fort ✔ Createyour clanand lead it to global glory ✔ Take part in PvP battles andepic 4x4clan wars ✔ Withstand the robot invasion ✔ Upgrade yourdefense,weapons and airship to win air battles ✔ Train troops andsend yourheroes to war ✔ Struggle other players worldwide and grabtheirgold and steam ✔ Enjoy fantastic HD graphics, exceptionalformobile devices ✔ Explore a vast PvE map, mining resourcesandcompleting quest missions ✔ Fight monsters, hunt pirates andrushfor gold in the Journey mode Commander, are you ready to leadthearmy of islanders, conquer new lands and become the king ofthesky? Sky Clash is a unique PvP and PvE war game, whereenemyattacks are everywhere. Use different strategies and tacticstostay alive like in classic strategy. Come and compete inonlinemmorpg battles against your enemies in this free 2 play game.Or,team up with your allies to cast fire on other defenders andwatchtheir castles burning! All means are good for the survival ofyourcloud kingdom. Enjoying Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D? Learnmoreabout this battle simulator!Facebook: Questions? Contactour techsupport at [email protected]
Fieldrunners Attack!
Hold onto your helmets - the award-winningFieldrunnersseriesreturns! From exploding Popcorn Chicken to themightyMegabot, it’stime to assemble the ultimate army as you fighttobuild yourempire, and conquer rival players from around theworld!Recruitheroes, train troops, add defensive structures andmanageresourcesto transform a quaint town into your ownimpenetrablefortress ofmayhem. Whether you’re defending your turf,conqueringthe land inthe campaign missions, or ripping throughopponentsworldwide inmultiplayer skirmishes, there’s loot and gloryto behad at everyturn. FEATURES: • Addicting full controlstrategiccombat gameplay• Take charge and attack in theFieldrunnersuniverse! • Manageresources to turn your town into animpenetrablefortress! •Recruit and upgrade powerful heroes, eachwith their ownuniqueabilities! • Tear through enemy bases withtacticalreal-timeattacks • Test your might against 60+ campaignmissions! •Climbthe ranks with your friends by waging war onplayers aroundtheworld and stealing loot • Field an army ofSoldiers,Rocketeers,Tanks and more military marvels! • Defend yourturf withdeadlyGatling, Cannon and Flame towers – as well asotherFieldrunnersfavorites and all-new defensive turrets •Transformyour towers toadapt against a variety of threats, be theyman,machine, orsomething else entirely!
This Means WAR!
Modern combat just landed in the palm of your hand! Launchwavesoftanks, troops, helicopters and bombers to destroyenemyarmieswhile simultaneously attacking their bases. This MeansWAR!takes agiant leap forward in mobile strategy gaming, puttingtheentirebattlefield at your fingertips:Army-on-Army,Base-on-Base,Mano-a-Mano -- with furious action allaround! Playthrough an epiccampaign or go online to challenge yourfriends.Take on thousandsof other foes across the globe and competeforresources, medals,power and glory! PLEASE NOTE: This Means WAR!isentirely free toplay. However, some in-game items are availableforpurchase withreal-world currency. If you'd like, you candisablethis in-apppurchase feature in your device's settings.FEATURES: -FREE TOPLAY. - Simultaneously attack your enemy's basewhiledefendingyour own with ground troops, tanks, helicoptersandbombers - theentire combat chain is yours to command.-Base-on-Base: Two armiesand both their bases mix itupsimultaneously in every battle.Watch both bases move thebattleline on the screen! -Army-on-Army: Face off Mano-a-Mano withyouradversary’s troops,not just a bunch of defensive towers.-Regenerating Army: Everysoldier deserves a second chance tomarchto glory! Your troopsregenerate with their game faces on,ready toredeploy before thebattle is over. - Expand your powerfularmy withtroops, tanks,helicopters, drones, and bombers - 13 typesof units,all withmultiple upgrade levels. - Strategic BaseBuilding:Construct animpenetrable fortress guarded by walls, mines,traps,missile sitesand bunkers. - Challenge your friends to earnvaluablePower Cells.- Fight other players around the world, stealtheirpreciousresources, and earn medals - Yoink! - Test yourskillagainst enemyAI commanders in Campaign Mode. - Forge Allianceswithfellowplayers and compete in weekly alliance tournaments. -Buildthe newLevel 10 Command Center to unlock all-new,devastatingtroops. -Battle for leaderboard dominance in excitingRaid Eventswith bigpayouts going to the top players and alliances.- CaptureHexium,the game's newest, rarest resource, and buildtheunstoppable, newMinotaurTank!**************Important************** HD DISPLAYGRAPHICS!1080pready for a hi-def gaming experience OPTIMIZED FORANDROIDSupportedon tablets of all makesandsizes****************************************
Champion Strike: Hero Clash Battle Arena
Compete against players all around the world inreal-time.『ChampionStrike: Hero Clash Battle Arena』 is a 1v1real-time PvPstrategysimulation game with a controllable Championaspect.Strategize yourbattle with the simple Champion control untilthebattle is over!The unpredictable battle that's going to takeplacethrough theArena with controllable Champions will makeplayersaround the worldvery excited! Do not wait for boringautomaticbattle! Engage thebattle yourself and attack youropponent's weakpoint! You cantarget the enemy's unit and rush theenemy's basebravely! Nevertake your eyes off of the opponent'sChampions- readtheir moves andrespond quickly! The fierce battle isahead of you!Create your ownSUPER play by joining the Arena anddefeat theenemy with your epicstrategy and supreme control! Clashof Heroesfrom all over theworld! You can build your own specialdeck with60 unique types ofcards from the Mystery, Fantasy, SF,Steampunkand Martial Art worldby selecting one of various typesofChampions at the 『ChampionStrike: Hero Clash BattleArena』.Experience the intense 1v1real-time PvP game at the 8differentArenas. ● 1v1 Real Time PvPBattle: Join the World Battleto fightplayers all around the globe● Big Match: Spectate realtimebattles of world highest rankers andreceive various rewards attheBig Match contents! ● Improved ClashGameplay: ControlyourChampion in the Arena while commanding unitcards into a battle●60+ Cards: Unique hero cards, magic, units,creatures, abilitiesforvarious deck styles! ● Clan System: Jointhe community, Clashagainstmutual opponents in the Clan Race anddonate cards to otherclanmembers ● Master League: Collect medalsthrough PvP Clashbattles andrank up to the Master League! ● WorldLeague: Competeagainst theworld’s finest opponents around theworld at the WorldLeague ● DailyMissions: Many challenges to helpyou collect cards,gold, and rubies● Level Up: Upgrade yourChampion and unit cardsto strengthen yourcombat tactics ● HotClips: Record your matches,watch the bestbattles from all aroundthe world, and learn newstrategies for theArena ● Friendly PvPMatches: Clash against yourfriends or practicewith your friends infriendly battles.[Community]Facebook: Join our friendlyandhelpfulcommunity where players can safely interact, seekandprovideinformation, feedback and general subjects of theChampionStrike:Hero Clash Battle Arena![HelpCenter]
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.322
A top 10 strategy game all around the world! 4.5 stars!Atop-ratedgame! Are you ready to step into the pit andpunchsomeone? Yourfavorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes are fighting inafree-for-allfrenzy against a force of frightening fiends!Controlthe actionand become the greatest warlord in all the land.Tosurvive you’llneed wit, will, and we couldn't think of a wordforstrength butyou get the picture. It's time to Clash! Clash ofLords2 is astrategy game with fun and innovative twists on thegenre.Recruitover 50 Heroes and their mercenaries, build and defendabase, andfight alongside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvPmodes!Getready to Clash! Game Features: ✔ You control theaction!ActivateHeroes’ skills in real time! ✔ Pair Heroes andTroops withourunique Mercenary system! ✔ Play it Your Way! Withover 10 PvEandPvP modes, there's always something fun and differentto do!✔Fight alongside your friends! Join a Guild, and clashwithplayersfrom all over the world! You can even battle againstplayersfromdifferent countries! ✔ Free to Play! Log in every day towinfreeHeroes and Jewels! Note: This game requires aninternetconnectionto play. Visit our FacebookFanpageat:
Rivengard 1.9.5
Challenge your tactical mastery in this new turn-basedRPG!STRATEGICBATTLES Make use of the terrain and thespecificstrengths of yourheroes to lead them towards victory!CHOOSE YOURTEAM Unlock andupgrade your ultimate collection ofheroes todeploy as an unwaveringforce on the battlefield! EPICABILITIESStrike down and conquerpowerful hordes of enemies byunleashingyour characters uniqueabilities! YOUR CHALLENGE AWAITSFight yourway to the top and takedown the world's strongestbosses, forcingthem to join your team! •Access full game featureswhen connectedto the internet
Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021 1.4.8
New addicting casual defense game in 2021 with tower defense(TD)andepic heroes (RPG). Gear up and plan your defenses! Collectandlevelup over 60 heroes! Combine their unique skills toperfectyourstrategy. Use Auto-battle to earn rewards whilerelaxing! Playwithpeople around the world and compete on thegloballeaderboard!Facebook:
Braveland Heroes 1.61.10
Tortuga Team
Old-school mobile turn-based RPG strategy! The king's scepter oftheSeven Kingdoms was perfidiously stolen from the throne room.Thekings have summoned the mightiest heroes of magic and offeredagenerous bounty to the person, who returns it. In high spirits,youset off on a dangerous quest in the search of the royal relic.Usetactics to lead legions of heroes, fight the bosses andconquerother players! As you play, your army will be joined byvariouskinds of allies – archers, monks, demons, beasts, knights,and manyothers. Your journey begins in an ancient forest; you willpassthrough the southern lands and over the high mountains, youwillencounter orcs, ghosts and mysterious nomads. In the north youwillfight with might and main in the age of Vikings wars, rush intotheclash of thieves and assassins, and try to bear the palm infightsof fiends and pirates. Key game features: ✔ Free PvE and PvPgamemodes ✔ Hand drawn HD game world ✔ Right from the start, youmaychoose between 3 heroes: a Barbarian, a Pirate, and a Sorceress.✔Creating and upgrading weapons and ammunition ✔ A full rangeofunique battles with unexpected twists ✔ An evolving Heroes Saga–lead more mighty Heroes into battle, than ever before! ✔Dungeonswith random-generated battles and worthy rewards ✔ Anabundance ofpowerful artifacts ✔ Each hero adheres to a uniqueacademy of purebattle magic which completely changes the course ofthe battle ✔And, of course, the party’s headliners – the insidiousbosses Jointhe adventures in Braveland, online game played bythousands ofpeople every day! Create and level up your hero!Immerse yourselfin a world of fierce real-time battles againstother players. Enjoyvivid combat graphics and enchanting music. Useyour magic skillsto gain your edge in the world of BravelandBattles! Game communityJoin our community and follow the latestupdates Facebook group OurTwitter Support [email protected] Notes: 1. Braveland Heroes gameiscompletely free; however, to make the game process moreinterestingfor yourself, you can purchase different items. 2.Fighting Duelson the Arena requires an internet connection. You canalso go on aPvE adventure in the offline mode, if that is moreconvenient foryou! 3. For a stable game play, Android 4.0 or higheris required.Welcome to Magic Heroes! Install the game right now forfree!
Boom Battlefield 1.2.3
Defend, defend, and BOOM THE BATTLEFIELD! Are you ready toanswerthecall of duty when the world is at war and the realm isatrisk?Travel to the realm of guns and boom! The iconictowerdefensegenre has been reborn. Are you tired of the same oldtowerdefensemechanics? From the makers of Caravan War comes abrandnewmultiplayer tower defense game with epic towers, mightyheroes,andcountless instant upgrades. Build and level updeadlydefensivetowers to blast enemy troops, loot their gold, andprotecttherealm in the greatest war since World War II. Command anepicarmyof heroes and towers. Strive for the ultimate victory inthisfreemobile tower defense game! Crush players from all overtheworld inreal time. Develop your own strategy and blast targetsonthebeach, in the valley, on land, and on the battlefield. Setinanalternate post-war world, Boom Battlefield takes place in anageofbrutality. The discovery of a way to synchronize organicandbionicmechanisms in 1940 led to the beginning of theGreatConflict. Therealm of peace collapsed, and the Free Statesarose.Despite thesigning of a peace treaty in late 1943,plasmaexplosives, cyborgs,and army-grade droids have becomecommonplacein this world at war.All of the world's great powerscrave preciousmaterials in theirquest to synchronize man withmachine and enhancethe production ofdeadly weapons. In order toachieve this goal, theFree States haveto trade for gold - and goldmakes the world go'round. Invite yourfriends and join forces in oneof the mostunique tower defensegames of all time! Boom Battlefieldfeatures: ✔An authentic towerdefense game with a million defendersplaying allover the world inreal time. ✔ An epic army in the palmof your hand- build,upgrade, and rule a chaotic world at war. ✔Unlocklegendary towersand heroes, including robots, androids,cyborgs,and otherfuturistic killing machines. ✔ Deploy your troopsanywhereon thebattlefield and make things go BOOM! Shock yourenemies! ✔Become abrilliant commander and develop your ownstrategies forsolocampaigns and online PvP battles. ✔ Proveyourself in a worldatwar - forge a strong alliance in this realm ofchaos and ruletheother clans. The strongest decides the fate of theweak. Whowillyou choose to be? One of the world's great generalsorcannonfodder for other players' towers? Can you bring harmony toaworldat war? Join us now!
Brave Conquest 1.4.2
Hop in now and join us at [Brave Conquest] - thecasual,fun-filledstrategy game! Manage your own Kingdom and fillyourcoffers in asnap! Experiment with bizarre formations to takeonwhatever yourfoes throw at you! Wait no more! Now’s the timetoascend thethrone and take your place among the greatestlords![GameFeatures] *Your Kingdom, Your Choice! As the lord ofyourKingdom,you get to call the shots! Unlock and placeuniquebuildingsanywhere you wish! Lack materials and resources?FarmsandFactories are your best options! Want to speed upyourarmy’sgrowth? Focus on unlocking the Barracks, Spellworks,andWonders!Also, don’t forget to feed your guardian Dragon lestsheburn yourcastle down! *An Epic Realm with Tons ofTreasures!Traverse acrosslush green plains and snow dunes, andscale thehighest peaks anddeepest valleys in search of lost Wondersand raretreasures! Besure to free up some inventory space beforeexploringwith yourgoblin crew. You never know what legendarytreasuresyou’ll find atthe far reaches of the realm! *One TrueLegend, TenThousand TroopsUnite! A lord is never without ablesubjects! Standtall alongsideHeroes of justice and evil. There’s nobattle tootough! Make yourtroops strong and fit! Train them up andberewarded with upgradedtroop types for an unfair advantageinbattle! *Brain-TeasingChallenges to Overcome! Training yourtroopshas never been easier!Leave ‘em alone and they’ll levelupautomatically! War isn’t sosimple, though. Even themostwell-drilled soldiers can’t win abattle by themselves! It’s uptoyou to lead and deploy themwisely! Lords never stopchallengingthemselves, and the gamecertainly encourages this!Partake in anever-ending journeytowards greater glories byconquering theBattle Hall, Arena, andglobal Kingdom Wars! *AlliesUnite! Fight toBecome the Realm’sStrongest Alliance! Not enoughresources? Yourallies have much toshare! Bullied by other players?Your allies gotyour back!Interested in an Alliance event? Work withyour allies!And whenall seems lost… Well, let your allies worryabout that!
Epic War - Castle Alliance 2.1.021
Seize the throne and kingdom in an unknown adventure! Findyourpeople, reign with love and wisdom. Spread your fame afar.Jointhis Epic War, conquer the world and write your ownhistory!Features: 🦸‍♂️Heroes with unique Professions 30 Heroes eachwithdifferent professions and skills, collect, recruit and appointyourheroes to the most suitable role for each internal affairstomaximize the profit! Have your commanders upgraded, and armthemwith crafted gears, you’d even get greater boosts and rewards!Youcan also interact, attack and capture your enemy troopscommander.🏰Detailed Simulation Management All useful informationistransparent and broken down into details for you to use. Planaheadon how you’ll use your resources to achieve EFFICIENCY andECONOMY!Build your own empire is the foundation of survival! Expandyourterritory and upgrade various functional buildings in your citytocollect resources in your farmland, train an unstoppablearmy,forge powerful equipment and research new technologies.🛡WorthwhileStrategies Adjust battle formations to counter yourenemies; Takeadvantage of Fake Armies and Protective Shields toovercome toughmoments; Make use of your talent points to boost yourgrowth; Everysingle choice matters! 🧙‍♂️Forge a mighty army forchallengingbattles! Strategize wisely for tactical collocation,tame dragons,mix different unit types (infantry, ranged, cavalry,siege etc.)for various combinations, and experience the thrill ofwar.⚔Cross-Platform Multiplayer Castlers around the world gather inthesame servers despite the difference of OS! Group up withyourfriends, create holy alliances and support each other andfightside by side in immersive real-time combats and launchmultiplayerwars against enemies in this Epic War. Accomplishremarkableachievements and bring the Victory home and lead yourtroop to thetop of alliance ranking and let the world know yourstrength! 🍗HUGEmap, Hours of Campaigns HUGE map to explore, TONS ofsecrets toreveal. Live through the real-time battles, defeat theevil bossesand claim your exclusive rewards! There can be no peacewithout warCastler. If there has to be one, WE WANT YOU to make itEPIC.PLEASE NOTE! Epic War is free to download and play. However,somegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twantto use this feature, please disable in-app purchases inyourdevice's settings. 

Under our Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy,you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download EpicWar.

Smashing Four 2.1.60
Enter the Arena and get ready to fight fierce 1v1real-timebattlesagainst players from around the world! Experienceuniquegameplayand an original take on pool physics withthiscard-collectible PvPstrategy game where every smash counts!Winbattles, gain trophies,collect rewards & cards to unlockyourheroes' powerfulabilities that will turn the arena upside downandsmash your enemyto pieces. Join a clan, meet other Smashersandsupport each otheron your way to the top of the ranks. Ruletheworld of SmashingFour together! Prove your skill in 1v1PvP!Execute your strategyin different arenas! Smash your way tothevictory! Have a smashingtime! GAME FEATURES PvP,real-time,turn-based, card-collectiblestrategy Duel players fromall aroundthe world in challengingarenas Win battles to earnrewards Collectcards to unlock newheroes & upgrade them tounleash theirunique abilities Smashyour opponents in the arena andfight yourway up to the top of theranks Get all heroes available& getready for new arrivalsFight in the challengingenvironments of 10game-changing ArenasCreate your own Clan or joinan existing oneShare cards, chat andchallenge your clanmates infriendly battlesStay tuned for thenewest developments by followingus on ... Reddit-> fan page-> Be thefirst to knowaboutthe latest news regarding Smashing Four'sdevelopment Learnindetail about the latest and upcoming updates,bug fixes andbalancechanges Discuss strategies and get some tips& tricksfrom moreexperienced players Share your thoughts andsuggestionswith theSmashing Four team & get a response Enjoydiscussingyour ideasand experiences with other players Have funwithplayer-madecontent such as awesome gameplay videos or fan artFindnewfriends, clans, and socialize with other playersAnetworkconnection is required. Smashing Four is a free to playgameand assuch it doesn't require you to spend any money tofullyenjoy.However, it is possible to buy game currency orspecialoffersusing real money via in-app purchases. Currency can beusedtoacquire products such as Coins, Hero cards or Orbs thatmayhelpyou progress faster. This does not ensure victories inbattles.Wedo not support 'pay to win' mechanics.
Battle Islands 5.4
505 Games Srl
It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacific your platoon ofcracktroopslands on a tropical island, but can you defeat enemyforcesand holdyour ground to fight another day? You’ll need toactquickly in thisaction-packed, WW2-themed battle strategy game–Control air, sea,and land forces, build your garrison,battleagainst friends andcreate powerful allegiances! * FREEDOWNLOADFOR TABLET OR SMARTPHONE* - Control troops, jeeps, tanks,boatsand warplanes over air, sea,and land as you vie forsuperioritydeep in the South Pacific - Buildand improve yourmilitary might,and use it to raid and pillage enemyislands andcapture theirresources - Make sure you've a stronggarrison - yourenemies areitching to invade! - Exciting Real-timestrategy andcombatgame-play - Battle against friends in the fightfor supremacy-Join together with others by setting up or joining anAlliance,anduse real-time Chat to strategize! - Competeweeklywithsimilarly-ranked players to be top of your Division -Optimizedforboth tablet and smartphone - Play across devices andsaveyourprogress by linking to a social media account IT'S TIMEFORBATTLE,SOLDIER! Join our
Random Clash - epic fantasy td 1.3.9
Are you ready for Random Clash? Build towers,dominatethebattlefield, and crush your enemies in thisthrillingstrategygame. Employ tactical thinking and devise theultimatestrategy toannihilate your foes. Pick combos in grippingPvPbattles or teamup with your friends in PvE games. FeaturesBecome abrillianttactician Choose your units wisely and upgradethem tomake themeven more devastating. Choose from over 50differenttowers tocustomize your unique loadout. Craft unstoppablekits forvariouscombat situations. Outsmart your opponents and climbto thetop ofthe leaderboard. Co-op game What's more fun thanblastinghordes ofbaddies? Teaming up with a buddy! Design your owncomboattacks -one player can weaken the enemy by slowing themdown,poisoningthem, setting them on fire, or freezing them whiletheother playermoves in for the kill. Who ever said you had topickone genre at atime? Immerse yourself in a heady mix of fantasyandsci-fi games.Smash skeletons and robots on the samebattlefield.Trick out yourbase with magic towers and mechanizedkillingmachines. Power up!Merge your towers to get even deadlierweaponsand exterminate yourfoes with extreme prejudice. Move up intheworld The more battlesyou win, the higher your rank. Thehigheryour rank, the betteryour rewards. Ranked games will helpyouunleash all your strategictalents! Collect 'em all Collect asmanytowers as you can so youhave lots of options when buildingyourbase. A good collection isa huge asset in battle.
Royal Defense King 1.4.8
Summon heroes and soldiers and fend off the invading armyofUndead.[Features] - Strategy game with simple controls ofSummon,Skill,and Energy Recharge - Self activating unique skillforeachcharacter - Area skill that can result in maximum effectifyoutime it right - New characters unlocked by clearingStagesandEndless Mode challenges - Bonus effect when a characterreachesLv.10Homepage:
War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free 3.1.0
Battle players from all around the world in this free,multiplayeraction game! Discover, collect and upgrade 25+ cardswith differenttroops and weapons, from the destructive fighteraircraft to thetreacherous landmines! Define your strategy andchoose the 8 cardsthat you will use in the combat. Your decisionwill make thedifference between victory and defeat in this clash!Game Features:- Real time strategy: no more boring turn by turnbattles - 25+different cards: fearsome troops, weapons and gunturrets - Upgradeyour troops to make them more effective in combat- Clash againstyour opponents and climb to the top of the rankings- Pick the bestgeneral to lead your troops to victory in this war -Have the bestarmy: soldiers, snipers, tanks... - Player vs Playercombat online(pvp) - Play in 5+ fun arenas: each with its uniquelayout Are yourready for the battle and adventure? Get your armyready and startthe action! Play now for free this multiplayer cardgame! And maythe best general win the war! Play it with yourfriends and havefun as if you were kids, boys and girls.
Castle Clash: King's Castle DE 1.8.5
🇩🇪 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 This is the optimized version of Castle Clash inGerman,fora better user experience, we recommend you to installtheEnglishversion of the game through thefollowinglink: to begin and you have a whole kingdom at your command.Itistime to forge strategic alliances and plan brilliantstrategiesinorder to attack and conquer enemy kingdoms in themostaddictivefortress war MMORPG! Command your army and start thefightagainstthe enemy to build the biggest empire ever! A new eraofheroes isbeginning: Lead your army and conquer the world!Defendyour kingcastle-fortress, customize your knight troops andattackenemies tosurvive in this MMORPG. Experience a refreshingtacticaladventurein a co-op RPG or multiplayer battlefield fullof enemykingdoms.The world is at war: Rewrite the course ofhistory! Hirepowerfulsoldiers and heroes who will fight for yourcastle and winepic PvPbattles! Think like a strategist and actdecisively as aking in anyMMO battlefield situation! Equip yourmagician, warrioror druidwith infinitely customization weapons,equipment,enchantment andarmor to clash in an endless war duelagainst otherempires. Learnto fight the enemy using the beststrategy to becomethe mostpowerful Lord in Castle Clash MMORPG!Аn ultimate invasionstrategygame in real-time PvP battles! Jointhousands of players andelitetroops on a middle ages adventure tocomplete multiplayerstrategyrole-playing fortress games! Battleacross hordes ofenemies,dragons, elves, archers, swordsman andmonsters and crushyourenemy's castle deploying different troops!Start now with yourarmyrecruitment, create a powerful empire withyour alliance,prepareyour kingdom for the invasion and conquerenemy's territoriestoexpand your borders! Put your strategies tothe test indungeons,raids and more in this action MMORPG! - Buildanimpregnable castleand customize your middle ages empire defenseandoffense in thisPvP and PvE game! - Plan your invasionstrategy,conquer otherkingdoms and recruit the best soldiers tocreate theultimate army!- Collect and evolve dozens of actionheroes withmagic attacks! -Attack and invade the rival castle toincrease yourpower andprotect your empire realm resources to growin this MMORPG!-Endless possibilities to get ready for the battleusingdifferenttactics against rivals as a middle ages king! -Play soloor in aco-op mode along your guild in a multiplayerrole-playingcampaign -Protect your castle's resources with manydangers waitingahead, aswell as attack and take over other's inthis RPG: Buildthestrongest empire of the civilization and becomea legend! -Epicmedieval empire conquest: Jump into the arena inPvP or PvEwarstrategy and castle games! Our fantasy world is atwar: Defendyourcastle, lead your kingdom to victory and winthislegendaryrole-playing challenge! Are you ready for theultimatekingdomclash? Note:This game requires an internetconnection.Facebook:
Clash of Lords 2: Español 1.0.210
¡Un top 10 en los juegos de estrategia alrededor delmundo!¡4.6Estrellas! ¡Un juego super valorado! ¡ActualizaciónespecialdeInvierno y Segundo lanzamiento! ¿Estás listo para entraren elhoyoy tratar de golpear a alguien? ¡Tus héroes favoritos deClashofLords 2 están luchando en un frenesí para todos contraunafuerzade demonios aterradores! Controla la acción y conviertíteenelseñor más grande de la guerra en toda la tierra. Parasobrevivirsenecesitará ingenio, voluntad, y no podríamos pensar enunapalabra"W" para la fuerza pero tienes la imágen. ¡Es horadeCombatir!Clash of Lords 2 es un juego de estrategia de diversiónynuevosgiros innovadores en el género. Contrata a más de 40 héroesysusescuadrones de mercenarios, construye una base deresistirelataque, y juega con tus amigos y en contra de tusenemigos endiezmodos PvE y PvP. Prepárese para Clash!Características deljuego: ✔¡Tú controlas la acción! Activa lashabilidades de batallade tusHéroes en tiempo real! ✔ ¡ControlaHéroes y tropas en elnuevo modoMercenario! ✔ ¡Juega a tu manera!¡Con nueve modos PvE yPvP,siempre hay algo divertido que hacer! ✔¡Lucha con tus amigos!¡Unsistema Gremio robusto permite una batallajunto a (o encontrade!) tus aliados! ✔ ¡Free to Play! Entra a Clashof Lords 2todoslos días y gana Héroes y Joyas! Nota: Este juegorequiereunaconexión a Internet para jugar. Visítanos enFacebooken:
Clash of Kings:The West 2.108.0
Elex Wireless
Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings:The West, anewRTSRPG multiplayer war game that pits your army againstfriendsandenemies all over the world in a battle for towns andcities. Doyouhave what it takes to crush your enemies in onlinePVPcombat?Build massive cities and compete in online MMO battles inaclassicclash of kings. Reinforce your city and build your townsoit’sstrong enough to defend itself against evil lordsandarmiesthreatening to invade. Are you ready to join thousandsofotherlords in a war to control kingdoms? Build up yourarmy,battleenemies and manage your city’s resources to become oneof themostpowerful lords of all in Clash of Kings:The West !CLASHOFKINGS:THE WEST FEATURES: Art of War Strategy Competition-Youcanchallenge the monster captain with the whole kingdomplayer.Thebest strategy master will get awards a week. Build yourcityandprepare for action -You never know when you’ll havetobattleagainst other lords. Your town needs to house a strongarmyand bewell defended in battle. Build your city and upgradeyourcastle,fortress, army barracks, hospital and more todefendyourself inPVP multiplayer battles. Will you be preparedforaction?Multiplayer PVP war battles online - You’re not theonlypersonbuilding an empire! Play PVP online against thousandsofotherplayers in the best real time strategy MMO game. Preventasiege bybuilding up your town. Send out your army to takeoverothercities. Collect their resources and conquer theirempire.MMOuniverse with massive online battles - Enter anamazingonlineworld where kingdoms battle for control of a PVPfantasyworld.Tactical MMORPG gameplay has you building akingdom,customizingyour armies and collecting resources. Role playyour ownway inthis online multiplayer battle game. Build strongallianceswithothers - Build alliances with other lords and leadersaroundtheworld. Clash of Kings:The West is an online RTS MMORPGthatdesignates you as the army’s leader. Join alliancestohelpyourself and others. Join like-minded army leaders andhelpeachother build cities, upgrade buildings or battle enemyarmies.Inthis real time strategy game, your alliances can make orbreakyou.Real-time strategy and resource management - A strongarmyneedsits food and housing. Build farms and sawmills togainresources tostrengthen your city and your army. Earn coinsforevery questcompleted and resources from every harvest.Builddefenses for yourcity with all of your harvests. Amazing 3DMMObattles - Guide youronline army across a massive multiplayerworldrendered in gorgeous3D graphics. Watch each battle spring tolifeas your defensesclash with enemy armies, and each sword swingandarrow shot lightup the battlefield. The bigger you buildyourempire, the moreenemies you create. Other lords of enemies willtryand break downyour city and your strength in this RTS PVE andPVPMMO war game.Always be ready for action as you march with yourarmyinto battlefor your land or to take someone else’s. Are youreadyto stand asyour town’s leader? Start building your empire andleadyour armyinto epic multiplayer strategy battles today in ClashofKings:TheWest ! Download Clash of Kings:The West and join theMMOPVP war!Need help or more support for this RTS MMO war andarmybuildinggame? Contact: [email protected] Connect with ClashofKings:TheWest!-Facebook: applyfor refund when the Property of Service is not receivedinyouraccount after your purchase. You may contact ourcustomerservicevia link in game, or send us an email [email protected]
Castle Clash : Guild Royale 1.8.9
●●● Votre héritage dans Castle Clash continue après 6 ans!●●●Pendant 6 ans, vous avez combattu et survécu.Aujourd'hui,unnouveau défi épique arrive - Narcia : Ère martiale !Menezvoshéros au combat aux côtés de vos alliés et déjouez lesplansdesguildes rivales pour atteindre un objectifcollectifambitieux.Pénétrez sur une nouvelle terre pleine dedangers où vousdevezconstruire, développer et protéger leterritoire de votreguilde.Invoquez vos alliés pour surpasserensemble de puissantesguildesennemies. Qu'attendez-vous ? Il esttemps de mener votreguildevers de plus hauts sommets ! Avec descombats passionnants etunestratégie dynamique, Castle Clash est unjeu auxproportionsépiques ! Recrutez de puissants héros pourdiriger votrearmée decréatures mythiques. Surmontez les obstaclespour devenirle plusgrand seigneur de guerre du monde. Mettez vosstratégiesàl'épreuve dans les donjons, les raids et plus encore !Avec plusde100 millions de joueurs dans le monde, il n'y a pasd'heurepouraffronter les ennemis ! Maintenant disponibleenfrançais,allemand, espagnol, italien, russe, japonaisetcoréen.Caractéristiques du jeu : ✔ Luttez pour la gloire dansleGuildRoyale. Invoquez vos compagnons de guilde etbattez-vouspourdevenir la guilde la plus puissante de toutes dansle toutnouveaumode "Narcia : Ère martiale" ! ✔ Donnez à vos hérosdenouveauxlooks féroces grâce aux skins de héros améliorés !✔Utilisez lesystème de développement de base alternatifpouraméliorer votrebase comme vous le souhaitez ! ✔ Bénéficiezd'uneprise en mainrapide et profitez d'effets visuelsépoustouflants ✔Recrutez deshéros dotés de capacitésextraordinaires et luttez pourvotrecause. ✔ Déployez des troupesfidèles au combat ! Lessurvivantsrentreront à la base. ✔ Affrontezles autres joueurs dansl'arèneet devenez le compétiteur ultime. ★Déverrouillez del'équipementpour améliorer vos héros au combat. ★Personnalisez voshéros etbâtiments avec une grande variété deskins. ★ Gagnez lafortune etla gloire dans la Bataille des Torches,la ForteresseHostile etles Guerres de Guildes. ★ Faites équipe avecvos amispour venir àbout des donjons coopératifs multijoueur. ★Combinezvos forcespour repousser une menace à l'échelle du serveur:l'archidémon. ★Transformez d'adorables familiers en depuissantscompagnons decombat. ★ Apprenez de puissantes capacités àvos hérospour être leprochain vainqueur du «Duel d'Escouade». Note:Ce jeurequiert uneconnexion internet. Visitez notre pageFacebooksur:
Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Offline Games 1.5.5
Collect, evolve and battle with unique monsters in one ofthemostepic tower defense game ever. FEATURES ★ Over20collectiblemonsters with unique abilities ★ Fun battlescrossrealms ★ Tons ofchallenges
Rocket War: Clash in the Fog 1.20.0
A choice for those who love massive firepower! Feel thejoyofbombing in“Rocket War: Clash in the Fog”! [Introduction]Theenemybase is covered in Dark Fog when the battle starts.Yourfirststrike might decide the outcome of the battle, oryourstrategicmaneuver or bombing might turn the tide! Enjoyexcitingbattles inthe fog with your fingertips! ▶ Upgrade yourweapons andunits andexecute your plans! There are plenty of awesomeweaponsand units,including Laser Girl, Dreadnaught, Battle Drone,andCruiseMissile! Use the right combination of weapons and unitsandupgradethem to ensure victory! ▶ Defeat other players andsecuretheresources you need! Pillage resources from opposingplayers andusethem to upgrade your base and units! ▶ Defeat otherplayersinreal-time battle for glory! You can earn variousrewardsincludingGems from Multiplayer Matches, so aim for the top!▶ Buildanddefend a base of your own through our perfectbasecustomizingsystem! Use the customizing system tostrategicallybuildfacilities to repel invaders! Try taking out yourenemieswithoutlosing anything! ▶ Join a Clan and hop into ClanWars! Youwill bemissing out on all the fun if you don’t join a Clanin a wargame.Join one and fight for glory! ▶ Are you not into PvP?Try thePvEStory Mode! There are more than 180 stages prepared foryou!DefeatMajestas and claim your reward! === Enjoying RWCF? Learnmoreaboutthe game! Official Blog:http://madrocketgame.comFB: your strategieshere! Apppermission guide *Android6.0 and up requires access permission forplaying the game.-External Storage (Read/Write) Device, photos,media, filesaccessThis permission is required for installing thegame on theexternalstorage. This permission allows you to installgames inexternalmemory in case of insufficient memory. We do notaccessyour photos, media, and files.
Garden Goons - PVP Battle
The Heroic Rumble that makes you Chuckle! MULTIPLAYERbattleswithSTRATEGY and HUMOUR: STRATEGICALLY CHOOSE YOUR GOONS toattackyouropponent. ENABLE YOUR SUPER-POWERS by usingvariousMushrooms.UNLOCK NEW GOONS in the magic flowerpots. DISCOVERNEWWORLDS whileclimbing up the ranks. TAUNT YOUR OPPONENTS withtheoption ofmockery.
Echo of Combats: Collectible Card Games – CCG 0.9.7
Mad Devices
Echo of Combats is a free-to-play multiplayer CCG basedonthelegendary Combats™ universe. Enjoy classical gameplayinfantasycard games, building your deck and levelling upyourheroes,fighting in tactical battles, crafting new cards andtakingpart inchampionships! TACTICAL BATTLES are the core of EchoofCombats,built around a battlefield, where a fixed numberofcreatures canbe summoned. Play defensive or offensive,experimentwith spells,use the PVP card, but remember, it is yourtacticalability, andnot random events, that decide card battlegames.DECK-BUILDING isan important part of the game. Eachcombination ofclass andalignment will give you a unique hero havingaccess tospecialcards that will define your fighting style. Rely onmagicwithfantasy card games, choose strong creatures over swiftanddeadly,or vice versa. Any tactic will do, as long as your deckispowerfuland well-balanced! Let’s play this CCG game! HundredsofPVP cardsto be collected, from common to legendary ones.Theluckiestplayers can also find silver or golden cards aswell!HEROES arethe foundation of your deck. Each hero inthesecollectible cardgames belongs to a certain class andalignment,which defines thecards that are available to you, and hasa uniqueability that willhelp you in card battle games. 🛡️ Paladinis avalorous LightFighter. His armor is as unbending as his ideals.Heis the optimalchoice if you like card RPG games and prefertodefend. ⚔️ Tarmanis a dangerous Dark Fighter. He and hiswarriorsare covered byspikes. Getting into close combat with themcan befatal! 🔮 Clericis a Light Caster with a healing gift. Herminionsare able toboost their allies, as well as heal their wounds.💀Necromancer isa Dark Caster, who can turn the fallen intothesoldiers of thearmy of darkness and summon innumerableskeletonhordes. 🏹Sharpshooter is a Light Shooter. Be sure thattheentirebattlefield will be littered with arrows! This heroreliesheavilyon swift and ranged attacks. ⚡ Crossbowman is aDarkShooter, whois slow but deadly. Dealing heavy blows, covered byhisdarkminions and fantasy card games is his forte. LEAGUE isaproperchallenge for those who love to compete. Every month,youwill tryto win your league by playing ranked games in cardRPGgames. Yourprize depends on your skill only. CRAFTING allows youtosmelt anextra PVP card into orbs and create new ones!LEVELLINGUPalignments and classes, you will be rewarded with newcardsandtreasure chests in this CCG game! ACHIEVEMENTS can beearnedforvarious in-game activities. Echo of Combats has dozens ofthem!AFANTASY GAME WORLD with PVP games based on the famousuniverseofCombats™. We need your opinion! 📲Contactus:[email protected] Download this CCG game –collectiblecardgames and fight in card battle games!
Battle Balls Royale 1.0.4
Yodo1 Games
Choose your looks and loadout then jump into combat!Sizeiseverything, so collect beans and fight enemy blobs tolevelup,grow bigger and get stronger! Rise to the top of theranksbeforetime runs out! Become the ultimate brawler champion inthisactionpacked PVP jelly clash! ---------------FEATURES--------------- -Customize your battle blob! Choose fromhundredsof combinations ofskins, weapons and accessories. - Dailyrewards –login each day toget your hands on some sweet in-gameitems,including charactercustomisations and coins! - Level up tounlock,mix and matchabilities to suit your style of dominance,fromfireballs todevastating spin attacks! - Grab in-game itemslikebombs to helpyou flatten the opposition faster. Boom!
Royal Revolt! 1.6.1
Royal Revolt is a brand new reverse T-defense game withbeautiful3Dgraphics and intuitive touch controls! Lead yoursoldiers tovictoryagainst your greedy relatives who have stolenyour father’sthrone.★★★★★ How to play ★★★★★ • Use the simple touchcontrols todirectyour troops • Employ battle magic to heal, stun ordestroy •Upgradeyour hero, knights and spells • Conquer all 58castles tobecomeKing ★★★★★ The story so far ★★★★★ You are a youngPrince,sent byyour father to learn magic at Bogsmarts, a boardingschoolfor thespoilt and untalented aristocrat youth. When youreturnafter twoyears with a B.A. in Petty Magic, all has changed inyourfather’sland: Your father has died and your ugly aunts anduncleshavecarved up the Kingdom among them. You throw a tantrum,but tonoavail: your relatives suggest you go back to schoolandleavepolitics to the grown-ups. But you are a man now! Yousellyourjeweled teddy bear, collect a few trusty soldiers and setouttoKICK THE GREEDY BUSTARDS out of their castles. WhicharerightfullyYOUR castles, damn it! ★★★★★ Press quotes ★★★★★“Partmelee action,part on-the-fly tactics, Royal Revolt!’s gameplayisthe perfectexample of walking the razor’s edge between newtricksand oldstaples.” ( “Royal Revolt is a gem givingyou afullgame experience for free.” ( “Royal Revolt!is amustget, you really can’t go wrong with trying outthisgame.”(
WarStorm: Clash of Heroes 1.3.7
War Storm: Clash of Heroes is a Global Strategy MMO mobilegame.Players take control of the legion of heroes and a castle,astronghold, a nation, and all its subjects. Summon brave heroesofwar to your cause, hone their skills or magic in combat, sendthemto the frontier, and use their unique abilities to turn thetide ofbattle, watch the epic scene of clash of elites! Formallianceswith other players, defend Alliance Strongholds andcastles againstyour enemies and take your revenge with your ally byRally Attacks,take the chance and wow the world! Become a royaleking of civilage and clash off the invading demon legions, or thoseviciouswarlord armies who surge into ally's city. Write your ownepicstory in chaos; let the glory of might shine in honor!-GAMEFEATURES- ● Free Social Strategy MMO Mobile Game ● Innovativeworldmap tactics! Take control of resources to expand your royaleempireand position your forces in camps around the map to protectthekingdom in chaos! ● Complete Quests to win Heroes to your cause,orSummon them from beyond with Soul Shards recovered in thefrontierof battle. ● Craft weapons & armor for your Heroes fromrarehearth materials found around the world map. ● Form allianceswithfriends around the world to complete Alliance Quests, Send Aidtoally's nation, and Rally Attack your enemies! ● Seize, developanddefend an Alliance Stronghold with your allies. ● SectionedWorldMap - growing your empire might give you access to new places!●Build diverse legions of foot soldiers, archers, mages,catapultsand more! Outsmart your enemies by outfitting thewinningcombinations in battle. ● Fight hellish monster legion undertheleadership of Arch Demon. Become a powerful clasher and youmighthave to fight the Demon himself! Problems or suggestions? Wewouldlove to hear from you! You can reach us at support viaemail:[email protected]:
What the Hen: 1on1 summoner game 2.11.0
Enjoy wacky, cartoony heroes? How about insane clancompetitions,barbaric boss fights, crazy collectible charactercards, andaddictive Arena duels? If so, you’re in luck, summonerhatchling!The all-new “WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!” isbigger, better,and HENtastic in every possible way! Immerseyourself in the crazychase after the mad chicken wizard in the mostcartoon-styled gameadventure EVER. In your epic summoner seance,duel the wackiestbosses and collect the most hilarious heroesthroughout HUNDREDS oflevels and THOUSANDS of 1on1 Arena battles!Enlist your personalarmy of Summoner Heroes, create or join thecoolest clans, andbattle in tailored, time-based special events inthe most gloriousupdate in the HENstory of mankind! Well chosen,summoner! MostHENSOME game features await you: 🐔 COLLECT: Over 70of the wackiestHeroes and Heroines you ever saw, ready for combat!💢 DEFEATBOSSES: Enjoy the adventurous Campaign, and defeat thecraziestbosses! 🔧 UPGRADE YOUR HEROES: Evolve your precious Heroesinto themost wicked party… ever! 🏆 DO BATTLE: Battle 1on1 againstmillionsof chicken-chasing Summoners in Arena duels! 🎩 CUSTOMIZE:Your veryown Avatar presence, tunable with the funkiest gadgets! 💗CREATEAND JOIN CLANS: Fight side by side with your ally Summonerfriendsin all-new Clans! ⭐️ TIME EVENTS: Don’t miss the EGGcitingSpringseason update with a special events and new heroes! 🐔Craziest GameStory Ever: The legendary wizard got turned into achicken! Anaccident? Treachery? Who cares – Just catch it! Itsimmense magicalpowers make the world of WHAT THE HEN! go crazy.Whoever possessesthe chicken shall gain its superpowers, too, andbecome the chosensummoner to rule the Arena. Wicked! But yourseance leads throughcountless 1-on-1 battles, so you better comeprepared! ⭐️Collectible Heroes: Whether it’s a dwarf, elf, goblinor a robot,this game’s got it! Unlock and collect over 70CHARACTERS, like theillustrious “Ice Queen”, the fabledsharpshooter “Polly”, wickedhumongous orc “Ogg”, or DPS “RedRosie”. Choose Heroes from 5character categories and unlockLEGENDARY rarity heroes andheroines from time-based special Eventsto smite your enemies likeants! 🔧 Customer Support: If you battleany issues or want to ordera pizza at a local store, please contactus [email protected] We are happy to help! Pleaseattack uson Facebook, too! Please note that a network connection isrequiredto play. WHAT THE HEN! game is absolutely free to downloadandplay, however, some in-game items and cards can be purchasedwithreal money.
Tower Conquest: Tower Defense Strategy Games 22.00.72g
Venture into the world of Tower Conquest in your searchforeternalglory! Recruit and evolve the perfect army to go intobattleanddestroy opposing towers. Explore endless worlds anddefeatenemiesto earn treasure, increase your strength, and dominatethePlayerLeagues in this exciting strategy game! Game Features:●Fiveseparate factions comprised of 70 unique characters,heroesandtowers. ● Objective based strategic combat thatchallengesyourskills in tower defense and speed! ● Vibrant 2D artstyle,withcustom animation and over 50 faction specific arenas.●Collectcards to unlock, merge and evolve your units, allowingthemto gainpowerful and unique abilities! ● A generative mapsystemwithever-growing rewards as you meet objectives and traveltonewworlds and arenas! ● Robust daily Quest and Merchantofferings.●With 5 unique squad slots, mix and merge 1,000’sofcharactercombinations to find your perfect team! ● Share giftswithFacebookfriends and battle in challenging Player vs.Playercombat.------------------- No connection? No problem! You canplayTowerConquest Online or Offline.
Knights and Glory - Tactical Battle Simulator 1.8.6
★★★ Recruit Legendary Heroes and Command Mythical SoldiersintoBattles ★★★ Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcaseyourstrategic and tactical abilities in a war to claim yourvictoryamong millions of people in a battle of clans and alliances.❰KING'S CHALLENGE - NEW ❱ ● Earn new resources by battlingthestages in the King's Challenge ● Use the new resources tofurthertrain up your units ● Beware, you must follow the King'srule tobattle! GAME FEATURES: ● Collect new powerful cards orupgradeexisting ones. ● Build an ultimate army of legendary heroestoconquer your opponents. ● Vanquish enemy's troops to earnCrownsand Treasure Chest. ● Defend your kingdom's caravan to secureyourclan's treasure. ● Fight through single player campaign andmightybosses. ● Two difficulty war mode in single player campaign●Enlist the service of powerful generals and soldiers. ● Buildanalliance or clan to share cards and join clan events. ●Friendlybattles and special events, strike early and rise to thetop of theleaderboards. ● Shape your skills at the Training area.AWESOMEREWARDS ● Mini Archery game for coins and even new units. ●Earnmultiple free treasure chests to get awesome rewards. ●Weeklyevent to participate and compete! ● Adventure Mode Challengetoearn more cards, diamonds and gold. Collect and upgrade dozensofcards featuring a series of historical generals, mythicalheroesand advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo DaVinci.Command legendary troops from great civilisations such asmedievalEurope and Asia, like The Knight Templar and The JapaneseSamurai.Enlist the help of the wisest tactician, Zhuge Liang, fromtheThree Kingdoms era. Huang Zhong is another recruitablebravewarrior from the Three Kingdoms era that can help you fightagainstthe enemies' onslaught. Build an army to plunder yourenemy'streasure and create strong defensive lines to protect yourowntreasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cardsandfight for bigger rewards and rise to become the greatest kingdominthe empire. Take your army to victory and be prepared for anepicmedieval battle! Grow your empire and master the art of wartostrike hard against your enemies. Win battles, win the wargamesand be remembered as a true warrior in the whole empire!SupportAre you having problems? Emails us [email protected] orcontact us in game by going to Settings> FAQ and Support.Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: A networkconnectionis also required. NOTE: Knights and Glory is free todownload andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please setuppassword protection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadKnights and Glory.
Battle Legion - Mass Battler 2.2.5
Massive 100v100 Unit Battles - Build an army and watchitfightidle-style - Plenty of units and skins. Endless fun!BattleLegionputs you in shoes of an aspiring commander, and as yourankupthrough unforgettable victories, so does your legion.Designandtweak your army from dozens of unique units, rangingfromclassicsword and shield fighters to arcane wizardry, darkagemachinery,and mythical creatures. Equip your troops withPowersthat matchyour masterplan, sit back, and watch how theyfightpitted enemylegions to the bitter end. - BITESIZED COMBAT:Battleslast 20seconds or less. - LAID BACK GAMING: You plan thearmylayout, andthey do the fighting. - AUTO-PLAY: Your legionkeepsfighting asyou go about your daily business. - COSMETICS:Choosewhat yourunits, battlefield, and banner looks like. -PLAYERBATTLES: Faceother players in the battlefield and learn fromtheirstrategies. -POWER UP: Boost your units with dynamicseasonalPowers. -REFRESHING SEASONS: New content introduced inbi-weeklySeasons,with fourth Season marking the dawn of a new Era.BattleLegion hasan active Discord community of over 10K memberswhereplayersdiscuss winning strategies, tips and development of thegame— withdevs frequently participating in the chat. Weeklystreamsandcommunity events hosted on Youtube!-------------Discord: TermsofService:
Merge Warfare 2.4.76
A new merge system. Drag Military Base and units to upgrade!Skiptowaiting time, be the ally of global players and makethestrategy tobe the strongest in the world! ★ Drag unit togethertoupgrade Draga unit on another to upgrade! ★ Drag unit togethertoupgrade Over100 kinds of military units are waiting for you!!★Drag unittogether to upgrade Move the buildings inside your baseasyou like!Merge Warfare, which contains Characters of thecutepixelillustrations style + the Merge to Upgrade system, isastrategygame issued in 2020. Over 100 kinds of militaryunitssupport themerge feature, you can pay more attention tobattlestrategy. Youcan also learn the simple feature of upgradingbaseand development.《No more waiting before upgrade》 You won'tneedacceleration itemsto upgrade anything! You can drag themilitarybase and unit uponanother to merge and upgrade! Save yourenergy,enables you to paymore attention to strategy, conquer theworld!《Put it anywhere youwant, build your unique military base》Highlyfree building mode! Asthe commander, you can control alltheunits! 《Easy operations &strategic content》 Rob resourcesfromthe enemy is the key tovictory! Expand your territory andenhanceyourself. Your excellentstrategy and ambition to robresourcesfrom enemies are the mostimportant! 《Enjoy it with yourfriends》Allies will help you much ifyou want to conquer the world.Yourallies might come from anywherein the world, find them!Makefriends with players from all over theworld! Conquer theworldtogether with your allies!