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Superhero Photo Montage
Superhero Photo Montage provide youacollection of superhero suit: Iron man, Captain American,SpiderMan, Bat Man, Ant Man,...With this app, you can have a chance to dress up the superherosuit,no need to by a real one. This app is free.*** Main features ***- Huge collection of superhero suite.- Capture the new photo with superhero template.- Edit the available photo from your gallery.- It is free.*** Usage **** Open the app* If you want to select an available photo from gallery.Press"Gallery" button- Re-size the photo by pressing "Crop" button.- Select a suit.- Move, zoom in/out, flip the suit so that it fit you well.- Add text if needed.- Save and share your photo.* If you want to take a new photo. Press "Camera" button.- Select a suit.- Move, zoom in/out so that you have nice looking.- Press capture button to save it.
Superhero Costume Photo Editor 1.0
Turn yourself into superheroes withsuperherocostume photo editor! With this superhero costume dress upcameraphoto montage, you will enjoy design your images intocoolsuperheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spider-man, CaptainAmerica,Iron man, Hulk and more. It is easy, just taking a newpicture ofyour face or choose old photo from your mobile devicegallery andstart editing using our user friendly photo editingtools includephoto collage and photo frame. Huge selection ofamazing superherocostume sticker collections are waiting for you touse.Download now and have fun create unique superhero costume photoandshare it with your friends or family with superhero costumephotoeditor!
Super Hero Costume Suit Photo 1.0
Chans Store
Super Hero Cosplay Costume SuitPhotoMontageapplication is a photo montage and photo editor.This istheuserinterface user use very easily and check out the latestSuperHeroCosplay and find out how you'd look in them.You willlookverystylish and you can editor with free effects.Find hotcostumesfromlike superman,batman , captain america , spider man ,hulk ,robin, iron man , Wolverine, Thor,BlackWidow,Daredevil,Loki,BlackWidow,Captain Marvel.Feature:- Take a photo from the camera or choose a photoformthegallery.- Select your choice of Super Hero Cosplay Costume Suit.- Save photo into your phone gallery.- Share your photo to your friend via social application.
Superhero Photo Suits Editor 1.0.3
Superhero Photo Suit Editor isphotographyapplication to Make Your Photo in amazing SuperheroPhoto SuitEditor with our 50+ suits collection.Superhero Photo Suit Editor is easy to use and free to makeyourphoto in nice Superhero Photo Suit with Superhero PhotoSuitapp.Superhero Photo Suit Editor contains Stylish, fashionable,Trendyand Latest suit Photo collection so you have to just selectanySuperhero Photo Suit as per your choice.Feature:-★ More than 50+ Latest Superhero Photo Suit.★ Easy to Use.★ Share your photo on social media after Made.★ You can zoom in & zoom out after capture your photo.★ You can also import your picture from Gallery.★ Set your photo as wallpaper.How to Use:-★ Open Superhero Photo Suit Editor Application.★ Take or photo from gallery or Camera to shoot a newsuitphoto.★ Select any suit photo which you like and also change aftercaptureany photo of your's.★ Save your photo in your device.★ Share on social media as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.We’d love to hear from you about Superhero Photo Suit Editor !Ifyou have any feedback, questions concerns, leave us a reviewonGoogle Play Store or email us at:[email protected]
Iron Avengers Wallpaper 1.0.0
Anjar Studio
Iron Avengers Wallpaper - Iron Man isafilmbased on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man.To download images please follow these steps:1. Select the categories you want by clicking on thetopleftcorner.2. Select the image you like.3. Click the plus sign (+) at the bottom right corner.4. Select Navigation menu you want (save it, use itaswallpaper,share, etc.).5. Please sharing to your friends via social mediaandsoforth.
Iron Roboto Photo Editor 1.0
Select our Iron Roboto catalogue andmakeyourchoice among various Iron Roboto patterns designs.Here You can having more variety of Iron Roboto stickersforyourbest face photos.Iron Roboto Photo Editor contains few of the most attractiveandcoolname Iron Roboto designs which can make your handlookhandsome andyour Iron Roboto more elegant.Iron Roboto Photo Editor is also known as Iron Roboto Myphoto,IronRoboto on My Photo, Iron Roboto Design Maker,IronRobotoPhoto.=> Choose photo from gallery or camera.=> You can pick a best Iron Roboto sticker from theIronRobotophoto editor list, and Iron Roboto of all shapes, sizesandcolorsaccording to your requirement.=> More than 50 Iron Roboto available for your IronRobotoPhotoEditor.=> Crop Image option used to crop your unwantedportionremovefrom your photo and go to next option.=> You can having option such as Crazy Iron Roboto,StylishIronRoboto, Small Iron Roboto.=> Change the size according to your face shape.=> You can also select any one Iron Roboto which you liketoaddin your face photo and drag and you can also change thesizeofthat Iron Roboto with finger touch.=> You can share your Iron Roboto pictures with yourfriendsonFacebook or Twitter.=> All Iron Roboto photo editor is realistic Iron Robotos.=> You can save the photo in your Iron Roboto Photo Editorinyoursd card=> My creation contains all the saved Iron RobotoPhotoEditorimages at one place.Iron Roboto Photo Editor is make fantastic Iron Robotomakerenablesyou to convert your beauty selfies into extraordinarypicswith IronRoboto picture effect in a matter of seconds.Iron Roboto Photo Editor download it and make it simple tousedforall the users.
face joker mask app 10.02.0
joker mask clown has collection awesome Photo Masks, Text onPhotowith Emoji and Skin Smoothness Filters and Emoji's ofeveryvariety. joker mask clown comes with 4 Main Features: 1. jokermaskclown Stickers - lets you put joker and clown mask on your faceorany photo that you pick. and move them easily with twofingergestures. oker mask clown Stickers include stickers likejoker,anonymous, clown, dracula decorations. 2. Text on Photo -Snap texton Photo with Emoji's included. joker mask clown Text canincludeText anywhere on photo with best emoji's added to text. Snapthetext anywhere on the photo. 3. Skin Smoother Photo Editor -Withour Skin Smooth Filters, you can whiten your face or make yourskinsmoother in photos. Skin Smoothing Photo Editor is best way tomakeyour face look smooth with easy to use filters. 4. LiveSelfieStickers - Add joker mask clown Stickers to your selfieslivecamera output and take picture with stickers on your face.FunnyStickers on your face makes your selfies look funny. 5. GeoFilters- Geofilters with exotic locations like LA, Paris andMore.Geofilter Maker is the best way to add GeoFilters to yourphotos.6. Time Filter - Add time to your photos with Time Filters.7.Color Filters - Add color to your photos with Color PhotoFilters.Turn any photo colorful with Color Photo Booth. 8. FruitFaces -Swap your face with fruits in Fruit Face Booth. Swappingfaces isdone with Fruit Faces. Create best looking selfies andprofilephotos with Snapit. Recent changes: 1. Added GeoFilters withMiamiGeo filter, New York Geo Filter, LA Geo filter, Paris GeoFilterand more. 2. Added Time Filters showing off time on photos.3.Improved Icons, More Intuitive (example History icon onlyappearsafter Stickers are added at least once). 4. Improve SkinWhitenerand Skin Smoother first Time experience. 5. Added ColorFilters andFruit Faces.
Joker Face Photo Editor 1.1
Mobilab Apps
Joker My Face Camera is a funny photo editortoTransform your pics into a scary and dangerous face andjokeryourself for free and have fun for days, If you a fan ofhorror andjoker movies you will certainly enjoy this joker photomontageeffects. Use your new photo effects and transform yourselfinto acrazy beast in a minute! Make fun of your friends or evenyourdogs, cats or puppies and transform their face into anfunnycreature! Take a selfie picture or select one from yourphonegallery, Then select from tons of effects, Adjust them to makeareal joker face, Ccreate scariest photo montages and share ittoall social networks directly from the Joker My Face PhotoEditorapp!Features:✔ Funny Joker effects maker app free & easy to usephotoediting!✔ Create funny pranks to scare your friends!✔ Select a pic from the gallery you want to edit and startphotoediting!✔ Take photos directly from this scary werewolf photoeffectsapp!✔ Apply joker smile stickers in photo by rotating, resizingandmoving them!✔ Funny face effects with joker mouth, eyes and othereffects!✔ Share your scary photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,etc!If you are a fan of scary, zombie or joker movies this photoeditingapp is perfect for you! It's the time to get ready for theHalloweennight party! Just use this halloween face joker PhotoEditor andtransform yourself into a scary beast, Simple, enterthis pro photobooth app then take a live picture from the app orselect one fromgallery, then add funny picture stickers andeverything is done!Transform yourself and your friends into thesemonster beasts addphoto effects, now you can share it on multiplesocial networks orsave it to your gallery!
ZombieBooth 2
Zombie Booth
Killer Clown Mask Photo Editor 1.0
mystic apps
Killer Clown Mask Photo Editor is newfunscarygames that change your face! Options in creepy "clownfacemaker":download face changer app, pick a killer clown facemaskfrompicture stickers and add it to selfies and photos!Bloodywounds,stitches and scars, gore, terror! All here in facemake upgames! Ifyou like scary pranks and your favorite is evilclownprank, checkout face stickers in scary photo editor! Afteryoufinish editingphotos in face makeup editor and dress up boys,setthe outcome as aKiller Clown Wallpaper or share it! EnjoyKillerClown Photo Editor!🎃 Leave the circus show and bring out the creepy clownwith"clownface app" 🎃Features for scary killer clown app games for free:👽 Real life killer clown makeup editor with red nose,sharpteeth,smeared scary makeup effects!👽 Adjust creepy killer "clown pictures" by rotatingorshrinkingscary stickers!👽 Save the makeup camera pictures and set themasHalloweenbackground!👽 Add picture frames when you finish virtual verjüngungskurand have a complete "face mask"!👽 Tons of make up games for girls andcollageeditorcollection!👽 Pick a photo from photo gallery or take a selfie andstartphotoediting!👽 Zoom in, out or drag pictures for "scary face" photomakeupeditingand make scary costume changer for photo!🎃 Make me bald & ugly booth – easy to use andshareablehorrorclown camera 🎃From all jump scare prank games scary "killer clownprank"videotakes the cookie! Scary Killer clown games forfreearefrightening, hair-raising, come straight from hell, butaboveall –they are super popular! The scary pop up prankvideofrenzyinspired us to make scary clown makeup and dress upgames forfree!If you like edgy fashion dress up games and gamesspecializedforHalloween costume party contest, you installed therightspecialeffects camera for pictures! Wide lips with redlipstick andcrazy,evil look – get our face montage maker with eyecolor changerforphotos and become real killer klowns! Makeup appsthat makeoveryour photo with Halloween stickers await – download"KillerClownMask Photo Editor"🎃 Horror movie maker meets funny face maker for photos 🎃Don't make your own Halloween costume and forget aboutstepbystep photo makeup tutorials! Just get this evil jesterfacemakeupphotos editor for boys and girls and prepare forHalloweenhorrornights! This face mask photo editor with an edge isaperfectchoice! Replace serial killer games with mascara, niceeyemakeupguide, lip gloss colors & cool face filters for boys!Getscaryphoto face effects with photo stickers and turn yourselfintotheentertainer with an axe or a hammer!🎃 Funny face camera offers evil jester face makeupfemaleorjester costume for boys 🎃Wearing a "scary clown mask" with over-sized shoes isnotconfinedto haunted circus or Halloween costume games anymore!Realclownkiller costumes are everywhere! Even on yourscarybackgrounds. Sowhy not make your own face painting games andsharethe scary photosonline with your best friends? Prank yourfriendsand have a goodchuckle over these practical jokes! This"scaryHalloween makeupphoto editor for boys" might scare yourfriends,but most of you willbe laughing out loud with scary clowngames!With joker face maker& funny photo editor and effectsfreeface changer you cantransform into a psycho killer whileelectricchainsaw sounds giveyou chills! Put on your insane scaryfaces& scary "clowncostumes" while your victims try to escapefromhaunted mansion!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Superhero Man Photo Suit 1.1
New man face photo suit app "SuperheroManPhoto Suit" FREE Download.We provide lots of super heroes photo suits for you. Very easytouse super heroes face changer edit your face to fit photoonsuit.Select your photo from gallery or take from camera. More than20super heroes attractive suits available.Zoom In / Zoom Out and Rotate feature allow you to adjustyourphoto. After decorate your framed image directly saved sd card.Superhero Man Photo Suit App Completely free to try...Keep Sending your Feedback and [email protected]
Face Combination 1.0
How about Mixing Faces into eachotherandcreating a brand new Face!!!Yes, You've heard it! You will be creating hilarious facesthatneverexited.. Sounds Fun, Right ? Lets try it.Do you want to do fun with your friends’ photo or withyourownpicture, you are at right place! Just install this apptoswitchtwo pictures with each other in few touches and getcoolresultlike never before.You can customize images also with image customizationtoolslikebrightness, contrasts and sharpness.Face Combination Features:• One of its own kind of app.• Automatic face detection• Smooth Brush Strokes functionality for realistic results.• Choose photos from gallery, camera etc.• Fun Stickers like Funny noses, eyes, beards,scars,pimples,glasses, mouths and a lot more.• Change skin color using in-built paint tool.• Draw on top on the picture. Use any color, and one ofthemultiplesupplied brushes.• Awesome photo filters to make you face more naturalandcool.• Various Image Adjustment options likeBrightness,Contrast,Saturation and much more.• Image tools, crop, scale, flip etc.• Photo Stickers.• Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+TIPS:For best results, use photos taken in good lighting, facesshouldnotbe covered or at excessive angles. Use the Mirror orRotate toadjustthe faces perfectly.
Heros-Heros Suit Masks Editor 1.2
Use those superheroes suits montageforyourself or edit photos of your friends and share it . Youjustselect your photo from gallery and camera. Set your photo inthesuit of superhero. This app gives the different style ofSuperherosuit. You choose your favorites style of suit and setyourphoto.It is very easy to use just select a photo from your gallery oryoucan take a photo with your smartphone's camera.Extra features of Super Heros Suit Masks :-* Very easy to use and has excellent options* A lot of high quality latest collection and Stylish design* Select photo from the gallery or snap right from the app* All frame are in High Definition (HD) images* Rotate option, zoom, scale and organize for a perfect fit* Save your image to phone's gallery and Share your photosviasocial networks★ Instruction of Super Heros Suit Masks ★• Open image from gallery• Choose your favorite Mask• You can resize and rotate it use two finger• Share your photo to your friends• Save on your gallery if you wantYou love Supergirl Costumes ? Perfect, you've found yournewone-stop wearing app for womens costumes--Superhero Costumes!ManySupergirl women's costumes to choose from. YES, it is yourperfectplace to get your Halloween costume!Get ready to save the day with a women's supergirl outfit fromoursuperhero face swap app! Huge collection of fabulous costumesthatwill turn you into a mighty hero. Villains won't stand achancewhen you're dressed as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Black Widow,orSupergirl. Great for group costume themes! You'll look prettyatyour next costume party, promotional event, or comic con. GreatforHalloween, too!Superhero Costumes Photo Booth is the best superhero suitfashiondesigner app, it is not only about trying on yourfavoritesuperhero outfit or supergirl outfit, We have developed aneasy wayfor you to wear a magic superhero dress and create your ownfashionhero style.
Superhero Face Makeup 1.0
Kapados apps
Superhero Face Makeup ,;let you addasuperhero,suit to your face,Use those, super heroes ,;suitforyourself oredit, photos of your,; friends and share, itthrough,social apps;with others.!!Make your amazing, superhero photo; with Superhero,FaceChanger;Maker. Make yourself, or your kid a.,Superhero.!!Apply your, favorite superhero,; suit to your picture.!Choosephotofrom ,gallery or take, new photo, with camera.! Selectyourdesired"Superhero Face Makeup" mask costume ;,and seeyourself,becomingthe Superhero ,to save the world.!You just ,select your,; photo from gallery, and camera.Setyourphoto, in the suit of; super hero.!!This, app gives the ,;different style of Super, herosuit.Youchoose your;, favorites style of suit and ,set yourphoto.Youalso, select your favorites; color or size ofsuit.!!Get stylish and causal suit virtually into your wardrobe.Weareproviding the Man form of frames in SuperheroFaceMakeupapp.Ever wondered how you will look with a suit on, or whichcolorsuitwill suit you even before buying an expensive suit.You just need to use this suit frames along with yourmobilecamerato take directly the picture of yourself (using frontcamera)forof some else. You can even place these Superhero FaceMakeuponpictures within your mobile gallery.Make your amazing superhero photo with Superhero FaceMakeup.Makeyourself or your kid the Superhero.Apply your favorite superhero suit to your picture. Choosephotofromgallery or take new photo with camera. Select yourdesiredsuperheroface changer mask costume and see yourselfbecoming theSuperhero tosave the world.An entertaining app to play with your children,friendsandfamilies.App Feature:* Take directly pictures using Superhero Face Changer Camera.* Place the frame onto the photos in your mobile gallery.* Different photo effects to make your picturelookalmostreal.* Share the photos with your friends and familythroughsocialapps.* Photo suit app has around 20 suits to try.* Just a single click and you can try wide variety ofsuitsonyou.* No need to purchase the attire everything is readyinSuperheroFace Changer Camera for you.* No internet connection needed.* All picture direly view in the folder.* Set the picture as wallpaper.* Well dressed nice looking photos Category.* Also Browse and view our more Apps.If you like this Superhero Face Makeup app then please rateasandgive your valuable comment.If you have any query regarding this Superhero Face Makeupappthenplease contact us.
Fashion Mask Superhero 1.0.1
Description- An app for photos- Fashion mask- Fashion a super hero- To be shared Facebook, Line Or other programs
Captain America: TWS Keyboard
Download the custom keyboard skinfeaturingCaptain America as seen in the blockbuster movie and testout yourheroic typing ability!This unique skin features Captain America in dynamic poses undertheletters and symbols of your device’s keyboard.So team up with your favorite Avenger from Marvel Comics,anddownload the Captain America: The Winter SoldierKeyboardtoday!NOTE: Please follow these instructions to set thekeyboardskin:1. Go into 'Settings'2. Go into 'Language and Input'3. Select ‘Captain America 2 Keyboard'4. Go to an option that utilizes the keyboard and select thetextfield - You will see a keyboard icon display in yournotificationsection5. Press 'Select Input Method'6. Switch it to ‘Captain America 2 Keyboard'Optimized for devices and tablets.Terms & Conditions: Policy:
Super Hero Photo Montage 2016 8
Hawking Apps
Welcome to Super Hero Suit Photo 2016 !!Want to feel like a superhero? We know all the guys outtheresecretly wants to be a superhero. Are you a regular guy, butwith asecret identity? Being a superhero can be difficult, butfindingthe super hero costume for men has never been easier! Comeandcreate your own photo as a superhero and get fun with it.The new superhero costumes for adults is here! Super Hero SuitPhoto2016 is a new face changer app and your best source for theheroesof costumes and accessories all year!Photo Super Hero Suit 2016 are enormous, not only in comics butinmovies and novels as well. So there is nothing more excitingthanthe idea of ​​wearing a superhero costume or create yourownsuperhero costumes photomontage from scratch. But not all ofthemost simple ideas taken? Here is the solution. Dress like asuperpower man "Super Hero Suit Photo 2016" app, so you can easilydo injust 5 seconds.But are you more like superhero or super power? Take Thesuperherocostumes application to know what superhero you like themost.Adults like costumes! They love being medieval knights,Renaissanceyoung girls, fur animals, superheroes, and many othercharacters!Need a suit, but do not know what to be? Let us help youwith thisphoto manipulation app! We have thousands of adultcostumes in allsizes that are sure to please the most particularcostumeconnoisseurs. Discover thousands of superhero superpowermens suitsand women's suits in tha app available now for "SuperHero PhotoSuit", and get ready for fun! The application can helpyou chooseadult costumes perfect for your party or event, not onlyforcostumes anime This photomontages request realize thebestselection of costumes for kids, adults, boys and girls.For men, the application face changer contains skin Suit Men'ssuits- Mix a little and wear your favorite superhero character inone ofthe many costumes of the skin in men's sizes. Be a superherolike orexplore galaxies in an astronaut costume! This swapapplying faceoffer a variety of skin suits for men of all sizes.Photo Super HeroCostumes Suit photo booth also contains Men moviescostumes - Browsethrough our wide selection of movies and TVseries costumes of men!He wear costumes of all the biggestblockbusters! and that is justthe beginning. In addition, we carrymany accessories to help youcomplete your costume. The right wig,a hat or a mask will take yoursuperhero costume to the next level.Ideal for costume parties,against comic and dads who want to playwith their children.So Telechargez l'application of Super Hero Photo Suit free !!
Super Hero Photo Suit 1.2
Man In This Photo Suit application provideacool and Stylist Hero photo collection that makes LikeFlyingHero.With this amazing application you can put your face intoseveralPhoto Suits.This camera editor app will make your photos cool &attractiveStylist!Create the photo montage with Super Hero Styal that will makeyoulike origanal Super Men.Suit Photo Camera is your new stylist that will help you look likeaheroAre you interested in Super Fashion for men’s ???Super number of fantastic photo frames!All the photos will look more Stylist with these decorativephotosuit.Numerous men Super Hero Men Frame!User friendly photo collage and easy-to-useEasy to use photo editor!Share the makeover picture face photo with your friends onsociallike Facebook,whatsapp,Instagram, Tweeter etc!Save your work of art in a photo gallery!Download The Super Hero Photo Suit App Now .
Robot Photo Editor 1.0.7
Leave your mortal body behind and becomearobotic entity with our Robot Camera app. This is RobotsPhotoMontage and it can show you how you would look like if youwere acyborg. So take a look at your future self with this face ina holerobot photo suit. Enter the world of cybernetics by usingthisphoto booth, and prove once and for all that machines can haveasense of humor. All you need to do is download this cyborgPhotoeditor for android and you can become an unstoppablemachine.Robot Photo Editor is one of a kind free app for android thatyoucan install on both phone and tablet. It is a Robot Camera thatisreally easy to use, so you can make new images without anytrouble.Just pick a picture form Cyborg Photo Suit Montage and takeapicture of your face. Next thing you need to do is put your faceina hole of the selected picture and adjust its size. You can alsoanexisting image from your gallery and put in the Robot photosuit.All that’s left is to save the image and use it as you like.RobotsPhoto Montage allows you to use the picture as a wallpaper onyourphone, or you can share it on your social network profiles. Itisan amazing photo booth app, and it is really fun to play with.Justdownload this Photo editor for android and have fun makingrobotimages.
Robot Camera & Photo Editor 1.0
Robot Cam & photo editor morpher apphasvarious robot stickers, emoticons and cameraeffects which will help you create a robotic cyborg look. Edityourphotos andmake you appear as a robot character.Enter the world of cybernetics by using this photo booth, andproveonce and for all that machines can have a sense of humor. Allyouneed to do is download this cyborg Photo editor for android andyoucan become an unstoppable machine.Robot Camera & photo editor Features:• One of its own kind of app.• Automatic face detection• Smooth Brush Strokes functionality for realistic results.• Choose photos from gallery, camera etc.• Change skin color using in-built paint tool.• Draw on top on the picture. Use any color, and one of themultiplesupplied brushes.• Awesome photo filters to make you face more naturalandcool.• Various Image Adjustment options like Brightness,Contrast,Saturation and much more.• Image tools, crop, scale, flip etc.• Photo Stickers.• Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Superhero Photo Suit 2.0
Superhero Photo Suit app is just an appwhichlets you try on different suits along withawesomebackground.Superhero Photo Suit app features:- Take photos using the phone's camera and choose pics fromthegallery or capture a new one- Adjust pictures to fit the frame: crop, rotate, size,scaleup/down, zoom in/out.- The best romantic dress up app on the market- Simple design and easy to use photo suit.- Insert your pic in different suits and enjoythetransformation.- Add Amazing frames.- Save your creations in SDcard > "Superhero Photo Suit".- Share your creations via any other social networks.
Super Heros Suit Photo Maker 1.2
Superhero Photo Suit Editor isphotographyapplication to Make Your Photo in amazing SuperheroPhoto SuitEditor with our 50+ suits collection.Superhero Photo Suit Editor is easy to use and free to makeyourphoto in nice Superhero Photo Suit with Super Heros SuitPhotoMakerSuper Heros Suit Photo Maker contains Stylish, fashionable,Trendyand Latest suit Photo collection so you have to just selectanySuperhero Photo Suit as per your choice.An entertaining app to play with your children, friendsandfamilies.Features- Friendly user interface- Take picture using camera or choose from gallery- Choose your favorite superhero costume frame and see thephotoeffects- Collection of 30 HD quality Superhero Face Changer MaskSuit- Save your Superhero photo effects and share via facebook,twitter,sms and email your family and friends
Movie Effect Photo Editor 1.4
Mobi Studios
Movie Effect Photo Editor and Photo Maker brings Adventure&action in your pics
SuperHero Photo Suits 1.0
SuperHero Photo Suits app lets youtryondifferent suits and check on yourself. Just a single clickandyoucan try wide variety of suits on you.SuperHero Photo Suitsletsyouadd suits to the pictures either from gallery orthecamera.With this app, awesomely unleash the great super heropowersuitswithin you! Alongside super cool Super Hero Photo, youcantakeyour photo after selecting a suit, from a wide variety,thatfit toyour personality and desire.Feature:★ Easy to use.★ Friendly user interface★ Updated and super awesome collection.★ Collection over 30 HD quality super hero designs and style.★ Select a photo from the gallery or take photos usingthephone'scamera.★ Wide range of styles and different templates foranypicture.★ Scale, zoom and move your gallery picture for a perfectfitwithinthe template.★ Choose your favorite SuperHero Photo Suits and seethephotoeffects.★ Share your creations via WhatsApp, Flickr,Facebook,Picasa,Twitter, Instagram, Skype and other socialnetworks.**SNAPSHOT**Tap OPEN to load picture from the camera or phone gallery.Thenloadthe image from MASK and Tap CHOOSE and select yourdesiredimage.You can resize by holding the middle & the edge oftheimagewith your fingers. Tap APPLY when done adjusting ortapDELETE theimage. You can choose different EFFECT and Tap Sendifyou wish toshare to social media or store them into thephone’sgallery.**COVER**Tap TAKE A PICTURE to continue to the image gallery. Simplyslidetothe the left or right to switch the image. Snap yourpictureandshare them to your friends. **Note, COVER lets you tosnapandshare without editing your picture.**GUIDE**Read how to use the app here.#superhero #photosuits #global #heroes #heroDownload SuperHero Photo Suits now and enjoy using thissimplephotomaking app built just for you. So let photo makingfunstarttoday!
Real Costumes Dress up Montage 1.2
Hey guys! Join us in awesome digitaljourneyand find the perfect costume whenever you need it!Panicking that you haven't picked your Halloween costumeyet?!You've come to the right place!✔ Whether you are looking for scary costume ideas, or maybeacostume of a super hero, or just an ordinary nurse orpolicemancostume, we've got you covered with our cool “photoeditor” and“face changer”! Real Costumes Dress up Montage!Whatever the theme, we have always got something suitable toofferyou!Perfect app for everyone! Best of “makeover games”! We have tonsofdifferent outfits here for you to try on!Grab your phone and open a new virtual wardrobe, it is ready foryouto try fascinating suits, dresses and the coolest“costumeideas”!We offer you a variety of “photo frames” to create a perfect“photomontage” and see yourself in a different body with acompletely newrole. This best of “free apps”, “Real Costumes Dressup Montage”will become your favorite because of its amazingfeatures:👍 20+ amazing templates and suit “photo stickers” to selectaspicture frames!👍 Easy and fun to use photo editing tool and camera stickers!👍 Edit your selfies like a pro!👍 Use a picture from your own gallery or take a picture withyourinstant camera!👍 Choose your favorite costume frames and put them onyourbody!👍 Save the pic of your new outfit and your stylish photo albuminyour photo gallery!👍 Set your new work of art as wallpaper on your phoneortablet!👍 Share the new look you created with all your friends onFacebook,Twitter, Instagram and other social networks!Have fun using this free “photo editing software”, RealCostumesDress up Montage! Make fun of your boyfriend or friends bycreatinghilarious photos of them in sexy or horrifying costumes! Alittlebit of photo fun cannot do you any harm! Show everybody thatyouhave a sense of humor & taste!Share your perfect photo montages and “funny pictures” withyourfriends on social networks and get many likes and complimentsonyour disguise.All you need is this picture editor and an awesome photostudiowhere you can find all you ever need to edit photoslikeprofessional photographers. Prepare yourself for the mostamazingHalloween adventure and personalize your favorite pictureswiththis free photo makeover app. Start right now and enjoy thisbestof fashion games for months to come!Get the best “Halloween costumes” in a second!Download Real Costumes Dress up Montage and enter thismagnificentsticker photo booth. Add HD photo frames to your picsand makeyourself look like a cartoon character, witch, wizard orawarrior!There are a lot of costume suits in this photo editor app. Soyoucan design your combinations for any occasion: forHalloween,Christmas or some other carnival. Dress yourself like adevil,witch with broom, super hero. Montage your photo in somegentlephoto suits, like princess, queen or angel.Create photo montages using the photo frames and be as originalasyou want to be. The result is in your hands. Just, take asupercool selfie, choose a frame and let the magic begin!
Pocket Heroes Mod & Skins MCPE 1.7
Pocket Heroes adds 21 superhero armorsetstothe game. It also adds loads of villains like The JokerandtheWinter Soldier which you need to fight in order tounlockmoresuperhero armor sets. Some of the available superherosetsincludeIron man, Ant-Man, Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman.Mostof themhave special abilities and tools which only they canuse.DC Comics SuperheroesBatmanPut on the Batman armor suit and get an increaseinspeed,strength and jump. Fight crimes both night and day asyou’llalsogain access to night vision. Use the grappling hook tooltomovearound with ease.Mod Superheroes for Minecraft will allow you to wear the armoroftheAvengers, among them – Iron man, Hulk, CaptainAmerica,Spiderman andmany others!You can create your own cool superhero costume, because thechoiceinmod is very big! Or take the hammer of Thor whichyouwillundoubtedly be useful in the game!Stand out from the crowd with its unique superherocostume!Showwho's boss!Batman Mask (3500)Batman Suit (3501)Batman Leggings (3502)Batman Boots (3503)Grappling Hook (3700)SupermanOne of the most powerful superheroes is Superman. As himyouwillbe able to fly, walk through fire, deal an incredibleamountofdamage and run unrealistically fast.Marvel SuperheroesWar MachineThe War Machine isn’t really a superhuman. It’s anarmoredbattlesuit. While wearing this armor you will be faster andmuchstronger.You will also acess a special GUI button on therightside of thescreen which can be used for shooting arrows.Play MCPE together with your favorite super heroNewskinsSuperman ,Iron man and Batman within thisapplication.Install the skins of Batman and SupermanMod Superheroes for Minecraft will allow you to wear the armoroftheAvengers, among them – Iron man, Hulk, CaptainAmerica,Spiderman andmany others!You can create your own cool superhero costume, becausethechoicein mod is very big! Or take the hammer of Thor whichyouwillundoubtedly be useful in the game!Stand out from the crowd with its unique superherocostume!Showwho's boss!Download and install superheroes mod for minecraft andturnintoyour favorite character from thefinding new superpowers hanging around!Be a real defender from the city, grapplewithgriefers,gangsters,zombies along with other mischief within the pictureofyourpreferred superheroes.Arrange another real fight Batman and Superman anddiscoverwho'smore powerful ...All Mod Hero for Minecraft PE examined, perfectlydetailedandalso have many versions of costumes.To create the skins don't need mods for MCPE, they aresimpletoinstall rapidly hanging around!DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application forMinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in anyway withMojangAB. The Minecraft Name, Brand and the Assets areallproperty ofMojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. Inaccordancewith
Arc Reactor 1.07
This app shows an Arc Reactor which you canputunder your shirt to become ironmanThis Arc Reactor is highly customizable by color, ArcReactor,speed, size and many more! So if you don't got a Halloweencostumeyou can use this App to get a cheap costume. :)So have fun with this Arc Reactor app and i hope you'reenjoyingit! If you have some issues with this app or ideas toimprove itplease let me know!
아이언맨손카메라-리펄서빔 Ironman glove 1.2
5G Lab.
아이와 함께 아이언맨놀이를 해보세요Be a hero for your kids불필요한 권한과 광고는 없습니다No ads재미를 위한 비영리앱입니다Free for fun사용설명빔쏘기 - 화면 터치 또는 볼륨키(선택. 사진촬영)오른손 또는 왼손 바꾸기 & 옵션- 화면 길게누르기InstructionShooting - Touch a display or press volume buttons(Opt.Takingapicture)Change side of a hand & Options - Long press a displayTry to play withkidsandIronmanBe a hero for your kidsNo unnecessary permissions and AdsNo adsA fun app for-profitFree for funInstructions for UseBeam shoot-touch screen, or the volume keys (selectpictures.)Change & right hand or left hand option - press andholdthescreenInstructionShooting - Touch a display or press volume buttons (. OptTakingapicture)Change side of a hand & Options - Long press a display
Mod Superhero for Minecraft 1.1.0
Mod Superheroes for Minecraft will allowyoutowear the armor of the Avengers, among them – Iron man,Hulk,CaptainAmerica, Spiderman and many others!You can create your own cool superhero costume, because thechoiceinmod is very big! Or take the hammer of Thor whichyouwillundoubtedly be useful in the game!Stand out from the crowd with its unique superherocostume!Showwho's boss!Download and install superheroes mod for minecraft and turnintoyourfavorite character from the comics!FEATURES:+ convenient interface+ MCPE mod suitable for boys and girls+ simple installation+ takes up little space on your phoneATTENTION! In order to download the mod, you needanInternetconnection!WARNING: This is an unofficial application forMinecraftPocketEdition. All rights reserved. Inaccordancewith
Superhero Costumes Photo Booth 1.0.1
Superhero Costumes Photo Booth is here!Superheroes make good role models, not just in moviesandnovels.Superhero movie stars have been influencing peopleforgenerations,but are they teaching them the right lessons?There'snothing moreexciting than the idea of wearing a superherooutfitor creatingyour own superhero Costumes photo suit."SuperheroCostumes PhotoBooth" is here for you. Dress up like asuper heroman in just fewseconds.Superhero Costumes is the new superhero facechangerappand your rich source for superhero suits andaccessoriesfashionfor all ages! Are you more like super power orsuperhero ?Getcostumes superhero app to find out which superherosuitsyou.Adults love hero costumes ! They like to beRenaissancemaidens,Medieval knights, movie superheroes, furryanimals and lotsofother cartoon characters! Need a suit but don'tknow what tobe?Let us help you with this photo montage app! We havemanyadultoutfit costumes, in all sizes, which are sure to pleaseeventhemost particular costume connoisseur. Get thousandsofsuperheromens costumes and superpower women's costumes in thisappstock nowat "Superhero Costumes Photo Booth", and prepareyourselffor somefun! This face changer app could help you selecttheperfect adultcostumes for your party or event, Not justforHalloween occasion!This photo manipulation app carry thebestcollection of costumesfor kids, adults, boys and girls.Do you have a sudden urge to don a superhero costumeandsaveHalloween? Superhero Costumes Photobooth contain lotofmenssuperhero Suits - Wear your favorite superhero character inoneofthe many skin suits in men's sizes. Be like asuperhero,exploregalaxies in an astronaut costume ! Superhero SuitsPhotoboothcontain also Movie Costumes for Men -- Browse ourhugeselection ofmen's movie and TV Show costumes! It carrycostumesfrom all thebiggest blockbusters! and that's just thebeginning.Plus, we carryloads of accessories to help you completeyourcostume. The rightwig, hat, or mask will take yoursuperherocostume to the nextlevel. Great for costume parties, comiccons,and Dads who want toplay with their kids. Not just forHalloweenCostumes!Feel like a superhero ? We know every guy out theresecretlywantsto be a super power man. Are you an ordinary guy butwith asecretidentity ? Being a superhero can be impossible, butfindinga men'ssuperhero costume has never been so easy! Come andcreateyour ownprofil photo as a superhero and get fun withthat.You can also get some Pirate Costumes for Men right here--Well,shiver me timbers! It's time to dress like a pirate,andyou've cometo the right hideout. This face changer app carryahuge collectionof men's Pirate Costumes, perfect for pillagingandplundering atyour next costume party. Dress up as atraditionalpirate, zombiepirate, ghost pirate-- It even carry apirate mascotcostume, greatfor parades, pirate festivals and yearround fun.You can wearsuperheroes costumes in Halloween or someevents!You love Supergirl Costumes ? Perfect, you've foundyournewone-stop wearing app for womens costumes--SuperheroCostumes!ManySupergirl women's costumes to choose from. YES, it isyourperfectplace to get your Halloween costume!Get ready to save the day with a women's supergirl outfitfromoursuperhero face swap app! Huge collection of fabulouscostumesthatwill turn you into a mighty hero. Villains won't standachance whenyou're dressed as Wonder Woman, Batgirl, BlackWidow,or Supergirl.Great for group costume themes! You'll lookpretty atyour nextcostume party, promotional event, or comic con.Great forHalloween,too!Superhero Costumes Photo Booth is the best superherosuitfashiondesigner app, it is not only about trying on yourfavoritesuperherooutfit or supergirl outfit, We have developed aneasy wayfor you towear a magic superhero dress and create your ownfashionherostyle.
Scar Booth Fight Battle Camera 1.2
Scar Booth Fight Battle Camera Editor-Photowith scar face. Editor makes the person in the photo looklikeafighters face after the fight. Fight, fight, or fight -withthescar booth face, you can make the next battle! Boxingorfightingwithout rules - you can pretend to be defendedround!Street Fight- show possible bruises after the fight! Thebattle forthe throneof the King - pretend that lost an eye! Thebattle forthe heart ofthe girl - pictured traces in the form ofscarsandscratches.Modify your pics by adding special movie effects"cinematiceffects"like: UFO, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs,machines,dragons,robots,super hero, Planes , Blood , fire, fakecrash, fakewounds...★★With Scar Booth Fight Battle Camera:✦Edit photos with “special effects and injuries”, faceinjuryeffectsand cool filters;✦Decorate your pictures with animated movie stickers andcooldecostamps;✦Add stickers with sci-fi elements and horror elements;✦Add injury, scar booth, blood, UFO, aliens,zombies,dinosaurs,machines, dragons, robots;✦Attach funny stickers to your pics;✦ HD stickers and effects✦Add text and emoji✦ Add face stickers like glasses, masks, goggles orcoolscars;With Scar Booth Fight Battle Camera Turn your normal imageintomorescary and horror with this scary photo editor and createyourscarywallpapers. Show some vampire bite marks with thisvampirephotoeditor booth. Best app to zombie yourself or zombiephotomaker onyou. Get some Halloween theme party makeup ideas withthisHalloweenphoto frames editor and get ready for any Halloweengamesfor girlsparty.More Realistic with transparent adjust function (It's goodforadjustbruise scars), When a your picture with scars isgoodlooking,it easyto save images& share to Twitter, Facebook and other social mediaMake your friends think you are or whoever’s image youeditingissuffering from this kinds of injuries and damage.Realistic Scar Booth on your photo - make prank phototoshowFriends/Mom but don't want to pain. Use "Scar Booth:RealisticScar Face" Booth for get instantly scar!
Superhero Suit Photo Editor 5.0
XoX Lab
#Here comes the number 1 Photo Editor app on Android Market!Stayundercover and save the world from destruction. Chooseyourfavorite superhero's suit and fight the evil! Want to feel likeasuperhero? We know all the guys out there secretly want to beasuperhero. Are you a regular guy, but with a secret identity?Beinga superhero can be difficult, but finding the super herocostumefor men has never been easier! Come and create your ownphoto as asuperhero and get fun with it. The new superhero costumefor adultsis here! “Superhero Suit Photo Editor” is a new facechanger appand your best source for the heroes of costumes andaccessories allyear! “Superhero Suit Photo Editor” are enormous,not only incomics but in movies and novels as well. Need a suit,but do notknow what to be? Let us help you with this photomanipulation app!Discover all superhero superpower men’s suits andwomen's suits inthis app; available now "Superhero Suit PhotoEditor", and getready for fun! The application can help you choosecostumes thatsuit perfectly for your party or event, not only forcostumesanime. These photo montages requests realize the bestselection ofcostumes for kids, adults, boys and girls. “SuperheroSuit PhotoEditor” Features: - Take a photo from the camera orchoose a photoform the gallery. - Select your choice of SuperheroCostume Suit. -Save photo into your phone gallery. - Share yourphoto to yourfriend via social application. - Suitable for adults,kids, men andwomen. - Bonus: Mini game included. - Absolutely FREE!Note: Allsuperhero suits rights have his respected owner. We havejust usefor Entertainment purpose. ☀☀ Enjoy “Superhero Suit PhotoEditor”and have fun!
Color Splash Photo Effect - Photo Pop
Create awesome color splash photo effect & convert ypur phototoblack & white.
Scary clown photo editor 2.0
Rodrigo Games
Hey Horror movies fans,we present you thebestScary clown Camera app !Start you halloween makeup and Transform your photos intoScaryClown from the most frightening Horror Movies! Are you readyforHalloween day November 31 ? so brace yourself with “scaryclownphoto editor”!We are proud to provide halloween makeup and beauty tools fortheprofessionals kit to make up your face in photos and turn themintoscary halloween faces .This beauty camera for you.Now youcanmakeup and add clown masks to your insta photos.With ScaryCameraEffects, you makeup artistic and creepy photo manipulationsisincredibly easy.There are many horror apps, but what set our app apart isthehighest quality of its Photo Filters - inspired by themostterrifying horror movies - and the more than 40pixel-perfecthorrifying Stickers.Scary Clown Face Maker is the best selfie cam and have the timeofyour life laughing out loud with this amazing tool forHalloweenmakeover.What could you look with a clown mask or maybe a Joker, or aSexyMask ?, also horror Monster of this beautiful face swap apparefree .Scary Clown face changer is for girls and boys you can turnyourface into a terrible monster, a killer clown in a matterofseconds. Become a monster with clown makeup girl and the best“faceeditor” on the market! Prepare to have fun with your friendsandfamily with an amazing face changer “clown camera”!Now, you can test on a number of face makeup plus tools eachtimeyou want with this innovative application – Scary clown PhotoBoothApp for you makeup editor.with all operations madeautomaticallyfor your digital halloween makeover , Stay stylishusing tons ofcool beauty camera tools and beauty face increase byour photoediting app .Change your face with many clown masks! Try cool “clown makeup”thatcan make you look scary or cuteBefore you makeup be familiar with this virtual studio forhalloweenmakeover and best selfie cam makeup photo collage maker ,if youwant to makeup yourself via a scary clown face from yourgallery ordirectely from your selfie cam .Say Goodbye to Photoshop when you can edit your own photos withthebest and the simplest application of virtual make-up aroundtheworldInstructions for “Clown Face App”:Super realistic “Halloween makeup photo editor” &faceeditor!Scary Clown Face Maker" offers face makeup editor & coolfacefilters!Save the makeup camera pictures and set them as aHalloweenbackground!Add picture frames once you finish your virtual makeover and haveacomplete work of art!Tons of different makeup games for girl and trendy collageeditorcollection!Pick a photo from your photo gallery or take a selfie andstartphoto editing!Scary photo effects in these make up games let you createuniquescary backgrounds!Choose any of the Halloween stickers and tap on it tomanipulateit!Halloween makeup salon games lets you zoom in, zoom out ordragpictures!Halloween yourself share your cool pics via Instagram TwitterorFacebook.Halloween stickers for your selfie cam will turn you into a scaryora sad clown instantly with scary face effects and coolHalloweenmakeup. This lips makeup and eye makeup app will turn youinto aterrifying monster girl. Prepare for the scariest holidays ofallwith our makeup editor for pictures pro. Happy Halloween,littlemonsters!Take a selfie and apply cool Halloween face changer photo editortoyour beautiful pictures. You can save or share your virtualmakeupphoto montages or even use them as great backgroundwallpapers. Whyplay scary clown games, when you can turn yourselfinto one withScary clown face changer. Let your kids use the appand keep themoccupied for hours! With Scary Clown Face Maker,everything ispossible! Get some costume ideas or pick up new lipsand eye makeuptricks. Forget about the glam eye makeup guide stepby step forfancy girls and enter our horror virtual beauty salon.
super hero photo suit 1.0.0
Superhero Photo Suit Editorisphotographyapplication to Make Your Photo in amazingSuperheroPhoto SuitEditor with our 50+ suits collection.But are youmorelikesuperhero or super power? Take The superherocostumesapplicationto know what superhero you like the most. Adultslikecostumes!They love being medieval knights, Renaissance younggirls,furanimals, superheroes, and many other characters! Need asuit,butdo not know what to be?Let us help you with thisphotomanipulationapp! We have thousands of adult costumes in allsizesthat are sureto please the most particularcostumeconnoisseurs.Use those superheroes suits montage for yourself or editphotosofyour friends and share it . You just select your photofromgalleryand camera. Set your photo in the suit ofsuperhero.Discoverthousands of superhero superpower mens suits andwomen'ssuits intha app available now for "Super Hero Photo Suit",and getreadyfor fun! The application can help you choose adultcostumesperfectfor your party or event, not only for costumesanimeThisphotomontages request realize the best selection ofcostumesforkids, adults, boys and girls.Superhero Photo Suit Editor is easy to use and free tomakeyourphoto in nice Superhero Photo Suit with SuperheroPhotoSuitapp.
Super Kids Costumes 1.0.0
Good morning Kids. Thenew"superheroesmaker" to Make up face with 2016 fashion trendsishere. "SuperKids Costumes" is your favourite Halloween kidssalon,your bestphoto montage solution to dress up amazingsuperheroesfashion andtry the latest 2016 Halloween Dress Trendsstylesfreely. As well,Your smartphone will be your Kids salonfordesigning superheroesin order to discover new super power wearthatsuits you.Superhero collection includes new 2016 stylesfromUSA, ENGLAND,France and more for Kids who want to feel powerfulbymakingsuperheroes Makeover.Really cartoon superheroes are huge, not just in moviesbutincomics and novels as well. So there's nothing moreexcitingthanthe idea of wearing a superhero suit or creating yourownsuperherosuit photo montage from the beginning. Here isthesolution. Dressup like a super power kid With "Superherokidscostumes" app, Soyou can easily do this in just 10 seconds.YES, The brand new superhero suits for kids is nowavailableandso easy to use. "Super Hero Face Changer" let you addasuperherosuit to your face. Use those super heroes suitforyourself or editphotos of your friends. Use it specially onlittlekids and they'lllove it a lot. As we know, Today's generationwantto become veryfamous as a super hero. He wants live likesuperhero. So this faceswap app completes his wish to make superheroand live as one ofthem on your smartphone.This Jacket suit appisgiving yourchildren real look for kids super hero.Do your kids want to feel like a cartoon superhero ? Weknoweverykid out there secretly wants to be a cartoon super heroormoviesuperhero. Are you an ordinary guy but with asecretidentity? Beinga superhero can be hard, but finding akid'ssuperhero costume hasnever been so easy! Come and create yourownphoto as a superhero andget fun with that. They like tobe,Renaissance maidens, Medievalknights, furry animals,amazingsuperheroes, and lots of othercharacters! Did your kid needaHalloween costume 2016 ? but don'tknow what to be? Let us helpyouwith this photo booth app! We havealmost 30 of kids costumesin"Super Kids Costumes". Get ready forfun! The app could helpyouselect the perfect kids costumes for yourparty or event, Notjustfor Halloween suits! This photomontagesapplication carry thebestselection of costumes for kids, toddlersboys and girls.Super Kids Costumes is the most photo manipulation appthatwillhelp your kids to create superhero. This face swap app isyourbestsolution face swap and superhero costume creater. Itcontainsagallery of awesome superhero costumes. In thissuperherofacechanger app, select any cool costume and change styleofasuperhero. See how attractive you looks in differentbeautifulherocostumes. This app is extremely easy to use. Kids willfind itmoreentertaining.FEATURES1. Select your photo from gallery or camera for face makeup2. Zoom in and out the image. You can quickly resize androtatephotowith intuitive tools3. Make up studio to color superheroes with differentstickersandstyles5. Dress up as super hero, Pick out your favoritesuperherodresstemplate from over 30 photomontages6. Share your super makeover dressup on Facebook,Twitter,throughemail or by SMS or set it as a superherowallpaper.This photo booth props app is the best superherocostumedesignerapp, it is not only about trying on yourfavoritesuperhero outfitor supergirl outfit, We have developed ansimpleway to wear a magicsuperhero dress and to create your fashionherostyle without anyhelp. Designing superhero is now simple.All parents should get this photo face changerapplicationontheir smartphone, for their children. Teach yourkidssuperheroesmaking. Because while parents should be role modelsfortheir kidslife, superheroes remind a child of the moralcompassnecessary tonavigate a universe fraught with thrills..GetSuperhero Suits nowand Enjoy!
クイズFORアイアンマン 1.0.1
大人から子どもまで大人気の映画『アイアンマン』に関するクイズです。アイアンマン1~3までの映画に関する簡単な問題から難しい問題まで織り交ぜて総計60問を作成しています。あなたは、何問正解できるかな?※このアプリは、アイアンマンファンによる作成であり、非公式です。From adults to childrenisa quiz about the popular movie "Iron Man".Iron Man 1-3About the movie upUntil the difficult problem from a simple problem it has createda60 questions total interwoven.I wonder if you can answer what questions?※ This app is created by the Iron Man fan,It is informal.