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Network Counter 1.4.2
Network Counter. The easiest way to monitoring of wirelessnetworktraffic. Keep a track on your monthly network data usage.Now withAndroid 4.x support and widgets!Features include:- Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.x support- Data traffic usage statistics for Wi-Fi and mobile networks- Alarm for Wi-Fi and mobile data traffic usage- Network statistics for currently active(running)applications- Ability to backup and restore of data traffic usage databaseAdditional Premium Content (in-app purchase):- Disabled advertisements (Ads)- Widgets (incl. lock screen) for monitoring of data usageAnd much more is planned for future releases!Data stats gathering is done via our background service whichhasbeen designed for a low power consumption and supportsdevicereboots (not including hard resets or direct battery pulls)andnetwork disconnects.Note, A2SD (SD card support) functionality is not possible duetonecessary background service. However, if it's yourpreference,there is no limitation to use A2SD+ (ext partition).Requires:- Mobile / Cell or Wi-Fi HW module in your phone / tablet- Android's TrafficStats API supported via your phone's ROMIn case of any feature suggestion or a bug report,please,contact us on our e-mail.Network Counter requires Android 2.2 and higher, but Android4.xis highly recommended. All the screenshots are taken fromAndroid4.2 device.
Data Usage Monitor
Lufesu Inc.
Manage mobile data.
Yettel HU 8.0.3
Mobile self-care
Freeze - Touch Block 2.5
Indigo Barati
Freeze - Touch BlockThe fastest and easiest way to touch block and disableyourscreen, device buttons, rotation and much more. Keepyourtoddler locked and immersed into their favorite cartoon,quicklylock-show-unlock your device to show off photos or videos toyourfriends and family without them messing it up.★ Completely blocks Back, Home, Recent Apps, MenuandVolume buttons.★ Keeps music and videos playing in all apps includingYouTube,Hulu, Netflix, Spotify when locked.★ Quickly touch block and disable your device by flipping itorwaving your finger in front of the proximity sensor.★ Quickly touch block and disable your device by tapping thescreenor drawing your custom gesture.★ The most secure way to prevent your device fromunlockingby using a gesture.★ Use the screen as a drawing pad to entertain kids,sharenotes with friends or make highlights.★ Lock volume keys to keep volume at a safe level foryourchildren.★ One of the most trusted apps to protect and keep yourdeviceand data safe.★ Configuration is simple and easy with our full screen andlargebutton design.★ Prevent accidental app purchases or overages inyourdata.★ Compatible with all phones and tablets.Q and A✎ Why won't my device Freeze (touch block)?Make sure you choose at least one Freeze and Unfreeze option.Noteyou can choose to Unfreeze using Timeout instead oradditionally.If only using Timeout to Unfreeze make sure if youchoose a Timeoutset to to infinity that you choose the Swipe Enableoption as youwill need to Unfreeze by swiping the timeout bar.✎ Why do I get a popup warning me about Freeze monitoringmyactions or text?This is a standard popup that Android shows for all servicesturnedon in Accessibility Settings. We will never monitor youractionsor text.✎ Does Freeze use a lot of battery power?No. Freeze was designed to use virtually no battery power. 99%ofthe time it is actually using none.✎ Why do dots show on the screen when I touch it?When Freezing without the Gesture Option selected, fingertrackingdots will display to indicate your screen is locked. WhenFreezingwith the Gesture Option selected, the finger tracking dotswill bereplaced with drawing capability.✎ Why does my screen flash when Freezing and Unfreezing?When Freezing without the Timeout Option selected, the screenwillbriefly flash to indicate your device is entering or exitingFreezemode. When Freezing with the Timeout Option selected, screenflashwill be replaced with the Timeout Bar.✎ What is the best way to prevent my device frombeingunlocked?Using a gesture as it is a personal password. Using interestingandmultiple strokes will strengthen your device.✎ Help! I forgot my gesture how do I Unfreeze my device?If you forget your gesture you have two options. Hold thevolumedown key and power button until your device reboots. Or make10gesture attempts. After the 10th attempt, a message will promptyouto turn your screen off then on to unlock. Be quick as youmustturn off the screen while this message displays.✎ Why does the proximity sensor not respond correctly?Some devices use a light sensor instead of a proximitysensor,especially tablets. Since they are triggered with light,using thedevice in a well-lit area may be required.✎ Why does my device stay locked when I receive aphonecall?We purposely left it blocked to ensure someone doesn't try to useaphone call to get access to your device.✎ Why can’t I Freeze my Power button?For security reasons Google prevents us from disablingthisbutton.✎ Why does Freeze - Touch Block still not work onmydevice?There are a few Android devices that do not fully supportAndroid.Please contact us if you have issues to confirm if yourdevice issupported.Questions? Comments? Click ABOUT - FEEDBACK in the apporvisit
Mobile Counter 2 | Data usage
Avoid unnecessary costs - no mobileoperatoroffers completely unlimited data usage. This app can saveyourmoney. Mobile Counter is the best data counter to monitorandmeasure your Internet traffic. The best and easiest way tocheckyour data consumption. Mobile Counter is compatible withallproviders and operators on the worldPractical solution for a limited data volume. You can measureyourdata package.The data counter have the perfect solution to control yourInternetdata usage for mobile connections and WiFi connections.Helps youmonitor the already consumed and remaining data volume inthecurrent billing period.Mobile Counter shows the current consumption for limited data ontheprogress bar with a percentage. Display of daily, monthlydatausage. Application can check your Internet speed for mobileandwireless connectionsTrack your data usage to save money on bills - downloadappnow.This is the same app like Mobile Counter 3G, WiFi but withmaterialdesign (new Android 5.0 layout).Features of Mobile Counter app- Bandwidth monitor for 2G, 3G, 4G (EDGE, GPRS,HSDPA,HSDPA+,LTE)- Monitor WiFi, GSM, CDMA data usage- Internet Speed in notification- Tethering data traffic via WIFI- Mobile data tracker for Roaming- Hotspot data usage - measure wireless traffic for one SSID- Schedule plan (your limited Internet data) for mobiletraffic.Quota for plan is set with expiration time. Flexiblesolution ifyour Internet is limited. Alarm notification can betriggered forvarious events like daily usage bigger than somevalue, plan dataless than configured value, left days to planexpiration less thandefined value and much more. Each alarm canwork separate, so youcan define several alarm notifications inapplication.- Data usage for applications- Billing cycle configuration for mobile and wirelessdatausage- Widgets for plan data usage, mobile and wireless traffic- Notifications (support Wear devices)- Track historical consumption- Alerts for plan data limits- Real time traffic monitor (display speed for download anduploadtransfers)Mobile Counter 4G Premium community on Google+: profile for Mobile Counter 4G Premium: website:
Data Traffic Monitor 2.9.2
The must-have app is developed to monitordatausage of 2G/3G and Wi-Fi for smart phones. With several stepsofsimple settings, you can easily solve problems such as morechargesof over traffic; unknown applications occupy data trafficandect.It will monitor the amount of communication.Features:1. Data traffic monitor: check the data traffic of 2G/3G andWi-Fi.It can also provide data traffic warning function which willwarnyou on notification bar when the data traffic is close to thevalueyou set.2. View detail: you can view data traffic that any singleappoccupies, and you can also stop the running of data-guzzlingappsto cut down your data traffic.3. Instantaneous data traffic: view the instantaneous datatrafficof upload and download.
Internet Speed Meter Lite
Internet Speed Meter Lite displaysyourinternet speed in status bar and shows the amount of data usedinnotification pane. This helps you to monitor networkconnectionanytime while using your device.The app is completely Ad-Free.Lite Features- Real time speed update in status bar and notification.- Daily traffic usage in notification.- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.- Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.- Battery efficientPro FeaturesNotification DialogA notification dialog appears when you tap thenotificationhaving- Graph to monitor last minute internet activity- Time and usage of current session- Today's app usage for mobile and wifi- Realtime speed of running applicationsSmarter notificationsNotification appears only when you are connected to internet.Youcan change priority of notification. You can also hidethenotification when connection is idle for specified amountoftime.Themes supportYou can manually select the color of user interface.Blue status bar iconOption to choose between blue or white status bar icon. (onlyforKitKat and below versions of Android)Upload and Download SpeedOption to show upload and download speed inseparatenotifications.Warning: Do not move this app to SD card. It will stop (Forceclose)when you remove the card.
2G 3G 4G LTE Network Monitor
Sun Light
Free application measure what technology is used forinternetconnection.
Call Message Data Counter 2.5.1
Sun Light
Free application for monitoring calls,messages(SMS, MMS), mobile data usage and Wi-Fi.Main features• shows incoming/outgoing/total/remaining calls, messages,mobiledata usage and Wi-Fi in tables (current period)• shows incoming/outgoing calls, messages, mobile data usageandWi-Fi in graphs (last 6 periods)• shows price for calls, messages and mobile data• notification warns before exceeding the limit for calls,messagesand mobile data• exception list for calls and messages• detailed reports for calls, messages, mobile data usageandWi-Fi• breakdown of costs for each period• highly customizable widgets (1×1, 4x1)Important• do not delete call log immediately after call• do not delete SMS messages immediately after sending/receiving• do not use any kind of task killer• dual-sim is notsupported( me to improve application• let me know your ideas with integrated feedback option• help me to translate or correct text• share application with friends• donate to support further development
Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall 5.51
Look no further for your Android firewall. MobiwolNoRootFirewallcan be used to save battery, reduce data usage so youstaywithinyour data plan, and secure your privacy by limitingthenetworkaccess permissions required by apps. With Mobiwol NoRootFirewallyou can - * Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps *EasilyAllow/BlockApp Connectivity * Block background app activity *BeAlerted WhenNew Apps Access the Internet Secure your phoneortablet, withreliable Android firewall protection - No ROOTaccessrequired!Regain control of your mobile device and what isbeingaccessed andshared with the world. Features List Androidfirewallprotectionwith **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!! Automatic launch ondevicestart upAutomatically identifies applications currentlyinstalledon yourmobile device Identifies and Notifies when newlyinstalledappsaccess the Web Set Allow/Block, on a per-applicationbasisDisablebackground activity for selected apps Get fulldatausagevisibility Install Mobiwol No Root Firewall forSimplifiedAndroidSecurity IMPORTANT: In the last update, a NEWNOTIFICATIONICON wasadded for STABILITY. We are working on findinga way toretain thestability without the icon, but please be awarethat THISIS NOT ANISSUE. ***FAQS*** Why does Mobiwol No RootFirewall showas ifusing a VPN connection? This is superficial.We've usedtechnologyavailable to us from within the VPN packagingmoduleoffered byAndroid to be able to gain visibility toyourapplications' networkactivities and apply firewall ruleswithouthaving to ask for rootpermissions like other AndroidFirewall apps.However, no actualVPN connection is being made, nodata is beingsent externally byour application, and we do nottamper with thesecurity of yourpersonal data, so you can continueusing your appswith peace ofmind, and confidence that you will notend up with ahigher thanusual data bill at the end of themonth.---------------------- WhyCan't I accept the VPN Prompt? Youwillneed to select the checkboxfirst and then the buttonbecomesenabled. If you are havingproblems selecting the checkbox,it islikely that you have anotherapp that creates an overlay ontheactive screen that is preventingyou from selecting thecheckbox.These two threads explain theproblem further and give someexamplesof apps thatdothis- go to doesMobiwol top the data usage chart?It’s an illusion.Mobiwol uses yourdevice’s VPN package to create afirewall. Asevery data packet sentor received by your apps passesthrough theVPN, all the incoming andoutgoing data traffic getsattributed toMobiwol. The good part,however, is that Mobiwol nowcomes with itsown Data Usage featurewhich allows you to check datausage foreach app. To view the usage,choose Data Usage from thehomescreen. Have a question not answeredhere? for more answers to topquestionsaboutMobiwol - the original root-free Androidfirewall.***VOLUNTEERSNEEDED TO TRANSLATE MOBIWOL*** Thanks toeveryone whohas alreadycontributed to our translation project!We'll soon bereleasing anupdate with localization for Russian,Spanish,Portuguese, Italian,German, Turkish, Hungarian and Swedish.Want tohelp us expand thatlist? We still need volunteers to QAcompletedtranslations andhelp us complete the remaining languages.Help usmake Mobiwol thebest Android Firewall by helping us makeitavailable in yourlanguage. Join our translation project onCrowdIn-
Mój Licznik 2.0
We'll send you my counter for customers ENERGA-OPERATOR SA
Data traffic amount checker
We are releasing an app that measures data transmission!
Internet Status Monitor 2.3
VJT Studio
Detects and indicates Internet connection status.
My APKs - backup restore share manage apps apk
Complete management of your apps apk. FREE and AD FREE
Secure Settings
Automation features for the Android enthusiast
Shutdown your devices on low battery level.