Top 49 Apps Similar to My Lands

Travian Kingdoms
Found a KINGDOM and create an EMPIRE! The strategy classic asanapp!
LordsWM Mobile v. 1.6.15
With this client You can: 1. To view information aboutyourcharacter 2. View the map, the list of hunts, the task of theGuildof Mercenaries, as well as a list of companies 3. To huntingandcomplete MG 4. To get a job 5. To view Personal mails andlatestnews 6. To arrange an ambush of thieves 7. Go to the pages oftheStore, Market, Warehouse, Castle, etc. 8. Ability to addandre-upload to the additional character.
World of Empires
Turn-based strategy game
Warage is a classic RTS that will take you to a magicalfantasyworld.
Adelantado Trilogy. Book Three 1.1.2
The story of Adelantado continues in Book Three – get readyforanepic conclusion of this amazing trilogy! The sequelstartswherethe previous part left off. Don Diego finds himself ontop ofthehigh cliff. There he comes across a stone that tells thestoryofthese ancient and mysterious lands and its beautifulbutdangerousinhabitants. Despite the risks that lay ahead thebraveexplorerhas to push forward and finish his quest to findthelostexpedition. On his way to a gigantic volcano visible afarourbravehero will be accompanied by his fellow crew members.Togethertheywill build forts, discover ancient ruinsandnever-before-seencreatures of the forest, defend againsttheNeanderthals and helpthe locals. Awesome new features,mesmerizinglocations and quests,improved graphics and the lastchapter of DonDiego's epic travelawait you in Adelantado Trilogy:Book Three!Game Features: - Newstory about noble Adelantado; - 10challenginglevels; - Improvedgraphics; - Mesmerizing locations andquests; -Proven formula ofits predecessors.____________________________Game available in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________ VISITUS:
Adelantado. 4 Aztec Skulls 1.1.2
New game in familiar universe from developers of RoadsofRomeseries! The Queen once again calls upon Don Diego de Leóntofulfilan important mission. He must organize an expedition totheNewLand and appoint its leader to expand thediscoveredterritoriesand replenish the treasury with gold. DonFelipe deSilva becomesthe Governor. Upon arrival, the expeditionmeetsfriendly-mindedlocals who tell them about their troubles.Evilpriests are tryingto summon a demon to subdue allknownterritories. Spaniards decideto help the Indians. To do this,theyneed to find 4 skulls thatcan cast a protective spell.MasterMiguel Sanchez is chosen forthis serious mission. Play“Adelantado.4 Aztec Skulls” to help himexplore new territories,collect gold,and protect the locals. -Four colorful episodes, plusa bonus levelfor experts. -Captivating storyline. - Search forsecrets. -Dynamic gameplay.____________________________ Gameavailable in:English, French,German, Spanish, Italian,Russian____________________________VISIT US:
War Kingdoms Strategy Game
The Famous Strategy Game MMO RTS! Rule your Kingdom! FREE!
Fire and Glory: Blood War
Live the age of the ancient Spartan empires and unleashyourstrategic fantasy!
Populus Romanus 2: Britannia
Populus Romanus 2: Britannia, a hex strategy war game of theancientage.
Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online
DM Studio
Forgotten Tales is a FREE massively multiplayer onlinerole-playinggame.
Ancient Empires Reloaded
Ancient Empires Reloaded is a fan-made arcade turn-basedstrategygame.
World of Empires 2
Your New Civilization on Mobile
Brave Conquest 1.4.2
Hop in now and join us at [Brave Conquest] - thecasual,fun-filledstrategy game! Manage your own Kingdom and fillyourcoffers in asnap! Experiment with bizarre formations to takeonwhatever yourfoes throw at you! Wait no more! Now’s the timetoascend thethrone and take your place among the greatestlords![GameFeatures] *Your Kingdom, Your Choice! As the lord ofyourKingdom,you get to call the shots! Unlock and placeuniquebuildingsanywhere you wish! Lack materials and resources?FarmsandFactories are your best options! Want to speed upyourarmy’sgrowth? Focus on unlocking the Barracks, Spellworks,andWonders!Also, don’t forget to feed your guardian Dragon lestsheburn yourcastle down! *An Epic Realm with Tons ofTreasures!Traverse acrosslush green plains and snow dunes, andscale thehighest peaks anddeepest valleys in search of lost Wondersand raretreasures! Besure to free up some inventory space beforeexploringwith yourgoblin crew. You never know what legendarytreasuresyou’ll find atthe far reaches of the realm! *One TrueLegend, TenThousand TroopsUnite! A lord is never without ablesubjects! Standtall alongsideHeroes of justice and evil. There’s nobattle tootough! Make yourtroops strong and fit! Train them up andberewarded with upgradedtroop types for an unfair advantageinbattle! *Brain-TeasingChallenges to Overcome! Training yourtroopshas never been easier!Leave ‘em alone and they’ll levelupautomatically! War isn’t sosimple, though. Even themostwell-drilled soldiers can’t win abattle by themselves! It’s uptoyou to lead and deploy themwisely! Lords never stopchallengingthemselves, and the gamecertainly encourages this!Partake in anever-ending journeytowards greater glories byconquering theBattle Hall, Arena, andglobal Kingdom Wars! *AlliesUnite! Fight toBecome the Realm’sStrongest Alliance! Not enoughresources? Yourallies have much toshare! Bullied by other players?Your allies gotyour back!Interested in an Alliance event? Work withyour allies!And whenall seems lost… Well, let your allies worryabout that!
Heroes of Flatlandia - Turn based strategy
Fantasy turn based strategy with detailed tactical combats
Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash
Will you become the Ruler and change the fate of Aventhia?
Arkheim – Realms at War: RTS
Enter fantasy warfare - Join an alliance and command an epic armyinMMO battle.
Conquest of Empires
Come Achieve world hegemony!
War of Empires - All New Age of Empires 1.3.0
War of Empires is a global real-time war strategy game based ontheconflict of world civilizations. Countless creatures thrive inthismagical continent. For the glory and conquer, the Lord willleadhis people to embark on a long and arduous war in oppressionandresistance. As a lord, you can build your Castle, recruitfamousgenerals, assemble your allies, attack others, plunderresources,and to develop civilization. Cross the boundaries of timeandregion, and compete for the glory of the King of the world!GameFeatures [Hero Recruitment: Deploy World Famous Generals] HeroHallgathers heroes of different identities and backgrounds fromallover the world. They are waiting for you to deploy! Usevariousrecruitment cards, and see who will become a new generationofheroes in the magical and legendary world? [Primary battle:Globalbattle for the Throne] From ancient tribal conflict wars,threeKingdom strategy wars, and to modern civilization conflictwars.Assemble global allies, rally for other castles, flexiblyutilizehidden soldiers gameplay, choose the best war strategy, andthenlaunch an attack to become the King of troubled times.[Strategiccombat: Training the Lion] The Lion King has 16differentcharacteristics and skills, and each Lord has a uniquelion in theworld. Through free management and matching skillcombinations, theLion King can help the Lord develops the tribe,and plunders theland while protecting the tower. This provides theLord with morestrategic choices and interesting experiences.[Global TreasureQuest: Capture Glory Artifact] Exquisite full 3Dgraphics, newmassive free gold, explore classic sand table maps,obtain rich anddiverse artifacts, join the alliance for rapiddevelopment, andmany magic artifacts are waiting for the Lord todiscover andchallenge! [Cross-server Battle: Plunder resources]Innovate in theclassics, simulate real battles, and restore warscenes;Multiplayer from worldwide are on the same servers! Fromthecross-server invasion, throne war, and to the cross-serverthronewar, fighting and plundering, who will lead the powerfulallianceto become the strongest in the glory resource tower?
Million Lords: Online Conquest
Become the Kingdom’s Lord in a real-time strategy war withnoconquest limits! для Android
Online client for mobile version of the popular onlinegameGangstaWars
Heroes at War
Welcome to the world of heroes, magic, wise warlords andartfulvillains.
Majesty: Northern Kingdom
RTS game with indirect control - your heroes have a will oftheirown.
Roads Of Rome 3
Rewrite history - save Rome from the invasion
Join more than 2 million warriors fighting in the fantasy landsofEmporea!
Realm of Empires
Serious strategy. Real gamers. Realm ofEmpiresis a game like no other.Guide your fledgling empire from its beginnings as a single,smallvillage. Order your peasants to construct new buildings. Growyourvillage into a town. Research innovations, and recruit thetroopsyou need to defend yourself - or to go on the attack.Surrounding your lands are other real players seeking to dothesame. You can befriend them, form alliances and clans, andworktogether to strengthen your hold on a hostile landscape. Or youcancrush the fools for being in your way - by word or by sword,theworld is yours to conquer!Join our vibrant community and see what the hype is allabout.Frequent updates:February 23, 2016- Totally revamped chat- New village claim systemOctober 23, 2015- Servant Rescue! Collect servants for successful attacks onrebelvillages- Vacation Mode! Don't lose your empire while you're awayonholidays.May 7, 2015- Building page improvements (more info, easier tounderstand)- War Room improvements (lots of useful warning messages)- Clan invite request (now automagically populates an email)- Quest descriptions updatedMar 23, 2015- Improved Silver Transport- Faster scrolling of long lists of Reports- Reports now show village notes and have many new filters- Bug fixes (including the troop movement timer bug)Jan 20, 2015- Easier to use color-coded chat- Disbanding units now available!- Bug fixesNov 26, 2014- A completely redesigned village list. The new list contains atonof useful information, all neatly summarized in icons. Incomingandoutgoing troops, silver, food, and more!- Email now has an outbox to view sent emails in.- Improved Battle Reports list- minor bug fixesOctober 24th, 2014- New layout, summary view, and list filters forincoming/outgoingtroops- Improved incoming attack indicator on VoV- Reports now copy to battle simulator- Much improved mail system with multi-delete andmessagesaving- Improved map highlight UI- Incoming attack/support indicators in War Room- Tapping village on map selects itJune 12, 2014- Researchers available indicator- Village consolidation in Age VMay 28, 2014- New reports in BetaMay 14, 2014- War Room for sending many attacks quickly- Clan ForumsApril 28, 2014- Quick Build- Quick Recruit- Ability to downgrade your buildingsOctober 4th, 2013- NEW village overview page. Improved user interface,newanimations, and more!- NEW research page. Faster, easier, and just plain cool
Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels
Use the force of your troops to become a kingdom builder inthemedieval age!
Age of Myth Genesis
Mint Y Games
Prepare for a mythical battle with players from all world onthesame server!
Royal Roads 1
An exciting journey through a fairytale kingdom.
Tortuga Team
A turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies
Braveland Wizard
Tortuga Team
The old school turn-based strategy game is back!
Age of Warring Empire
A STRATEGY game for WARRIORS! Stunning battle ANIMATION &RPGnever seen before!
Dragonstone: Kingdoms
A real MMO RPG for mobile!
Rage of Kings - Kings Landing
Gekko Game
Epic strategy war game! Make friends and battle enemies allaroundthe world!
Godlands RPG - Fight for Throne : Legendary Story
Unique RPG, bosses, quests, massive online events, tournaments&clans await you
Age of Kingdoms: Forge Empires
Epic global online strategy game. Befriend,chat and battle inthereal time game
Glory Road
Only one city and a dragon egg, pick up sword and embark on thepathof glory .
Outact Inc
The ultimate strategy battling RPG you have been waiting for!
Heroes 3: Castle fight arena
Robin Blood
Choose heroes, improve their might and magic mastery onautomaticbattle arena
100 Years' War
Fight the various battles of the 100 Years Was throughouttheMedieval ages.
CipSoft GmbH
Discover TibiaME, a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG!
Lords of Empire Elite 1.0.3
Wild Games+
Description Diving into the history, as a Lord withdominations,youcan develop and customize your civilization. In yourempire,trainvarious units to join the war. There are infantry,archer,cavalry,chariots and knights, and they all fight foryou.Meanwhile, you canjoin alliance in your kingdom, to sendmessagesto players worldwideand to fight together with your ally.Researchwar strategies, usetimed attack, strike the enemy, start orjoinrally to attacktogether with your ally. All these depend onyouraction and rules,my almighty Lord. You will march overyourenemies’ remains in anall-out quest to conquer! Of courseyoucannot forget your greathelp, the dragon! In this game, youcancapture and execute otherlords’ dragons! And additionally, wehavelaunched Kingdom vsKingdom event, where you can join to winpointsand rewards! Getready for the legend to end the chaos! Usevariousstrategy todefeat your enemy and lead the conquest ofyourkingdom, you willbecome the King. Features ★Global SLGMultiplayerKingdom Game:Build powerful army to conquer and forge amightyempire ·Upgradebuildings including the castle ·Train soldierstofight for you·Scout before attacks ·Researchtechnologiesespecially militarytechnologies to gain stats boosts·Send troopsto collect resources·Conquer and clash in Arena eventwith otherplayers in this MMORPGto defend your castle and wintrophies.★Alliance ·Join a guild orcreate a clan of your own andbattleplayers in an open world onyour mobile device! ·Realtimecommunication with players all overthe world ·Help league speedupdevelopment ·Reinforce ally ★DefendYour Home ·Make trapstoprotect your troops and your dragon, defeatyour enemies,anddefend your kingdom castle. A perfect militarystrategyrequiresgood defense! ★Dragon ·Grow up with the dragon inthe nest·Forgeequipment for the dragon ·Command the dragon inthefighting·Capture and execute others’ dragon ·Give bounty torescueyourcaptured dragon ★Kingdom vs Kingdom Fight ·The attackKingdomcansend castle to the defense Kingdom ·Receive abundantrewardsfromLord Rank and Kingdom Rank ★Battle ·PVP militaryexperience·Crushthe enemy castle and rob resources ·Kill monstersand theBoss towin rewards ·Combat over Wonder ·Enjoy the vastbattleground·Fightin the Arena without worrying about troop loss★Find FriendsandClash with Enemies! ·Fight with your kingdom’slegion andlaunchcounterattacks on enemies on the world maps ·Joinbattle asaguild! ★Be the King of all lords! ·Join now to take theWonderandclaim the Throne of the kingdom. Reign as the Emperor ofalllordsand enjoy the addictive royal feeling! ★PowerClashes·EmployKnights and research techs to get ready for battleclashes.Ruinyour enemy and conquer the kingdom! ★Work on WarStrategy·Plantactics for battle in advance. Set different armylineupsformilitary attacks and counterattacks! Perfect war strategyandfindthe best way to defeat enemy lord in this mobile strategywargame!★Wonder War Battles ·Lead your dragon and troops inWonderWar.Select the needed troops: infantry, cavalry,archer,chariot,knights before your march. ★Customization ·Wanna getuniquelayoutsof your city? Just tap and drag the building and placeitwhereveryou want it to be! ·Chances to buy hero soul stone inthestore tosummon hero ★Your choice: to Fight or just Trade·Alldepends onyou, be a friend to everyone, mainly growing fromtrades,gathers,and help of ally, or be an offensive players,attackingaround andplunder resources to grow, or even give yourenemy acompletewipeout. You make your strategy plan and wartactics. Noone andnothing can stand in your way to get on top inthis SLGempirebuilder and strategy war game! Contact us: Anyquestionsorsuggestions please send email to: [email protected]:
Kingdoms Glory
A Real-Time strategy war game based on the era and civilization
Front Wars
Front Wars is a turn-based strategy game.
Vikings - Age of Warlords
Brave Vikings, prepare for battle! Join the epic MMO war game,ifyou dare!
Generals. Art of War
Become a true leader with Generals: Art of War, a MMO strategygame!
Way of games
Roleplay Imperials - a unique fantasy world with an amazinghistory.
Age of Fantasy
Turn based strategy in Fantasy world, with multiplayer option!
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Game Dev Team
Turn-based strategy game in a fantasy world inspired by classicPCgames.
Seasons of War
In this turn based strategy game youwillbecome the Governor of a distant Imperial city! Under yourwiserulership your holdings will grow and thrive.• FREE TO PLAY• Build a city and govern it wise to create a stable economy• Ensure the wellbeing of your citizens by developingagriculture,education, healthcare and trade• Allocate your workforce wisely• Improve your civil and combat efficiency by new inventions• Lead your army in turn-based battles against otherplayersworldwide• Battle the savage barbarians and conquer their castles• Plan carefully, because months and seasons have significanteffecton agriculture, trade, migration, healthcare, etc…• Always be prepared for the good and bad events, which mighthappenat any timeYour people are counting on you! Will you prove worthy fortheburden of rulership, or will you doom them to ruinandmisery?