Top 50 Apps Similar to Mind Games: Mental & Emotional Health Diagnostics

Brainwell Mind & Brain Trainer 3.4.4
Brainwell is one of the best brain trainer app for Androiddevices,offering brain games to train your brain and test your mindandmemory skills. With 50-plus scientifically designed games, it’soneof the best brain training app in the Google Play store.DownloadBrainwell to play memory games, brain exercises, and funbrainworkout challenges, and to train your mind and memory forcognitivefunction. Brainwell is filled with brain trainer games forkids andadults – and personalized training challenges – based onadvancedneuroscience research. It’s one of the best app offeringbrainexercises for multiple cognitive functions and memoryexercise.Each day, get a brain workout and play around while youtrain yourbrain and challenge your memory. With our 7-day freetrial, you canget full access to Brainwell’s collection of morethan 50 braintraining games and exciting personalized mind andmemory brainexercises. Become a subscriber to never miss a day oftraining!Brainwell Features - Test your logic, mind and memoryskills,mental math, and more with Brainwell, one of the best app totrainyour brain daily and give it a challenging brain workout.Brainwellis a brain trainer for kids and adults based onadvancedneuroscience and developed under the leadership of a teamofexperts in neuroscience and neuropsychology. Play Brainwell togetthe following brain training features: - Based onInnovativeNeuroscience - Our brain-training game was created underthedirection of an expert scientific team, headed byElkhononGoldberg, Ph.D., Diplomate of the American Board ofProfessionalPsychology in Clinical Neuropsychology and ClinicalProfessor inthe Department of Neurology, NYU School of Medicine.This uniqueteam had the support of an international advisory board,whichincluded neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, andcognitivescientists from leading colleges and universitiesthroughout theworld. - Train Multiple Areas of the Brain -Brainwell’s brainexercises train your brain with fun memory andmind games, criticalthinking brain workouts, and language trainingchallenges. Theapp’s memory tests are meant to let you have funwhile you playgames that train your brain and offer visualstimulation as well asproblem-solving workouts. - Brain Training Onthe Go - Kids andadults find that Brainwell offers many fun, andchallenging, braintrainer puzzles and games that are fun to play onsmartphones,tablets, and even PCs. - New Brain Trainer Games Daily- Challengeyour mind and memory and work on training your braindaily, withone of the best apps for Android – Brainwell! Ourpersonalizedbrain teaser puzzles and games test your IQ each dayand help youchallenge your memory. - Track Your Performance - Trackyour BrainFactor score and measure your performance with quizzesand brainexercises in Brainwell. - Challenge Friends and ShareBrainwellScores Kids and adults can connect through social media tocompareBrainwell scores and challenge others brain testers to mindandmemory questions. See how you measure up in your age groupafteryou play each mind or memory challenge! Brainwell is a funmemoryand brain trainer app that lets you challenge multiplecognitivefunctions, powered by the knowledge of neuropsychologyandcognitive neuroscience. Download Brainwell today to testyourlogic, train your mind and memory, and play fun brainexercises.
KettleMind - Competitive Brain Games 1.0.18
KettleMind is a pack 23 cognitive & brain traininggamesdesigned to improve cognitive skills like memory, focus,visualmemory, logical reasoning, problem-solving and language Thesemindgames pack has got deep statistics feature to analyzeyourperformance and give suggestions in order to improve yourcognitiveskills and gives fitness for your brain. Kettlemind allowsyou toplay against with your friends and challenge them with thesebraingames. Just like you exercise your body, Brain requiressomeexercises & training. Kettlemind helps you to dobrainexercises and keep your brainwell. Learning is always easierwhenit’s fun, and brain games make learning these cognitive skillsseemlike nothing more than a fun game. Mind games is also a greatwayto train the brain and strengthen your muscle memory andthinkingskills.🤔 KettleMind helps you to elevate your brain throughavariety of brain exercises. Based on scientific research,mindgames or brain teasers are a foundation for your kids tosucceed inhis academic and competitive exams. It is the best braintraininggames for 👨adults and kids 👧 too. KettleMind - BrainTraining GameFeatures ★ 20+ brain training games ★ Cognitive gamesfor criticalcognitive skills like focus, memory, visual processing★ Logicalreasoning games for cognitive processes of logic,strategicplanning, problem solving, and deductive reasoning likeseries, oddone out, Analogy ★ Math games to improve math skills andproblemsolving abilities ★ Language games to improve Englishandcomprehension ★ Word games to improve vocabulary ★ Puzzle gamesandcognitive training games to improve the IQ ★ Multiplayer Gamestochallenge your friends & peers ★ Detailed performancetracking★ Adaptive difficulty progression based on performance Theplayerssharpen their minds while having fun by playing our learninggames.Each level tests the player's skills and abilities to theirpeakand it's a great mental challenge. It is the only mind gamewhichworks as your aptitude test trainer. 👨‍🎓 KettleMind as kidsgamesplay a vital role in the development of kids brain function.Thesekids games contain very interesting word games & puzzlegamestoo, which is very helpful for the kids to enhancetheircompetitive ability. This kids game is for your children tolearnwhile playing and it is the best puzzle game to train theirbrain.🧠 Various studies have proved that brain training improvesyourmemory, focus, cognitive abilities and noticeably reduce stressandthe resulting risk of depression, increase your thinking speedandconcentration and problem-solving skills. Train your brain withourcognitive training app for few minutes a day for better results.⌚️As your brain controls your body functions, it is the mostvitalpart of your body. It is, therefore, playing brain games is agoodidea to keep it strong and healthy. Brain games for adultsarehelpful to prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s, and it alsohasbenefits to children, even those who are still growing. 👶🏿Pleaseleave us a comment if you like our brain games. We hope thatourcognitive training app will help you to improve your brainskills.🙏🏿 VISIT US - LIKE US- FOLLOW US-
Brain Games - improve your brain power 1.2.5
iq test
Brain Games is a fascinating app for people who wanttoexperiencethe capabilities of their brain. This applicationwillhelp you tospend time not only with fun, but also withbenefit.Challengeyourself in a variety of brain games, play everyday andimproveyour skills. The Brain games app is an interestingbrainsimulator.And consists of different games. Inside arecollected: ✔️Memorygames ✔️ Thinking games ✔️ Cognitive games ✔️Tricky Games ✔️Gamesfor attentiveness Arrange a cognitive brainworkout and youwill besurprised at your capability. Play every dayand developyourskills. Inside you will also find statistics of yourbraintrainingand see the achievements of your rivals. Compete andfindyourselfat the top of the standings. Why brain gamesapplication isuseful:- develops mental abilities, - enhancescognitiveconnections, -expands consciousness, - increasesattentiveness, -trains memory,- sets up a thought process. This appis foreveryone. Someone willjust have fun, another one will havetostrain pretty hard to gothrough some levels. But even if youcan’tdo it from the firsttime, try exercising regularly and youwill seehow brain traininghelps you in everyday life. Our brainneedstraining and tasks.This application is a kind of brain food,ittrains memory andhelps to involve in the process. Moreover,insideare collectedgames that have established themselves aroundtheworld. Forexample, since childhood everyone know such gamesasSchulte Table,Spot the difference, Pair them or Find Matches.Youwill bepleasantly surprised and even shocked when youunderstandhowsimple games can help to change your life. Especiallyin themodernworld, when every person has to be multifunctional.Brainworkoutwill teach you to concentrate better. Memory gameswillimproveyour memory. Cognitive games will help the brain copewithtasksfaster. Thinking games will teach you how to think outsidethebox.This app is for you if: ✔️You are forgetful, ✔️You don’tknowhowto do several things at the same time, ✔️The quality ofyourworksuffers, ✔️You often fly in the clouds, ✔️You are boredandyouwant to have fun, ✔️You are not afraid of difficulties andliketosolve puzzles. Install Brain Games and start yourworkoutrightnow.
CogniFit Brain Fitness 4.3.4
CogniFit Inc
Train your brain while having fun.CogniFittechnology automatically builds for you an optimal braintrainingregimen based on your ongoing performance and yourcurrentcognitive needs.CogniFit is constantly used by the scientific community. Forthelast 15 years all our brain fitness solutions have beenclinicallyproven and the results are published in manyscientificjournals.For references see: provides you with a platform to assess, train andtrackyour cognitive skills such as concentration, memory andattention.The CogniFit technology has been developed to provide youwith anoptimal and personalized brain fitness and is now availableon yourmobile!Choose among a large number of brain training exercises tohelpimprove the skills that are important for learning andpersonaldevelopment- Train your brain on the go.- Assess your brain and discover your cognitive power.- Get personalized results for key cognitive abilities such asyourmemory, concentration and attention.- Train with the CogniFit patented personalized training ordecideto play single games.This app is fully integrated with PC/Macplatform.Every progress you make is fully synchronized and saved onbothplatformsCogniFit Brain Fitness for Android is free to sign up and letyoutrain in demo mode up a limited number of brain games.If you are serious with your brain training, you shouldconsidersubscribing to CogniFit and get access to all of thetrainingprograms, brain games available and much more. Subscribingwillgrant you full access to the mobile platform and the webplatformof CogniFit.See the minimumrequirements: our privacypolicy: about our terms ofuse: us: us:
Train Your Brain 1.23.2
Grove FX
These small games will help you to improve concentrationofattention, focus thoughts on a specific item, pay more attentiontodetail, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skillsatall. Train your brain and improve your cognitive skill with us!Fornow application contains 7 brain training games: 'Colors' -improvefocus speed and attentiveness. 'Numbers' - improveattentivenessand memory. 'Anagrams' - improve focus speed andattentiveness.'Fly' - improve focus and train attentiveness.'Rotation' - trainspatial thinking. 'Rotation+' - train spatialthinking and improvememory. 'Schulte Table' train speed reading,peripheral vision,attention and visual perception Other games willbe added soon.
NeuroNation Ease: Mindfulness & Meditation 2.1.0
Welcome to NeuroNation Ease, a personalised andeffectivemeditationapp that will help you to make your first stepsinto theworld ofguided meditation and mindfulness with ease.EaseMindfulness andMeditation was developed by NeuroNation, aleadingorganisation inthe field of scientific mentaltraining.NeuroNation's cognitivetraining program was awardedtheAOK-Leonardo Prize for DigitalPrevention by Germany'sFederalMinistry of Health. We live in busytimes, and it can be hardtofind calm and peace among the hustleand bustle. That's whywithNeuroNation Ease, you can undertakevarious guided courses tohelpyou deal with stress, anxiety,sleeping problems, and toimproveyour focus. There are many studiesthat already show thevariouseffects of regular meditation,including: 1. Reducing fatigueandlearning how to prevent stressfrom taking hold before itarises.2. Focussing your concentrationand attention on that whichistruly important for you. 3. Learningto combat recurringanxiety,worries, and panic attacks. 4. Helpingstave offdepressionpreventatively. 5. Finding inner peace andthrough this,being ableto get a better night's sleep. 6. Allowingyourself tofeel morecontent and happy, and to enjoy live to thefull once more.WithNeuroNation Ease, you receive: A freefoundations coursetointroduce you to mindfulness and severaltechniques thatcanalready help you in moments of stress.Personalisation ofyourmeditation sessions based on your needs -change the length ofthesessions and the level of spoken guidanceat any time to makeiteven easier to relax. Guidance from afriendly andexperiencedmeditation expert, with content developedtogether withthe MBSRand MBCT practitioner Dr Malte Thormaehlen.Daily remindersto helpyou integrate mindfulness into your routinein whichever waysuitsyou best. Several courses to introduce you todifferenttechniquesincluding breathing exercises and MBSR bodyscanning, withnewcourses published regularly. NEURONATION EASEPREMIUMNeuroNationEase offers you an entire mindfulness course forfreewithoutrestrictions. In addition to this, there are furthercoursestodiscover as part of NeuroNation Ease Premiumandmini-exercisesavailable to you looking at different techniquesandallowing youto progress further on your mindfulness journey.Newcourses arepublished regularly, so keep an eye out!
Lumosity Mind - Meditation App 2021.10.25.1642.24
Created by the experts at Lumosity, Mind is meditation madesimple.Our guided practice introduces you to mindfulness withbite-sizedsessions that all can enjoy. Focus on what matters mostwith dailymeditations that cater to your interests and experience.With Mind,how you practice is up to you:  •  Daily recommendedsessions basedon your interests  •  Explore an expansive library ofguidedcourses on topics like Kindness, Sleep, and more  •  Findyourmeditative mood with Dark Mode Download today and discoverwhatyour mind can do. Happy meditating! PrivacyPolicy: CAPrivacy: Service:
Logical Defense 1.5.1
Steel yourselves, and begin to defend your mind from thelanguageused against you by the sophists of the world. They aremany, weare few, but with the Logical Defense app, we now have anextratool in our box of rationality. Use this app to quicklylook-up thelogical fallacies we face when debating against theirrational.Call out those who are logically flawed and help tobuild a morerational society. Honesty is the first virtue, so let'sbepainfully honest towards those who attempt to use language asaform of mental abuse. Never accept a logical fallacy, attacktheattacker, and spread logic and reason to those you love. Ok,enoughrambling. This is an app that displays a list of thelogicalfallacies that haunt every rationalists' mind. Somefeatures: -Left drawer that houses categories. - Share function-> Longpress a fallacy to share it. - Nice about screen. -Languageselection function. This is a fully open-source project(GNU v2),and the source is hosted on GitHub so feel free to fork me:)GitHub Repo: to leave your comments/suggestions. Thank you fordownloading!UPDATE: 28 Nov 2016 -> Thanks very much to everyonewho hasdownloaded the app, I have seen an incredible uptake inusers overthe past few weeks. I will soon be on leave, and I hopeto add somenew features soon :)
Elevate - Brain Training Games 5.59.0
Elevate Labs
Elevate is a brain training program designed to improvespeakingabilities, processing speed, memory skills, mental math,and more.Each person is provided with their own personalizedlearningprogram that adjusts over time to maximize results. Themore youtrain with Elevate, the more you’ll improve criticalcognitiveskills that are proven to boost productivity, earningpower, andself-confidence. 90%+ report improved vocabulary, memory,mathskills, and overall mental sharpness when they frequentlyuseElevate to challenge their minds. Elevate is for everyone. Yourageor profession don't matter. Adults from all backgrounds canbenefitfrom our app. Elevate offers a 7-day free trial as well as afreeversion. To access the free version, tap the X in theupperleft-hand corner after you sign up for an account. IN THENEWS“Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain trainingapps.- CNET Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games thatare“good for mental breaks throughout the workday.” - WashingtonPostFEATURES • 40+ Brain Training Games: Improve your cognitiveskillslike focus, memory, processing, math, precision, andcomprehensionwith 40+ brain training games and puzzles. •Performance Tracking:Measure your performance against yourself andothers. Weeklyreports that highlight your key accomplishments andopportunitiesare delivered once per week. • Personalized Workouts:Customize thefocus of your daily workouts to train the mind skillsyou needmost, and choose between 3 and 5 games and puzzles. •AdaptiveProgression: Train your brain with math and word exercisesthat getharder as you progress to ensure your experienceremainschallenging. • Workout Achievements: Start a workout streakandstay motivated with over 150+ achievements to win while youtrainyour mind. • And more! WHY YOU NEED ELEVATE • Express yourselfmoreeffectively in writing. Learn to write withclarity,persuasiveness, and concision. • Improve your spellingandpunctuation. Avoid common writing pitfalls. • Become abetterreader and learner. Flow through words with ease. Readeverydaymaterials faster and with greater understanding. • Expandyourvocabulary. Learn how to use thousands of new words with fungames.• Quickly and easily solve everyday math problems. Get betteratcomparing prices, splitting bills, and calculating discountsandmarkups. • Boost your memory. Get shopping lists out of yourpocketand into your mind. Never forget buying the milk you need orthechocolate you've been craving. • Speak confidently. Advanceyourspeech with new words. Become more articulate and developclearexpression and tone. • Feel mentally sharper as an adult.Exerciseyour mind and continue to learn with Elevate's proventrainingprogram. RESEARCH BEHIND ELEVATE Elevate's brain games andpuzzlesare designed in collaboration with educational experts andarebased on proven educational techniques. Elevate’s mentalworkoutalgorithms draw from cognitive research in attention andmemorystudies to develop a personalized training program for eachuser.Elevate's effectiveness is proven by independent researchonadults. 93% of people who use Elevate frequently feelmentallysharper and more confident in key skills. Foradditionalinformation about the app, please read our Terms ofService( and PrivacyPolicy(
Lumosity - Brain Training 2021.03.15.2110326
Used by over 85 million peopleworldwide,Lumosity offers a comprehensive brain training programwith 30+brain games. Start challenging your Memory, Attention andmoretoday!Here's what you'll get:Daily workouts that draw from 30+ brain games to challenge 5corecognitive abilities.Workout Modes: carefully curated sets of games that useyourtraining habits and preferences to target different ways totrainyour brainDetailed Insights: analysis of your game play that sheds lightonyour game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns — givingyoua deeper understanding of your training.THE STORY BEHIND LUMOSITYWe’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new waystochallenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychologicaltasks,or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Workingwithexperienced designers, they transform these tasks into fungamesthat challenge core cognitive skills.We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. Wegivequalified researchers free access to Lumosity training andtools —helping them investigate new areas in cognition.As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training,weinvite you to train with us, and join us in our mission toadvancethe understanding of human cognition.The app is available in English, German, Japanese, French,Spanish,and Portuguese. To access the app in one of our languages,changeyour device setting to the desired language. English is thedefaultlanguage for devices not set to one of oursupportedlanguages.GET HELP: http://help.lumosity.comVISIT US: http://www.lumosity.comFOLLOW US: US: US:
Aptitude test. Personality test games 1.0.11
iq test
Aptitude test. Personality test games is an interestingappforpeople who want to get to know themselves better.Thisapplicationwill help you sort out the issues that havebeenbothering you fora long time and simply diversify your pastime.Wehave gatheredtogether a variety of tests in one application,whichare based onreal research. Here you can: ✔️Find out who youreallyare bypassing the aptitude test. ✔️Relax and have fun withtestgames.✔️Learn your type of temperament with personalitytests.✔️Checkthe level of your logical thinking with logic games.✔️Findoutyour professional mission by passing the career testwithaworldwide reputation. These tests will help you notonlyunderstandyourself, but will also be an excellent exercise foryourbrain.Perhaps in the process you will find hidden abilitiesandtalents.Things happen! We have gathered together a varietyofaptitudetests in one app for your convenience. You can taketests,improveyour logic and play interesting games. Are you acreativeperson?Take the aptitude test and find out your type ofthinking.This isa simple quiz for the brain, just a few picturesand acouple ofquestions. Do you know how old your brain is? Howdoes itwork? Howdo you perceive this world? Our test games willhelp youfigurethis out. A small and colorful test that will helpyouunderstandwhat you like the most in life. Do you consideryourselfa superlogical person? Yes? Then test your logic fordurabilitywith logicgames. It will be fun, we promise! You willalso findinside theCareer test. This is a serious test based onworldresearch. Itwill help you decide on a profession or mission.If youthink thatonly teenagers need it, then you are mistaken. Itis alsosuitablefor people who doubt the choice of a profession orwant tochangetheir lives or just want to earn more money. Who isouraptitudetest for? ✔️For people who want to know themselvesbetter.✔️Forpeople who want to change their lives. ✔️For people whoarebored.✔️For people who are looking for a brain simulator.✔️Forpeoplewho like to solve logic puzzles. Install theAptitudetestapplication. Personality test games and have a goodtime.Whoknows, maybe you are not who you seem.
MindPal - Brain Training 3.0
MindPal is your daily brain trainer that challenges yourmemory,attention, language, and problem solving skills. Enjoyapersonalized daily workout of entertaining games based ontheskills you'd like to improve. MindPal includes 40 educationalgamesthat train 7 key cognitive areas: Memory, Attention,Language,Math, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving. Track yourprogressand compare your brain scores with others now! FEATURES -Over 35games and 1000 levels to train your brain in differentskills. -Personalized daily workout based on your training goals. -Expandyour vocabulary and writing skills with word games. - Improveyourmemory, attention, math, and problem solving skills. - Trackyourperformance and get smarter everyday! - Get in-depth insightsandcompare your scores to other users.
Anxiety Relief by Mind Ease 1.6.488
Mind Ease is a science-based anxiety relief app proven toreducenegative feelings in 91% of uses. With quick and easyexercises,Mind Ease helps you tackle anxiety, worry, and stress.Try it outand feel better fast! ★★★★★ I don't normally writereviews, butthis app is life-changing. It always knows what to doto get me upand going whether I am crying, upset, or simplyrestless. — AstridIsabelle Swan, app user ★★★★★ It takes the stigmaaway of having tosee a specialist or a counselor in person. — SaraShouldice, appuser Everyone experiences anxiety differently. WithMind Ease youget an anxiety relief program that adapts to YOURUNIQUE NEEDS. ✓Use clinically-proven techniques to reduce anxiety,stress, andtension ✓ Improve your mood with quick, 10 min exercises✓ Tap theCalm Me button to get instant help when you need it ✓Measure yourresults to see how your mood improves overtime ✓Discover the mosteffective anxiety relief strategies for youWherever you go, MindEase is your personalised anxiety reliefcoach. Get Anxiety Reliefin the Moment You Feel Stressed Mind Easeis designed to help youin the moments you feel stress, anxiety, orworry. • Tap the CalmMe button • Get a walk through an easy anxietyrelief exercise •Log your feelings before and after Measure theeffectiveness ofeach exercise and see how your mood improvesovertime. We’llidentify the best exercises for you to create acustomized anxietyrelief program. Understand The Causes andMechanisms Behind AnxietyVisit Mind Ease’s Explore page to access arange of evidence-basedanxiety relief tools, activities, andguides. • Understand themechanisms behind anxiety and negativethoughts • Build upawareness of how to care for your mental health• Plan how tomanage stressful situations Only Science-BackedStrategies We onlyinclude clinically-proven exercises supported bytherapists andpsychologists. A diverse range of anxiety reliefapproaches meansMind Ease helps a wide variety of people. •Progressive MuscleRelaxation • Deep Breathing Visualisation •Mindfulness Meditation• Anxiety Defusion • Cognitive Therapy •Visualization • ReflectiveWriting • Positive Reappraisal •Gratitude Journaling • DAREResponse • ...and more! Access anever-expanding library of anxietyrelief tools and practicalstrategies. ➡ Get Mind Ease, FeelBetter! ⬅ Get a taste of what MindEase has to offer in the freeversion of the app, Mind Ease Lite.Discover why so many peopleupgrade to Premium for access to evenmore, including: ✓ As manyexercises as you want each day ✓ Choiceof which anxiety reliefexercise you want to try ✓ Access to thefull library of Exploreactivities ✓ Personalized reassuringmessages on the home screen ✓Selection of mascots & themes toaccompany you on theanti-anxiety journey PRICING & TERMS MindEase offers twoauto-renewing subscription types: Premium Monthly -$5.99 per monthPremium Yearly - $39.99 per year This price is forUS customers.Actual charges may be converted to your local currencydepending onthe country of residence. Your subscription willauto-renew at theend of each term and you will be charged throughyour PlayStoreaccount. You can turn off auto-renew at any time fromyourPlayStore account settings but refunds will not be provided foranyunused portion of the term. • Subscription automaticallyrenewsunless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before theend ofthe current period • Account will be charged for renewalwithin24-hours prior to the end of the current period • Anyunusedportion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeitedwhenthe user purchases a subscription to that product, whereapplicable
Champions Mind Sport Psychology 5.1.0
🏆 Develop Pro-Level Mental Skills with the #1 SportsPsychologyTraining App🏆 Champion's Mind contains over 200 mentaltrainingsessions to help you master the mental component of yoursport andreach for gold. Each session is built on the techniquesused byleading sport psychologists and is guaranteed to help you inyoursport. Champion's Mind: 🏆 Is designed for both competitiveandamateur athletes 🏆 Covers all the mental skills you need toexcelat your sport 🏆 Is suitable for athletes in all sports 🏆Includes200+ sessions that will boost your mental strength whentrainingand competing 🏆 Will help you understand how topprofessionalathletes really think 🏆 Should be used daily to helpyou grow yourmental muscle The toughest battle in sport is alwaysagainst yourown mind Your mind can be your biggest weapon or yourbiggestweakness. Champion's mind gives you the mental strategiestoachieve success in the face of adversity and the tightestofsituations: 🏆 Daily Sports Psychology tips and tricks, proventoboost your mental game 🏆 Sports Psychology coachingsessionscovering Goal Setting, Gratitude, Mindfulness,Visualization andPositive Self-Talk 🏆 Mindfulness, relaxation andbreathingexercises to help you focus on the moment, and thenrecover quicklyafter 🏆 Visualization and coping techniques toensure you performbest when it matters most Champion's Mind isbased on the latestsports psychology research and is the firstmental skills trainingapp to focus wholly on helping athletesmaster the mental componentof their sport and achieve peakperformance. Think Gold. Downloadtoday.
Daily Fix Me - Daily Motivational Quotes 1.6.1
Daily motivation quotes, affirmations & positive reminders!Wehelp motivate people to achieve a positive mindset andimprovedtheir health & well being. Join thousands of users whouseDaily Fix Me motivation for everyday life to become thebestversion of yourself. Our positive reminders, quotes,affirmationsand inspirational articles help you stay on trackthrough thechallenges of life daily. Positive reminders offer ahealthierperspective, making us more receptive to motivatecreativity andchange. Quotes have the power to motivate, inspireand encouragewhen you feel unhappy or lacking motivation. At suchtime, read afew quotes, and you will see how your mood and state ofmind beginto improve overtime. You can save and share your positivequote ofthe day with your friends and family, or use the imageforFacebook, Instagram and as a wallpaper. Our motivation appisfilled with inspirational quotes and sayings that serve aspositivereminders through your day such as happiness,friendship,leadership, success, love, relationships, stress, work,fitness,self-esteem and more! - Set Motivational Remindersthroughout theday - Read through hundreds of Quotes - Playback andlisten to yourquotes - Color therapy changing interface - Save yourFavoriteQuotes - Save or Share your Quotes - Set a Home ScreenQuote Widget- Submit your own quote to share with all usersDiscover a dailymotivation quote each morning with powerfulmessages and uniquedesigns; it’s the ultimate inspiration to wakeup to. Scrollthrough our library of quotes, affirmations andmotivationalarticles for an ultimate boost: - Help for depression -Improveself-esteem and self-confidence - Life lessons and sayings -Beingpresent and mindful - Special occasion quotes - Motivation totrainand work out - Philosophy from the best minds - Quotes toboostyour mood - Quotes from celebrities and icons - Gratitudequotes -Quotes from movies - Business, money, success and career-Motivation to work harder - Plus more! Take a step furtherwithDaily Fix Me Premium features: - Hundreds of uniquelydesignedquote images - Motivational articles for your quotes - Goaltrackerto help make your goals a reality - Inspirational dailyfacts andvideos - Motivational playlists - App theme selection -Remove AdsTo access Daily Fix Me Premium content and features, youcan choosebetween a monthly and yearly auto-renewable subscription.This is arecurring transaction that will be charged to your GooglePlayAccount at confirmation of purchase and will automaticallyrenewunless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end ofyoursubscription. Renewals will be charged the same cost within24hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manageyoursubscriptions and auto-renewal can be turned off by going toyourGoogle Play Settings after purchase. PrivacyPolicy:
Brain Training - Logic Puzzles 59
CL - Games
A collection of brain puzzles IQ challenge in a cool design, alotof addictive games in one game. Improve your skills,mentalcapacities, calculus, memory, analysis, sharpness andperceptionetc with brain training games. FEATURE: 1: Very smallinstallationpackage. 2: Tens of thousands of level challenges. 3:Highperformance and battery saving. The fun logic challenge allowsyouto enjoy the fun of this puzzle.
Personality Leaning Test 1.8.0
Personality Tests to reveal aspects of your Leanings,Characterandpsychological or Behaviour preferences withEase.Psychometricquestionnaires in English designed for Personalandwork place.These tests are widely used best scientificinstrumentsofpsychology for assessment in Personal andprofessionalSpace.provides -Free Personality Type -FreeCompatibility betweenyou andYour Partner -Free Quick PersonalityTest -FreeComprehensive(Jumbo) Personality test with many traits.-FreeCareer Personalitytype. -Eating Personality Type-MultipleIntelligence Type -SocialMotivation Type -MoneyPersonality Type-Brain Dominance Test-Driving Personality ScriptType -AlcoholDependence or AddictionLevel Personality Type YourPersonalityamong 16 types based onfour leanings: Extrovert (E) orIntrovert(I), Sensing(S) orIntution (N), Thinking (T) or Feeling(F),Judgement (J) orPerception(p). Find your Completepersonalityprofile, Famouscelebrities who share your type, Career,workplacedynamics andyour brain approaches with Cognitive Dynamics.MyersBriggs TypeCompatibility -Check Compatibility:-RelationshiporRomantic Matchwith Jung. Style of communication,Intimacy,Financial, conflict.How you and your partner say I loveyou or Ilove you too. -AssessNature of relationship andcharacteristics.Affinity betweenCouple, boyfriend or Girlfriend.Meaningfulinsights into Love Lifeand Play, useful forhappiness,Understanding, Dating, Satisfactionand getting along witheachother. Quick Personality Test Know yourpersonality againstfivefamous Traits. NamelyExtroversion,Agreeableness,Conscientiousness, Neuroticism andIntellect.Provides quick insightinto your personality with Big fivetraits.Jumbo Personality Test-Your personality against 16 famousaspectsof namely Warmth,Intellect, Emotional Stability,Assertiveness(Dominance),Gregariousness (Liveliness), Dutifulness(RuleConsciousness),Friendliness (Social Boldness),Sensitivity,Distrust(Vigilance),Imagination (Abstractedness),Reserve(Privateness), Anxiety(Apprehension), Complexity (Opennesstochange), Introversion(Self-Reliance), Orderliness(perfectionism),Emotionality(Tension). -Complete perspective onyour life throughyour traits.Identify your strengths and weakness.Address naggingdoubts aboutyourself. Career Skills Test -Know yourskillsrepertoire againstfive Specialties. Realistic,Investigative,Artistic, Social,Enterprising, Conventional. Givesyour dominanceCareer personalitycode. -Your potential and areas ofexcellence,So You can thrive notjust survive in your professionallife.Eating Personality Type-Identify your Eating personalityType.What is your approach toyour eating and how it affects yourlife.Find your eating styleamong careful, Professional Dieter,MindlessEater, Plate Cleaner,Refuse not type, Emotional andIntuitive.-Sure test to understandwhat is happening with your Foodculture,Make smart adjustments toyour Eating or Diet Style. Becomewise onHealth and Fitness goalswith eating type. IntelligenceType-Multiple intelligence Type:Linguistic,Logical/Mathematical,Musical Rhythmic,Bodily/Kinesthetic, Spatial,Naturalist,Intrapersonal,Interpersonal, Existential. Motivation -Your socialmotivationdrive Achievement, Affiliation orPower/Influence. MoneyType -Moneytype among Hoarder, Spender, MoneyMonk, Avoider,Amasses BrainDominance Test -Are you Logical orCreative or Doesyour brain leanLeft or Right Questions are plainreal lifepreferences in simpleunderstandable and answerable formatthattake familiar, unfamiliarand formal inclinations. Choose themostagreeable with you, notwhat you want to. First thought thatcomesto you should be theappropriate choice. There is no right orwronganswer. No right orwrong person. It is just an opinionorperspective. Tests mentionedFree are Free If you have anyconcernor feedback, don't hesitate tocontact us
IQ and Aptitude Test Practice 1.52
Call it an Intelligence test, IQ test, aptitude test,orpsychometric test, they are used in schools, admission exams,andjob interviews to assess the ability of applicants inprocessinginformation. This free IQ test application provides morethan 100IQ test questions with answers. The aptitude test questionsarenonverbal and are categorized into logical, spatial, andnumericaltests. If you plan to take SHL or Kenexa logical orinductiveReasoning Test as part of a job interview then these testscan beuseful, also for other similar tests like a general IQ test,MENSAtest, Logical test, Intelligence test, or DAT test.Besidespreparing for a job application assessment, solving theseshortpuzzles is a mental exercise, potentially improving theinductiveand logical reasoning, numerical and spatial abilities oftheusers. Hints and solutions are provided for most of thequestions.Based on your performance you will receive an IQ(IntelligenceQuota) score. The IQ score is calculated based on thedeviation ofyour score to the average score by other users. Everystandarddeviation is counted as 15 units of IQ score. Taking the IQtestand scoring is offline and the score is given free ofcharge(doesnot require internet connection). You must consider thatthe samplepopulation that is used to calculate the IQ score inthisapplication is probably smarter than the average population oftheworld. Hence the IQ score calculated by this app would belowerthan the IQ score that is calculated based on the wholepopulationof the world. The focus of this application is on threetypes oftests: 1- Logical reasoning tests (or inductive reasoningtests):Logical tests appear in several categories and variations,namely:analogies, progressive series, Raven's matrix test,andclassification tests. 2- Numerical tests: In the form ofnumberseries, number analogies and number matrices. These areencounteredin IQ tests, and job interview tests for quantitativeroles (, finance, banking, and software developing). 3-Spatialreasoning: In the form of two-dimensional pattern matching,andpaper folding. 4- Memory test: Test your short-term memoryandcompare it with the average population 5- Unlimited practicewithcube test (three-dimensional spatial ability) 6- Unlimitedpracticewith mental arithmetic test The following non-verbal testsareavailable now: Nonverbal Logical reasoning test: - Visualanalogy(a.k.a shape analogy) - Progressive series (A sequence ofshapes)-Classification (Choose the odd one!) - Matrix tests (A gridofshapes) Numerical reasoning: -Numerical analogies (Find alogicalrelation between two sets of numbers) - Number series (Findthenext number in a sequence of numbers!) - Number matrices (Findthemissing number in a grid of numbers) - Mental arithmeticSpatialreasoning test: - Two-dimensional spatial ability (Patternmatchingand assembling) - Three-dimensional spatial ability(Folding2-dimensional shapes into 3-dimensional objects- Cubetest)Short-term memory test: -Memorize and recall a sequence ofnumbers,letters, colors, and pictures. Comparison to averagepopulation isoffered. mental arithmetic test: Perform arithmeticoperationsmentally
1000+ Psychology Facts App
1000+ Psychology Facts: For your daily life hacks. WhatisPsychology? Psychology is the scientific study of mindandbehavior. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includesmanysub-fields of study such areas as human development,sports,health, clinical, social behavior, and cognitive processes.Someconduct detailed biological studies of the brain, othersexplorehow we process information; others analyze the role ofevolution,and still, others study the influence of culture andsociety. Theclassic contemporary perspectives in psychology toadopt scientificstrategies were the behaviourists, who wererenowned for theirreliance on controlled laboratory experiments andrejection of anyunseen or subconscious forces as causes ofbehaviour. Later,cognitive psychology adopted this rigorous,scientific, lab-basedscientific approach too, with application tomemory, perception,cognitive development, mental illness, and muchmore. 1000+Psychology Facts App Features: > Works Offline >29Psychology Facts Categories > Clean user-friendly interface>Theme according to your device theme > Works on all mobileandtablet screens > Fact sharing and copying feature >Searchfeature for searching through categories This app has morethan1000 psychology facts and physiology facts. The app containsmorethan 25 categories and many psychological facts. This app tellsyouabout the human brain, aura and psychology, and some parts ofthehuman brain. Our brain structure is complex and thus this makestoomany facts that contain in human psychology. Below are allthecategories included in the app : 1. Psychology facts about AloneorPsychology facts about Loneliness 2. Psychology facts aboutAnger3. Psychology facts about Attraction 4. Psychology facts aboutBodyLanguage 5. Psychology facts about Brain 6. Psychology factsaboutConfidence 7. Psychology facts about Crush 8. Psychologyfactsabout Depression 9. Psychology facts about Dreams 10.Psychologyfacts about Emotion 11. Psychology facts about Extroverts12.Psychological facts about Eye Contact 13. Psychological factsaboutFear 14. Psychological facts about Feelings 15. Psychologicalfactsabout Female 16. Psychological facts about Friends17.Psychological facts about Happiness 18. Psychological factsaboutHealth 19. Psychological facts about Human Behavior20.Psychological facts about Imagination 21. Psychological factsaboutIntroverts 22. Psychological facts about Love 23.Psychologicalfacts about Male 24. Psychological facts aboutMeditation 25.Psychology facts about Music 26. Psychology factsaboutRelationships 27. Psychology facts about Sad 28. Psychologyfactsabout Sleep 29. Psychology facts about Stress 30. Psychologyfactsabout Success You can share this app with your family andfriendswithin the app if you want. If you have any issues relatedto thisapp, please feel free to contact us at ouremail:[email protected] This app contains so many factsthatyou will enjoy reading and there are brain facts, aboutbehavioralchange, tips and facts, tennis psychology, the currentstate ofmind, and body psychology and their facts. This app alsocontainsmany more facts that are not easy to find on the internetand wehave added those psychology, aura and psychology facts inthis appand many genuine facts are there. A category for motivationquotesis also present. To know many tips and facts, aboutinfatuation andmany psychology articles or knowing about lovescience or sciencebehind relationships emotions, this app can behelpful. Thank You
Unlock Your Mind - Train your subconscious mind 6.0.6
Would you like to get rid of the limiting thoughts ofyoursubconscious mind? Unlock Your Mind is an application designedtopositively influence the subconscious mind throughmotivationalquotes and positive phrases. To do this, each time thescreen of amobile phone or tablet is unlocked, you will be able tosee imageswith phrases that will help stimulate communicationbetween yourconscious mind and subconscious. That's why we decidedto create apowerful method for anyone to use to change their livesand achievetheir goals. Our thoughts are very powerful, throughthem we canattract or alienate people, situations andopportunities. Badthoughts provoke anguish, sadness and attractwhat we fear willhappen to us. Through the autosuggestion method,we can introducepositive thoughts into the subconscious mind, thesedominantthoughts that remain in the conscious mind reach thesubconsciousmind and influence it. UnlockYourMind is an applicationthat helpsyou eliminate the "mental garbage" that keeps you innegativethoughts and feelings, away from the opportunities thatpresentthemselves. It stimulates communication between theconscious mindand the subconscious, being a powerful tool on theroad to success,happiness, health, love and wealth. Whether you areone of thosepeople who love personal development, believe in thepotential ofthe mind and self-healing, or simply love motivationalphrases andpositive quotes, Unlock Your Mind is designed for youand it willhelp you train your brain It is very simple to use andintuitive,you will be able to see all the images of the differentcategoriesthat we have created and what we believe are the mostimportant inlife: Love/Relationships, Friendships,Business/Corporate,Money/Abundance and Health/Healthy Life. Inaddition, we havecreated a Motivation category for lovers ofmotivational phrases.However, the real potential of thisapplication is that it allowsyou to set up a lock screen. Bysetting up a "Phrase Blocker"category, each time you unlock yourdevice (mobile phone ortablet), you will see an image with a phrasethought out andcrafted to strengthen your subconscious mind in anyof thedifferent categories listed above. The images can also beused aswallpaper and shared on your favorite social networks. Yousimplyhave to download them beforehand. Why use Unlock Your Mind? -Easyto use. - It is fun, enjoyable and helps your personal growth.-You "force" yourself to read positive phrases every time youunlockyour mobile phone screen. - Save time and effort. - You cansharethe best motivational and self-improvement phrases withyourfriends and family. - In addition, it has relaxinginstruments,audios to sleep and meditate. You can also enjoy audiostostimulate your subconscious and boost your mental power.UnlockYour Mind operation: - When you unlock your screen, readthesequotes in a slow, soft voice, repeating each statement acouple oftimes. - Really feel the meaning of each quote. Let itsink intoyour subconscious mind deeply and intimately. - Throughoutthe dayrepeat these quotes for better and faster results. Reprogramyourmind, subconscious mind power and subconscious training.Permissionrequired: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Youneed storage permission to download theimages.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED to start UnlockYourMind when you turnon (orrestart) your phone. Terms and conditions /Privacy: Pleasecontact us ifyou have any questions or suggestions about thisapplication: - or contact usat:[email protected]
Brain Out: brain games 4.1.1
Enjoy our Brain Games application every day and boost your IQ.Thereare 10 games, some are simple, some are hard, some will beeasilysolved by you and some will challenge you intellectually.Solve themand be a champion. These brain training games willincrease yourmind skills and will make your brain very smart tosolve lifeproblems and difficulties. All games are free, offlineand veryuseful and interesting for all ages, for kids, forparents, and foreverybody! Brain Games are designed to help you: -Concentrationtraining - Training memory - Brain training - ImproveMathematicsskills - Improve logic - Improve IQ - Think smart andquick - Reactfaster The application includes 10 brain games: 1.Find pictures 2.Find words 3. Find numbers 4. Find pairs 5. Findnumbers in order 6.Find the same numbers 7. Calculate formulas 8.Slide the puzzle 9.Count shapes 10. Find shape parts You can seestatistics by choosingthe menu item in the Main Menu. Informationincludes the overallscore, accuracy, count of correct andincorrect answers. Please readRules before playing. Supportedlanguages: English, Russian,Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese,Indonesian, German, Bengali, Italian,French, Vietnamese, ChineseSimplified (Ages 3+)
Neuro Active - Brain Training Games 1.6.0
Neuro Active Brain exercises and Mind games.Best Mindworkinggamesin all. To brush your teeth with other hand increasesthebrainactivity 20 percent. To meditate does 30 percent.Neuroactivebrain training games present to users the clinicexercisesthatprovides to use your brain more active via singleprogram.Alsofully free. Pursue the daily program special for youviaNeuroActive. Regulate your brain activity in times ofintensivebusinesstempo, exam periods and when you have to managemultiplejobs. •Auxiliary games to improve brain skills. •Real-timeartificialintelligence statistics. • Scientific advicesand tipsfor yourbrain health. • In game help menu. • Dailytrainingprogram. ✓NeuroActive includes clinic trainings whichproven itsinfluence asscientifically in the past and nowadays. Onthecontrary of otherboring tests, be presented with rich trafficandalgorithms. Itfocuses on memory, attention, problem solvingandimproving skills.
Train Your Brain 2 1.8.1
Grove FX
Simple but helpful games for developing focus, attention,thinkingand memory as well as quick reaction (thanks to a timer).Being funand cognitive, it will help you cheer up! Train your braineveryday with us and good performance and focus are guaranteed! Nowtheapplication contains seven games: - 'Colors' - is based onStroopeffect (delay in reaction time when given conflictinginformation).This game improves focus speed and attentiveness. -‘Fly’ gamehelps to improve focus and concentration. Just choose thesettingsthat are comfortable for you (quantity of movements, speedand sizeof the field) and practice. Do not forget to complicate thetaskfrom time to time, in order to improve focus and concentrationmoreand more. - 'Schulte Table' was developed as apsycho-diagnostictest by psychiatrist and psychotherapist WalterSchulte. This trainspeed reading, peripheral vision, attention andvisual perception.In ‘1 Color’ mode of Schulte Table you shouldfind all numbers inascending order. E.g. in 5x5 fields you shouldfind the followingnumbers: 1, 2, 3, … , 24, 25. Try ‘2 Color’ modeof Schulte Tableif standard variant is easy enough. All numbers arewritten withblack or red color here (e.g. in table 5x5 you will seethefollowing values: black - 1, 2, …,13 and red 1, 2 .. 12.)Youshould chose black number in ascending order and red colorindescending order - 1-black, 12-red, 2-black, 11-red,…12-black,1-red, 13-red. Different order and colors confuses yourbrain, sothis mode is difficult and need even more concentration.Important:Focus on the center of grid and use peripheral vision tofind allnumbers one by one (don’t move your eyes). - 'Rotation'game trainsyour spatial thinking and focus speed. In this game youshouldcompare two patterns and decide if they are equals to eachother. -'Rotation+' game trains spatial thinking and helps toimprovememory. In this game you should remember pattern andreproduce itafter field rotation. Start with ‘1 color’ modyoue and‘Very Easy’level to understand exercise. Then choose more difficultlevel and‘2 color’/‘3 color’ mode in order to improve memory andspatialthinking even more. - 'Anagrams' - improves focus speedandattentiveness. In this game you should find anagram forthespecified word (anagram is a word formed from anotherbyrearranging its letters) - 'Numbers' - train attentivenessandmemory. In this game you should find absent numbers in fieldassoon as possible. The application is under active developmentnow,so new games and features are coming soon.
Memory Games: memory training 4.2.6
Train your memory with us! There are 8 memory games, somearesimple, some are hard, some will be easily solved by you andsomewill challenge you intellectually. Solve them and be achampion.These memory games will increase your mind skills and willmakeyour brain very smart to solve life problems and difficulties.Allgames are free, offline and very useful and interestingforeverybody! The application includes the following memory games:-Memorize pictures - Memorize words - Memorize shapes -Memorizenumbers - Memorize pairs - Memorize decimals - Memorizecolors -Memorize mix (expert) - Memorize shape parts You can seestatisticsby choosing the menu item in the Main Menu. Informationincludesthe overall score, overall time, accuracy, count of correctandincorrect answers. Please read Rules before playing.Supportedlanguages: English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi,Portuguese,Indonesian, German, Bengali, French, Italian,Vietnamese, ChineseSimplified (Ages 3+)
Sintelly - Psychology & Emotional Intelligence 3.4.0
Emotional intelligence and psychology merged into Sintellytoofferyou the opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills. Takeaneqtest or iq test to improve your emotional intelligenceandfindarticles, quizzes (alongside with iq & eq tests)ordiscussionsthat can help you with depression also improveyourcognitiveintelligence. Expand your education, stay motivatedandwork onyour self improvement and intelligence as you exploreourworld offree knowledge with this educational psychologicalapp!Short andeasy-to-read articles. All our articles are presentedtoyou in asimple, practical and easy-to-read format. We make iteasyfor youto develop interests in emotionalintelligence,psychology,education or science – all of which willmake you moreintelligentand prepare you to do anything you put yourmind to.Whether youare an amateur or a psychologist, embarking on ajourneyto feedyour curiosity, successfully handle emotion or copewithdepressionwhile building up your education has never beenmoreexciting andinteresting! Relevant content. If you chooseyourfavoritecategories we will deliver knowledge only on thetopicsthatinterest you – depression, psychology, intelligenceortechnology.No clutter, only relevant and inspiring articlesforincreasingyour education, enhancing emotional intelligenceandbolsteringself improvement in different areas, bothpersonallyandprofessionally. Personalized experience. Choosetopicsthatinterest you (like emotional intelligence,personalimprovement,psychology & more) and then just use theapp atyourconvenience. As you save articles, examine eq testsandtakeentertaining quizzes or join discussions we select thebestcontentto show you every day, to always keep you motivatedandcurious.You don’t have to be a psychologist or a scientist totracktheprogress you made by taking various quizzes (including iq&eqtests) and by reading self improvementarticles.Systemizedknowledge. You can bookmark articles and othercontent(on topicslike personal improvement, emotion, depressionorhistory) in yourown personal profile and have easy accesstoimportant facts,quotes, quizzes, discussions and ideas thatmatterto you. Navigateeasily through the content, search andfilterrelevant articles,quizzes or discussions and go through whatyouhave already read orsolved and monitor the progressmadeeffortlessly. Made foreducators, psychologists and amateursalike.Share your wisdom.Share your emotions, expertise and insightswithother users orsimply exchange ideas and discuss materialfoundelsewhere to buildup your education with ease. It doesn’tmatterwhether you are aresearcher, scientist, psychologist orsimply anenthusiast – youcan share your knowledge on any topic,fromintelligence togeography – by writing new articles, quizzesanddiscussions on thego. Join thousands of satisfied users andeducateyourself tobecome a better, smarter you – download Sintellyandwise up today!We appreciate your feedback, ideas and thoughtsaboutanything thatcan improve our app. Give us a [email protected]
Personality Development App 4.2.25
Personality Development is a professional app focused onenhancingyour personality through set of specific expert advicewith tons ofuseful tips, training, skill sharing and quotes. Basedon real-lifesurvey, the app truly focuses on how to improve everyaspect ofyour personality. Just read carefully, follow every adviceandstart a process of self-development and improve yourpersonalitysignificantly. ★ PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT TRAINING ★ Theapp can beyour personality development training guide. There are alot ofhow-to, real-life situations and expert advice that you canuse inyour real life. The development of a good personality thatwill winin every aspect of your life is not easy, but the app ishere to beyour specific guide! There are more than 500 topicsincluded andeach content you read can be shared directly via emailor socialmedia. Also available in Hindi language ★ LEARN, IMPLEMENTANDIMPROVE ★ The app is not specifically a book, but it can beratedas one of the best books for personality development. Thereare alot of specific pieces that can nurture your personality in away,no one can! Your personality development skills can belearned,implemented or improved, and that is what this app tends todo! ★INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ★ We know, text, tips and photossometimes arenot enough in this complicated and dynamic world.Thus, we’veincluded inspirational quotes as well. Expects some ofthe bestquotes to be found here and you can also receive them asanotification. We care about your personality development, sotherewill be a lot of positive quotes to get you going and motivateyou!★ PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT FEATURES: ★ ✔️ Professional guideandtraining for personal development skills ✔️ Easy tounderstandcontent for various personal development tools ✔️ Greatfullprofessional training to improve personality ✔️Inspirationalquotes included ✔️ Any content can be shared ✔️ Anyquotes can besaved in mobile. ✔️ Like articles ✔️ Bookmark articlesto read themlater ✔️ Request topics ✔️ Language change option(English<-> Hindi) ✔️ Get suggestions ✔️ Share your thoughtswith 1M+users ✔️ FREE to use Personality developmentapp…………………………………………………………………………… Don’t wait for the change to come,bethe change. Start your personality development now. Get the appforFREE
Memorado - Brain Games
Memorado Gmbh
Join the leading brain training program with over 10 millionmembersworldwide and give your cognitive skills a boost! New!Unwind withour all-new audio relaxation stories and exercises anddaily tips!It's time to give yourself a break! A stronger brainleads to abetter life. Improve your memory, concentration,reaction, logic andmathematical skills with 14 fun and challengingmind games over 420levels. Track your statistical progress as youplay your way towardsa sharper mind! PRESS TechCrunch: "I’llconfess, I’ve recentlybecome hooked on so-called brain traininggames" OUR FEATURES - Over420 levels within 14 games to trainmemory, logic, concentration,reaction and mathematical skill -100+meditative audio sessions calmyour mind - Stunning graphicscoupled with easy usability -Personalized daily workouts that areconfigured according to yourwishes - Regular scientific tests willtrack your progress over time- Statistics to show your strongareas and the potential forimprovement - And more! SCIENCE BEHINDMEMORADO Memorado is at theforefront of neuroscience. Our in-houseteam of neuroscientists hascreated games to train memory,concentration and much more. Based onthe science ofneuroplasticity, studies have shown that braintraining can improveworking memory and increase fluid intelligence.OUR BRAIN Astronger working memory enables quicker learning and animprovementin brain connectivity. Scientists have found that strongbrainconnectivity is an important component of human intelligenceandmemory and may slow down dementia. They have concluded thatyourmind and brain can be trained like you train your body.MEMORADOPREMIUM Memorado is completely free to use for you.However, if youwant to improve 74% faster (on average), werecommend to upgrade toMemorado Premium. It offers trulypersonalized workouts, which arebeing updated on a daily basis andoptimized for maximum trainingbenefit for the duration of yourmembership. Furthermore, MemoradoPremium grants unlimited access toall games and statistics. Formore information: Terms of Use- Privacy Policy- We want to THANK allourusers who are already playing Memorado! DOWNLOAD it now and seehowmuch progress you can make!
Make Me Better :Motivating You 1.6.0
Crafty Studio
Your constant struggle to read something motivational andpositiveis now over. The Make Me Better app brings to you a vastselectionof easy to read articles for uplifting your mood andimproving yourpersonality. Our goal is simple: Provide the bestquality andsummarized content for daily motivation, personalitydevelopmentand self care. Besides the article, you will also getmentalwellness videos, podcast, motivational quotes, life hacksandpositive affirmations. All the articles and videos are short (3to5 min read) and summarized, which are easy to rememberandpractical in real life too. It is like your digital coachforpersonality development, mental wellness & motivation.★Articles on Self Improvement Our team writes super engagingandhighly effective articles on different topics. These articlesareto the point, very precise and are actionable too. Therearealready more than 500+ articles on leadership, timemanagement,success, motivation, relationships, and psychology. Andwe alsopublish a new article every alternate day to keep you onyour toesin the Self improvement journey. ★ Daily MotivationalQuotes Quotesare a great tool for saying too much in too littlewords. Withdaily quotes, you get transformative and powerfulquotes. You canscroll all day reading through best and unknownquotes here. Wehave inspirational quotes, love quotes, positivityquotes, sadquotes to name a few. We also have a daily quotes widgetwhichshows you a new inspiring quote every time you unlock yourphone. ★Daily Positive Affirmations Saying a few positive wordsmight soundinsignificant, but if done regularly, they have thepower to changeyour mindset and rewire your brain. Affirmations areeffective inboosting our confidence, changing our behavior andmaking usbelieve in our abilities. With these prompt positiveaffirmations,you will feel confident all day. ★ Actionable DailyLife Hacks Tomake the learning even more easy, enjoyable, andimplementable, wehave life hacks that will help you ease your dailytasks. Here youcan browse our life hacks collection on topics likefinance tips,relationship advice, health tips & much more. ★Videos andPodcasts The Make me better app also comes with a growinglibraryof podcasts and videos on various self care and self helptopics.Many a time due to lack of time, we skip mental wellnessgoal,that’s why we have started the self improvement podcast&videos. ★ Live a calm worry free life We all come acrossdifficultand stressful days in our life. To handle these daysandsituations, we need a lot of motivation and positive intellect.Ourpodcast and videos can help you stay calm and develop apositiveintellect. ★ We will remind you The Make me Better app willnotifyyou of all the new personality development articles, selfhelp tipsand motivational quotes. Hence, you will never lose yourtrack onself development. ★ Our take on Mental wellness andSelfImprovement We as a society care more about our physicalwellbeingwhile ignoring our mental wellness. We think mentalwellness isonly for intellect and decision maker. Mental wellnessplays avital role in a happy and prosperous life and to achieve itwe haveto improve our self constantly. ★ Learn Implement andimprove Makeme better will help you in personality development andmentalwellness with easy to follow articles. In the app, you willgetvideos and articles on different topics like:- ☞ Introspection☞Self Motivation ☞ Communication Skills ☞ Goal Setting ☞Lifestylechoices ☞ Habit building ☞ Career Growth ☞ Family&Relationships ☞ Mental Wellness By investing only 5 min dailyinMake Me Better app, you can reap benefit which cansignificantlyimprove your Life. If you want to improve yourself andbecomebetter than, you have arrived at the right app. Install theapp nowand meet the new YOU.
Exercises for the brain 1.1.56
In this application you can perform brain exercises for 30dayswhich are aimed at stimulating our main cognitive skills, suchasattention, perception, short-term memory, problemsolving,compression. You will also find, among others, a groupofentertainment activities such as picture puzzles, musicpuzzles,word games, matching math games, word scramble, unscrambleletters,cool math games. It includes: 1. Mind games that seek toentertainyou in the proposed exercises. 2. Mental exercisesoriented to makeuse of Perception, Calculus, Language, Memory. 3.Intelligencegames that possibly stimulate your main cognitiveabilities. 4.Various exercises, such as memory exercises withimages, colors andshapes, arithmetic calculation, language as aplay on words,reading aloud and a musical puzzle. Main objectives:1. Doexercises in which you must use your main cognitive skills totryto stimulate them. 2. Occupy our minds during practice in suchaway that we disconnect for a moment from situations that canstressus out. 3. To experience new experiences through theproposedexercises, so that your brain absorbs new information,understandsit and incorporates it into what you already know.Success in yourpractice.
Mental Math - Train your Brain 2.0
Doing math in your brain or mental math is a must skill inthemodernworld. We have to study Mathematics in most fields todaybutsolvingmath on paper takes a long time. We encounter somanysituations ineveryday life in which we have to do math in ahurryand we are sodisappointed when we are not able to dothecalculations in ourbrain. The Mental Math app is here toresolveall such worries. Ithas been developed in such a way thatitteaches you those mentalmath tricks that you need to learntopolish your mental math skills.The Mental Math app takes a testtogauge your strengths andweaknesses and based on theresult,develops a personalized plan foryou. Your personalized planwillgive you one or more tips and then,you have to practice usingthetip. You are presented with questionsrelating to that tip sothatyou master it. Give the Mental math appa try: after all, itis100% free. Download today, train your brainand watch yourmentalmath skills flourish. Special
Happify 1.76.1-111002f62734
Happify, Inc.
Happify’s science-based activities and games can help reducestress,overcome negative thoughts, and build greater resiliencebyproviding effective tools and programs to improveemotionalwell-being. Our techniques are developed by leadingscientists andexperts who've been studying evidence-basedinterventions in thefields of positive psychology, mindfulness andcognitive behavioraltherapy for decades. 86% of people who useHappify regularly reportfeeling better about their lives in 2months! HAPPINESS ISN’T JUSTONE THING. IT’S EVERYTHING. Strugglingwith everyday challenges andbeing gripped by negativity can betoxic to one's emotional andphysical well-being, relationships, andperformance at work. Sowhen you start to turn the corner, and beginto learn the newhabits of successful engagement with life,everything starts tolook brighter and better. SKEPTICAL JOURNALISTSTRIED IT FORTHEMSELVES, AND HERE’S WHAT THEY SAID: ABC World News'MaraSchiavocampo "I gave it a shot for 5 works!" TheNewYork Times "Each track contains bite-size quizzes, gamesandactivities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects ofdailylife." The TODAY Show "These are things you can do every day--tasks you can complete and be rewarded for -- to feelbetter,reduce stress, live a better life, & actually be happy."KatieCouric: World 3.0 on Yahoo “[Happify] evaluates what's keepingyoufrom a high happiness quotient, then you're given gamesandactivities that will boost your mood, like Uplift, SerenityScene,and Gratitude Walk." YOU KNOW YOUR GOALS. WE KNOW HOW YOUCANACHIEVE THEM. Choose one track. Choose them all. *Conqueringnegative thoughts * Coping better with stress *Buildingself-confidence * Fueling your career success *Achievingmindfulness through meditation * …and 30+ more! Happify isfree todownload and use. It’s a great way to get started, anddiscover whyso many people upgrade to Happify Plus for access toeven more: *Unlimited access to 30+ tracks; * Your 20-pagecharacter strengthreport, offered in partnership with the renownedVIA Institute *Track your progress everyday and see how your skillscompare * andmore! Because we know that everyone has differentfinancialresources, we offer Happify Plus in a variety of plans,for as lowas $11.67/month. Payment will be charged to your GooglePlayaccount at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptionswillautomatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off (by goingtoAccount Settings) at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrentbilling period. You cannot cancel the current subscriptionduringthe active subscription period. PrivacyPolicy: Terms &Conditions: Website: Help:[email protected]
Psychology Interactive Textbook, MCQ & Test Bank 2.1.1
Psychology is designed to meet scope and sequence requirementsforthe single-semester introduction to psychology course. Thebookoffers a comprehensive treatment of core concepts, grounded inbothclassic studies and current and emerging research. The textalsoincludes coverage of the DSM-5 in examinations ofpsychologicaldisorders. Psychology incorporates discussions thatreflect thediversity within the discipline, as well as thediversity ofcultures and communities across the globe. * CompleteTextbook byOpenStax * Multiple Choices Questions (MCQ) * EssayQuestions FlashCards * Key-Terms Flash Cards Powered the leadingonline quiz creator Table of Contents 1.Introduction toPsychology 1.1. What Is Psychology? 1.2. History ofPsychology 1.3.Contemporary Psychology 1.4. Careers in Psychology2. PsychologicalResearch 2.1. Why Is Research Important? 2.2.Approaches to Research2.3. Analyzing Findings 2.4. Ethics 3.Biopsychology 3.1. HumanGenetics 3.2. Cells of the Nervous System3.3. Parts of the NervousSystem 3.4. The Brain and Spinal Cord3.5. The Endocrine System 4.States of Consciousness 4.1. What IsConsciousness? 4.2. Sleep andWhy We Sleep 4.3. Stages of Sleep4.4. Sleep Problems and Disorders4.5. Substance Use and Abuse 4.6.Other States of Consciousness 5.Sensation and Perception 5.1.Sensation versus Perception 5.2. Wavesand Wavelengths 5.3. Vision5.4. Hearing 5.5. The Other Senses 5.6.Gestalt Principles ofPerception 6. Learning 6.1. What Is Learning?6.2. ClassicalConditioning 6.3. Operant Conditioning 6.4.Observational Learning(Modeling) 7. Thinking and Intelligence 7.1.What Is Cognition?7.2. Language 7.3. Problem Solving 7.4. What AreIntelligence andCreativity? 7.5. Measures of Intelligence 7.6. TheSource ofIntelligence 8. Memory 8.1. How Memory Functions 8.2.Parts of theBrain Involved with Memory 8.3. Problems with Memory8.4. Ways toEnhance Memory 9. Lifespan Development 9.1. What IsLifespanDevelopment? 9.2. Lifespan Theories 9.3. Stages ofDevelopment 9.4.Death and Dying 10. Emotion and Motivation 10.1.Motivation 10.2.Hunger and Eating 10.3. Sexual Behavior 10.4.Emotion 11.Personality 11.1. What Is Personality? 11.2. Freud andthePsychodynamic Perspective 11.3. Neo-Freudians: Adler,Erikson,Jung, and Horney 11.4. Learning Approaches 11.5.HumanisticApproaches 11.6. Biological Approaches 11.7. TraitTheorists 11.8.Cultural Understandings of Personality 11.9.Personality Assessment12. Social Psychology 12.1. What Is SocialPsychology? 12.2.Self-presentation 12.3. Attitudes and Persuasion12.4. Conformity,Compliance, and Obedience 12.5. Prejudice andDiscrimination 12.6.Aggression 12.7. Prosocial Behavior 13.Industrial-OrganizationalPsychology 13.1. What Is Industrial andOrganizational Psychology?13.2. Industrial Psychology: Selectingand Evaluating Employees13.3. Organizational Psychology: The SocialDimension of Work 13.4.Human Factors Psychology and WorkplaceDesign 14. Stress,Lifestyle, and Health 14.1. What Is Stress? 14.2.Stressors 14.3.Stress and Illness 14.4. Regulation of Stress 14.5.The Pursuit ofHappiness 15. Psychological Disorders 15.1. What ArePsychologicalDisorders? 15.2. Diagnosing and ClassifyingPsychological Disorders15.3. Perspectives on PsychologicalDisorders 15.4. AnxietyDisorders 15.5. Obsessive-Compulsive andRelated Disorders 15.6.Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 15.7. MoodDisorders 15.8.Schizophrenia 15.9. Dissociative Disorders 15.10.PersonalityDisorders 15.11. Disorders in Childhood 16. Therapy andTreatment16.1. Mental Health Treatment: Past and Present 16.2.Types ofTreatment 16.3. Treatment Modalities 16.4.Substance-Related andAddictive Disorders: A Special Case 16.5. TheSociocultural Modeland Therapy Utilization
LiveMore - Personal Development 2.14.3
Expand your life skills and live your life to the fullest withtheLiveMore app! Your personal development journey begins now andwillbe full of opportunities. Enjoy a wide range oforiginalpersonality quizzes, life-changing tips & guidedexercises toexpand your life skills, LiveMore is here to help youtake controlof your life! Our global network of highly-certifiedexperts, fromall areas which have an impact on your life -relationships,health, learning, achievements, purpose, environment,finance andleisure - only has one goal: support you in yourpersonaldevelopment journey by helping you expand your life skills.Ourexperts create every week new content (quizzes, short-readsandtracks), on specific topics such as “Boost your productivity”,“Howto work effectively from home”, “Is your resume really ready?”“Howpowerful is your camera presence?”, “Think like an optimist”,and140+ more topics available on the app. The LiveMore teamisdedicated to helping you expand your life skills, seizeeveryopportunity in your life and live it to the fullest. Tosupport youin your personal development journey, you can alsoconnectprivately for free with any experts, and ask them forpersonaladvice and tips or share your story. As of now, you musthaveunderstood that LiveMore is all the tools you need to liveyourlife to the fullest combined in a single app. But wait…Becauseevery personal journey is… well… personal, we have created aspacewhere you can purchase premium 1-to-1 sessions and courseswithexperts and coaches, catered to your personal needs: Do youneed toclarify your career situation? Book your 20 mins 1-to-1onlinesession with our career coach. Is your next personal goal toeathealthier food? Book your 20 mins with a nutritionist. You’vebeenstruggling lately with your LinkedIn job applications? Bookyour 60mins session to audit and improve your LinkedIn profile. Torewardyou of all your progress, you earn Tokens each time youcomplete anexercise within a track and can redeem these tokens whenyoupurchase sessions in the marketplace. Who is LiveMore for?LiveMoreis for all of us ! Whether you’re a student, parent,accomplishedprofessional, newly hired employee, artist, traveler,dreamer,commuter, business-owner… We are all entitled to live ourlife tothe fullest. We can all LiveMore! Should I pay to accessLiveMore?Access to all the short reads, quizzes, tracks is ENTIRELYFORFREE. You do not have to pay anything nor provide anypaymentmethod. At LiveMore, we believe that everyone should havethechance to access quality personal development content whichmayaddress their life changing questions without having topayanything. Money should not be a barrier to personaldevelopment.Moreover, you can ask any question to the experts ofyour choiceENTIRELY FOR FREE, as we strongly believe in the valueof personalexchanges between you and our global network of experts.Ourexperts usually reply to you confidentially within 2 businessdays.If you decide to go one step further after having enjoyed thefreecontent and exchanges with experts on a particular topic, youcanbook premium 1-to-1 live sessions with the experts of yourchoice.You can also register for comprehensive online coursesdeveloped byLiveMore experts. For these optional services you willbe asked toprovide a valid credit card which is never stored withus. Startyour personal development journey now with LiveMore! :)GET INTOUCH Send us an email at [email protected] Read our TermsofService at
IQ Test: Intelligence Test 1.0.8
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In IQ Test - Intelligence Test, we have made multiple IQ testsforyou to measure different aspects of your IQ as you'd like. TheIQtests that are available are: 1) Emotional IQ: Measuresyouremotional spectrum 2) Logical IQ: Measures logical intelligenceandhow well you could use your logic to solve problems, patterns3)Quantitative IQ: In this test, you will measure your analyticalandmathematical abilities 4) Memory test: Memorize the sequenceofnumbers & letters to guess them correctly! 5) General IQ:Makesense of the pattern by making sense of the pictures. IQ scoreisan interesting and important concept to measure. Knowing yourIQwill allow you to know a lot of who you are, your intelligence,andwhich areas of your mind you should improve. We have also addedabrain teaser section named under (MYSTERY TEST). This test isaunique, interesting, and fun IQ test in which you have toanswerall questions correctly to pass it! Results & DetailedResultsof IQ test - Intelligence Test - We have added simpleandcomprehensive results regarding your IQ score range. Thedetailedresults include your strengths, weaknesses, celebritytypes, andmuch more! - The simple IQ test results show you a rangeof your IQand a calculation of whether you are average, aboveaverage, or agenius! Objective of IQ tests: IQ is a concept that isused tomeasure some defined skills of people. The IQ ranking ismade froma relative point of view. In other words, some variablesare usedand then an intelligence test is made. This intelligencetest ismade in a way that measures the IQ of a person in thoseareas. Itis very difficult to make an IQ test that truly takes aperson'sabsolute true intelligence. However, by taking a commonstatistic(for example language, or counting), we can make an IQtest thatmeasures people's intelligence. Scientists approach IQmeasuringtests in a similar way. By taking common variables as thecorestatistic, a general IQ test can be made that measures the IQof ahuge portion of the population. More importantinformationregarding the calculation of IQ score >> IQ scoresare highlyrelative when it comes to measurement. Imagine a systemin whichgrading and measurement is done based on some variables.Thesevariables are constructed by some experts based oncertainassumptions. These assumptions lie at the core ofcalculation ofIQ. So, people whose lives are not surrounded by theimplicationsof these assumptions will be worse off when it comes tothe test.In other words, you cannot calculate the IQ of an elephantin thesame way you would with a kangaroo. Therefore, IQ scores arehighlyrelative and up to a great amount of discussion. With this inmind,we have put multiple IQ tests in one test so that people canchoosewhich type of IQ score they would like to test themselvesin.Important Note: IQ Test - Intelligence Test is aimed to befun,entertaining, and educating. Under no circumstances the usershouldthink that this is absolutely representative of histrueintelligence and character. Enjoy it! Meditation App 1.2.5
Mindfulness Practices & Meditations. Anytime. Anywhere.10minutes a day to a calmer you. Personalized Daily VideoCoaching.Every day, you’ll receive a personalized video lesson&meditation from your Mindfulness Coach to give you practicaltoolsfor living a life with calm and ease. Short MindfulnessPractices& Breathing Exercises. Anytime. Anywhere. Explore our1-2minute long mindfulness micro-practices, breathing exercisesandshort meditations to provide you with in-the-moment supportwhenyou need it the most. Learn to Practice Mindfulness andMeditation.Join 700,000+ people transforming their lives bylearningmindfulness, cultivating a habit of mindful meditation ordeepeningtheir practice of mindfulness with our mindfulness coursesfromworld renowned mindfulness teachers. Reduce Anxiety andStress.Learn & practice a better way of living with 100s oftalks,courses, micro-practices, guided meditations, music&soundscapes to reduce stress and anxiety, meditate andsleepbetter. Meditation sessions are available in lengths of 5, 10,15or 20 minutes so you can choose the perfect length. ImproveYourSleep. Fall asleep fast and get better rest with our SleepShuffle,guided sleep meditations, sleep music and soothingnaturesoundscapes. Make a Difference in the World with YourPractice.*When you upgrade to Mindfulness Plus, we donate a portionof ourrevenue to non-profit organisations who are bringingmindfulness topeople in need. To date, we’ve donated over $750,000to mindfulnessnonprofits around the world including Holistic LifeFoundation,Prisons Mindfulness Institute and Mindfulness WithoutBorders.*Meet Your Hosts. *Cory Muscara, MA - Mindfulness Advisorto The Dr.Oz Show. Instructor at University of Pennsylvania. FormerMonk.Co-founder of *Melli O’Brien - Speaker. WriterandMindfulness Teacher. Co-founder of Host ofTheMindfulness Summit, the world's largest mindfulnessconference.Meet the World Renowned Teachers. *Rhonda Magee, JD -Author.Professor of Law, University of San Francisco *ShamashAlidina, MA- Teacher. Author of Mindfulness for Dummies *Kelly Boys- Author.Mindfulness Trainer for the United Nations *VidyamalaBurch -Author. Pain & illness Specialist. Founder ofBreathworks *MarkColeman - Mindfulness Teacher. Wilderness guideand author. MindfulMeditations and Talks about Mindful Living. *JonKabat-Zinn, PhD -Professor of Medicine. Bestselling author. Founderof MBSR. *TaraBrach, PhD - Mindfulness Teacher. Psychologist andbestsellingauthor. *Sharon Salzberg - New York Times bestsellingauthor. *JackKornfield, PhD - Mindfulness Teacher. BestsellingAuthor 12+ books.*Dan Siegel, MD - Bestselling author. DirectorUCLA MindfulResearch Center. *Judson Brewer, MD - Psychiatrist.Director ofResearch, Center for Mindfulness. *Elisha Goldstein, PhD- Author.Founder, Center for Mindful Living LA. *Mark Williams, Phd-Professor. Director of Oxford University’s MindfulnessCenter.*Rich Fernandez - the CEO of the Search Inside YourselfLeadershipInstitute. *We believe training your mind is the singlegreatestinvestment you can make in life and everyone has the rightto thehealing power of a mindfulness practice — and money shouldnever bethe reason why someone can't access the tools, support,andcommunity to benefit from it. With, if youcan'tafford a Mindfulness Plus subscription, please send us anemail,and we will unlock a complimentary year for you to enjoy.
Train your brain - Coordination Games 1.5.3
Senior Games
We present this collection of coordination games todevelopandstimulate the hand-eye movement ability. Funcoordinationexercisesfor the whole family to stimulate the mind ina playfulway. Thisgame is suitable for all kinds of people, fromtheyoungest to theelderly and senior players. TYPES OF GAMES-Bimanual coordinationof elements - Selection of correct items-Solve mazes using thegyroscope - Decide between right and leftside- Avoid collidingwith pieces - Make series of numbersavoidingobjects In additionto coordination, these games help tostimulateother areas such asvisual perception, psychomotor skills,attentionor speed ofprocessing. APP FEATURES - Fun daily braintraining -Available in6 languages: Spanish, Italian, French,English,Portuguese andGerman. - Easy and intuitive interface -Differentlevels for allages - Constant updates with new games GAMESTOSTIMULATECOORDINATION Coordination is one of theessentialcognitivefunctions in our daily life. The developmentofcoordination skillshelps maintain a healthy mind and ahealthylife. Eye-handcoordination is the cognitive ability thatallows usto performtasks simultaneously using the eyes and hands.It is alsodefinedas oculomotor coordination, oculo-manual, orvisuomotor.Thesecoordination games help to synchronize the actionof thehandmuscles to precise an appropriate speed and intensityofmovement.The different games of this app work differentaspectsofcoordination such as accuracy, synchronization of bothhandsandfingers, fine motor, spatial orientation, the reactionspeedorreflexes. This app is a part of the collection ofpuzzlesdevelopedin collaboration with doctors and expertsinneuropsychology forthe cognitive stimulation of memory,attention,visuospatialfunction or reasoning, among others. ABOUTTELLMEWOWTellmewow is amobile game development company specializedin easyadaptation andbasic usability which makes our games idealfor theelderly oryoung people who simply want to play an occasionalgameswithoutmajor complications. If you have any suggestionsforimprovement orwant to stay tuned about upcoming games, follow usonour socialnetworks. @tellmewow
The Best Psychology Facts For Life Hacks 3.1
If you are looking for for Psychology Facts? Thisapphavingcollection of miscellaneous Facts on psychology &itstopics.Psychology today is subject of interest topeople.Psychology is aterm closely related to brain thought. ThisApp hasmore than10000+ facts about Psychology. More to come asweconstantly verifyand upload amazing facts. Check out the OceanofPsychologicalFacts for Better Life Hacks: Categories inPsychologyFacts app: ღPsychology Fact on Anger ✓ ღ Psychology Facton Animals★ ღPsychology Fact on Attraction ✓ ღ Psychology Fact onBioLogicalFacts ★ ღ Psychology Fact on Human BodyLanguage&communication skills ✓ ღ Psychology Fact on Children ★ღPsychologyFact on Color ✓ ღ Psychology Fact on Depression ★ღPsychology Factof Extrovert ✓ ღ Psychology Fact of Fear OfPhobias★ ღ PsychologyFact of Female ✓ ღ Psychology Fact forFriendship ★ ღPsychologyFact for Happiness ✓ ღ Psychology Fact forHealth ★ ღPsychologicalFact of Human Behavior ✓ ღ PsychologicalFact of HumanEmotions ★ ღPsychological Fact of Hunger & Eat ✓ღPsychological Fact ofIntrovert ★ ღ Psychological Fact on Jealousy✓ღ Psychological Facton Laughter ★ ღ Amazing Psychological FactforLeft Handed People ✓ღ Amazing Psychological Fact onLoveRelationships★ ღ AmazingPsychological Fact on Male ✓ ღAmazingPsychological Fact on Mind ★ღ Amazing Psychological Fact onMusic ✓ღ Interesting PsychologicalFact on Obsessive CompulsiveDisorder ★ღ Interesting PsychologicalFact on Personality ✓ ღInterestingPsychological Life Hacks ★ ღInteresting PsychologicalFact on SixSense ✓ ღ InterestingPsychological Fact on Sleep ★ ღAmazingPsychological Fact onSocial Media Life ✓ ღ AmazingPsychologicalFact on Teenager★ ღAmazing Psychological Fact onWriting ✓ Thankfor choosing SweetLove Studio! Disclaimer: All SMSmessagesgathered from the web. Wedo not express any Ownership ofthesemessages. In case if any ofthese messages violated yourcopyright/IP right to remove thediscrepancy. please send us ane-mail. Wewill respond this atearliest.
Brain Teaser Riddles & Answers 4.1
Train your brain with tricky riddles and answers. It gets themostpopular collection of riddles for fun, including What am Iriddles,math riddles, animal riddles and more.The following brainteaserriddles show the examples: ★ What always goes to bed with itsshoeson? The answer is "A horse" ★ I am a seed with three lettersin myname. Take away the last two and I still sound the same. Whatam I?The answer is "A pea" ★ What is harmless but can kill you?Theanswer is "Time" Usage Scenarios: ★You can use this app totestyour friends, classmates to see whether they can solve theriddle.★You can use this app in a party as quiz to test others andpunishthem if they fail to guess the answer. ★Also you can testyourselfwhen you are free. ★Test your IQ and brain power with thisriddleapp. Key Features: - Enough time for you to guess the answerforeach brain teaser riddle - Check the answer just by one click-Tons of riddles in different categories - Handy for party,friends,classmates and self entertainment - Test your brain and IQ- Dailyriddle recommendation: recommend several riddles for you toguess.Riddle Categories: ★ Animal ★ Food ★ Funny ★ Best ★ Science ★Love★ Sports ★ Time ★ Good ★ Math ★ Brain Teasers ★ Hard ★ What amI?We will update riddles continuously. You can contact with us ifyouhave any suggestions or if you want to provide us withsomeinteresting and funny riddles to share with all the users ofthisapp. Just guess the answer and enjoy yourself.
Healthy Minds Program 7.11.0
~~ 2021 Pick: Best Meditation Apps - Wirecutter by New York Times~~Your path to well-being. Powered by science. Backed by fourdecadesof research from world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. RichardDavidsonand his team at the Center for Healthy Minds at theUniversity ofWisconsin - Madison & Healthy Minds Innovations,the HealthyMinds Program trains your mind through meditation andpodcast-stylelessons to develop skills - to gain focus, reducestress, andmaintain positive social connections. Through hundredsof hours ofguided meditations developed directly from thescientificunderstanding of the mind, podcast-style teachings, andprogresstracking features, you can change your mind to managestress, fromfamily to the workplace and beyond. Featuring ourproprietaryAwareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose, Well-beingFramework,the Healthy Minds Program is a holistic,all-encompassing meditationapp that offers the best of both guidedmeditations andopportunities to learn. You’ll learn simple skillsto enhancepersonal well-being, build healthy relationships, andimprovecommunication, performance, and creativity. Theground-breakingHealthy Minds Program App uses neuroscience,contemplativetraditions, and skill-based learning methods to helpyou develop theskills for a healthy mind. What makes us uniqueDeveloped fromScience: While many mediation apps can claim thescientific benefitsof mediation, our practices are developeddirectly out ofneuroscientific research. You’ll also hear from theworld’s foremostneuroscientists about concepts likeneuroplasticity and how to trainyour mind; Made for Busy Lives:Our app features active meditationpractices that you can fit intoyour busy lifestyle. Don’t have timeto sit for 20 minutes? Put onan active practice and train your mindwhile you fold the laundry;Guided by Measurement: Thanks topioneering scientific research,the Healthy Minds Program offers thefirst mobile assessments ofmental and emotional well-being. Learnabout your current level ofwell-being and contribute to cuttingedge research on the scienceof well-being. Also integrates withApple Health to track yourmindful minutes; Goes Beyond Mindfulness:Emotional and Physicalwell-being is a skill that can be taught. Ourapp is based on acomprehensive framework for well-being and goesbeyond mindfulnessas one of these skills. -Awareness: Be Present-Connection: FeelConnected -Insight: Get Curious -Purpose: StayMotivated Driven byMission and Supported by Donation: The HealthyMinds Program ismade possible by our donors in support of a visionof a kinder,wiser, more compassionate world. Unlike other apps thatrequire asubscription, the Healthy Minds Program is available bydonation,driven by a mission to translate science into tools tocultivateand measure well-being. Bring the Healthy Minds Program toyourworkplace: Along with the app, the Healthy Minds @Workofferingincludes team building exercises, meditations for copingwithcommon stress triggers in the office, and habitformationtechniques to ensure the program sticks with you longaftercompletion. To learn more, visit Read theEndUser License Agreement and Terms of Usehere: Read our PrivacyPolicyhere:
Memory Games: memory training for all Pro 4.1.1
Train your memory with us! There are 8 games, some are simple,someare hard, some will be easily solved by you and some willchallengeyou intellectually. Solve them and be a champion. Thesememorygames will increase your mind skills and will make your brainverysmart to solve life problems and difficulties. All games arefree,offline and very useful and interesting for all ages, forkids, forparents, and for everybody! No advertising! Theapplicationincludes the following memory games: - Memorize pictures- Memorizewords - Memorize shapes - Memorize numbers - Memorizepairs -Memorize decimals - Memorize colors - Memorize mix (expert)You cansee statistics by choosing the menu item in the MainMenu.Information includes the overall score, overall time,accuracy,count of correct and incorrect answers. Please read Rulesbeforeplaying. Supported languages: English, Russian, Spanish,Hindi,Portuguese, Indonesian, German, Bengali, French,Italian,Vietnamese, Chinese Simplified (Ages 3+)
eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game 3.4.8
What happens when a psychologist teams up with the creators ofTheWalking Dead games? Introducing eQuoo, an EVIDENCE-BASEDandcaptivating choose-your-own-adventure game that increasesyouremotional fitness and teaches you new psychological skills,helpingyou level up in real life. Become a master people personbylearning tips and tricks about emotion and effectivecommunication.Our clinical trial showed that a level a week buildsresilience,boosts relationship skills, supercharges your personaldevelopmentAND lowers anxiety! These key skills will help you takecontrol ofyour life, maintain your mental health and achievesuccess in workand relationships. Put your newfound knowledge tothe test inengaging mini-games designed to help you understandyourpersonality and identify your areas for growth andpersonaldevelopment. Download now for free! FEATURES: -Evidence-basedthrough a clinical trial - Significantly buildsresilience - thestrongest predictor against developing mentalhealth issues - Bootsinterpersonal relationships skills - becomethe people person youwant to be and wow friends, family, andpartners - Superchargespersonal development - get ahead in work anduni - Lowers anxiety -eQuoo gives you skills to help challengeanxious thought patterns -Apply your new skills in choose your ownadventure games to unlockinsights about your personality andprogress to the next level -Learn where you lie on the Big Fivemeasures of personality andwhat this means for you Download eQuoofor FREE to discover yourinner power.
Serenity: Guided Mental Health 1.2.22
Serenity is a mobile conversational companion, here to shareyourtroubles and celebrate your triumphs. Throughprivate,judgment-free conversations, Serenity works alongside youto helpyou become more conscious of the connections between yourthoughts,your feelings, and your actions. Relationships, finances,healthconditions, anxieties, sleep, and self-care all impact yourmentalhealth. Serenity draws from the best tools, techniques,likecognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and science to help youachieveyour wellness goals. Serenity also allows your therapisttocommunicate with you, and send you clinical materials andhomeworkthrough Invitation Codes. Ready to gain expert insight andtakeaction to improve? Download Serenity today and say "Hi"!Forclinicians, care teams and telehealth providers: Serenity isthecompanion app to Serenity Builder, a simple tool for clinicalteamsto build, customize, and deploy mobile therapy dialogues fortheirpatients in between in-person visits. Using SerenityBuilder,therapists can send patients standard clinical assessments,such asa PHQ-9 or GAD-7, CBT protocols on common mental healthconditionssuch as depression and anxiety, and even build theirownpersonalized clinical content for patients. Learn Disclaimer: Serenity is a toolandis not a replacement for a physician, loved ones, or a crisisline.Please seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this appandbefore making any medical decisions.
Memory Assistant 1.8.2
By practicing memory techniques you canincreaserecollection,creativity, focus and thinking speed. It mightalsoslow the lossof memory due to aging. Memory Assistant can bebothyour teacherand your assistant in your journey of getting amemorycomparableto an elephant’s. Use Memory Assistant to boostyourbrain's power,use free time productively and replacenegativethoughts. WhatMemory Assistant offers: MIND PALACES:MemoryAssistant not onlyteaches you how to build mind palaces butalsoteaches you how touse them. PRACTICE AND CHECK: You canpracticeand improve yourmemory using this app. Then you can checkif youcan recalleverything correctly using the compare feature.SMARTCOMPARE:Memory Assistant has a complex algorithm that cantellwhetherentered a wrong value, missed a value or made aspellingmistake.Other apps don't take such human errorsintoconsideration.INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES: You no longer have toswitchbetween apps orpages when you are learning somethingnew.Everything is just aswipe away. REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS:Usingmemory techniques you canace in quizzes, school, college,job,competitive exams, etc. Theapp has resources that you mightneed.SAVE YOUR STUFF: You cansave everything that you have tomemorizeand use it whenever youwant to. FOR ATHLETES: Practice inmultipledisciplines and becomea champion in memory sports. THEMES:Choosefrom multiple themes.Use a dark theme at night to ensure thatyoudon't lose your sleep.MODULAR YET SIMPLE: The user interfaceisself-explanatory andalmost everything can be customized.OPENSOURCE: If there isanything you want to change in the app, youareencouraged to getyour hands dirty and modify the source codewhichis stored at 19 different languages This is NOT a game
1000+ Psychology Facts & Life Hacks - Crush,Love.. 1.4
1000 + Psychology facts about crushes,love,dreams etc... &LifeHacks everyone should know, and some of them might surpriseyoulearning. 1000+ Psychology Facts & Life Hacks -Crush,Love,Dreams etc is the study of people's behavior,performance, andmental operations. It also refers to theapplication of theknowledge, which can be used to understandevents, treat mentalhealth issues, and improve education,employment, andrelationships. Psychology is involved in variousareas of study andapplication in different subjects. Psychology isvery importantespecially because it deals with the study of themental processesand behavior at the same time. It is also appliedin our dailylives and in many things. Learning something new aboutyourself isalways interesting and entertaining. And understandingthepsychology behind the way we behave, treat others, andexpressourselves can be even more appealing. 1000+ Psychology factsaboutcrushes,love,dreams etc... Check out the Ocean ofPsychologicalFacts for Better Life Hacks >39 Topics in DifferentFields>Each Topic Containing average amazing psychology 33 to 60Facts>39 topics * 33 to 60 Amazing facts >You can read thesefactsagain and again for purpose of joy. >If you are lookingforpsychology facts book or want to know about psychologyfactsstudents terms so you are in a right place. >Thispsychologyfacts app will provide you most important and Amazing1369+contents to know yourself, others, family,lovers,friendsandco-workers. >You Can Find following Topic Related FactsHere:1)Psychology Fact on Anger ✓ 2)Psychology Fact on Animals✓3)Psychology Fact on Attraction & Crushes ✓ 4)PsychologyFacton Bio Logical Facts ✓ 5)Psychology Fact on Human BodyLanguage& communication skills ✓ 6)Psychology Fact on Children✓7)Psychology Fact on Color ✓ 8)Psychology Fact on Depression✓9)Psychology Fact of Extrovert ✓ 10)Psychology Fact of FearOfPhobias ✓ 11)Psychology Fact of Female & Crush ✓12)PsychologyFact for Friendship ✓ 13)Psychology Fact for Happiness✓14)Psychology Fact for Health ✓ 15)Psychological Fact ofHumanBehavior ✓ 16)Psychological Fact of Human Emotions✓17)Psychological Fact of Hunger & Eat ✓ 18)PsychologicalFactof Introvert ✓ 19)Psychological Fact on Jealousy ✓20)PsychologicalFact on Laughter ✓ 21)Amazing Psychological Factfor Left HandedPeople ✓ 22)Amazing Psychological Fact on LoveRelationships ✓23)Amazing Psychological Fact on Male 🌟 24)AmazingPsychologicalFact on Mind 🌟 25)Amazing Psychological Fact on Music🌟26)Interesting Psychological Fact on OCD (ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder) 🌟 27)Interesting Psychological Fact onPersonality 🌟28)Interesting Psychological Life Hacks 🌟29)InterestingPsychological Fact on Six Sense 🌟 30)InterestingPsychological Facton Sleep 🌟 31)Amazing Psychological Fact onSocial Media Life 🌟32)Amazing Psychological Fact on teenager 🌟33)AmazingPsychological Fact on Writing 🌟 34)Amazing PsychologyFacts onFashion❤️ 35)Amazing Psychology Facts on CreativePeople❤️36)Amazing Psychology Facts on Memory and Learning ❤️37)AmazingPsychology Facts on Subconscious Mind❤️ 38)AmazingPsychology Factson Willpower and Self control❤️ 39)AmazingPsychology Facts onDreams❤️ 40)Psychology facts about crushesAmazing Psychology FactsFor Life Hacks App Features: ✪User Friendly✪Serially Organised✪Works Offline ✪Optimised for Mobile and TabletDevices ✪Copy factsfeature ✪Random Facts feature ✪Favourite facts>For More AmazingInteresting Psychology Life Hacks & HumanLife learning skillsfor daily observation please check ourpsychology facts app 1000+Psychology Facts & Life Hacks -Crush,Love..
Psychology 1.46.43
College Psychology Study App - Lessons, Quizzes,Flashcards,Glossaries Designed to meet the scope and sequence forthesingle-semester introduction to collage psychology. Features:-Study progress - Quiz progress - 16 Study units - 104 Lessons -16Quizzes - 312 Practice questions - 171 Flashcards - 841GlossariesOur Psychology app adheres to the scope and sequence ofmostintroductory psychology courses nationwide. We strive tomakepsychology, as a discipline, interesting and accessibletostudents. A comprehensive coverage of core concepts is groundedinboth classic studies and current and emerging research,includingcoverage of the DSM-5 in discussions of psychologicaldisorders. Wehave incorporated features and discussions thatreflect thediversity within the discipline, as well as thediversity ofcommunities across the globe, with attention toculturalcompetence. We include research and examples that seek torepresentand include the various sociocultural backgrounds of themanystudents who take this course. The result is a app that coversthebreadth of psychology topics with variety and depth thatpromotestudent engagement. The organization and pedagogicalfeatures weredeveloped and vetted with feedback from psychologyeducatorsdedicated to the project. Unit 1: Introduction toPsychology Unit2: Psychological Research Unit 3: Biopsychology Unit4: States ofConsciousness Unit 5: Sensation and Perception Unit 6:LearningUnit 7: Thinking and Intelligence Unit 8: Memory Unit 9:LifespanDevelopment Unit 10: Motivation and Emotion Unit 11:PersonalityUnit 12: Social Psychology Unit 13:Industrial-OrganizationalPsychology Unit 14: Stress, Lifestyle, andHealth Unit 15:Psychological Disorders Unit 16: Therapy andTreatment
Sensorium - Synesthesia Meditation & Awareness 1
Guided Synesthesia Meditation is a combinationoftraditionalmindfulness exercises, nature awareness techniques,andsynestheticexplorations. It fits well for Beginners andadvancedmeditators aswell. Practice 10 minutes per day and trainyour mindto be more inthe present moment. Become aware of yoursenses inyour daily lifeand nature. And you may discoverSynesthesia and howto blur yoursensory channels. Find better sleepand more calm,relaxation andbalance, while decreasing stress. Gainimproved focusand a littlebit of life quality as you sharpen yoursenses toperceive more ofthis beautiful planet. **Synesthesia: themix-up ofthe senses**Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon.Theperception of onesense triggers the experience of other senses.Asound may beperceived as shapes, letters, and numbers ascolorfulpersonalitiesand tastes as sound. Many people resonatewithsynesthesia. Andeven though there are cognitive advantages*mostare not aware ofit. They miss the beauty and the benefitsofexperiencing the hereand now. Maybe you too? It is more thanjustanother meditationapp! **Mindfulness cultivates synesthesia**Inour busy lives, themind is continually chattering to us aboutthepast and thepresent. We feel stressed, and often we are notawareof thesensory experiences in the present moment.WithSynesthesiaMeditation you discover, train and integratesynesthesiain yourdaily life. Increase your overall sensoryawareness.Regardless ifyou resonate with synesthesia or not,whether you're ameditationbeginner or advanced, you benefit byreconnecting withyour senses.Make it a ritual to meditate 10minutes per day.Increase your lifequality*. You will feel thebenefits within aweek. ** How does itwork? ** The SynesthesiaMeditations are in theapp’s “Sensorium.”There are 3 categories. +Path of mindfulness +Sensory mindfulnessseries to train the mind toincrease attentionand focus. + Gardenof Synesthesia + Synestheticexplorations toreconnect to yoursenses and sensations of thepresent moment. +Awareness of theSenses + Exercises to re-activateyour senses inyour daily lifeand when your are in nature Ourexercises involveall your senses.For many exercises, you just sitand listen. Othersare interactivemultimedia sessions that inviteyou to interact withyoursurrounding. ** What is inside? ** Over 200guidedSynesthesiaMeditations,10 - 15 minutes in duration, withhighdiversity intopics and focus. Get your 7-day Trial to accessthemall. Allexercises are spoken by Tori Louise, a professionalYogainstructorand environmental educator ( of theGateway - Over 3 hours immediately available -7exercises ofsynesthetic explorations - 7 exercises ofsensorymindfulness -Synesthesia tests Mindfulness-based series - 7dayssynestheticmindfulness for beginners - 7 days introductiontobreathing - 7days introduction to synesthetic body scans - 7daysintroductioninto sensory scans - 7 days deep exploration ofthebreath - 7 daysdeepening body scan practice - 14 daysdeepeningsensory scansSound Based - Nature sound meditations -Soundscapesto experiencemusic in colors - Drawing soundSynestheticexplorations -Experience your 5 senses mixed-up. -Exploreyourself, people andyour environment - Grapheme Synesthesia:colorsof letters andnumbers - Calendar Synesthesia: a spatialexperienceof weeks andmonths Additional single sessions - Fallingasleep -Eating -Nature awareness - Seeing people in colors -Physicalactivities -Sensual perceptions Synesthesia tests -Graphemesynesthesia -Calendar synesthesia * The science ofsynesthesia andmeditation isin its infancy and it does not work foreverybody tothe sameextent. Read more on the blog.
UpNow Digital Hypnotherapy 1.5.2
Partner with your mind with UpNow. UpNow ( isapopular and convenient digital hypnotherapy app that hashelpedpeople around the world #FeelUpNow. Have you ever feltstressed,anxious, or depressed? Do you need to stop smoking orperhapsyou’re looking to shed some unwanted weight? Maybe yourcurrentmental state is preventing you from having a good night’ssleepthus affecting your productivity and performance at work? Areyousuffering from chronic pain? If you answered yes to any oftheabove questions, UpNow is the app you need to #FeelUpNow!Ourself-guided soothing hypnotherapy sessions (lasting onaverage20mins) can improve both your mental and physical healthandwell-being. UpNow was designed to reframe your mind and resetanynegative behaviours – this will in turn set you up for ahappierand healthier life. All at the touch of your fingertipsforconvenience. With our audio library of over 100+self-hypnosisaudios, UpNow can be used anytime and anywhere for anysituation orfor any mood. All you have to do is, plug in yourheadset, relaxand watch yourself transform and #FeelUpNow.“Hypnosis is a verypowerful means of changing the way we use ourminds to control ourperception and our bodies" - Dr. David Spiegel,Stanford School ofMedicine. Some of our popular and effectiveaudios are: • OvercomeWork Stress • Overcome Depression • Let Go ofPanic Attacks •Overcome Social Anxiety • Quit Smoking • BecomeSlimmer • SleepBetter • Say Goodbye to Insomnia • Mindfullyproductive • Managepain For less than a dollar a day, access thefull audio libraryand embark on your journey to #FeelUpNow StartNow With our FreeAudios We also have free audios for those who arelooking tokickstart their transformation journey and explore howdigitalhypnotherapy works and its benefits. • Grow Calm inDifficult Times• Release Stress • Progressive Relaxation •Caregiver Stress ReliefWe also have Workplace Wellness Programs,for those looking torenew their edge and feel up now. • For moreinformation, visit usat • If you have any questions,email us [email protected] • You can also learn more about UpNow onour socialmedia channels What are you waiting for? Download UpNowand#FeelUpNow
Mindwell : Mood & Sleep Lab 1.1.1
Sometimes meditation can fall flat; making our mind wandercausingusto miss the benefits of daily practice. Bycombiningcustom(Isochronic) tones, and custom (Solfeggio)frequencies,Mindwellsynchronizes with your brainwaves to bringadded benefit toyourmeditation. We've created a series of thesehighly customizedwavesto help you achieve a variety of mentalstates such asalertness,calmness, sleep, and emotional balance. Weeven havewaves tosupport specific moods and goals. Features:*Mindwell’spatent-pending MoodShift to take you to a betterplace*Personalized Daily Meditation program created just for you*SleepLab with everything you need for a great night’s sleep *Over350meditations and guides with ancient Isochronic tonesandSolfeggioFrequencies * Playlist creation to create andsharepersonalizedmeditation programs * Sleep stories to relax andsootheany time ofthe day * Affirmations to create healthy, happythoughts* Stats totrack meditation minutes and progression towardsmindfuland moodgoals Mindwell's meditations last anywhere from 60secondsto 30minutes; making it so everyone has time for a quickrefresh.Unlikeother meditation apps, Mindwell's meditation topicsare forbothpowering down AND charging up. Some of our topicsinclude:*Sleeping Better * Going Full Thrust * ImprovingRelationships*Turning on Positive Thinking * Supercharging yourCareer*Understanding and Quitting Destructive Behavior *MeetingLife'sChallenges * Positive Mindset Workouts * StoppingAnxiety andWorry* Coping with Fear * Powering up for College *Coping withGrief *Embracing one's self ...and many more!Additionally, we haveasleep library including beloved classicstories from novels suchasThe Secret Garden, Siddhartha, Three Menin a Boat and TomSawyer.If you're into something a littledifferent, Mindwell alsoincludesa series of ASMR tracks which werecreated to tingle yourspinewhile lulling you into a sense calm. Getthe newest generationofMindfulness apps today! – Download Mindwellnow.SubscriptionPricing and Terms: Mindwell offers anannualsubscription for$49.99/year. These prices are for UnitedStatescustomers. Pricingin other countries may vary and actualchargesmay be converted toyour local currency depending on yourcountry ofresidence. VISITUS: https://www.mindwell.livePAYMENTPOLICY: TERMSOFSERVICE:[email protected]
Intellect: Create a Better You 1.7.7
Embark on an entirely new way to work on your traits, habitsandbehaviors. Intellect is a new form of psychologicaltrainingdeveloped by a team of world leading psychologists andbehavioralexperts, packaged into quick bite-sized sessions to helpyou worktowards who you want to be. Overcome personal struggleslikeprocrastination, low self-esteem and anxiety, or developyourselfby becoming more assertive, sociable and confident.Restructureyour personal, social or work life by tackling the rootof yourpsychology through our proven scientific process. Intellectis yournew personal companion to creating a better you.
Binaural Chakra Therapy 3.1
Scappy Apps
The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body inwhichenergyflows through. Throughout life, these chakras canbecomeblocked,which can have adverse physical, emotional, andmentaleffects.This application is designed to put you into a stateofrelaxationand balance out your chakras to allow Qi (innerlifeenergy) toflow more uninterrupted. The application comes with16selections,with individual chakras targeted in each selection:The1st Chakra- The Root Chakra The 2nd Chakra - The Sacral ChakraThe3rd Chakra- The Solar Plexus Chakra The 4th Chakra - TheHeartChakra The 5thChakra - The Throat Chakra The 6th Chakra - TheThirdEye ChakraThe 7th Chakra - The Crown Chakra SolfeggioFrequency(DNA Repair& Integrity) Solfeggio Frequency (Mental&AstralProjection) 396 Hz Solfeggio w/ The Sound Of EarthEachselectionis provided in high quality audio for optimaleffect.Thisapplication also provides information on each chakra andhow itisrelated to mind, body, and spirit.