Top 50 Apps Similar to Warriors of Waterdeep

Creature Quest - Strategy RPG
Collect, Explore, Battle, Challenge!
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
Idle Champions is a licensed Dungeons & Dungeonsstrategymanagement video game
Chaos Lords: Medieval RPG War
Digital Pill
Fantasy RPG missions in PvP mode! For fans of real battles witheviland chaos!
Neko Dungeon: Puzzle RPG
Join the world of Nekos, fight through dungeons, avoidtraps,killunique bosses, equip and upgrade new weapons and spellsto bethegreatest NEKO! Features: - Powerful and brave kitties. -Tonsofchests (some might actually try to kill you). - 3x3Puzzle/RPG.-Fight your way through a ton of different stages. -Spend goldandcrystals to maker your NEKO stronger. - Variousweapons,power-ups,and spells to improve your NEKO. - Defeat bossesandprogress toachieve greatness. ATTENTION! Neko Dungeon is freetodownload andplay, although some game items may only beacquiredwith realmoney. To block this feature, you must disablein-apppurchases onyour device. You must be at least 13 years old toplayor downloadNeko Dungeon. It's essential to have aninternetconnection to playthe game.
Pathfinder Adventures
Pathfinder Adventures, the digitaladaptationof Paizo Inc.'s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game,translates theworld's best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game intoan entirelynew breed of card game, where players cooperativelybattle monstersand villains, and acquire new feats, items, weaponsandallies.Role-players will find the game's character developmentveryfamiliar. Characters have classes such as fighter, wizard,androgue, as well as numbers that define strength,dexterity,intelligence, etc. You'll improve your character byacquiring newitems, allies, spells, and weapons as you explore andovercomechallenges; over time, you'll be able to customize yourdeck tobetter suit your own individual vision of yourcharacter.The game can be played solo, or with other adventurersusingbuilt-in pass-and-play functionality.Pathfinder Adventures is free to download and play, however,somegame items can be purchased for real money. If you don't wanttouse this feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.A network connection is required to earn in game currencyduringplay.FEATURES:• Explore the towns, cities, dungeons and landscapes of the Riseofthe Runelords campaign, including thefiercely-independentSandpoint and the goblin-infested isle ofThistletop.• Every locale has been transformed from a card image tobeautifullyenhanced and animated backdrops.• Reactive cut scenes featuring Pathfinder'siconiccharacters.• An interactive tutorial ensures the game is easy to learn fornewadventurers and veterans of the Pathfinder universe alike.• No physical card game set-up required. Pathfinder Adventuresgetsplayers straight into the action.• Multiple adventure profiles so that players can experiencethecampaign using every character.• Single player and pass-and-play multiplayer gameplay mode.SUPPORT:Official Pathfinder Adventures Homepage- Obsidian Forums-
Legendary DXP Deckbuilding Game
The bestselling Legendary® Deckbuilding Game has gone digital
D&D Lords of Waterdeep
Playdek, Inc.
Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game, set in theD&Dworld of Waterdeep.
Mystic Tribes
Mystic Tribes is calling for all tribesmen to gather inthisancientsstone age madness full of ancient creatures,giganticdinos,ferocious mammoths and vicious barbarian invaders!Raiseyour stoneaxe and fight alongside with your tribe heroes todefendyour secretrealm and explore new territories! Relivethepre-historic age righthere at Mystic Tribes! Team up withchiefsfrom all around the worldto form a savage tribe alliancecomposedof ancient barbarians, huntdown mythological creatures ,conquerother tribes, build acivilization together and make yourmarks inthe history! In MysticTribes, You Can: Go On AMysteriousAdventure Go through mythicalwonders and experience thewildnessand brutality of the stone ageera throughout yourexploration.There are thousands of challengingtasks and puzzles tocomplete,which could also bring a lot ofsurprises—not justrewards, butalso the reveal of secrets of theancients. Fill YourCharacterCollection With Powerful Heroes: 100+characterizedancients from 6factions are awaiting your command.Summon as manypowerful heroesand choose the right development pathsfor theheroes to form aninvincible force and stay on top of thefoodchain! Deploy DynamicStrategies To Outplay Master OpponentsCombinedifferent heroestogether and find out the best solution tocounteryour enemies.Take advantage on the tribe bonus and try outthecombos that yourheroes could make to unleash the maximum powerofyou tribe! Thepotential is sky high! Collect “Never-Sleep”IdleReward SuppliesAnd Boost Your Team With Loads Of ResourcesGrindingis not neededanymore! The “supply chain” never sleeps! Youcan playat acomfortable pace as you’d like and earn greatrewardswithouthaving the restrictions of time, space andinvestment. Sitback andwatch the Tribesman you recruited auto-fightdusk till dawnforyou, bringing you all the useful resources you canthink of,evenif you’re offline! You’ll never be on a shortageofresourcesagain! Join A Tribe And Bring It To Its Prime Findbonfirebuddiescoming from different parts of the world and fightfor thetribesglory! Back each others up throughout the adventureand huntdownlegendary monsters as an unstoppable force! Standtogetherandrise! PLEASE NOTE Network connection is required. MysticTribesisfree to download and play. Some in-app items can alsobepurchasedfor real money. In-app purchases can be disabledthroughyourdevice’s settings. By downloading this app, you agreetoourprivacy policy and terms of use.
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Tactical Warhammer Battles with Turn Based Strategy gameplay
War of Omens Deck Builder Collectible Card Game
Fifth Column Games brings you WAR OF OMENS®, a new mobileCCGfeaturing a fast-paced, engaging battle system and anever-changinglandscape as you grow in skill level and unlock newcards andheroes. You hold all the cards to build your decks and goto war!Fight on the battlefield with knights and beasts, behind thesceneswith rumors and conspiracies, or go right for their walletswithembargoes and predatory lending! Delve into a world ofmystery,intrigue and magic with four separate factions, each withdifferentmechanics and a variety of heroes for you to unlock andplay. Letyour style dictate how you want to win as you collectcards thatcontinuously change how you can play the game.ACTION-PACKED,UNIQUE AND REMARKABLY FUN WAR OF OMENS features aunique deckbuilding mechanic that enables you to do a multitude ofactions perturn. Engage in fast-paced, real-time combat with otherplayers.Collect, win and craft cards to assemble a powerful deck toproveyour dominion over your opponents. CHOOSE YOUR FACTION Play astherich and ancient Vespitole, the ruthless and savage Daramek,themysterious society known as Metris, or the reclusive andpowerfulEndazu. Each faction has their own heroes, their own cards,andtheir own unique play style. Unlock over 20 different heroes asyounavigate the dark fantasy world of WAR OF OMENS®. FEATURES:•Unique deck building gameplay mechanic • Competitive playervs.player strategic combat • Choose from 4 separate factions andover24 heroes, each with their own special abilities • Collect, winandpurchase cards to dominate over your opponents • Engage inCampaignMode to learn about the history of your heroes •Beautifulhand-drawn and original artwork Choose your faction,engage in epicPvP card battles and solidify your dominion over all.Play WAR OFOMENS® today. More questions? Chat with other playersand thedevelopers at the links © 2013-2018 Fifth Column Games,Inc. Warof Omens is a registered trademark of Fifth Column Games,Inc., inthe U.S., and/or other countries.
Experience the classic RPG that started the legend of DRAGON QUEST!
Age of Revenge: Heroes & Clans
Clicker RPG with fantasy artworks, clans, quests and PvP arena.
Warhammer AoS: Champions 0.23.1
Command powerful factions & legendary Champions inthisWarhammerTrading Card Game. We are Sigmar’s Champions!Thousandsof playersare heralding the new era – the Age of Sigmar,in thisepic Warhammertrading card game born from magic andfantasy.Deploy units andunleash deadly magical abilities, whilecompletingquests to earnblessings from the gods. Only themightiest ofwarriors will standvictorious in this battle for theMortalRealms, a war that spansboth physical and digital worlds.Wheredoes your allegiance lie?Don’t wait! Start your mightyquesttoday! • DISCOVER the WARHAMMERAGE OF SIGMAR universewithbreath-taking imagery as you’ve neverseen before! • CHOOSEyourallegiance from the GRAND ALLIANCES -Order, Chaos, DestructionandDeath. • COMMAND legendary Championsthat form the backbone ofyourarmy. • FAST, TACTICAL GAMEPLAY – easyto play, takes skilltomaster. • CARDS with unique rotatingmechanics for damage,healingand novel over-time effects. • COMPLETEquests to unlockpowerfulblessings. • BATTLE your opponents in anepic duel ofstrategy andskill. • CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN MIGHTY DECK ofcards toprove yourmight. • PLAY with digital cards or scan physicalcardsinto yourcollection to play them digitally for free! Are youreadyto chooseyour allegiance? Warhammer Champions is free todownloadand play,however some in-game items can be purchased forrealmoney. Like usonFacebook: Followus onTwitter:
Knights of Ages:Turnbased SRPG
Seaease Games
Lead your mercenaries to win, conquer castles and inherityourfamily for ages.
The Elder Scrolls: Legends
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is an award-winning free-to-playstrategycard game. Play online card games based on the hit TheElder ScrollsRPG series and prepare your deck for battle! Journeythrough TheElder Scrolls stories, conquer your enemies, and jointhe fun inthis easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down adventure! Startcardcollecting and build your deck, then travel throughMorrowind,battle dragons in Skyrim and venture to the ClockworkCity. TheElder Scrolls adventure keeps on growing. Turn basedstrategy andcard battle games will take you on an epic CCG journeywith TheElder Scrolls: Legends. Download today! THE ELDERS SCROLLS:LEGENDSFEATURES: SINGLE PLAYER GAMES CONTENT - Tactical games andturnbased strategy with single player modes. - Learn the campaignandbasics of Legends with hours of solo gameplay and rewards.-Explore The Elder Scrolls campaigns, from tales of TheDarkBrotherhood to the fabled Clockwork City and more. - Solo Arenatotest your deck-building skills and one-off Puzzle challengestowrack your brain. CARD BATTLE GAMES - A strategy card gameunlikeany other, Legends features a divided battlefield with“lanes” thatallow for flexibility and choice, turning the simpleact of cardplacement into a tactical strategy. - Duel card gamesuse Runes andProphecies to turn any losing battle into a chance fora miraculouscomeback with an additional card draw when you need itmost. CCGPvP COMPETITION - Prepare your duel deck to battle againstotherplayers for ultimate bragging rights and rewards. - Playcardbattle games against friends online - Climb the PvP ladderinonline ranked play and conquer the competitive Arena - Duel intheGauntlet, a global weekend tournament with online cardbattlespitting players from all over the world against each other.CARDCOLLECTING - Level up your cards to strengthen your decksandtailor your play style. - Collect cosmetic card backs anduniquetitles to flaunt your victories and achievements to friendsandfoes alike. ALWAYS UPDATED - In The Elder Scrolls: Legends,there’salways something to look forward to: - New cards added everymonth- Limited time events - Daily and monthly login rewards-Full-fledged expansions - Consistent balance adjustments -Legends’metagame is fresh, interesting, and always updating! -Pastexpansions include: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Heroes ofSkyrim,Return to Clockwork City and Houses of Morrowind. Collectyourcards and prepare for battle in Elder Scrolls: Legends!Downloadnow.
Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG
Ascension: Deckbuilding Game
Playdek, Inc.
**Deliverance Expansion Now Available!**
Spellsword Cards: Demontide
One Up Plus
A solo CCG where you access more powerful cards as thestoryadventure unfolds.
Heroes Empire: TCG - Card Adventure Game. Free CCG
Heroes Empire: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game.Forgeanempire with the help of the greatest historicalandmythologicalheroes! Looking to play TCG Games? Heroes Empire:CardHeroesawaits you! - Recruit Mythological & HistoricalHeroes toleadan army: King Arthur, Alexander the Great,Spartacus,Leonidas,Hercules, Achilles and many more! - Claim yourown Castle,gatherresources to unlock unique rewards! - Build yourarmy withfamoushistorical units from multiple civilizations:Greek,Romans,Aztecs, Vikings, Ancient Japan, China... more! - Joinotherplayersin powerful Alliances to battle each other to claim thetopof theranks on this CCG Game! - Fight through a never endingTCGgamecampaign, constantly updated with awesome rewards &Maps!-Take part in famous TCG themed Adventures, battle inthegloriousRoman Colosseum or visit the mysterious island ofAvalon. -One ofthe best collectible card games - Looking for a TCGor CCGgame?Found it! On Heroes Empire - CCG: Collect Heroes,Soldiers&Lords to duel against opponents on this tcg game.Followtheadventure of a Lord who fights for his empire withcardstocollect. This is a free to play game that brings the bestoftheCCG & TCG genres with a fast online PvP duelsthatcombineHeroes, Lords & Items. Collect new cards to builddecksas youplay the Heroes Empire: TCG - Collectible Hero CardGame.UniqueCCG game - A round-based gameplay creates hundredsofstrategicpossibilities to reach the victory, remember topreparetacticsbeforehand. As a fantasy tcg game, experience abattle withcardheroes such as Spartacus or other greek mythologycardheroes.Fight against ancient generals, slay the spire dragonorconquerRome. This TCG Card Game brings ancient heroes tothetable!Collect and command your troops to fight in the pvponlinematches.Play with Spartacus on a mythology game, slaythroughenemies in aunique card heroes game. Key Elements of HeroesCCG ·MultiplayerOnline Matches - Duel Card Game. · Collect Heroes,Lords&Troops. · Build your Deck with powerful cards. ·Tactic:StrategyCard Game, easy to learn, hard to master. ·Glory!Competitive freegame - Free CCG. Languages Supported onHeroesEmpire - TCG Game: *English * Español (Spain) *Support* Didyouexperience an issueplaying Heroes Empire: TCGGame?Visit we will reply within1-2business days.PrivacyPolicy
Angador - The Dungeon Crawler
Joerg Jahnke
Retro-style dungeon crawl / rogue-like game with greatcharactercustomization
Echo of Combats: Collectible Card Games – CCG
Mad Devices
A collectible card game with PVP games! Fight in card battlegameswith PVP card
Fable Wars: Epic Puzzle RPG
Collect fable heroes, create the perfect team and clash inepicmatch battles!
Dragon League - Epic Cards Heroes
Dragon League - Epic Cards Heroes Compete & Upgrade Cards&Packs & Traits!
Atlas Empires - Build an AR Empire
Build, Improve, and Defend an Empire in the Real World
Cabals: Card Blitz (CCG)
Duels RPG - Fantasy Adventure
Fantasy adventure text rpg turn based combat story D&D orDnDturn based RPG.
War Dragons
Pocket Gems
Build, breed, and customize the ultimate dragon army toannihilateall others!
A fantasy collectible card game with stunning art.
Warhammer Combat Cards - 40K
Epic card wars in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. A 40k tradingcardbattle game!
Explore fair lands and foul dungeons in this all-time classic RPG!
Requires an Internet connection. Spellweaver isafree-to-playdigital card game true to the classics of thegenre,adding inseveral unique features for a new and freshgameplayexperience.With a focus of strategic depth and variety, itoffersendlesshours of fun in casual or AI matches, ranked play,drafts,andtournaments! FEATURES - HERO SKILL DEVELOPMENT -GENEROUSQUESTSYSTEM - INTEGRATED TOURNAMENTS - RANKED LEADERBOARDS-CREATURESPEED MECHANIC - VARIED GAME MODES - 6 MIXABLE CARDASPECTS- 18UNIQUE HERO CARDS Languages Supported: * English *Français*Deutsch * Español (Europa) * Português (Brasil) * Česky *Polski*Nederlands * Русский (Russian) * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
Deck Heroes: Legacy
Deck Heroes, this year's ultimate mobile competitive card gameishere!
Triad Battle
The new and incredible collectible card game (CCG)
Exiled Kingdoms RPG
Classic RPG with a thrilling epic story and an open worldtoexplore.
Experience one of the most critically acclaimed DRAGON QUEST gameinfull 3D!
Join the battle! Recruit your team ofheroes,lead powerful attacks, and defeat the evil minions ofQueenAmethyst in this addictive and free to play 3D actionRPG!The dreaded Queen has awoken and with her, the foul creaturesthatlie beneath the peaceful land of FellCrest. But all is notlost!The forgotten heroes of this land who had long ago put uptheirswords and bows are back and ready to fight in pursuit ofhonor andjustice!These brave elves, mages, and fighters must find theirancientweapons, relearn old battle spells, and come together todefeat theevil forces of Queen Amethyst.Adventure awaits… Are you ready?FEATURES:* Epic free-to-download strategy adventure RPG (RolePlayingGame)* Recruit and train an army of legendary Heroes to taketovictory!* Unlock and upgrade unique special moves for each Hero* Multiple battle modes, including Player vs Player challengesandsurvival modes* Collect, level up and evolve powerful cards on your way tobuildthe perfect BattleHand* Adventure through mystical lands, discover new locationsanddefeat despicable creatures!* Perfect your combat strategy using elemental strengthsandweaknesses for all Heroes and Villains* Complete epic quests for stinky cheese and stardust!* Stunning 3D animation and easy to learn tactical combatPLEASE NOTE: BattleHand is free to play, but some extra gameitemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings.A network connection is required to play.
Puzzle Tales: Valonia Falls
This is a World of Magic and Mysteries, Fantasy andFeuds,Valoniaand Puzzles. Welcome to the Continent of Valonia, homeofthe fivewarring tribes living in harmony. But that all changedwhentheAbyss invaded. Only by unifying all five tribes, will youbeableto close the gates of the Abyss and restore peace toValonia.Thefate of Valonia is in your hands, have you met yourmatch?PuzzleTales: Valonia Falls is the innovative FantasyCastlebuilding RPGwith epic Match 3 battles and intense PVP duels!Enterthe World –Let the world of Valonia draw you in withdetailedcharacters, epicbattles, and the beautiful landscape.Assemble yourSquad - Summonand train over 100 heroes to create theultimateteam. ExploreValonia - Discover the secrets of Valoniawithhundreds ofindependent and legendary battlefields for youtoconquer! Buildyour Castle – Collect resources, upgradebuildings,and forgemagical weapons to be the lord of the strongestfortress.Join aGuild – Make strategic alliances so you can takedown thepowerfulTitans and raid your adversaries! By downloadingthis game,you areagreeing to our Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy. - TermsofUse: -PrivacyPolicy: Togetlatest newsand communicate with more lords & ladies JoinourDiscord: More related informations&tipsFollow officialFB: any advice & feedback Contactusthrough:[email protected]
Mythgard CCG
Collect cards, make clever decisions, and be the gatherer ofvictors
Dragon Chronicles
Nyou Inc.
Epic! Brilliant design all around!A perfect mix of cards,skills,and strategy.
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
Neverwinter Nights is a classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG—enhancedfor Android!
Cthulhu Realms
Cthulhu Realms is the creepier cousin of the hugely populargameStar Realms.
Card Guardians: Rogue Deck RPG
Roguelike RPG card war game! Battle and loot in this deckbuilderadventure!
With over 10 million DLs in Japan, DRAGON QUEST TACT finallycomesto the West!
Cards, Universe & Everything
Avid Games
Build Decks, Trade & Collect Cards on Everything in theUniverse& Battle PVP
Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest
Tilting Point
Form a powerful legion & alliance, battle strategy warsanddefend your citadel
Might & Magic: Era of Chaos
Collect epic heroes and join war for the kingdom in thisstrategyRPG!
Heroes 3: Castle fight arena
Robin Blood
Choose heroes, improve their might and magic mastery onautomaticbattle arena
Heroes of Dragon Age
Collect Dragon Age heroes and battle it out in epic,strategiccombat.
Deck Warlords - TCG card game 7.02
Deck Warlords is a great and free trading card battle gamewithanendless array of creatures. Collect the ultimate creaturedeckfullof magical cards and defeat your opponents (PvP) in thisnewTCG /CCG card game. With dozens of cards and tokens to imbueyoucancollect an unique deck and wreak chaos as the greatestWarlordofall! The war and chaos has come! Its time to prove youareworthyyour name. Enter the world of this new TCG / CCGcreaturecard game- Deck Warlords! DRAGONS AND WIZARDS.READY YOURDECKS!Journey tothe land where you collect card creatures andbattleagainstpowerful and magical enemies each with their ownunique cardbattlespells, strategies and abilities! SIMPLE GAMEPLAY,YETDEEPSTRATEGY! Decide if you want the strength of a Warriororthecunning Spellcraft of a Wizard as you choose which tokenswillyouimbue your cards to strengthen them. What uniquestrategieswillyou come up? BUILD YOUR COLLECTION! Command an everchangingarmyof awesome creatures, including Dragons, Knights,andElementals tounleash their Card Abilities in an all out CardWar!CUSTOMIZE YOURDECK! Dozens of creatures come with dozens ofawesomeabilitiesthat make every battle new and unique. Power-upandtransform asyour creatures and cards become even more powerfulasyou customizeyour team to suit your battle style. MULTIPLAYERFUN!Play inmatches against opponent Heroes or fight against otherCardKingsas you make your way up the ladder to win loot, prizesandhonour!Download now for free and try new twist on trading cardgame(TCG).All just in a few minutes a day! You need internetconnectiontoplay this game. CONTACT US Visit our officialsiteat Follow us onTwitterat Like us onFacebookat and other fans at Patron at
Creatures of Aether
A creature collecting card game set in the Rivals ofAetheruniverse.