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Driven 1.0
UrbTranz Tech
Who looks forward to driving afterafrustrating day at work? Who wants to spend their time honkingandswearing at the messy situation that is traffic? Wouldn't itbegreat if you could just relax in your backseat and get workdone,without having to worry about any of that? Wouldn't it begreat ifyou just never had to worry about driving your car at all,be it ifyou were to go partying late night or simply go visit amall ordrop your children to school early morning.We at Driven, strive to make that vision come to life. Our arrayofexpertly trained and professional drivers are at your beck andcall24x7. All you have to do is open our app, set your location,selectyour time and Voila! Your driver would be at yourdoorstepinstantly.And the best part is that you can be assured of only topqualityas we undertake a rigorous background check for each driverand putthem through a service training program.So go on, book your driver and leave all the traffic woesfarbehind in your memories!