Top 13 Games Similar to X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator 2017 FlyWings
Be the best pilot with Flight Simulator 2017 FlyWings!
Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D
i6 Games
Download now! Fly Planes in this 3D Flight Simulator!
Avion Flight Simulator ™
Teapot Games
Avion Flight Simulator ™ is the most sophisticated flightsimulatorgame.
Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D 1.28.1
FLY MILITARY AIRCRAFT AND PASSENGER AIRLINERS: "TurbopropFlightSimulator" is a 3D airplane simulator game, featuringplanesderived from the Airbus A400M Atlas tactical airlifter, theATR 42/ ATR 72 regional airliners, and two concept VTOL aircraftXV-40and PV-40. HAVE FUN: * Pilot three versions of themilitaryaircraft: tactical cargo, coastguard, and spec-ops. * Pilotthe tworegional airliners, plus an airborne early warningmilitaryvariant. * Pilot the two Tilt-Wing VTOL aircraft (both inairplanemode, and in vertical, helicopter-like mode). * Learn tofly withtraining missions (teaching the basics of flying, taxiing,takeoffand landing). * Complete many varied missions. * Exploretheplane's interior in first-person (in most levels andfreeflight). *Interact with various items (doors, cargo ramp,strobes, mainlights). * Drive ground vehicles. * Load, unload, andairdropsupplies and vehicles with the cargo planes. * Takeoff andland onimprovised runways (and airports, of course). * Explorewithoutrestrictions in free-flight mode, or create flight routes onthemap. * Fly in varied time-of-day settings. OTHER FEATURES: *NEW& FREE airplane simulator game updated in 2022! * NOMANDATORYADS! Only optional, rewarded ones in-between flights. *Great 3Dgraphics (with detailed cockpits for all the aeroplanes).*Realistic physics for flight simulation. * Complete pilotcontrols(including rudder, flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers,auto-brakes,and landing gear). * Multiple control options(including mixed tiltsensor & stick / yoke). * Multiple cameras(including cockpitcameras with captain and copilot positions). *Close to realisticengines' sounds (turbines and propellers noisesrecorded from realairplanes). * Partial and total aircraftdestruction (clipping wingtips, full wings separation, tailseparation, and main fuselagebreakage). * Several islands with manyairports. * Selection ofmeasurement units for air speed, flyingaltitude, and distance(metric, aviation standard, and imperial).
Airplane Pilot Sim 1.27
i6 Games
Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D 2015 is a highly advancedsimulationdeveloped for Android. Here at i6 Games, we have beenstudying toperfect the ultimate plane flying simulation, improvingthe physicsfor you the player. And finally, we're excited to giveyou theopportunity to play our brand new and exciting flightsimulator!Get ready for the thrill of experiencing the controllingand flyinga commercial airplane aircraft in Airplane PilotSimulator 3D 2015!With realistic aeroplane cockpit controls, youcontrol the plane tofly safely through the air and help get thepassengers to theirdestination on time. With 20 unique levels (moresoon to come),your piloting skills will be tested to the limits.With theelements against you, you'll have to fly through toughsituationsin order to get to the destination on time in thisairplane flyingsimulation. The game also simulates weatherconditions as well asday and night cycle, with clear sky, tropicalrain, thunderstorms,turbulence and more! Become an Airliner Pilotand experience allthe thrills in the exciting, new game, AirplanePilot Simulator 3D2015! FEATURES: -Realistic airplane cockpitenvironment. All of thenecessary controls to make the gamingexperience more realistic -20Exclusive, entertaining levels forthis game (More levels soon tocome!) -Expansive, detailed openworld environment (Including 7Tropical Islands, Urban City,Residential Area, Farmlands, andForest) -High quality buildings andairports -Accelerometers usedto make easy to play tilt controls-Interact with functionalinstruments used in real-life airplanes-Unique reward system forgameplay -Dynamic lighting and sounds of acommercial airplane andenvironment -Amazing on-board cameras tocapture every angle of theplane Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D 2015uses real world simulatedelements: - Weather forecast: clear sky,rain, thunderstorms, -Turbulence - Day and night cycle - Planecrashes and smokeseffects.
Flight Simulator : Plane Pilot
Welcome Pilot! Fly, do contracts, earn money, buy planes,houses,enjoy flight!
Flight Simulator: City Plane 1.12
i6 Games
Flight Simulator: City Plane is a 3D Flight Simulation game, youarethe pilot of a commercial jet and you must fly through out thecityto the correct airports, follow the waypoints to guide you.Completeeach level by going through every waypoint and landingsafely beforethe time limit runs out, try to complete all 20challenging levels!
Flight Sim
3583 Bytes
Flight Simulator with 20+ Free Airplanes & EndlessRealisticEnvironments
Airplane Pilot Simulator 1.0.5
Pilot airplane is the best simulator offlyingto take passengers! if you have a Dream about becoming apilot,Follow your dream and quickly to download it! Share yourflightresults of free 3D aircraft simulator with friends insocialnetworks!Become an airline pilot and experience all the thrills intheexciting, new game, airplane pilot simulator! Learn in real3Dsimulation! warm up engines, raise the speed, pull the helmandblast off the airport runway! Don't forget to hide landingwheelsand watch the flight indicators and the fuel level!The game also simulates weather conditions as well as day andnightcycle, with clear sky, tropical rain, thunderstorms,turbulence andmore! Flying a plane is not easy - not everyone canbe apilot!Airplane Pilot Simulator Features:-Realistic airplane environment-Entertaining levels-Expansive, detailed open world environment-High quality scenery- Easy to play tilt controls-Interact with functional instruments-Unique reward system for game play-Real sounds of a commercial airplane
Airplane Flight Simulator 1.1
i6 Games
Airplane Flight Simulator is the latest, 3D flight pilotSimulationgame. As the pilot, you must fly commercial jet liners toadestination to help passengers get to where they want on time.Takecontrol, guide and navigate the commercial airliner passedeachnavigational waypoint to arrive at the correct destination.Makesure you don't get lost otherwise you will lose time and failtoget the passengers to their destination on time! If you getallwaypoints and reach the airport on time you will win and achieve3star ranking! Landing a huge airplane can be tricky, be suretoreduce the throttle down to slow the plane down to prepareforlanding. If you're not careful, you might accidentally crashtheplane! Use your piloting skills to land your airplane on therunwayto fully stop the plane and let the passengers off. Want toearnyour pilot wings and fly planes around the world, travellingtoexotic locations? You'll love the latest airliner flightsim,Airplane Flight Simulator!
Air Plane Bus Pilot Simulator
i6 Games
Fly high in the skies in real commercial airliners!
Airplane Simulator Pilot 3D
i6 Games
Download now! Take flight and experience the most realisticairplanepilot sim!
PicaSim: Free flight simulator
The Rowlhouse
A free flight simulator for radio controlled aircraft.