Top 50 Apps Similar to Police Pursuit

Taxi Run: Traffic Driver
Put your seatbelt on! Become the crazy taxi driver! Dodge carsanddon't crush!
Reckless Getaway 2
Dodge the heat and don’t get dead!
Faily Brakes 2: Car Crash Game
Drive ahead in the death race! Win the demolition derby and bethechampion!
Smashy Road: Wanted 1.4.4
SMASHY ROAD: WANTED You are WANTED! Take your driving tonewheights! Master and unlock all 90 vehicles. Race throughthedessert, grasslands and the city or encounter SECRET areaswithgreat rewards! Escape the POLICE, the SWAT, the ARMY JEEPS andtheTANKS! How long can you last? Smash the road and see if youcanbeat your friends highscore in the online leaderboards! FEATURES-90 unlockable vehicles!! - Random generated environment withchanceto encounter secret locations - All vehicles have theirownbehaviour. Find your favourite! - Great visuals and sound
Sling Drift
Most addictive drifting game
Road Crash
Crash into cars!
Drive and Park 1.0.21
SayGames Ltd
- Park cars. - Earn money. - Travel to around the world andcollectcars from each location. Will you be the best car parker?
Ramp Car Jumping
BoomBit Games
Stuntman: we challenge you to ski jump in your car! Speed!Jump!Fly! & CRASH!
Rush Hour 3D
Life in the Fast Lane
Let's Be Cops 3D
Kwalee Ltd
Protect the streets!
Smash racing: epic crash drive
Arcade racing with hundred cars, agressive cops, fun enviromentandcool action!
Submarine Jump!
Kwalee Ltd
Get speed, jump out of water!
Smashy Road: Wanted 2
You are WANTED! How long can you stay on the run?
Car Master 3D 1.2.1
SayGames Ltd
🚙 CUSTOMIZE CARS IN YOUR OWN BODY SHOP 🛠️ Have you ever dreamedofbecoming a 👨🏻‍🔧 mechanic? Do you love watching shows aboutcarrestoration and repairs? Then it’s time for you to take amoreactive role and tune up vehicles in your very ownprofessionalgarage in the Car Master 3D mechanic game! Customerscome to yourauto body shop for you to pimp their rides! You offer afull rangeof services at your garage: car fixing, washing, tuning,painting,and much more. Help your customers and collect cash toupgrade yourworkspace, buy better tools, and unlock unique newpersonalizationoptions. 😄 A FULL-SCALE CAR REPAIR GAME 🧰 In yourcar restorationstudio, you can make old rusty buckets of boltssparkle and shinelike they’re brand new! 🚘 This challenging carfixing game allowsyou to give every vehicle a complete renovation.Time to rev yourcreative engine! Mend fender benders for bigspenders and repairdents and damage for unlucky customers who havetotaled their cars.Inflate tires and pick out new wheels fromdifferent shapes andsizes. Decide if your customer is thego-big-or-go-home type, or ifthey would prefer a lowrider. Wash andpolish vehicles of allkinds. Customize cars with your choice ofpaint colors 🎨, funstickers, awesome decals, cool logos, and avariety of spoilers.Replace broken windshields and windows withsleek tinted glass —you even get to choose the color! GAME FEATURES★ Work as amechanic at your own automotive shop in this addictiveand free carmaker game. ★ Every car that pulls into your garagerequires aunique service package based on the customer’s needs.Upgradeflashy sports cars, police vehicles, ambulances, foodtrucks,taxis, and more! Make sure your customers drive away happy.★ Turna profit to become a true car master. 💰 Earn cash and scoreprizesto upgrade your auto bay, improve your equipment, andreplenishyour inventory! Go the extra mile for RARE parts, wheels,anddesigns. ★ Acquire the skills to pay the bills. When you levelup,your repair abilities will increase as well. ★ Fun andsatisfyinggameplay that keeps you engaged and helps you unwind. ★Speciallevels with VIP cars for your high-rolling customers. ★Eye-popping😲 and colorful 3D graphics. ★ Use the optional vibrationsetting tocustomize your gameplay experience the same way youcustomize cars!Do you have what it takes to be a master? Fastenyour seatbelt andtake this car maker game for a spin! Download CarMaster 3D todayand go on a joy ride to your own personal garagesimulator and carcustomization station! 😍
Car Crusher 1.5.6
BoomBit Games
Ever seen a hydraulic press in action? Exert crazy amountsofpressure on dozens of cars and watch what happens! Crushcars,boats and more! The more you flatten, the more crushing poweryouearn. Get more: - power, to smash cars harder - speed, tosmashcars faster - bonus, for more money! Watch: - wheels fly off-bumpers clank to the ground - windshields shatter! Download nowandstart crushing some cars!
Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump
Perform stunts and tricks on your bike! Try to get as faraspossible!
Desert Riders: Car Battle Game
SayGames Ltd
Exhilarating car shooter! Fight raiders in apost-apocalypticwasteland world!
Race against people while making insane jumps
Car Safety Check
Lion Studios
Build a car, slingshot, smash!!!
Smashy Road: Arena
Survive the battle ARENA. Fight your enemies with theonlinemultiplayer!
Pick Me Up™ 1.23
Have you ever wanted to be a ride share driver? Pick up and dropoffcustomers to earn money and level up. Explore the world anddiscovernew monuments. How To Play: - Tap and hold to drive -Release tobrake - Avoid crashing - Collect cash and unlock coolcarsSubscription Terms VIP Access offers a weekly subscription for$5.99after a 3 day free trial. Upon purchase of this subscription,youwill immediately receive: 3 elite cars, 200% in-game cashearned,250 in-game cash bonus daily and remove all ads. This isanauto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to youraccountafter purchase confirmation. Your subscription is renewedunlessyou turn it off at least 24 hours before the period ends.Youraccount will be charged for renewal as well. See below linksformore information. The prices are set for United Statescustomers.Pricing in other countries may vary and actual chargesmay beconverted to your local currency. Canceling yourSubscriptionPlease visit thislink: privacy policy visit: ourterms of service visit: For anyadditionalquestion, please contact us at: [email protected]
Flippy Race
High speed water race
Smash Cops Heat 1.12.01
Hutch Games
The hit action game enjoyed by over 10 million playersexplodesontoAndroid, supercharged with cool features, bonusmissions andextremepursuit vehicles. Download now and play forFREE! -- BE THECOPS INAMERICA’S WILDEST TV CHASES Smash Cops Heatis an intenseactionracing game which pits your driving skillsagainst felonsdesperateto outrun you in wild chases. - Pursue andtakedown highspeedfelons - Escape criminal attacks inheart-stopping chases -Stunning3D graphics - Large, beautiful,driveable city - Physicsbased chaosand mayhem Ground-breaking, easyto use drivingcontrols;ultra-responsive and accessible to playersof allability. Explosivenew power-ups, exclusive to Heat, let youcrankup the carnage. -Unleash rapid fire takedowns with the brandnewInstaRam - Fend offrelentless felon attacks with the new&improved Super CopChoose from a huge variety of highperformancepursuit cars rangingfrom American muscle to exoticEuropeanhypercars. Hit the streetsand take on a city full ofcriminalmayhem! -- Smash Cops Heatfeatures items such as power-upsandpaint jobs that can be boughtin-game. You can manage accesstothese items in Settings.
Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles
Dodreams Ltd.
Crazy multiplayer fun! Collect & battle with stuntcars.Stylized pixel racing.
Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps
Speed up your car to the ramps and perform impossibleextremestunts!
PAKO Forever
Endless getaway with crazy encounters
Riding Extreme 3D 1.59
Buckle up, Riding Extreme begins! Feel the adrenalin rush anddiveinto the atmosphere of a true freeride, enjoy thebreathtakingviews of dozens of locations – from snow-coveredmountain peaks tosunny deserts. Upgrade your bike after each rideand unlock uniquemodifications. Test yourself – it's not easy toget to the finishline, but it's even harder to get their first!Knock down yourrivals, but avoid any obstacles.
Stunt Car Extreme 0.999919
Stunt Car Extreme is the ultimate stunt and trial car game withbothentertaining and awe-inspiring tracks. The main tracks aredesignedfor casual play, but the bonus tracks offer more extremechallenge!The bonus tracks have high risks but also high rewards.Levelsinclude hard trials levels, easy speed levels, and casualand funjump levels. The game has a daily challenge mode, in whichyou tryto win real players drives. In the cups mode you raceagainst threedrivers in three race tracks in a roll. New endlessadventure modechallenges you with stunt missions in an endlesslevel. Cars arecustomisable based on your preferences, with coolpaint jobs,engines, tires and more. The car selection includeclassic andmodern muscle car types, sports cars, off-road vehiclesand otherlegendary car models. The game has a hidden feature,secret car keyshidden in the tracks. By collecting the hidden keysyou can unlocksome of the cars, including a monster truck. StuntCar Extreme is acontinuation of the Stunt Car Challenge car gameseries.
Rage Road - Car Shooting Game
SayGames Ltd
Shoot and smash enemies out of the trunk in an incredibleroadaction game!
Park Master
Park all cars!
Rampage Road 1.060
Unfortunately, I am unable to update this game because of issuesinpublishing, although I hope to resolve this issue soon.Internetconnection recommended for cloud save An endless world ofcars,tanks, terrain, airports, and race tracks are waiting! Drive,gaincash, swap vehicles mid game, and buy and upgrade newvehicles,ranging from common hatchbacks and muscle cars to LAVs andMBTs!
Turbo Dismount™
The legendary crash simulator is now on Google Play!
Hot Slide
PvP Drift-Racing
Police Patrol Simulator
Police Patrol Simulator The situation is out of control.Recklessdrivers have taken over the streets. Join the force andhelp torestore order, progress through the ranks, and become theultimatelaw keeper. There are a lot of different cars to unlock,which canbe customized and patrolled around in, each with differenthandlingand characteristics. Your playground is a beautiful, largeopenworld, without loading screens or limits. The game has a lotofoptions in the settings menu, to make the game feel just rightforyour device.
Saw 1.5
Saw Machine. io is a new racing & fun io game where youdrivethecar with a large rotating saw and beat many strongenemies!Controlyour car, complete levels, each of which requiresyou tohit all theopponents, cutting them into pieces. With eachenemydefeated, youbecome bigger, stronger, and more dangerous,butbeware! Even thesmallest enemy has a chance to smash youdownhere. Don’t forget toearn enough coins – they’ll help you tobuy anew super vehicle witha much more dangerous saw! Gamefeatures: -Simple io gameplay - Manycars & tractors withdangerous saws -Variety of cool skins -Bright 3D graphics -Multiplayer BattleRoyale - Great chance to passyour free timeDownload Saw for free and challengeyourself right now –can you win and bethe last man standing?
Smash Bandits Racing
Hutch Games
Crash through America in the craziest road race to hit theGooglePlay Store.
Crazy Traffic Control
You control the traffic in the most realistic, craziestone-touchtraffic game!
Stunt Car Challenge 3
Drive the awesome stunt tracks with muscle cars in this funcasualgame!
Turbo Tap Race 1.7.5
BoomBit Games
Start racing in this super-easy to pick up &intuitiveracinggame! Turbo Tap Race is an antidote to allthoseover-elaboratesuper-complex racing games that demandhugededication and hours ofyour time. Here you just tap… Andrace!Turbo Tap Race is aneasy-to play racing game with lots ofcontentand much more comingin future updates! Use the amazinglysimplecontrols to controlyour speed and use it to overtake all ofyouropponents… But youhave to be careful - go too fast and you mayendup crashing orgetting off course - and that will cost youprecioustime! Raceover multiple cool environments and earn in-gamemoneyfor yourprogress. Use it to upgrade your speed, wheels, andarmor.Becomeone of the fiercest drivers in history, anunstoppabledrivinglegend. It’s simpler than you think!
Rocket Sky!
Kwalee Ltd
Discover new planets!
Ground Breaking 3D
An Impactful Shooting Game
Demolition Derby 2
Open world driving with racing and destruction derbies!
Train Taxi
SayGames Ltd
Get all the passengers!
Extreme Demolition 2.4
The first demolition derby game for free isnowavailable NOW WITH MULTIPLAYER ! You can enjoy three varioustrackswith your Dongy car. Destroy your enemies, earn some moneyandupgrade your car to maximum power.If you like this game, please don't hesitate to give us fivestars.For more amazing 3D games please donate.This game need high performance. Only dual core smartphonesarerecomended. If you can't play without lags, please send mee-mailand no give bad rating.Thank YouCableek GamesDonate: I can't play multiplayer.A: Multiplayer isn't finished yet. It will be available innextupdate.Q: I can't change quality.A: Sometimes the game lag when it resample textures, pleasetryclick to left down corner or restart game.Q: The game crash after click on track or when the gameisloading.A: This game needs dual core device. If you have old orlow-endsmartphone, please report me that you can't play it bye-mail andno give me bad rating for it.
Hyper Roller Coaster
BoomBit Games
Can you run this theme park’s new roller coaster… withoutpeopleflying out?
Jetpack Jump
Kwalee Ltd
Fly to victory!
Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing 1.2.4
DogByte Games
Blocky Highway is about racing traffic, avoiding trains,collectingcars and most importantly having fun. Collect coins, openprizeboxes to get new cars and complete collections! Drive at fullspeedto score big and be the #1. Crash time! Control your caraftercrash, hit traffic cars for extra score! Key Features -Gorgeousvoxel art graphics - 4 worlds to choose from - 55differentvehicles to drive : Taxi, Tank, Ufo, Police Car, Army4x4,Dragster, Monster, Space Shuttle, Motorbikes, Boats and somuchmore - Crash time - 11 car collections to complete - 3 gamemodes -Endless easy mode for kids - Missions - Game ServicesLeaderboards- Desert, Snow, Green and Water themes - AchievementsYou willenjoy this endless traffic racer for sure! Please leave aratingand give your feedback so we can further improve the game.CreatedBy Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads,RedlineRush, Off The Road and Zombie Safari. Info: We disclosetheadvertising ID of your device to advertising network companiestoserve targeted ads in the game based on your personalpreferences.
Crazy Shopping
Kwalee Ltd
Create chaos while you shop!
Redline Rush: Police Chase Racing
DogByte Games
Police chase traffic racing at it's best! Extreme highspeeddriving!
Faily Brakes
Endless Rag-doll Car Crashing!