Top 50 Apps Similar to Sneak Thief 3D

Shootout 3D
Kwalee Ltd
Protect the good guys!
Crazy Shopping
Kwalee Ltd
Create chaos while you shop!
Thief King
Become the King of Thief!
Flip Tumbling 1.10.4
Kwalee Ltd
Dive into your next big adventure, with Flip Tumbling!Becomeamaster gymnast in this epic tumbling experience! FlipTumblingisthe new parkour sensation that’s sweeping thenation!Bounceyourself into the air with a series of awesome tapstomaximiseyour air time, perform tricks and fly through the sky!Becarefulto control your landing; a perfect landing means aperfectpayout!Upgrade your character, improve your parkour skills,andsoon youwill be able to fly through the air further thaneverbefore.Explore beaches, oceans, forests and more as you soar!Sostep upto the challenge, and become a parkour ninja, withFlipTumbling.Flip Tumbling features: -Exciting parkourexperiences-Exploremultiple worlds -Character upgrades -Earn bigwith eachflip! -Anexciting VIP subscription! SUBSCRIBE TO FLIPTUMBLING!Subscribe toFlip Tumbling for all of the followingbenefits:Receive x2Earnings Get Perfect Landings Obtain a RareCharacter NoAds, whichremoves non-optional adverts from thegameSUBSCRIPTIONINFORMATION: Flip Tumbling VIP Membership accessofferstwomembership options: 1) A weekly subscription costing $5.49perweekafter a 3 day FREE trial period. 2) A monthlysubscriptioncosting$14.49 per month. After buying thissubscription, you willunlock;x2 earnings for your in-game currencyon all your jumps,perfectlandings every time which will give you ax3 multiplier onyourearnings, obtain a rare character to use in thegame, andreceiveno ads, which removes non-optional ads from thegame. Thisis anauto-renewable subscription. The payment is chargedto youraccountafter confirmation. The subscription is renewedunlessyouunsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends. Your accountwillalsobe charged for renewal The price notes are forUnitedStatescustomers. Pricing in other countries may change andactualchargesmay be converted to local currency. End of trialandsubscriptionrenewal: - The payment is charged to youriTunesaccount after aconfirmation of purchase - The subscriptionisrenewed unless youunsubscribe 24 hours before the end ofthecurrent period - Theaccount will be charged for renewal 24hoursbefore the end of thecurrent period at the standard cost oftheweekly subscription -The user may manage the subscriptionandauto-renewal by accessingthe user's account settings afterpurchasein the store - Nocancellation of the current subscriptionispermitted during theactive subscription period - Any unusedportionof the free trialperiod will be forfeited when thesubscription ispurchasedCancelling a trial or subscription: - Inorder to cancelasubscription during the free trial period you needto cancelitthrough your account in the Store. This must be done atleast24hours before the end of the free trial period toavoidbeingcharged.
Police Pursuit
Kwalee Ltd
Dodge the Cops!
SayGames Ltd
Jump into your helicopter, take a rifle and totally annihilatethosecriminals!
Drop & Smash
Kwalee Ltd
Can you break the object?
Hook and Smash
Kwalee Ltd
Destroy the city! Move Stop Move - Stickman Crowd 3D
Battle in City of crowd 3D stickman io - Be a giant,fightthe gang
Bullet Rush!
The game with the most enemies on screen ever released!
Stair Dismount
The premier personal impact simulator on Android™! - Fun io games
Smash ‘em all & don't get hit in io games! Kick the buddyfoesout of the arena
Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja
SayGames Ltd
Prove your ninja skills by creeping through the shadows andtakingout bad guys
Bullet Man 3D 1.4.7
Hey there, Bullet Man. Use your gun to perfect your lethalaccuracyand shoot at as many bad guys as possible. Challengingobstaclesmake it extra tricky to reach your targets, so aim beforeyousqueeze the gun trigger and shoot away. Before you put yourfingeron the trigger and shoot, you gotta think like a sniper: howmanyenemies can you down in one shot? You have many targets. Areyouthe sniper Bullet Man to save the day? "To opt out ofCrazyLabssales of personal information as a California resident,pleasevisit our Privacy Policy:"
Touchdown Master 2.0.16
Are you ready to make an unbelievable touchdown? Rush throughalotof enemies and various obstacles. Try to do your best to gettothefinish line! Slide over the screen to moveyourcharacter.Touchdown Master is the exciting free game you'llwant totell yourfriends about. Which level can they get to?!Features: - Alot ofinteresting levels - Smooth and satisfyingragdoll physics -Brightlow poly graphics
Baseball Fury 3D 1.8.1
Kwalee Ltd
Baseball Fury 3D is a fun and addictive game where you can becomeabatting legend! Swing and hit objects at to destroy theships,aircrafts and buildings around you, take down everything toadvanceto the next level. Use power ups along the way to help youout andbecome the baseball champion! Baseball Fury 3D features: -Simpleand fun gameplay - Increasingly challenging levels - Newcharactersto unlock SUBSCRIBE TO BASEBALL FURY 3D Subscribe toBaseball Fury3D for all of the following benefits: ExclusiveCharacter ExclusiveLevel Receive x2 Earnings No Ads, which removesnon-optionaladverts from the game SUBSCRIPTIONS INFORMATION:Baseball Fury 3DVIP Membership access offers two membershipoptions: 1) A weeklysubscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3day FREE trialperiod. 2) A monthly subscription costing $14.49 permonth. Afterbuying this subscription, you will unlock; obtain anexclusivecharacter to use in the game,an exclusive level to play,x2earnings for your in-game currency, and receive no ads,whichremoves non-optional ads from the game. This is anauto-renewablesubscription. The payment is charged to your accountafterconfirmation. The subscription is renewed unless youunsubscribe 24hours before the period ends. Your account will alsobe charged forrenewal The price notes are for United Statescustomers. Pricing inother countries may change and actual chargesmay be converted tolocal currency. End of trial and subscriptionrenewal: - Thepayment is charged to your iTunes account after aconfirmation ofpurchase - The subscription is renewed unless youunsubscribe 24hours before the end of the current period - Theaccount will becharged for renewal 24 hours before the end of thecurrent periodat the standard cost of the weekly subscription - Theuser maymanage the subscription and auto-renewal by accessing theuser'saccount settings after purchase in the store - Nocancellation ofthe current subscription is permitted during theactivesubscription period - Any unused portion of the free trialperiodwill be forfeited when the subscription is purchasedCancelling atrial or subscription: - In order to cancel asubscription duringthe free trial period you need to cancel itthrough your account inthe Store. This must be done at least 24hours before the end ofthe free trial period to avoid beingcharged.
Clean Up 3D
Kwalee Ltd
Vacuum Everything!
Finding Blue Free (KOR) 1.2.5
Finding Blue is a fps-style mobile mini-game. Your goal istofindand destroy the BlueMons, while avoiding other enemiesintheshortest time possible. Try to attain the highest levelofthemission with limited ammo and faced by many dangers ! Youmaygetfrustrated by the difficult missions, but don't give upbecausetheForce is always with you! (If you destroy enemies otherthantheBlueMons, yourscoredrops.)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◆Variousweapons Weapons vary from a pistol to a lightsaber!Destroyenemiesusing the right weapon at the right time and in therightplace. ◆Easy to control FindingBlue has overcome thedifficultcontrols ofother mobile FPS games. For example, aim modeandmovement mode havebeen separated for easier control. ◆ Ride inacar and a helicopterYou can destroy the enemies easily using acarand a helicopter. ◆Bonus game The last stage of each level isabonus stage involvingcatching chickens. Catch as many chickensasyou can!
Perfect Snipe 1.4.2
Find your way to defeat opponents. Each level is a challenge.Areyou ready to accept it? Try to manage all of them. Themaintactic's easy to learn. Master it and be the best amongothers!SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Subscription options WeeklyPremiumoffers a weekly subscription for $5.99 after a 3-day freetrial. Itprovides 250 free coins daily, one exclusive skin andweapons, alsoremoves all the ads. End of trial period andsubscription renewalThis price is established for United Statescustomers. Pricing inother countries may vary and actual chargesmay be converted toyour local currency depending on the country ofresidence. Paymentwill be charged to your iTunes Account atconfirmation of purchase.Subscription automatically renews unlessauto-renew is turned offat least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent period. Accountwill be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to the end of thecurrent period, and identify the cost of therenewal. Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user and auto-renewalmay be turned off bygoing to the user’s Account Settings afterpurchase. Any unusedportion of a free trial period, if offered,will be forfeited whenthe user purchases a subscription to thatpublication, whereapplicable. Canceling trial period orsubscription You can turn offthe auto-renew for the subscriptionwhenever you want in thesettings if your iTunes account.Check When yourcurrenttrial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed.Thecurrent active subscription period cannot be canceled. Afteryoursubscription expires, you will no longer be able to useelementsoffered in your chosen Subscription Option. If you haveanyquestions or comments, feel free to contact [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse:
Food Games 3D 1.4.1
Chop! Drop! and DROOL! Ready to COOK?! Hope you're hungry! GOmakesome FOOD! I'm starving! We got those sweet savory gameswaitingfor you to EAT! Devour and CHOMP your way through theseDELICIOUSgames! Got room for dessert? Play now! Eat now? Chow down!Play nowand see if you're a better chef than your friends! FoodGames 3D isa delicious healthy addictive food and cooking game with0calories! In fact, playing this game makes you burn calorieswithall sorts of fun for working out your inner chef! Bring outtheflavor and get that brain of yours ready for some FUNFOOD!DOWNLOAD NOW! Featuring: -Imaginative game play! -Ducks!-FOOD!-Cooking! -Donuts! -Food Puzzles! -Chopping! -Ice Cream! -5Starmeals! -MORE FOOD! Link to Terms andConditions: Link toPrivacy: Link to CookiesPolicy:
Purple Diver
Have diving fun!
Flip Trickster - Parkour Simulator
Lion Studios
Are you the next parkour champion
Car Flip: Parking Heroes 1.17
You think need to park your car carefully, right? You wish!Welcometo Car Flip - a game where you have to perform crazy stuntsandjumps from trampolines in a car – all in order to park your carinthe most original and unusual way! Do a triple flip and landparkedwith your wheels up? Excellent! Can you make a crazy jumpthroughrings of fire? Fantastic, this will net you a lot of points!Themain thing is to land in the parking lot via the most epicandinsane methods! GAME FEATURES: - Realistic physics -Beautifulgraphics - Lots of levels - Tons of obstacles and jumps -Skins andcustom colour options for your car - Easy controls -Intuitiveinterface Car Flip is a free game that will bring youheaps of fun!So what are you waiting for? Join in and become thecraziest driverin the world! ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Smart Bullet - Savior 2.0
Gamer's SKY
This is a casual and educational 2D shooting game. Play withyourfriends to see who can collect more stars. Unlock differentmodes,open rich and funny skin, experience different fun and becomethebest shooting elite! 🤷‍♀️600+ levels!!! 💁‍♀️Including GUNmode,PIPE mode, MALL mode, GRENADE mode, SAVE mode, HOSTAGE mode🔫Needyou to make the most of your brain, ingenious / focused / oneblow🔫Unlock rich gameplay and challenge higher levels ofdifficulty🔫Afraid of missing gold coins? Play Brick mode,constantly breakthrough your records and bring you a steady streamof gold coins 🔥Alot of funny characters waiting for your unlock🔥Levels will beupdated continuously, please be patient! ! 🔥Constantly adjust theangle to find the most suitable angle, pullthe trigger, shoot, thebullet will spin quickly and finally defeatthe enemy and save yourlover. 🔥 You will become a respected hero,this is your heroic era,and you will receive the highest gloryFights can take place at anytime, in a crowded shopping center, ina small dim waterway, on theroof or underground. 🔫 Use your weaponto shoot enemies throughvarious obstacles and shoot bulletsfrantically for ultimatevictory. 💣 Use your grenade, throw agrenade under the opponent’sfeet and let him know the power of TNT.🛡️ Protect yourself frombullets and grenades, or you will end upwith the enemy. 🆘 Save acute and beautiful girl and become a heroin her heart. This isyour mission and your mission. If you have anyfeedback, or if youneed help upgrading and have any great ideasabout the game, pleaselet us know by email and we will get back toyou within twobusiness days. >> [email protected] I hope youcan eliminatetroubles in your life when you play this game and wishyou have agood time. Thank you for your attention
Crazy Alien Wars
Start your UFO invasion! Destroy cities, abduct people anddefeatother players!
No One Escape
Lion Studios
Time to take no prisoners
Staff! - Job Game | Simulator
SayGames Ltd
Get a Job! Design your own house and make you life better!
Submarine Jump!
Kwalee Ltd
Get speed, jump out of water!
Gym Flip
Show off your gymnastic skills
Paint More! 1.2.2
Bad Crane
Paint drops have escaped and the world has gone dull and gray.Ourhero Uncle Brush is here to save the day! Collect paint bybumpinginto the escaping paint drops and make everything colorfulagain!Crazy physics and free movement make this runner game superfun!User Manual: 1. Catch paint drops 2. Color stuff 3. PROFIT!$$$Features: • Colorful worlds with funny obstacles • Lots ofcoolstuff to paint. Everything from hamburgers to toy rockets.•Customize your hero! A running pig with a crown? Yes, we’ve gotit.• All painted objects generate idle cash! Soon you’ll batheincoins! Paint More! is a new runner game from Bad Crane, bestknownfrom the games 'Make More!' and 'RGB Express'. Email [email protected] to give us your feedback - thanks!
Shoot n Loot - RPG Battle
Grab your gun - collect power-ups, dodge bullets and shootallmonsters up!
Light-hearted arcade for all!
Finding Blue (ENG)
Finding Blue is a fps-style mobile mini-game!
Stick Warfare: Blood Strike
Enjoy the intense and hardcore gunfights with Stick Figures!
Stickman 3D - Street Gangster
We make casual moments turn into mad adventures!
Reckless Getaway 2
Dodge the heat and don’t get dead!
What The Fight 1.5.0
Swipe to move and take all the objects to knock all theopponentsand win the fight. Description: WTF is a ragdoll physicsbasedfighting. You can use guns, drive crazy vehicles and more.Will youbeat the other fighters and become the next champion? WTFfeatures:- Fast paced physics-based ragdoll combat - Countlessweapons anditems for the fight - Variety of levels and events withsurprises -Ragdoll Fighter
Jetpack Jump
Kwalee Ltd
Fly to victory!
Faily Rocketman
Phil Faily is building Space Rockets in his backyard andtestingthem himself.
Flip Runner
Parkour & trick freerunning extremes! Ultimate danger&adrenaline guaranteed!
Boost Jump! Parachute Glides
Start your new adventure; from small jumps to infinity and beyond!
Sausage Flip
Can you make it flip and jump?
Doodle Run
Kwalee Ltd
Doodle Run
Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game
SayGames Ltd
Kill your targets with the sniper scope in incredible 3D shooter!
Death Incoming! 1.9.3
Lion Studios
Are you a fan of watching people die in horrificallyentertainingways? Do you enjoy watching folks get exactly what theydeserve? Oris it just another day, another death for you? It’s timeto grabyour cloak and scythe and get ready to harvest some soulswhilesolving these deadly brain puzzles. Did someone get the brightideato hop on a trampoline next to an open construction site? Ormaybesomeone decided to get a little too close to the tiger pit atthelocal zoo. Each new chapter of Death Coming introduces you toallkinds of fun scenarios where you; The Grim Reaper, A.K.A.DeathHimself, must test your smarts and bring these wretched soulsto adeserving end! Game Features: 1. Fun and unique scenariosEachchapter brings you to hilarious and interactive scenes whereyoumust figure out how to take your victims out of theirwrecklessmisery! 2. Test you brain power Use the items available toyou ineach episode to craft the fun and unique deaths of yourvictims 3.Customize your reaper Tons of fun skins and customizationoptions.Decorate your Grim Reaper in your own unique way. 4. Relaxandenjoy They say not to fear the reaper and that’s never beenmoretrue because this time, you ARE the reaper!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet,HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news andupdates onour other Award Winning titles;
Desert Riders: Car Battle Game
SayGames Ltd
Exhilarating car shooter! Fight raiders in apost-apocalypticwasteland world!
Draw Story 3D 0.3.5
How good can you draw? Welcome to the sequel to the hit gameDrawStory! Draw Story 3D lets you DRAW your way out of trouble.ThisDraw Story is filled with humor, romance, adventure, anddrama.Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in yourfavoritestory? Draw Story lets you do just that with tons of levelsto drawthrough! PLAY FREE NOW!!! Link to Terms andConditions: Link toPrivacy: Link To CookiesPolicy:
Defeat the enemy with one blow. Epic puzzle adventure
Skyturns: 3D Platform Runner
A speedrunning parkour game in the sky. Gain insane speed &findthe flag!