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Math: Mental Math Games
Do you want to know math tricks andforgetabout calculator in your daily live? This math trainer appwillhelp you to get math skills and learn mental math. Learn andtrainmath in cool math games!Unique functionality: listen 🔈 math problems and answer byvoice!🎤The app has collected the most effective mental calculationmathtricks. It’s designed as an interactive tutorial with mathgamesfor your brain, where you get acquainted with each method, andthenpractice it having different types of brain workouts. Studyofmental arithmetic tricks will be an exciting brain trainingmathgames for your: solve tasks, get degrees, win starsandtrophiesThe application will be useful for all ages:- students and kids - to master the basics of mathematicsandarithmetic, learn multiplication table, prepare for math testsandexams, learn how to fold, subtract, multiply, divide,squarecalculate percentages- adults - to keep their mind and brain in good shape,improveresults in iq test, quickly solve logic games🎓 Learning:- Study mental calculation tricks for addition,subtraction,multiplication, division, square root, percentage ofsingle digitsand double digits (support for triple digits will beadded infuture releases)🏁 Training:- train quality by passing an exam to get bachelor's, master'sorprofessor’s degree- train speed by solving 10 tasks as fast as you can to getcopper,silver or gold cup- train complexity by solving as much tasks as you wantwithconfigurable complexity- train result by solving as much tasks as you can in 60seconds(brainstorm)- train endurance by solving as much tasks as you want withouttimelimits- work on mistakes🎮 Online multiplayer:- invite friends to play- play with your friends and random players🍭 Other:- Achievements and leaderboards (supported by devices withGooglePlay Games)- Statistics of all achievements (degrees, cups, stars)- Invite friends using your personal invite code that can besharedvia social networking websites, email or using any convenientforyou way- free upgrade 🎁 to Pro version without Ads after invite of3friends⌚️ Smartwatch:- solve as much random tasks as you can in 60 seconds- current and best score- best score synchronization between wear and handhelddevices- rating between all users with wearable devices- open the app on handheld from smartwatchMath can be cool and fun. Check it!
Space Math - Times tables & multiplication games
UXApps Ltd
Play & learn multiplication tables fast. Mental maths gameforkids and adults!
Math Tests - mathematics practice questions 1.9.3
Improve your math fluency through thousands ofmultiple-choicetests. This app will make math for primary andsecondary schoolstudents available instantly in your device! Youwill receive agrade at the end of each test. It contains theory aswell! For 1stgrade: - addition and subtraction - basic geometryfigures For 2ndgrade: - long multiplication and division - tenbased system andplace value - metric and US standard units ofmeasurements (time,length, weight, volume, area) For 3rd grade: -order of operations- rounding of numbers - Roman numerals and theGreek alphabet For4th grade: - fractions and decimals Results andtest history aretracked. You can review your mistakes and progress.It is likehaving dozens of math worksheets and exercises directlyin yourdevice with results and solutions immediately available.Since itworks offline you learn to solve math and algebra problemswheneveryou want! The exercises are ideal for better math fluencyand aresuitable for kids and adults as well. To cover thecompletecurriculum, app also includes divisibility, negativenumbers,equations, inequalities, geometry, powers and exponents,set theoryand functions.
Math games for kids : times tables training 3.9.6
Nicolas Lehovetzki
AB Math is a set of cool mental math games for kids from 5 to 10:-Math drills with the 4 basic operations(addition,subtraction,multiplication, division, times tables) - 4levels ofdifficulty,including an expert mode for grownups - Clean,simpleandattractive interface - Many game options that thechildrencanchoose by themselves - Various fun game modes, includingthebubblegame - Parents can follow the progress of theirchildren.Severalaccounts are provided. - Play with or without atimer Thisapp isdesigned for smartphones and tablets, HD graphicsareoptimised forthe latest generation tablets. This app is a funwayfor yourchildren to practice math worksheets. Kids playwithnumbers anddon’t feel like their are working at all. Thebubblegamestrengthens sequential abilities, mentalmanipulation,attentionand fine motor skills. These arithmeticexercises aresuitable forall k12 levels, primary and elementary.More fun thantraditionalmath flash cards, kids love it and enjoylearningmathematics.These cool math games will help your child befirst inmath ! Thesearithmetic exercises are suitable for thefollowinglevels : 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th grade, all k12 levels, primaryandelementary. Thisapplication is suitable for all ages, parentscantrain their brainin a effective way. We receive many feedbacksfromparents orgrandparents who enjoy to compete with theirchildrenovermultiplications. We receive many feedbacks fromparentsorgrandparents who enjoy to compete with theirchildrenovermultiplications. We design cool educational apps forchildren,witha focus on simplicity and fun. Check out our otherapplicationsinthe store. Our apps are also widely used at school.We are proudofour contribution to modern education. If you like theapp,pleaseleave a review, it helps us a lot. Your feedback isalsoverywelcome. Have fun !
Learn Math & Math problems
Math Practise & Games for Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide-Basic Mathematics
Addition and subtraction
Learn math while playing
Математика в уме 1.1
Тренируйте сложение, вычитание,умножениеиделение с приложением "Математика в уме":- гибкие настройки сложности,- маленький объем <2мб,- регулируемый таймер,- подробная статистика.Practiceaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division withtheapplication"Mathematics in mind":- Flexible configuration complexity,- Small volume <2MB,- Adjustable timer- Detailed statistics.
Mental Math Master
Fun maths training for experts.
Math games - Brain Training
Train your brain and learn math. Resolve interesting mathriddlesand puzzles.
The Fixies Cool Math Learning Games for Kids Pre k
Fiksiki Pixies Educational Free App for girls and boys.СountAddition Subtract
Multiplication tables 1 to 100 offline
Mama papa
Multiplication tables - 1 to 100 offline for kids math gamelearningand adults
Algorithm City : Coding Game
A fun & innovative coding game to teach the basicsofprogramming & algorithm
Mnemonist - Memory And Brain Training
A game for smart people! Show me how many words you can remember...
Math games to learn by playing
Cool Future
68 mathematical games to improve your mental calculationandarithmetic
Transmission 1.4.7
Connect to communicate! Transmission is a mind-bendingpuzzlegamewhere you create communication networks and revealtheirstrengths.- 70 levels with 146 stars to collect - 7unlockableworlds - Easyto learn, tough to master - In-game trophies- Googleplayachievements - Over 8 hours of gameplay - Multi-pathworld map-Features music by David Kanaga By connectingtransmittersandreceivers, you will send information aroundincreasinglycomplexnetworks. As you progress, you will discover sixnetworksthat havetransformed the way we communicate, each with itsownuniquegadgets and gizmos. Featuring a vibrant soundtrack byDavidKanaga,stylish graphics and hours of fun, challenginggameplay.
Math Games Premium
Learn math while playing
Lightbot : Code Hour
SpriteBox LLC
Introduce kids to coding with puzzles; the most fun way tolearnprogramming!
Fraction Challenge: Math games
Learn the representation, addition and subtraction of fractionsforchildren
Multiplication table
Learn multiplication tables while playing
Math Games: Math for Kids
RV AppStudios
Math Games For Kids To Learn Addition, Subtraction,Multiplicationand Division.
Speed Math - Mental Math Trainer
Aldenco Dev.
Improve mental math, and mental calculations with fun math games
Multiplication tables
Learn your multiplication tables
Multiplication table: Times Table, Division Table
Learning Multiplication table, Division Math Table for kids willbereally fun!
Fun Math Facts: Games for Kids
Master addition, subtraction, multiplication tables and divisionincool game!
Mnemonist: Numbers - Memory And Brain Training
Game for the smartest! Do you have enough memory to go throughthis?
Math learning for kids
Educational game - math for kids in elementary school tolearnnumbers & math.
MentalUP Educational Games
Learning Games for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 - 6, and more!
Times Tables & Friends: Free Multiplication Games 2.3.77
Free multiplication games for kids! Learn times tableswiththecoolest, multiplication flash cards out there! 5 easy,timestableactivities make learning multiplication tables fun forall!😄Practice and learn to multiply now in just onemultiplicationapp.These cool, times tables flash cards are agenuinely funandeffective 3rd grade teaching method. 🎓📚👍 Choosefrom 5free,multiplication games! 🎮 Game Mode 🎮 Your child willbegintheirtimes tables quiz their hamster and his colorfulballoons. 🐹🎈Laughwith and join his journey discovering new mysticalworlds.⛰️🏞️🌴Answer the math flash cards correctly and thehamstercontinues hismathematics adventure. Miss more than 2x andPOP! It’sgame over.Can you beat all 20 themed levels covering up to20x20?These arethe easiest and funniest multiply games around! 🤗 📕3LearningStages 📕 New to 3rd grade math? Learning mode is wheretostart!Our brain 🧠 can memorize material best when we engagealloursenses! The 3 step-by-step stages of this sectionfeatureadvanced,Montessori-backed, teaching methods focused onperceptivememory.Each auditory 👂, verbal 🎤 and kinesthetic ✍️lessonexercises thebrain and its memory storage. Even visual cuesareused by givingMontessori color assignments to every timetableschart. 1.Listening 👂: Listen to each problem spoken out loud.2.Repeating(voice recognition) 🎤: Repeat the equation 3x 3.Tracing✍️: Tracewith your finger the problem and solution tofinishthememorization exercise. Parents with prodigy children in1stgradeand 2nd grade should consider starting with this sectionfor aheadstart to multiplying. 🏆 Challenge mode 🏆 Answer asmanymathproblems as possible with a timer and threehelpfulbonuses!Eliminate 50% of the answers, freeze the timer orskip tothe nextquiz question. 💪 Training mode 💪 Select and focus onthemath factsof your choice. By focusing on their weaknesses,childrencan focuson improving their grades for their next exam.Practiceand trainyour brain multiplying with voice audio andwithout atimer!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multiplayer mode 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Challenge friends,parentsandclassmates to a times table face off! Who can answereachflashcard more quickly? A fun, split-screen, multiplayer gamefor3rdgraders and adults! More Features - Fulfillcool,mathematicsquests and get rewarded with fun badges. 🥇🥈🥉 -Track allprogresson the achievements board.🏆🏆🏆 - Practice how tomultiply in12voice audio languages! 🌐 - Great for playing ontablets! Takeyourstudents education to the next level! Startlearning 3rd grademathwith free multiply games now and ace the nextelementaryschoolmaths quiz.
Math Games, Learn Add Multiply
Mathematical game with Addition, Subtraction, MultiplicationTables& Division
Multiply with Max
Learn with Max the multiplication tables
ANTON: Learn Math & English
The free learning app for all subjects for K-6. For classrooms&homeschooling.
Math Workout
The original Math Workout. Test your mental math and exerciseyourbrain daily.
Multiplication tables for kids
Cool Future
Learn to multiply playing with our multiplication gamesforelementary school!
Multiplication Games For Kids.
Engaging Times tables (1-12) for kids. Learn through a funmathgame.
ReaderPro - Speed reading and brain development
Train speed-reading, develop memory, attention and concentration.
Music Tutor (Sight Reading)
JSplash Apps
Improve your sight-reading skills, a perfect tool forpeoplelearning music.
Mathman - Math Tests & Theory
Wanna learn math? Try Mathman now and become math superhero!
Multiplication and Division Tables. Training.
N/A Studio
Math for Kids - Table of multiplication and division. (2x2)
Math Workout - Math Games
Math workout game will improve your math skills and train yourbrain
Unblock easy, simple sliding puzzle game to unlock the red block.
Speed Reading — brain training 4.2.11
Discover the wonderful world of speed reading. Embedded reader.
Patrick's Math Tasks for kids
Tobias Eckert
Train Math Tasks: Multiplication Table, Addition,Subtraction,Double & Halve
Math games for kids : times tables - AB Math
Fun mental math games for children from 5 to 10 : additions,timestables
School - Ultimate Studying Assistant 2.6.5
Flaring App
Have you ever desired to make your school weekdays more vividandoriginal? Then let us introduce School - your personal assistantineducational process and organization of daily routine andschoolaffairs. Any doubts about the need to use app? Even themostcaptious users will be amazed of our brand-new design.Yourinstitution resembles on Hogwarts and remembering in which partorfloor your lessons are being conducted - is a real challenge?Agreat deal of subjects, incomprehensible timetable.. School istheone that can solve your problems. And even if you are not abletomemorize names of your favorite teachers - just fill inyourtimetable, names and homework right in the program. Comfortableandhandy, whereas all the information is kept in yoursmartphone.Instead of recalling classes schedule, just open asection, whichshows the time before start or end of the lesson.Furthermore,there is a new capability to add all the literature inone divisionwhich allows to save time,wasted in search of necessarybook. Andfinally, you will absolutely be surprised of handbooks,which willcome in handy again and again and trigonometricfunctionscalculator. Our program is under active development. Ifyou haveany brilliant ideas or remarks, feel free to contact us viaemail.Enjoy using this petit masterpiece.
Clefs: Music Reading Trainer
Your ultimate guide into the language of music.
Erudito - Навчальні ігри для початкової школи.
Діти хочуть грати! 🎮 Освітній додаток Erudito перетворює навчаннянагру! Дитина грає на смартфоні і паралельно краще розумієшкільнупрограму 📲 Без реклами! Навчальні ігри для початкової школи,тести,інтерактивні завдання, рейтинги та багато іншого! 🥇НАВЧАЛЬНИЙДОДАТОК, ВЧИТЕЛІ РЕКОМЕНДУЮТЬ👨🏫👩🏫 Розвивайте інтелектвашої дитиниза допомогою інтерактивних завдань! ІНТЕРАКТИВНІ ІГРИДЛЯ ШКОЛЯРІВ3-4 КЛАСІВ! Erudito пропонує навчальні ігри для дітей7-10 років уцікавій ігровій формі. Завдання розроблені вчителями,які складаютьпрограми для шкільних підручників, тому програмадопоможе дітямкраще засвоїти предмети початкової школи і розвинутисвої природніздібності. ГРАЙТЕ І ВЧІТЬСЯ З ОСВІТНІМ ДОДАТКОМERUDITOПриєднуйтесь до кращого в Україні додатку для учнівпочатковоїшколи з більш, ніж 400 вправами з таких предметів:Математика,Українська мова, Англійська мова і Я досліджую світ.Всього 20хвилин на день, щоб краще засвоїти шкільну програму задопомогоюінтерактивних коміксів Erudito! ⏰ 💪 ДОПОМОЖІТЬ ДИТИНІЗАСВОЇТИШКІЛЬНУ ПРОГРАМУ! Всі предмети шкільної програми 3-4 класув однійпрограмі! Ми приділили особливу увагу якості завдань, томувErudito вони на 100% відповідають шкільній програмі 3-4 класівНуш.А саме: ✔ завдання з математики 3 клас ✔ українська мова 3 клас✔вивчаємо англійську мову 3 клас ✔ Я досліджую світ 3 клас✔завдання з математики 4 клас ✔ вивчаємо англійську мову 4 клас✔українська мова 4 клас ✔ Я досліджую світ 4 класРегулярневиконання завдань Erudito дозволить: ✔ посилити увагуіконцентрацію, ✔ поліпшити пам'ять і здатність до навчання,✔розвинути лінгвістичні навички, ✔ удосконалити арифметичнінавички,✔ покращити навички взаємодії з навколишнім світом. ЗErudito легкотренуватися, грати і готуватися до наступного класу іздачі ДПА.Дайте вашій дитині кращі перспективи з Erudito! 🚀 ОКРЕМИЙАККАУНТДЛЯ БАТЬКІВ! Додаток Erudito допомагає дітям тренуватися, абатькамспостерігати за успіхами дитини! 🥳 Щоб розуміти, з якимитемами удитини виникають складності, батьки можуть використовуватизвітипро успішність. ВЧІТЬСЯ ЛЕГКО І ВЕСЕЛО На відміну відіншихнавчальних програм для дітей, тут немає необхідності вдокладнихналаштуваннях, які займають багато часу. Просто завантажтеі все:готово до роботи! ✔️ 🏆 Ось чому батьки і вчителі вибираютьEruditoсеред інших навчальних програм. Крім високоякісних ігор,Eruditoдопомагає дітям розвивати свої навички та сприяти успіхувнавчанні. СКІЛЬКИ ПОТРІБНО ЗАЙМАТИСЯ В ДОДАТКУ ERUDITO? 💪Щоденнітренування: 20-хвилинного щоденного тренування досить, щобдитинастала краще вчитися в школі. Виконуйте завдання, заробляйтепризи іперемагайте в онлайн-битві!
Lightbot : Programming Puzzles
SpriteBox LLC
Get kids hooked on programming within minutes!
Functional Ear Trainer
Kaizen9 Apps
Ear training is easy and fun with Functional Ear Trainer. Playmusicby ear.
Mnemocon - Improve memory!
Learning methods for brain training. Cognitive exercises toimproveimagination