Top 25 Apps Similar to IVY Toolbox

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite Pro
Record, display, and export data from your smartphone'sinternalsensors.
Physics Toolbox Accelerometer
Displays g-Force, linear acc., gyroscope, and inclinometer.Exportas .csv file.
Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools
14 tools: Decibel, Compass, Barometer, Altimeter, Metronome,Ruler,Clinometer,.
Sensor Box Plugin
Shows you what sensors are installed on your device and howtheywork
AuthPass – Keepass compatible Password Manager
Keep your passwords and accounts secure across all platformsanddevices.
Clipboard Editor
LeeDrOiD Apps
A system clipboard manager with history, favourites & more!
Home Inspector Tech 2.0.14
Inspection software designed by inspectors and real-estateagents.Itwas designed to make your inspection reportingtimefaster,scheduling a breeze, and give you the professionalapproachthatevery customer looks forward to having in theinspectionprocess.We are your one stop shop for home andcommercialinspections. "Doyou want to try this? Get your free trialplan nowfrom ourwebsite"
Password Locker Pro 1.0.10
Handy Apps
Password Locker Pro is your personal Password Managerthatstoresyour sensitive information and passwords safe, secureandorganizedin your smartphone or tablet. Password Lockercontainsmanysecurity and stealth features while includingmanyoptionalconvenient features for it to be the best passwordmanagereverdesigned specifically for Android. Secure Lock up yourdatainPassword Locker with extremely tough and strong256-bitAESencryption - military level encryption (takes trillionsof yearstodecrypt). (Optional) Self-destruct the stored data ifthere aretoomany failed attempts to enter the right PIN code -PasswordLockerprotects your data even if your device is stolen orlost.StealthFeatures You can hide Password Locker from the AppDrawerandRecent Apps. The only way to open your hidden passwordvault isviaan innocent-looking calculator widget. ConvenientPasswordLockerhas been designed to be easy, simple and intuitive tousewithoutsacrificing security. Storing and retrieving entriesaremade to bequick and hassle-free. There are more than 8(andincreasing!)quick entry record templates to use,including:• Website Loginsand Passwords • Credit Cards • BankAccounts • IDAccounts • Emails• Others (for storing whatever elseyou need!)...and many more!Check out the full list in the app! Wantmore? Letus know!Personal and Private Cloud Sync (optional)Password Lockerdoes notstore any of your private information on any3rd partyserver. Ifyou want the convenience of Cloud Sync, you canchoose touse yourprivate Dropbox or Google Drive. No subscriptionfeeNosubscription fee required - Support Password Locker onceandit’syours forever, including all upcoming featuresandupdates!Complete list of features: • Stealth Access - Hideapplaunchericon • Hidden from Recent Apps list - Avoidaccidentallylettingothers know you are using Password Locker• Launch fromaCalculator Widget • Military Grade Encryption -256-bitAESEncryption to protect your data • Most popular templates-Weblogins, Credit Cards, ID documents and much more!• Randompasswordgenerator - Secure password generator to generatestrongpasswords• Floating Window - Unique and convenient functionforenteringinformation into other apps • Website Quick LaunchandReady -Store a website address and you can open the addressandhave yourpassword automatically copied to your clipboard!• Search- Searchto get what you need faster • Device Sync - Securesyncingbetweendevices using your personal Dropbox or Google Drive• ImportandExport data - Data can be imported from or exported to.CSVfiles• Backup & Restore - Backup and restore highlyencrypteddatathat can only be opened using Password Locker with thecorrectPIN• Auto lockout - Locks the app in 5 seconds tosafeguardyourstored information • Secret Question and Answer-Customizablequestion and answer for secure Master PINrecovery• (Optional)Self-destruct of stored data - protect againsthackerstrying togain entry even if your phone is lost or stolen.• ExpiryReminders- Set reminders for Passport and Credit CardexpirydatesPassWallet users: your saved data is fully compatiblewiththis appand can be transferredover.( are dedicated to yourdataprivacy and do not take any of yourpersonal data. The appstoresdata only on your device (and in yourpersonal Dropbox/GoogleDriveif you choose to use). PasswordLocker is proudly brought toyou byHandy Apps. Follow usonFacebook(
SnagID - Site Snagging, Auditing & Inspection Tool
Site audit reports for site auditing, snagging, punch list&snag list Projects
Compass Pro
Material design compass with status bar notification!
Q Reminders - As Notifications
LeeDrOiD Apps
Reminders, Notes, lists & Tasks as handyaccessiblenotifications!
Password Safe
Secure, flexible and powerful password management toolingonAndroid!
Super Quick Settings Pro
Super Android
You can one-tap change settings with panel toggles. Save your time.
HomeBridge/HomeKit for AutomationManager
Add a HomeBridge from your AutomationManager for IoT servertoapple's Homekit
Shortcutter Premium Key
LeeDrOiD Apps
An Unlock Key for Shortcutter Quick Settings by @LeeDrOiD
The easiest way to monitor environmental conditions for thingsyoucare about
Password Safe Pro 1.4
F. Zander
Our password manager PassSafe supports 256-bit AES encryptionforyour notes. Encrypted notes. New: You can now encrypt filesanddecrypt files with the internal file manager ! You canencryptimages, files, videos, documents and other files with anextrapassword. - The chosen password is "NOT" stored in the app.Inaddition, maximum security is ensured . If you forgot thepassword,then access to the data is no longer possible !!!! - Youcan useour app as a simple notes app or for encrypted notes if youwant tostore sensitive data like passwords and logins. Just chooseapassword and sign up. Each newly selected passwordissimultaneously a new user account! So if someone logs in withthewrong password, then he can only see a blank page. Forexample,Several people use the same app with different password.OurPassword Manager perfect encryption app for any kind ofnotes.Enjoy our secure notes app Privacy is integrated into theapp!
My Gesture Shortcut Launcher 5.0
***** THIS IS DONATION VERSION ***** Draw your owngesture!Then,your phone will lead you wherever you want. Yourfavouriteapps,internet pages, calling/texting or your phonesettings !!!-Facebook? Just draw 'f'. - Calling to someone? justaddyourgesture to call that person. - WI-FI On Off? Let’s make‘W’forthis. What can I use? * Internet URL * Applications *Contactautocall, auto message * Home button * Silent Mode *Vibration Mode*WiFi * Bluetooth * GPS * Auto rotation This donationversionis100% same with the free version of My Gesture. Pleasedownloadifyou want to donate to the developer. How to use: 1.Selectacategory from [Internet / Application / Contact / PhoneSetting]2. Select an item from the list 3. Create a gesture for theitem4.Turn on My Gesture (The icon will floating on the top layerwhenitis turned on) 5. Click on the icon 6. Draw a gesture 7.Thedesiredapp/internet/calling/texting/settings willbeavailableimmediately!!! More functions - gesturerecognition,shortcut, autocall message, smart linked launcher, onehand on offon-off
Machinist Calc Pro Calculator
Machinist Calc Pro for Android.
Gator - System Cleaning Tool
System cleaning tool with real-time resource monitoring
Inspector Nexus 1.8.83
Inspector Nexus is the most advanced home inspection softwareonthemarket. Featuring a clean, modern interface, InspectorNexusallowsyou to quickly mark defects, take photos, and recordvideosduringyour home inspections. With build-as-you-go templatesandanintuitive design, you'll produce appealing,modern,web-basedinspection reports that clients and agents love,all inrecordtime. The Inspector Nexus property inspection app isdesignedtosync seamlessly between all of your mobile phones,tablets,anddesktop computers. Web-based software allows Mac and PCuse, oranyoperating system with a web browser. InspectorNexusFeatures:*Offline Inspections - absolutely no need foraninternetconnection until you're ready to publish yourreport*OfflineSummary - review your recommendations with a clientbeforeleavingthe site, even if you have no connection *Dataisautomaticallysynced to the cloud so it's at your desktop whenyouget home, orsimply publish directly from the mobile app*Simple,clean layoutand navigation *Customizable to suit yourworkflow*Take videos oruse the library to add existing videos *Usethecamera or photoroll for pictures *Photo editor can addannotationsto point outdefects with simple one-finger gestures*Multiplephotos per defect*Automatic in-app content download forrapidfeature addition andquick bug fixes Try Inspector Nexusrisk-freeby creating anaccount today, no credit card required.
Rotation Lock Pro 1.2.1
HDM Dev Team
The floating lock button is displayed when a changeinscreenorientation has been detected. Tapping on this buttonwilllock theorientation of the screen. This unique app can locktheorientationof the screen in all four directions. Ease of usehasbeenprioritized for controlling the orientation of thescreenwithfunctions such as automatic unlocking when theswitchingapps.[Features] ►Floating Lock Button The floating lockbuttonisdisplayed when a change in screen orientation hasbeendetected.Tapping on this button will lock the orientation ofthescreen.►Display Duration The floating button isautomaticallyhidden whenthe specified number of seconds haselapsed. ►DisplayPositionSpecify where you would like the floatingbutton to bedisplayed.►Unlock When Switching Apps Thescreen-orientation lockwill beautomatically removed when a changein apps has beendetected.►Quick Panel Placing the "Rotation Lock"button on thequicksettings panel makes it easier to enable ordisable the app.Youcan check this app's functions and operationswith a freetrial.Please check the functions and operations by freetrialbeforeyoubuy.
DataVault Password Manager
Ascendo Inc.
Looking for the best way to secureconfidentialinformation on your Android phone or tablet?DataVault Password Manager stores private information relatedtocredit cards, bank accounts, logins, memberships and moreusingAdvanced Encryption Standard. AES is widely recognized as themostpowerful technology for securing data on mobile devices. Noothersecurity app delivers better protection for your AndroidthanDataVault Password Manager."Ascendo doesn’t just sit back and rest on its laurels; itsrecentupdate to DataVault brings in some pretty cool features."TreLaurence, Android RundownSECURE YOUR DATA✓ DataVault encrypts your information using AES, the globalstandardfor data protection. Your master password isn’t storedanywhere onthe device. Not even Ascendo has the key. Only you canunlock yourdata.✓ Free version employs 128-bit encryption as used by onlinebankingsites. Upgrade to 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 and saltingtoinsure the highest level of security of any password safe.✓ Set a Security Timeout to require login after aninactivitydelay.✓ Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data aftersuccessivefailed login attempts.✓ Set a Master password hint in case you forget yourmasterpassword.✓ Use Field Masking to shield data from prying eyes.POWERFUL TOOLS✓ Fingerprint Authentication to login quickly and securely.✓ Backup your data automatically to insure you never loseyourimportant information.✓ Create strong passwords using build-in Password Generatorwithsettings for length and types of characters.✓ Strength Meter tells you if you passwords are weak, goodorstrong.✓ Securely synchronize date using Dropbox or Wi-Fi (premium)withDataVault for iOS, Mac & Windows (sold separately).SIMPLE TO USE✓ View items in list or folder view.✓ Use Templates for rapid entry of common items such asbankaccounts, credit cards and logins.✓ Select from 25 default templates or create your own.✓ Use categories and types to organize items.✓ Duplicate items for faster entry.✓ Search Settings including fields to search andcasesensitivity.And a whole lot more...✓ 200 item icons.✓ Use DataVault for Mac or Windows to import data fromKeeper,Dashlane, 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, Keepass andother3rd party applications.✓ The best email support of any password keeper.Powerful Encryption to Secure your DataProtect your data with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES),theofficial recommendation of the National Institute ofStandards& Technology (NIST). Why is this important?The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) chosetheRijndael algorithm as the new Advanced Encryption Standard(AES)over alternatives including Twofish (successor ofBlowfish),Serpent, RC4 and MARS. The announcement concluded amulti-yeareffort working with government, industry and academiathroughoutthe world. Proposed by two Belgian cryptographers, AEShas emergedas the clear winner and has since been adopted as aworldwidestandard.Incorporated in San Diego, California, Ascendo has been aleadingsoftware developer since 2004.Get peace of mind. Download DataVault today.
Electronics Toolbox
Toolbox for electronic engineers, hobbyists and students.