Top 21 Apps Similar to Music Player – MP3 Player, Equalizer, Bass Booster

Music Player - Audio Player 2.1.2
Music Player with Powerful Equalizer, visualizer andCustombackground color.
Mp3 Player 1.99.1
Mp3 Player for Android Devices with stunning design
Music Player- MP3 Audio Player 1.2.4
Music Hub, MP3 Music Player, Powerful bass boost Music Player,AudioPlayer
Boosted. Music Player Equalize 4.5-pro
Music player feat. equalizer, bass booster, volume booster,folderplayer...
Mp3 player - Qamp 1.1.0147
Audio media player - mp3
Music Player
Free music player with equalizer, play mp3 and all songs
Pro Mp3 player - Qamp 1.1.127
Audio media player - mp3
Music player 3.3.7
Music player, also called Mp3 player app is one of the bestmediaplayers for Android. Listen to your favorite music withafashionable, multi-feature, fast and powerful Music Player.Thebest music player for Android with lots of features andbeautifuland easy- to use design. The app combines an soundEqualizer and aBass-booster, giving you a lot of new set of musicalexperiences.Music player - Mp3 player helps you manage your musiceasily, asmart fast, smooth and useful search engine which isandindispensable in your Android device. With only a little memory,itcan bring you a great experience with music Features ofMusicPlayer - Mp3 player - It can play all audio formats, such asmp3,m4a, wav, flac, etc. - Music player with Lyrics Support –whichshows the songs’ lyrics on the music playback screen. - Showallsongs in your device, filter by Albums, Artists, Songs, Folders,orPlaylists - Support quick song search - A music player withfullfeatures, for example, play, stop, next, previous song, addtofavorites list, etc. - Support play modes such as order,shuffle,loop, repeat 1 song, etc. - The sound equalizer includes10available audio melodies, such as Normal, Classical, Dance,Flat,Folk, Heavy metal, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop, Rock. - Soundeffectenhancement with Bass and 3D effects - Filter your songs bytheirlength from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, etc. - Set anysongas the device’s ringtone by the music player - supporting cut,ortrim music. - Play songs directly from Their folder. - Add songstoqueue, pending, or play next easily - Smart auto music off timer.-Supports many different languages. - Support headsetoperations,such as play, next, previous, pause, continue. MP3player canfulfill all your music needs and bring you all the newmusicexperiences. Download Mp3 Player now to own yourself apowerful,simple and easy-to-use audio and music player. We areworking hardto give our users a great app. Feel free to enjoy andleave yourreview. Any comment / suggestions for music player - mp3player,please feel free to contact us by emailaddress:[email protected]. We appreciate your support. Pleasedownloadand try it out!
Music Player 2.1.3
Dreams Room
Powerful music search, equalizer & gorgeous theme, goodchoicefor playing music
Musique - Default Music Player
Play music with Default Music app 🔥 Free Music App 🎧 🌟TopDefaultApp
ET Music Player Pro
Music Player with high audio quality & nice design.
Music Player - MP3 & Equalizer 3.2.0
Music Player - MP3 Player with equalizer and trendy design,playmusic & MP3.
Music Player + 6.9.9
Gorgeous UI, Powerful music Search and Equalizer, the greatchoicefor you!
Music Player - Mp3 player, Equalizer & Lyrics 4.8.2
🎵🎵🎵 Music Player is interface is very simple and easy touse,easilymanaging music albums when songs are grouped byartist,Playlist,Album, Folder. All audio formats are played onMusicPlayer, fromlossy to lossless, Hi-Res: MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC,DSD,OGG, WAV, WMA🎵 You can browse songs by Library, album,playlist,artist, history,folders . Search for songs easily throughthesmart search feature.When you type the song name, artistname,playlist name, foldername, the application will search thewholelist of results,including the above categories, to help youeasilyfind the song youwant. For each song, you can choose featuressuchas: play, add yourfavorite song, play next, add toplaylist,adjust the image of thesong, go to album, go to folder,detailedfile information. song,set song as ringtone, delete song.You canrandomly listen to songsthrough the shuffle button Easilycreateand manage playlists: Youcan create unlimited newplaylists,quickly access your favoriteplaylist, add songs toplaylisteasily. You can add, edit, deleteplaylists and randomlylisten toany playlist via shuffle button 🎵Beautifully designedalbum list .You can easily add your favoritealbum, add an album toa currentplaylist, create playlist from analbum, change an album'savatar,delete an album. You can also playa random album. Intuitiveartistlist, you can easily find yourfavorite artist 🎵 Listenedsongshistory helps you find familiarsongs that you have also easily clean it 🎵 Apowerful part of the MusicPlayerapplication is the ability to playmusic, live musicwaves.Powerful and realistic equalizer , withlots of presets toboostbass, boost treble: Bass Extreme, Bass& Treble,Treble,Classical, Dance, Rock, Live, Middle, Speaker,techno, soft,softbass, soft treble 🎵 Smart lyrics search feature ,so you caneasilyadd lyrics of any song you want. It's so happybeing able tolistento music while singing along to the lyrics,like you'resingingkaraoke. With only 2 steps, you can quickly findout thelyrics ofthe current song, for songs with lyrics, theapplicationwillautomatically display the lyrics immediately. 🎵 Ifyou storeyourmusic as folders, Music Player also offers songbrowsing byfolders, you can easily add your favorite musicfolders, searchfoldersand manage your music folders. 🎵 MusicPlayer offers a lotofbeautiful, colorful themes that match yourtaste andpersonality.Stylish themes make your music player uniqueand standout. Musicmode while driving (Drive Mode) makes it easierto controland playmusic. 🎵 The music timer helps you take theinitiative inyourlistening time, or simply makes it easier for youto go tosleep:play music and automatically turn off when you go tosleep.🎧🎧🎧 Inaddition, you can play video with popup videoplayerfeature:allows you to watch videos even when on your homescreen,veryconvenient, isn't it? You can convert videos to mp3foreasierlistening. 🌟🌟🌟 We are audio enthusiasts looking tocreatemusicapps with the best user experience. Your listeningexperienceisthe top priority of Music Player. Thank you fordownloadingandsharing with your friends!
Equalizer Music Player Pro 4.3.7
An intuitive equalizer app to control your music and videosoundeffects.
Gold Music Player 1.0.7
Gold Dev Team
Gold Music Player is a stunning MP3 Player, With Powerfulequalizerfeatures
Music Player HD+ Equalizer 1.8.1
Carvalho Apps
Play music with quality, high volume, modern design,powerfulequalizer
KX Music Player Pro 2.4.1
A pure Music Player with the sound effect what you want
music player: free music mp3 audio player 1.0.15
Music player free music mp3 audio player for background musicplayand music equalizer to listen it up a new stream of music inanaudio player. Offline music player with the joy of musicalsoundslike mymedia player music app and create auto playlistsbyaccessing your media directory. Play music with an mp3 playerandenjoy the real means of audio sounds in such a way that you areina world of music. listen it as musically media player of soundsinmulti formats like jazz, classic pop-rock, and others. Multisongapps are here for you to enjoy windows media player in a newstyleof playback sounds and music equalizer to set your own typeofmusical effects in multi ways. Create and enjoy autoplaylists:Music player free music mp3 audio player creates an autoplaylistfor you and views the track lyrics instead of other songapps.listen it like a real playback sounds of my music song appswithmusic booster and music mixer with high-quality effectsthatfacilitates you with offline mp3 music song app. Play it toplaymusic with an offline music player that views the theme songlyricsand creates a music playlist according to the music libraryandalso its a playlist maker with the nature of sounds like,artists,albums, date modified and size of the song. An audio playerforandroid that has the ability to provide you a fullyfunctionedcontrolled environment of musical sound effects andquality ofmusic that you need and play sounds in multiple ways withyour typeof satisfaction in musical sound formats. Spaces thatmatters:Music player free music mp3 audio player to save music bythe namesof multi artists if available the poster name in aplaylistdirectory. play it like an audio player for android to savemusicfor audio player download with multimedia sounds to gatherallmusic in place. Mp3 music player for everyone with Mp3 boxofmusical sounds to play music in the background. Any formatsongplayer rather than other music players. A music paradise ofmusicplayer app with quality of offline mp3 player and audio playmusicplayer for android. Key Features: Albums and artists to genresandsongs with playlists folders of album artists. NotificationSTATUSsupport. Display album artwork. Title and artist, play/pause,skipforward, and stop CONTROLS in notification status. Fivebandequalizer. Search music within the directory Finds all yourmusicnever been so easy. Set as Play Next song. Free to makecustomizeringtones. manually adjust the equalizer. backgroundimages foryour choice. You also can choose your own picture asbackground.Edit tags change the song details as per your choice,Headsetsupport. Custom Playlist, set albums, artists, genres,folderssongs to the playlist Show recent playlist.Headset/BluetoothControls
Music Player - MP3 Player
Offline Music Player with Ringtone Maker, PowerfulEqualizer,Playlist
Music Player 5.31
Powerful Music Player with intuitive UI design, Equalizer,Musicsearch and more