Top 3 Apps Similar to Meeting Profile Manager

Phone Profiles Plus
Henrich Gron
Automatically configure the device for life situations.
Perfect Profile ( Manager ) 3.0
Rene Wahl
Perfect Profile is an easy-to-useprofilemanager, which provides more features and stability thancompetingApps. With this app profiles with a lot of properties canbecreated and automatically activated via user defined rules.Widgetscan be used to place profiles directly on the homescreen.Furthermore profiles can be written to NFC tags. Aftertouching therecorded NFC tag with your device the correspondingprofile will beactivated immediately.PROFILES contain properties, which will be set when the profileisactivated. The following properties are supported:- Set volume for ringtone, alarm, music, notification- Set individual ringtone, notification and alarm sounds- Enable/disable Wifi- Enable/disable Bluetooth- Enable/disable GPS (requires root permissions, as notofficiallysupported by Android)- Enable/disable airplane mode (requires root permissions, asnotofficially supported by Android)- Enable/disable NFC (requires root permissions, as notofficiallysupported by Android)- Adjust screen brightness- Set screen orientation (automatic, manual)- Set screen timeout- Change wallpaper- Enable/disable synchronization- Start another app- Terminate another app (requires root permissions)- Change vibration setting (not supported by all devices due tonewGoogle policies)- Enable/disable lock screen (requires that administrator rightsaregranted)- Enable/disable car mode- Control other apps (via intent actions)RULES are triggered by user defined conditions and are usedtoactivate profiles. The following rule conditions aresupported:- Point in time- Period of time- Location (defined by radio cell – no additionalbatteryconsumption)- Wifi connection established/disconnected- Bluetooth connection established/disconnected- Battery level in specified range- Connection to docking station established/removed- AC adapter connected/disconnected- Headset connected/disconnected- Airplane mode enabled/disabled- Screen turned on/off- Mobile data enabled/disabled- Restart of device- Incoming call- Incoming SMS- Environmental brightness in specified range- Calendar reminder active- Certain velocity, e.g. movement faster than 30 kphNFC tags can be used to store profiles. After writing a profile toaNFC tag the profile can be activated again by touching the tagwiththe Android device. Exclusive feature in this app!WIDGETS can be placed on the home screen. With only one click onthewidget the corresponding profile can be activated.Perfect Profile is available as free trial versionwithoutadvertisements but with some limitations. The trial versionismainly available to check if the App fits to the user’s needsandif it works fine with the Android device. There are a lotofdifferent Android devices available thus is it not possibletovalidate the App with each hardware/software combination.Anin-depth validation is recommended before upgrading to thefullversion, which has no limitations.This App requires several permissions because systemsettingshave to be read and changed by the programmatically.In case of any suggestions or technical problems the authorwouldlike to receive a mail instead of a bad rating. Thankyou.Please do not hesitate to take part in the community: plan:
My Profile Manager 1.42
Change your phone sound settings for you