Top 50 Apps Similar to Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Ant Evolution - ant simulator
Ant colony simulator. Expand Your ant terrarium! Create Your ownantfarm.
Angry Bee Evolution
Idle farm simulator and tycoon! Free unique factory clicker game
Man-Eating Plant 1.0.48
#Update 1. Summon the special prey of other worldswithsummoningmagic. 2. The ending has been added. 3. Added coingivingbuttonthat if you watch ads. 4. Santa Pet will be serveduntilDecember2018! 5. Some game data edited. Be the master ofthedungeon andfeed the warriors sneaking in to steal theprecioustreasures tothe monster plant! (It is far from your usualbugeating plant ;)Information: We dare say that the music on thisgameis a piece ofart in this game so make sure to have earphonesonwhile playing. #Prologue The player's character is the master ofadungeon in afar-flung corner of nowhere. For him having to fendoffthewarriors who keep coming over to thieve items and treasuresisareal pain. One day, he gets himself a little plant in ordertohelphim relax. However, as the plant grows our guy starts togetthefeeling that he got more than what he bargained for. #Features1.Cute graphics - pixel graphics composed pixel bypixel100%manually. 2. Satisfying scream sound - There is a uniquescream(?)for individual feed. 3. Different kinds of feed - Thereareabout30 different kinds of prey, so have fun discovering themonebyone. 4. The next stage of the evolution of plant - Astheplantgrows, various body parts (?) evolve which might giveyousomethingto chuckle about. 5. The pets from the otherdimension-pets thathave sold their souls (?) in the other worldwill collectcoins foryou. # How to play 1. Water the pot and let itsprout. 2.Once itgrows a head, I try to feed it a slime. 3. Aftereating, theplantspits out the treasure the prey possessed. 4.Gather thethings youspit out and feed them better. 5. Keep feedingthe plantand watchit evolve. # Precautions before deleting the gamePleasenote thatwhen the game is deleted from the device, saved dataisalsodeleted. Please utilize the cloud save load feature inthesetupmenu when changing your device. Payment details canberestored fornon-consumptive products (pet, add removal etc) butnotforconsumptive products (coins, dark stone, ad skip, etc.).Pleaseusethe " Restore Purchase History " function in the settingsmenu.#Why does it ask for access to a photo album? It is toaskforpermission to save the capture screen. It is not used foranyotherpurpose.▶PrivacyPolicy◀
Evolution of Species 2
Welcome to the world of microscopic creatures!
Idle Dino Zoo
Build and manage your own dinosaur zoo in this tycoon idle game
Merge Duck
Merge, Evolve, Explore!
A Planet of Mine
Tuesday Quest
Colonize, craft, and rule planets in a randomly generated universe!
Idle Planet Miner
Build your space mining empire in this relaxing and satisfyingidlegame
Dinosaurs Are People Too
Pomelo Games
Build your own dino civilization in this jurassic game!
Spider Evolution: Idle Game
Tapps Games
Merge spiders and complete your collection with hundreds ofrarespecies!
Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idleclickertapping game!
Robot Evolution - Clicker Game
Tapps Games
Combine all kinds of robots and prove machines can evolve, too!
Crypt Critters - Idle Monster Game
Earn gold by adopting tiny, cute monsters in this idle game/clicker game.
King of Crabs
Robot Squid
Fight to become the biggest crab on the island!
Green the Planet 2
GREEN THE PLANETS, GREEN YOUR LIFE. Let's enjoy travelingthroughthe universe!
Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival
Crawl towards survival in the wasteland in this Idle RPG!
Human Evolution: Merge Game
Tapps Games
Combine humans and obtain mutants from past, present and future!
Idle Tap Zoo: Tap, Build & Upgrade a Custom Zoo
Your Koalafications are perfect! Build your zoo in this funidleclicker game!
Green the Planet
GREEN THE PLANET, GREEN YOUR LIFE. Let's shoot comets andreviveyourself!
Vilmonic - Evolve Pixel Life
An artificial life and evolution sandbox where you breed pixelartlife forms.
Tap Tap Fist 1.2.14
I reincarnated into what? A FIST?! Tap and Pimp YourFISTinArmageddon World!! Please Enjoy~~~ ◆◆◆ Tap Tap Fist ◆◆◆Johnwhowas killed by an accident reincarnated in another world,buthedidn't reincarnate as a man nor a monster, but a fist...Howwillhe ‘punch’ through this situation!? Homepage◆Free for All! Auto-fist is FREE!!!Did your finger ache tappingthescreen? Now you are free from pain.Auto-fist will do thetappingfor you for FREE! Turn on Auto-fistand drink Speed Potiontoattack at Max Speed. ◆ More than 100 Fistsfor use Looking atfistis boring? No. We will show you more than100 unimaginablefistsfor you to see. Somethings like lumber, gloveto Zeus andDragons!◆ 50 Partner Skins to choose from There are 50cool-lookingPartnerSkins to choose from to Pimp your FIST. I ampromise you thatthereARE girls in this game. ◆ Various Mates toAid You Higher LevelandSkin effect is not enough to kill the Boss?Then call insomefriends for buffs. They will increase your ATK andPotion DropRateand Critical Rate as well. ◆ Hit enemies for a settimewillactivate Rage Mode. Kicking enemies for a while willactivateRageMode which will make all your attacks to do criticaldamage. Useitwisely to kill a boss much easier. ◆ Various ways toPimp yourFISTIt's not just the strength, but increasing level ofyour ATKSpeed,Critical Rate, Rage etc. to become stronger.DaeriSoft's gameswillcontinue!
Bacterial Takeover - Idle Clicker
SIA Fufla
Grow an army to infect the planets. Bacteria tycoon idle game.
Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution
Become the engine of evolution in the scientific andeducationalidle clicker!
Idle Apocalypse
Ever wanted to run a cult? Summon legendary demon gods? Or…destroythe world?
Idle Universe
Idle Game - Tap Game - Clicker Game!
Almighty: idle clicker game
A multiplayer idle clicker game where you are a god of yourownworld!
I Am Monster: Idle Destruction
Collect powerful monsters, evolve them to grow stronger, anddestroyeverything!
Arbo - Idle Tree
Grow a tree in the palm of your hand!
Tadpole Tap
Reach the skies with your favorite tadpole while eating flieswithyour tongue!
Survive! Mola mola!
The"closest animal to heaven" has arrived! Brand-newgamewhere"death=pleasure"
Dragon Up: Idle Adventure - Hatch Eggs Get Dragons 1.10.2
Tap your way through the Dragon Kingdom in this colorful andfunanimated idle adventure game. The Dragons need your help torevivetheir magic. An evil wizard has tried to banish them fromthekingdom, but one egg remains! Embark on an exciting adventurewithyour pet dragon Billy as you hatch eggs to save his dragonfriends.Collect ALL the dragons and rake in gold coins idle gamestyle.Gather enough money to discover beautiful dragon nests andunlockrare dragons, epic dragons and new habitats to expand yourkingdom!Dragons love gold, once you collect enough coins, feed themto yourtrusty pet dragon Billy and watch him turn them intoamazingtreasures.-----------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEFEATURES TAP TO HATCH DRAGON EGGS, MAKE MONEY & SAVE THEKINGDOMTap, touch, and play with your dragons to keep them happyandprofitable. Beautiful animations bring each dragon to life inthisincredibly colorful idle game. Hatch each dragon egg todiscovertheir unique design and personalities - such as Blaze theFireDragon, Springles the Spring Dragon and Frogger the FrogDragon.Common Dragons are great, but watch out for Epic Dragonslike thePug Dragon, the Queen Dragon, the Jelly Dragon and theRobo Dragonfor even better rewards and money making abilities!EMBARK ON ANEPIC QUEST TO EXPAND YOUR KINGDOM Play through eachlevel ofgameplay to unlock more lands and exotic habitats in youridlekingdom. Dragons live on their nests where they make goldcoins. Tapto fill up your nests and make them produce even morecoins, untilyou are making bajillions of coins per second. Upgradeyour Dragonsand their nests by collecting cards and magic potions.Use magicpotions to level-up your favourite dragons and increasetheirmoney-making abilities even further. THE BEST WAY TO MAKEMONEY, ISTO EAT MONEY Your pet dragon Billy loves nothing morethan to eatgold. Click and tap to feed all your gold to Billy atthe end ofeach day. Unlock amazing treasures, new dragons, and newnests.Rebuild your nests, bring back your dragons, expand yourKingdom andmake your own dragon utopia a reality! COMPETE IN LIVEIDLE EVENTSRamp up the idle games fun with free and addictingtime-limitedevents. When Billy the Dragon dreams, he dreams of allsorts of epicquests to obtain exciting new treasure. Compete inthese adventureswhere what you think you know about making moneyis turned upsidedown. Win rare dragons, gems and potions to helpyou advance yourmain quest - hatching eggs to bring dragons backinto the world!IDLE ADVENTURE THAT NEVER ENDS Join in the idlegames fun where youcollect cards and dragons to generate money.Your adventure is anidle game meaning that you can keep generatinggold even when you'renot playing! Return to your Kingdom whenyou're ready to hatch newdragon eggs and unlock even more nests.Contact us [email protected] Like this app, you agree to our privacy policy and termsofuse, available at: Terms of Service- Privacy Policy- Please note thatthisgame is free to download and play, but some game itemsareavailable for purchase using real money. A network connectionisrequired to play the game.
Alpaca Evolution Begins
The prequel to “Alpaca Evolution,” the hit app with over 5milliondownloads!
Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game
Ruoto Games
An In-Depth Retro Style Idle Game
Pocket Galaxy - Sandbox Game
Smash solar systems, orbit planets, and destroy in thisuniversesimulation game
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim
Tap to dig for gold with your pick axe! Get rich in a fun idleminesim game!
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! Have fun excavating fossils and create yourownmuseum!
Evoworld - Merge to evolve life on the island
Pick games
Control the evolution process and populate paradise islewithvarious animals
Idle Monster Factory 1.17.0
BoomBit Games
In a world without FEAR, people have become RECKLESS.Humanityneedsa NEW HERO, an IDLE WARRIOR to restore normality totheworld! Theycall you a MAD SCIENTIST, but whatever. It’s fallenonYOU toFRIGHTEN the world’s children (in the FUNNIESTwayimaginable)! NOWYOU MUST: Send your minions BACK in TIMEtoretrieve the SCARIESTITEMS they can find! Use HILARIOUSmachinesto extract THE ESSENCEOF FEAR. Then use that fear on anINDUSTRIALSCALE to transmogrifyCUTE things into SCARY MONSTERS!Start with asingle productionline, then DELEGATE and EXPAND yourfactory intoa MONSTROUS EMPIREof FRIGHT! Thanks to your managerialexpertise,children’s CLOSETSwill once again be places of TERROR andTEARS!HOW TO PLAY: - RACEto build new portals - Upgrade portalstoRETRIEVE more scary things- Upgrade minions to HAUL more andmoreessence-of-fear -SUPERCHARGE monster-making machines - RAMPUPmonster power toproduce more essence - MASTER balance toMASTERproduction - Unlocknew items for NEAR ENDLESS GAMEPLAY -Upgradeproduction line forNEW MONSTERS - COLLECT crowns and upgradeyourmanager’s SKILLS -HAVE FUN WATCHING YOUR SCARY EMPIREEXPLODE!PRIVACY POLICY: Thefoolhardyworld needs YOU!FEARLESS children need YOU! Yourmonster-makingminions need YOU!INSTALL NOW, and START MANUFACTURINGSOMEMONSTERS!
Space Colony: Idle Click Miner
Terraform planets with your astronaut team! Be a pioneer in amoonclicker game
World Beast War: idle merge game
Clegames Inc.
Merge Idle game with Rampage, Kong, and 🔥Ultra Monsters, Beasts!🔥
Idle Empires
Ever wanted to play the role of a gold-hungry,power-obsessedtyrant?
Galactic Colonies
Build Your Colony! Explore the Galaxy!
Robot Colony
717 pixels
Build autonomous robots to protect the colony against giant bugs
Tiny Sheep Tycoon - Idle Wool
Clicker Games
Tap and research to be a trillionaire with idle money
Game of Evolution: Idle Clicker & Merge Life
Human evolution clicker game! Idle tycoon — merge to createlife!Evolution game
Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim
Pixel Keep
Tap Craft Mine Survival Sim, craft more tools & build youridleempire on island
Idle Mine RPG
Idle Mine RPG is an idle game that lets you take control of ateamof dwarfs and mine deep underground. Collect gold, mine ore,dig& rescue lost miners and craft items! Spend money toupgradeyour dwarf warrior and mine deep to the core. Prestige todigdeeper, kill faster & throw more bombs! IDLE MINE RPGFEATURESTap to Mine ● Tap to throw bombs and dig ore! ● Tap todestroymonsters & earn gold! ● Tap to upgrade & dig deep!Craft ●Craft Items to Mine Rare Ore ● Craft & Refine Rare Ore&Gems! ● Recruit more Dwarfs to Craft Faster! Upgrades ● Hiretonsof dwarf miners to mine for you! ● Upgrade Your Miners byRefiningOre! ● Idle as Your Dwarfs Collect Gold! RPG Gameplay ●UpgradeYour Bomb Throwing Skills! ● Level Up Your Dwarf Stats toMineFaster! ● Craft Weapons, Picks & Armor for your Miners!IdleMine RPG–Blow Stuff Up, Mine with Dwarfs!
Life on Earth: evolution game
DoMobile Game
Start evolution in an idle tycoon game, including virus,spore,dinosaur, human.
Biotix 2: Phage Evolution
Evolve the most deadly phage, become the apex pathogen.