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Freeze Lite - Touch Block 2.5
Indigo Barati
Freeze - Touch Block The fastest and easiest way to touch blockanddisable your screen, device buttons, rotation and much more.Keepyour toddler locked and immersed into their favoritecartoon,quickly lock-show-unlock your device to show off photos orvideosto your friends and family without them messing it up. ★Completelyblocks Back, Home, Recent Apps, Menu and Volume buttons.★ Keepsmusic and videos playing in all apps including YouTube,Hulu,Netflix, Spotify when locked. ★ Quickly touch block anddisableyour device by flipping it or waving your finger in front oftheproximity sensor. ★ Quickly touch block and disable your devicebytapping the screen or drawing your custom gesture. ★ Themostsecure way to prevent your device from unlocking by usingagesture. ★ Use the screen as a drawing pad to entertain kids,sharenotes with friends or make highlights. ★ Lock volume keys tokeepvolume at a safe level for your children. ★ One of the mosttrustedapps to protect and keep your device and data safe. ★Configurationis simple and easy with our full screen and largebutton design. ★Prevent accidental app purchases or overages inyour data. ★Compatible with all phones and tablets. Q and A ✎ Whywon't mydevice Freeze (touch block)? Make sure you choose at leastoneFreeze and Unfreeze option. Note you can choose to UnfreezeusingTimeout instead or additionally. If only using Timeout toUnfreezemake sure if you choose a Timeout set to to infinity thatyouchoose the Swipe Enable option as you will need to Unfreezebyswiping the timeout bar. ✎ Why do I get a popup warning meaboutFreeze monitoring my actions or text? This is a standard popupthatAndroid shows for all services turned on in AccessibilitySettings.We will never monitor your actions or text. ✎ Does Freezeuse a lotof battery power? No. Freeze was designed to use virtuallynobattery power. 99% of the time it is actually using none. ✎ Whydodots show on the screen when I touch it? When Freezing withouttheGesture Option selected, finger tracking dots will displaytoindicate your screen is locked. When Freezing with theGestureOption selected, the finger tracking dots will be replacedwithdrawing capability. ✎ Why does my screen flash when FreezingandUnfreezing? When Freezing without the Timeout Option selected,thescreen will briefly flash to indicate your device is enteringorexiting Freeze mode. When Freezing with the TimeoutOptionselected, screen flash will be replaced with the Timeout Bar.✎What is the best way to prevent my device from beingunlocked?Using a gesture as it is a personal password. Usinginteresting andmultiple strokes will strengthen your device. ✎Help! I forgot mygesture how do I Unfreeze my device? If you forgetyour gesture youhave two options. Hold the volume down key andpower button untilyour device reboots. Or make 10 gesture attempts.After the 10thattempt, a message will prompt you to turn yourscreen off then onto unlock. Be quick as you must turn off thescreen while thismessage displays. ✎ Why does the proximity sensornot respondcorrectly? Some devices use a light sensor instead of aproximitysensor, especially tablets. Since they are triggered withlight,using the device in a well-lit area may be required. ✎ Whydoes mydevice stay locked when I receive a phone call? We purposelyleftit blocked to ensure someone doesn't try to use a phone call togetaccess to your device. ✎ Why can’t I Freeze my Power button?Forsecurity reasons Google prevents us from disabling this button.✎Why does Freeze - Touch Block still not work on my device?Thereare a few Android devices that do not fully support Android.Pleasecontact us if you have issues to confirm if your deviceissupported. Questions? Comments? Click ABOUT - FEEDBACK in theappor visit
App Quarantine Pro ROOT/FREEZE
Attention: App is not support on Android5.0anymore!The ultimate tool for root users to FREEZE unwanted apps onyourdroid! Quickly get rid of the overrated BLOAT that is added byyourphone manufacturer or network provider!But the app is not only useful to block system apps: APPQUARANTINEis here to replace your TASK MANAGER as well. Withoutdraining anybattery you can quickly disable apps that you don'tneed very oftenand with the homescreen WIDGET you get them back inaction with afingertip.For experienced users there are even more options likedisablingsystem services or automatically freezing unwanted appsafterflashing a new CUSTOM ROM.This is the PRO version of APP QUARANTINE which is even morekickass! You can filter apps by their permissions and put themtogetherin groups. In the homescreen widget you can disablemultiple appsat the same time without a hassle, or you can toggleonly selectedapps from a group.Furthermore there's now a password protection. So you caneasilylock your important apps from unauthorized access!If you love using this app just as much as I love developing itthenlet me know and give me your feedback! I'm always lookingforward toreceive more comments and ratings in the Market and readYOUROPINION in my BLOG or on GOOGLE PLUS!Attention: This app will only work on devices withROOTaccess!
Mobile Counter Trial 3.4
THIS IS TRIAL VERSION FOR MOBILE COUNTER(7DAYS). You can try trial version before buy PRO.Mobile Counter(3G, WiFi, network traffic) - application tocountnetwork data GSM/CDMA/WIFIRecommended by ( support: English, German, Slovak, Polish,Chinese,Romanian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech,Hungary,Spain, Slovenia, CroatiaCalculation types:- Standard counting(default)- Enable/Disable rounding in blocks (e.g to 100KB forsession)- Enable/Disable separately round outgoing and incoming transfertoblock of data- Disable couting outgoing(sent) transferExample calculation without blocks:Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> Will be saved 134+455=589 KBExample calculation with blocks of data:Basic carrier unit (block of data): 100 KBWhen disable separately rounding:Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> after disable mobile networkinyour phone will be saved: 134+455=589 (round to 600KB)->600KBWhen enable separately rounding outgoing and incoming data (youhaveto enable separately rouning in application options):Received 134 KB, sent 455 KB –> after disable mobile networkinyour phone will be saved: 134 (round to 200 KB)+455 (round to500KB)=700 KBWhat in PRO:- More widgets 2X1(WIFI, transfer limits, billing period)- More widgets 1X1(GSM, WIFI, transfer limits, billingperiod)- New styles for notification bar (limit transfer, mobileGSM/CDMA,billing period)- Transfer used by application (req. Android>2.1, unavailableonDell Streak)- Export/Import data to SD card- Billing period calculation- Option to not counting sent transfer- Option to set alerts when transfer limit less than ... (inMB)will expire in ... (days)- Option to enable vibration when transfer limit willbeexceeded- Option to set first day in week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)- Show application icon in notification only whenenableGSM/CDMA/WIFI- Set expiration period in days, weeks, months- Option to count separately transfer for one WIFI SSID e.g tocounthotspot traffic- New statistics (for billing period, WIFI SSID)- Option to add not used transfer from last period to next- roaming data- disable counting for specific period (between hours)Needed permissions:android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - to check if WIFIisenable/disableandroid.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to check if GSMisenable/disableandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to saveexportedtransfer to SD cardandroid.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - to read id_device(id_deviceis require to generate unique activation code forextendedfunctionality for user who donate app)android.permission.VIBRATE - to enable vibration when transferlimitwill be exceeded (optional in settings)No permissions to network, so application doesn't sendanyinformation from phone.Please check if GSM/CDMA/WIFI works for you on your phonebeforebuy pro.
Freeze 1.1
Создавайте напоминание с указаниемдняивремениОтмечайте уже выполненные пункты!Удобство при ведении списков еженедельных покупокНапомнить о записи к косметологу, дантисту, парикмахеруИнтуитивно понятный интерфейсРазделение задач, на текущие, завтрашние и в скором будущем!Удобный поиск среди созданного списка!Возможность редактирования задачи, в случае изменения планов!Createareminderindicating the day and timeCheck off completed items!Convenience when administered weekly shopping listsRemind me about this recording to thebeautician,dentist,hairdresserIntuitive InterfaceThe division of tasks in the current, tomorrow and inthenearfuture!Convenient search among a list created!Ability to edit tasks in the event of a change of plans!
Voice Lock 1.0
Voice Lock help your unlock yourAndroidmobilephone tablet or cell with this Beautiful app voicespeechscreenlock.You can set a voice password and use it unlockyourandroiddevice.If you are getting bored with old pattern,fingerscreenlocks ? Now Here is the application for you. ThisLatestLock Screenworks on your voice commands which makes yourphoneunique fromothers also we have provided a passcodelockscreenmethod with thisApp.Feature:- Set your own voice password.- You can even Specify number password assuming if vocalpasscodedoesn’t operate.- Enable Sound Lock with a single press button.- Pick from several enticing designs in voicescreenlockbypass.- Easy and user friendly UI.
Deep Freeze Administrator
The Faronics Deep Freeze Administrator appletsyou manage the Deep Freeze Cloud from your Android device,lettingyou easily Freeze/Thaw multiple computers. Deploy serviceson newcomputers by simply scanning a QR code with this app on thelocalcomputer.With the Deep Freeze Administrators app, you can:* Manage all computers available under the Computers and DeepFreezeOn Demand page from the comfort of your mobile device.* Perform on demand actions on multiple computers such asRebootFrozen, Reboot Thawed, Wakeup, Restart, Shutdown, RunWindowsUpdate, Send Message, and Add Tags.* Filter Deep Freeze computers by Frozen and Thawed status.* Filter computers by the tags assigned to them.* Search for computers by their details, tags, assigned policiesorgroups.* Securely sign-in to the cloud console without ever having toentercredentials on any computer by scanning a QR* Securely Download and install Deep Freeze Cloud services onnewcomputers by simply scanning a QR code.* Refresh the Policy applied to the computer without having towaitfor the next check in (heartbeat).* Organize and manage your computers by tagging them withnormal,ticket, and location tags.* Review computer information such as operating system, IPaddress,Deep Freeze status, assigned policies, groups, andtags.* Switch between different Sites with just one click from theswipemenu.* Want to wish for something new? Make a wish right from the appbysubmitting your feedback.Some features of this app requires the Deep Freeze Cloud Agent tobeinstalled on the computer.Faronics Deep Freeze makes PCs indestructible. It protectsendpointsby Freezing the desired configuration set by the ITAdmin. DeepFreeze Cloud is the new product line introduced byFaronics, whichis offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Ittakes PC management,data protection, asset administration, powermanagement to the nextlevel. Now be in control of your IT assets,anytime andanywhere.Don't have an account? Sign up @