Top 42 Apps Similar to Pokez Playing - Poker Card Puzzle

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale
Krumit's Tale is a solo card-based dungeon crawler - a follow-upto‘Meteorfall’
Runic Curse
Alexey Suslin
Action RPG in metroidvania style
Meteorfall: Journeys
Defeat the Uberlich in this challenging, deck-buildingroguelikeadventure!
.Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne
Legendary Japanese style bullet-hell shooter
Crossroads: Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler
Meet the hardcore roguelike dungeon crawler stylized as atradingcard game.
Pokertrainer 2.0.5
Thomas Karlsson
Improve your poker skills withPokertrainer'sinteractive exercises, practices and tutorials andhave fun andcompete for the monthly hi-score!There are poker trainer exercises for both beginners andveryadvanced players in this full poker trainer package.Poker is hard to learn because it takes a long time formistakesto become obvious through the results.With Pokertrainer the game is broken down into individual partsthatyou can practice and make sure you master one at a time.Pokertrainer consist of Tutorials and practical Exercises tohelpyou:- Improve your Hand Reading skills- Practice Preflop skills- Learn Poker Hand Ranking- Quickly recognize the Best Hand- Understand and calculate Pot Odds- Understand and calculate Implied Odds- When to Play a Draw with Outs (cards that will help you improvetothe best hand)- Understand the rules of Texas Hold'emYou can compete for hi-score and the monthly win or youcanpractice seeing the correct answer after each question.Are you Noob or Legend?Find out now!
Deathtrap Dungeon Trilogy
Nomad Games
Features the Deathtrap Dungeon trilogy by Ian Livingstone.
Ironbound: Card Battles RPG
Making Fun
A fast paced online Card Battles RPG with deep strategic gameplay.
DTO Poker - Your GTO MTT Poker Trainer
DTO Poker Ltd
Breaking Gates
Colorful and fun action RPG platformer! Exciting battles await you!
Immortal Rogue
Kyle Barrett
Hack and slash your way through the ages.
Poker Coaching
Master the Game of Poker
Immortal Fantasy: Cards RPG 5.5
Immortal Fantasy is a roleplaying game(RPG)that offers you the coolest dice and cards RPG gaming that canbefound in app stores anywhere! Choose your career: Fighter,Mage,Priest, Thief, Ranger, Necromancer or Knight.PLAYING THE GAMEIn order to win you must get the attention of the gods. Youchoosethose as well. Let your decisions stand as your gamecharacterscome face to face with their destiny. Awesome graphicsand coolgameplay sets Immortal Fantasy apart from other games inthe RPGgenre. You will find lots of items and equipment alongyourfantastic journey. From potions to armors, weapons, and somuchmore, Immortal Fantasy has it all. Travel the maps, exploreworldslike thousands of other RPG gamers are doing now!FEATURES:◆ Epic RPG action◆ 1000’s of players◆ Awesome graphics◆ New worlds to explore◆ Fight monsters and get treasures◆ Sweet card and dice RPG gaming◆ Cool items, armors, potions, spells, and more◆ Get the attention of the gods to help you survive◆ Tons of cards, new old, and rare to be used with dicetoplay◆ Brilliantly designed and expertly createdImmortal Fantasy is an amazing modern RPG with oldschoolgameplay!Collect the cards, roll the dice, each of your decisions matterinyour own survival!NOTE: Game requires a minimum recommended resolution of960x540pixels to show accurately.Most mobiles have much more, e.g. Samsung S4 mini has thisandSamsung S5 has 1920x1018.
Nilia - Roguelike dungeon crawler RPG
4 hats
Explore dungeons and their dangers. Earn gems to level up
Random Adventure Roguelike II
A modern old-school text-based game inspired by MUD, rpg,andRoguelike genres.
Triad Battle
The new and incredible collectible card game (CCG)
Tournament Poker Coach 1.1
Gamoz, Inc
Master the strategiesofno-limitHoldemtournaments including daily fast tournaments inyourlocalcardroom, online MTBs or major WSOP, WPT or HPT eventsbyhavingyourown coach in your pocket.Poker Coach professionals evaluate your every moveandrewardyoufor making quality decisions.Play challenging hands, actually played inmajoreventsorsimulatedfor training, from a variety oftournamentstructures,levels andstack sizes facing a rangeofopponent’ skillsandreceive instant anddetailed feedback.Practice and refresh your skills before showinguptoanytournament and significantly increase your chancestoreachthefinal table and win. Features: * Poker hands are packaged intoHand-Packs™,coveringvariousaspects of Hold'em tournament strategiesfromthefundamentals toadvanced professional play. * Win in-app currency, called ProCoins, based on themeritofyourplay, not the outcome of the hand. Use ProCoinstounlockBonusHand-Packs. * Game scenarios crafted or actually playedbyworld-classpokercoaches* Each move is followed by detailed explanations thatopenyoureyesto opportunities to win pots. * Play for FREE an entire preview Hand-Pack! You canalsoPREVIEWahand from each Premium Hand-Pack. * No account creation. Just start playing toimproveyourpokerskills.Privacy Policy:
Random Adventure Roguelike Pro 1.0
Live your random adventure, discover new islands,fightagainstmonsters, grow up your own pet to help you with thefights,followquests by villagers, collect items and get more andmoreequippedas you travel through your Random Adventure Roguelike.RARis aRoguelike game in which you are the hero of your ownstorywithrandomly generated challenges and adventures. Asallroguelikegames, be careful with the permanent death! TextBasedForever"This is pure proof that even in today's world TextBasedGames arestill the bomb." Best adventure game! "Really goodgame, Iplayedthis game for hours, very addictive (^_^)worthdownloading!"Awesome game "It has a lot of depth, with lotsoffeatures and themusic immerses you in a world of imaginationofadventures that aredifferent every time you play. Myfavouritegame, absolutelyrecommended!" Random Adventure Roguelikefeatures:- main stats ofattack, defense and speed which you canassign toyour character inthe beginning of the game and improvethroughoutyour trip -villages where you can buy equipment, potionsand toolsat theshop; eat at the bar; rest at the inn; obtain craftrecipestostart crafting; learn a skill from the skill master-locationslike islands, mountains, forests, caves,rivers,islands,cemeteries, mine, etc. - items you can use to cuttrees andobtainwood, go mining and with the minerals craft othertools orweapon,dig treasures, go fishing and fish fishes! :) and ofcoursekillmonsters, chop them for raw food or use a skinning knifetogettheir skin! - skills like fire camp to cook raw food, visiontoseemonsters or villages close by, invisible to becomeinvisiblesothat monsters don’t attack you! and many other surprisesyouwilldiscover once you dig into your own randomadventure!RandomAdventure Roguelike is completely FREE! There isthe optionto makea small donation for those interested insupporting thedevelopmentof the game. As I am the only developerbehind the game,there arealways many improvements on the way, I tryto update asoften as Ican. Thanks for your support and patience!PLEASE HELP MEIMPROVE!- If you have any suggestions, doubts, ideas,bugs, etc...checkthe subreddit: imageand menu background credits: Fco. JavierBarrera- I hope you have fun!
Card Crusade
A roguelike deck building game
Dice Dungeon:Deck Building Roguelike Pixel
You are the hero fighting with captive souls with wisdom andmagiccards
Reversi Pro
Trap and flip your opponent's pieces to control the board!
Rogue Dungeon RPG
Roguelike hack and slash Action RPG. Offline and ad-free withfungameplay!
ATHYLPS - Poker Outs, Poker Odds, Poker Trainer
Poker trainer that helps you learn poker outs, poker odds,pokerhands
Solitaire Time
Adne Allanah
Classic solitaire game
Sentinels Sidekick
Your plucky tabletop companion for Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Lophis Roguelike-Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon
Dark Dungeon Survival Card Rougelike,fused card games androgueliketogether
Cardstone - TCG card game
FREE fast-paced dungeon crawler card game. New TCG twist!
Hexagon Dungeon
Bleor Games
Defeat the human with your cute slime. The hexagon puzzle isyourweapon.
Unknown Knights
Embark on an epic adventure in a dark, strange, fantasy world.NoAds or IAP.
Star Jolt - Arcade challenge
Retro inspired, highscore driven, classic arcade. Your highscoreisyour limit.
Shadow Era - Trading Card Game
Choose your hero and build your deck in a darkfantasy,cross-platform CCG!
RogueRun - Abyss Tower
Hack-and-slash roguelike, with pixel graphics and simple controls
Sohoo Poker - Texas Holdem
Sohoo Limited
Enjoy the most authentic and professional poker game:TexasHold'Em/Omaha
Dungeon Tales: RPG Card Game
Adventure in an Epic Fantasy RPG Dungeon. Build Your Deck&Battle Monsters!
Sigils Of Elohim
Sigils of Elohim is "The Talos Principle" free mini game.
Solitaire Master-Classic Card
XT Studio
Classic, multi-mode Klondike Spider Solitaire.
Sir Questionnaire
A turn-based roguelike adventure with hacking, slashing,puzzles,and strategy.
Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike)
A simple roguelike, right in your pocket!
The Complete Plato
The complete works of greatest philosopher
Auto Puzzle Defense : PVP Match 3 Random Defense
Real-time Battle~ with 「Auto Puzzle」! 「Random Defense」~ NinjaBlock!
Linear Quest
LQ Games
Side-scrolling 2D pixel action RPG