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Bulgarian for AnySoftKeyboard 4.1.110
Even Danan
Bulgarian layouts and dictionary for AnySoftKeyboard keyboardapp.Includes BDS, BEKL and Phonetic layouts. This is anexpansionlayouts pack for AnySoftKeyboard. Install AnySoftKeyboardfirst,and then select the desired layout fromAnySoftKeyboard'sSettings->Keyboards menu.
FREE Norwegian by Nemo 1.4.0
Nemo Apps LLC
Nemo is designed to start you speaking the most usefulwordsinNorwegian immediately and confidently. With millionsofdownloadsfrom around the world, Nemo is now available forAndroidphones andtablets. ✓ Every Norwegian word is pronouncedclearly inhighquality audio from a native speaker. ✓ All audio isdownloadedtoyour device, and is available offline or in airplanemode. ✓Masteryour accent with the Speech Studio. Simply recordyourselfsaying aphrase and then hear your voice next to theteacher’s. Thentryagain. You’ll be AMAZED how quickly your foreignaccent meltsaway.✓ Nemo is not built around lessons at all. It ismeant to bepickedup throughout the day, whenever you have a fewminutes tospare. ✓NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of Norwegian is required. Nemotargetsthe wordsand phrases most often used in conversation.Forbeginners, we’veprepared “If You Only Learn 10 Things”, “IfYouOnly Learn 50Things”, and “If You Only Learn 100 Things” listsfora fastintroduction to the essentials. Intermediate learnerscanprogressto a course of the highest frequency words neededfortravel andbusiness and begin to have conversations in Norwegianina month.Advanced students will benefit most from theSpeechStudiotechnology to correct their foreign accent. With Nemo,youcancustomize flashcards to exercise the language skill youwanttoimprove. When beginning a new topic, setup flashcardstopracticetranslation of Norwegian to English so you canbuildfamiliaritywith new words. Next, switch to translate EnglishtoNorwegian totrain your recall and ability to speak. Tocompletemastery, switchto cards that specialize in fine-tuningyourlistening andperfecting your pronunciation. Any card can bemarkedas afavorite, allowing you to make your own custom deck ofcardstofocus on the words of the day. Turn on Review Mode torecapwhatyou practiced earlier in the day to boost yourmemoryretention.Dive into what you want to learn at any time.Thephrasebook offersquick access to the vocabulary in the appthroughaNorwegian-English dictionary interface. Nemo also functionsasatranslator. Simply find the words you need in thesearchinterfaceand play its audio through the device speaker. ◆ Getoffthe beatenpath or find comfort with traveler phrases. ◆Buildyourproficiency with numbers and the most important verbsandsentencebuilding blocks. ◆ Supports a “Word Gender” mode todisplayextrainformation about the gender of words. Norwegian istheprimarylanguage spoken in Norway and the cities of Oslo,Bergen,andTrondheim. Norwegian has two official written forms:Bokmål,usedby 85-90% of the population, and Nynorsk, used by theother10-15%.This app focuses on Bokmål. Use your new skills tomakefriends,impress old friends, bring smiles to children, get outofjams,experience new things, talk confidently, and make yourtravelandcultural experience more rich and fulfilling. Downloadthisfreeapp now!