Top 50 Apps Similar to Dragon Blaze

Elune 2.11.18
Spirit Cards will make your Elunes more powerful than ever before!
Kritika: The White Knights 4.34.3
New Event Race & Expanded Prop Enhance Level Cap
Enjoy marvelous events! Log in now to get benefits for newandreturning users!
Brave Frontier
gumi Inc.
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the MOST ANTICIPATED classic stylerole-playinggame!
Monster Warlord 8.0.0
Monster collecting battle game on mobile!
Chain Strike™ 2.0.5
The epic turn-based tactical RPG is finally here.
Wonder Tactics 1.8.0
The ultimate strategic RPG with players from 136countriesworldwide!
Kingdom of Heroes - RPG 3.05.001
Experience better strategies and story in the Kingdom of Heroesnow!
아르카나 택틱스 2.0.0
[Features] ■ Be A Light in the Darkness - Shine light uponaworldshrouded in darkness. The war will only end when lightshinesuponevery inch of the land. - Expand the territory in anydirectionyoudesire! - Mobs are no longer in your way, ExclusiveBossBattlesOnly! ■ Collect Powerful Servants - Summon powerfulServantstofight at your side. - Form your Crusade from amongover350Servants. - Enhance, Evolve, and Awaken to unlocktheirtruepotential. - Diverse Roles for each Servant:Attack,Defense,Support, Healer.
Dragon Heroes Tactics 1.0.7
Real-time multiplayer game, Dragon Heroes Tactics!Collectandupgrade your heroes, defeat your enemies and win rewardsandgloryin your tier. Create guilds to share items and createyourownbattle community. Precautions! Dragon Heroes Tactics isfreetodownload and play. However, some game items can be paidforincash. If you do not want to use this feature, please setapurchasepassword in the Google Play Store app settings.Aninternetconnection is required to play the game. [Characteristic]●Competewith players around the world in real time to earnrewards.●Create the ultimate battle deck to overwhelm youropponents. ●Asyou gain more combat experience, you can advance tothehighertiers. Challenge yourself to the highest tier[Accessrightsguidance] Access rights are requested to providethefollowingservices when using the app. ● Optional access-Picture/media/fileaccess, external storage mediaread/writepermissions: required forgame installation files, updatefiles. *Game services areavailable except for features related totheserights, even if youdo not allow optional access. ● How torevokeaccess rights -Operating system 6.0 or later: Access rightscan bewithdrawn from[Settings > Application Management >Select'Dragon HeroesTactics' > Privileges] on the device you areusing- Operatingsystem below 6.0: Upgrade operating system to 6.0orlater toretract as above, or withdraw as app deletion
Ceres M 1.1.71
▶ Stunning View in high quality 3D graphic!Experienceuncompairablevisual of Heroes with high quality 3Dgraphic youhave never seenbefore! ▶ Ultimate skill with 3DCinematic View!Enjoy stylishbattle With ultimate skills in 3DCinematic View ▶Strategy Mode tochange the game! Enough with theAuto battle!Forget the battle sofar! Enjoy real time battles withStrategyMode! ▶ IrresistibleContents! PVP, Raid, Sky Tower, DragonTower,Elemental Dungeon,etc.
GrandChase 1.66.4
Kog Co., Ltd.
GrandChase Returns! Immerse Yourself in an EPIC Adventure ForALLRPG Fans!
Brave Nine - Tactical RPG 2.38.11
Experience Thrilling Battle and Strategic Gameplay only inBraveNine!
Astro Horoscope 2.3
A good way to start your day is to read your horoscopes.Firstdownload this app
Heroes War: Counterattack 1.13.0
The world is in chaos. The Z-virus has killed and mutated morethanathird of mankind. Get ready to fight an epic warinthispost-apocalyptic world between heroes of opposingforces.Battlealongside friends and guild members throughoutyouronlineadventure. Recruit mercenaries, collect equipment, andpowerupskills/abilities to become the hero in this epic fantasyRPG.Useyour strategy and skill to win the battle in a varietyofmodesincluding campaigns, dungeons, and the Arena. Fightforyoursurvival in Heroes War, the epic turn-based strategy RPG!💥BuildYour Team - Recruit various unique Mercenariesinstantlywithoutdrawing - Customize your Mercenaries' skills tobecome thehero ofthe Arena - Come up with the best team andstrategy to winbattles💥 Turn the Tide with a Counterattack - Enjoya realisticbattlesystem where you can control hero movements ANDattackdirections -Counterattack your opponent with theturn-reversing'Rage Skill.' -Master a unique style of dynamic PvPcombat 💥Adventure with YourFriends - Invite friends and team up tocompletemissions - Join aguild or create your own to enjoy friendlymatches- Battletogether with a guild member to get trophies 💥 Jumpintothe EpicStory - Experience the immersive gameplay and plotthatdraws youinto the post-apocalyptic world - Take part in theTwoLast Forces’fight for survival - Encounter ongoing battlesandmysteriousmutants 💥 Get More Info - Visit Heroes War'sofficialcommunitiesand check out various events and rewards! →OfficialFacebook Page: →OfficialDiscord Community:→Official Site: * Accesspermissionnotice forgameplay · PHONE: The authority is required tocollectmobile phonenumbers for sending event SMS ※ You'll be ableto enjoythe serviceexcept features related to above authoritieseven if youdon't givepermission to the above. • Items are availableforpurchase in thisgame. Some paid items may not berefundabledepending on the typeof item. • For Com2uS Mobile GameTerms ofService, visit - Terms ofService: -PrivacyPolicy: •Forquestionsor customer support, please contact our CustomerSupportbyvisiting
KING`s RAID 5.10.0
Vespa Inc
King's Pass Season 9 Released!
TALION 5.2.50
* Dive into the stunning world of TALION with your ownuniquecharacter! *
Otogi: Spirit Agents 5.0.1016
Disturbances in people's emotions create "evil energy," whichinturnleads to highly unusual events that defy logic andreason.Spiritagents are the only ones who can resolve thesesituations.They havebeen working behind the scenes throughouthistory, andcontinue to doso in the present. Spirit agents partnerwithentities called"spirits," who have their own independentwill...*What the heck kindof spirits are these? You'll never seecertaingods, legendaryweapons, folklore or famous people in thesamelight after meetingthe lovable spirits that they inspired!Theprototypical "psychogirlfriend" Kiyo turns into a dragon,whileTitania, the Queen ofFairies, goes to Shibuya in pursuit ofthelatest trends... They andothers come together for afantasticstory like none other! Voiceacting by Haruka Tomatsu,YoshitsuguMatsuoka, Hiro Shimono and YuKobayashi makes theadventure evenmore exciting! *These spirits willhave you comingback for more!Popular Illustrators Hihara You, KiyaMachi, *zoff,Miyoshino,ATARU, Kenichi Iwamoto and others providethe cute, coolandsometimes even slightly sexy character designs!Combat uses3Dmodels to make everything a little more cute! Whowould'vethoughtsuch cute spirits could be any cuter? Even handsome,manlyspiritslook cute! And they all come together for totally wildandcrazybattles! Choose your favorite spirits and jump in!
Immortal Summoners - Awaken 5.7
KYoo Games
Immortal Summoners,a Magic RPG world in the palm of your hand
After the Gods disappeared, a world of darkness was left behind.Youwill undertake a trying journey accompanied by breathtakingmusic,ELCHRONICLE. ■ Game Introduction ▶ The Return of ClassicJRPG Afantastic world where ancient gods, humans, and beastkinslivetogether. The classic JRPG with a lyrical story. ▶ FullCinematicVideo with Voiceover Enjoy the story with a cinematicvideo thatfully voiceovered with the best actors. ▶ MOBA StyleReal-timeAction! Experience the real action and unique heroes. ▶Real-timeBoss Raid A real-time party play! Defeat the boss withyour friends.▶ The Connect System Beautiful and Strong Heroes.Enhance attractionpoint and recruit them as comrades. ▶ CraftingSystem Strong setarmors and exclusive weapons Collect materialsand craft ityourself. ▶ Huge OpenWorld The adventure to the world!Explore thevast continent of the Balam for hidden requests andtreasures. ■Asking for Permissions For your convenience, thefollowingpermissions will be requested. [Compulsory Permission] -Photo,Media, File access : These are used for installation andsavingscreenshots and running the game. [Optional Permission] -N/A [Howto Withdraw Permission] - Android 6.0 or later: Generalsetup >App > Select the App > Permission > Withdrawthe Permission- Below Android 6.0: On this version, It'simpossible to withdrawthe permission. So just delete the App orupgrade your Android OS upto 6.0. ■ SUPPORT E-Mail:[email protected]:
Summoner Heroes
Enjoy the idle battle arena with Legendary Heroes to fightagainstDark Legion.
Summoner's Conquest
Movga Games
Build a powerful team of heroes and be the greatest summoner intheworld!
Shining Beyond 1.0.34
From the creators of the hit mobile RPG ‘Valiant Force’,comesShining Beyond - an epic adventure into a new realm withintheshared universe of Valiant Force! Shining Beyond, anonlineRole-Playing Mobile game, is an ‘idle-action hybrid’ thatcaters toany playstyle. Take on powerful Monsters and dauntingChallengessuch as Raids, while passively gathering resources andloot whileyou are away from the game. Dozens of visually stunningheroes,skills and costumes await in the realm of Feldria - awar-torn landwhere an eldritch evil threatens to take away all hopeand freedom.Key Game Features Offline Idle Play Earn resources,treasures andmore even while you are away from the game! Real-timeCo-op Exploredungeons and slay enemies with friends. Work as a teamto overcomethe most thrilling challenges together! DeepCustomizationCustomize every Hero through an in-depth job system.Choose a paththat best suits your team and play style,strengthening them with adiverse selection of equipment, runes andbeautiful costumes!In-game Events Constant updates that introducenew lore, specialbattles and challenging mechanics such as Raidsand Treasure Hunts!Exclusive rewards await all aspiringadventurers! An OtherworldlySoundtrack Boasting an originalsoundtrack by Mr. Hitoshi Sakimotoof Basiscape, immerse yourself inthe enchanting soundscape ofFeldria! Visual Masterpieces Stunning2D and 3D art by the talentedartists of XII Braves, bringing eachhero to life on thebattlefield and on your screen!
Seven Knights 7.6.00
Experience a visually-striking RPG like you’ve never seen before!
Soccer Spirits 2.5.7
We invite you to the world of fantasy soccer!
Final Chronicle (Fantasy RPG)
BEST TURN-BASED RPG (FREE Classical, Epic Fantasy JRPG) madeformobile devices!
Calibria: Crystal Guardians 2.2.11
Collect heroes, pick your strategy, and join battle in this allnew3D RPG! Enter the world of Calibria where the fight to controlthesacred Calibria Crystal has just begun. The guardians ofthecrystal, an ancient clan of summoners, were powerless to fendoffthe enemies that had laid siege to their home. UnderGentry'sprotection, you, the last descendent of the clan, boardedthe Arkand set sail with the Calibria Crystal. You are chargedwithprotecting the Calibria Crystal. Track down the demons thatlaidwaste to your home, defeat their leader, and bring peace backtoCalibria once more! Download now and embark on your newadventure!Assemble and lead the greatest heroes in Calibria to savethe worldonce and for all! ⭐⭐⭐FEATURES⭐⭐⭐ [Collect 200+ IncredibleHeroes]Collect over 200 heroes from 5 different factions, each withtheirown unique skills. Enjoy epic battles with hundreds oflegendaryheroes! Assemble the ultimate squad to fight against thepowers ofdarkness! [Evolve the Skills of your Favorite Heroes!]Which ofyour heroes’ skills will you upgrade? It’s up to you! Eachhero hastheir own skill tree. Skills may be unlocked by learningthem inbattle or by evolving your heroes. Equip magical runes tofurtherincrease your heroes’ stats and power. Pair your heroestogetherand unlock incredible combos! [Claim Victory with theBestStrategy] Heroes hail from 5 factions: Lawful, Chaotic,Evil,Light, and Dark. Choose your heroes and select the right runestostrategically assemble your squad. Endless hero combos andcountersawait your discovery. Your squad will need to be flexibleenough tochallenge quests in the Spire, Main Stages, the Arena, andtheCatacombs, each loaded of their own incredible rewards! [ManualorAuto Battle? It’s Up to You!] Tired of tapping? Feel free tochoosebetween Manual and Auto Battle! Play at your own paceandeffortlessly earn! [Fight with or against Players Worldwide!]Sendyour heroes to help your friends earn their own victories.Uniteand fight with other players together in guilds to climbtheleaderboards and achieve ultimate glory! #Contact us# Forquestionsand support, please contact our Customer Support byvisiting:Facebook page:[email protected]
Guardians of The Throne 1.4
Build your ultimate team and raise your companions to beat downepicworld boss!
Valkyrie Connect 9.22.1
Lightning fast gameplay! Co-op boss battles! Frantic PVP action!
Summon Rush 5.1
Summon and unleash the magnificent creatures and clashinbattleslike you've never experienced before! [StrategicCardDeck]Customize your deck strategically and summon keycreaturesformaximum effect! Mix & match unique skillsandbattlecharacteristics of each monster to create theperfectdeck![Understand the 5 Elements] Drench Fire with Water!ShineDarknesswith Light! Maximize the summoner and monsters’synergy!Conquestthe battlefield by creating the perfect deck![MonumentalBattleContents & Rewards] Challenge the Raid andrank amongthechampions! Conquer the 15 floors of the Tower ofChaos! Claimmanygreat rewards through each challenge! [My Guild isMy Life]NewElemental Buff System! Overcome your enemies andgetbattlesuperiority with powerful Guild Buff! [TerrifyingSpiritualMagic]Get awesome support for summoners and creaturesthroughSpiritualMagic! Use Spiritual Magic wisely to claim victoryin adifficultbattle! ■ Required Permission The followingpermissionsarerequired for smooth game play : 1. Access to yourdevicepictures,media, and files. - For the purpose of in-gameeventsandcompensation [Android 6.0 OS or higher user Notification]Youhaveto allow the authority for smooth game play.AppsManagement->SummonRush-> Permissions -> allow■Homepage■Facebook■YouTube
Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe 2.10.0
Achieved 25 million downloads worldwide!
AFK Summoner: fantasy hero war 1.5.0
We need you to rule the world! And look forward to you to joinAFKSummoner!
Tales of Erin
Tales of Erin X Blazblue Collaboration, Here comes a newchallenger!
Last Valiant 1.1.30
Team up with your friends and conquer the world!
Destiny Summoner
gumi Inc.
The all-new definitive Strategy RPG, most widely sought-afterinJapan!
Magatsu Wahrheit-Global version 1.22.1
Mobimon Inc.
Real-time online JRPG with epic scenario, Available NOW!!~Ahigh-tension adventure of seeking the Truth behindtheMysteriousLIGHT ~ 1. Epic 3D action Online RPG, featuring apeakproductionteam from Japan (Original work/Script: ShoudaMiwa;Music: YokoyamaMasaru; Character Design: Third Echoes) 2.Touchingover 1.5million players across Japan - Featuring severalfamousvoiceactors: (CV:Koyama Rikiya 、KawasumiAyako、MorikawaToshiyuki、Kakihara Tetsuya、 SawashiroMiyuki、ToriumiKohsuke、SugitaTomokazu、Saito Soma、 Ishitobi Erika、Kito Akari、Uchida Maaya、Yuuki Aoi) 3. Fight along your allies andcaptains aspart of theMobile Corps! (Real-time Online Battles,repel your foeswith yourfriends!) 4. Aim for SS-tier guild, fightfor the glory ofthestrongest (Communicate anytime using stickers,fightalongsideother guild members) 5. 3D Action team-play RPG withhighqualityJapan style animation (Immerse yourself into the worldfullofLight and Despair)
Medal Heroes 3.5.7
Enfeel Inc
Casual Strategy RPG! The essence of one-handed team action RPG!
Dawnblade: Action RPG 1.2.3
Unleash your immortal blade in this ARPG Adventure(actionrole-playing game)
infinite heroes:afk idle games 30.94
Mobile idle casual card battle game easily with RP rich rewards!
Dark Summoner
The Definitive Dark Fantasy Game for the Mobile Platform!
Monster Super League 1.0.230530031
Catch your own astromons! A world where fun and excitingadventuresawait you!
Northland Arena 1.1.1
This is an AFK RPG game that never stops fighting, with 7 Races,5heroes’ classes, and 100+ heroes under your control. It's easytoplay, you can get profitable offline as well as your heroeswillkeep fighting while sleeping. Upgrade & challenge the Bosstobrush the most powerful equipment when you online! So, nomorewaiting! Start the nonstop challenge now! Ermmm...Please readthefollowing information before you start your journey, : Inthedistant age of chaos...There are two great dragons, Dawn andNight,which created man.At the same time, in order to helphumandevelopment, water, fire, thunder and earth were created, andthefour dragons supplied the ecology of the west Ramblecontinent.Thefour RACES of the Raging Federation, the Flame Tribe,theThundering City and the God Peak Empire each gained the powerofthe four dragons.In order to compete for resources, the fourRACEShave been fighting for a long time, under the action ofpositiveand negative energy, evil things "dark shadow"quietlyappeared...The "artifact" heavily guarded by the Angry Stormunionwas stolen mysteriously. The federal guard "Hammer of theNorth --Ukrano" followed the clues and came to the northern snowland ofthe west Ramble continent, where he was suddenly attacked byalarge number of "shadow" creatures from unknown origin, andanendless battle was launched. ▁▂▃ Northland Arena features ▃▂▁✢Keepfighting and upgrade easily✢ Say goodbye to the tedious andstickygame experience, 10 minutes a day, easy click can strengthenyourhero, put the hero into battle, they will automaticallyfight,while you are offline and sleep can also benefit.Once online,youcan continue to upgrade your heroes, challenge stronger bosses,andget rich rewards and equipment items. ✢7 RACES, 5 professions✢Theheroes in the game come from seven RACES: water, fire,thunder,earth, light, shadow, and star.Hero is divided into tank,assist,warrior, mage, ranger, 5 classes, for your output ofdifferentcombat.For your information, Zeus, the king of the gods,has astrong burst of output. ✢There are many heroes, all of themareuseful✢ Each hero has his own special abilities,independentstories, and special artifacts.Want more nurturingresources?Usingthe unique hero remodeling and demobilizationsystem, you will beable to disassemble existing heroes and gaintraining resourceswithout wasting any of the heroes you get.Plusthe hero bondbetween the bonus, maximize the utilization of thehero. ✢Ventureoutside the city and explore the dungeons✢ Get out ofthe city toexplore the cast star region, trial, bounty missions,mirrors,dungeons and other adventure areas, and get a lot ofrewards andprops.Don't expect to get a full reward for just a fewpoints. Evendungeon exploration requires strategy and skill.✢Stimulatecompetition, union challenge✢ Arena, Arena of Valor,Arena ofEternity various PVP modes await you to challenge, to wintheultimate glory, depends on your ability.Join the union andhiscomrades together to defeat the Boss, S - level chestexplosionrate. ✢The battle is simple, but the game is not simple✢Eachlevel's Boss and his minions have different attributesandline-up.With thunder clan hero to control the aquatic Boss,withtwo tanks or two rangers, all the strategy by you todecide.Dude,are you ready? Want more information and rewards? Lotsof questionsand Suggestions? Our GM sister has been waiting for youfor a longtime. Please visit our official Fan Page to contacther.⊙⊙Facebook:
Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG
Feeling-of-Hit is alive! Fantasy Action RPG
Mirage Memorial Global
Global Server launched! Popular JRPG with 5 million+ downloadsinEast Asia!
Revolutionary Anime Tap Action RPG!
S.O.L : Stone of Life EX 1.2.6
Oddy Arts
Stylish Action RPG! Classic & Best Old School & Offline RPG
Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact 3.4.12
5th Anniversary! Impact of Dragons,Monsters.Fantasy ActionRPGKnights Adventure