Top 27 Apps Similar to Ninja Up! - Endless arcade jumping

Nindash: Skull Valley
Become a Master Ninja
Time Surfer
The end of the universe is after you... Cheat death byrewindingtime!
Dadish 2
He’s a dad, and a radish, and he’s back in his biggestadventureyet!
iSlash Heroes
Duello Games
The #1 slashing puzzle is back with tons of new featuresandchallenging levels!
Cosmobot - Hyper Jump
Space Robot jump to the Rescue!
Monster Duo – Match and Snap Adventure 1.2.6
WHAT (games)
Enter an enchanting world full of wonders, monsters,andmatch-makingadventure with Monster Duo! In this new Onet game,allyou have to dois draw lines to connect each Monster totheiridentical twin so youcan free them from their tiles andcollectsweet Gems. It’s superrelaxing, yet fun and challengingtoo! **CASUAL BOARD GAME FUN **There are only 3 simple rules inthisaddictive Mahjong game, soanyone can play: 1) Find a matchingpairof Monster tiles. 2) Connectthe tiles that match using 3straightlines or fewer to remove thatMonster Duo. 3) Repeat untilyoucrush all the tiles on the board andsnap up loads of Gems! **PLUSA DASH OF ARCADE ACTION ** There areseveral epic twists forthemost addictive matching game imaginable!• Unleash apowerfulBooster to help you crush even the mostchallenging puzzlein asnap! • Save the magic trees and theenchanted forest. **ARELAXING PUZZLE ADVENTURE ** • Cross anenchantingworld,challenging each fun new puzzle along the way. •Free everysweetlittle Monster twin from an epic threat. ** DISCOVERADORABLETINYMONSTERS** • Over 30 monsters! • Collect them all! **FUN FORTHEWHOLE FAMILY ** • An easy-to-learn, pleasurable game forallages •Smooth and enjoyable effects ** TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS**Original,unique Onet mechanics in many levels full offun,amazingchallenges! Snap into action and link up with thisaddictivefreegame now! Monster Duo is the perfect matching game forfansofpuzzle adventure, epic tile match-making, Mahjong andcasualboardgames with a dash of sweetarcadefun._____________________________________________ Follow uson:Facebook: appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-partysite. End-User License Terms of
Jump, Dive, Slide and Throw Shuriken through an AwesomeendlessNinja adventure!
Alley Bird
Help Little Bird escape the alley! Be careful, GRUMPY CAT isgrumpy;AVOID HIM!
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game forAndroidDevices
Super One More Jump
SMG Studio
Super One More Jump is a hand-crafted, frantic, one toucharcadeplatformer!
Challenging one-tap arcade game.
Hello Yogurt
Embark on a journey through the human body of 35+ beautiful levels!
Part spider, part velociraptor, it's Velocispider! A retroarcadeshoot-em-up.
Hoppy Frog 2 - City Escape 1.2.8
Turbo Chilli
We join our favourite hopping hero as he finds himself onthewrongside of the law and making a mad dash for freedom. Framedbyhisold nemesis Sharky and falsely arrested for lakepollution,Hoppyhas decided to skip bail and escape to the hills.Help Hoppyjumpand glide to freedom across the city skyline avoidingthepolice,social media, and a vast array of enemiesincludingSharky'sscooter riding affiliate gang 'The Fins' With morethan50characters to collect, new terrain to master and hiddensecretstounlock Hoppy Frog 2 - City Escape is hours of frantic funforall.GAME FEATURES: * Multiple locations to escapefromincludingbuildings, forest, lake, and the hidden secret bonusroom* Tonnesof frogs both girls and boys to collect from thenerdyofficeworker 'Brent' to the fire breathing Dragon 'Drake'anddon'tforget the witch 'Wicka'. Many with special powers andcustomsoundFX * Free daily gifts with plenty of chances to win thetopprize *Cool and colorful 8 bit retro pixel art and music by8-bitweaponto capture the authentic feel of games from the 80'shomecomputerera such as Atari, Commodore 64, Spectrum andGameboy.Never hasretro gaming been so FUN! Do you have what ittakes tofree Hoppyand escape before the police capture him? Can youcaptureenoughflies to collect all the characters? Can you avoidthescootershark gang and hop your way to freedom?
Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scrollarcadeaction!
Bushido Bear
Spry Fox LLC
Sword-slashing action! Collect & upgrade bears to defendyourforest!
Dash till Puff! 1.7.6
Rifter Games
Fly, jump, bounce, and dash your waythroughgeometry!Are you ready for the challenge? Focus, learn the patterns,dodgerandom obstacles following the rhythm of the music and reachtheimpossible game modes where only the best survive.Game features:• One-touch responsive controls• 8 Unique endless procedurally-generated worlds• Unlock new avatars and colors to customize your character!• Lots of achievements and secrets to reveal• Challenge your friends with Google Play Games Leaderboards!• Play offline, don't need wifi or Internet• Are you low on space disk MB on your phone? The game isunder20MB!• Super optimized performance• Full HD colorful graphics• Amazing music from top artists such as Waterflame, DJVI orForeverBoundDownload Dash till Puff! now and add it to your collection offreegames under 20MB. You don't need wifi or internet to playit.Be careful, it's super addictive!
Astrogon - Arcade platformer
Precision platformer, with an intuitive level editor. Createyourown levels !
Cubie Adventure World
Ready, Set, and Run! Welcome to Cubie Adventure!
Ninja Dash Run - Offline Games
Run, jump & fight as a shadow warrior in this ninja arcadegame,no wifi needed
Farm Punks
Launch Funny Fruit With a Cannon Down a Mountain
Star Jolt - Arcade challenge
Retro inspired, highscore driven, classic arcade. Your highscoreisyour limit.
Ninja Hero Cats
Join the amazing Ninja Hero Cats in their brave battleagainstfishmonsters from another dimension! Forget Kung Fu orKarate ifyoucan swing samurai swords or hurl bombs, fridges, pizzasandpianosat all sorts of weird fish monsters! Loot preciousgoldfishand usethem to buy incredible upgrades that can turn youinto awhirlwindof destruction or even unleash the mighty CATZILLA!Useyourparkour skills to dash over floating islands andcollapsingbridgeswhile slicing evil jellyfish and sharks with yoursharpblade! Withfree exploration, fast paced action and infinitefun,Ninja HeroCats is much more than your usual runner game! And ithasfortunecookies! Everyone loves cookies! FEATURES ✔ FREE TO PLAY✔Variousenemies from a twisted dimension! ✔ Intense skillbasedgroupcombat action! ✔ Hilarious weapons from heavy fridgestoflyingpizzas! ✔ Powerful upgrades to all abilities! ✔Hiddentreasures ofpearls and goldfish! ✔ Procedurally generatedworld forendlesslevel fun! ✔ Solve exciting challenges! ✔ Fortunecookieswithsurprising rewards! ✔ Controls via virtual analog stickorsimpledrag and swipe! ✔ Game Controller support! SupportsGooglePlaygame services You can play Ninja Hero Cats entirelyforFREE,though various items are available via in-app purchase.Youcan usepassword protection on the Google Play Store app tohelppreventaccidental or unwanted purchases on your device. Thankyouforplaying ‘Ninja Hero Cats’! © GmbH
Super Sticky Bros
The platformer game that will end all platformer games
He’s a dad AND a radish
Overdrive Premium
Take the traitor down!