Top 50 Apps Similar to Taps to Riches

Tap Tap: Idle City Builder Sim 5.3.1
Idle city builder with complete freedom. Turn an empty island intoarich city!
Tap Empire: Idle Tycoon Game 2.15.18
MeeWow Games
Get rich, level up, upgrade & automate in thisincrementaltycoon auto clicker!
Tap Tycoon 2.0.15
Make money and win the next world war for your country!
Hooked Inc: Fishing Games 2.28.1
Lion Studios
Idle Tycoon Boat Simulator
Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game 2.4.2
Click to become a billionaire! Play the ultimate idle tycoongamenow!
AdVenture Capitalist 8.8.0
Welcome, eager young investor, toAdVentureCapitalist! Arguably the world's greatestCapitalismsimulator! Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Beingthemaster of your own destiny?  Forming your ownmulti-nationalconglomerate to create a world-wide, monopolisticeconomy? ThenAdVenture Capitalist is the game for YOU!Begin your quest for world domination by clicking on theLemonadeStand progress bar. Keep clicking until you can afford topay formore squeezers! Now you’ve got the hang of it. Hire employees, purchase cutting edge upgrades, dominate themarket,and attract eager Angel Investors to boost your profits!The onlyway to go is UP UP UP!AdVenture Capitalist - a strangely addicting idle game.
Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game 1.20.7
Create a village for tennis, volleyball, boxing, hockey, skate,andmuch more!
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim 0.6.0
Tap to dig for gold with your pick axe! Get rich in a fun idleminesim game!
Idle Success 1.6.7
With this rich life simulator, you're the boss of your life
Tap Tap Trillionaire: Bit Life 1.25.5
Tap to riches in 8 bit life tycoon! Adventure as a idle cashclickercapitalist!
Burger Clicker: Idle Food Game 2.6.11
Tap & click to become billionaire with your burger officeinthis Idle Clicker!
Beach Club Tycoon : Idle Game 1.0.94
Run a beach club and become a tycoon. Relaxing idle and tycoongame.
Tap Tap Dig: Idle Clicker Game 2.1.5
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idleclickertapping game!
Idle Aqua Park 2.7.7
Water Amusement Park Tycoon
Idle Theme Park Tycoon
Create a theme park! Manage the roller coaster, and become atycoon!
AdVenture Communist 6.25.2
Hyper Hippo
Become a potato tycoon in the idle clicker sequel toAdVentureCapitalist!
AdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker 1.20.1
Hyper Hippo
Idle through civilizations!
Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Game 1.6.0
Create the biggest gym franchise. Become a fitness tycoon!
Bitcoin Billionaire 4.15.1
The hit idle clicker! Mine fake bitcoins and use them toupgradeyour life!
Idle Harbor Tycoon-Sea Docks 1.04
Build the best sea port, and gain money! Easy, andamazingincremental game!
Idle Light City: Clicker Games 3.0.1
Light up the city & make money in idle games! Tap light bulbandupgrade houses
Car Wash Empire 1.20
Manage your own car wash empire, in retro style!
Clicker Racing 4.0
Unleash the power of your fingers to become the greatest racerever!
Idle Tuber - Become the world' 1.4.3
Grow your channel and collect all the YouTubers in this newidleinfluencer game
Factory Inc. 2.3.58
You became a boss of the factory that can make anything.Upgradeyourmachines, and make various products. Hire the manager,andautomatethe factory. Earn money easily. Expand your business,andmake moremoney. Features of the Factory Inc.: • Be a bosstomanage themanagement simulation. • 20 more kinds of machinesthathaveabilities from general class to legend class. •Variousmanagers havetheir own ability. • More than 90producibleproducts, likefurniture, smartphones and cars. • EarnMoney evenin offline. •Selling a Company system that maximizesprofit. •Available Offlineplay! • Masterpiece of idle simulationgame canautomatically earnmoney. • More rapid production by tap.•Challenge Mode "Tap TheGold, Get The Money!"
Tiny Landlord: Idle City Sim 3.0.9
Hit the Bank: Life Simulator 1.8.6
Make right choices, turn poor to rich & run business in thelifesimulator game
Bid Wars 2: Business Simulator 1.80.4
By Aliens
Start a bidding war. Own pawn shops. Buy and sell rare items&become a tycoon!
Idle Inventor - Factory Tycoon 1.1.22
BoomBit Games
Grow your industrial powerhouse: become a heavy machine titanofindustry!
Idle City Empire 3.2.12
Welcome to Idle City Empire! Hello, eager young builder, andwelcometo the world's best city building simulator! What liesbefore you isan opportunity unlike any you've ever seen before.Seize the chanceto become a billionaire by creating the greatestcity the world hasever seen. Get ready to create, upgrade andautomate the mostprofitable city of all time in the best idlegame! 💰 🏡 🏦 🏢 💵FEATURES ✓ AUTOMATE your city and earn continuouslywhile you’reaway to get rich ✓ COLLECT masses of cool buildingsand businesses ✓CARNIVALS & ICE CREAM – Increase your city'shappiness andproduction by keeping the party going ✓ PRESTIGE andmove to a newlocation by reaching a high enough population ✓INVEST WISELY withsmart decisions on when to upgrade, re-build orearn idle profits ✓PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online oroffline, no connectionrequired. 💸 💸 Become the greatest andrichest of all real estatemoguls 💸 💸 Got questions? Check out ourcommunity: Got feedback?We're alwayshappy to hear it: [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: 🏦 😻Love from theIdle City Empire Team, Helsinki 😻 🏦
PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator 2.02.0
Youtuber and streamer offline idle game. Be an influencer,createvideo trends.
BarkHappy 1.15 (221130)
Discover the Dog Friendly World Around You! Available Nationwide!
Bid Wars - Auction Simulator 2.56
By Aliens
Search for rare items and test your negotiation skills withthisbusiness game!
Vlogger Go Viral: Tuber Life 2.43.22
Tapps Games
Be an influencer in this idle youtuber simulutador: tuber life&streamer tycoon
Idle Lemonade Tycoon Empire 2.0.17
Build your Idle Lemonade Empire. Earn cash and become arichbusiness tycoon!
Beggar Life Clicker adventure
Collect your money. And get everything in the world! (Idle,Clickeradventure)
Landlord GO! 3.4.3
Property market simulator. Buy, manage and rent real places inyourarea.
Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash 4.24.1
Kolibri Games
Become a great Gold Digger Tycoon and get cash in thisclickeradventure game.
Cookies Inc. - Idle Clicker 60.2
Use auto clickers to get rich with your cookie tycoon empire!
Toilet Empire Tycoon - Idle Ma 1.2.11
Mint Y Games
"Toilet Empire Tycoon" is a simulator business game with thethemeof toilet!
Idle Foodie: Empire Tycoon 1.51.1
Cook to build your empire in this idle game. Upgrade and managetoreach success
Egg, Inc. 1.26.2
Auxbrain Inc
Build an enormous egg farm!
Mining Inc. 1.16.0
Become a mining tycoon
Coin Scout - Idle Clicker Game 1.35.1
Imagine the idle strategy where zombies are not a deadlythreat,just playful.
Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop 2.5.3
Become a Supermarket manager, and create an empire. A greatcasualidle game.
House Flip 3.11.1
Play a decorating makeover design sim to build and decorate funhomerenovations
Space Inc 1.5.6
Lion Studios
Tap to buid and manage hi-tech spaceport to make spacetravelingcomes true