Top 50 Apps Similar to Color Roll 3D

Emoji Puzzle!
Connect the matching pairs in this puzzle game to complete the quiz
Paint the Cube
Popcore Games
Can you beat the cube?
Pixel Match 3D 1.1.24
Can you think symmetrically? A simple paper art game, "PixelMatch3D"! ▼ EASY TO PLAY ◆ Shape the folded paper Shape the foldedpaperto match the given design. The trick is to think symmetrical.◆Match the design Unfold your paper when finished. Were you abletomatch it?
Fast paced color-matching puzzle game you won't be able to put down
Color Saw 3D 3.0.7
Ever wanted to do carpentry but like to keep your fingersintact?With Color Saw, you can do both! Shape your rough blocksintovarious shapes with all kinds of tools. Cut and smashthroughcountless levels.
Braid Salon
Lion Studios
Be the best hair stylist in town!
Paint Dropper
Swap the paint colors
Mix & Paint
Make your own colors!
Rescue Machine 1.0.2
People are caught under a rockslide! Can you build a machinetorescue them? Drag the pieces to connect them and makeeverythingclick! Connect the pieces and save everyone!
Doodle Run
Kwalee Ltd
Doodle Run
Pieces 2.9.10
Complete Puzzles to Reveal Pictures! Mind RelaxingandExtremelyAddicting! Easy to Learn Hard to Master!
Color Fill 3D
Relax Your Mind
Water Sort - Color Puzzle Game 7.0.0
Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try tosortthe colored water in the glasses until all colors in thesameglass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!★HOW TO PLAY: • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass. •Therule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked tothesame color and there’re enough space on the glass. • Try not togetstuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level atanytime. ★ FEATURES: • One finger control. • Multiple unique level•FREE & EASY TO PLAY. • NO penalties & time limits; youcanenjoy Water Sort - Color Puzzle Game at your own pace!
Ball Sort - Color Puzzle Game
By tapping the color balls into the tubes, you can sort them.
Neon On!
CrazyLabs LTD
Get the neon light cables out of knots and solve the neonpuzzlemaze.
CrazyLabs LTD
Lets pop and solve amazing maze color puzzles?! Fill each squaretopass levels.
Jelly Fill 2.8.0
Dual Cat
Rotate and drop pieces of jelly to complete the puzzle!Discoverthis unique bouncy physics puzzle game accross more than100levels! Very smooth and satisfying!!!
Cut It: Brain Puzzles 1.3.33
Join the newest physics puzzles game "Cut It: BrainPuzzles"totraining your mind with hundreds of levels and becomeacuttingmaster! Drawing straight lines, slash to cut the shapeandcollectall stars to become a winner. Play brain puzzle gamefreeandexplore all amazing things in "Cut It: Brain Puzzles":-Trainingand improving your logical thinking in physicswithhundreds ofunique levels. - Conquering new levels with thelimitedcuttingstrokes. Even pass the challenge with just onesinglecuttingstroke. - Challenging your thinking abilities andimprovingyourcutting skills when exploring the high difficultylevel. Moreandmore interesting levels will be updatedcontinuoustly. Let'sbesmart to win brain puzzle game free with 3stars. Moreinterestinggames are waiting for you to explore. Playnow and donot forget totell us your experiences. Contact with ushere:
Split it Right 0.57.1
Popcore Games
The task is simple: fill up the test tubes with the right amountofwater. What could go wrong? But this is in fact a verytrickyproblem - you have to use the different test tubes to makesure youhave enough liquid for the different sized containers. Toget itjust right, you’ll have to pour and unpour the samecontainers manytimes in the exact right order. It’s a classic logicproblem, andonly the sharpest brains will get it right. Are youready for thechallenge? Get ready to massage your brain cells anddownload thisgem of a game! You can Split It Right right now!
Ball Paint
Aim at the shape and paint it all in one color!
Sort It 3D 1.5.9
Gotta sort them all!! Sort all color balls in the tubes, How farcanyou go?
Stack Blocks 3D 0.68.1
Popcore Games
It’s time to wake up your brain and step it up for thischallenge!In Stack Blocks 3D you have to fill the empty squareswith colorfulblocks. This is done by stacking them in the rightdirection. Itstarts off easy but gets harder as you win level afterlevel! Youwill need to think outside of the blocks for everypuzzle!Beautiful and oddly satisfying graphics! The perfectchallenge tokeep your mind sharp during lockdown! You will never beboredagain. Stack and attack - that’s how you win the puzzle! Nowscrollup and download the game for endless hours of fun! --- Fromthestudio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin,ParkingJam 3D, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks, Paint The Cube and more!Stayin touch with us online: >Instagram: >TikTok: > Web:
Color Swipe
Popcore Games
Color me if you can!
Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art
Paint by number polysphere pictures! Color poly puzzles withadultcoloring book
Yes, that dress!
Lion Studios
Be a Clothing Fashion Designer
Fruit Clinic
Lion Studios
Food Doctor Simulator
Touchdown Master 2.0.16
Are you ready to make an unbelievable touchdown? Rush throughalotof enemies and various obstacles. Try to do your best to gettothefinish line! Slide over the screen to moveyourcharacter.Touchdown Master is the exciting free game you'llwant totell yourfriends about. Which level can they get to?!Features: - Alot ofinteresting levels - Smooth and satisfyingragdoll physics -Brightlow poly graphics
6ix9ine Runner
Tekashi 6ix9ine brings you 6ix9ine Beat Blade the best newmusicrunner game that offers beautiful rainbow levels and 2020 hitsongsfrom Tekashi 6ix9ine! Simply using one thumb to controlthecharacter, you can slash the blocks and dodge the traps,reachingthe end of the color road. How to play: Choose yourfavorite song,hold and drag to move your saber and slash the rattraps on thebeat. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game. If youhave anyquestions or comments, feel free to contact us at:[email protected] note that our VIP Membership is anauto-renewingsubscription! Link to Terms andConditions: Link toPrivacy: Link To CookiesPolicy:
Brain Wash - Thinking Game 1.33.0
SayGames Ltd
How often do you talk to your brain? Hey, friend, what's up!It'sme, your crazy brain! 🧠 Let's chat a little, I have a surpriseforyou… If you're brave enough, ask yourself three simplequestions:1. Are you tired of following the rules? Good job. Nextone,please. 2. Want fresh ideas and unique insights? And last butnotleast: 3. Do you know how to start thinking in a differentandunique way? You probably failed just now. But don't worry! Iknowthe right solution, 'cause you can't imagine how sick I amofstereotypical thinking! How about we wash ourselves? Oh,no-no-no!I don't need all your private details… But have you everwashed me?🤔 I'm talking about the puzzle game Brainwash! It's acreative wayto make me feel special and free from ordinaryframework! Thisunusual jigsaw 🧩 is a magical tool that will help usthinkdifferently and solve fun, unpredictable tasks. Let me catchyourinterest by mentioning some of them: - match a cat and itsowner ormake a firework - find a lion or even some cookies - helpaprisoner escape or identify a baby's father - fix a cassettetapeor draw the leaning tower of Pisa - turn "lose" into "love" orfeedan alien cat Why should you give Brain Wash a shot? Top 5keyreasons: 1. It has nothing in common with old-school puzzlegames.2. You won't be bored! 100 varied and interesting levels. 3.Itdoesn't take up a lot of your time – you'll only need about1minute for each level. 4. User-friendly interface: easytounderstand and grasp the concept. 5. Stylish game toolsandcheerful motivation as you play. So what should you do now?⚈Download the game: choose the best online store for yourdevice(Keep in mind! There are only two possible options). Do it,I'mwatching you! ⚈ Turn on your logic. We need to be running atthemax to excel! ⚈ Press the button and get ready for some action!Arethere any instructions for this puzzle game? No! Time toleaveguides behind! Ready, set, wash your brain!
Nonogram - Picture Cross Puzzle Game 1.6.0
Jimbop Apps
Nonogram Daily is a very classic picture cross game which canbringyou a fantastic game experience! Solve the logic numberpuzzleswith your logic talent to uncover tons of hidden pictures ofpixelart!🖌️✨ ☆ How to play❓ - Look at the numbers at the end of therowsand columns; - Start with basic rules and use logical thinkingtofill the blocks and uncover hidden pictures. - Use hints if yougetstuck.💡 ♥ Features: 👍- Only one answer to each challenge. 👍-Newchallenges everyday to exercise your brain. 👍- Get rewardsfromvarious missions every day. 👍- Display your puzzles inyourpersonal gallery. 👍- Easy to learn, difficult to master. 👍-Tons ofmanually designed levels. Various of delicate images touncover.Start playing Nonogram Daily with simple levels first, andthenbecome a real master of puzzle solving games!🏆Download it& Challenge yourself now! 👊
Braindom: Brain Games Test
Looking for brain games, smart mind tests, puzzles andriddles?Solve them all
Element Flow
Lion Studios
Merge and create the universe
Match 3D -Matching Puzzle Game
With Match 3D Train your memory & relax while playing a FunPairMatching puzzle
Love Pins 1.3.10
A simple puzzle game! Remove the pins in the correct order.Bringthe boy and the girl together. It gets harder as youprogressthrough the stages.
Woodturning 1.9.9
The best woodturning simulator. Complete customer orders. Turnapiece of wood into the given shape. Cut (carve), polish, paintandadd a stencil to your work. Earn mooney and improve yourlatheroom.
Juicy Stack - Free 3D Fruit Block & Tile Puzzle
Enjoy fun and relaxing fruit dashing tower arcade game
Parking Jam 3D
Popcore Games
A traffic jam in a parking lot. HELP!
Color Bump 3D 3.9.1
Your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hardtomaster Do not touch other Colors, that is it! 100+ Levelsoflimitless fun!
Jigsaw Puzzles - puzzle games
Jigsaw puzzle games for adults. Original HD collection ofpicturepuzzles.
Chain Cube 2048: 3D Merge Game 1.54.11
Don't try and hide it, we know you can't get enough fun 2048games!So don't be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube2048!A whole new take on the famous brainteaser number game! Now in3Dwith crazy fun physics! The blocks don't stay in place — theyfallrealistically and bounce off each other if you haven’t managedtomerge cube blocks! The block puzzle gameplay is simple: 1.Aimprecisely with your 3D die 2. Shoot and hit the number blockwiththe same color and number 3. Group blocks together to merge andgeta new kind of cube 4. Keep playing without fail and reach 2048!Butwhy stop there? Keep merging blocks, rack up points, and beatyourrecord! There are no limits! You may also continue thenumberpuzzle game and try to reach a 32M cube! Chain Cube 2048 is agreatpuzzle game for those, who like challenging brain teasers andlogicnumber games. Believe us, it is much harder to reach 2048 thandropthe number. The further you go, the harder gameplay is. Don’tcrossthe red line, unless you want to start the puzzle game again!Aimprecisely and keep a sharp eye on the chain cubes mergingtogether.Get ready for awesome graphics, a user-friendlyinterface,intuitive game controls, and fun 3D physics! Play ChainCube 2048for free! Merge numbers and earn points to unlock coolskins foryour chain cube! Have lots of fun playing with easterneggs, animalcubers, and even impostors! Download and play the mergenumberspuzzle game right now! What're you waiting for? Showeveryone whois the king of 2048 merge number games!=====================COMPANY COMMUNITY: =====================Facebook:
Pixel Art - color by number
Coloring games are a good way to relax! Paint by number toenjoywith Pixel Art!
World's Biggest Picture Cross 3.2.1
Solve the puzzle to paint the picture!Choosefrom over 450 fantastic Picture Cross puzzles!PICTURE CROSS (also known as 'PICROSS', 'Nonograms', 'Hanjie'and'Griddlers') is the classic picture logic puzzle enjoyedbymillions worldwide.WORLD's BIGGEST PICTURE CROSS is an epic collection of hundredsofbrain-stretching Picture Cross puzzles ranging from Easy toExpertdifficulty.Each puzzle you complete reveals another square ofthedetailed-packed Hidden Scene.Download free and start your Picture Cross adventure!HOW TO PLAYUse the number clues at the edge of the grid to determinewhichsquares to fill in, and gradually reveal the hiddenpicture.We've included a quick and easy tutorial to get you started.SUPPORTPlease visit: you still have questions about the game or requireassistance,please email: [email protected]'s Biggest Picture Cross is free to play, but containsoptionalpaid items to unlock content more quickly.
Art Ball 3D 5.2.0
Art Ball 3D is the most relaxing game ever with more than100levels! Collect balls by rolling over and drop off the colorballsto reveal new paintings! Relax with the simple controls,enjoygreat graphics and performance. Play Art Ball 3D to unlock allthepaintings! Move your ball and collect color balls just likeamagnet! Paint the canvas to clear all levels! Keep rolling yourartball to unlock new paintings. Enjoy playing Art Ball 3Dwhilerelaxing and discovering new levels.
Kwalee Ltd
Tap to the rhythm
Happy Pixel: Coloring Game 3.6.9
Happy Pixel - Nonogram Coloring Puzzle Game, also named asblockpixel puzzle is a classic-unique nonogram art game thatchallengesyou to discover the hidden pixel art pictures by coloringtheblocks. You can download the brain game for your Androidphone.Happy Pixel Puzzle offers you dozens of creative picturesthat arecovered by numbers. Train your brain on solving the pixelpuzzlesand find these pixel arts whenever you want to keep yourmindactive or pass your time in a pleasant way.🧠 Let’s discoverthemystery of nonograms! ❤️ ❗️How to play Happy Pixel❗️ Let’sstartwith the basic rules and logic behind the picture crosspuzzle!Every puzzle in the Happy Pixel Nonogram game is a pixelart. Allyou get at first are blocks and colored numbers in some ofthem.You have to use these colored numbers as hints. Start withonenumber, drag the correct square or rectangle that containstheexact number of cells. The square or rectangle is filled withthecolor of this number. This can be very tricky. You have tothinkabout the shape or position of all blocks. All cells of apuzzlehave to be filled. After all blocks are colored, a surprisingpixelart picture will be finally revealed. Key Features ✓💪 Tons ofpixelpuzzles, starting from easy to difficult 🍁 ✓💪 Solve thepuzzles anduncover the hidden pixel-art pictures anywhere ☘ ✓💪Detailedguidance for beginners of this game🏝️ ✓💪 Intelligent andunlimitedhints: tap the hints button whenever you having troublefinding theblock 🌈 ✓💪 Happy Pixel comes in 4 difficulty levels,easy, medium,hard and expert, perfect for Pixel Puzzle beginnersand advancedplayers! 🌟 ✓💪 Offline game: don’t need to worry aboutthe WIFI ordata networks 🔆 Happy Pixel also offers ✓💪 Bothchallenge andrelaxing mode for users ✓💪 You can create your own“art gallery”with the pictures you find after solving the puzzles✓💪 Simple butfunctional interface ✓💪 You can find the beginners’guide in theapp at any time ✓💪 Undo your mistake steps withoutlimitation Whenyou first open our Happy Pixel app, you see acomplete tutorial onhow to color the blocks and discover the hiddenpixel-arts. Afterexperiencing several successful trials of solvingthe puzzles, youcan have a try to change the game mode tochallenging mode andacquire your own feeling of accomplishment bybreaking the recordscontinuously! This is a coloring puzzle app fornonogram gamelovers.The puzzles of our Happy Pixel app arecompletely logicaland creative, which can train your brain andstimulate yourinitiative to some extent. In addition, the way tosolve the puzzle- coloring the blocks by numbers also adds more funfor thepuzzle-solving game. 👍 Happy Pixel is a representativeNonogramGame, a super welcomed kind of game type at present, whichcan helpyou consume the time, offer you enough entertainment and atthesame time, sharpen your mind and logical thinking. You don’tneedto set aside special time for solving puzzles, just open ourhappypixel app whenever you want to kill the time and wherever youareinstead. There is no need to worry about the situation of noWIFIeither because Happy pixel is a 💯 offline game and your dailygameprogress will be automatically saved. It’s really anentertainingand addictive brain game that can help you relieve yourstress andanxiety in your life. Train your brain and improve yourIQ withHappy Pixel now!
Color Balls 3D 0.99
Your main goal is to fill the basket with the amount ofBallsyou'regiven. The challenge is to figure out how. Turn,adjust,andinteract with the board however you like! Hold to settheleversand gates for balls to fall through. Control the flowofballsafterwards. It's easy to begin, deceptively hardtomaster.Addicting nevertheless!
Paint Pop 3D
Hold to paint. Extreme Fun.
Good Slice 1.6.8
Slice it all up! Relax and cut the fruits to get it all tofallinthe blender! - Addictive mechanic - Unique Gameplay - 100+Levels-Realistic graphics
Pocket World 3D 2.1.1
「Pocket World 3D」is a fun and relaxing 3D puzzle game. Allthemodels are based on world's famous buildings. While assemblingtheparts into various of models, players are also feeling theexoticatmospheres around the world. Game feature: * Assemblingbyyourself,hands-on and build it up, experience assembly fun. *3Dvision,a new 3D puzzle game that trains your brain, openyourimagination. * Hundreds of famous scenarios here, take youtravelthe world in the smart phone. * Enjoy listening to classicalmusicwhile managing your model. If you need help or want tosendfeedback, please join the Discord server and contacttheadministrator. - picture cross
Picture cross is a mix of number puzzle and pixel art game forlogictraining.