Top 4 Apps Similar to Learn Portuguese Frasingo PRO

Learn English with Phrases PRO
App that allows you to learn English with common phrases used inthelanguage
Learn Spanish Frasingo PRO 1.4
Learn Spanish Frasingo PRO is anapplicationthat allows you to learn Spanish with the most commonphrases usedin Spanish (1000 phrases). You will be able to improvetwo specificskills of Spanish language: speaking and listening. Newlevels willopen as long as you correctly guess the phrases,progressivelyincreasing the difficulty level.- 1000 English Spanish phrases from basic level to advanced,allof them distributed in 64 different levels.- Learn Spanish inQuickand simple way. You will notice you learn Spanish more andmoreevery day.- Locutions in Spanish..- You will be able to verify your answers ticking "right" or"wrong"in each phrase. If you get them correct, new stars willappear andnew levels will be unblocked.- Designed for mobiles and tablets.*Internet connection is not required once the applicationhasbeen installed. You will be able to continue from where youstoppedthe previous time.Send comments to [email protected]: Web :
Learn English with Phrases 0.1
Learn English Frasingo is an application that allows you tolearnEnglish, Spanish and other languages with the most commonphrasesused in the language (1000 in Pro Version). You will be abletoimprove two specific skills of the language: speakingandlistening. New levels will open as long as you correctly guessthephrases, progressively increasing the difficulty level. -1000phrases from your language to English or other language tolearnfrom basic level to advanced, all of them distributed in60different levels (32 in free version). - Quick and simplelearningprocess. You will notice you learn more and more every day.-Locutions in American English, British English and Spanish.. -Youwill be able to verify your answers ticking "right" or "wrong"ineach sentence. If you get them correct, new stars will appearandnew levels will be unblocked. - You will be able to learnotherlanguages; Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian,Korean,Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. - You will be able to learnEnglishor other languages like in a Phrasebook. - Designed formobiles andtablets. Send comments to [email protected]: Frasingo Web:
Advanced English with Wlingua 4.0.6
The new Intermediate/Advanced level course from Wlingua isheretohelp you continue your learning journey! With hundredsofgrammarlessons, vocabulary, and exercises, this new coursegoesbeyond thebasics and explains everything in a way that’s easytounderstand.You’ll be listening to native speakers all alongtheway. Extendedreadings will expand your abilities in a varietyofcontexts. Thiscourse is immersive, with English-onlyinstruction,and will propelyou toward greater confidence with thelanguage. Seewhat the newapplication from Wlingua has to offer!Don’t worrybeginners! Youtoo can start learning with Wlingua: thebeginners’course isavailable in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,German andRussian.There you can also find a level-assessment testand afullbeginning course with listening, reading, grammarandvocabularytools and exercises. Are you looking foranIntermediate/AdvancedEnglish content created by professionals?Thiscourse is for you:it’s available whenever and wherever you areandit goes at yourpace. Go even further with theIntermediate/AdvancedEnglish coursefrom Wlingua! Cover moreterritory as you developyour grammarskills: the course providesthousands of examples ofboth Americanand British vocabulary.Wlingua is adapted to thedifferent waysthat English is usedtoday―whether you’re having abusiness meetingin London or planninga vacation to New York City.Master grammarand usage lessons,readings, vocabulary, and practiceexerciseswhile exploring an evengreater range of topics andcontexts. With200+ lessons and 600+activities, the course takesyou throughIntermediate/AdvancedEnglish step by step―our methodworks, makingthe learning processcomfortable, convenient andenjoyable.In-depth explanations of over1000+ vocabulary words withaudio andpractice exercises help tocheck and expand yourunderstanding.Understand new vocabulary andexpressions (Ones youcan actuallyhear and use every day!) in aclear and straightforwardway. Listento 200+ audio readings andactivities. You willrecognize howEnglish grammar is used in realconversations, news,email,interviews, and more. You will hear avariety of AmericanandBritish accents and improve your listeningskills by followingtherhythm and pronunciation of native speakers.Challengeyourselfwith this immersive, English-only course. As youprogress,you’llgain greater independence and confidence with thelanguage.5million users are now learning with our language courses―joinusand enjoy learning! For the Advanced course, there are twotypesofaccounts: - Basic: this account is completely free, butyou’llhaverestricted access to certain parts. - Premium: thisaccountgivesyou complete access to all content and the freedom togo atafaster pace.