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Maps Directions & GPS Navigation
Maps Directions & GPS Navigation, is a simple and fastmapsdirections app with a lot of other features. Now you can easilygetroute traffic alerts, track routes with the help of GPSroutetracker and by using GPS navigation and maps anyone can easilyfindtheir friends and family members with the help of GPS location.Letall the time everyone knows what's going on the road with theGPSlive traffic updates with GPS map or GPS finder. Use this freeGPSapp to find friends live locations to search nearby places withGPSlocation feature. Maps Directions & GPS Navigation Take aridewith GPS and free GPS app route planner provide the drivingmapsand navigation, traffic alerts and maps directions that arenolonger harder than the past times. The GPS system is a goodGPSnavigations & maps to find any route in the form of livestreetview, Earth map, planning driving route, satellite view andaddressfinder. GPS route finder and maps Directions is a free GPSapp foryou to find your friends, plan your trips, go unknownplaceswithout any fear. Location finder helps you to tracknearbylocations or places. While making new plans to visit famousplaces,then there will absolutely a need for GPS Location,Satellite Mapguide. Maps Directions & GPS Navigation appprovides an idealtrip guide in global street view. Ride with GPSmaps &navigation app to aware of traffic updates and trafficalerts tovisit a place. The free GPS app and GPS navigation allowsharingthe current location with families or friends. GPSnavigation andGPS route tracker on navigation satellite route map& directionallow searching the desired locations and routeplanner to make aholiday trip very simple. Maps Directions &GPS Navigation helpfind Traffic Route. Make a trip with locationfinder from anywherein the world or find any famous places likehistorical buildings,restaurant Beach, Masjid and churches via GPSmaps and GPS Routetracker. GPS navigation & maps allow toeasily share yourlocation with friends or families by using sharelocation and GPSNavigation & Direction to find Route Planningguide andestimate the time for bike riding, driving car and walkingdistancewith GPS maps & navigation. The location finder app tofind andvisited place direction and current distance use GPSlocationfinder make it possible to create a history of GPS mapnavigationlocation trip memories of visited places with GPStracking app. NowYou can save your trip memories in favorite placesand you canrecord videos by using video recording. With GPSnavigation &map you can find Qibla directions. GPS navigationfree allows youto track your speed by using GPS speedometer. MapsDirections &GPS Navigation features included: 1. Tracklocations 2. Addressfinder 3. Satellite navigation 4. Speedometer5. Route tracking 6.Distance calculator 7. Map my ride 8. Trafficalerts 9. Street view10. Share location 11. World map 12. Nearbyplaces 13. Compass 14.Video recording 15. Current Location
GPS Navigation Live Map 1.1.2
GPS Navigation Live Map - Driving Direction Guide designedfortourists and trips with GPS Map to find accurate &shortestway. GPS route finder live maps is one the best powerfulapp forall android users over the world. Trip planner or GPSnavigationlive map for car help you to find GPS map finder andimprovedriving direction. GPS route planner and route assistantoffer youthe easiest way and the live locate on map view of theworld streetmap. Find the shortest way easily and get live placeswith GPSlocation on route map. Free GPS map app is easy routefinding appto find route mapping and shortest path anywhere. FreeGPSnavigator system or GPS Internet is the map locator to findnearbyplaces and current location of GPS route finder user.GPSNavigation Route or Route Map provide map direction andGPSnavigation finder for driving direction route finder. GPS maporRoad Map location also measure the current mobile location.GPS& Navigation or Driving Directions save your location andallowto bookmark any GPS location map direction. GPS navigationlive mapor path finder is used to find the emergency area locationlikehospitals rescue services police fire brigade hotel school oranyother department. Free Navigation App have the followingfeatures:• Location map Route • GPS Voice Assistant • GPS Weather •NavigateDriving route. • Road Map Traffic locator • Route mapNavigator. •GPS Area calculator • Area History • Voice Translator •Emergency •Book Mark • Compass Driving directions free explorepublic placesthat matter to you such as Discover local hotels,restaurant andhistorical places quickly. Route planner app allowthe user tosearch police station Hospital Gas station Fire stationPharmacyand car repairing shops in emergency situations. GPSnavigationfree helps the user to know trending and latest placeslike mallsthat are open in your surroundings. By Trip planner appuser mustreview different places that you are visited and alsocreate listin bookmark and share with friends for activities andevents. Freenavigation app provide voice guided with spoken streetnames andalso precise directions. GPS navigation allow millionsofinteresting places according to your desired. Live GPSNavigation& Driving Directions Guide is the route map drivingto find mapaddress and map location of GPS map address. NavigationSystem orDriving Navigation provide you the accurate drivingdirection andmap address of your target place. Search anythingdirectly go onsearch bar from voice speaking or voice assistantoption. GPS routemap navigation locate friends through mapnavigation exploreraddress app. GPS Navigator live map or DirectionApp also measurethe distance from start point to end point. VoiceAssistant orDirections app is a modern GPS voice route finderfeature todirectly search any address, location or meaning directlyoninternet search option and secure time. Voice speaking addressandvoice map navigator app to detect voice and provide targetfromvoice assistant map app. Location Navigator or GPS Mapwilltranslate and offer you the real meaning of your searchedword.User can travel any country and talk to them having alllanguagetranslator. Free Compass app or GPS Route Finder Live Mapsshoweasy direction from free compass magnetic field and alsoshowaltitude speed. Free Compass or route planner help to findaccurateQibla direction. Compass will guide you at night andprovide theaccurate direction to travel and reach at destination.GPS MapsNavigation & Direction feature of Live GPS route findershowreal compass & weather update report. GPS route planner orfreeTraffic maps is the live distance measuring maps navigation.VoiceGPS driving direction easily find direction and also findmylocation.
GPS Navigation & Currency Converter – Weather Map 1.4.0
GPS Navigation & latest Currency Converter App allowtoconvertworld currencies and can find maps driving directionstohelptourists to plan the travel route finder on theirdestination.Alltime you knows about road map with the GPS RouteFinder&driving app about traffic updates and specially roadsforheavytraffic driving on your way. Keep touch weather forecastandcityclimate updates or country climates for you. Real LiveGPSTrafficNavigation will change your travel track to save yourtime.Changedollar into any world currency and vice versa.Allowdifferentsensor issues on your android device to keep touchwithgravity ormagnetic sense. Map direction and Navigation Routemapguide helpyou turn by turn map navigation and currency rate inanycountryfor shopping or converting currency there. Enjoylivetraffic routeon your way by using this GPS app. Globalrouteplanner with globalcurrency rate converting is the simplestapp tofind any route inshort time for your trip planning withaccuratedriving directions.GPS Navigation and weather map routefinder apphelps you to locateall your visited locations or placeswithcurrent weather climateupdated reports. Before you plan tovisitfamous places you mustneed a GPS Location, Satellite Map guideandalso check the weatherreport of upcoming days. GPSNavigationdirection and weather appprovide you an ideal trip guidewithtravel currency change withmaps trip guide and traffic updateswithlatest currency exchangerates for you. Voice navigationlocationfinder allows to shareyour current location with familiesorfriends using freenavigation travel app. Get info aboutworldcurrency of any countryand find exchange rates ofinternationalcurrency to your localcurrency. Find current cityweather updatebefore trip planning andget complete weather updatesof targetplace. GPS navigationsatellite route map & directionfindersearch the route plannerof your holiday trip easily. MapNavigation& GPS Directionroute planner estimate time for bikeriding ordriving car or ifyou want to locate and find walking timeanddistance on GPSnavigation route map direction app. Findvisitingplace directionand current distance location using transitmapfinder. Get historyof GPS map finder and location trip of lasttimetour memories ofvisited place and map tracking app. GPSmappingcurrency converterand weather climate with sensorinformation.Voice navigationlocator app and Voice direction finderfeature forthose whodoesn’t like to message type address andinstead of searchlocationwith typing they can just speak and locateaddress withtheir voicenavigation Map directions app. Choose routelocation forcyclist,car driving people or walking people withupdated map andvisitdriving location global map 3d. Hybrid,Satellite & Normalmapview app help you as a trip guider fortourist and helpful tovisitany world places, city or to find rushbeach app. FindTrafficRoute, Maps and Navigation & DrivingDirections to getyourdesired map navigation locations. World famouscountry’scurrencyexchange rates from money converter app. Best TripPlannerforanywhere to travel around the world or find any famousplaceslikehistorical building, restaurant Beach, Masjid or etc viaGPSmapsand Route Finder. Well aware about currencyusingcurrencyconverting map app 2020. Now easily share yourlocationwithfriends or families using this 2020 navigation appsfeaturefreefor android.
GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions 11.57
Find shortest routes and directions to any destination in theworldusing GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app. It’snevereasy to get to the desired destination fast and easy. Withouttheright Driving Directions it can be very easy to get lost inthecity, which is why GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directionsappis here to help you. This app provide you Live Maps,VoiceNavigation, Traffic Alerts, accurate Driving Directions neededtoreach your destination. Comprehensive Driving Directions,VoiceNavigation: If you want to use GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation&Directions while driving you can totally do that. You canobtainDriving Directions with simple voice commands using GPSVoiceNavigation feature. Voice Navigation will help you to findanyshortest driving directions with simple voice commands.GPSNavigation: With GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directionscomesyou can easily see where you are located and how to reachdesiredlocation by using GPS Navigation on Map. Live StreetViewNavigation Map will help you to find Street Views toeasilyunderstand your current location. Satellite Earth view isbest toexplore new famous places & draw routes on Map withtravelinformation, safe & fastest route. Real-time GPS transitmap isbest journey assistance, free navigation and GPS directionmaps.Traffic Alerts: Learn the Traffic conditions. Before youleavingyour current location its better to understand trafficaround youso that you can reach your destination on time inshortest route.Traffic alerts will help you to understand livetraffic conditionsaround your current location. Near By Places:With the help of GPS,Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions appyou can explore variousneighborly places on Map like Hotels,Restaurants, Hospitals, Pubs,Clubs, Fuel Stations, Airports, PublicTransport, Schools,Theaters, Temples, Church and many more. You canalso seeneighborly place and their Comments, User Ratings andlocationdetails. Travel History or Mobile Location History: Withhelp fromGPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions you can alsosee yourTravel History and Mobile Location History on regularbasis. Youget to see what place you have explored. Digital Compass:DigitalCompass can be accessed on your Maps, Camera and SatelliteMaps tohave clear view on Directions of GPS. Live 3D Maps: GPS,Maps,Voice Navigation & Directions gives you stunning 3D mapsandlive maps using Maps that you can see right away. 3D Maps willhelpyou to track your exact location around your near by place sothatyou can track your current location on 3D Maps withpinpointaccuracy. 3D Maps are always a great option to view anylocation in3D view. Street View: Since GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation&Directions app gives you access to Maps, you also get to seeStreetView. This way you get to connect with your local areabeforevisiting it. You get a feel for that place and you can accessit aswell as enjoy it as you see it. Street View is amazing whenyouwant to see un visited locations right from your phone. Shareyourlocation Be it for safety purposes or not, you can easilyshareyour location with others using GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation&Directions app. This way people will know where you are andtheywill come to you as fast as possible. Features: * GPSNavigation *Voice Navigation * Driving Directions * Live Maps *Digital Compass* Traffic Alerts * Street View, 3D Maps. * Near ByPlaces. Withhelp from GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directionsapp youfinally get to find routes and directions in any city. Youwon’tever get lost again, as GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation&Directions has live maps, 3D maps and routes to anylocation.Follow Us On:
GPS Navigation: Road Map Route 2.11
GPS Navigation: Road Map Route is a new powerful, reliableanduser-friendly gps app. Containing all features includinggps,navigation and maps for driving directions. Best gps apptonavigate and explore new and best routes for a trip. This isthereal directions guide and route finder. GPS Navigation: RoadMapRoute. Find out shortest route! Navigate route through the cityondifferent routes via voice navigation using its navigationfeaturewhich allow users to input voice instead typing whiledriving andset waypoints in this free GPS app and get directions inthe speakmap and gives live maps navigation and transport. Setcurrentlocation for your destination direction maps and worklocation todrive every day and navigation with voice directions andtrafficmaps with its traffic updates. This app helps the user tosee theroute with accurate directions, which is very helpful tonavigateto the destination step by step with a detailed guide.Users canalso use voice to navigate and find the route. Just speakand voicenavigation for your routes. Features of GPS Navigation:Road MapRoute: · GPS route planner – Route finder will plan theshortestroute for driving, running, walk, ride or transit. Itwillcalculate the distance and time between any two locations onthemap. Gps navigation app also helps to find the nearby placesofvarious types, such as food points, fuel stations, hospitalsorstores. · Satellite Map – Get a view of the map as a satelliteviewlike 3d map. Having zoom for a more clear view and avoidtrafficjams! · Different map types – You can choose different typesofmaps as you like, such as typical Map, terrain Map andsatelliteview Map. · Current Location – Get information about yourcurrentlocation on the map instantly and also get your addresswithsharing options to your friends easily. Plan your trips andexecutethem right on time with no hassle and anywhere in the worldwithvoice gps driving directions, gps and map. This gps will helpusersin finding the routes via route finder selecting fromdifferentlocations, turning on the gps navigation and finallylistening tothe voice directions and travelling around without anyrealdifficulties. Gps Navigation: Road Map Route is for youwithamazing & helpful map, satellite view, voice navigation&best earth map features. Map navigate app determines yourcurrentlocation & show satellite and 3D view of this locationand youcan search any place on a satellite world map. Explore theworldgps map navigate, get route navigation and gps tracking withmapand satellite earth feature. Gps Navigation will help you toplanthe shortest route for driving, running, walk, ride ortransit.Live navigation to the destination step by step. One of thebestgps apps for traveling and driving using map.
GPS Maps and Voice Navigation 2.4
GPS Maps and Voice Navigation & Traffic Direction willprovideyou a complete solution of GPS map for phone, for easytravelnavigation on live maps gps. Free GPS voice directions appfor mapsshow your GPS location on free maps go and provide you acarnavigation for your destination along with gps speedometer.Voicenavigation, real-time traffic alert for identify the roadblock& area calculation app will explore unknown road and alsoGPSsatellite map of famous places. No matter where you are, youcanfind your residential maps and navigate faster with the top viewoflive map satellite. Live earth map 3d gps app has moreadvancedfeatures of GPS map offline navigation after draw onlineroute, gpsspeedometer, explore world map with live satellitenavigation,identify the position of near around me, undergroundrailway mapand free GPS navigation as a best tour guide. GPS Mapsand VoiceNavigation & Traffic Direction app will plan theshortest routefinder for travel on public transportation train map,running,walking navigation, trip planner, rider & transit map.Find andshare current location and also find local places ofinterest carparking, hospital, mobile shop, masjid, food places onmapa andmany more. GPS Maps and Voice Navigation & TrafficDirectionensures that you find your ways without any hassle on liveearthmap. Urban GPS free navigation & subway map directions appisfor those who travel a lot on subway or public transportationanddepend on GPS for finding their destination on naksha.Livenavigation earth maps app gives you detail trafficinformationabout the shortest Driving route available to save yourvaluabletime. Find travel distance, travel time and drivingdirection fromyour current location to the destination locationwithin a second.GPS maps, voice navigation & live street viewapp will guideyou until you reach your destination. Live GPS maps,voicenavigation & free streetview will enhance focus ondriving, andthen this route finder is crucial for you as travelguide. A 3Dmaps 2020 will help you to get the navigation livetraffic updatesabout your current location easily, enhance theexperience oftraveling by using GPS Maps, Voice Navigation &TrafficDirection application. Find out updated and livetrafficinformation for explore the world map. Area measurementfeaturewill let you know the distance and area calculation in KMandcentimeters. Route Finder As the name shows, this GPS app helpsyouto find best maps go for route and public parking places.Yourcurrent location will be show on gps map (if you havegivenlocation permission), and find the real-time location whereyouwant to go. All in one jps maps app will display turn-by-turnfreenavigation from start point. GPS Location Finder Enter a gpsmaplocation in the search bar of gmap app to find out where itisexactly located. Find location map of top visiting localunitedplaces, restaurants, nearest gas stations and much more onUSA maplive. Satellite View GPS Maps, Voice Navigation &TrafficDirection app show you the virtual tour of the area whereyou areand where you want to go. GPS satellite maps navigation willshowhigh-resolution images of street map for organizing yourtripseasily. Explore the latest view on mapas and plan route fortravelnavigate. Live satellite maps helps people to see theirdesiredareas in colors and get valuable information of live earth.CompassRely on compass to know where you are. It is better to havedigitalcompass on your mobile, so that you don’t forget to carry itwithyou. This feature helps user to detect the direction and gpsmapcamera shows with longitude and latitude. GPS Speedometer WiththisGPS speedometer feature you can track your speed or yourvehiclespeed-limit. This feature will also give information aboutthedirections. Features GPS navigation maps for phone and tableYourcurrent location Area calculation Direction finder Compass tofinddirections
Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) 2.82
With the "Police Detector" application, you can mark the locationofspeed cameras and police patrols on the map, as well as seetheirlocation marked by other users of the application. You canalso markroad events like road accidents, road repairs, weightcontrol andask for help from other users of the application if youhave aproblem on the road. The main advantages of the application"PoliceDetector": * Absolutely free * No registration needed *Displayshigh-speed cameras and police patrols (if they are markedby otherusers) * Displays traffic jams * Works in Radar Detectormode *Shows speed limits on road sections near high-speed camerasandpolice patrols (if speed limits are introduced by users)
Karta GPS Navigation & Traffic 2.36.01
The most customizable GPS Navigation app in the world! Downloadanymap in the world or individual US State, customize yourGPSNavigation experience with a funny voice and navigate onscreenusing a sports car, a police vehicle or even a spaceship.Everyroad map is free and allows you to navigate offline withoutaninternet connection with detailed turn-by-turndrivinginstructions. On this version you will also get speed andradaralerts with LIFETIME updates, live traffic alerts andacomprehensible on-screen speedometer. 🆓 No costs no worries.Goanywhere without depending on an internet connection. Downloadanymap, they’re all free. 🚥 Beat the traffic. Our live trafficservicefinds faster routes and avoids traffic jams. 🚔 Safetycamerasalert. Know when you are approaching a speed radar. 🍔Getsuggestions. Discover what’s around you: restaurants,shopping,monuments and more, just a tap away! 🚀 Customize it. Enjoyyournavigation with customized navigation icons and/or a funnyvoice!Karta GPS USA is an efficient turn-by-turn GPS navigation appthatalso includes: 🗺️ Enriched OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps - Freeroadmaps to download and use at any time; 🔉 Full voice guidancewithspoken street names; 🚗 Automatic rerouting as trafficconditionschange on the road; 🛑 Add a stop and don’t just navigatefrom pointA to point B 🔎 One-box search: find everything faster; 😮Voicesearch; 🍽️ Choose where to go for dinner, learn about thepricesand reviews and make a reservation while getting thedirections; 🛣️Lane assistance for those complex highway exits; ↪️Severalalternatives for each calculated route; 🅿️ Find a parkingspot assoon as you reach your destination; 📱 Find and navigate toanypoint on the map. 🕒 Send your estimated time of arrival tothoseyou’re meeting (ETA); 🏛️ Walking directions &touristattractions; 📤 Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp,SMS or Email More incredible features to come in the nextupdates.Let’s Get to the Point!Together_______________________________________ MAPS: Our offlinemaps areprovided by OpenStreetMap and enhanced by KartaSoftwareTechnologies, with guarantee of the latest data availableand freeupdates forever. Some important details we need to let youknow: •When installing the app, make sure your phone is connectedto astable Wi-Fi network. • Never let the navigationinstructionsinterfere with your driving. • Some maps may need largeamounts ofavailable storage. Please check your phone storagemanagement fordetails. • When using Karta GPS while driving, neverhold the phoneon your hands. Place it on a standard holder, with aclear skyview. • Allowing GPS to run in the background for extendedperiodscan lead to a significant reduction in battery life. If youhaveany questions, contact us at: [email protected] Follow us!HelpCenter: Youtube:
GPS Live Navigation, Maps, Directions and Explore 2.24
GPS Maps and Directions main features: • REAL-TIME MAPS: Travelwithreal-time navigation and route suggestion • OFFLINE MAPS&NAVIGATION: Trusted by many travelers for fast &easynavigation. • LIVE TRAFFIC ALERTS: Reach destination fasterwithreal-time traffic updates • EXPLORE PLACES: Find a gasstationnearby and eat around you • WEATHER UPDATES: Check thelocalweather forecast and plan your day • SPEEDOMETER: Helps youstaywithin the speed limit Our GPS map app reveals the world aroundyouwith a powerful routing engine, traffic updates,intuitiveturn-by-turn directions, and interactive maps to helpdrivers buildengaging driving and the best navigation experience.All thesefeatures factor in real time traffic information whileyou'redriving, including the current speed limit, so you'll knowexactlyhow long until you arrive. Choose between real-time oroffline GPSnavigation and reach your destination faster and easierwithout anyhassles. You can also share your estimated time ofarrival withfamily, friends, and coworkers. Almost all thecountries andterritories are mapped with millions of places ofinterest for yourconvenience. With traffic driving, cycling, andwalking directionmodes, our maps make it easier, safer, and moreenvironmentallyfriendly to find the way to your destination withyour choice ofnavigation. Our near me option with guides can helpyou find thebest places to eat, shop, and explore. Turn-by-turnnavigation: Ourturn-by-turn navigation feature guides you to yourdestination withaudio and visual help along the way when you're onthe move. Usedriving, walking, and cycle navigation modes anywherein the world.Getting around doesn't get much more accessible.Traffic awarerouting: Live traffic automatically finds the fastestroute even asconditions change along the way. Get to yourdestination fasterwith instant routing changes to avoid traffic andsave you time.Traffic automatically updates during the trip, anddrivers arenotified if a faster route is found. Offline maps &routing:Download the desired map specific to your region andnavigatefreely and easily without the internet. Embedded routingenginethat can instantly reroute users who miss a turn or pull offtheroad for a quick stop, even without an internet connection andwithhigh-quality offline maps. Explore new places: Discover newways toexplore new places around the world to eat, shop, meetfriends, andexplore. Search and find local restaurants, businesses,and othernearby places and share them with friends and family.Preciselocation tracking: Enhanced location engine cleans upconflictingGPS data to provide consistent positioning and movementon the mapso you'll know exactly how long until you arrive atyourdestination. Report a traffic accident: Users can safelyandefficiently report an accident, hazard, or speed check alongyourroute. You can even report when incidents displayed on the maphavebeen cleared, all while keeping your navigation intact andyourfocus on the road. Customize & favorite: Customizeyourlocation and add favorites for faster navigation and savetime.Share the customized locations with your friends and lovedones.Enhanced location engine: The precise location enginecontinuallyfilters and processes GPS signals and generalizes adriver'scurrent location, even when GPS signals are unavailable,using deadreckoning algorithms to avoid navigation interruptions.This allowsthe Navigation SDK to provide high position accuracy,with lowlatency, so that the driver's location on the map stays insyncwith the vehicle's actual location resulting in more timelyandaccurate directions, fewer reroutes, and more on-timedeliveriesand pick-ups. Enjoy fast, detailed and reliable mapswithturn-by-turn navigation trusted by over 10 milliontravelersworldwide and counting.
Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
Avoid traffic jams, police traps, andaccidentswith Waze, the #1 real-time navigation app. Get thefastest routesto your favorite locations and new destinations, allfor free.Waze is a community of 85 million drivers. Here’s why:◦ Automatically reroute around traffic as conditions change ontheroad◦ Get police & speedcam alerts while you drive◦ Hear road directions by celebrity voices or the average Joe◦ Record your own custom voice directions to guide you ontheroad◦ Know how long your drive will take before you start driving◦ Find gas stations and the cheapest gas prices on your drive◦ Earn points and gain status as you contribute with roadinfo◦ Low data usage from your phone◦ Waze works anywhere in the worldFor drivers who really don’t like to waste time or money:◦ Get notified when it’s time to leave for your destinationbysetting your drive in advance◦ Let Waze tell you when it’s time to leave for your eventsbysyncing your calendar with Waze◦ Save time looking for parking with Waze parking suggestionsbyyour destination◦ Choose to be routed on toll roads or to avoid them◦ Get a sound alert if you exceed the speed limit withthespeedometerYou have full control over your privacy settings. Learn moreaboutthe Waze privacy policy, including what information isaccessed andhow it is used:
Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 20.9.6-1804
Sygic GPS, Navigation is the world’s most downloaded OfflineGPSnavigation app, trusted by more than 200 million drivers.Offline3D maps are stored on your phone for GPS navigation withoutaninternet connection. We update the maps multiple times per yearforfree, so that you can always rely on Sygic GPS Navigation.NAVIGATEANYWHERE, EVEN WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION • Offlinemaps of allcountries in the world, from TomTom and other providers• Free mapupdates multiple times per year • Voice-guided GPSnavigation withprecise directions and spoken street names •Millions ofinteresting Places (POI) • Pedestrian GPS navigationwith walkingdirections and tourist attractions (POI) ESCAPE THETRAFFIC • Avoidtraffic jams with the most accurate real-timetraffic informationwith data collected from more than 500 millionusers worldwide*ANDROID AUTO CONNECTIVITY • Just connect your phoneto your car'sscreen and stay focused on the road • You can use yourcar'stouchscreen, knobs, or buttons to control the app STAY SAFE•Advanced safety features make driving in unfamiliarterritorieseasier • Speed limit warnings show you the current speedlimit andthe upcoming speed limit changes • Dynamic Lane Assistantguidesyou into the correct lane • Head-up Display (HUD)projectsnavigation onto the windshield of your car, making drivingat nightsafer ** • Sign recognition detects speed limits fromtraffic signsas you drive • Dashcam records the road ahead andautomaticallysaves video in case of an accident** • Real ViewNavigation is anaugmented reality feature for even better and saferdrivingexperience** • Cockpit shows you the real-time performanceof yourcar. ** • Real-time route sharing lets you share yourestimatedtime of arrival & current position on a map* SAVEMONEY ALONGYOUR ROUTE • Park easily with parking place suggestionsand liveinfo about prices and availability* • Set your fuel typeand fillup for the best price with live information about fuelprices* •Avoid speeding tickets with Speed camera warnings* • Savemoney onroaming charges with offline maps You can test-drive allfeaturesavailable in the Premium+ license for the first 7 daysafterinstallation. After 7 days you can continue using thebasicfeatures or upgrade to the Premium+ subscription. Should youhaveany questions, please visit We are here foryou7 days a week. If you like our app, please leave a review orspreadthe word at Thank you for your support.*Pleasenote that this feature requires an internet connection.Note:Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in thesecountries:Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia,Spain. Byinstalling, copying, or using all or any portion of thissoftwareyou accept all the terms and conditions of thisagreement:
Radarbot Free: Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer
The only app that combines real-time alerts with the bestofflineradar detection alert system. With Radarbot, you will havethe bestradar alerts, real time traffic alerts and specific speedlimitalerts for different vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trucksandcommercial vehicles) in one powerful app. Drive while focusingonwhat really matters and enjoy your trip. With Radarbot, drivemorepeacefully. Safer. Better. RADAR WARNINGS Enjoy drivingwithouthaving to worry about jeopardizing your driver’s license oryoursafety. Avoid traffic fines and penalties by receivingclearwarnings before reaching a radar: - Fixed radars. - Speedtraphotspots. - Tunnel radars. - Average speed cameras (the appshowsyour average speed). - Traffic light cameras. Plus: -Dangerousdriving areas. - Seat belt or cell phone use cameras. -Restrictedarea access control cameras. - Potholes and speed bumpson theroad. * FEATURES: - It works in any country. - It iscompatiblewith other apps. You can use Radarbot simultaneously withother GPSnavigators or your favorite music app. You will continueto receivealerts in the background or while the screen is turnedoff. -Alerts only in the direction you are driving. The appautomaticallyignores radars in the opposite direction or off route.- Voicealerts. - Sound alerts when approaching a radar or goingover thespeed limit. - Vibration mode for motorists. -Completelyconfigurable warning distances and parameters. -AutomaticBluetooth connection and startup. - Compatible with WearOS.REAL-TIME ALERTS Real-time alerts will warn you of anyunexpectedcircumstances. Radarbot has a community of over 50million driversworldwide to share and receive alerts. Find outimmediately what ishappening on the road and avoid traffic jams,road hazards,accidents, mobile radars, police, helicopters, dronesand muchmore. UPDATED RADARS Radarbot has the most powerful andupdatedradar database in the world. Our team of experts performsdailyupdates to ensure that the database is always up-to-date. Notasingle radar can escape the prying eyes of Radarbot!RADARBOTWORLDWIDE Try our "FREE" version totally free of charge andwith notime limits. If you want to enjoy the full experience, youcan try"Radarbot GOLD" or "Radarbot GOLD RoadPro" with integratedGPSnavigation, unique advantages and, of course, no advertising.GPSNAVIGATION AND SPEED LIMITS Discover the power of Radarbot.TheGOLD version provides you everything you need while on the roadina single app: GPS navigation, radars and speed limits. Youwillreach your destination safely, even if you don't have anInternetconnection. Travel and receive radar alerts all over theworld,without worrying about mobile network coverage. Where wouldyoulike to go? * FEATURES: - Offline navigation and 3D maps. -Optionto choose a route with fewer radars. - Road speed limits. -Alertfor school areas and their radars. - Radarbot copilot. Putyourseat belt on! ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER? "RadarbotGOLDRoadPro" includes everything a professional driver could need:-Routes with special restrictions for trucks andcommercialvehicles. - Speed limits and specific radars for trucks.- Distancealerts adapted to heavy vehicles. If you have any doubtsorquestions, we would be more than happy to assist [email protected] or from the customer supportoptionwithin the app. Download Radarbot now and become a member ofthe"Enjoy driving!" movement.
Weather Live - Accurate Weather Forecast 1.2.4
Weather Live - Accurate Weather Forecast is a weather checkerwithlive weather radar and beautiful weather widget, you cancheckhyperlocal weather data with this Weather Live wherever youare. ⛅Severe weather alert : Storm, forest fire, gale, flood, coldwave,heat wave, hurricane... Stay alert with informationfromauthoritative national warning center ☁️ Live background :Changeaccording to real-time weather ☂️ Weather radar : Useful ifyouwant to track tropical storms or potential severe weather.Fromwind, rain, temperature, clouds, waves and pressure toprecisedetails like wind gusts, rain accumulation, dew point, CAPEIndexand currents. You will have all convenient weather maps hereinWeather Forecast. ☔ Weather trend graphs : Show dailyweatherchanges in feel like temperature, wind speed, precipitationtotal,precipitation rate, and UV index in graphs ❄️ Local andglobalweather forecast : Get weather report for every city you wanttoknow. Add up to 10 cities worldwide with GPS locating orcitynames, and keep track of weather 🌂 Always ready for weatherchanges: Remind you to bring an umbrella/jacket ☀️ Detailed weatherreport• Live weather conditions and comfort index: real-timetemperature,feel like temperature, wind chill, precipitation, dewpoint,ultraviolet level • Real-time weather: real feel temp, wetbulbtemp, dew point, humidity, wind speed, wind direction,gust,ultraviolet level, visibility, cloud cover, ceiling, chanceofrain, total rain, chance of snow, total snow, chance of ice,totalice • Extended weather forecast: 10-day forecast and72-hourforecast preview • Air quality and health & life index:planyour outdoor life easily 🍃 Customize weather report :Temperatureunit(Fahrenheit℉ or Celsius℃), Wind speed unit(mile/h,km/h),Precipitation unit(mm, cm, inch), Visibility unit(km, miles),Timeformat(12-hour/24-hour), Multi-language support. DownloadthisWeather Live weather app for free now, then you can getweatherforecast today, tomorrow from your device anywhere in theworld!
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route Finder 1.3
GPS Navigation & Maps - Directions, Route FinderopenspopularGPS, Navigation & Maps for you. Maps andNavigationsearchRoutes, Direction Guide, Traffic and Transit.Install uniqueGPSapp to find route with navigation, earth map andLive &gpsdriver location. Get real-time traffic and directions,findplaceswith GPS, smart maps, Navigate & Explore, Traffic&AreaExploring Android Application. GPS Navigation &Maps,usewhat3words free map locator to plan your trips withRoutePlannerand navigator offered by Satellite World Maps.GPSnavigation appgps gives point to point pin location navigatoronlivemapslocationwith its roadmap directions. Live GPS RouteFinderdriving showshortest GPS route, live earth map, Live StreetView& Mapswith GPS Driving Directions. GPS Navigon & Maps-Directions,Route Finder driving shows worldwide navigationwithoff-line maps,GPS driving directions and travel guides. Savetimeon every drivewith Offline Navigation and Direction guidewithdriver locationnavigator. Satellite World Maps tells youabouttraffic, crashes& what3words with Live Navigation. It’stheworld’s mostdownloaded GPS navigation system app. GPS Map appisfree placefinder, perfect route planner & MapsDrivingDirections 2020.Maps and navigation app gprs has satelliteroadmapsfor drivingdirections. Navigate & Explore DrivingDirections,Traffic, andLocal Places on Live Maps. Go from here toanywhere viacarnavigation here wego. Use GPS Map for DrivingDirection andGPSDriving Directions. Offline GPS Maps and Directionsoffers youtoaccess a huge range of maps me round the globe!DownloadOfflineMap, find Driving Directions, GPS Navigation in anyregion.GPSNavigation and Driving Directions route preview helpsyoutonavigate all your nearby location map navigator withmaplocator.Free GPS apps helps in mapas & navigationwithdirection guidemap on Live GPS Maps, driving app.VoiceGpsnavigation and GPSDriving Route Planner Free withdriverlocation навигатор. GPSvoice Navigation, GPS Map RouteTrafficSatellite livemapslocationNavigation is the live route mapapp2020. Live Traffic Alerts& Offline Maps and Directions bandowith wazr Route Finder bySatellite World apps. GPS Live StreetMapand Travel Navigation isfree magellan GPS Navigation system appinGoogle Play. Live GPSRoot Finder is an App with Maps,Navigation,Share Address &Street View Map Transit and TruckNavigationfind my house. Easycal Map Driving Direction &Perfect RoutePlanner with streetview map & navigation. GPSNavigation System& Maps, LiveNavigation, Driving Direction withRoute Finder& GPS satellitemap Transit. Explore whole worldwith 3D liveStreet ViewerPanorama & Live GPS Maps Navigationroute finderdriving in gpsoffline. GPS Navigation offline apps gpsprovideswies GPS CarNavigation, directions, map guide & perfectroutemap finder2020. With GPS Driving Directions, gpsnavigation&Explorefeatures of Navigation along with earth mapquest. FreeGPSMaps appwith real-time map navigation, traffic, transit&direction andgps driver location. Top Features: DrivingRoutesAddress finderSatellite navigation Route PlannerDistancecalculator Offline MapsTraffic Alerts Street view SharelocationShare your address MoreApps Coming Soon AR and VoiceNavigationwill be available shortlyfor our valued users. Stay tunedand keepusing GPS Navigation& Maps - Directions, Route FinderbySatellite World Maps.
Weather forecast 69
Weather, Weather channel, Weather forecast appforecastsweatherdaily & hourly Weather forecast app is aweather channelwhichhas accurate weather information. Weatherforecast is veryhelpfulwith everybody. If you know weatherinformation, You canprepareyour plan carefully, you will besucessful at work and havebetterlife. Please download our Weatherforecast app. You will seethatWeather today is updated hourly.Weather forecast app also hasaweather report on weather tomorrow,weather for today, also 10dayweather forecast Weather forecast appis a weather channel letyoumanage weather of many locations. Onhome screen, users seeweatherof their locations. Then users can goto other screens forlocationmanagement. Users can add Londonweather, Paris weather,SanFrancisco weather, Houston weatherWeather app detectsweatherforecasts in your current locationautomatically. There aremanyinformation in weather forcasts whichincludesatmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speedand direction, in addition to ten days futureforecast,also hourlyweather forecast. Realtime temperature,humidity,pressure, windforce and wind direction are all in thisweather appbased. Weatherapp has a lot of features: - Free. It is afreeWeather channel,weather network. - Global. You can see weatherinany places youlike, ex: London weather, Paris weather,SanFrancisco weather,Houston weather - Full report. Displaysallinformation of weather:location time, temperature,atmosphericpressure, weathercondition, visibility distance,relative humidity,precipitation indifferent unites, dew point, windspeed anddirection - Liveweather forecast for free: this weatherand climateapp offersdaily weather, hourly weather forecasts andmonthlyweatherforecasts. Meanwhile, it also provides interstatetravelweatherforecasts and forecast weather and wind. - Today,tomorrow,3 dayslater, 7 days later. Weather for today, tomorrow’sweather,…hourly weather in each hour. - detect your location bynetworkorGPS. - Manage the weather reports in multiple locations-Hasweather notifications. If you don't like you can turnoffthisfeature - Weather forecast is very accurate and reliableThisissecond version of weather and weather forecast app. We willtryourmy best to make this daily weather forecast app betterandbetter.please download weather forecast app and use as aweatherchannelto get weather information hourly and daily
Weather Station 6.1.7
Fully Functional Weather Station * This is notfreesoftware,requires a subscription * Supports both large screenHDand phonedisplays * records data displays history graphs *Pressure*Current conditions widget * Forecast weather widget *Rainfall*Humidity * Solar Radiation (if supported by station) *WindSpeedand direction * Dark mode * Metric and American StandardUnits*Inside temperature sensor support (Arduino, Netatmo&batterysensor, Bluetooth zigbee2mqtt and clientraw) *AndroidSensor(pressure, temperature, humidity and light) *Automaticlocationupdate by Wifi or GPS * Sunrise and Sunset *Widgets x4,Lockscreen* Talking Clock and Weather announcement *Serviceproviderssupported: Ambient Weather, Davis, NOAA, WeatherOnline,OpenWeather Map, Yahoo Weather, BOM Australia, NorwayWeather,Netatmo,Arduino (HTTP JSON), Mesowest and ClientRaw,PWS(subscriptiononly). * Arduino based inside temperature,pressurehumidity sensorIf you're having difficultly with the Appworkingplease tryAndroid Settings > Application Manager >WeatherStation >Clear data This clears all the configurationandhopefully willrestore the App to a working state. You mightalsoneed to removethe widget from the home screen and add it again.Ifyou'd like totry the Beta, press the "Become a tester"buttonat update will be available via Google Play.Questions,comments, orbug reports? Feedback is welcome, just [email protected] oruse the in App request supportform.Permissions: gps - automaticlocation configuration wifi-communication to weather servicestorage - import / exportuserpreferences
GPS Route Planner 1.4.4
GPS Route planner is a powerful route finder app for planningroutesbetween A to B destinations with GPS navigation on a map.GPSnavigator helps you to get driving direction and findsdrivingroutes using voice navigation on the road map. Plan yourroad tripsand execute them on time and everywhere with the freenavigationapp. With route tracker, you can find the shortesttraffic routesbetween multiple stops and get distance and time foryour trip. Youcan easily add multi-stops during your road trip andget trafficalerts during your trips. The route planner willnavigate thecorrect driving direction for your trip and also helpyou to findnearby places. Plan a great road trip! GPS routeoptimizer nowbrings you the opportunity to track a route withmulti-stop routeplanner capabilities. Find the best routedirections for your roadtrips with this GPS route finder. Createand optimize your drivingroutes with route optimizer so you canspend less time driving andmore time doing. Record your routes andcomplete your deliveriesfaster and get home earlier with a routeplanner app . This is thebest GPS route planner app, which has beendesigned to make iteasier for you to plan road routes and get livetraffic updates onyour road trip. The location tracker app with carnavigation is thebest tool to find the shortest way on the roads.Search fordifferent places and destinations with the help of theGPSnavigator app. This GPS route tracker gives you the ability tofindroad routes by your destinations A to B with GPS navigation andaswell as its unique ability to add multi-stops on your routes.GPSRouter tracker app has a feature of the quickest deliveryrouteplanner which provides the shortest routes for deliveries. Addyourdestination address for deliveries & list of multi stopsyouneed to make, then this GPS navigation app will navigate theroutesthat avoid heavy traffic jams and give you the best deliveryroute.A multi-stop route planner also provides estimated timearrival foryour trips. This is the best road trip planner and GPSrouteplanner for employees of courier companies and everyone.💢TopFeatures of Route Planner App💢 ⏩Multi-stop Route Planner: Youcanadd different multi-stop for your road trip. 💠GPS RouteFinder:With a trip planner you can plans routes and find the bestroutesdirections in your destination. 🔸Short Route Planner: Findstheshortest routes for your road trip between multiple locationswithGPS navigation. 🌕Traffic Updates ➤: This GPS route trackerfindsdriving directions and provides live traffic updates,andtrafficalerts. ⬛ Trip Planner: With route planner you can plan yourroadtrip and Navigate your world faster and easier with GPSnavigation.🏴Place near me: GPS voice navigation finds nearbyplaces, quicklyfind near me Hotels, Petrol stations, shops, ATM,nearby bars, andmany more. ⭕Quick Deliveries Route: Delivery routeplanner createsthe quickest multi-stop delivery routes and helps tobuilddeliveries routes for delivery staff. Get best GPS navigationforcar, driving direction, and delivery routes with this bestGPStracker and navigation app. See driving routes and navigatetodestination step by step with a detailed guide. Find thedirectionof your route easily with a GPS route finder app. Makeyour owntrip memorable with the GPS route planner. Just draw yourtriproute on the map and GPS route tracker will navigate you thebestdriving routes with live traffic updates.
Free GPS Maps - Navigation & Place Finder 4.3.2
Free GPS Maps - Navigation and place finder is alatestlocationtracker app with useful GPS, Compass,Directions,Locations, AreaFinder, Nearby Places functions all inone app. Findout the statusof real time traffic and plan shortroutes. Free GPSMaps -Navigation and place finder will help you tofind yournearbyplaces in just a single tap, besides this all therearemanyfeatures in this app like area finder, traffic routes,livemapsapp, compass direction and location tracker etc. all inoneappwhich is Free GPS Maps - Voice Navigation and placefinder.Planthe shortest route for your driving, running, walk,ride&transit. The Directions and navigation feature in thisfreegpsmaps app will navigate you to your destination step bystepwithsimple live guide. Free GPS Maps - Navigation andPlaceFinderfacilitates you with the great features like live map,livestreetview, world map, trip planner, Directions appslocationfinder,app, street map, live satellite map, marine maps,accuratemaps,GPS Route Finder, car tracking system, voicenavigation,mobiletracker and many more. For Example, if you want toknowwhichfamous places are in your nearby then you can find outthisfreemaps app. If you want to know the location of nearby gymorcoffeeshop, hospital, school, colleges, university,pharmacy,generalstore, bus stop, railway station or something else,thenthis FreeGPS Maps - Navigation and place finder is a perfectappfor you.You can also find out the compass direction throughthislocationtracker app. If you are in a ship then you can find outthemarinemaps for free through this GPS Maps - Navigation andplacefinderapp with Variety of Features such as Drivingroute,CurrentLocation, Address Location, My location History,GPSshortest pathfinder make everything simple, easy andeffective.Find all thesenecessary features in one app for free.Geteverything on time withgps time ETA. BEST FEATURES ✔ FREE GPSRouteFinder – Trip Plannerwill plan the shortest path for yourdriving.It will calculate thedistance and time for you between anytwogiven locations on themap for your ease. ✔ Maps &GPSNavigation – See map route andnavigate to destination step bystepwith live guide. ✔ SearchPlaces Nearby – This free place finderappwill help you to searchand discover the world with each andeverydetails with thousandsof points of interest. ✔ Places Finder –Findyour nearby placewith the area finder, such as restaurants,gym,gas stations,petrol pumps, ATMs, parking, hospitals,schools,colleges, Banksand pharmacies etc. ✔ GPS Phone Tracker –Locateyour mobile phonelocation with the free mobile phone locatorappseasily to save andshare your current location with friendsandfamily. ✔ GPS CompassDirection - In this best map app, there isanarrow with which youcan find out the compass like east, west,northand south whichpoints the device direction on map. You caneasilyfind the realtime traffic map status. Free Maps - Navigationandplace finder isa mapping app with gps tracker along with freelivemap, updatedworld maps with latest tracking technology whichwillmake yourtrip easy, where ever you go. It is a nuvi gpsserviceswith livemaps program and you no need to contact with thefree gpscompanyto get the direction and location of any placedownload ourbestnavigation app and enjoy it using its maps andareafinderfeatures. You can find out the travelling toolslikespeedometerand translator available for different languages.Justsearch FreeGPS Maps - Navigation and places near me anddownload itnow foruseful features like location tracker and placefinder navi,voicesearch, compass direction, free gps maps and manymore.
Weather Forecast 1.2.1
Weather Forecast is an accurate weather app that you can relyon.Weather Forecast goes beyond just today's weather andtemperature,it has everything you would expect from a weather app.Whenever andwherever you need weather forecast information, WeatherForecastwon't let you down. If you need to plan you daily life ortrip inadvance with weather forecast information or need real-timeweatheralerts, detailed weather information and beautiful widgetstodecorate your desktop, Weather Forecast is your must have.Stormseason is coming, with Weather Forecast you can stay alertfromstorms, heavy rains, typhoons, or even tornados. Whether youneedto see if you should bring an umbrella for the day oryou’replanning a vacation for the weekend, here are the bestweather appavailable for Android right now! Here's something youmust knowabout Weather Forecast: 💫10-day forecast & 24/72-hourforecastprepare for more, prepare for longer 💫Detailedinformationeverything you need is all in Weather Forecast:temperature, airquality, sunrise and sunset time, condition ofwind, precipitation,visibility, ultraviolet level, satellite cloudphoto, probabilityof rainfall, humidity, dew point, etc 💫 Powerful&Multifuntional Doppler Radar Useful if you want to tracktropicalstorms or potential severe weather. From wind, rain,temperature,clouds, waves and pressure to precise details like windgusts, rainaccumulation, dew point, CAPE Index and currents. Youwill have allconvenient weather maps here in Weather Forecast.💫Widgetsspecially designed for you to decorate your desktop,multiplestyles for your choice(continue to update more) 💫Severeweatheralerts Inform you the real-time weather alerts and warnings,keepyou safe from heavy rain, typhoons, etc 💫Temperature chart seethetemperature changes clearly 💫Summaries Forecast for futureseveraldays in a few words, check easily without thinking 💫Displayweatherforecast in status bar (Notification bar) won't bother toopen theapp 💫Animated icon based on reality experience the changesevenindoors, Dynamic weather animations make checking the weatheradelightful experience 💫Own your weather map Save multiplelocationsto create your own weather map, remind people that youcare aboutof the weather, or plan touring trip with WeatherForecast💫Accurate positioning your position update weather whereveryou are💫Daily health & life index Plan your daily life with theadviceof experts 💫Multiple language support Weather Forecast,Prévisionsmétéorologiques, Wettervorhersage, Pronóstico del tiempo,Previsãodo tempo, Прогноз погоды, النشرة الجوية, 天气预报, 天氣預報, 天気予報,날씨, etc.Download Weather Forecast now and try it for yourself, itwon't letyou down. It’s easy to scroll through the hours and daysto get aglimpse of the weather. Weather Forecast, makes youruncertainfuture a little more certain.
MAPS.ME – Map with Navigation and Directions 12.2.1-Google B.V.
Free, fast, detailed and entirely offlinemapswith turn-by-turn navigation – trusted by over 90milliontravelers worldwide.OFFLINE MAPSSave mobile data, no internet is required.FREE FOREVERAll maps inside and all features are free. Always were andalwayswill be.NAVIGATIONUse driving, walking and cycle navigation anywhere intheworld.INCREDIBLY DETAILEDDirections to points of interest (POI), hiking trails andplacesmissing from other maps.UP-TO-DATEMaps are updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributorsdaily.OSM is an open-source alternative to Google Maps, MapquestandWaze.FAST AND RELIABLEOffline search, GPS navigation along with optimized mapstoeffectively save memory space.BOOKMARKSSave locations you love and share them with your friends.AVAILABLE WORLDWIDEEssential for home and travel. Paris, France? Check.Amsterdam,Netherlands? Check. Barcelona, Spain? Check. New York,Chicago,Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle, San Francisco,California,USA? Check! Rome, Italy? Check. London, UK? Check.TRAFFIC DATANew online city traffic maps. Check out updates on traffic infoandfastest driving routes in 36 countries!AND MORE!– Search through different categories e.g. restaurants,cafes,tourist attractions, hotels, ATMs and public transport(metro,bus…)– Make hotel bookings via directly from the app– Share your location via text message or social media– When cycling or walking, the app shows whether the way isuphillor downhillContinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.If you have any questions, visit our you are unable to find the answer to your question, contactusat: [email protected] us on FB: |Twitter:@MAPS_ME
Compass Maps - Directional Compass 1.3.6
One App Team
Maps compass - Directional Compass & Digital isfreetheapplication to support classic compass, fengshuicompassandcompass on the map. With GPS technogoly the applicationwillautodirections for you. This the application support withdevicehavesensor. Here is request with any applicationsupportdigitalcompass. The compass app depends on the performanceof yourdeviceexactly. If the compass works perfectly, it means thatyoursensorsare perfect, too. *Note: + E is east + W is the west + Nisthenorth + S is the south + SE is the Southeast + SW is Southwest+NEis North-East - You can move on maps , compass willautoupdatestate and direction, It also can calculate radius,corner.showcurrent your location on maps. zoom maps or sharelocationtonetwork social. - Compass map: + Locate or calculatedirectionatanywhere appears on map.- Search a place via addressname.Locateyour location via GPS, also navigate with magneticcompass. +Movethe compass by touching the location you want on themap.Featureof Compass Maps - Directional Compass application -ShowTrue North- Show Magnetic Field Power - Show Device Slope Angle-ShowAltitude Speed - Show Sensor State - Level ErrorCorrection-Connect To Google Map - Show latitude longitude - ShowlevelMapscompass - Directional Compass also is tooltomeasurementcalculator for measuring Land Area on maps easiestway.There is aninbuilt Unit Converter for measuring areas anddistancesin variousLand Units. Supported m2, km2, fit2 and ha. Youcanconvert thesethis units. Measure area between three points anyonmap. Theapplication will auto calculate and figure out result.Youcanchoose some type such as: hydrib maps, satellite,terrainmaps...Land Area measurement easiest way tools. It give youcan usepivotto option many operate on maps. If you have anyfeedback tobuildmaps compass - directional compass or digitalcompass.Pleasecontact to me via email: [email protected] Wewillresearchand improve it become is better for smartcompassapplication.Thanks.
GPS Navigation Map Route Find 1.0.4
GPS Navigation Map Route Finder app easy use to get yourLiveLocation on Earth Map is user friendly free apps to get topappsfree download. A free GPS App Voice Navigation DrivingDirectionMaps helps to Map Route Finder App available on Play Storeto findnearby places, Live Street View, Map Navigation & MapsApp. MapNavigation and GPS Maps Location we have built it withgreatfeatures as Road-Map GPS Navigation and GPS driving direction.GPSApp require features of your needs with Voice Navigationconvenientto use GPS route & Live Street Map View. GPS Routefinder andGPS Location is convenient than other GPS App which givesyou morefeatures famous Location, GPS Route Finder History andmore. GPSApp finds shortest way to Live street view as a GPStracker forusers to reach public transport and drive to reachnearby placeslike ATM, Bank, Airport, Bus Stops, Hospital, School,Market,Mosque, etc. Different GPS Maps types will show you in worldMaplike Satellite, Hybrid and terrain views. ►Live StreetViewTraffic: GPS Navigation free apps gives you the livetrafficupdates with real road information of Live street viewnormal,extreme and Heavy traffic Map, to reach your point in timeusingthis GPS Map Live Location & GPS Navigation System. BeSmartDriver get concise traffic Map info, search different routes,Livestreet view and GPS Status will help you to find theaccuratedriving direction anywhere in the world with the help ofLIVETraffic GPS Locator & Traffic App. ►GPS Map NavigationApps:GPS Navigation Map Route Finder app Explore the world withEarthMap on your device see Live Street View Voice Map DirectionandVoice GPS driving directions & GPS tracker to driving routeMapat any time anywhere in the world. GPS Map Route Finder AppisRoute planner voice map direction & car navigation mapsapp.GPSMapping App allows Location capture real time GPS trackingall inone GPS Navigation Apps in all world Languages. ► DrivingVoiceNavigation: GPS Navigation & Voice GPS Driving DirectionhavingMaps with Voice Navigation for safe driving and keep you freefromcomplicated GPS Navigation System. GPS Voice is a modernfeature tosearch any address on GPS search option to secure timeandsearching delay. GPS Route Tracker App gets you VoiceNavigationturn by turn guide gives you GPS Live Location and saveto shareCurrent Location with friends and family also enjoy thebeautiful3D Live Street-view. GPS Navigation Top Features: GPSRoutePlanner gives shortest GPS Route. Different Earth MapslikeSatellite, Hybrid &Terrain. World CountriesGeographicalInfo-Map Coordinator. Route Finder Maps keeps yourLocation onworld Map. Maps App Navigate -Destination step to stepGuide. GPSTraffic Updates Normal, Extreme, Heavy. VoiceNavigation in WorldLanguages free Maps App. Unique Feature to saveGPS Route Finderhistory. GPS App Navigate Location to Country inthe World Map.►Geographical Information: GPS Navigation Map RouteFinder freeapps has unique feature of Geographical information forallcountries of world Map. GPS Navigation Map Route Finder appgivesdetails of world Countries having their Language,Capital,Currency, Country Codes, Area, Border, and Population. GPSMapsshow famous places gives you quick access and track yourlocationin real time by GPS tracker navigation apps and Comprehendsyourcorrect GPS Location.
Yandex.Navigator 4.93
Yandex.Navigator helps drivers plot theoptimalroute to their destination. The app takes traffic jams,accidents,road works, and other road events into account whenplotting yourroute. Yandex.Navigator will present you with up tothree variantsof your journey, starting with the fastest. If yourselected journeytakes you over toll roads, the app will warn youabout this inadvance.Yandex. Navigator uses voice prompts to guide you along yourway,and displays your route on your device’s screen. Additionally,youcan always see how many minutes and kilometers you havetogo.You can use your voice to interact with Yandex.Navigator so thatyoudon't have to take your hands off the wheel. Just say "Hey,Yandex"and the app will start listening for your commands. Forexample,"Hey, Yandex, let's go to 1 Lesnaya Street" or "Hey,Yandex, take meto Domodedovo Airport". You can also let Navigatorknow about roadevents you encounter (such as "Hey, Yandex, thereis an accident inthe right lane") or search for locations on themap (by simplysaying "Hey, Yandex, Red Square").Save time by choosing recent destinations from your history.Lookthrough your recent destinations and favorites from any ofyourdevices—they are saved in the cloud and available when andwhereyou need them.Yandex.Navigator will guide you to your destinations inRussia,Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey.The app suggests enabling the Yandex search widget forthenotification panel.
Digital Speedometer - GPS Offline odometer HUD Pro 3.9.4
Digital Speedometer: App main features are given below.1.DigitalSpeedometer (Measure your current speed and averagespeedfor thetrip). 2. Speed limit alert (You can set your max speedandsoundthe alarm when you pass the speed limit). 4. This is acarDigitalSpeedometer as well as you can use it asabike/motorcyclespeedometer, bicycle speedometer, truckspeedometer,boatspeedometer, or train speedometer. 5. DistanceMeter (If youwantto find total distance after start of your journeythen you canusethis app) 7. HUD (Heads Up Display). You can usethis app fortheheads up display in the car while driving your car.8. FullScreenMode (This will only show your GPS speed on thewholescreennothing else will show) 9. Digital Speedometer with map.(Thisspeed tracker also give you your location with your speed)10.Youcan measure your current speed in Miles per hour(MPH)andkilometer per hour (km/h). This app will work on the placeofyourspeed box. Speedometer jet app used for detectingyourvehiclecurrent speed. We keep improving this app and listentothecustomers' feedback. We keep adding many features accordingtouserrequirements. You can also use it as a Route Plannerbecauseitwill give you information about your current locationandfromstart to destination information. The odometer reading(GPSDigitalSpeedometer reading) will keep changing around 1 second.Itwillget GPS from your GPS so you only need to turn on yourGPSforgetting speed. You don't need to access Internet oryourmobilenetwork data. Using this app you can also measure your •Carspeed(or make a car speed test) • Bicycle speed • Trainspeed•Motorcycle speed • Boat speed ........ This app willgiveyousafety because using this app you can get the control ofyouspeed.If your car tachometer is not fine and you needyourspeedometerrepair then you can also use this app. This is averysimplespeedometer app. This is very easy to use speedometer.Byusing youlocation direction and speed you can also measurethevelocity ofyour car. This is a speed limit app. When you willcrossthe limityou will get an alert . The speed alert Will helpsyouthat you arecrossing your speed limit please be careful sothatpolice radarwill detect your car having over speed. Then youwilleasily takecare of these things. By Distance Calculator youcancalculate thedistance from start to end journey that will helpyouto get theinformation about total distance and also you cantakecare of yourfuel according to the long or short distance.AVG.Speed Calculatoror AVG. Odometer will help you to find youraveragespeed. Thatwill help you that How fast you was driving onthatroad. With thefull screen mode you can only see the currentspeedon the screenthat will help you to keep focus on the speedonlywhile . In Appsetting you can also turn on or turn of youroverspeed alarm(sound ) and also you can change you speed unitfromkm/h to MPH orMPH to km/h.
FREE QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner & QR Code Scanner 2.4.5.GP
The lightning QR code scanner app for Android devices toscanQRcode. It supports all QR/barcode formats! 👍 QR Code ReaderFreecanread and decode all kinds of QR code andbarcode,includingcontacts, products, URL, Wi-Fi, text, books,E-mail,location,calendar, etc. 🔍 You can also use it to scanpromotion andcouponcodes 💰 in shops to get discounts. ★ Free QRcode readerandscanner ★ Free barcode scanner ★ Free extreme QRscanner app ★Freebarcode reader and scanner Why choose Free QRScanner? ✔Supportall QR & barcode formats ✔ Auto zoom ✔ Allscan historywill besaved ✔ Scan QR / barcodes from gallery ✔ Useflashlight toscan indark environment ✔ No internet connectionrequired ✔ Scanpromotionand coupon codes ✔ Privacy safe. Onlycamera permissionrequiredHow to use 1. Point camera to the QRcode/barcode 2.Autorecognize, scan and decode 3. Get results andrelevantoptionsAfter scanning, several relevant options for theresultswill beprovided, you can search the products online, visitthewebsites,or even connect to Wi-Fi without entering thepassword...Supportall formats Instantly scan QR code. Support allQR &barcodeformats, QR code, Data Matrix, Maxi code, Code 39,Code93,Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8... Auto zoom You don’t need to zoom in/zoomout. It’s easy to scan far away or small QR codeandbarcode.Simple & convenient No internet connectionrequired.All scanhistory will be saved for quick viewing atanytime. You canscan QR/ barcodes from gallery. Privacy safe Itonly needscamerapermission, keeps your privacy 100 % safe. SupportflashlightYoucan open flashlight to scans QR code/barcode indarkenvironment.Price scanner Scan promotion and coupon codes togetdiscounts.Scan product barcodes and compare prices online.Barcodereader andscanner This barcode reader and scanner allows youtoscan alltypes of barcode, QR code, and coupon code. It's thebestbarcodereader and scanner that you deserve. Scan QR code Need aQRscannerapp to scan QR code and barcode? This scanner app isyourbestchoice! Scan QR code with the QR scanner fast and safely!QRcodescanner app Looking for a QR code scanner app to scanbarcodeor QRcode? Try this free QR code scanner app! QR code readerandscannerThis is the best QR code reader and scanner that youcanfind. UseQR code reader and scanner to scan all kinds of QRcodesandbarcodes. QR code scanner for android Want a QR codescannerforAndroid? This QR code scanner for Android is your bestchoice.QRcode scanner Want QR scanner and QR code reader? LookingforQRcode scanner? No satisfied QR code scanner? Try the bestQRscannerand QR code reader! This QR scanner and QR codereadersupport allQR & barcode formats. Barcode scanner Thebarcodescanner is100% safe! What the barcode scanner needs onlycamerapermission!Barcode reader The barcode reader is easy to scananysize barcode.The barcode reader can auto-zoom to scan andgetresults in notime! QR code reader Simple and convenient QRcodereader for you.With the auto-zoom feature, QR code readercaneasily scan small orfar away barcodes. Barcode scanner appThisbarcode scanner appsupports all barcode formats. You canalsocreate your own QR codeswith this barcode scanner app.Barcodescanner for android Thissmall size barcode scanner forandroid canscan barcodes and QRcodes fast and safely. Download thisbarcodescanner for androidfor free now. Barcode scan The QR &barcodescan only needs 1step. Free QR & Barcode Scanner bringsanextreme fast barcodescan experience to you. Barcode scannerappfree Super fast barcodescanner app free for all Androiddevices!Scans all barcodes andcreate your own QR codes with barcodescannerapp free. QR readerThe simplest QR reader for free. It canscan QRcode automaticallyand create your own QR codes. Download theQRreader app now.
Step Tracker - Pedometer, iStep 1.2.6
The most accurate & simple step tracker auto tracks yourdailysteps, burned calories , walking distance, duration, pace,healthdata, etc., and display them in intuitive graphs for easychecking.Power Saving Pedometer Step counter counts your dailysteps withthe built-in sensor, which greatly saves battery. Itrecords stepsaccurately even when the screen is locked, whetheryour phone is inyour hand, your pocket, your bag, or your armband.Real-time MapTracker In GPS tracking mode, step counter tracks yourfitnessactivity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories), andrecordsyour routes on the map with GPS in real-time. But if youdon’tchoose GPS tracking, it will count steps with built-in sensortosave battery. 100% Free & 100% Private No locked features.Nologin required. You can freely use all features without login.Easyto Use Step Counter It auto records your steps. Pause, resumestepscounting, reset steps to count from 0 if you want. Once youpauseit, background data refreshing will stop. You will get yourdailysteps report on time, you can also check your real-time stepsinthe notification bar. Report Graph You walking data willbedisplayed in clear graphs. You can easily check your daily,weeklyand monthly walking statistics. Support for syncing datawithGoogle Fit. Targets and Achievements Set daily stepsgoal.Continuously achieve your goal will keep you motivated. Youcanalso set targets for your fitness activity (distance,calories,duration, etc.). Fashion & Simple Design Designed anddevelopedby our Google Play Best of 2018 winning team, its clean,simple,and fashion design brings excellent user experience.ColorfulThemes More themes coming soon. Select your favorite themefor thestep tracker and enjoy the step counting. Health Tracker AppHealthtracker app records your health data (weight trends,sleepconditions, water intake details, diet, etc.) and helpsyoumaintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay active, lose weight and keepfitwith activity & health tracker. More features coming soon,suchas sync data with Fitbit, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal...ImportantNotes * To ensure accurate step counting, make sure theinformationyou entered on the settings page is correct. * You canadjust thesensitivity level of the step tracker for more accuratestepcounting. * Some devices may stop counting when the screenislocked due to their power saving processing. * Devices witholderversion can’t count steps with locked screen. Steps trackerWant asteps tracker to track your daily steps? This accuratestepstracker can help you. Steps counter Steps counter helps trackyourdaily steps, burned calories, and weight loss progress. Loseweightwith steps counter. Steps counting app This steps countingapp isvery easy to use. Open it and start to walk, steps countingappautomatically records your steps.
 Pedometer step counter Asimplepedometer step counter auto tracks your steps. Walk withpedometerstep counter, keep fit and get in better shape. Walkingapp Need apedometer for walking to track your steps? This walkingapp is yourbest choice.
 Walking distance tracker This walkingdistancetracker tracks your steps and calculates distanceaccurately. It'sa full-featured walking distance tracker. It isalso good for yourhealth.
Weather & Radar - Storm radar 2021.23.1
Key Features of Weather & Radar USA: • Accurate weatherforecast• Innovative real-time weather radar • Weather alerts,storm radarand hurricane tracker • Temperature and wind maps •Coastal andmarine weather • Weather, climate and environment news🌞 Weather AppBe ready for all weather conditions this fall withWeather &Radar’s app, with accurate current weather reportsand futureconditions at your exact location in the US and aroundthe world. 🌦Weather Forecast The latest forecasts for temperatureand wind,chance of rain or thunder, sunshine duration and severestorm risk.Detailed data on air pressure, humidity, feels-liketemperature,sunrise and sunset times plus UV-Index. Plan furtherahead with the14-day weather trend. ☔ Weather Map Discover ourindustry-leadingweather radar, including high-resolutionsatellite, rain, wind andstorm areas. The enhanced weather mapsallow you to track real-timemeteorological conditions down to cityand county level. 🌩 WeatherAlerts Using the latest weathermodelling and storm trackingtechnology, our weather alert servicewill always keep you updatedabout inclement or dangerousconditions in or close to your area. 📰Weather News Our team ofeditors will bring you the latest weather,climate and environmentnews, including expert analysis and videosduring high impactweather events. From winter storms to tornadoesand hurricanes, wehave got you covered! 🌊 Coastal Conditions Youcan rely on Weather& Radar's free app to get the latest lakeand oceantemperatures as well as frequently updated beach andnearshoreweather, wind + wave conditions. ⛈️ 90-Minute Trend Our90-minutenowcast feature gives you all the local and time-criticaldata youneed, using a blend of weather observations andhigh-resolutionmodels to pinpoint the movement and arrival times ofrain or stormsaround your location. 🌎 World Weather Save anylocation and seecurrent conditions for any number of globallocations in ourweather app. Global weather data and rain radar atyour fingertips!Use the weather app free of advertising with thein-app purchaseand profit from the option to personalize your mainpage! Shouldyou have any queries or comments, kindly contact [email protected]
My Location: Updates on the Go 8.06
🚖 Finding, communicating, and storing location is faster andeasierthan ever. My Location helps you keep current about yourlocationwhile you are traveling. Capture and save your favoriteplaces.Take control of your travel location and install the MyLocationmobile app. ✈️🇯🇵🇧🇷🇹🇷🇪🇸🇫🇷🇫🇮🇰🇷🇮🇹 Step 1 - Allow locationpermission 📍Step 2 - Set local language in My Location Settings ⚙️Step 3 -Place widget in Home Screen 📱 Step 4 - Immerse in locallanguage ❤️Step 5 - Have a great time 🚀 Key Features: * We addedsomething,try enabling "motion time update" 😀 * Text to speechaddress widgetin over 10 languages * Handsfree updates with Gosubscription GoSubscription * Design for delivery and taxiprofessionals * Motionand screen-on updates * Driving - update onturns and stops *Walking - update every 30sec, 1min, 2min or 5min *Include Plusad-free experience Multi-touch map interactions: * Longpress -show address and distance * Tap on location icon - showaddresswindow * Tap on address window - copy to clipboard * Doubletap -zoom to tap location * Touch and move - move map * Pinch in -zoomout * Pinch out - zoom in * Two finger rotate - rotate map andshowcompass* *Compass is located on the upper left corner Localstorageinteractions: * Short press on map icon – copy address toclipboard* Long press on map icon – launch Google Maps Navigation *Longpress on an item – show removal screen Settings: Font Size: 14,16,18, 20, 22 Show Country: off or 🇺🇸 on Text to Speech: off or 👩🏻onScreen On Auto Update: off or 🔋on Auto Save: off or on GPSonlymode: off or on Local Language: tap to select GPS URLsarecompatible with: SMS Messenger Email Social Media DocumentEditorand other applications Example location message: "6 AvenueGustaveEiffel, 75007 Paris-7E-Arrondissement,France[email protected],2.29524" OnAndroids, thelink will open in a browser or natively in GoogleMaps. On otherphones, the link will open in a browser. Supportemail:[email protected] Seriously, somebody may reply.Pleaseleave a review.
Taxify Driver DA.7.2
Drive with Taxify and earn good money withyourcar.How Taxify works?1. Sign up to drive on our website or app.2. Receive a quick training.3. Go online whenever you want to earn.4. Get paid to your bank account every week.Sign up & get more information online–https://partners.taxify.euDon't have a car? No problem, contact our local team for a listofavailable providers.
GPS Tools® - Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore
Have you ever got stuck on road without accurate GPS location?Haveyou ever needed all GPS based tools in one app? Get GPSTools,all-in-one GPS app which includes location tagging,speedometer,altimeter, compass directions, gps alarm, weather &forecast,distance, level meter, area finder, gps time, gpximporter/viewer,hiking maps, and more. Highly Battery optimised GPSapp Fast GPSupdate and Works offline Easy to use and well organisedNavigationapp for all your outdoor activities including hikingCustomisableGPS based tools Get exact location always even in lowsignal areaswith high accuracy Useful set of tools with addressfinder Sharelocation photo, address and coordinates to others Trackand findyour lost phone Never miss a bus or train stop again withGPS alarmduring transit Going outdoor, trekking or visiting newplaces? Donot forget to take this app While trekking you canaccessaltimeter, compass, weather, pressure and more Import GPXfiles ofyour trips. View tracks, routes, elevation and waypointsfrom GPXfiles Analyse information and statistics of your tracks androutesView graphs(charts) for variations of speed and elevation ofyourtracks Get this app for speedometer or odometer Set speed limitandget warned while over speeding Record your speed and trackyourtrips Get direction towards your destination with compassMeasureyour surface level with spirit level meter Find GlobalPositioningSystem (GPS) date time Find GPS locations and directionsNavigateand explore the world Plan your travel or activity withaccuratereal-time weather and forecast data Always be safe withreal-timeweather alerts and severe weather warnings Go trekkingwith all thetools you need in one app Align your satellite dishwith satellitenumber and signal strength Stay out of polluted areasand dirediseases with air pollution monitor Plan your travel basedon yourlocal weather and forecast report Stay dry during rainyseason withrain alerts Stay out of sunburn and melanoma with UVindex dataMeasure area of your plot, land or house with area finderFindaltitude or distance between any places quickly Save yourfavouriteplaces you want to visit or go frequently Get accuratedevicesensor data Have app on your wear and stay updated *Supportsandroid wear and instant app feature * Supports metric andimperialunits * Some features may not be available in allcountriesDisclosure: ************ As GPS Tools® app is a GPSbasedapplication and it contains many tools/utilities which usesyourlocation while using the app or all the time(even in thebackgroundalso). It uses your location while using the app for thefollowingtools or purposes: - show travelling speed(Speedometer) -showweather and forecast at where you are - show current locationandaddress - show air quality and uv index at where you are -showdirection in compass - show satellite signal at where you are-show weather map It uses your location all the time (even whentheapp is closed or not in use) for the following tools orpurposes: -to trigger GPS Alarm (GPS Alarm) - to log location ofyourdevice(Track & Find Device) - to show pathyoutravelled(Trekking Pro) Download GPS Tools and enjoy using allGPSfeatures with minimal battery usage! To know more about usandshare your feedback, please visit us at GPS Tools Facebook: GPS ToolsWebsite:
Here's how the app works:1. Set the location and request a car.2. See your driver arrive in real-time.3. Enjoy the ride to your destination.Taxify app features:・The app finds your pickup location even if you don't knowyourexact address.・Driver ratings enable us to have the best drivers.・Add your credit card and never need cash again. We'll email youthereceipt after every trip.Taxify is currently available in:・South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban・Nigeria: Lagos・Kenya: Nairobi・Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu・Latvia: Riga, Valmiera・Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas・Poland: Warsaw・Slovakia: Bratislava・Serbia: Belgrade・Romania: Bucharest・Hungary: Budapest・Czech Republic: Prague・Ukraine: Kyiv・Georgia: Tbilisi・Azerbaijan: Baku・Malta: Valletta・Mexico: Mexico City, Durango.Taxify's mission is to bring convenient and affordable transporttomillions of people around the world, while helping thousandsofdrivers support their families.Get in touch via [email protected] or http://taxify.euLike us on Facebook us on Twitter extra money with your car. Sign up as a driver–
Weather forecast
The weather forecast, one of the best weather applicationonstore,one of the best choose fore you. Weather forecast,whichhasaccurate weather information for anytime andeverywhere.Localweather forecast & real time rain, storm, ice&snowreports... By weather information, you can prepareyourplancarefully, you will be successful at work and have betterlife.Theapplication is very helpful with everybody.Weatherforecastdetects weather in your current locationautomatically.There aremany information in weather forecast whichincludesweathercondition, atmospheric pressure, relativehumidity,visibilitydistance, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speedand direction, in addition to ten days futureforecast,also hourlyweather forecast. Real-time temperature, rain,snow,humidity,pressure, wind force and wind direction are all inthisweatherapplication based. Features: - All is free, weekly,daily,hourlyupdate with real time. - Weather forecast for global,forallcountry: United States (US), Canada, Brazil, UnitedKingdom(UK),Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal,Spain,Mexico,Finland, Norway , Russia, India, Japan, Korea,China,Australia,Vietnam, ... - Weather forecast for all city:Washington,New York,California, San Francisco, Texas, Georgia,Florida,Ottawa, Hawaii,Toronto, Dallas, Nashville, Kansas city,London,Rome, Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Nancy, Dijon, Brest, Marseille,Rennes,Reims,Chamonix, Lyon, Metz, Grenoble,Strasbourg,Berlin,Tokyo,Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh... - Fullreport.Displaysall information of weather: location time,temperature,atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speedand direction... - Detect location by GPS andnetwork -Search andmanage multiple locations - Supportednotification - Realtimeupdate widget - Today, tomorrow, 3 dayslater, 7 dayslater.Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather… hourlyweather in eachhour.- Weather description: Sunrise Time, SunsetTime,Humidity,Precipitation Probability, Visibility, Wind Speed...-Real timeweather maps & weather radar animations withyourpersonalblizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow,clouds,wind,temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current. - Viewdetailofdaily weather and hourly weather. - Chart to manage andviewhourlyand daily weather - Change unit setting: Temperature(C/F),Timeformat (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed(km/h,mi/h,m/s), pressure (mmhg, hPa, mbar) Using weatherapplication andgetweather information daily and daily. Downloadweather forecastforfree and experience. The high-quality weatherforecastapplicationacross your Android devices.
Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Location 4.7
Mobile Number Locator - Phone Caller Locator📌 helps you tofindmobile number location of any phone numbers Type the phonenumber,and its mobile number location will be shown on the map, andmorefunctions provided: ✔️Detailed information of the caller id canbedisplayed. ✔️Call history can be viewed. ✔️Any fraudulent callscanbe blocked with this useful assistant Live Mobile NumberLocator!Download this caller id and number locator app, you willfind itscharm and love it instantly. BECAUSE: 📡Mobile numberlocator. Findmobile number location by phone number and our appwill show calllocation on the map, show details of your callhistory. 📠Caller IDand number locator app. View detailedinformation of every incomingcall, including mobile numberlocation. Typing in this calllocation app and you'll see it. 🔎HLRlookup (STD). Find area codeand STD code for all cities andcountries offline, and all free.Good assistant for travel! Not onlycan you find any mobile numberlocation, but you can also search forany STD codes. 🚨Call blocker.Set unwanted calls using phonelocation and helps you identifycrank, fraud, pyramid selling calls,etc. Once you add them to theblacklist they will never bother youagain. With this great phonenumber location app, you don't have toworry about receivingunwanted calls, because this handy app willhelp you find caller idinformation and call location.🔥🔥🔥
Speed Cameras Radar 3.5.8
Always know what speed cameras are around you. Even ifyouarenavigating, you can see the speed cameras along the wayandreceivereal time notifications. The app tells you abouttraffic,police,crashes, and more reported by other users inreal-time. WhySpeedCameras Radar? ◦ Map - Discover all the speedcameras, speedtraps,radars, traffic light cameras and more. ◦Routes - Displaytheroute on the map and find out the speed camerasalong the way.◦Widget - Use the app on the background even when thephoneislocked. ◦ Speedometer - Receive warnings when the speedishigherthan the speed cameras limit. ◦ Integrate it with otherapps-Integrate the app with external navigators. ◦ Report andvotespeedcameras - You can upload your speed cameras and voteother’sspeedcameras. ◦ High coverage - 42 Countries covered byspeedcamerasand supported by our app. Drive safe, drive with us!
Police Radar (Speed Camera Detector) 2.14
With the application "Police Radar (Speed Camera Detector )" -youwill know where the portable and stationary speed camerasarelocated, and you can also mark them in order to alert otherusers.This application will replace your traditional radardetector,since in addition to stationary cameras, it also displaysthelocation of portable cameras marked by other users oftheapplication. Thus, using our application, you can avoidtrafficpolice fines and minimize communication with policeofficers. Mainadvantages of the application "Police Radar (SpeedCamera Detector)": * Absolutely free * No registration required *Shows stationarycameras * Shows portable cameras and trafficpatrols (if otherusers have marked them) * Works like a GPSspeedometer, displayingyour speed * Shows speed limits on roadsections near fixed speedcameras Attention! Running the applicationwith GPS turned on canreduce the battery life of your smartphone.
what3words: Never get lost again
what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations.Every10foot square has been given a unique combination of threewords:awhat3words address. Now you can find, share and navigatetopreciselocations using three simple words. Use what3words to:-Find yourway anywhere in the world using just three words. -Planexactmeet-up locations. - Help people find your apartment,businessorairbnb entrance. - Always find your way back to yourparkingspace.- Save key locations, from incident reportingtodeliveryentrances. - Save your favorite memorable spots – asunset,awaterfall, proposal location. - Guide peopletoaccessibleentrances. - Help emergency services find you. Youcanfindwhat3words addresses in travel guides, websitecontactpages,invitations, travel booking confirmations and more –anywhereyouwould normally find location information. If you’reinvited toafriend’s home, ask them to share their what3wordsaddress.Popularfeatures: - Find your current what3words addressoffline-Compatible with navigation apps including Google Maps -Saveyourfavourite locations and categorise them into lists-AutoSuggestprompts you with intelligent suggestions - Availableinover 40languages - Navigate offline with compass mode - Addawhat3wordsaddress to a photo If you experience any problems orhaveanyquestions, email us at [email protected]
Offline Map Navigation - GPS Driving Route
Search, Get Directions & Navigate anywhere evenwithoutinternetconnection • Turn-by-turn route instructions&real-timenavigation • Find directions for car, motorbike,bicycleor walkmodes • Add way-points and get optimized route •Findnearby Hotels,Restaurants, Hospitals, ATM, Banks, PublicandShopping places evenin offline • Accurate voice guidance•Automatic rerouting duringnavigation • Find compass direction toalocation on map •Alternative route suggestions • Shareablerouteinstructions • Saveyour favorite locations for quick access •FastGPS update • Clearday and night map styles • Downloadableofflinemaps • All featureswork in both online and offline modeWhy‘Offline Map Navigation’? •Save money on roaming chargeswithoffline maps • Plan your travelmore effectively bysavinglocations to visit as way-points andfinding optimized path •Shareyour trip plan with friends andfamily • Multi languagesupportDisclaimer: Offline Map Navigationapp is a GPS basednavigationapplication which uses your location'while using the app'or ‘allthe time’ . It uses your location'while using the app' or‘all thetime(even in the background)’ forthe following purposes: -showyour accurate current location -guide you to navigate tothedestination
Scan to PDF - Free PDF Scanner APP, No Ads 1.0.6
DocScan, a smart scanner app that turns your device intoaportablePDF scanner, can easily convert paper documents andimagestoPDF/JPG in just one single tap. Download DocScan andenjoyALLFEATURES FOR FREE! Amazing Features: 1.Convert AllKindsofDocuments to PDFs Easily scan & convert all kindsofdocumentsto PDF format in a simple tap - receipts,invoices,notes,documents, photos, business cards, certificates,whiteboards,etc.The scan results can be printed out instantly viaCloudPrint.2.Easily Share Scanned Files Conveniently share scannedfilesinPDF or JPEG formats with friends via Email, or post themonsocialmedia. Save and view the scanned filesanytime,anywhere.3.Professional Quality Scan Results Its preciseborderdetecting,smart cropping, and auto enhancing features ensurethePDF outputsclear, sharp, and high-resolution. Multiplefilteroptions are alsoprovided to further optimize the scan results-photo, document,clear, color, black & white. 4.ExtractTextsfrom ImagesAccurately The integrated OCR (opticalcharacterrecognition)technology can precisely recognize and extracttextsfrom papersand images. After extraction, you can edit,copy,search, and sharethe texts for free. 5.Add E-SignaturesDocScanallows you to addelectronic signatures to the scan results.Easilysign your PDFsbefore sending and printing them! 6.AddSecurityWatermarks You canadd security watermarks to protect yourfiles.Mark scanned fileswith customized watermarks at any time!7.SearchFiles QuicklyThanks to its quick search feature, you canquicklyfind yourtarget files among multiple category folders byenteringkeywords;its OCR search feature can help you find textsinsidenotes andimages in the shortest time. 8.Easy and UsefulFileManagementTools Supports creating subfolders to help youcategorizemessydocuments. Its amazing searching, sorting, andaddingnotesfeatures can help you quickly find the documentyouwant.9.Convenient Documents Editing Add or delete one page ortheentiredocument; adjust the layout of documents; set page sizesofyourPDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more), all are supported!ComingSoon:►Add Annotations The advanced editing feature allows youtoaddannotations to the scan results. Conveniently review andmarkthescanned documents! ►Protect Important Documents Youcansetpasswords to protect your confidential documents.Also,encryptingthe files to be shared can effectively preventothersfrom peekingat it. ►Backup and Sync Worried about losingimportantfiles whenchanging devices? DocScan helps you backup andsyncscanneddocuments to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive,etc.Justlog in to your account on any device, you canmanagethesedocuments conveniently. Store, sync andcollaborateacrosssmartphones, tablets, and computers. DocScan canbe usedalmost inany case: *Receipt, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll,BusinessCard...*PPT, Whiteboard, Note, Book, Curriculum Vitae...*Passport,IDCard, Driver License, Certificate... *QR Code, Memo,Letter,Map...*Travel Brochure, Paint, Work Plan, Manuscript...Scanner Trythisscanner now! Scanner can convert all kinds ofdocuments toPDFformat! Document Scanner Document scanner supportstocategorisemessy documents. Try document scanner! Scan to PDFScanto PDF canscan papers in high-quality. Just download Scan toPDF toscandocuments! Scanner Document App Scanner document apphelpsyouextract texts from images accurately. Use scanner documentappnow!Camera Scanner Want an attractive camera scanner?CameraScannerhelps you extract PDFs anytime, anywhere. Scanner AppThisportablescanner app can meet your needs! Try scanner app!PDFScanner PDFscanner is your best assistant! Download PDF scannerforfree!
Route Planner - GetWay 0.0.43
Logi Way
The GetWay app plans a daily route with multiple stops and morethan100 stops, so your itinerary is as fast and short as possible.Usingthe GetWay app to plan your daily itinerary saves you atleast 20%of the time on the roads during the day and returns youhome faster.How to plan a route on GetWay? Give GetWay a start andend point,add the list of stops you need to make and GetWayhandles everythingelse. It will decide on the shortest travelorder considering theexpected stay times at all your stops,considering scheduledappointments or planned stops for specifichours and of coursetraffic and road data so you finish your dailyroute significantlyearlier. Is GetWay useful during the day oftravel? Using GetWayduring the day will help you complete yourwork day faster. Onceyou've designed your route, easily access anyaddress and additionalinformation you need to complete the taskquickly and with a singleclick. Does GetWay also organizeeverything during the day? GetWay'smulti-stop route planningprovides approximate arrival times for allstops along yourscheduled route. If you do not meet the schedule,recalculate therest of your itinerary to update your agenda screenquickly andefficiently, and to reach a point within the scheduledtime window.Does GetWay replace Google Maps Or Waze? GateWay workswith them tocreate a perfect solution for you. After planning theroute, youcan travel from point to point in your favoritenavigation app inorder to get from destination to destination.GetWay integrateswith your preferred navigation app and does notreplace it. HowMuch Do You Get from Route Planning on GetWay? Userstravelingalong delivery routes save themselves several hours eachday bygetting a short and efficient way to all the stops on theirroute.How much does it cost? Much less than the expected profitfromusing the app; in any case, you will get a free trial. Onceyourfree trial ends, you can choose from one of our subscriptionplans.You can uninstall at any point during the free trial periodand youwill not be charged.
Uber is a ridesharing app for fast,reliablerides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park orwait fora taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride,and it’seasy to pay with credit or cash in select cities.Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s anUberfor every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500citiesworldwide—download the app and take your first triptoday.Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works:- Just open the app and tell us where you’re going.- The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pickyouup.- You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and cantracktheir arrival on the map.- Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities,AndroidPay, PayPal, and more.- After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedbacktohelp us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receiptbyemail.Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, ourmostaffordable individual option.Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL—you’ll travelwithother riders headed your way and enjoy a lower fare.Want to elevate your experience? Take a high-end vehiclewithUberBLACK. And there’s still more options—whether you’retravelingwith a big group, or need a vehicle withaccessibilityfeatures.See if Uber is available in your cityat us on Twitter at us on Facebook at a question? Visit
Live Weather & Accurate Weather Radar - WeaSce 1.16.1
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Live Weather Forecast - Accurate weather & Radar isanindispensable tool for your daily life with a design ofsimulatedcelestial weather globe. You will see burning sun☀️ ,bouncingcloud ☁️ or rotating moon 🌙 according to the weatheroutdoor inreal-time. It is also helpful when you need to know theaccurateweather, including real-time forecast, hourly forecast,dailyforecast, air quality. A full weather report is ready foryouwhenever you need it: real-time temperature, max &mintemperature, precipitation rate, sunrise and sunset, moonriseandmoonset, air quality, wind speed, humidity, real feeltemperature,visibility, UV index, radar map... You can get all thisinformationjust by sliding the page. Why should you choose thisweather app?❄️ Separated weather forecast according to your need:Hourlyweather detail wind direction, real feel temperature, dewpoint,humidity, wind speed, wind gusts, cloud cover, ceiling,visibility,chance of rain, rainfall, chance of snow, snowfalltotals, freezingprobability, ice, UV index, Ultraviolet level.Current weather Alsoincluded health & life index, wet bulbtemperature. Dailyweather Also included day & night temperatureandprecipitation, sunrise & sunset. ☂️ Weather trend helpsyoucheck weather more clearly: 72-hour real feel temperature,windspeed, visibility, 10-day precipitation(rate and total), 10-dayor72-hour UV index. 🌊 Weather radar is useful for tropical stormsorother potential severe weather: wind, rain, temperature,clouds,waves and pressure. ⛅ Personal customized weather assistant:Dailyforecast report, weather notification: on or off Notificationbarweather: hourly or daily, white or sky Heating and coolingremind:temperature range of your choice Severe weather alertspush:notification or dialog Weather units: temperature: Fahrenheit(℉)or Celsius (℃); wind speed: km/h, mph, m/s; precipitation:mm,inch, cm; visibility: km, miles; time format; 24-hour format☔Local weather & International weather : Add cities at anytimeto know weather conditions, regional time. Weather Forecast isveryeasy to use, just allow your phone to search for GPS location,thenyou'll receive your weather report. Or you can search the citybycity name or zip code, you can add as many as 11 cities.⏰International clock : you can see real time of worldwide citiesinManage City. 🌁 Weather widget : provide fashionable andlovelydesktop widgets. Haven't got your favorite weather forecastapp?Download this Live Weather Forecast for free now andreceiveweather reports every day, control your life in your hand.Whereveryou are, you can keep track of the weather in variousregions ofthe world. ☀️🌁
Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate™ 2.5.6
From the makers of Fraction Calculator Plus comes CurrencyConverterPlus - the easiest, most user-friendly stop for globalexchangerates, with AccuRate™! With multiple currency fields,historic ratecharts, and a built-in calculator for convenience,compare pricesanywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you'regetting the bestdeal at today's rate. All conversions use liveexchange rates fromAccuRate™, providing the most accurate ratesavailable in the world.Plus, it still works offline for travelwhen exchange rate data isnot available. The app even supportsBitcoin! Features: * Instantcurrency conversion by setting yourown custom fields! * Easycalculator with results in localcurrencies * Historic rate chartsand graphs (1 week - 1 year) *Convert multiple currencies at once *All world currencies,Bitcoin, and precious metals * Offlineexchange rate support forairplane or offline modes * Live rates& graphs provided byAccuRate™ Supports currencies for everycountry including thedollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc,ruble, dinar, peso,rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin,guinea, krona,krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencieslike Bitcoin,plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium,platinum andmore! Currency Converter Plus Free (C) 2021Digitalchemy, LLC
Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter 1.2.2
This pedometer uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. NoGPStracking, so it can greatly save battery. It also tracksyourburned calories, walking distance and time, etc. Allthisinformation will be clearly displayed in graphs. Just tap thestartbutton, and it starts counting your steps. Whether your phoneis inyour hand, bag, pocket or armband, it can auto-record yourstepseven your screen is locked. Save Power This step counter usesthebuilt-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so itbarelyconsumes battery power. No locked Features All features are100%FREE. You can use all features without having to pay for them.100%Private No sign-in required. We never collect your personaldata orshare your information with third parties. Start, Pause andResetYou can pause and start step counting at any time to savepower.The app will stop background-refreshing statistics once youpauseit. And you can reset today’s step count and count step from 0ifyou want to. Fashion Design This step tracker is designed byourGoogle Play Best of 2016 winning team. The clean design makesiteasy to use. Report Graphs The report graphs are themostinnovative ever, they are specially designed for mobile devicestohelp you track your walking data. You can check your last24hours’, weekly and monthly statistics in graphs. Backup&Restore Data You can back up and restore data from yourGoogledrive. Keep your data safe and never lose your data.ColorfulThemes Multi colorful themes are under development. You canchooseyour favorite one to enjoy your step counting experience withthisstep tracker. IMPORTANT NOTE ● To ensure the accuracy ofstepcounting, please input your correct information insettings,because it will be used to calculate your walking distanceandcalories. ● You are welcome to adjust sensitivity to makepedometercount steps more accurately. ● Because of the device powersavingprocessing, some devices stop counting steps when the screenislocked. ● Step counting is not available for devices witholderversions when their screen is locked. It's not a bug. We aresorryto say that we are not able to solve this problem. BestPedometerLooking for an accurate step counter & steps tracker?Does yourpedometer use too much power? Our step counter & stepstrackeris the most accurate one you can find and is also a batterysavingpedometer. Get our step counter & steps tracker now!WeightLoss Apps Looking for lose weight app and step tracker?Nosatisfied weight loss apps? Here is the best lose weight app -steptracker you can find to help you lose weight. This lose weightapp- step tracker not only can count steps but also a good weightlossapps. Walking App & Walking Tracker The best walking app,stepcounter & walking tracker ever! It's not only a walkingapp,pedometer & walking tracker, but also a walk planner. Trythiswalk planner, pedometer, get in better shape and keep fit withwalkplanner, step counter. Samsung health & Google fit Can'tyoursteps tracking app sync data to Samsung health & Googlefit?You can try this pedometer. It makes syncing data to SamsungHealth& Google fit easy. Health and fitness Looking for ahealth andfitness app? Why not try pedometer? This pedometer isdesigned toimprove your health and fitness. Free health apps Thereare so manyfree health apps on Google Play. Among all these freehealth apps,you'll find that pedometer is the most popular one.Walk PlannerWant a walk planner to keep fitness and walkfit?Walkfit is a goodmethod of burning calories. Download this app towalkfit and keepin good shape.
Weather - The Weather Channel
Plan and prepare with confidence withtheworld’s most downloaded Weather App.GET ACCURATE FORECASTS FOR ANY LOCATION• Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on yourcurrentlocation, weather, and time of day, so you get yourcurrentconditions plus the weather info you need most.• Local & National Forecasts: Hourly, 15-day andweekendforecasts available in Celsius or Fahrenheit for the US,Canada,and locations around the world.• Current Weather Conditions: Beyond accuratetemperatures,you’ll get “feels like” weather, humidity, dew point,sunrise,sunset, wind speed, UV index, visibility andbarometricpressure.• Weather Maps: Fast-loading doppler radar maps show pastand6-hour future radar. Map layers show road or satellite views,watertemperature, wind speeds, snow cover, and more.• Plan for Trips: Get access to seasonal weather trends,roadconditions, the tides, and 15-day forecasts for yourfavoritedestinations like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles,Toronto andVancouver.PERSONALIZED REAL-TIME WEATHER ALERTS• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with NationalWeatherService government issued notifications of extreme weather.Knowthe moment tornado, hurricane or severe storm watches andwarningsare issued.• Breaking News Alerts: Stay informed with national andlocalweather news updates. Track tropical storms and hurricanes astheydevelop while receiving storm safety and preparednesstips.• Lightning Alerts: Get real-time alerts for yourGPSlocation, and know where lightning is striking near you.• Daily Rain Alerts: Never get caught in the rain againwithreal-time alerts for your GPS location and morningprecipitationreports for your favorite locations.• Pollen Alerts: Know the pollen counts near you.It’s easy and free! Activate these alerts by going to yourin-appsettings.DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR WEATHER• GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can createapersonalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like“Whenshould I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should Igo?”• 24/7 Remote Temps: Populate your notification bar withthecurrent temperatures of your favorite locations worldwide.• Weather Widgets: We have widgets available in 1x1, 2x2,1x4and 4x4.• Weather News: From severe storms and tornadoestostraight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you uptodate.• Weather Videos: Local forecasts, climate change news,andeverything in between, all streamed in HD.• Sleek Interface: Easy to use and beautiful initssimplicity.• Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos matchyourcurrent weather conditions.• Love For Android Tablets: The best weather app andwidgetsare optimized for Android Tablets.THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Find us at, like us,and follow us on Twitter andInstagram @weatherchannel.FEEDBACK:We’re always looking to improve our app and appreciateyourfeedback. Please rate and review us in the Google PlayStore.Submit your suggestions to may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can befoundhere: and ourTermsof Use, which can be foundhere:
MapFactor Navigator - GPS Navigation Maps 7.0.86
* Best rated free offline navigation app on Google Play with 35mil+installs* Now for Android Auto as well! MapFactor Navigator isafree GPS navigation app with free offline maps fromOpenStreetMaps(incl. free monthly maps update). Navigate withoutan internetconnection in more than 200 countries. Intuitive voiceturn-by-turnnavigation, speed limits, camera warnings and otheruseful features.Key features of MapFactor GPS Navigation app: -voice navigation invarious languages - door-to-door route planning- overview of theupcoming maneuver and distance shown on thescreen - free offlinemaps with postcodes (full GB postcodes)installed on your device orSD card - points of interest - speedlimit and camera warnings -favorite routes and places - 2D/3D modeallows realistic visual mapsdisplay - day/night map mode - routingmodes for car, bus, truck,pedestrian, bicycle, motocycle,mobilehome - route avoidance - blockoff certain road from yourroute - maps rotate in driving directionor north up -customization possibilities - Android Autoconnectivity Optionalfeatures: - professional TomTom maps - PremiumFeatures:Alternative routes, Head-Up Display, No ads, App colorthemes -Live HD Traffic info (80+ countries) - Online Search -Remotecommands OSM maps are created by community of and are updated every month for FREE. NavigatorTruck(TomTom maps) for large vehicles avoids restrictions likelowbridges and narrow lanes. MapFactor also makes thepopularNavigatorFREE GPS navigation software for PC, Pocket PC,WinCE andiOS. For help or feedback to our GPS [email protected] -- OpenStreetMaps: Available free maps:-- =EUROPE: Albania Andorra Armenia Azerbaijan Austria BelarusBelgiumBosnia And Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Rep.DenmarkEstonia Faroe Islands Finland France Georgia GermanyGibraltarGreece Guernsey Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle Of Man ItalyJan MayenJersey Kosovo Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania LuxembourgMacedoniaMalta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway PolandPortugalRomania Russian Federation San Marino Serbia SlovakiaSloveniaSpain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom UnitedKingdomPostcode - Ordnance Survey Vatican City = AMERICA: AntiguaAndBarbuda Argentina Aruba Barbados Belize Bolivia BrazilBritishVirgin Islands Canada Caribbean Netherlands Chile ColombiaCostaRica Crozet Islands Cuba Curacao Dominica Dominican Rep.Ecuador ElSalvador French Guiana Grenada Guadeloupe GuatemalaGuyana HaitiHonduras Jamaica Martinique Mexico Montserrat NicaraguaPanamaParaguay Peru Puerto Rico Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint LuciaSaintMartin Saint Vincent And The Grenadines St Pierre AndMiquelonSuriname The Bahamas Turks And Caicos Islands Trinidad AndTobagoUruguay USA Virgin Islands Venezuela Wallis And Futuna =ASIA:Afghanistan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia D.Rep.ofTimor Leste Gaza Strip China India Indonesia Iran Iraq IsraelJapanJordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon MalaysiaMaldivesMongolia Nepal North Korea Oman Pakistan PalestineQatarPhilippines Saudi Arabia Singapore South Korea Sri LankaSyriaTaiwan Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan Union OfMyanmarUnited Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen =AUSTRALIA:Australia Fed. States Of Micronesia Fiji Guam KiribatiMarshallIslands Nauru New Caledonia New Zealand Northern MarianaIslandsPalau Papua New Guinea = AFRICA: Algeria Angola BeninBotswanaBurkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central AfricanRep. ChadComoros Congo D.Rep. of The Congo Djibouti EgyptEquatorial GuineaEritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea BissauGuinea IvoryCoast Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar MalawiMali MauritaniaMauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger NigeriaRwanda Sao TomeAnd Principe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone SomaliaSouth AfricaSudan Swaziland Togo Tunisia Uganda Tanzania WesternSahara ZambiaZimbabwe
Yandex.Maps – App to the city 10.7.1
Yandex Apps
Search for an address or the best places nearby even whenyou'reoffline. Yandex.Maps gives you more information aboutbusinesses,helps you find your way to places using transport or onfoot, andshows the location of transport on a route in real time.Search forand select locations: • The largest organization databaseandfilters to refine your search. • Detailed information:contacts,hours of operation, services provided, photos, andreviews. • Floorplans to find your way around Moscow's majorshopping malls. •Search for places and addresses without aninternet connection(offline maps). • View saved locations ondifferent devices. Getdirections: • On foot, including passagewaysbetween buildings andwalking paths. • On public transport, withinformation aboutscheduled arrival at a stop. • By bike, with roadtypes, crossings,and warnings about vehicle roadways. • By car,with navigation thattakes account of the traffic situation, andwarnings about cameras.Transport mode: • Real-time location ofbuses, trams, trolleybuses,and minibuses is shown on the map. •Important transportationfacilities such as stops and metro stationsare highlighted. •Option to display only selected routes on themap. • Movingtransport tags are shown on the maps of major citieslike Moscow,Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod,Krasnodar,Voronezh, Ufa, and Samara. Driving directions: • Optimalroutes foravoiding traffic, with different route options displayedon themap. • Navigator with voice prompts along the route. •Speedcamera, speed limit, and speeding notifications. •Real-timeupdates on traffic, road accidents, speed radar, and more.•Offline maps to download for use without an internet connection.
CallApp: Caller ID & Recording
CallApp is the leading Caller ID app across the globe&Top-Rated Call Recorder app by Tech Magazines. A Caller ID,FreeCall Recording & Robocall Blocker trusted by 100 Millionusersto block robocalls & know the Caller ID. Identify calls&SMS using our robocall & spam call blocker. Block CallerID –Know who’s calling you using free unknown caller ID,robocallblocker & spam messages. Phone Call Recorder -Automaticallyrecord a call! Call Recording is available to callerson Android8+. CallApp Caller ID, Call Recorder & Robocall BlockFeatures:★ Who called me? – Reverse phone lookup, block caller IDapp thatidentifies unknown calls & unknown numbers. A callblocker thatcan block spam calls and know the caller behind thenumber! ★Automatic Call Recorder – Recording calls is easy! Recordincoming& record outgoing phone calls! Call App has qualityrecordingcalls! Call recordings can be used on any android phone.Record anytype of phone call with the best automatic call recorderforAndroid. ★ Caller ID App – Know the call ID from each phonecall!Automatically Block calls that are spam calls or scam &unknownnumbers from robocalls. Find out who called you and blockunwantedcaller id ★Video Ringtones - Customize your incoming callerscreenwith videos. Display videos as ringtone. ★ CallApp isavailable onWEAR OS ★ Dialer & Contacts app - Manage yourincoming andoutgoing calls using our free caller ID, spam callblocker, callrecordings & dialer app! ★ Blacklist numbers – addspam calls,block numbers & contacts from your phone book ordialer to ourfree caller id & call recorder app. Blacklist aphone number& never get robocalls from unknown callers again!Use the phonenumber search to see “who called me” & callsblacklist the spamnumber you wish to block. ★ Contacts – See thecaller’s ID, name,photo, number lookup, number locator, birthday,social media, emailaddress book & phone book. ★ Contacts Info& Customize –Customize your address book, caller ID, dialer,call recorder &all of Call App. Choose between different themesto make yourcalling experience even better! ★ CallApp+ - WhatsAppCaller ID:Identify calls from IM Social Media Apps & SMS. ★Incognitocalls - Ultimate Call Privacy. Whether it's for businessorpersonal use, incognito calls can help you! Privacy for allyourcalls! ★ Communicate better than ever & in ZERO time withtheWEAR OS x CallApp integration We do not sell, share data withanythird party application and/or organization. Upgrade CallAppcallerID & call recorder and enjoy premium features: - No ads -VideoRingtones CallApp Support: [email protected]
GPS Map Camera 1.8.2
Please watch the teach video to know how to use it. When youtakeapicture, this application will paste the map, address,weatheranddate to picture. (GPS latitude/longitude information alsocouldbeincluded) This application is easy to get/set GPS locationandGPScoordination for GPS Tag request. [Quick GPS MapCameraGuideline]When GPS Map Camera start, map/address/weather willbedisplayed onthe camera preview. You can checkthelocation/coordination beforecamera capture. If you want tofinetune the location, manuallysetup the latitude and longitudealsosupported. (left-top button)Support some drawing stylesformap/address/weather/date. (left-topsecond button) Support avarietyof file-name formats to help youarrange your photos.(right-topsecond button) You can change thepicture save folder forhelparrange photos. (right-top button) Inthe camera setting page,thesimilar functions will be grouped withthe same color. -CameraChoice - Flash - Scene/Exposure/WhiteBalance/ISO/Color Effect-Focus Mode - Anti-banding - PictureSize/Picture Quality -GPSUse/GPS picture save/Mp Type/MapResolution/Map Zoom Scale/MapSize- Photo Viewer - Sound - PromptDialog The color of functionstringis white as default. If changeto another function, the colorwillchange to grouped color. It'sbetter to recognize what youset.[Others] - Camera focus and zoomoperation when preview: Focus:useone finger to touch the screen.Zoom: use two fingers tozoomin/out. [Tips] - Don't want to getMAP: Settings -> GPSpicturesave -> one (original) - Don'twant to save GPSposition:Settings -> GPS Use -> disable GPS- Don't want topopupprompt dialog: Settings -> Prompt Dialog-> disable【Final】Thank you for use and watch! Hope this app ishelpful foryou.
Weather: Live Weather Forecast & Widgets 4.09.1
Track and view “My Location” weather forecasts andcurrentconditions with real-time updates, or add any location thatyouwant. ☀️ Accurate weather barometer provides 10 days ofweatherinfo for you. Whether you want to check thetemperature,precipitation forecast, or simply to know sunrise andsunset, theWeather app meets all your weather needs. ☁️ Weatherprovides a lotof gorgeous widgets, You can easily add the city'sweather widgetto the desktop, allowing you to quickly access thelatest weatherinformation at any time. ☔️ Current Conditions: FeelslikeTemperature, Rain Rate, Wind Speed, Visibility, Humidity, UVIndex,Barometric Pressure, Percentage Chance of Precipitation fortheNext Hour 🌈 The software uses the form of pictures to showtheweather conditions, the gorgeous UI make boring data livelyandfriendly. == Weather Forecast Feature == - 10-day weatherforecast- Current weather broadcast - Homescreen Widget (notavailable ifinstalled on SD card!!) - Powerful search + GPSpositioning -Virtual visual experience as well as a smooth,impressive animationeffects - Access to the weather in tens ofthousands of cities andregions around the world - Quick access tosaved city's weatherinfo - Sunrise and sunset time reminder - canview cached weathereven being offline Widget Notice: Widgets onlywork if the app isinstalled on internal storage. If the app is onexternal storagelike SD card, the widget will disappear. It will beapplied afterthe latest reboot. 💎 Simple Weather Forecast is veryhelpful foreverybody. If you know weather information, You canprepare yourplan carefully, which is beneficial to both your workand dailylife, it will become your personal weather station!❄️ ☃️⛄️
Smart Compass: Digital Compass 1.3.3
Digital Compass 2021 & Accurate compass App Free digitalcompassfor android and camera compass app will work when you holdyourdevice in a flat direction. Smart compass: Digital compassfree forAndroid show Latitude, longitude or accurate weatherclimate update.Compass rose easily find out wind pressure and winddirection withcompass navigation. Standard compass and telescopecompass help yourcrazy compass selection and also camera compassis also for you.Compass app is prepared with powerful magneticstrength and accurateweather climate update. Free digital compass2021 app help you whenyou stuck direction error with brokencompass. GPS compass is hereto access your current location withmagnetic compass app. Hikingfree compass is free compass app morehelp you during travel trip.Telescope compass have maximum sensoraccuracy to locate direction.Smart compass: Digital compass allowif you want compass no ads thanmust try compass free for android.While using android compass keepyour phone direction compass inparallel landscape directions foraccurate directions compass appdirection. If your device notsupport magnetic sensor thantelescope compass for android will notwork for that device.Digital Compass free find destination placedirection from powerfulmagnetic strength compass and also updatewith weather climatechanges. Smart compass also give weather updateto keep you touchwith time by time wind direction with compassoffline to help youduring traveling. Night compass app help youwith eye comforteffect to use it at night time with all compassorientation.Compass app for directions convert your phone/tabletinto a handydigital compass using compass free app with compasssensor inaccurate compass navigator with compass widget. Compassclouddirection finder app will find your current directionaccuratelywith virtual compass app free direction finder. New Qibladirectioncompass feature added so easily locate qibla compass withthe helpof compass sensor. Easy compass app for android cloud showsallessentials modes required for day to day super compassactivitiesjust like compass watch. Broken compass show thecurrentdestination with virtual compass app. Download magneticcompass forandroid now and use virtual compass free and neverforget your pathwhile hiking or stuck any unknown country thisaccurate compassfree help you out in difficult path. Features ofDigital SmartCompass:- * Magnetic strength. * Qibla compass. *Telescope compassview. * Standard compass view. * Camera compassview. * Digitalcompass view. * Compass steel with real timedirections. * RealLatitude, Longitude. * Real Wind Direction View.* Fast Windpressure in MB. * Accurate weather forecast view. * Freecompassapp Support more than 100 + languages. Smart compass:Digitalcompass sensor have a magnetometer for travel, and discovertheworld at any time without losing direction. By using 3D compassonyour smart devices and get exact direction and position on themapquickly. This is the best compass sensor for android thatitselfaligning Earth's magnetic field and determine the north endsandNorth Pole with rotated magnetized needle with the help ofmagneticsensor. Let’s start your journey and mark the north, south,east,and west directions. Note To use compass for Android, yourdevicemust have magnetic sensor. If you don't have a magneticsensor, youwon't be able to run the Compass app and that's not ourfault,don't underestimate us on the Play Store.