Top 37 Games Similar to Madden NFL Mobile

FIFA Soccer
Create your soccer dream team with authentic players in FIFAmobilesoccer game!
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
Draft an all star lineup of NBA basketball legends & playhoopsfor glory.
World Football Champions League 2020 Soccer Game
Hammad Ali
Play Mobile Football Simulation Game Football Champions League2020Soccer Game
BOOMSHAKALAKA! Slam dunk with all 30 NBA teams! KABOOM!
Puppet Soccer - Football 3.1.6
Smash the football and score goals in this addicting pocketpuppetsoccer 2019 game! Pick your favorite worldcup big head teamandplay as a famous footballer. Tactically play offense and defenseasyou ascend the World Cup 2019 ladder! With over 32 countriesand90+ individual players, this world cup football game willchallengethe ultimate big head manager! Do you have what it takes?PocketPuppet Soccer features: ⚽ 32 countries ⚽ 90+ cartoonmarionettestar players ⚽ 10 special bonus game - chewing gum, ice,sockslime, gypsum, super/mini power and jump spring ⚽ Upgrades:kick,jump, speed ⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players onsinglemobile device ⚽ Achievements, highscore, big head manager ⚽2014Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil ⚽ Best physicsforball and mad goals Choose your big head team and score manygoals.You can destroy your enemies with kicks in single player modeor in2-player mode – play with friend funny gameplay. Practicekicks inperfect physics simulation and goal. You can jump, pass orfoul.Begin Mexican waves and see your player on the top of thecharts.Game is absolutely customizable – 4 different controloptions tomake sure the user experience is the best. Who will be inyoursoccer team? It is only your choice. High statistics meansnewarena and new players. Try defense strategy or offensive gameoreven wide winger and all at the same time. In overtime, thegateswill increase their size to speed up the match. So, createpocketpuppet team and enjoy game with special bonuses – use ice,chewinggum or sock slime and making them harder to play. Visit ourwebsiteNOXGAMES or Facebook for more information aboutPocketPupetSocer2014 game. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2019
CN Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! 2.0.1
Cartoon Network
Become a soccer superstar with your favorite CartoonNetworkcharacters in Superstar Soccer: Goal!!! CARTOON NETWORKSUPERSTARSPlay as one of 16 different captains from your favoriteCartoonNetwork shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, RegularShow,The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Clarence andUncleGrandpa. OVER THE TOP SOCCER Unleash unique defensive dribblesandspecial moves for each character. Combine passing,shooting,dribbles and tackles to create your own awesome soccerplays andwin the day. MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM Play against the computerorchallenge your soccer skills in multiplayer matches againstotherplayers. Enjoy versus play on the same device, over wifi oronline.MORE FUN THAN YOU CAN BEAR Grizz from We Bare Bears callsall theaction with custom VO and offers power-ups that can changethecourse of the match. Compete for the ultimate prize, theSuperstarCup, in Cartoon Network's SUPERSTAR SOCCER:GOAL!!!********************* This game is available in thefollowinglanguages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (LatinAmerican),Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Korean,Japanese Ifyou're having any problems with this app, feel free tocontact usat [email protected] Tell us about theissues you'rerunning into as well as what device and OS versionyou're using.********************* IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: Thisapp maycontain ads that feature other products, services, shows oroffersfrom Cartoon Network and our partners. PRIVACY INFORMATION:Yourprivacy is important to us at Cartoon Network. This gamecollectsand uses information as described in Cartoon Network’sPrivacyPolicy linked below. This information may be used, forexample, torespond to user requests; enable users to take advantageof certainfeatures and services; personalize content; serveadvertising;perform network communications; manage and improve ourproducts andservices; and perform other internal operations ofCartoon Networkweb sites or online services. Our privacy practicesare guided bydata privacy laws in the United States. For usersresiding in theEU or other countries outside the U.S., please notethat this appmay use persistent identifiers for game managementpurposes. Bydownloading this application, you accept our PrivacyPolicy and EndUser License Agreement, and you give permission forsuch uses forall users of your device. The Privacy Policy and EndUser LicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.  Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Super Soccer Champs FREE
Super Soccer Champs : The ultimate in FREE Retro styleFootballPlay!
Soccer Career
Ready to become the new soccer star? Be aprofootball player in Soccer Career! Your soccer career startsnow!Passion for football starts here, Soccer Career is made forallages to enjoy, all family can play football together. Kidswilllove! Experience all a soccer players lifes has to offer!Soccer champions aren't born. They're made. Do you have whatittakes to be the super star soccer? Train soccer and Improveyourskills. Join millions of players in this exciting soccer gameandenjoy playing with all your favorite footballers. Becometheultimate soccer player in the world. Make perfect kicks, scoremanygoals, reach fame and your fans will follow you to the end. Beasoccer legend!Soccer Career special features★ Soccer Match gameplay play football matches withyourcustomized football player in a fine tuned polishedsoccergameplay. Score the goals! Enjoy the best footballgameengine.★ Train and develop your soccer player You will need totrainsoccer hard to become a champion! Remember practice leadstoperfection! Unlock new football training levels whileyouevolve.★ Full season with different soccer championships PlaytheNational League, National Cup and the most important: WorldLeague.Manage your calendar, don't get caught by fatigue.★ Enjoy your days off football Do you like themountains?Prefer the beach? How about go camping? Ok, you can takea rest atyour home too. Choose what you want to do with yourfreetime!★ Personal Relationships Don't forget to take care ofyourfamily and respect the soccer coach decisions. Be friend ofyourteam mates. Delight the fans and rocket sales your teamshirtnumber!★ Footagram (Social Network) to share your specialmomentswith your followers. In Soccer Career your smartphone isyour bestfriend. Sharing contents will impact your relationships inmanyways, be careful!★ Footbank to manage your fortune With your smartphoneyouwill have access to the Footbank App. Check your salarypayments,performance bonus, t-shirt sales, and control yourfinances.★ Hungry Press making live news coverage. Matchscores,football headlines, tactical review, opinion, fans stories,ourmedia guys won't rest until a the soccer ball stops. Checktheafter game newspaper and the championship news.★ Player Customization Choose amazing hair styles tomatchyour player, customize the body. Special shoes models arewaitingfor you! Give your player the appearance you want! Createyour thenew star soccer.★ Soccer Career is made for all ages to enjoy kids,adults,Soccer Career is made for soccer fans of all ages.★ and lots of fun.You are the star of the show as you launch your soccercareer.Immersive free flowing 3D Score! Customize your soccerplayer for aunique look and feel. Experience pure soccer fun anastonishingatmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls,insaneaction and tons of replay value. Build your Soccer Buddyathleteskills. Be a Hero! Juggling, Pass, Kick and Score your waytolegendary status. The fans are waiting for you!Train your Soccer Buddy and develop his footballer skills:Penalty,Free kick, Pass, Dribble, Juggle, Goal, Kick, Attack andDefense!The life you always dream about. Hundreds of hours ofentertainmentat your fingertips! Intelligent AI adapts to yourpasses, and shotsmaking each play through different. With greatphysics. The bestfootball game on mobile and tablets.Dribble your opponents! Score thousand of goals! Split defenseswithprecise through balls, or bend shots into the top corner,puttingyou in control for an unrivaled mobile soccer experience.Are you areally football fan? Well now you have a real experiencein yourpocket. Explore a stunning 3D Soccer Stadium Field. Thishuge,detailed football universe is yours to own. Everyone else isalreadyplaying Soccer Career! Shot and win the best rewards.
Basketball Master-Star Splat!
Jump, Shot and Dunk to be Basketball-Star!
Rio 2016: Diving Champions 1.50
SOMERSAULT, TWIST AND DIVE INTO THEOFFICIALMOBILE GAME OF THE RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES.Crazy, fun Olympic glory awaits in this endless highdivingaction game, the Official Mobile Game of the Rio 2016OlympicGames. Nail your dives, progress higher and higher tomoredifficult dives and levels, post your best scores onworldwideleader boards, unlock new diving tricks as you competeyour way tothe top of the world wide diving ranks.FEATURESDIVING CHAMPIONS - Splash down and unlock a team of crazyaquaticathletes, representing countries from around the world, eachwiththeir own unique power ups and abilities.HIGH DIVING TRICKS - Become a Diving Champion by nailingyourdive attempts and unlocking new dive styles like the Pike,Straightand Tuck!COMPETE & TAKE HOME THE GOLD - Worldwide leader boardswilldisplay your score against the world, while you contribute toyournation's score to decide which nation takes home goldmedal.NATIONAL PRIDE - Align yourself with 1 of the 205 competingnationsfrom the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and represent your countryinon-going global competitions.Discover all the Official Mobile Games of the Rio 2016OlympicGames.Vinicius RunQuizRio 2016 Olympic Games
Street Basketball Star 2017 1.1
Bulky Sports
Are you tired from shooting Basketballgames?Play best Basketball game of 2017. Enjoy real dunk and shootswith5 on 5 or 2 on 2 players matches in that real StreetBasketballStar 2017.Game Modes- TrainingLearn dunk, dribble, shot, block rebound, 2 and3point shootout, hoops techniques.- Quick Play 2-on-2 action. A Friendly Match betweenyourteam and selected team.- Story Mode A 5 on 5 Action. You have to visit all overtheFanatical world and compete with the best Jam teams of theworld.You will experience playing a real 5 v 5 players gameslikewatching live tv on mobile.- World Cup You will play with the best teams of the worldinthis Fanatical Basketball.- Knockout You have to win all 8 matches to be aknockoutwinner.- League Play basketball season like nba matches and wintheleague. The team with higher score at the end will bethewinner.Build and Improve your TeamBuild and Manage your Jam team.The better the player is, thelongerthey are able to play! Prepare yourself to experience theamazingslam dunks and shoots in best slam dunk basketball game withrealpeople. Adopt your style by changing basketballs, uniformsandbasketball courts.How to PlayEasy to control, fun for every age players Use the touch padandbuttons to dribble, shoot, dunk and pass the ball downthecourt.Be SocialJoin our official facebook page and keep your self updated aboutnewimprovements and games. and watch video ofthegameFeedbackDon't hesitate to ask any question or provide [email protected]
Puppet Soccer: Manager
Manage your Puppet Football team and lead legendary playerstovictory.
Girl Dress Up
Beautiful girl is waiting for you!
Pro Soccer 2017 Game 1.1
Bulky Sports
Like Soccer Games? Check Pro Soccer 2017 isthenewest football game, with amazing soccer 3D visuals andimmersivesound. The realistic graphics and sound effect forfootball player,football field, stadiums will make the footballmatch come to lifeon your screen during games.-------------------------Game Controls:-------------------------"Pass button" for pass and tackle ,"Kick button" for shoot the football."Sprint button" to make the player move fast"Snatch button" that will snatch the ball to you in a second."Direction Key" to control the movement of the player.-------------------------Game Features:-------------------------★ Game contain 2 different modes.★ Quick mode and tournament mode.★ Top football teams to choose from.★ Smoother and more realistic and optimized graphics forbothplayers and perfect football stadiums.★ Compete with your friends with the integrated worldrankingleaderboard
--------------------Be Social :)--------------------To keep yourself update about new features and games join oursocialpages.
★ you have any suggested features or improvements please leaveacomment, or send us an email at [email protected] Incasesomething is not working correctly please let us know, I'll begladto fix that.Please post comments and feedback. When posting low ratingpleasedescribe what is wrong to give the possibility to fixthatissue.
Play Basketball 2017 1.1
Bulky Sports
Love Basketball Games? Try RealBasketball2017free to play Fanatical Basketball 3D simulationgames. Grabtheball, shoot from the downtown or perform spectaculardunks andwinBasketball Matches. Enjoy the ultimate reallifebasketballexperience with Real Basketball 2k17 beachedition.People’s lovefor beach games is always on peak hence wepresentthis game toanticipate this. The gameplay is simulatedexactly likebeachbasketball matches.Basketball Jam is here. Different courts,playerscustomization,hoops and slam dunks make matches likewatching livebasketballmatches.Game Modes- Training learn your basketball practiceanddunk,dribble, shot, block rebound, 2 and 3 pointshootout,hoopstechniques.- Quick Play 2-on-2 action. A Friendly Match betweenyourteamand selected team.- Story Mode A 5 on 5 Action. You have to visit allovertheFanatical world and compete with the best Jam teams oftheworld.You will experience playing a real 5 v 5 playersbasketballgameslike live tv on mobile.- World Cup You will play with the best teams of theworldinthis Fanatical Basketball.- Knockout You have to win all 8 matches to beaknockoutwinner.- League Play basketball season like nba matches andwintheleague. The team with higher score at the end willbethewinner.You need to score as many points as possible withinthegiventime. Dunk a ball and score a three-pointer or a jump shotinthisbasketball game before the time runs out. Blockyouropponent'sbasket shot, dunk, and do counter attacks to scoreandwin thisawesome 3D basketball game. If you like euroleague,PremierLeague, national basketball league then you willenjoythatgame.Build and Improve your TeamBuild and Manage your Jam team. Super funsportsbasketballsimulator. Choose your team in top 40 playingnations andgo headto head on 5 vs 5 or 2 vs 2 action in nba stylematches andthenimprove your players by playing matches and earncoins. Thebetterthe player is, the longer they are able to play!Super funsportsbasketball simulator. Share your achievementswithFacebookFriends.How to PlayEasy to control, fun for every age players Use the touchpadandbuttons to dribble, shoot, dunk and pass the balldownthecourt.Be SocialJoin our official facebook page and keep your selfupdatedaboutnew improvements and games. and watch video ofthegame't hesitate to ask any question or [email protected]
Play Futsal Football 2017 Game 1.1
Bulky Sports
Play Futsal Football 2017 Game -Footballleague for champions of world football - is a real futsalfootballgame. People’s love for indoor games is always on peakhence wepresent this game to anticipate this. The gameplay issimulatedexactly like indoor football matches. Each team contains 5playersin it including Goal Keeper. The court is fill ofenthusiasticcrowd ready to buck up their teams.Futsal Football is a variant of association football that isplayedon a smaller field and mainly played indoors. It can beconsidereda version of five-a-side football. Its name comes fromthe SpanishFútbol sala or fútbol de salón , which can be translatedas "roomfootball". Download indoor soccer futsal game for free,make highscores and share with friends.-------------------------Game Features-------------------------- Responsive game controls to get control of your playeringameplay-Invite friends to play game-Share your score with friends on Facebook-View Replays of all goals-Adjust match timings with your comfort-Shout on social media when you manage to beat your opponent teaminmatch-Quick Match Game Mode sets the match with a random team.-Tournament Game Mode Play tournament, win matches and qualifyforfinal-Make your place in global leader board and compete players fromallover the world-Elegant winter theme and snowy season-Get incentive stars on winning a game.-3 Stars will be rewarded if you manage to beat opponent frommorethan 3 goals-2 Stars will be rewarded if you beat opponent from 2 goals-1 Star will be rewarded if you beat opponent from 1 goal-Realistic sounds and stunning graphics-------------------------Game Controls:-------------------------"Pass button" for pass and tackle ,"Kick button" for shoot the ball."Direction Key" to control the movement of the player.--------------------Be Social :)--------------------To keep yourself updated about new features and games joinoursocial pages.
---------------Feedback--------------If you have any suggested features or improvements please leaveacomment, or send us an email at [email protected] Incasesomething is not working correctly please let us know, I'll begladto fix that.Please post comments and feedback. When posting low ratingpleasedescribe what is wrong to give the possibility to fixthatissue.
Natural Soccer 1.4.7
★ CELEBRATE 3 YEARS OF NATURALSOCCERWITH A HUGE DISCOUNT ON THE "FULL VERSION"IN-APP-PURCHASE!★WELCOME TO NATURAL SOCCER!Natural Soccer is a highly playable and fun arcadefootballgame with fast-paced action, accurate physics andintuitivecontrols.Inspired by 90's classic arcade soccer games, it bringsthatunrivaled retro-style playability and pure joy to yourAndroid™device.FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS★ Highly playable★ Credible and fun ball physics★ Full and direct control of the ball, including "Aftertouch"★ 3 different dribbling modes to support your style of play★ Smooth graphics★ 4 different pitches to play on - each withuniquecharacteristics★ Simple controls - easy to learn, hard to master★ Full support of (common) controllers and gamepads★ Powerful AI for both CPU opponents and goal keepers★ Sliding tackles with fouls, bookings, free kicks&penalties★ Different Formations to choose from★ Play vertically or horizontally, alter camera heightandtilt★ Over 200 teams with more than 2.200 individual, carefullycraftedplayers★ Offside Rule★ League ModePLAYS BEST ON NVIDIA SHIELD★ Full support of the built-in, console grade controller★ Super-smooth (~60fps), true-color graphics★ Individual players' skin colors★ Enhanced pitch graphics and stadium soundNATURAL SOCCER is FREE-TO-TRY. Matches end after 3goalsscored. Buy full version to remove this restriction.IMPORTANT: If you experience slow gameplay even ondecenthardware, please make sure to DISABLE ANY ENERGYSAVINGMODES!
Basketball: Shooting Hoops
Joongly games
3in1 Basketball games with shooting hoops. Basketball games forkidsand adults.
⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – Fighters League ❤️🏆 3.0.4
Have you got the Golden Boot? Skills andspeed?Lace up your sock puppet boots and pull your shirt on: thisgame wasmade for you.Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re just here to haveagreat game of football! That’s what Puppet SoccerChampions2014/2015 is all about…FEATURES:⚽ More than 90 cartoon sock puppets⚽ Over 30 football sock puppet teams⚽ Silky skilful gameplay⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device⚽ Climb the league season 2017/2018⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goalsPick your team, play as your favorite sock puppet and score asmanysneijder goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul—it’sallhere. Play in single player mode or team up with a friend fortheawesome 2-player mode.Game is completely customizable – 4 different control optionstomake sure the user experience is the best. Destroy youropponentwith precise kicks. Change your tactics from defensesneijder styleto winger sneijder all at the same time…Compete in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for freediamondsand get free sneijder cards in shop every 8 hours fromspecial saleoffer.Let us know if you wish any new sock puppet sneijder orvisitNOXGAMES.Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2017
Air Hockey Space Arena 2.7
Feel the complete and inimitable excitementinthe air hockey field! Install this app and play your favoritefreeair hockey games on your smartphone even you are alone. Takethemallet and go ahead!TRENDY AIR HOCKEY SPACEThink about sport, think about style! Here you'll find alltheattributes of the impeccable air hockey multiplayer game:smoothand realistic air hockey table, fancy pucks and diversemallets.Change the colors and design, boost up your equipmentandappreciate the graphics! You'll feel the spirit of the realairhockey 2 players online once you try to experience this one ofnewgeneration games.MESMERIZING GAMEPLAYSmooth and quick mallets moving so fast and bringing youinevitablevictory! What can be more exciting? If you want to win anairhockey world cup, get ready for that with help of this airhockeyfree with accurate physics and agile movements of the puck.Enjoythe freedom of motion and speed!COMPETITIVE AND CHALLENGINGTake a chance and participate in a real air hockeychampionshipright on your smartphone or tablet. Find yourself inthe heat ofthe fight with real enemies to become an air hockeychampion!You've never been so captivated by air hockey games forfreebefore! Play with computer opponents as well as with realpeople,choose a rival you wish and dare to win in this dual game ofairhockey. Shake up your device and have some fun and action!MULTIPLE GAME MODESAre you seized with madness and can't stop playing online airhockeywifi?We present you the newest of 2 player air hockey games in whichyoucan switch between modes to take your game to the ultimatelevel.Soon you'll be able not only to play one or two player airhockeywith your device but also look for a real opponent to startatournament and win gold!Deluxe features of Air Hockey Arena:- challenging sport game on your android phone or tablet- impeccable gameplay to please you everywhere- delightful hd design and equipment style option- fantastic colors and real life mechanics- air hockey online multiplayer mode (soon)- share your progress with friends! (soon)This one of the classical table games brings you a lot of fun.Justdownload it and you'll understand how much time you spent invaintrying to find the best championship and speed game ever.
Mini Football 3 Soccer Game 1.5
Do you want to download footballgamesfree?If you want to have some great pleasure with games offootball(soccer), hockey or water polo, download Mini Football 3andenjoy!Features:◉ 2-players mode (one device)◉ realistic physics and cool sound effects◉ awesome game themes◉ 3 difficulty levels (1 player mode)◉ smooth and responsive game play◉ online multiplayer mode (soon)All football games 2016 are waiting for you in Mini Football3!Great soccer or hockey games with different themes! Playfootballor soccer on grass, play hockey on ice or try water pologames inthe swimming pool!Awesome realistic soccer physics in Mini Football 3 on yourtabletor smartphone will strike you dumb! Dare to begin you firstmatchand become a real soccer star in this one of the best soccergamesfree!Are you looking for hockey games free? The most fascinating ofallair hockey games is for you! We are always glad to meet moreandmore hockey stars in Mini Football 3!You can enjoy free football or soccer games at your choice! InMiniFootball 3 you can play free hockey games or even water poloaswell.Accept the challenge of the computer opponent or your friendrightnow!
Puppet Hockey: Pond Head
Funniest Puppet Hockey 2019 is finally here. Faceoff, bodycheck,GOAL!
Pooches: Street Soccer
Funny hero of great cartoon Pooches, Max in new sport simulator-Street Soocer
Fantasy Simply Soccer
Winjit Games
The Football Mania is all around the year,thatsimply the love for football So what if you can’t score a goalorcharge, you can be your own football champ with ‘Simply Soccer’,asimple, yet addictive game that allows you to juggle the balllike apro with ‘Juggle Trouble’ or shoot them with your foot with‘RapidFire’. These 2 game modes are entertaining and engrossing asyoubeat your score and stay hooked on.Also with Football season just round the corner why dontyoupractice your skills with Fantasy Simply Soccer!So bring out the soccer champ in you and download‘SimplySoccer’, its FREE.The game allows you to:1. Play/operate using just one hand. Makes it easy toplay.2. Target your high scores, track them & beat them.3. 2 game modesa. Juggle Troubleb. Rapid FireMode 1 - Juggle Trouble Details:Game Play: Tap the balls before they hit the grass. First10successful taps will bring in 1 more ball on the screen andthespeed will increase.Power ups:2X Power – These multiply your score two times.5X Power – These multiply your score two times.Reduce Speed Power – Reduces the speed of the ball.Freeze Power – Freezes the balls on screen for a while.Negative Power ups:Bomb Power – Multiplies the balls on screen.Increase Speed Power – Increases the speed of the ball.Mode 2 – Rapid Fire Details:Game Play: Tap the maximum number of balls coming fromvariousdirections in 60 seconds.Power ups:2X Power – These multiply your score two times.5X Power – These multiply your score two times.Reduce Speed Power – Reduces the speed of the ball.Increase Timer Power – Get extra time.Negative Power ups:Increase Speed Power – Increases the speed of the ball.Reduce Time Power – Time reduced.
World Soccer League 2019 : Best Football Games 4.7
Hammad Ali
World football soccer league is another addition in footballgames.Play this football game to become real football champion butyouwill need more and more practice for this. Play it all thetimewhile on metro or in car, this will lead you to becomebetterplayer. You can prove yourself a good football manager byimprovingyou football skills in this full of fun and adventure gamewhichnever lets you feel boring where you are in your world. Playthisgame with life like graphics to be football hero and have morefunthan all soccer leagues as you will not be watching livefootballon soccer tv but you will actually be playing yourself. Youwillreally believe this is one of the world best soccer games.Footballbattle is real in this fantasy soccer game. It has bestfootballphysics and life like graphics. People of all ages willlike thisout of all football games. You have chance to enjoy of allfeatureslike kick, dribble, pass, penalty corner and goals. Soplayfootball in this game with all big soccer playing nations asitfeatures belgium, chile, croatia, france, italy,potugal,switzerland wales, argentina, brazil, columbia, endland,germany,poland, spain and uruguay. You will really like this gamewhetheryou are fan of any football player. This is very close torealityas you can play matches in great football stadium afterchoosingbest team for yourself and another team as opponent. Youwill enjoyrealistic dribbling with penalty kicks, shoots andcorners. Whatare you waiting for now? You have chance to reallyimprove yoursoccer skills by choosing and playing with top soccerstar teams.You can become next soccer superstar out of all footballplayersamong your friends. ---------------------FEATURES--------------------- Timer clock with running time Livefootballscores display Smooth and easy controls Play withoutinternetagainst computer Pause game whenever you like---------------------GAMEPLAY --------------------- “Pass” button -Press to pass ballto other players. “Shoot” button - Press to shootand score a goal.“Pause” button - Press to pause and take a breakin game. Softjoystick - Use to control direction and movement ofplayers.--------------------- FEEDBACK --------------------- We areherewaiting for your feedback to improve. Please send us an emailifyou have suggestions. You can also inbox usat
Basketball Hotshot 1.60
Free! Simple! Shoot the basketball. Addictive! MASSIVEhighscorespossible. Basketball Hotshot is a perfect game to playwhenyouonly have a few minutes or just need a simple challenge.MakeSwishand Bank shots to get "ON FIRE"! Full leaderboards. Beabasketballsniper and shoot to the top. Did we mention it’sfree?One game andyou’ll be hooked, and if not, it was free. Enjoy.Free.Hoops fansrejoice! Features: Free Realistic basketballphysicsShootingstreaks for huge multipliers Hidden bonus shots forbigscoresTimed rounds like the PROS On Fire STOPS THE CLOCK!Quickplaystyle, opens and runs quickly SHARING – Got a greatscore?Sharewith your friends and talk some smack! We made a hugemistakebymaking it free.
Soccer for Android (Lite) 1.35
Soccer has never been so much fun! Soccer for Android isthegreatnew game for Android that has all the thrills and spillsofrealsoccer (or football!). Take control of your squadagainstanintelligent AI. If you score a goal (or even concede one:( )youcan watch the action replay to bask in your glory(ordefeat).You'll be amazed how clever the AI is, both for theplayerson yourside and your opponents. You'll wish the real playersonyour ownnational side could be just as good. Features:-Varyingdifficultylevels Realistic physics Intelligent AI Throw-ins,freekicks, andcorners Select your team's formation Action replayAblind refereeNo ads! (None of my games have any adverts) This isabrand newgame, so I'm always happy to hear suggestions orfeaturerequeststo make the game more fun for you, the players.
Kids Basketball 1.0.6
Baby Hippo - Kids Basketball. Sport gamesforboys and for girls. For kids from 2 years and older.Basketball - a favorite game of many children. The game becomesmorefun if it is played baby Hippo and her friends. Chooseyourcharacter, who you want to play, the team and start the game!Youcan choice from the most world-famous basketball team.Playersavailable - Hippo and her friend Raccoon.You need to learn not only to accurately throw the ball, butalsoto protect your basket. Game time is 30 seconds, who scoredmorepoints - the winner! In order to get good results playingsportgames require good reaction and exercise. Especially in gameslikebasketball. Move to the top on table of the record and crackarecords!- Funny heroes baby Hippo;- High Scores table;- Basketball for kids;- Educational sport games for boys and girls.Management:To make a throw - swipe in the direction of the opponent'sbasket.To protect your basket - tap on your player - he will jumpup tohit the ball.If you like this game, please rate it.
Soccer League Shoot
"Soccer League Shoot" delivers a newstyleofSoccer "football" game. Simple ,Fun , Classic andEasytoplay,Challenge yourself with the virtual opponent .You willgetanexperience with fast paced game-play, smoothandbeautifulanimations, Great fluid controls .It's time to hit the ball with this Android version ofAirHockeygame with soccer "football" style , Hit score and feelthereal airhockey experience .How to play Soccer League Shoot :1‣ Download install and Run the Soccer League Shoot .2‣ Click PLAY BUTTON .3‣ Hit the ball , Score and Enjoy .4‣ Don't forget to like and rate us .Feature of Soccer League Shoot :• Easy to play .• Nice graphics and images .• Great fluid control .★★★★★Please rate us and provide your feedback forthefurtherimprovements★★★★★Note : If you have any suggestion or question pleasekindlysendus a private message or contact us via email below.
⚽ Puppet Soccer Zoo - Football ❤ 0.0.62
⚽ FUNNIEST FOOTBALL 2018 ⚽ Shoot, kick and score goals in themostaddicting pocket puppet football game! Do you have what ittakes tobecome the Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks,improvedefense one-on-one and offense tactics with no offsidehere.Features: ⚽ 100+ cartoon big head puppet animals ⚽ Specialpowerups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super kickpower,mega spring or speed 🏆 Climb the league season 2017/2018withachievements, champions cup and highscores ⚽ Train yourplayersone-on-one, improve their quality power, speed andheaderkeepie-uppie ⚽ Heal your injured players and change yourtactics ⚽Perfect physics, advanced collision model for ball and madgoals ⚽Upgrade your stadium to get more money for victory ⚽ Bighead 2head fun 2-player mode – multiplayer in development Forgetthepuppeteer politics, this game is for kids and family friendlyandwe’re just here to have a great game of football! That’swhatPuppet Soccer Zoo 2017/2018 is all about… Pick your favoritepocketpuppet footballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass,sealdribble and tiki-taka, rabona shoot style and foul. Play insingleplayer campaign one-on-one or team up with a friend for theawesome2-player mode. Watch great mexican waves pushing your animalto theegde of his limits. Unlock bonus balls to spread slime, iceand gumonto the pitch, making play tricky for your opponentmarioneta andlots more fun for you! Not a big fan from puppetnoxgames? Don’tworry—your soccer success unlocks new stars andskills: you’ll soonbe able to pick your perfect hand puppet player!You can even shootice cubes to your opponent. Change the controlinput to suit yourstyle to give your marioneta players the bestchance for victory.Practice awesome tiki-taka tricks & bestphysics kicks overtimeto make yourself a marionette master of theone-on-one footballfederation 2017. Watch mexican wave and be the12th man of yourteam. Play striker, goalkeeper, defense, widewinger and midfielderall at the same time… Game tips and strategiesfor your bestfootball experience: ⚽ Focus on defense goalie tactics⚽ Takeadvantage of frozen champions ⚽ Run backwards while kickingtovolley with indirect free kick to top corner Try to rememberallthe legendary zoo players like playmaker. Be the besthandpuppeteer midfielder. Can you perform tricks like tiki-takaorrabona as midfielder puppet. Let us know if you wish any newpocketpuppet in review or visit NOXGAMES or our Facebook. We mightaddpigskin ball and tricks to amuse you. New design of silverpigskinshields against negative effects. New zoo game obstaclesaddedprotecting against winger and midfielder. Don't forget to tryhandpuppet vs pocket puppet split-screen multiplayer for familyandkids! Created by NOXGAMES 2016 - 2018
Virtual Table Tennis 3D Pro 2.7.10
Clapfoot Inc.
Fast paced table tennis action comes to your Androidphone.Performsmashing serves and side-spin shots to take outyouropponents inthe most exciting sports simulation on yourmobilephone. Features:* Intense table tennis action * 30 levelsacross 3difficultysettings * 3D rendered table tennis environments*Intuitive touchscreen controls * Vibration force feedbackPleaserate the game ifyou like it. Positive feedback will helpsupportdevelopment.Thanks!
Street Basketball Shot 1.2
* easy to control * simple interface Enjoy!
Soccer Penalty Challenge 1.22
Bitron Games
If you want to play with a free penalty soccer game where youcankick penalties this game is for you. In this soccer game youcanplay tournament challenge and with 2 players mode against theAIcomputer players or/and your friends. Be the best player withyourfavorite teams and win the penalty championship. This freefootballgame turns penalty kicking into one of the most challenginggame onAndroid. Take your football team and choose between a girlor a boyand try to win the game against the top ranked countries.Features:- Simple and fun gameplay - Amazing realistics ballphysics -Penalty shoot championship events - 2 players game mode -40different countries - 3 difficulty level - Absolutely free!Whatare you waiting for? What a chance to score the winner… youtakeaim, shoot… GOAL! Have fun!
DunkDog Dreams 1.7
Fast paced run style game whereyouavoiddefenders and obstacles as you make your way down thecourt.Learnto spin dribble around your opponents or split thedefenderstoavoid fouling. You can Shoot or Dunk at the side hoopsforextrapoints and throw down your best dunk at the final hooptocompletethe level.PowerUps:· Increase your speed· Add teammates· Increase your shooting and dunking abilitiesCompete against your friends and others at each level.© 2012 Slam Dunk Investments, LLC
Sports mini games
World Cup championship - Basketball, Football, Running, Balloon,CarRacing, etc
Impossible Crazy Mini Golf 1.2
Impossible Crazy Mini Golf, wehavecompletedall the levels, can you?Be ready to tear your hair out, we certainly did.Thinkahead,take a chance they can all be done.Each hole completed unlocks another until you get to hole36andthen you can purchase a new pack of levels usingthein-apppurchases.No purchases requiredFriendly fun for all the familyGreat graphics as you explore the world of golf.Play a full 36 holes all in 3D for free.Great golfing fun for all
Bubble Athletics
Do you dream to be like all thesportssuperstars? Now it is your time to give pride andmakehistory!This is Bubble popping fun for Athletics fans! Help yournationalAthletics team to win the gold medal!Have you got the skills to pop every bubble in 400 levels beforeyourun out of shots?🎽 400 Levels to clear🏃 Clear the field by popping all the bubbles.🏁 Make 7 shots in a row to earn a fireball!🏊 Tap the bubble to change the color.🏃 Take your time, there’s no clock ticking down.🏊 Can you beat the game before your family and friends?🎽 Earn special power-ups!🏁 Match 3 colors to pop bubblesTake aim and strike the ball to match at least three colorsandburst groups of athletics bubbles.Play well and you can bring power-ups to help you winthegame!