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XE Currency Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This free edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonlyprovides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set anXERate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 10 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.* XE CURRENCY PRO- Get XE Currency Pro – track more currencies at once for only$1.99US----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
Currency Converter 2.23
- Get currency exchange rates instantlyformore than 180 countries- Sort currencies by using drag and drop- Convert currencies without internet access- Rates & graphs provided by No advertisement- Totally free & no limitation in any future !!------------------------------------------Quick Introduction------------------------------------------At the top of the screen you will see your base currency. Hereenterthe amount you want to convert from. App will immediatelystart toconvert your base currency to all other currencies in thelist whileyou are typing. If you want to change your base currencyto anyother currency in your list just click on it. If thecurrency youwant isn't in your list you can add a new currency byclicking "allcurrencies" button at the bottom of the screen.Intelligent Caller ID functionality added. Caller ID now helpsyouidentify callers - even the ones not in your contact list.Thisfeature is optional and you can adjust or disable Caller ID atanytime in the settings menu.Enjoy
Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate™ 2.5.3
From the makers of Fraction Calculator Plus comes CurrencyConverterPlus - the easiest, most user-friendly stop for globalexchangerates, with AccuRate™! With multiple currency fields,historic ratecharts, and a built-in calculator for convenience,compare pricesanywhere while traveling abroad to be sure you'regetting the bestdeal at today's rate. All conversions use liveexchange rates fromAccuRate™, providing the most accurate ratesavailable in the world.Plus, it still works offline for travelwhen exchange rate data isnot available. The app even supportsBitcoin! Features: * Instantcurrency conversion by setting yourown custom fields! * Easycalculator with results in localcurrencies * Historic rate chartsand graphs (1 week - 1 year) *Convert multiple currencies at once *All world currencies,Bitcoin, and precious metals * Offlineexchange rate support forairplane or offline modes * Live rates& graphs provided byAccuRate™ Supports currencies for everycountry including thedollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc,ruble, dinar, peso,rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin,guinea, krona,krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencieslike Bitcoin,plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium,platinum andmore! Currency Converter Plus Free (C) 2021Digitalchemy, LLC
Currency Converter 1.3.0
Free currency converter uses OANDA Rates®—the samedailyfilteredexchange rates used by auditing firms and banks.Convert190+currencies and four precious metals. Choose theInterbank rate,oruse the percentage add-on feature to calculatetypicalratescharged by credit card companies and banks.
SimpleCurrency Converter 3.2.0124
Martin Jäger
SimpleCurrency is a small currency converter with a focus ontheessential: Converting 160 currency from over 250 countries-online, offline and ad-free - and even for free!Tutorial-Video: 100% simpleSimpleCurrency renouncesunnecessary advertising, stock marketinformation and provides asimple design: Just select yourcurrencies and enter the amount.100% holiday-suitable Do not worryabout mobile internet onholidays. SimpleCurrency calculates yourcurrency offline and usesthe last known exchange rate. Once onlineagain, the app updatesautomatically the exchange rate for you. 100%free A currencyconverter absolutely for free without required inapp purchases.Now with new features! - Calculator - HistoricExchange Data -Custom Background-Images - Custom Exchange Rates -and much more...Currencydata:
Travel - Currency Converter 1.7.2
Enjoy the power of travel around the world with the bestcurrencyconverter. With this currency exchange calculator you canconvert160 coins from 243 countries and all of this withoutinternetconnnection. Discover the price of the dollar today, euroand alsothe bitcoin wherever you are. Just open the app and youwill findthe price of your favorite coins updated. The last valueof all thecurrencies on the world like: USD (United States Dollar)EUR (Euro)GBP (British Pound) CHF (Swiss Franc) BRL (BrazilianReal) BTC(Bitcoin) MXN (Mexican Peso) CLP (Chilean Peso) ARS(ArgentinePeso) VEF (Venezuelan Bolivar) PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)UYU(Uruguayan Peso) COP (colombian Peso) Also, is the only oneappthat provides the real value of the Venezuelan Bolivar (thevalueon cucuta). Are you traveling to more than one country? Youcouldadd all the currencies of your destination on the main screen.Doyou want to enjoy this app without ads? You could remove theadswith less than the price of a coffe.
Currency 2.6.1
A powerful yet simple currency converter,Currencyprovidesup-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currenciesandcountries!Great for when you travel abroad.
Currency: ✈️Exchange rates, Travel accounting&tags 4.3.26
Convert exchange rates when you are traveling. CURRENCYletyoucalculate exchange rates in a fast way for global currencies.🚀Andhelp you to manage travel expenses. --- Main features1.Displaymulti-currencies at once 2. Accounting and report fortravel3.Converter widget on home screen 4. Offline mode5.Automaticallyupdate the exchange rates when open app 6.Add/Setcustom exchangerates 7. Clean design --- How CURRENCY makeyourtravel moresmooth? CURRENCY auto update exchange rates forallcurrencies.Open and type number, that's it. According toyourdemands,CURRENCY also provides advanced features "Tag"and"Accounting fortravel". ⭐️ For Advanced users: 1. If you wanttonote something'sprice, you could save the price as a "Tag". 2.Ifyou want torecord every expense for your travel, you coulduse"Accounting fortravel" feature. CURRENCY support you tocreatetravel forrecording your expenses. You could look up topexpensesand chartby expense type. --- CURRENCY helps you toeliminateexchange ratesproblem. 💪💪💪 Hope you enjoy your trip. 🎉🎉🎉
US Dollar to Mexican Peso 3.3
The fastest and easiest converter from US Dollar (USD) toMexicanPeso (MXN) and from Mexican Peso to US Dollar. Settingthecurrencies every time is not needed: you just launch the appandenter the amount! Exchange rate is kept updated (do not worryifyou do not have Internet, it will use the exchange rate of thelasttime it was updated). It uses European Central Bank (ECB) andOpenExchange Rates exchange rates.
XE Currency Pro Inc.
All the world’s currencies at yourfingertips!This pro edition of the XE Currency Converter App notonly provideslive exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XERate Alertto monitor your favorite currencies forimmediatenotification.* RELIABLE- Stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even whentheinternet decides not to.* CONVENIENT- Easy to use currency calculator using XE’s currency converter.Italso monitors up to 20 currencies at once.* UNIVERSAL- Live rates are refreshed each minute for every world currencyandprecious metal.----------------------------------------------------Have an idea to make the XE Currency App better or just want totellus how you use it?Let us know! [email protected]--
Currency Converter 1.7
More than 160 currencies can be converted.Itprovides real-time exchange rates and chart.★ Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency ratesandcharts★ 160+ world currencies list★ Live currency conversion rates★ Currency list – just pick the currencies you need★ Currency graphs (1 day - 8 years)★ Live rates & graphs provided by Yahoo Finance★ Offline mode (Can still check exchange rates even nonetworkconnection.)
xCurrency - Bridging All Currencies 5.5.3
xCurrency is a simple and smart tool to help youresolvecross-borderissues. withadvanced built-in calculatorand internationalremittanceservices. In diverse scenarios, thegadget can handle muchmorecomplex tasks than you could expect. 1.Currency convertor:Convertcurrencies in seconds and check trendsin exchange rates ataglance. Also, sync Apple Watch. Recommendedby Apple Store andanumber of IT blogs as a ‘must-have tool forcurrency conversion’.2.Cross-border remittance: A safe, fast andno-hidden-fee way tosendmoney to China from Japan, Australia,Europe. More marketsareopening. 3. International tuition feepayments: Students are abletopay tuition, insurance fee, depositand rent to 3,000+educationalinstitutions. 4. A vibrant design:An improved interfacewithillustrations and interactions.Customized settings arealsoavailable. 5. Minimalism: xCurrencysticks with a minimalistvisualdesign and a simple userexperience. Features: *Easyremittance withBank-level encryption-Support AUD, JPY and EUR toCNY remittance.-Send money any time,any place. -Pay the lowestpossible price. -Nohidden fees. *GlobalFinancial Compliance -MoneyService Operatorlicense issued by HongKong Customs. -Accredited byauthorities andlicensed financialinstitutions around the world.-Partner with DowJones, Barclay,Fintiba, Sunrate, etc. -xCurrencyBlacklist Databaseemployed,turns down any illegal money.-Chinese-speaking help desk,24/7 onstandby. *Smart Conversion-Handy built-in units, easy tosearch.-Automatic switch to localcurrency. -Just type the amountandconvert. *Easy Check -158currencies, 100+cryptocurrencies,precious metals. -Displayreal-time exchange rateand 24hr trends.-Track 3-year price. -Checkon-line and off-line.-Multipleexchange rate resources. -Swipe rightto switch, swipeleft tocheck more. *Personalized and customized-Customize yourhomepageas remittance service or convertor. -Manageyour accountsandorders on a single dashboard. What to know more?Pleasevisit: Drop us an email [email protected] youhave any suggestions or requests for xCurrency.
Currency Control-THE Converter 6.12.2
Currency Control - THE App for simple and fast conversionofcurrencies. The cost-free currency converter supports more than180currencies including euro, dollar, won, yuan, yen, dinar,peso,franc, ruble, rupee and former currencies of Euro countries.Theperfect App for all who are travelling abroad, are on holidaysoron a business trip. You can use the App to convert money,exchangeforeign currencies or to check whether you get a good dealwhenshopping in a foreign country. Exchange rate are updated ondailybases and are even available offline / in airplane mode.CurrencyControl - THE currency converter.
Currency Exchange Calculator 1.1.2
A Clean and always up to dateCurrencyExchangecalculator that lets you figure out the exchangeratebetween 32different currencies!1. (USD) US Dollar2. (TRY) Turkish New Lira3. (THB) Thai Baht4. (CHF) Swiss Franc5. (SEK) Swedish Krona6. (KRW) South-Korean Won7. (ZAR) South African Rand8. (SGD) Singapore Dollar9. (RUB) Russian Rouble10. (RON) Romanian New Lie11. (PLN) Polish Zloty12. (PHP) Philippine Peso13. (NOK) Norwegian Kroner14. (NZD) New Zealand Dollar15. (MXN) Mexican Peso16.(MYR) Malaysian Ringgit17. (JPY) Japanese Yen18. (ILS) Israeli New Shekel19. (IDR) Indonesian Rupiah20. (INR) Indian Rupee21. (HUF) Hungarian Forint22. (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar23. (EUR) Euro24. (DKK) Danish Krone25. (CZK) Czech Koruna26. (HRK) Croatian Kuna27. (CNY) Chinese Yuan / Renminbi28. (CAD) Canadian Dollar29. (BGN) Bulgarian Lev30. (GBP) British Pound31. (BRL) Brazilian Real32. (AUD) Australian Dollar
Currency 1.2.1
- Simple uniquely designedcurrencyconverter- Real-time currency exchange rates- Support offline mode- Support over 160 currencies- Include Bitcoin and precious metals- Include standard calculator- Instant conversion- Interactive 365-days historic chart- Material and minimalistic design
QCurrency+(Currency Converter) 1.6.0
BrainBin Soft
QCurrency+ is a currency converterandcalculator tool for traveler, with intuitive interface,easyoperation and good interaction !。Add currency conversion history, let you know how much youspendin home / local currency day by day !。Drag the window anywhere you like ;-)。Custom exchange rate。Enable App Overlapping, let you get the currencycalculationresult immediately while browsing Amazon or otherwebsites ! Youmay click the icon to collapse QCurrency+ window aswell :-)。How Convenient !! Convert and calculate on same app !。Support Goods and Services Tax ( GST / VAT ) fastcalculationfor 23 countries :United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland,Czech Republic,Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, SouthAfrica。Launch QCurrency+ and exchange rates will be up-to-dated !。Lite and fast, simply 1.96 MB !Support 23 countries :- Australia (Australian dollar, AUD)- Canada (Canadian dollar, CAD)- Czech Republic (Czech koruna, CZK)- Switzerland (Swiss franc, CHF)- China (人民币, RMB)- Egypt (جنيه مصري, EGP)- Europe (Euro, EUR)- United Kingdom (pound, GBP)- Hong Kong (Hong Kong dollar, KKD)- India (रुपया, INR)- Indonesia(IDR)- Japan (日円, JPY)- Kuwait (KWD)- Thailand (THB)- South Korea (대한민국 원, KRW)- Malaysia (Ringgit Malaysia, MYR)- New Zealand (The New Zealand dollar, NZD)- Singapore (The Singapore dollar, SGD)- Taiwan (新台幣, TWD)- USA (United States dollar, USD)- Russia (Ру́бль, RUB)- South Africa (Suid-Afrikaanse Rand, ZAR)- Vietnam (đồng Việt Nam, VND)Exchange rate data source :
Valuta EX - Currency converter 2.0.7
Valuta EX is a simple and intuitive currency converter, perfectfortravelers. It provides accurate exchange rates for 160+worldcurrencies. With few taps you will be able to know the exactvalueof tons of world currencies. Hourly updated exchange ratesallowsyou to have always precise conversion results. And you don'tevenhave to worry in the absence of an internet connectionbecauseeverytime exchange rates are updated, Valuta EX store themforoffline use. It is the perfect companion for all of yourtrips.VALUTA EX FEATURES: • Simple and easy to use • Exchangeratesupdate every hour • Offline usage • Automatic update oftheexchange rates • Over 160 currencies, including Bitcoin•Possibility to ncorporate typical dealer margin inconversionresults • Swipe right to clear input • Search throughcurrenciesvia name, code or country Currency conversion has neverbeeneasier!
World Exchange Rates 5.3
World Exchange Rates is a simple and powerful app thatprovideslatest foreign exchange rates for more than 150 currenciesalongwith powerful money calculator. Features: • NO ADS •Real-timeforex rates • Both offline and online mode • Set anycurrency asfavorite (long press the currency item in all currenciestab) •Remove favorites (long press currency item under favoritestab) •Inbuilt currency converter • View all favorites in one tab •Sharethe currency conversion with others
Easy Currency Converter - Money Exchange 2.0.12
Neklo Team
Easy Currency Converter converts any World’s currencywithliveexchange rate. Set the currency list that youconvertmorefrequently. Money Converter is a must-have app forthosewhotravel, as well as for those who want to keep track oftheCurrencyExchange Market situation. Offline mode helps you tosaveyourmoney when you’re abroad. Use your camera to scan pricesandcovertvalue on your screen in real-time. Control yourpurchasesduringtravelling in chosen currency. Ultimate CurrencyConverterallowsyou to do the following: - Convert any World`scurrenciesandcompare them to the currency of your interest; -Monitorcurrencyfluctuations according to the recent market prices;-Real-timecurrency scanner - convert prices on the screenofsmartphone; -See the full list of all the currencies availablefromSearch; -Create your own custom list of the currencies thatyouconvert morefrequently; - Auto detection of the country of auser'slocation! -Possibility to add the currency of a user locationtothe list; -Convert currencies on-the go using CurrencyConvertwidget in aCurtain mode. All of the data will besynchronized withthe appinstalled on your phone. Easy MoneyConverter, works withanycurrency traded on World financial marketsand more!
Despegar: vuelos, hoteles y paquetes 16.9.4
¡El compañero de viaje perfecto te ayuda a crear una experienciaatu medida! En nuestra app encontrarás tarifas exclusivasparavuelos, alojamientos, actividades, paquetes y ¡mucho más!Además,en destino no estarás solo, llámanos para ayudarte en loquenecesites o pídenos un hotel con un solo tap. La app deDespegarsimplifica tu viaje 😉 Estaremos junto a ti antes de viajar,durantetu viaje, en todo momento y para crea tu propio viaje. ANTESDEVIAJAR • Encuentra las mejores ofertas ¿Estás pensando enviajar?Con nuestra aplicación puedes acceder a los mejores preciosenvuelos, alojamientos, actividades, paquetes o alquileres deautos.También podrás conseguir tus entradas para Disney, comprartuasistencia de viaje o elegir un alquiler temporario. • Échaleunvistazo a tus próximas reservas ¿Quieres conocer el paso a pasodetu viaje? Revisa los datos de tus 3 próximas reservaciones conelwidget de Despegar. Tu viaje estará detallado en lapantallaprincipal de tu celular ¡sin abrir la app! • Recibe alinstantetodas las novedades ¿Prefieres estar siempre informado?Activa lasnotificaciones y obtén novedades de tusreservacionesoportunamente, cuando las necesitas. • Verifica que tumaleta tengatodo lo que necesitas ¿Sueles olvidar esas pequeñascosasimprescindibles? Haz tu lista en Mi maleta 💼 Puedes editarlaycompartirla con quien quieras. Lleva tu cepillo de dientes yeladaptador para enchufes siempre contigo. DURANTE TU VIAJE•Llámanos desde la app ¿Tienes un imprevisto en tu viaje?¡Déjanosayudarte! No importa en qué lugar del mundo estés,comunícate connosotros desde la app 📞 Solo necesitas usar Wi-Fi otus datosmóviles. • Accede a tus reservaciones sin conexión ¿Estáspor tomarun vuelo, recoger tu auto o llegar a tu hotel? Consulta eldetallede tus pasajes y reservaciones en la app ¡aún sin conexión!No hacefalta imprimir nada, tu viaje está en tus manos 📱 •Encuentra unalojamiento para hoy ¿Eres de los que decide a últimomomento oestás en un apuro? Solo dinos dónde estás y te mostramostodos loshoteles disponibles cerca tuyo. EN TODO MOMENTO •Administra tusreservaciones estés donde estés, a toda hora ¿Tegusta tener todobajo control? Consigue tus vouchers, realizapedidos especiales yconoce las políticas de cambio o de cancelaciónde tus vuelos,hoteles y paquetes, entre otros. • Hacemos lascuentas por ti¿Haces cuentas todo el tiempo y quieres traer losregalosperfectos? El Kit del viajero te facilita el trabajo.Conviertedivisas, tallas de ropa y calzado, para que estés mástranquilocuando compres o compares. • Conoce qué fue lo que pagaste¿Quieresentender tus pagos? Podrás ver rápidamente el detalle detodos lospagos que hiciste y descargar tu factura en Mis pagos.CREA TUPROPIO VIAJE • Reserva el mejor lugar para hospedarte 🏨¿Buscas ellugar soñado para tu estadía? Consigue hoteles, cabañas,hostels,posadas o alquileres temporarios usando filtros,leyendocomentarios y mirando la galería de fotos. • Compra entradasparaactividades en destino 🎟️ ¿Quieres divertirte? Si viajas aOrlandopuedes seleccionar los parques de Disney que más te gusten.Tambiénpuedes elegir los shows o eventos deportivos que tantoestásesperando. • Encuentra descuentos exclusivos 🍾 ¿Siemprequierespromociones? Accede a tarifas exclusivas comprando tu vueloy tuhotel en el mismo momento. También inspírate con paquetesallinclusive en lugares soñados o bien selecciona el modelo deautoque más te guste. Antes de viajar, durante tu viaje, entodomomento, crea tu propio viaje con la app de Despegar.¡Viajamosjuntos!
Currency Converter Monini 1.0.7
A very simple and easy to usecurrencyconverter.Some of the available currencies:- US Dollar- Canadian Dollar- Australian Dollar- Euro- Brazilian real- Argentina Peso- Chinese Yuan- And 150 more currencies!All the data is provided by Google Finance.
Currency Convertor 1.0.6
Currency Convertor is a simple and easy-to-use currency andexchangerate converter. It supports over 160 currencies, Itprovides answersto 3 decimal places for the great accuracy andupdates all exchangerates automatically and on demand. Features: -Over 160 currencies.- Data updated automatically. - Works offline.- Decimal accuracyconfiguration. - Your configuration isautomaticlly saved. - Anintuitive and attractive design. If youfind a bug or havesuggestions for improvement, please contactus:[email protected] This version of Currency Convertorisad-supported.
Currency Lite (Real-Time) 2.0
Currency Lite for Android, the most simple &beautifulcurrencyconverter. Using material design and making aintuitiveandgraceful experience to global travelers. Supportingmore than150currencies and get real-time updates for globalexchange rates.Anentirely new and simple way to currency convert isatyourfingertips. FEATURES - Material and minimalism design-Intuitiveand simple to use - Get real-time updates forglobalexchange rates- Based on the data of Yahoo! Finance -Identify thelocal currencyaccording to your network location - USEIT OFFLINE:Stores thelast updated rates and convert prices withoutinternetaccess
Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
The world's most popular flight tracker - #1 Travel app in over150countries. Turn your phone or tablet into a live plane trackerandsee flights around the world move in real-time on a detailedmap.Or point your device at a airplane to find out where it’s goingandwhat kind of aircraft it is. Download for free today anddiscoverwhy millions track flights and check their flight statuswithFlightradar24. Favorite features - Watch aircraft move aroundtheworld in real-time - Identify flights overhead & seeflightinformation—including a photo of the actual airplane —bysimplypointing your device at the sky - See what the pilot of anaircraftsees in 3D - Tap on a plane for flight details such asroute,estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, aircrafttype,speed, altitude, high-resolution photos of the actualaircraft& more - See historical data & watch playback ofpastflights - Tap on an airport icon for arrival &departureboards, flight status, aircraft on the ground, currentdelay stats,& detailed weather conditions - Search forindividual flightsusing flight number, airport, or airline - Filterflights byairline, aircraft, altitude, speed, & more - WithWear OS youcan view a list of nearby aircraft, see basic flightinformationand view the aircraft on the map when you tap on itFlightradar24is a free flight tracker app and includes all theabove features.If you want even more great features fromFlightradar24 there aretwo upgrade options—Silver & Gold—andeach comes with a freetrial. Flightradar24 Silver - 90 days offlight tracking history -More aircraft details, like serial number& age - More flightdetails, like vertical speed & squawk -Filters and alerts tofind and track the flights you’re interestedin - Current weatherat 3,000+ airports overlaid on the mapFlightradar24 Gold - All thefeatures included in Flightradar24Silver + - 365 days of flighthistory - Detailed live map weatherlayers for clouds &precipitation - Aeronautical charts &oceanic tracks showingthe pathways flights follow across the sky -Air traffic control(ATC) boundaries that show which controllers areresponsible for aflight - Extended Mode S data—even moreinformation about aflight’s altitude, speed, and wind &temperature conditionsduring flight, when available Silver and Goldupgrade prices arelisted in the app as they vary depending on yourcountry andcurrency. If you choose to upgrade, subscriptions willbe chargedto the payment method used for your Google account.Yoursubscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least24hours before the end of the current period. You manageyoursubscription through your Google Play Account Settings. Howitworks Most aircraft today are equipped with ADS-B transpondersthattransmit positional data. Flightradar24 has a rapidlygrowingnetwork of over 20,000 ground stations around the world toreceivethis data that then shows up as aircraft moving on a map intheapp. In an expanding number of regions, with the helpofmultilateration, we’re able to calculate the positions ofaircraftthat don’t have ADS-B transponders. Coverage in NorthAmerica isalso supplemented by real-time radar data. Coverage isvariable andsubject to change at any time. Connect withFlightradar24 We lovegetting feedback on FR24. Since we’re unableto respond directly toreviews, contact us directly and we’ll behappy to assist. email([email protected]) twitter (@flightradar24)Facebook( Disclaimer The useof thisapp is strictly limited to entertainment purposes.Thisspecifically excludes activities that might endanger yourselforthe lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developerofthis app be held responsible for incidents resulting from theuseof the data or its interpretation or its use contrary tothisagreement.
Free WiFi Passwords, Offline maps & VPN. WiFi Map® 5.4.20
WiFi Map LLC
Connect to any WiFi for FREE! WiFi Map is the largestWi-Ficommunityin the world! The largest WiFi hotspot database intheworld WiFiMap® has more than 150 million WiFi hotspotsavailableworldwide andthe number is growing daily thanks to ourcommunity.With the app,you can connect to WiFi hotspots for free,get actualpasswords, andmake updates together with millions ofWiFi Mapusers! Fast andsecure VPN for public WiFi networks Useourbuilt-in VPN for privateinternet access and to keepyourconnection secure. Use WiFi Map andthe unlimited VPN tosecurelybrowse the internet, make and acceptcalls, text inmessengers, andstay online with a single WiFi Mapapp. Also, youcan get aroundsome regional limitations and, forexample, getaccess to yourlocal services. Detailed offline maps tofind theinterneteverywhere It’s always difficult to stay withoutaninternetconnection when you are traveling or simply out ofcarrierservice.This is where the offline WiFi passwords map willhelp.Downloadthe map of the whole region with the complete hotspotsdatato makesure you’re able to connect to the internet. Benefitfrom aWiFiMap community and support it Use a WiFi scanner to lookfornearbyWi-Fi networks, speed test them, and connect to thefastestones.At the same time, you’re contributing to the WiFiMapcommunity bysharing hotspot data and performance details. Thankstoour usersyou will always get actual information on hotspotsaround.Sneakpeek of WiFi Map main features - Find the internet allovertheworld - Access internet for FREE when you connect toWiFi-Millions of WiFi hotspots available worldwide -GenuineWiFipasswords and useful tips - Use map navigation to findthelocalhotspots - Apply filters to find out the nearest WiFiaroundyou -Smart search on the WiFi map - Add WiFi hotspots aroundyou tothemap - Download offline maps when you travel - ShareWiFisonFacebook, Instagram, Twitter with your friends -UnlimitedsecureVPN - Multiple reliable VPN servers worldwide How togetconnected?1. Open the WiFi Map app. 2. Find an availableWiFihotspot aroundyou. 3. Connect to the WiFi hotspot usinginformationin the app.4. Enjoy fast, FREE and reliable internetaccess! FAQ: #How to adda new WiFi hotspot to WiFiMap: Youwill get ads free versionanddownload offline region feature inexchange for safely using someofyour device’s resources (WiFi andvery limited cellular data),andonly when you are not using yourdevice. You may turn this offfromthe settings menu. Please seeour TOS the SDK Privacy Policyat furtherinformation.===================== Follow usonFacebook:
PackPoint travel packing list 3.10.18
Google Play Editor's Choice Award Winner As FeaturedInTheWashington Post, BBC, LA Times, CNN, Lifehacker,FastCompany'sCo.DESIGN, and The Next Web "A Travel App ThatPracticallyPacksYour Bags For You" Never Forget Your ______ Again!PackPointis afree travel packing list organizer and packing plannerforserioustravel pros. PackPoint will help you organize what youneedto packin your luggage and suitcase based on length oftravel,weather atyour destination, and any activities plannedduring yourtrip. Onceyour packing list is built and organized,PackPoint willsave itfor you, and then you can choose to share itwith yourfriends andfamily in case they need help packing too.Punch in thecity you'regoing to travel to, the departure date, andthe numberof nightsyou'll be staying there. PackPoint will organizea packinglist andluggage checklist for your luggage that takes intoaccount:-Business or Leisure travel - Activities you plan on doing-Whatyou need for an international trip - Warm weather clothes-Coldweather clothes - An umbrella if the forecast calls for rain-Ifyou're willing to repeat wearing basics like shirts and pants-Ifyou will have access to laundry facilities Someexpertpackingorganizer user tips: - Check out the CustomizemenuwithinPackPoint for PackPoint's Premium features -ConnectPackPoint toTripIt and create your packing listsautomatically! -Put thePackPoint widget on your home screen - Swipeto removepacking listitems - Tap to the right of each item tochange itsquantity - Packsmart to avoid airline luggage overagefees - Createa luggagechecklist now, and then edit it later as youpack Have afeaturerequest or feedback? Visit [email protected] Like usonFacebook Follow usonTwitter @packpnt
Guides by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
NEW: • My Lonely Planet Library: scan your physicalguidebooksandget free access to the cities in them. • Lonely PlanetTV:350+episodes of award-winning travel shows. Get to the heartofadestination with Guides by Lonely Planet! Packed withofflinemaps,audio phrasebooks, a currency converter andadvicefromon-the-ground experts, our free city guides aretheultimateresource for travelers before and during atrip.EXPERT-CURATEDCITY GUIDES Our writers live and breathe eachcitythey visit,reviewing every place that makes it into ourcarefullycuratedguides. Their essential tips and advice on where tostay,what todo and where to eat will help youdiscoveramazing,off-the-beaten-track places. TOPRECOMMENDATIONSOverwhelmed byoptions for hotels, restaurants andthings to do?Guides onlysurfaces the spots really worth seeing in acity, aschosen by ourtravel experts. OFFLINE MAPS No connection?Noproblem. Everything,including maps and phrasebooks, works100%offline so you can avoidextra roaming charges abroad.AUDIOPHRASEBOOKS Talk to the localswith more than 10,000 phrasesfor 19different languages. Findingthe right thing to say has neverbeeneasier! • Arabic • Czech •French • German • Greek • Japanese•Italian • Korean • Polish •Portuguese • Russian • Spanish •Spanish(Latin-American) • Swahili• Thai • Turkish • Vietnamese •Chinese •Chinese (Hong-Kong)SIMPLE BOOKMARKING Save and organizeyourfavorite hotels,restaurants and things to do so you can visit(orrevisit) yourpersonal must-sees while on the road.IMMERSIVEEXPERIENCES Take alook around these cities with our 360ºimmersiveexperiences •Amsterdam • Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing •Berlin •Bogotá • Dubai• Florence • Hong Kong • Kuala Lumpur • LosAngeles •Madrid •Miami • Milan • Naples • New York • Paris • Pisa •Prague •Rio •Rome • Shanghai • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Venice• Verona•Vienna • Yerevan This version of Guides includes 8000+cities,aswell as over 350,000 places and narratives. Lonely Planetistheworld's leading travel content provider, supplyinginspiringandtrustworthy information for those planning a trip, onthe roadorbrowsing as an armchair traveler. We've spent the last40yearstraveling the world and crafting the most reliabletravelguides,and we put all that knowledge into making the besttravelapp.We're always working to improve this app and would lovetohearyour feedback. If you have any questions or ideas, pleaseemailusat [email protected] Happy travels!