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Cooking Fantasy - Cooking Game
Cook and serve fast in this cooking game! Be a chef andenjoyserving!
Cooking Family :Craze Madness Restaurant Food Game 2.44.175
Zego Studio
Crazy cooking is one of the finest arts available on theplanet.Experience the fever of real cooking in the kitchen withoutmakingany effort with Cooking Family: Craze Madness Restaurant FoodGame.This crazy chef game is a truly international cooking gamethatbrings together worldwide cuisines under one app and also givesyouprecious knowledge on the madness art of craze cookingrestaurant.Cooking Family is definitely a madness restaurantcooking game inwhich you must fulfill customer orders and createdifferent tastydishes in a bustling restaurant. The aim of thischef game issimple: you must serve your customers and make as muchprofit aspossible! In this exciting chef game, you must move aroundtheworld and build a series of thriving Restaurant fever. Playcookingcrazy and try all the possible kitchen game appliances, fromcoffeemakers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and beef steakmakers.Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Make yourownfreebies, such as mix drinks, to make your customers’experiencemore personal and memorable – just like in a realrestaurant!Upgrade your kitchen game and produce an even greatervariety offood game dishes, such as Cook Classic Restaurant Dishesin thisFree Kitchen Game: Cook sweet donuts, savory hot dogs &soup.Grill delicious fish, tasty steak, and mouth-watering burgers.Icecream, cheesecake, pasta, and shrimp - the restaurants growwitheach city! ▼Cooking Family: Craze Madness Restaurant FoodGameFeatures 🏪 Ultimate Cooking and Restaurant games for Android 🏪Fun& challenging chef games are free to play! 👩‍🍳 Crazy Chefishired to work for your cooking Restaurant 🏪 Upgrade, levelupkitchen game to optimize cooking tycoon ⚙️ Manage yourrestaurantand your kitchen, upgrade the workflow to earn more idlecash ⚙️Upgrade crazy cooking in the kitchen ⚙️ Cooking Family yummystreetfood with food game ⚙️ Extend the restaurant game system tothewhole world ⚙️ Serve crazy customers like a cooking tycoonCookingFamily: Craze Madness Restaurant Food Game lets you try outcrazycooking restaurants from all over the world. You get to tryoutrestaurant cooking in the kitchen of various nationalities.Thecrazy chef game consists of several minigames to keep you hookedifyou get bored of one aspect. It’s a well-rounded restaurantgame,and we could definitely see not only kids but also adultsspendinga lot of time on this cooking game. You can make stew, bakecakes,serve your world-wide customers in the cooking city, and awholelot more with this food game. The cooking game follows a F2Pmodel,which means that although it’s free to download, you have abunchof in-app purchases within the restaurant game, allowing youtoprogress your journey quicker. Many have been hooked onthisaddictive cooking game so why don’t you get the latest versionofCooking Family: Cooking Games Madness Craze Restaurant to beatthechallenging cooking game now! Feedbackhere:
Cooking Crush - Cooking Games 1.6.5
🍳 Become the best culinary master in exciting free cookinggames& time management games ⏰ You’re now invited to play inthecity of madness in the cooking games for adults where you gettoexplore the passionate chef in you in free cooking gamesforadults. Now you can dash it as a cook-off challenge inyourfavorite kitchen games. Cook & serve delicious meals inthisfrenzy of food games for free from all across the world. Doyouhave the best skills at such time management games? Canyouparticipate & win the cooking games for free challenge? Canyoube the crazy chef in such free cooking games for adults in therushhour of these kitchen games? These restaurant games are thegamesyou must play to improve your time management gamesskills!Practicing the madness of hot & rushy free cooking gamesforfree is not always fun in the city. With our new free cookinggamesfor adults, you can be a top chef in the city of chef gamesforfree. If you love to cook-off & delicious cuisines &wantto improve restaurant games skills in this cook off games. Thefreecooking simulator is the best combo of restaurant games &freecooking games for adults! Even if you don’t love to cook off inthefree cooking games for free, you’ll love the fun of foodgames& free cooking games for adults. If you feel hot whilecooking,this summer brought such stunning offline kitchen gameswhereyou’ll be lost. Make your strategy in the mad kitchen game toservethe hungry customers instantly. Features: 🔥 Travel acrossdifferent🌐 countries! 🔥 Cook off & serve in various restaurantsinkitchen games! 🔥 Conquer the creative & addictive newcookinglevels! 🔥 Play in Live Events with your friends! 🔥 Join orcreate aTeam & play with teams from around the world! 🔥 Feelthe exotictaste of fantastic cuisines! 🔥 Fast action fun! NewRestaurantDesigns make fun new restaurants only a tap away! 🔥Complete thedaily happiness challenges to feel relaxed &joyful! 🔥 Claimgenerous rewards & gifts for your victory! 🔥Enjoy the greatgraphics all about free cooking games 2022! 🔥 Have afast-paced butrelaxing time! 🔥 Offline Games one of the best dashfree cookinggames without WIFI. 🔥 Get endless fun from theengagingprogression! If your madness for free cooking games foradults oraddictive time-management games is enough. This is themostaddictive among all-new food games available for free in thestore.Such kinds of cook off fun games will improve the skills ofnewcooking games for free. Show off your madness & free cookgamesskills & become a frenzy master chef of all restaurants inthecity. Cooking Crush is one of the ultimate time managementgamesyou can play. It also rewards you for meditation, breathing,&self-love. As you play, unlock new habits to improve yourlife& time management games skills! It isn’t just about themadnessof cooking games for free but also lets you unleash yourinner-citycrazy chef 👩‍🍳 as you upgrade & improve your timemanagementgames skills. Unlike other games, our unique kitchengames 🔪layouts make it easy to have fun as you encounter challengesin thecity 🌆 & unlock new bonuses + kitchen games modes! If youwantto be a master chef of frenzy food games, you need to playsuchgames for free, the madness of new cooking games for adults.Learnhow to cook off quickly to make your customers feel happy inthemadness of new restaurant games for free. Download NOW! &Showyour craze for kitchen games by conquering the kitchens&discovering thousands of recipes in the city of madness. Buildyourtime management games & madness of cooking games forfreeskills by building professional kitchens for every kitchen gameyouplay in. You will be a master chef by playing the new cookinggamesfor free.
Cooking Frenzy®️Cooking Game
Feel Crazy Cooking in Cooking Madness! Be the CookingChef,OpenRestaurants!
Cooking Dream 8.0.247
Zego Studio
Welcome to Cooking Dream! Come and join millions of people astheymake their way to become a world-class Master Chef! Show offyourskill by cooking various cuisines from tons ofdifferentingredients from all over the world! Explore and learnabout newand exciting food from the best restaurants and pave yourway tobecome a crazy famous chef! Are you ready for somechallenges? Thenlet’s get started! Cooking Dream features: Relaxand enjoyrefreshing gameplay: cook and serve your customers to beatthelevels! Different types of goals with the unique layout foreachrestaurant will give you a distinct experience everysession.Unlock new areas and discover colorful dishes andexoticingredients. Charming characters: Meet up with thefascinating castof customers! Earn tickets and open sticker boxesto collectstickers for your favorite customers. Invite your friendsto helpyou on the journey to create your dream restaurant empire!Join aclub or build your own to compete with other chefs all overtheworld to reach the number 1 spot on the leaderboard. Lots ofeventsevery week for you to attend and win extraordinary rewards!Smoothgameplay experience along with dazzling graphic Offline modewilllet you enjoy your cooking experience on the go like travelingonthe plane or break time at the office. Cooking Dream is a FREETOPLAY cooking game with options to purchase some in-game itemstoenhance your experience with real money. *Some features of thegamewill require an internet connection to work properly such asClub,Friends, Leaderboards, Save/Load data, and other features* Letusknow what you think and learn more about Cooking Dreamat:Facebook:[email protected]
Cooking World Crazy Diner Mama
Let's have a great diner! Enjoy this crazy fever cooking game!
Cooking Yummy-Restaurant Game
Dream Tap
Wanna play restaurant game with time limit?⏰Check out themadnessofCooking Yummy now!🍳You will be a super chef tocookdeliciousburgers🍔, drinks🍹 and other dishes🍧🍣🥯🍡🌮🍮,improveyourtime-management skill and have a happy cooking time!From FastFoodand Desserts to Chinese and American cuisines, fromyummybread🍞,juicy burgers🍔, mouth-watering BBQ🥓, tasty icecream🍨tolip-smacking Peking duck🍗, you will cook andservetheseingredients and tasty meals worldwide like a feverchef👩‍🍳👨‍🍳!InCooking Yummy, this cooking town offers endless funlevelswithchallenging missions set up in each level to giveyouspecialexperience and ingredients!🤩 Besides, upgrading yourmealsandkitchen can help complete the level with shorter time!☺Butbecareful, playing fast is not enough as keeping yourcustomershappycan get more FREE coins💰 and gems💎 to unlock moresurprises.Acceptthis challenge! Get stared enjoying the cookingworld! Inthiscooking adventure, you will👀: -Cook correct dishesquicklywithoutburned food👏 -Serve your hungry customers for abetterexperience👏-Use powerful boosts to improve your cookingskills👏-Create morecombos to get big bonus and achievements👏-Unlock andupgrade yourspecial ingredients and kitchenware👏-Collect ninechefs piecesrespectively to unlock more chefs’features👏-Complete specialmissions and achievements to claimrewardsand gifts👏 -Enjoy thishighly addictive time-managementcookingdishes anytime, anywhere👏🔥Game features: -5+ uniquethemerestaurants for cook👏 -Cookdelicious special dish with bestqualityingredients👏 -Completemore than 400 fun levels withdifferentgoals👏 -Unlock your chefcharacters to start a grandcookingadventure👏 -Challenge in MagicKitchen three times a day formorerewards👏 -Manage timeefficiently by upgrading ingredientsandkitchen appliances👏 -Playonline or offline without WiFi orinternetanytime, anywhere👏Cooking Yummy is a high-quality cookingdishesfull of sincerity,and has incredibly stable and consistentspecialexperience. Followus to get newsandupdates👇: waste! Download now, join Cooking Yummy and playcookingdishesanytime, anywhere!🤣
Cooking Travel - Food truck fast restaurant
🍭 Make your own cuisine fever 🚎 Travel in the truck restaurants
Crazy Chef: Cooking Restaurant
Cooking Madness & Fast Food Cooking Game! Fast RestaurantCrazyDiner Game!
Cooking: My Story of Chef’s Diary Cooking Games 1.8.0
Welcome to Cooking: My Story where your dream of becoming afamousmaster chef in the cooking games & culinary capital willcometrue. This is a one stop cooking game diary where everyoneloves tocook! Join the fascinating environment, vibrant lifestyleand gainfame while building a great new cooking empire. Atrulyinternational dash restaurant game that brings togetherseveralcuisines under one story game worldwide. It's your turn tokeep acooking story fascinating and full of fun under thementorship ofour Celebrity Chef & you can grow and build adelicious cookingempire. Cook top-quality dishes, explore culturesand some tipsthat will surely come in handy. It’s a training wheelslike thingfor a real world obstacle. Cooking: My Story is more thanan easy,relaxing, and fast-paced restaurant new cooking game diarywhereeveryone loves to cook delicious food. So, bring out yourinnercrazy chef to become head chef of such restaurant games.Sharpenyour time management games skills as you prepare, cook, andservedelicious menu items and dash all around the world in thisyear’shighly addictive time management game. Never give a singlechanceto your competitors to cook up evil plans and ruin yourreputationin the new cooking games empire. The Celebrity Chef has arich,appetizing, delicious cuisine, and a strong culinary history.Theshow is about visiting the top restaurants in this cookingworldand featuring them in the cookery show. Unleash the crazy chefinyou and dish out the cooking games craziness to become acelebritychef. Experience the interesting cooking story loaded withpassion,food challenges, and definitely with some insightful dashcookinggames tips from the Lead Chef. Unlock hundreds of deliciousdishes,cook, and serve tasty cuisines. Improve your cooking andtimemanagement games skills with this diary cooking game to keepyourcustomers happy. Prepare, cook, and serve hungry customersbeforethe time runs out to earn special rewards. Follow thestoryline andwin achievements by making combos in frenzy cookinggames empire.Use the chef's capabilities and powerful boosters toserve fast.Decorate your restaurant and upgrade your kitchenequipment to takeover the hard challenges. Features #1 free to playfast-paced timemanagement game Get a handful of tips from the Headchef Addictivecooking story Cook and serve delicious cuisinesaround the worldExperience an exciting story during this cookingadventure Kitchenassistant and powerful boosters Decorate yourrestaurant andupgrade your culinary set Play online and offlineCreate or joinguilds and chat GET MENTORED Master Chef will be withyouthroughout this cooking story journey as a mentor. Get usefultipsand restaurant game insights from him. TRAVEL AND EXPLORE THEMAPOpen dozens of new restaurants around the world, decorate them,andcook hundreds of exciting dishes. The Cooking: My Storyuniteslovers of free cooking games for adults from all around theworld.Finish more and more fun restaurant games levels to unlockmorecuisines. Add a new recipe in each city you visit. COOK VARIETYOFCUISINES Make hundreds of tasty dishes including burgers,pizza,escargot, sushi, baklava, gua bao, grilled fish steak orshrimp,and more. Why not deep fry sweet donuts, serve icecream,cheesecake, or cakes? DECORATE & UPGRADE RESTAURANT Winand getcoins and gems which can be used to upgrade your restaurantandkitchen appliances which will help you to cook and serve fastertoget exciting prizes. EXCITING GAMEPLAY Blend your cooking,serving,and time management games skills to serve your hungrycustomersbefore they leave. This restaurant cooking game has asimple tapcontrol with exciting levels and recipes. Cooking Storyis free toplay, but you can also pay money to purchase extra items.Get quickaccess to Flowmotion [email protected]
Cook It - Restaurant Games
Fever of frenzy cooking games & time management games inthecity of madness
Kebab World - Chef Kitchen Restaurant Cooking Game
Play Addictive Cafe Restaurant Game & Become Star Chef ofFastCooking Games
Asian Cooking Games: Star Chef
Cook Crazy Asian Food & Feel Cooking Fever in Restaurant&Cooking Games.
Christmas Cooking Games
Discover Unique Christmas meals & desert around the World&become chef!
Cooking Marina - cooking games
- Start cooking games restaurant. Discover tasty dishes inSingapore
Happy Cooking 2: Fever Cooking Games 2.2.9
Play the NEW FREE COOKING games and CHEF games! Happy Cooking 2isafree fast-paced addictive cooking games. Feel the cookingfeverinFAST TAP, COOK and SERVE. Be a star frenzy chef,cookdeliciousfood, travel around the world, explore food culturesandgrow crazeempire. Happy cooking 2 is the restaurant game youmustplay toimprove your time-management games skills! Enjoy thecookingfevertime in the Kitchen with your fingers, and cookingmadnessinworld-wide restaurants, serve dishes like a CrazyChef!Experiencekitchen fever in hot time-management cooking games!Nowfor free!Cook and serve tasty food in this cooking games andsushigames!Prepare, cook, and serve tasty food in the cookingworld!Grillcheese burgers or baking pizza…Explore joy Cafe, bakeryshopandmany other restaurants. Dash from kitchens in dinertime!Mastermassive menus and become a crazy star chef in ourfoodgame!Friendly to new chef players, and challenging tomasterchefplayers. Happy Cooking 2: Crazy Chef, Restaurant&CookingGames brings the best cooking fever experience toeverycrazy chef!Feel the growth of cooking knowledge and theenhancementof cookingskill as you play the cooking fever games.Let’s beginthe cookingfever! TAP, COOK, SERVE! Anytime, Anywhere!- OfflineGames one ofthe best dash cooking games free without wifi.- TAP,SERVE &COLLECT, Easy to play. - Enjoy time-managementcookinggamesanytime. - Create your own Kitchen chef cooking journeystory- Topcorrect ingredients to cook the food - Cook in correctorderforspecial food - Serve food with right side dishes EASYANDADDICTIVEGAMEPLAYS - Serve the customers quickly to reachenoughdishes -Keep the customers happy and get their likes - Earnas manycoinsas you can to upgrade the kitchenware and food -Unlockmorerestaurants to learn top class cuisine all over theworld-Complete tasks and achievements to get rewards HundredsofGameLevels makes you be the COOKING MASTER - Hundredsofdeliciousingredients to cook for meals. - Fry, Bake, Boil,Steam,Simmer andGrill magical ingredients to make worldwide foodforcookingfever!. - Make coffee, cola, ice-cream and a varietyofdrinks inthis cooking fever.. - Upgrade ingredients to managethebestcooking restaurant games! - Serve your customersbreakfast,lunch,dinner and deserts. AMAZE the world by tryingonultra-stylishlooks - New Dressing System: Brand newfashionableoutfits, It’sall your choice in this girl games and foodgames! -Fashionablewear, or costumes such as a mysterious witchchef orchristmasdeer! - Each outfit has its own unique attributebonus,use it toface the madness of cooking fever! New ChallengesandTargets -Promote your skills, better Time Management incookingfever. -Manage time efficiently with kitchen appliancesupgrades. -Get 3chef stars in every levels to become the chefmaster. - Earnasmany coins as you can to upgrade the kitchen andingredients.-Unlock more restaurants to learn top class cuisine. -Manageyourtime to cook tasty food and do not burn them! - Unlocknewhabitsto improve your time management games skills! If yourmadnessfordash cooking games for adults or addictivetime-management gamesisenough. This is the most addictive amongall-new free cookinggamesfor adults available in the store. Suchkinds of krusty cookoffgames will improve the skills in-dashcooking games 2020. Showoffyour madness & cooking skills &become a frenzy masterchefof all restaurant games! Play the newcooking game NOW! AFREErestaurant game with fast-paced gameplay andstrategyandsimulation fun. Record ur cooking story and cookingdiary,andenjoy restaurant fever! Experience kitchen feverinhottime-management cooking games! Have fun with cookinggamesanddon’t hesitate to share this cooking games withyourfriends!Facebook:
Cooking Sizzle: Master Chef
Experience cooking delicious meals and desserts in ourrestaurantcooking game!
Cooking City: Restaurant Games
Experience cooking madness in kitchens! Enjoy fever cooking games!
Cooking Home: Design Home in Restaurant Games 1.0.28
Do you love restaurant games and master chef cookinggames?👩‍🍳👨‍🍳Are you looking for a combination of cooking mobilegameslikecooking madness and home decorating as Home Design ? 🏘 Nowyoujustfind it in Cooking Home: Design Home in Restaurant Game. 🍱🥘Ifyoulove cooking in the kitchen of cooking craze because thisgameisentirely based on the real cooking process of thekitchensandrestaurants, you can't miss this new cooking and homedesigngame.🔥🍖🥣Prepare, cook, serve and embrace delicious cuisinesallover theworld 🌐 in the Cooking Home and feel the beautifulPrettyHouse!Cooking Home is much more than just a Simple,Relaxing,andFast-Paced madness cooking game. 🍩 We perfectly combinethepopularhome decoration and cooking frenzy gameplay stylestogethertobring clients an unusual happiness from thosetraditional,outdatedcooking games and transform their dream houseinto realitywithamazing home makeovers!🍨 As a Master Chef, you willlearnfromCooking Home how to cook tasty dishes and meals with awidechoiceof unique delicious ingredients and restaurants. 🍕 Thefeverofcooking will get you going and serve on the street foodandcooklike mama delicious meals, dishes and desserts fromeverycountryin the world!🌈 Decorate your restaurants to attractmoreclients.🌺Make your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes,tomake yourcustomers’ experience more personal and memorable –justlike inreal life! Upgrade your kitchen and produce an evengreatervarietyof dishes. 🤗 We have various types of restaurantsandbeautifuldesign makeovers from over a thousand high-qualitychoicesforyou.💥💥 create, build, design, decorate, restore andexpressyourdream houses with a variety of furniture styles.💁👩‍🎨Challengeyour sense of design with your interior designeyes.Imprint yourpersonality on your kitchens, bathrooms, decks,livingrooms,houses, restaurants and so much more -You decide,youdesign!😍😘Game Features: 🍱Delightful Madness cooking games 🔥Crazycooking indelicious madness and unique desserts 🔥 Add thecorrectpieces ofingredients to cook the worldwide cuisines! 🔥Supper funof CookingMadness Fever Cooking Games 🔥 Serve thecustomers timelyto makethem happy! 🔥 Cook customers breakfast,lunch, dinner, andmore! 🔥Enjoy tons of challenging levels! 🔥Improve your cookingskill andcook worldwide food in real life! 🔥Borden your knowledgeabout theunique recipes! 🏘Design My Home Games🏠 Unlock variousVillas! 🏠Decorate with unique furniture and decors!🏠 Relax andlearn aboutdifferent interior design styles 🏠 Decidewhat the housewill looklike! 🏠 Create amazing combinations offurnishings! 🏠Claimvaluable and fabulous rewards when you finishyour homedesign!Cooking Home is completely FREE to play. 🍔 Thereare a lotofunique features of this kitchen game, Cooking Home hashundredsoflevels↗️, daily bonus🎁, reward boosts and beautifulgraphicswithunique kitchens, multiple and upgrade delightfulcuisines,upgradeequipment, no internet required. 🍣🥟 And there aremanyrestaurantsrepresenting different cultures🥢🍴 in the world 🌍forchallenging:Breakfast shop, Bakery, Burger Joint, BBQ Grill,FrenchRestaurant,Sushi Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, PizzaRestaurant,DuckRestaurant, Risotto Diner, Fried Rice Shop,Frankfurter Diner,etc.🍋 🥓🥩You will be able to enjoy all the homedesign and cookingfeverjourneys without spending a dime! Are youready to become thecrazychef in all restaurants now? Play our freecooking games&download Cooking Home - Design Home in RestaurantGametoday!🌮🍕
Kitchen Craze: Restaurant Game
Play best crazy cooking games & experience the madness oftimemanagement games
My Restaurant Cooking Home
Crazy Diner Cooking Game! Crazy Chef's Kitchen Adventure!FeelCooking Madness!
Cooking Fest : Cooking Games
Cooking simulator Kitchen Food Baking Games, Cooking gamesforAdults & girls
Home Master - Cooking Games
Home Design & Food Games! Decorate & Design restaurantinCooking Madness!
Tasty World:Food&Cooking fever
Food games
Feel Burger, Pizza and Taco King Joy! Serve and Eat Cake inCuteGirl Kitchen
Cooking Party Cooking Games
Unique Cooking Party Dishes & Desert Available Now fromaroundthe world!
Cooking Joy 2 1.0.22
Cooking Joy 2 - a new highly addictive cooking game fromtheteamthat brought you Cooking Joy, is calling allmasterchefcandidates! Upgraded from Cooking Joy - a fun cookinggame,itinherits the same challenging spirit and adds more fun! Ifyouhavealways dreamt of becoming a top chef in a crazy cookinggameworld,then catch the cooking crazy fever with this game!DownloadNOW andtry it for FREE! Time to get back to the kitchen andenjoycookingdelicious dishes for starving customers again! Showoffyouroverwhelming cooking skills and use your timemanagementexpertisewisely to beat some cooking game challenges!Dash into themadness,craze and fun created by Cooking Joy 2 now!Cook indifferentkitchens, cafes and restaurants while serving foodtocustomers andlearning new cooking skills. Tons ofchallenginglevels are waitingfor you in our awesome cooking game!What makesCooking Joy 2 morespecial? Simple and addictive cookinggameplay! -Easy to start yetvery challenging. Let the lovelywaitress cook andserve hungrycustomers. - Manage your time cookingtasty dishes anddo not burnfood! Amazing restaurants and deliciouscuisines await!- A funcooking journey full of delicious food tocook andstunningrestaurants to unlock. - Cook hundreds of tastydishesincludingburgers, sausages, hot dogs, soups, french fries,etc… -Serve foodto all different types of awesome customers in thiscrazycookinggame, from an old mama to a hungry boy. Give yourselfaspecialbrainstorming! - Train your brain by memorizingnewcookingrecipes. - Use your time management skills to find thebestway tobeat cooking levels. - Enjoy the excitement oftime-limitedcookinggame challenges. Immerse yourself in the vividgraphics! -Makeyour mouth water at the delicious food. - Delicategraphicswillgive you the feeling of actually being in therestaurantsinsteadof a cooking game. Enjoy your time with familyand friends!-Compare cooking skills in-game and see who is the bestcookinggamemaster chef! - Remember to share your cooking successwithothers!What are you waiting for? Get ready and dash tothedelightfulcooking journey! Devote your craze of cooking toservingthe bestfood to your customers! Accomplish your cookingtasks withperfecttime management skills in the brand new cookinggame -Cooking Joy2! Download NOW for FREE! You’ll definitely lovethefever andcraze brought by Cooking Joy 2!
Happy Cooking: Chef Fever 1.3.0
Welcome to Happy Cooking! Play & experience the feverofcookingin this fast-paced addictive cooking game! Where you gettoexplorevarious tasty food, ingredients, recipes from all overtheworld inthe frenzy free cooking games for adults. Now you candashit as akrusty cook-off challenge in your favorite cooking game-HappyCooking! Cook & serve delicious meals in this frenzyoffreecooking games madness from all across the world. ♥Becomethebestculinary master in exciting FREE time management games&frenzycooking games for free! Enjoy the cooking fever timewithyourfingers, and cooking madness in worldwide restaurants.Servesdisheslike a Crazy Chef! Experience kitchen fever inhottime-managementcooking games! Now for free! ♥Cook and servetastyfood in cookinggames! Prepare, cook, and serve tasty food inthecooking world!Grill cheeseburgers or baking pizza…ExplorejoyCafe, bakery shop,and many other restaurants. Dash fromkitchensin diner time! Mastermassive menus and become a crazy starchef inour food game! ♥TAP,COOK, SERVE! Anytime, Anywhere! -Cookinggames offline, one of thebest dash cooking games freewithoutwifi. - Enjoy time-managementcooking games anytime. - Createyourown Kitchen chef cookingjourney story. ♥Cook 100+ Tasty Food-Hundreds of deliciousingredients to cook for meals. -Burgers,hotdog, sushi andbarbecue...Cook dishes that you have neverseenbefore. - Upgradeingredients to manage top cookingrestaurants!♥Challenging 200+levels make you become the COOKINGMASTER - Newtasks &missions, Hundreds of levels, become thestar masterchef! -Hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook formeals. - Fry,Bake,Boil, Steam, Simmer and Grill magical ingredientsto makeworldwidefood for cooking fever!. ♥Various Challenges andTargets- Managetime efficiently with kitchen appliances upgrades.-Manage yourtime to cook tasty food and do not burn them! -Upgradethe kitchen& ingredients to manage the fun cookingrestaurantgames! -Unlock new habits to improve your life &timemanagement gamesskills! ♥Play the new cooking game NOW! AFREErestaurant game withfast-paced gameplay and strategyandsimulation fun. Record urcooking story and cooking diary,andenjoy cooking fever! Experiencekitchen fever inhottime-management cooking games! Now for free!Have fun withcookinggames and don’t hesitate to share this cookinggames withyourfriends!☕️Twitter:☕️Facebook:☕️SupportE-mail:[email protected]
Cooking Talent - Restaurant fever 1.1.10
MobiGreen inc
🍔 Become a super chef, you wanna try? Come to restaurantmanagementgame our wonderful super cooking game. 🍔 You willdiscoverextremely fascinating things in this cooking game atvarious levelsof chef games. You will manage your own restaurantand servehundreds of customers with hundreds of different dishessuch as:hamburgers, soft drink, pizza, hot dogs, milkshake... 🍔Gamefeatures: 🍦 Designed as luxury restaurants and rich inhamburger 🍦Cooking games controls easily 🍦 Many exciting giftsawait youthrough the levels of cooking game 🍦 Upgrade yourrestaurantthrough food truck games to attract more customers. 🍦Directmanipulation from adults to children can play cookinggamecomfortably and you are the best chef game - food truck games🍦This player will be more and more interested in chef gameandhamburger and join on the restaurant fever 🍔 How to play:Controlthe chef game dash of dishes to suit, observe the time toeat fooddoes not burn. Bring your customers the food they want, Ifbrokenfood can be thrown away in the trash. Transform yourself intoarestaurant fever, becoming a chef game in the luxury kitchen -foodtruck games. 🍔 You cook all kinds of dishes with differentflavorsto serve the hungry guests with fast speed. At this pointyou willlearn how to manage the good times so that the guestsvisitreasonable. Chef games are a favorite game for mom, kids andgirls.🍔 Download cooking games and integrate into the restaurantfeverright now !
Christmas Fever Cooking Games
Discover Unique Christmas dishes and desserts from all overtheworld!
Tasty Chef - Cooking Games 2020 in a Crazy Kitchen 1.5.5
Tasty Chef: A Fun Cooking Game in a Crazy Fast Kitchen. Prepare🍽️food 🍖 for the customers 👫 and become the best Chef 👨‍🍳 ofcookinggames in the world 🌎. Cook and serve to make your clientshappy 😊!The new wave in cooking games 🍽️ has come. Fix fast foodlikepizza, hamburguer, steaks.... and become a crazy chef openingnewrestaurants in a variety of countries 🗺️. The crazy kitcheniswaiting the best chef of cooking games. Will you be able tocookfast ⏩ enough to serve your tasty dishes to all yourcustomers?Challenge ⏱️ yourself in a crazy kitchen where yourcooking skillsare the only thing to success! Tasty chef is the mostfun among allcooking games! USA Choose the best organic ingredientsto cook thebest eco pizza 🍕. Heat the oven and be aware to not burn🔥 the foodin this cooking game! Prepare a classic pancake dough 🍩and pour itin the pan. Add some topping over organic chocolate andsweetcream. Mix and tap delicious milkshakes 🥛 fast and funny.Servefast and get a tip from the happy customers. The faster youcookthe higher your tip! 💰 Cook typical fast food from LA andNYC.Grill a steak 🥓 to famous customers in the restaurant game.Thegreat dinner for supermodels with lobsters 🦀 and tastydesserts.The best of cooking games are here! Fast food game to cookthe bestorganic burgers and yummy hot dog 🌭. The best pizza is inTastyChef! SPAIN The best place to eat. From fresh fish 🐟 toqualitymeats 🐂. You can have it all at these restaurants. Visitthechiringuito 🏖️, order a sardine “espeto” and feel the bestcuisineof south Spain in this restaurant game. Cook the famouspaella 🥘 ofcooking games, only the best spanish chef can cook. Putyour clienta glass of tasty gazpacho seating in your restaurant.Spanishcelebrities are hungry so the want to taste the food of thebestchef in this fast restaurant game. Serve some tapas and engageyourcustomers with fresh cocktails 🍸the best food of cooking gamesisin Tasty Chef! MORE RESTAURANTS TO COME Stay tuned for thenextrestaurants in this cooking game. Tasty Chef: a fast cookinggameexperience for those who look for tasty recipes and funcuisine!Cook fast to serve your clients and complete a ton oflevels withdifferent foods and restaurants. Complete a lot ofcookingchallenges and earn rollers to upgrade your kitchen. Afterthedownload of Tasty Chef you agree the terms ofuse:
Cooking Cafe – Restaurant Star : Chef Tycoon
Manage cafe & kitchen to become cooking star in madnesschefrestaurant game.
Cooking Tasty: The Worldwide Kitchen Cooking Game
Cook delicious food from all over the world only in Cooking Tasty
Crazy Cooking Chef
Let's have some diner fever! Enjoy this crazy food cooking game!
Great Cooking Crazy - Master Chef
PREPARE 🔪, COOK and SERVE 🍕 delicacies from around the world🌎atGreat Cooking Craze Become the chef master you've alwaysdreamedof👨‍🍳 Fun and addictive time management game. Letyourselfexperience the real cooking movement. Cook like a masterchef GreatCooking Craze! Are you a cooking game fan 🍨? Then thisgame is foryou! You will serve delicious dishes 🍩 to your hungrypatrons at aluxury restaurant ⏩ .There is no challenge in the worldthat youcan't beat Practice your management and cooking skills 🍽.Combinegreat dishes to make cooking even more fun! Press as quicklyaspossible, and pay attention to the timing. Combinedifferentdishes, making cooking even more fun! Try out all 🍳kitchenappliances to improve your cooking level. Upgrade your foodandkitchen utensils for a better game experience! Go fromrestaurantto restaurant in the legendary map. Depending on youritinerary,you will discover and unlock many different locations.What funwill this game bring you? - While cooking and travelingdiscovermany different new restaurants 🍴 - Serving customers willreceivemore tips and show your cooking skills 💰 - Unlock a newrestaurantto collect enough key cards 🌮 - Upgrade your kitchenutensils tobecome a famous super chef! 💵 - Press a lot ofinteresting stagesải- Complete special quests to get more gifts🎁Immerse yourself invivid graphics! - Makes your mouth watery wheneating well. -Subtle graphics will give you a real feeling of beinginrestaurants instead of a cooking game. Enjoy your time withfamilyand friends! - Compare in-game cooking skills and see who isthebest cooking master chef! - Please memory share to your cookswiththe other people! What are you waiting for? Get ready andembark onan exciting cooking journey! Please make your culinarypassion toserve the best dishes to your customers! Complete yourcookingquests with the completely new Time skill manager inall-newcooking game Great Cooking Craze !
Halloween Madness Cooking Game
Cook Unique Halloween Dishes, Desserts & Meals from all overtheworld!
Hell's Cooking:Food&Restaurant
Food games
Practice cooking techniques and management skills and playyourkitchen games!
Cooking Express2 Cooking Games
Be a mad chef & cook delicious meals & desserts fromallover the world!
Restaurant Master : Kitchen Chef Cooking Game
Feel the Craze of Restaurant Master & Cook Meals as ChefinKitchen Cooking Game
Food Truck Chef™ Cooking Games
Cook delicious tacos falafel,asmr food at Emily's RestaurantDinerCooking Games
Crazy Restaurant 2021
Cook in a crazy kitchen in the best of cooking games! Becomethebest chef!
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game
Have fun serving up food and desserts fast in thisrestaurantcooking game!
My Cooking: Chef Fever Games
⁣Be A Madness Chef Cook Beautiful Food & Manage FeverRestaurantGames!
Rising Super Chef - Cook Fast
Dash for cooking tasty burger, pizza, coffee in this crazykitchen& bakery game
Cooking Crazy: Restaurant Chef Master 4.1
🚀 Challenging role-playing crazy chef with restaurantcookinggamefree 👩‍🍳 2020. Are you a crazy cooking genius? Yes,thisfreerestaurant game will bring you a greatcookingadventure!👩‍🍳👨‍🍳Transforming into a masterchef in arestaurant, youwillserve food to the guests in a great restaurantspace. With aquickhand, certainly, no challenge in our CookingCrazy: RestaurantChefMaster can beat you. From these restaurantgames, you'lldiscoverEuropean restaurants, Asian restaurants, otherfood,culture, andtravel around the cooking world. You will beamasterchef and usethe genius kitchen with many cooking methodssuchas bake, fry,boil, steam, simmer to create delicious dishesforcustomers inyour cooking restaurant. As a crazy chef in thisfreerestaurantgames, you gradually experience each level,initiallycreatingsimple dishes like steak 🥩, roast beef,vegetables🥗,Salad🥙,burgers🍔, hotdog🌭. You will then experiencedishes that areharderthan combo baked, cook rice🥣, pizza🍕,sausages,grilledfish,cheese, pasta, cladding eggs omelet, anddeliciousdessertssuch as coffee☕, ice cream🍦, cheesecake 🍰, fruitjuice,smoothies.Gradually, you will experience the challenginglevel ofthe game,you will play a crazy chef who combines thethinking ofarrangingin-game cooking tools to overcome challenges inthe game.To masteryour cooking skills, you need to manage therestaurant andtouch asquickly as possible to the dishes but be sureto payattention tothe time and tasks or try the kitchen appliancesandupgrade theutensils to get a better experience. When therestaurantchef istoo crazy, you can use the support of the cookingrestaurantgamesuch as super cooker, more time, more customers,doublegold,instant cook, helping and pudding to serve thecustomers. 🚀Thingscooking kitchen brings you: - Display yourculinary skillswithcombos! - Cooking in restaurants and exploringthe cookingworld! -Unlock new restaurants by collecting keys tomake your owncookingcity! - Upgrade kitchen tools to optimize thecooking -Upgrade thecrazy restaurant, become a famous chef! - Manydifficultchallengesfor you to conquer in a cooking adventure! 👍LinkFanpageFacebook: There isnotime towaste! Download and play Cooking Crazy: RestaurantChefMaster! 🍔🍕🌭Cook, collect, have fun and be a masterchef now! 🍟🌮
Cooking Express Cooking Chef 3.0.8
Cooking Express - Cook & serve tasty dishes FAST as a chefinCooking Express – the fun new kitchen game! Eid Mubarak ShopisAvailable Now Want to open up your own cooking restaurant?Thenhere's a chance to become a real-time cooking crazy chef andrunyour own cooking kitchen game as a worldwide restaurant chef.Dasharound the kitchen to prepare pizza, Deserts &cookingworld-class cuisine in 34+ different restaurant kitchensCookingKitchen Game Features •34+ Unique locations in this funnewrestaurant game •Become Chef & Cook 1000+ DifferentTastycuisine For Kitchen Lovers •More than 1800+ levels to completeInthis Cooking World Chef Game •This highly addictive timemanagementgame will bring you a good cooking game experience InThis FunRestaurant Game
• Amazing Kitchen Games Involves 10+Customers WithUnique Characteristics
• Various Targets For EveryLevel in this 5star restaurants around the cafe world • Hundreds ofupgrades foryour kitchen appliances •Kitchen Dash through customerservice toearn big gifts/coins/tips/combos Special KitchenChallengesbrainstorming Require Strategy •Train your brain bymemorising newcooking recipes • Cook Levels again to earn 3 cookingstar to getmoney for upgrades • Preparing Food craze timemanagement skills towin timed levels • kitchen scramble throughminimum score to earnmore combos/tips •Time Management skillsimproved in restaurantgame Fun Dishes & Kitchen Upgrades • Foodupgrade to get morecoins & appliance to serve faster withcooking joy • Over 1000ingredients cuisine in diner dash kitchengames • Manage timeefficiently with kitchen upgrades • Practiceyour cooking madnesstechniques & management skills Fun CookingBoosters • Autoserve cooking fest customers • No burning food industbin &food burn target Crazy Customers •Serve angrycustomers on your TopPriority cooking crazy game•Joker/musical/Sleeping guy serve lastin kitchen game In this freeKitchen game, you as a rising superchef card will have a fabulouswide range of hot cooking &delicious food recipes to cook inyour cafe world chef. My foodtruck chef game like this willentertain you with so many differentstar chef cooking activities& lots of other crazy cooking inyour cooking fever kitchen. Thegreat chef games involve so manyfood shops & top games likecoffee shops, burger games, bakingpizza shops & other cookingfood craze games in your cafeteria.We took the level up in all foodgames & restaurant games toexplore all the area with cookingmadness to become the bestcooking game.The Craze Cooking Game withTime-management CookingKitchen Simulation game is suitable for kids& Adults. Why thisAmazing Free Kitchen Game •hot &delicious food recipes withthe hot cooking craze in cafe worldkitchen restaurant games •Startcooking hot food fantasy recipes forfood lovers all around theglobe. •Become a crazy mad chef foraddictive hungry customersexpect perfectly cooked food fantasy.•Free chef cooking games likethis one, has my cafe story world'sbest food shops with funoffline cooking games. •You as a cookingstar chef of these cookinggames for free, have to show your starcooking madness. •fast andfun time management kitchen gameexperiences! Easy Tips •Downloadnew restaurant kitchen trucks formore cooking day adventure. •Playoffline food truck cooking game oronline time-managementsimulation gameplay •Play cooking expressoffline on your Androiddevice after downloading game content #Number Of Cooking TrucksAre Lined Up With Challenging Cooking Game!# Master Your CookingTime Management Skills According To Order TimeAnd Become theCooking Masterchef In The World!! # Best RestaurantCafe Game forGirls! Enjoy The Last Express Cooking – Girlsrestaurant gamesproduced free by top cooking game professionals.
Cooking world: cooking games
Get restaurant games with cooking simulator & city cookinggamesfor girls diary
Halloween Cooking Games
Cook delicious Halloween Meals & Desserts from all overtheworld!
Crazy Kitchen: Cooking Game
Deep in cooking fever as crazy chef! Cooking madness inrestaurantgames!
Crazy Diner: Cooking Game 1.3.3
Crazy Diner is the crazy chef's worldwide cooking game! 🍳 Followtheworld chefs to learn cuisines from all over the world, runcookingrestaurants in your cooking city and enjoy cooking frenzyin everycooking day! 🍔 🍟 Start your cooking adventure and recordyourkitchen food truck diary in this crazy cooking madness game!🤣Welcome to Tasty Town - Food from dozens of countries, thestarchefs👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 and people with cooking fever are waiting for youhere.You will learn too much cooking skills in differentrestaurants,how to cook the most tasty meals and also how tosatisfy the needsof every guest. Finally, defeat all challenges andopen your ownrestaurant! 🏠 More and more guests dash into thediner!🏃‍♀️🏃 Let'sexperience a brand new restaurant story ! Uniqueboosts make youmore addicted to this Time-Management game! Nomatter how long thefood🍕 will not burn! Have you seen any food 🌭that can be madeimmediately? The guests are urging you to serve!Don’t worry,"Imagine Boost" will help you solve it easily! You havecountlessways to become a top chef! Come and unlock one by one!Features: 🏆Cook hundreds of special recipes in differentrestaurants aroundthe world! 🏆 Get keys which lead you to thetop-chef! Don't missany level! 🏆 Unlock more kitchen machines andmore ingredients! 🏆Thousands of levels make you never bored! 🏆Participate in excitingevents and get surprise rewards! 🏆 Createthe character with yourown fashion style! 🏆Decorate your ownspecial Food Street! Cooktasty food 🍗 from all over the world, openyour own restaurant anddecorate the most dreamy food street. Cookthese foods as fast asyou can and you will find that your cookingskill is better thanever! When others are still immersed indecorating the room🚪, youhave owned a food street to manage anddecorate! When more and moreguests are attracted by yourrestaurant, you will get closer to thestar chef! 🌟 Call yourfriends to download with you together!Create your personal role andget rewards while sharing happiness!Never thought that cookinggames can be so fun! 🤩
Cooking Max:fun cooking games
🍕 A brand new free & fun Restaurant Cooking Games andChefgames. In these offline crazy cooking games you feel madnessandultimate challenges by tap and serve cooking fever games. 🌶️Enjoythe time in your own kitchen games with crazy fast tap andservemadness in worldwide famous city restaurants and increase youtimemanagement games skills and become cooking master. 🔥 🍩 Wantedto bea master chef? Well in this free time management games withcrazyfood games, you’ll bring your real madness to cook so write itdownin your note/diary. 🍳 Cooking Max Free Food Cooking simulatorgamehave restaurants of city in the magical map with 325+ levelsandextras to unlock many places from different cooking citiesaroundthe world. So gill, bake and cook your way to the mad worldofcrazy cooking experience. ⏩ This is the best among the FoodCookinggames for girls, kids and adults, so you have your ownkitchenwhere your timer starts to scramble your way through fasttap andserve time management games and Chef games. Among the foodgamesthis is offline and you can play without the internet.Startplaying Restaurant games and MAX your cooking games skillsnow. Incooking restaurant game, show your cooking mama what you gotbysharing your leaderboard score. 👨‍🍳 Cooking hot items you’llbeserving: Muffins, Steak, Fish, Cake, baking,,Juices, anddesserts,Seafood, Sweets like donuts and cupcakes, hot-cakes Fastfood likeburgers, pizza , sandwiches, and Mediterranean foods plusmore. 🔥What brings the fun kitchen games Destination based cookingExplorenew cities every 100 levels. Combo and Tip Get extra 5x tipswithcombos Events In this fun cooking games events happeningworldwidelike Christmas Daily Rewards in this restaurant games ondailylogin so you have enough for each levels Upgrade yourrestaurantsitems and serve faster Offline cooking kitchen foodcooking gamesfor adults, girls 🌟 Boosts to bring more fun Tastylevels to MasterChef 🏆Dash through hundreds of levels on each Foodmaking gamescontinent In this fun cooking games Updated and getmore new levelseach one or two months An amazing time managementstrategy cookingrestaurant games for Android gamers Kitchen Cookingskills test 👍Cooking simulator and time-management techniques varyaround a newrestaurant games with upgrades In offline Cooking gamesEachupgrade adds more delicious cuisines and more tips fromcustomers😘. Scramble around cities to serve customers like Paris,Tokyo,NYC. 🎁 Special events and achievements In this Restaurantgames getmore tips and special items on special days bycompletingchallenges to achieve more to become a Master Chef. PlaytheMadness Chef in Free cooking game like MASTER chef This is ourveryspecial restaurant kitchen food games. We are adding morecitieswith each update in kitchen games so stay tuned. So let’swriteyour cooking home/diary with some delicious amazing cuisinesfromthe best cities and places. Girls, kids and Adults willreallyenjoy it and will become the best cooking chef games expert.If youhave any query or suggestion don’t hesitate to reach outoursupport [email protected] Follow us onFacebook: where we giveregularupdates about our special events and listen to yoursuggestions.