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Voice Recorder 10.0.0
Audio Recorder - Dictaphone Voice Recorder - Voice Memos is a oneofbest audio recorders in Google Play with over a million usersandthousand positive feedbacks. Mostly known as professional,easyvoice recorder for Android devices. Use it for record voicememos,talks, music and songs in high quality. Designed foreverybody,especially students, journalists and musicians. Audiorecorder alsosupports external bluetooth microphone. App is easy touse andfree. Tags can be easily added to any part of the recording.Voicerecorder recording quality is limited by the qualitydevice'smicrophone. Fully compatible with Android Wear devices.Note: Thisapp is not a call recorder. –––WHY YOU'LL LOVE THISAPP?––– Grouprecording Group all your vocal recordings into definedcategories.Mark your favourite talks and memos. Place recordingtags, attachbookmarks, choose colors and icons. High quality soundrecorderWith two simple taps configure all recording options.Choose yoursample rate. Enable stereo recorder and silence remover.UseAndroid’s built-in effects to remove noise, cancel echo andcontrolgain. Record your voice from external bluetooth microphoneor oneof built-in microphones. Audio Trimmer and Cutter Select thebestpart from the recording then trim and cut the desired part oftheaudio for using in Ringtone, Notification tones, Alarmtones.Application is designed to make audio recordings editing soeasyand fun. Wireless Transfer Use Wi-Fi transfer to export datatoyour computer fast and easy without any additional software.Justmake sure that you are connected to the same network and youcanstart transferring. Google Drive Integration With integratedgoogledrive module your audio recordings will be automaticallysyncedwith your drive account. It allows you access from allyourdevices. You can use it to create extra copies of data in casetheoriginal is lost or damaged. Include Location Automaticallyaddcurrent location to recording. Search recordings by address orfindthem on the map. All Features: - Supported formats: MP3, AAC(M4A),Wave - Android Wear support - Smooth playback - Wifi voicememostransferring - Display content from Google Drive - Export toandimport from Google Drive and DropBox - HD Bluetooth recording-Android App Shortcuts support - Support stereo recording-Recording in background - Integration with widget - Silenceskip,gain reduction, echo canceler Do you love our app? Please rateandreview us!
Voice Recorder Pro
Splend Apps
Easy to use Voice Recorder with high audio quality.
Audio Recorder
Record voice memos, sound and talks in high quality withVoiceRecorder.
Sound Recorder Plus: Voice Rec
Free voice recording app. Record voice memos & audio onadictaphone
Voice Recorder: MP3 Audio Recorder+Sound Recording
Professional voice recorder & audio transcription! Free&Good Sound! DOWN NOW!
Voice Recorder
Voice recorder - Audio recorder. Best recorder for recording
Voice Recorder & Voice Memos - Voice Recording App
🤔Have you encountered problems with poor voice recording quality?✍️Do you need to record voice memos conveniently? 🤨Are youtroubledthat you can't find a simple voice record pro app thatsupportsediting? 🧐 Are you troubled that you can't quickly findthe clipsyou want to listen to when playing back the audiorecording? 🔥Thenit's time to download 🏆Voice Recorder & VoiceMemos - VoiceRecording App!🏆 . 🏆Voice Recorder & Voice Memos -VoiceRecording App🏆 is an easy-to-use and free audio recorder andvoiceapp that helps record audio of meeting notes, interviews,speeches,lessons and so on. Don’t forget recording music! You canalso use itto record voice over. The recording quality of thissmart voicerecorder pro is stable and will not be interrupted.There’s no timelimit in this audio recording app. You can alsomake voice-over bythis phone recorder. It’s a useful soundrecorder app for you. 👔FORSTAFF: You can record audio of meetingsin this voice memo recorderat any time to avoid losing importantinformation. It’s a usefulaudio recorder & ambient recorder,you can better record workand make audionote by this audio managerthat manages voice memo,audio player that plays with multiplespeeds. You can alsocategorize each voice recording by addingtags. 👑FOR STUDENTS: Usingthis HQ mp3 recorder, you can recordsounds clearly. You can makevoice notes and markers so that youcan quickly find the audio clipsduring review. Also this poemsrecorder can help you seizeinspiration. This useful backgroundvoice recorder free with ambientrecording and free recording appwill help you pass the next exam!🎵FOR MUSICIANS: By this rev voicerecorder pro & music recorderplus you can record audio, recordsound or a quick voice, quicklyrecord music inspiration and makevoiceover for videos. It’s a goodmusic recording app formicrophone recording so record it. With thisfree and handful songrecorder & guitar recorder to recordmusic, maybe someday youcan release a voice record or an aestheticrecord! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️FOREVERYONE: This free voice recorder can help youin many ways, youcan record voice, record conversation by recordingmemories andmake voice-over for videos. Thus your phone can be usedas a phonerecorder, a dictaphone, or a podcast recorder or a smartmusicrecorder. Among all the free recording apps, 🏆Voice Recorder&Voice Memos - Voice Recording App🏆 is a useful audio recorderplusa rev voice recorder free app for you. HIGH QUALITY OUTPUTS:✅Audiorecorder & Podcast recorder - High quality audio recorder👌Freerecording app to record voice memos via phone recorder 😍Notimelimit for audio recording, easy voice recorder free & voiceapp😉Support multiple free voice recording formats: AAC, M4A, AMR,MP3🎧Support multiple sound attributes: Mono, Stereo 🥳Supportmultiplesound sources: Mobile phone recording, Microphonerecording...MULTIFUNCTION of REV VOICE RECORDER: 💬Add markers tothe audio noteat any time 👏 Super Voice recorder Audio editor - Cutthe sound inthe middle in the audio app ▶️Audio player & Audiocutter ofrecording 📌Check the mark to quickly find the marked audionotes💌Add categories to audio, find voice notes faster 🎹Songrecorder& Music recorder: Set audio as ringtone VOICE RECORDINBACKGROUND: 😎Conversation Recorder & Singing Recorder👌Voicerecord in background: record voice when screen is off🤩Taperecorder. This feature can be turned on or off in thesettingsSIMPLE & SMART RECORDER: 🌟Simple and good-lookinginterface,easy to record audio and trim 🎊Audio manager - Clearaudiorecording list page, which can be sorted 🧡Easy to share thiseasyvoice recorder pro & audiorecorder If you think it’s aperfectsound recorder, please share this free voice recording appwithyour friends!
Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder
Easy to use audio recorder • Skip silence • Sound quality •SmartVoice Recorder
voice recorder 44.3
best recorder for voice recording with high qualityvoicerecorderapplication is simple and easy to use. You canreliablyrecord yourmeetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures,songs withhighquality. There is no time limits just depend onyourremainingspace of internal storage or SD card. Features: -recordyourmeetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs-beautifuluser interface, easy to understand. - support highqualityformatfile: mp3 - store file on internal storage or SD card- havelistof files with basic functions: search, arrange -havedeletefunction, share function (via email, sms, mms,facebook,whatsapp,dropbox, etc.), view detail information - mp3encodingwithadjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz) - recording inbackground(evenwhen display is off) - microphone tool to adjust thesensitive-save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control -functiontoedit recording files by cutting some parts not needed-showremaining space of internal storage or SD card - notsupportcallrecorder
Voice Recorder
Splend Apps
Easy to use Voice Recorder with high audio quality.
Samsung Voice Recorder
Samsung Voice Recorder is designed to provide you aneasyandwonderful recording experience with high quality sound,whilealsooffering playback and editing capabilities. Foryoureverydayneeds, we developed a “Voice Memo” recording mode sothatyou canconvert your voice to text (Speech to text).Availablerecordingmodes are: [STANDARD] It provides pleasantlysimplerecordinginterface. [INTERVIEW] Two microphones located onthe topandbottom of your device will be activated to capture youandyourinterviewer (or interviewee)'s voices, it alsodisplaysdualwaveform accordingly. [VOICE MEMO] Records your voiceandthenconvert it to on-screen text, so called STT. Beforestartingtherecord, you may configure □ Directory path (If externalSD-cardisavailable) During recording, □ You can reject incomingcallswhilerecording. □ BOOKMARK the points you want to mark.□Backgroundrecording is also supported by simply pressingHOMEbutton. Oncesaved, these actions below can be performed: □Bothmini player andfull player can be launched from RecordingsLIST. *Built-in soundplayer supports media controls such as Skipmuted,play speed andRepeat mode. □ Edit: Rename and Delete □ Shareyourrecordings withyour friends via Email, Messages, etc. * NotSupportS5, Note4Android M-OS * Available recording mode depends onDeviceModel *This is Samsung Device's Preloaded Applicationwhichispre-installed app. The following permissions are requiredfortheapp service. For optional permissions, the defaultfunctionalityofthe service is turned on, but not allowed. Requiredpermissions.Microphone: Used for recording function . Storage: Usedtosaverecorded files Optional permissions . Telephone: Usedtodeclinecalls received while recording and provide VoiceLabelfunction
Voice Recorder: Audio Recorder
HD Camera
Voice recorder - Audio recorder, Fastest & Simply usableSoundRecorder!
Voice recorder
Voice recorder with high quality
Voice Recorder
A compact app for recording sounds into mp3.
voice recorder - pro recorder
voice recorder, record audio easily
Voice Recorder: Audio Recorder
Professional voice recording with noise cancellation and cutaudiorecording.
Voice Recorder – Record Audio
Recorder Voice Recorder recording app helps to record audioandvoice memos.
Audio Recorder
Audio Recorder with custom path selection and editing, noads,open-source
Voice Recorder: Memos & Audio
The high quality recorder with call ID connecting names&numbers to recordings
Smart Sound Recorder
Dreams Room
Easy to record sound anytime and anywhere. Convenient both forlifeand work
Simple Voice Recorder
Record any audio or create memos easily with this simpleaudiorecorder
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)
If you have bought this app from Yuku,youdon't have to purchase this app again. Open this link to re-download it.The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder takes mobile sound recording to thenextlevel. Feature-packed and loaded with customization options,andwith high-fidelity 44 kHz audio sampling, it's miles ahead ofanystandard recording app.Personal voice notes, group discussions, band practice,concerts,lectures, talks, sermons and so much more—if you can hearit, theapp can record it.Simple and Reliable. Start the app and you are good togo!Press the striking Red button, and you'll immediatelystartrecording.MP3 clips. Recordings are stored as MP3 files inreal-time,which are compact enough and can be played almosteverywhere.Keep Recordings Safe. With automatic upload to Dropbox,yourrecordings are stored safely and you can free up more space onyourdevice. Sync happens when the preferred connection isavailable(Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and mobile network).Home Screen Widgets. Start, pause and resume recording inaflash with home screen widgets.Quality Settings. Customize audio quality with changeablebitrate up to 320 kbps. You can also record in WAV, OGG, M4A, andFLAC(experimental) formats.Input Selection. Select the more sensitive frontmicrophone,or the clearer back microphone as you wish (depending onindividualdevice).Shhh! Switch the recording icon for discretion.Manage Clips. Share, sort, rename and delete recordingsasyou please.Wi-Fi Transfer. Transfer recordings to your PCwirelesslywith the built-in Wi-Fi Transfer, utilizing your homeWi-Fi or yourdevice's Wi-Fi Hotspot capability.Gain. Specify input gain settings in real-time foroptimumrecording in various noise levels.With the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder you won’t ever have to fusswithyour phone to get the best recording quality. Record yourselfandpractice for a presentation, record song ideas andbrainstormingsessions, record anything!The free version records up to 10 minutes per clip. GettheProversion for unlimited recording length!Help & FAQ:– Phone calls are not supported.– Widgets are enabled only when the app is installed on thephone’smain storage, not external storage such as an SD card. Tousewidgets, go to Android Settings → Apps and move the app tothephone.
ASR Voice Recorder
ASR is one of the best sound and voice recording app on thePlayStore. Record meetings, notes, lessons, songs. It is freeandwithout any limitations on the recording time. Here are some ofthefeatures of ASR: - Lots of recording formats such as MP3, WAV,OGG,FLAC, M4A, AMR - Cloud upload integration (Pro) support forGoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, FTP, WebDav, Autoemail- Grouping recordings by tag/label - Adding notes whilelisteningor recording - Audio converter to cut and save parts fromrecording- Playback speed controller - Sample and bit rate optionsforbetter control of recording quality - Dedicated pauserecordingbutton - Dedicated discard recording button -Customizablerecording folder - Skip silence mode - Gain to increaseor decreasevolume of recording - Delete and share multiplerecordings - Recordand play recordings while app is in thebackground - Listen whilerecording with headphones - Record fromBluetooth headsetmicrophone - Auto start recording - Recordingwidget and shortcutfor quick and easy access - Multiple languages
Voice Recorder
Sladjan Savic
Voice recorder for lessons, music, or memos with editor.
Voice Recorder - Sound Recorder PRO
Gamma Play
This app makes it easy to record audio using yourAndroidsmartphoneor tablet. Easy to use interface gives you alltheoptions you wouldever want or need from a sound recorder suchasrecord, stoprecording, pause, skip silence, recording settingsandmany otherfunctions. Use sound and voice recorder inbusinessmeetings, forvoice memos, record how you sing or playinstrument.Features: - HDdigital audio recording - Easy to usematerialdesign interface -Skip silence - Live audio spectrumanalyzer -Pause recording -Record in background even when displayis off -Save, cancel, deleterecordings - Play, pause, stop, delete,sharerecordings - Output inmp3 file format - Record with internalorexternal microphone - Timedisplayed to monitor your recordingtime- Name recording file namesany way you like or usedifferentautomatic file naming - Sharerecordings - Select yourpreferredrecording quality from 8kHz to41.1kHz - Change whererecordingsare saved - Calibrate microphone(AGC – auto gain control)- Pauseduring phone calls - Recordingnotification - Keep screen onwhilerecording - Switches your phoneto silent during recording
Call Recorder Automatic 1.1.308
Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone.This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recordingapp forandroid, Record any phone call you want, Choose which usersorincoming\outgoing phone calls to record and choose which callsyouwant to save or share. Key Features: * Call Recorder automatic-record all your calls on auto-pilot. * Easily manage allyourrecordings. * Play back, or Share your phone recordings *Sortrecordings by names or group by dates. * Reveal ID's ofunknowncallers automatically Try it Now!
Voice Recorder Pro
HDM Dev Team
Voice recorder with beautiful design.
Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder is high quality sound recorder with simple andniceinterface.
Parrot - Voice Recorder 3.8.3
Parrot is a free voice recorder appwhichallows you to Record, Play and Share voice recordings, allwithin 3taps! A simple and beautiful user interface helps youcreate crispand balanced voice recordings. Use Parrot as adictaphone and startrecording voices, audio, phone conversations,your singing:anything you like, in HD!Record yourself or any voice message in high quality with thebestdictaphone for Android. Download Parrot, save your first voicememotoday, and start being more organized.Parrot Pro (available as in-app purchase) allows you to RecordPhoneCalls, Schedule Recordings for a specific time and dateandsynchronize your tracks to the cloud using Google DriveorDropbox.Parrot is has no time limits or no functionality limits. Withover100 different setting combinations, you can finely tuneyourrecordings and playback.Parrot Pro - In-app Purchase• Phone Call Recording: Record incoming or outgoing phonecallseither automatically or by prompt before or after thecall.• Scheduled Recordings: Schedule a recording for a specificdate,time and duration.• Cloud Backup: Easily synchronize all your files individually orasa zip to Google Drive, Dropbox or anywhere on your device.Parrot Basic - All Users• Record: Create voice recording with a live and butterysmoothsound wave graph as you record to help you easily identifywhenyou’re receiving the right levels. Record using the standardmic,camcorder mic or even a Bluetooth microphone.• Play: Playback your voice recordings with a simple andbeautifullist that helps you easily identify tracks with intuitivecalendaricons as well as playing and paused animations.• Share: Share your tracks with your favorite apps with twosimpletaps. Your favorite apps are saved to allow you to quicklyshare inthe future.• Notifications: We’ve included simple and easy notificationsinorder to allow you to use Parrot and continue to work inthebackground.• Android Wear: Manage your recording and playback right fromyourwrist.Recording Options (Dictaphone options)• Quality: Recording in WAV and MP4 formats. Choose your samplerateand bit rate.• Source: Record your voice from your device mic, camcorder micorBluetooth headset.• Effects: Use Android’s built-in recording effects toremovebackground noise, cancel out echo and automatically controlgain.For those situations where more power is needed, set yourowncustom gain.• Auto Pause (skip silence): Easily skip silence while recordingbyhaving the app pause and restart for you based on time andsoundsensitivity thresholds.• Alerts: Use both vibration and beeps to help you identify whentherecording has started and stopped.Playback Options• Bass Boost: Boost the bass to help amplify low frequencies oftherecordings.• Volume Boost: Enhance the volume of the track to help hearevenquiet noises.• Preset Reverb: Hear your recording as if it were played in asmallroom or large hall.App Permissions• Record Audio: We need access to your mic to createvoicerecordings.• External Storage: We require access to your SD card as this isourpreferred location to store your tracks.• Phone Calls: Parrot Pro mode allows users to recordphonecalls.• Wakelock: Used in Parrot Pro to ensure that your phone wakesupfor schedule recordings.• Vibration: We have a setting that allows you to make yourdevicevibrate when you start or stop a recording.For more information, help and supportvisit
Voice Recorder Pro
Voice recorder - Audio recorder. Best recorder for recording.Proversion no ads
Voice Recorder Pro 9.1.0
Smart Mobi Tools
Audio Recorder - Dictaphone Voice Recorder Pro is a one ofbestaudio recorders in Google Play with over half a million usersandthousand positive feedbacks. Mostly known as professional,easyvoice recorder for Android devices. Use it for record voicememos,talks, music and songs in high quality. Designed foreverybody,especially students, journalists and musicians. Audiorecorder alsosupports external bluetooth microphone. Tags can beeasily added toany part of the recording. Voice recorder recordingquality islimited by the quality device's microphone. Fullycompatible withAndroid Wear devices. Note: This app is not a callrecorder.Advantages of Pro version - Scheduled recordings planner -App PINprotection - SD Card Support - No Ads –––WHY YOU'LL LOVETHISAPP?––– Group recording Group all your vocal recordingsintodefined categories. Mark your favourite talks and memos.Placerecording tags, attach bookmarks, choose colors and icons.Highquality sound recorder With two simple taps configure allrecordingoptions. Choose your sample rate. Enable stereo recorderandsilence remover. Use Android’s built-in effects to removenoise,cancel echo and control gain. Record your voice fromexternalbluetooth microphone or one of built-in microphones. AudioTrimmerand Cutter Select the best part from the recording then trimandcut the desired part of the audio for using inRingtone,Notification tones, Alarm tones. Application is designedto makeaudio recordings editing so easy and fun. Wireless TransferUseWi-Fi transfer to export data to your computer fast andeasywithout any additional software. Just make sure that youareconnected to the same network and you can starttransferring.Google Drive Integration With integrated google drivemodule youraudio recordings will be automatically synced with yourdriveaccount. It allows you access from all your devices. You canuse itto create extra copies of data in case the original is lostordamaged. All Features: - Supported formats: MP3, AAC (M4A), Wave-Android Wear support - Smooth playback - Wifi voicememostransferring - Display content from Google Drive - Export toandimport from Google Drive and DropBox - HD Bluetooth recording-Android App Shortcuts support - Support stereo recording-Recording in background - Integration with widget - Silenceskip,gain reduction, echo canceler Do you love our app? Please rateandreview us!
Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Easy Voice Recorder Pro is youreverydaycompanion to record important moments. Capture meetings,personalnotes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limitsorads!For studentsRecord your classes and lectures with clear quality, even whentheteacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these notes asmanytimes as you want to help you study for that next exam.With no time limits and the option to choose a compressedformat,it's easy to record even the longest classes andlectures.For businessCapture interviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, orsmartwatch, then share them with your colleagues through email oryourfavourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgetsandshortcuts to start a new recording right from thehomescreen.You can even enable cloud upload to record voice noteswhilecommuting and have them automatically uploaded toyourlaptop.For musicians and for everyoneWith many options to fine-tune the recording, the app is greatforrehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop in yourhead.Quickly try new ideas, hear the results and make adjustmentson anew take.You can quickly switch between voice notes, meetings &lectures,and music & raw sound with easy to use settingsandpresets.Exclusive Pro features (available onsupporteddevices):★ Upload new recordings automatically to your Google DriveorDropbox.★ Manage and organize your recordings with folders, andsaverecordings to your SD card.★ Record using a Bluetooth microphone.★ Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar,orthrough our Tasker and Locale plugins.★ Many more options, including stereo, skip silence, volumeboost,custom bitrates, and more.Plus all the great features you find in thefreeversion:- Record to high-quality PCM and MP4, or use AMR tosavespace.- Quick start a new recording with widgets and shortcuts, andrecordin the background.- Share recordings easily through email or your favourite app,orset them as a ringtone.- Android Wear support - record from your smartwatch.- Light and dark themes, and many other cool features.Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what the name says: an easy touseaudio recorder and sound recorder. Reliable, fast and flexible,itadapts to your needs.Need help?Please note that Easy Voice Recorder Pro is not a call recorderandcan’t record phone calls on most phones. If there are anyproblems,please contact us at [email protected] We are alwayshappy toassist you.Terms of UseTerms ofUse: detailsPhotos/Media/Files - Save recordings to your externalstorage.Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Cube Apps Ltd
Call recorder, Record phone calls, Signal, WhatsApp, Viber,Callrecording app
Background voice recorder
Record voice with one click and record continuously when app isinbackground.
Voice Recorder | Audio Recorder | Sound Recorder 1.2.4
Voice Recorder is designed to provide you an easy andwonderfulrecording experience with high quality sound, while alsoofferingplayback capabilities. Features: * Audio Recording. * Edit:Renameand Delete * Playback records. * Share a recording. * Importaudiofiles. * Records listview. * Bookmark the selected record.*Beautiful colored themes. * Supported recording formats areM4A,WAV and 3gp. * You can Set sample rate and bit-rate. * RecordandPlayback in the background. * Display record waveform. Therearethree available recording formats: M4A format is encoded withAACaudio codec has good quality and small size. Waveform AudioFileFormat (WAVE, or WAV)audio file format standard for storinganaudio bit-stream on PCs. Stores audio data uncompressed.3gpformat. In settings, select sample rate, bit-rate (for M4Aonly)and stereo. Selected preferences directly affect on recordfilesize. With beautiful themes, customize the app design and maketheexperience better for you.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Auto call recorder is the complete phone call recorder forandroidwith call ID
voice recorder pro
Voice recorder Pro version no ads
Voice Recorder
Introducing our long-awaited new Voice Recorder application.
Easy Sound Recorder
Tools Dev
Super long recording time; good recorder to record noise inyourneighborhood
Voice Recorder & Audio Editor 4.0.0
j labs
Simplest most powerful recorder on the store! Voice RecorderforAndroid is 100% FREE. UNLIMITED RECORDINGS Record for as longasyou want and as many times as you want. (No restrictions as longasyou have enough available storage on your device).TRANSFERRECORDINGS Download recordings by USB cable or WiFi Synconto yourdesktop computer ADVANCED FEATURES ◉ 16 different tapedeck &cassette designs ◉ Rename recordings ◉ Share recordings ◉Skipbackwards/forwards
Smart voice recorder - editor
Freemium apps
Easy to use voice recorder with audio cutter & trimmer
MP3 Recorder
Record your song, voice, presentation... everything is free
iVoice - iOS 15 Voice Memos
The iOS 15 Voice Recorder, Phone 13 Voice Memos style for Android
Wear Audio Recorder
Handy and functional voice recorder for the smartphones andAndroidWear watches! Record your conversations, lectures, meetingsandanything you want with very simple and intuitive interface. Theappis designed both for watches and smartphones. Features: ·Theall-new Material design; · Sound quality customisation (choiceofthe optimal modes); · Dropbox & Google drive · Add photostoyour recordings. · Echo suppression and noise filtering,silenceskipping; · Work in the background (when the display isoff); ·Autostart when you start; · Invisible Recording (replaces aniconin the notification bar, so nobody can see that the recordingislaunched) · Synchronise the watch (if any); · Manageaudiorecordings (share, delete, rename) · Tags If the app can'tstart dorecording on the watch it is because the app hasn'tpermissions.You should enable permissions on the watch. Settings->Permissions -> Audio Recorder. But you can see that youcan'tenable permissions. It is because different app openedtransparentwindow at fullscreen. Some users sent me descriptionsthat canhelp: It comes from the Wear App: "Wear minilauncher" or"Feel TheWear - Notifications" Steps: 1 I temporarily disabled it 2I gaveyou app file writing and microphon permissions (fromwatch>Parameters>Authorizations>Audio recorder 3 The"screenoverlay detected" does not show anymore, (with or withoutWearminilauncher activation) for obviously it does not need toaskanymore permissions already given Important! A moto 360 has abug.At the time when a watch activated an opportunity to say"okgoogle" mic stops working in other applications, despite thefactthat the recording is already underway. If you turn offthedisplay, go to the Settings menu, or open any other application(itis important that there were no available "ok google")soundrecording is restored. For normal operation, you should keeptheapp open. Help make a bettertranslation: positively noted in publications followingeditions: The10 Coolest Smartwatch Apps of 2015 (SoFar) Android Wear smartwatch apps2015 New Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 7/22/14 -8/1/14 apps for AndroidWear best Android Wear apps for the LG G Watch and SamsungGearLive 'Android Wear'Apps Appofthe day: Wear Audio Recorder forAndroid the Best Android WearApps
Call Recorder - Auto Recording
Call Recording Works Well For Any Android Phone.
Audio Recorder - High Quality Voice Recording
Digit Grove
Record unlimited hours of High definition Audio and Voice for Free
Otter: Transcribe Meeting Note
Smart note-taking app for work, meeting, interview,class,accessibility & more.
Voice Recorder: Audio Recorder 1.0.2
Weather Radar
Voice Recorder - Audio Recorder🚀📡🎙 🎙 Voice Recorder is fast andeasyto use audio recording app for android! 🎊🎉💯 📼Key Features: ★Recordvoice with high quality ★ Audio source for microphones ★Built-inuser-friendly media player ★ Saving sounds to androidvideo medialibrary 💎 You can use it as a regular dictaphone forrecord voicenotes and memos, business meetings, speeches,interviews, lectures,concerts or anything else!
Automatic Call Recorder
The best way to record your phone calls.
Voice Changer, Voice Recorder & Editor - Auto tune
Voice Changer Free App - Voice Recorder, Song EffectsChange,Autotune Editor