Top 50 Apps Similar to Idle Airport Tycoon - Planes

Idle Harbor Tycoon-Sea Docks
Build the best sea port, and gain money! Easy, andamazingincremental game!
Idle Tap Airport
Neon Play
Come fly with me.
Idle Casino Manager - Tycoon
Create and manage your own casino! Become a rich tycoon inthisbusiness game!
Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game
Create a business empire from scratch, and become a Hotel Tycoon
Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop
Become a Supermarket manager, and create an empire. A greatcasualidle game.
Traffic Empire Tycoon 3.0.4
Are you ready to run the most interesting transportation companyinthe world? Manage your transportation company and makeyourselfricher! Starting from operating a small transportationcompany, itgradually developed and expanded. Are you able to buildall meansof transportation? Publish the best promotional activitiestoattract passengers to the transportation company and providethemwith the best service. Don’t forget to expand the parking lottoaccommodate more passengers! Make sure thatpassengersparticipating in various projects do not wait too long.Become atransportation company tycoon and manage differentbusinesses. Areyou planning to invest money to build advancedtransportation? Youcan mobilize the enthusiasm of employees throughsalary increases.Make important decisions and build the besttransportation company.If you like simulation business casualgames, then come andexperience the simple and challenging"Transport Company Tycoon".Starting from operating a smalltransportation company, itgradually develops and grows by makingimportant decisions. Smallbusiness, step by step to develop intothe world's strongesttransportation company! Featured gameplay:-Build a transportationcompany with all kinds of fun transportation-Comprehensivemanagement and operation of transportation companies,make keydecisions and become a transportation company tycoon-Simpleoperation, suitable for all kinds of player experience-Joincountless challenge missions in the game -Beautiful animationsand3D pictures -Various transportation and attractions -Save thegameprogress to the cloud, read the progress on differentdevicesanytime and anywhere, continue the game.
Idle Theme Park Tycoon
Create a theme park! Manage the roller coaster, and become atycoon!
Idle Delivery City Tycoon: Cargo Transit Empire 3.4.5
Gain incredible profits and get rich! Make decisions aboutcityexpansion, build factories, produce goods, & improvecargodelivery. Develop your business, upgrade transport, expandtrafficnetwork, & become a true transport tycoon! Deliverygamefeatures: 💲 Various transport: ships, trains, trucks 💲 Manygoodsfor sale 💲 Public buildings and houses, each with its ownboost 💲Play tycoon games offline 💲 Hire five-star managers to getapowerful income boost 💲 Collect income while you are out ofthegame How to play idle transport tycoon: Start from a singlefactoryBegin your way in the idle tycoon games with a small factoryandgradually grow production to expand the geography ofyourdeliveries. Produce new goods: furniture, toys, materials,andothers. Research new technologies To raise the quality and costofgoods and make more profit in the idle empire, you need todeveloptechnologies. Improve transport Upgrade trucks to get thecoolestmodel! Improve ships into cargo freighters. Create newrailroadsand run trains. Higher-level transport in idle tycoongames willalso travel faster and carry more cargo. Make decisionsFind anideal balance between factory production, town demand,andtransportation in the management games. Expand your tycoonempireBuild business centers, houses, and shopping malls to getextraincome in the idle tycoon games. Use boosters Activate aspecialcargo transit boost to increase your delivery speed by 300%andearn more cash! What other tycoon games offline can boast ofthis?Try out different strategies Get bonuses from researchandbuildings, hire additional managers who will help you tocollectincome while you are offline. Spend wisely to maximizeprofit inyour idle empire. If you love the incremental genre —empiretycoon, idle courier, and other fun idle tycoon gameswithextensive upgrade systems, then Idle Delivery City Tycoon is agamefor you! ~~~~~~ Have questions or suggestions for the game?Joinour Discord community, we'll be happy to receive yourfeedback: Or contact us byemail:[email protected] ~~~~~~ Rate us in the app store 🥰 andjoin ourFacebookpage:❤️ Your team at Arctic ❤️
Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Game
Create the biggest gym franchise. Become a fitness tycoon!
Hype City - Idle Tycoon 0.54
Have you always wondered what kind of a city you could build?Wonderno more! Become the most famous city ruler - build, upgradeandexpand your city. Once you earn enough cash, move on to thenextcity and explore its unique style ⛩🕍🏛 Hype City - Idle TycoonMoneyManagement Simulator is a free idle city builder simulationgame,where you are the ultimate creator. Each building has itsuniquequalities - the way you invest affects what happens in yourcity.You can build a balanced city with restaurants, hotels andhouses,or you can create a city full of hotels. See what happens!🤣 Willyou create the richest city💰 or the most fun city🍭? Earnmoney,upgrade, automate and discover your way of playing thegame!FEATURES: ✔️BUILD your city from scratch ✔️UNLOCK new buildingbycompleting puzzles ✔️CHOOSE what constructions and upgrades youdo✔️DISCOVER uniqueness of each building ✔️IDLE PROFIT even whenyouare not playing ✔️AUTOMATE profit collection ✔️HIRE smartcitymanagers to help you ✔️NEW CITIES with unique styles after youearnenough money ✔️EARN loads of cash and become the richestarchitect🏆 Become the greatest, the richest, the most creativearchitect ofall times 🏆 Discord 💯 💯 Facebook 💯 💯 Reddit💯 Hypemasters, Inc. Findyourselfthrough games ©
Idle Island - City Idle Tycoon
Build a city on your island & construct your dream town.IdleTycoon Game
Idle Medieval Town - Tycoon, Clicker, Medieval
Dovi Games
My Medieval Lord: Tap to Get Profits, Build New Town, and RuletheWorld!
Idle Shopping Mall 4.0.7
Start with a little coffee shop and develop it into ashoppingmallempire. Earn money to open new bakeries, mini-marts,shoestores,fancy restaurants etc. There are nearly 400 kinds ofshopsyou canunlock and upgrade. In Shopping Mall you’ll find avarietyof shopsand goods. Think about how to expand your businessandattract moreconsumers, like provide some chairs andcomfortabletoilets foryour customers. If you like idle andmanagement games,you willenjoy this shopping mall game. In thisgame you can easilyrun yourown business with different stores andrestaurants. Makeimportantmanagement decisions to build your mallempire and growyour smallshop into a huge shopping mall! KEYFEATURES: •Casual andeasygameplay. • Nearly 400 kinds of shops youcan manage. •ServeyourVIP customers and extra tour groups to get anunexpectedincome.•Provide some chairs and comfortable toilets foryourcustomers,they will have a better shopping experience. •Get alotof incomeby running your shopping mall. •Become a ShoppingMallTycoon andappear on all magazines covers! Want to become aShoppingMallTycoon? This idle tapping game is made for you.Download itnow!Build and expand your shop immediately!
AirportPRG 1.5.8
Control the air traffic and airport staff to keeptheairportrunning. Experience the development of PragueRuzyneInternationalAirport since it's humble beginnings. Fromgrassyrunways to acomplex system of concrete ones. - Become anairportcontroller,telling planes when to land and take off - Takecare ofthepassengers, baggage and fueling up the planes - Earnmoney,upgradeyour staff and the airport - Amazing 3D graphics - Noads -8 yearsof levels describing key historic events - Countlesshoursofaddictive gameplay - Collection of vintage aircraft-Accuraterecreation of the Prague airport in the years 1937 - 1947
Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game
Improve your police station, and fight the crime. Help, Serve&Protect
Idle City Tycoon-Build Game
Wondoo Games
Simulation offline games city building.Be a town builder invirtualcasual game.
Airlines Manager - Tycoon 3.05.3002
Manage your own airline with thismanagementgame, like a tycoon game !Start with $300,000,00 to buy aircrafts (from the real world)andopen thousands airports to travel millions of passengers !Your goal? Become the wealthiest airline in the world!You will need to take care of marketing, research anddevelopmentand your finances to make you the best CEO in thisbusiness game!Airlines Manager, the most popular free tycoon gamemultiplatform,is available on Android and WEB(on this airline tycoon game :• Create your own company with $300,000,000, you have to takecareof your money on this airline management game ! You are anAirlineManager !• Purchase new aircrafts - at the same price of the real life(it'sa real simulator game !) - to have the largest fleet intheworld• Open new lines to expand your business - You can cover more than7millions destinations !• Schedule your flights and manage the number of passengers attheairport !• Don’t forget that each flight you schedule is a round-tripflighton this airline game.• In a look, enjoy the status of your company through the hugelivemap of your flights !• Make a loan to your bank to develop your airline even faster.It'seasier to get money in this airline game ;) • Manage the occupancy rate of your lines (between 2 airports)andask for a marketing audit to optimize your prices !• Unlock one of 500 researches to make your company moreinnovative,like a real manager !• Do you prefer to be a High Premium Airline or a Low cost Airline?Manage your company and your marketing as you want thanks to200services for passengers available ! Services are so great onthisairline game ;)• Use the incredible WorkShop to unlock new bonuses eachmonth!• Talk to others with the private messaging system : it's anairlinemanagement game, you have to talk with your competitors!• On this tycoon game, you can play mini-games such as the"CockpitSlots" or "The Suitcase" and win a few extra dollars!• Check in a gesture your cash flow forecast !• Analyze the schedule of the day on each aircraft : Whichairportis the most profitable ?• Manage your airline on your Android and on the Web with thesameaccount on And the last but not least : enjoy this tycoon gamewithhigh-resolution graphics (with beautiful aircrafts) never seenonthe web version !Sure, you will see Business differently with this airlinemanagementgame !It's like a flight simulator, but for … an airline !
Idle Concert
Play The Best Idle Game Right Now! Create Your Music Festival&Make Money!
Idle Aqua Park
Water Amusement Park Tycoon
Car Business: Idle Tycoon
Tap, get idle profits, build busiunesses, become Idle ClickerCarTycoon!
Idle Antique Gym Tycoon: Incremental Odyssey
Create an antique fitness empire! Perfect combo of gym simulatorandgym games!
Idle Port Tycoon - Sea port empire 3.2.2
The sea is a harsh mistress, become its master and save theworldinIdle Port Tycoon game! Aye! Aye! Captain! That’s right. Thefateofthe world is in your hands in this ship game. With analienattackon the horizon and earth set to fall, there’s no timeforfun, gamesand sea shanties. It’s up to you and your team totravelto the pastand build the defenses in the seaport. Can youbecome asuccessfulseaport tycoon in time to thwart their mission?Thechallenge istough, but, in this ship game, your plan is simple:1.Build a port,unload cargo and earn idle money 2. Advance yourportempire withmore and more sea ports 3. Build defenses alongthecoasts and SAVETHE WORLD! All you need to do is use yourtappingskill and build,build, build. Tap the ship game screen toaddcontainers &cargo, load them up, transfer thosecargoes,upgrade, and win! Keepcounting that coin as ships doc inyourharbor, bringing you evenmore shipping containers. Tap toincreaseyour specs, gain morematerials, build your empire and levelup tothe max in this shipgame! With the fate of the world hanginginthe balance. Are youready to become a sea port tycoon in IdlePortTycoon? Download itnow to find out!
Idle Ship Tycoon: Port Manager Simulator
Build and manage your sea empire in this wonderfullyaddictiveidlegame. Buy more ships to expand your fleet and raiseyourincome! ★More than 30 detailed ships ★ Four captivating erasofhistory ofsea trade ★ Simple idle gameplay ★ Progress while AFK★Experienceseaport management ✓ Build and manage your fleetofships, earnresources while idle or AFK ✓ Automate your fleetbyhiringcaptians, increase profit and efficiency ✓ Discoverandunlock newislands and exotic materials ✓ Sail to faraway landstoexperiencenew adventure ✓ Gain levels to increase your powerandincome ✓Find and open bounty chests to gain rare resourcesBrandnew gamefrom the makers of Diggy's Adventure, Seaport&Trainstation.Make a gold mine out of your fleet.
Sea Port: Ship Collecting Game
Island Port Building Game: Collect Cargo Ships & Boats,manageyour Ship Tycoon
Oil Tycoon 2 - Idle Clicker Factory Miner Tap Game
Be an Oil Tycoon by tap clicker managing your gold oil wells&your idle profit!
Sim Hospital Tycoon-Idle Build
JoyMore GAME
You can experience the feeling of actually running a hospitalfromall aspects!
Idle Arms Dealer - Build Business Empire
Latest Arms Themed Idle Game. Open a Arms Store & BecometheRichest !
World of Airports
Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of aviation.
Car Industry Tycoon: Idle Sim
Build your car factory! Grow your business, earn money andproducecars.
Stone Park
Start your adventure as a prehistoric park manager!
My Gym: Fitness Studio Manager
Create and manage your fitness studio. Not a Farm, not a Cafe,butyour own Gym!
Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game
Create a village for tennis, volleyball, boxing, hockey, skate,andmuch more!
Car Wash Empire
Car Wash Idle Strategy
Idle Decoration Inc - Idle, Tycoon & Simulation
Dovi Games
An idle decoration company simulation game!
Idle Factory Tycoon: Business!
Kolibri Games
Automate your factory empire, manage idle cash and becomeanindustrial tycoon.
Space Colony: Idle Click Miner
Terraform planets with your astronaut team! Be a pioneer in amoonclicker game
RollerCoaster Tycoon® Puzzle
Atari, Inc.
Play match 3 puzzles to unlock rides and more while restoringyourtheme park
Transit King Tycoon: Transport
BON Games
Resource management games: Become a truck manager, build ashiptycoon & Seaport
Medieval: Idle Tycoon Game
Tap, get idle profits, build town, rule the world! BecomeEmpireTycoon!
Idle Food Truck Tycoon™🌮🚚 3.2
Build your food truck empire from an empty lot into adestinationforfoodies! Hire trucks to cook the most popular streetfoods fromallover. Reinvest your profits to upgrade your equipmentandimproveyour park. Travel the world and compete infoodtournaments. Visitfriends and help them unlock new recipes,allwhile earning idleprofits from your food truck park. Do youhavewhat it takes to be atycoon? Features: * Tap trucks to cookfoodfor customers and earncoins. * Upgrade your trucks to earnmoneyfaster. * Visit food truckparks around the world and helpyourfriends unlock new recipes. *Compete in cooking contests androastother chefs to earn tastyrewards. * Invest in your park toexpandyour empire. * Your truckskeep cooking (and earning!) evenwhenyou’re not playing. Please notethat Idle Food Truck Tycoon isafree-to-play experience, but somegame items are availableforpurchase using real money. A networkconnection is alsorequired.
Idle Air Force Base
Neon Play
Aim high! Build, fight, win!
Idle Tycoon: Space Company
Join the Idle Tycoon Space Company and fly your own rockets inthisidle game!
Idle Park -Dinosaur Theme Park
JoyMore GAME
Run your own simulation amusement park!
Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game
Neon Play
Build, train, earn cash & gold
Reactor - Energy Sector Tycoon
Manage your own Power Plants Business! Build Idle TycoonEnergySector Industry
Idle Landmark Tycoon - Builder Game 1.28
Hire Workers and rebuild the landmarks of the world! Visitegyptandrebuild the pyramide and Synx. Visit France and rebuildtheEifelTower. Visit the USA and rebuild the Statue of Liberty.Wetake yourfeedback very seriously. To get in touch with us,pleasesend us anemail: [email protected]
Church Tycoon - Church Simulator
Black Glove
Create your church, hire pastors, raise donations and growaroundthe world!
Rocket Star: Idle Tycoon Game
Create a space factory empire, build and launch rockets to theMoonor Saturn!
Conduct THIS! – Train Action
An explosive train action-puzzle game that will challenge yourinnerconductor!